Bigg Boss 9 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23
Khoon chusne aaya song plays, everyone dances.

Bigg boss says Mandana and Yuvika are free from punishment of double trouble. Mandana thanks big boss, Rishab and Rochelle hugs Mandana. Yuvika and Mandana hugs each other.

Kishwar says to Prince that Rochelle is taking help from Aman to play game. Prince says no Rochelle is very clever, she can fool Keith every easily, Mandana says to Kishwar that dont be surprised if Rochelle becomes your best friend for her benefit, Kishwar says that will not happen. Prince says friendship that i, Kishwar, Suyyash, Mandana and Rimi have, is very different from Keith and co, Kishwar says our bond is genuine.

Luxury task is given to inmates, task is “hotel big boss”, Mandana and Rishab will

be guests while all inmates will serve them as staff, Prince will be manager, Guests can ask anything and staff have to fulfill their wishes, Staff will keep trying to make guests happy with their serving while guests will keep showing non-satisfaction, guests can complain about services at complaint desk where one inmate should be present all the time, task will be continuously on at day and night, all bring things from store room for task.
Bigg bos calls Mandana and Rishab in confession room, he says we are giving you secret task, you have to make sure that two inmates leave task with their will, they should not only deny any task but should be out of luxury budget task, if you succeed in secret task then you will be safe next week. Mandana says to Rishab that we keep irritating three people so much that they end up saying that we will not do this task anymore, who you think we should choose? Rishab says Kishwar doesn’t like you much and backbites about you a lot, Mandana says we should focus three people, Mandana says we have to hurt their ego so we should choose Suyyash, Rishab says other two inmates in focus should be Digi and Kishwar, they choose Kishwar, Digi and Suyyash for their secret task.
Rishab and Mandana comes out of confession room, inmates serve them and gives them drink, Prince ask what he will like in lunch? Rishab tells him. Rishab and Mandana comes in bedroom, Mandana says to Prince that its not clean here, Prince says I will call someone to clean it.

Yuvika ask Prince if these guests will give us money or not? Prince says don’t know what they are going to give us? Rishab calls Prince and says this swimming pool is not clean? Aman and Suyyash are cleaning it, Prince says give them sometime, they will clean it, Mandana says manager we have not come here to listen your excuses. Kishwar, Digi and Yuvika make fun of Mandana in kitchen. Mandana brings Prince in bedroom and says its still not clean, there are so much hairs on couch, what is this? Yuvika and Digi brings tea for them, Rishab adds sugar in it, he gives smirk to Digi, he thanks Yuvika for making tea, Yuvika says I don’t know your taste it tea so pardon that, Rishab says I decide taste of tea seeing who has brought it so its fine for me, he adds whole pot of sugar in tea. Digi and Yuvika comes in kitchen and tells Kishwar what Rishab did.

Kishwar serves Juice to Mandana, Mandana ask her to add spice in it, Kishwar adds and brings it for her smilingly, Rishab says I want juice too, Kishwar goes to bring it, he ask her to add spice too, Mandana whispers to irritate her more, Rishab says when we are bad even then we are good.
Kishwar and Suyyash drinks remaining juice. Kishwar brings juice for Rishab, he ask her to put ice in it, she goes back, Mandana ask Rishab to irritate Suyyash too. Kishwar puts ice in her mouth then adds it in juice, Digi laughs, she brings that juice for Rishab and smiles, he drinks it and says your smile is good.

Rishab says to Prince that my feet are aching, Prince ask Keith to message his feet, Rishab says someone else should do it, Prince calls Suyyash, suyyash start messaging his feet, Rishab ask him to do it calmly, Rishab is eating while suyyash is messaging his feet. Kishwar says to prince that he is purposely making me and Suyyash work, Prince says I called Keith to do work but he said call someone else, Digi says I feel like slapping that Rishab hard. Prince says Mandana is throwing so much tantrums.

Bigg boss announces that some guest is coming in house, all should be prepared to welcome her. Sargun Mehta enters house, inmates welcome her, Prince takes her luggage, Yuvika applies tilak on her forehead, Digi serves her appetizer. Sargun meets Rishab and Mandana. bigg boss welcomes in hotel BB and says this is 7star hotel, when we will ask you about its service then you will rate this hotel, if you rate it less than 5stars then it will affect Prince in nominations, sargun says okay.

Sargun says to Rimi that why are you silent? you are most interesting inmate, your kind of prototype has not come in bigg boss till now who scold Bigg boss only, i vote for you, Rimi says what have i done? Sargun says even when you dont talk, your expressions are entertaining enough, Rimi gives lame expression and ask if her face is shown on Tv? Sargun says yes, your every expression is shown on Tv, Rimi says now i will have to stop showing expressions too, Sargun laughs and says maybe you will become more interesting if you start talking and till you are interesting people will keep loving you.

Rishab says to Sargun that we have to do something that inmates will keep cleaning house, Rishab says i have option for Digi, she is vegetarian so i have plan for her. Sargun says they have problem cleaning washroom so we will make them do it.

Sargun and Rishab goes in washroom, they start messing up things in washroom, they pours shampoo everywhere and throws tissue all around washroom while all inmates are sitting in lounge, Kishwar comes to check washroom but Sargun ask her to leave, she leaves.

Aman and other comes in washroom and are shocked to see messed up washroom, Kishwar says i will bring someone to clean it, Keith comes and says from where did these 1star guests have come in 7star hotel? Kishwar calls everyone in washroom, Prince says to Kishwar that clean this washroom now, dont throw this in dustbin, i will put these things in Sargun’s luggage, Kishwar ask him to relax, he says they cant destroy our hotel, Kishwar says its just task.
Prince comes to Sargun and says why did you destroy boys washroom? how will girls clean it? Sargun says its upto us which washroom we wanna use.
Suyyash says to inmates that they cant destroy property of house, digi says if Kishwar is cleaning washroom then she should not come out of here for one hour.
Sargun ask Rimi why did she come in hotel if she doesnt wanna work here? Rimi says even i dont have answer for that, Sargun ask if she is not able to handle people? Rimi says its not like i cant handle people, i know to do that, Sargun says then do it, why are you silent? Rimi nods in no.

Rishab says to Digi that you have make chicken dish for me, Keith can help you, Digi says i am vegetarian so i cant cook it, Rishab says but we want you to do it, Keith says lets do it.

Prince says to digi that you dont have to eat it, just cook it, you will not even touch it, Digi is tensed, Suyyash says to Prince that understand her point of view too, Aman ask Digi if she can stirrer chicken in pan? Digi agrees to cook it, all cheer for her.

Rishab says to Prince that we want to play game with staff, we will throw bone and Suyyash will become dog and will bring it back while crawling like dog, Suyyash agrees. Rishab throws bone, Suyyash brings it back like dog. Keith is helping digi in cooking chicken, he ask her to just pretend that she is cooking while he will cook it, Digi has covered her mouth and nose with cloth to not smell chicken. Rishab is throwing bone here and there while Suyyash is picking it like dog, Mandana points out that Digi is not making chicken but Keith is doing it, Prince says you can go in kitchen and check it, he ask Keith to be away from Digi, Keith says i have just made Singaporean rice. Rishab gives Suyyash name as Oscar and keep moving him like dog, Prince says to Kishwar that i will make this Rishab dog for whole game, he will see it now.

Mandana comes to Rochelle and ask her to not help Digi, she says Rochelle is helping Digi to cook chicken, she cant cook it. Prince comes to Digi and ask her to cook nicely, she gets angry and says you dont teach me how to cook it, Prince says sorry, Digi ask him to get lost, Mandana ask Digi to use cutting board for cutting, Digi says you cant tell me way of my cooking, Mandana says to Prince that she is cutting in pan only, i dont want food like this which is not hygienic, Mandana says if she doesnt wanna make chicken then ask her to leave it, Digi says to Prince that everything is not permanent(taunting Mandana i guess).

Kishwar is making water for guests, she spits in juice, puts ice in it and brings that water for Rishab, Rishab drinks it.

bigg boss says its time for Sargun to check out of hotel BB, he ask if she is satisfied with staff and services of hotel? if she is not happy then she can remove one star from reception of hotel, Sargun says staff is good here but what Digi said was not good, she said how can someone stoop low? i wanna tell her that this is task and we have to make inmates do that work which they cant, we cant ask you to clean house using broom as you know how to do it so idea was to make you work which you dont know, my team(guests) thinks that one star should be taken from you people so i will be with my team, she removes 1star from hotel and says now you are 6star hotel, she ask Suyyash to play well, he says you will see it, she leaves house.

Rishab has made Kishwar dog, he throws bone while Kishwar crawls and keep bringing it back to him, Suyyash watches it from far and starts crying, Yuvika and Prince consoles him, Prince says see Kihwar is sporting about it, we will make cock, audience will make him dog, aman also consoles him.
Aman comes to Rishab and says you can do anything but my personal thought is that its going beyond limits, Rishab says if i was in their place, they would have done same, Aman says i dont know about them but you should not do it, Rishab says i have seen everyone as viewer so i know them, Aman says i was just requesting you, Prince comes and says you cant request them let them do what they are doing, Rishab says i will do what i want, Rishab continues making Kishwar crawl like dog.

PRECAP- Ali Quli Mirza, Vj Andy and Sanaa Khan comes in house as guests. Ali doesnt like services, he says there should be feel in house, Andy ask them to do synchronized swimming dance, show some hotness in water, Keith and Rochelle dances romantically in swimming pool while all other hoot for them. Later Ali says Aman will go bald, he shaves Aman’s head, Aman takes it sportingly. Later Rishab makes some inmate stand like cock, Prince says to Rishab that you must have stood like this, Rishab says when did you see me that you are saying this? they both get into argument, Rishab ask him to lower his tone, he can raise his voice too, Prince says do it, raise your voice, he gets angry on Rishab, he calls him cock, Rishab says you are cock not me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. thanks for the update.after bearing so much for this task why prince is getting hyper?tht csn waste whole of their hardwork.i dnt understand why they hav nt chosen rimi as target bcoz she would hav given up very easily instead they chose tough players like kish& suyash.

  2. angel chaurasia

    Guests are going beyond their limits especially dis illiteRate rishabh sinha n dis two face mandana she is disgusting before rishabh kishwar n suyyah were her best friends bt now wt is she doing wid dem n d guest shargun mehta I ws thinking she is littered bt she is also jzt lyk rishabh… dis mandana n rishabh dey r nt plyng game dey r tlkng their personal revenge rishabh dnt lyk digi as dey were hvng their personal fights erlier dats y he is doing dis n kishwar he dont lyk her dats y he is doing dis illiteRate work wid kish n suyyash so dat at a point he cn point out both at a same tym… n nw bigg boss should chnge d guest n dey should mke guest to digi kish n suyyash so dat dey cn also shw their power… n in todays episode it ws beyond their limits…

  3. Hayathi

    Guys seriously rishab and mandana too much rishab ne digi ki jaan booch ke sathara he hein… kyo ki if she cant vook chicken like its her tradition how can he do this to her… bigg boss this is not correct i hate this episode… totally

    • Sush

      If its her tradition c should hav denied to cook. Its d work of guest team to make othr team mates give up. N rishab clearly said he z nt asking her to eat, just asked her to cook.
      N dey cant make dem give up just by asking dem to bring dis n dat

    • Sush

      N wt d staffs r doing ? Dey r spitting in d drinks of guests n digi also hav sipped frm rishab’s drink. Dey r just playing. I love digi n hate mandana. Bt if u ll say abt tasks then its only mandana who z playing nice in all tasks n now rishab too.

  4. Bhavu

    Nyc epi bt wat kish did ws yuck hate u ya nd prince dont b soo hyper tmrw ali shd create hell n d house so dat double trouble shd b felt fr all d contestants wish gauti comes nd all f thm sing v lov v lov gauti

  5. life rules

    Kishwer is such an Ill mannered lady! I hope her to be in-laws watch all of her dirty acts! Suyyash needs to understand that he is in Bigg Boss to play. Not to follow kishwer and always dance on her tunes. If Rishabh made her to behave like a dog, then take it in that spirit! Not that he has to sit and cry seeing his gf doing all that. I bet Kishwer would have done double the torture if she was the guest.
    And digangana deserves it! Prince needs to maintain his calm and play well. Not to support kishwer and suyyash and team up with them. Also, Mandana is doing well! She is smart, though she is short tempered. Both rishabh and mandana get along well.

  6. How can they treat their customers like this spitting in water and Ice..Chi..It would have been better if Rishabh made Kish Aunty to drink that..Mandana is playing Safe she asked Rishabh to do all things and she wanted to become good in front of other inmates.Rishabh too done over by making Suyyash and Kish Aunty as a dog..I know its game but pls behave like a Humans first then play ur tasks..Both the Customers and hotel staff done over things..Cant support anyone..
    The Show is Spiced up now little Its gonna interesting to c Rishabh and Prince fight in upcoming epi..

  7. priti

    Rimi shud hv been targetted..dumb mandana n rishabh.but i liked d way all of dem are taking ds task sportingly!

  8. Lovey

    Kishwar you are a true player…I find it cute the way she is trying to overcome her frustration on rishab.Though rishab is also playing well.Suyyash don’t be baby kind and cry all time for kishwar.You call digi kid what about you.

  9. Arjun

    Dont be fool.Rishab and Sargun are just doing their work.They are adding msala in the show which was missing earlier.

    • Sush

      Ryt..!! Dey r just playing. N othrs r just getting personal n emotional especially suyash kish n prince.

    • Sush

      If in dere places kish, suyash, aman, prince were dere, dey would hav done more dan dis. N i love digi bt m sure if c was dere c also would hav done torture on rishab.
      Y u r saying mandana n rishab mean? Its dere task.
      At d begining only mandana has said every1 its just a task dont take personally.
      Bdw i dont lyk mandana, kish n suyash. N dont want to comment oj rishab now. Bt if u say abt tasks then mandana always plays well. N othrs get personal n emotional.
      Its a mind game. Dont know y people r saying m playing by heart? U should play by ur mind only.

  10. why rishab mandana and sargun being mean digi is really nice and i ‘ll vote for her if digi is vegetarian don’t force her to chicken or cooking it

  11. Felt sorry for all contestents except rini because she did not do anything but I really felt sorry for digi and prince it’s rishab and mandana fault because digi shouted at prince otherwise she wouldn’t have.

  12. anu

    well done kish ur doing rt to that rishab. dnt show angry ness bt do it calmly like now. all best kish..

  13. mandana is a selfish girl.but she is nt as smart is she thinks.she has no logical reasons for the things she does.earlier she was targetting kish nw she is targetting rochelle.suddenly she discovered gudness in kish.she was gud with prince nw she is arguing with him.her arguments never make a sense or they doesnt hav a strong reason.maybe she has decided she wil live with the strong ones but this wil not help her always.

  14. Sush

    They should hav targeted Rimi. N both d teams r playing well except d part dat they r spitting in d food of guests.
    N wt Reshab did wrong?
    He has

  15. Sush

    Rishab z playing d game. Its his task to make othr team lose by making 2 members out of d task. N dey cant do it just by saying bring dis n dat.
    N if kish, suyash, prince, digi were in place of mandana n rishab dey also hav done dat.
    If its tradition of digi nt to cook non-vej she should hav denied. N rishab clearly told dat he z nt asking her to cook n also he allowed keith to help her.
    Why prince z getting hyper? Hav dey come here without watching prev seasns?
    If 2 of dem were called in confession room b4 d task it clearly mean dey hav got a secret task n so opposite team has to play.

  16. bhavs

    kishwer did yuck being in staff if she did this,if she was in as customer that ….chi kish.suyash crying for devil.

  17. errata

    OMGI can’t stand Kish, she is such a disgusting women. Mandana is great, she plays the game well. Kishwer thinks that having an opinion for everything and opening her big mouth for everything will make the audience like her but the audience is actually hating her! She deserves to be a dog on Bigg Boss! Suyyash needs to realise that Kish doesnt do as much for him as he does for Kish, it’s just a blo*dy task and he is crying like a fool. Finally this show is getting entertaining:)

  18. simran

    Q: “who d hell dis Rishabh”
    omg! can’t wait for bb. love alot Prince :-* he is real king.

  19. I agree its task but rishab is dng to much. N mandana is also dng too much seeing rishab. Kish did wrong doing that. She would have done some other thing but not this, disgusting. Doesn’t she know its casts on TV. Better to eliminate suyyash or kish. Dis couple is irritating the show. Rochelle should not answer every question, better to ignore all shit. I really hate madana n rishab, exceeding limits. N digi should strong but she is good. I wish she should something mischievous to rishab..??

  20. Angelina

    Kishwar can stoop so low to any extent
    I think she need sychetrist she is mental in anger she can do anything

  21. Omg!! So disgusting can she do lyk this..spitting..its really to much..whn rishab comes to knws about this than wht happen.eagerlly waiting to watch next episode and also weeknd whn salman told ol this to rishab n mandana.

  22. i felt sry for prince when diggi shouted at him ,but he didnt say a word to her bcoz he knew the extent to which she was u prince.

  23. Ric

    I would like to strongly criticise Kishwar for Spitting in the drinking water of Rishab.And on the top of it she gave the water to the boy and he drank it. This is too much. She is a disgrace to BB9 and to India for that matter. How can she let him drink that water? And she out of all was teaching manners to AMAN. I think Aman is much much much better than her. I would like to say this to Kishwar’s friends and family that please BE aware when she serves you something.And SUYASHH & PRINCE are no exceptions to this. May be she doesnt like you and can spit in your food too.
    Housemates should understand that this show is watched Globally and this is the message you give to outside world. Kishwar has brought disgrace to the whole Hospitality sector which works very hard for their guests.I donot want to see Kishwar anymore. And also what Rishabh did with her was right after what she did to him.

    How can you put your saliva in someone’s drinking water? What if you have a disease? will you pass this on? She did completely opposite of what we always say in INDIA “Pani Pilana Punya ka kaam hota hai”

  24. Arjun

    Big boss is about mental and physical games.If digi cant do a thing out of her limits then she dont deserve to be in the show.

  25. anu

    just now I watched yesterday’s episode and it was so funny that everyone is spitting in the drink of rishab.I like kish and she did rt because she is also playing game na as rishab and Mandana. I hate that mandana because she is so selfish first friendship drama with Rochelle and Keith then kish and suyyash and now rishab. kish is doing rt…

  26. sAKTHI

    i knw Big Boss s tryin to spice up their show, but makin ppl act like dogs s too much. i mean in which 7 star hotel, the guest ask their staffs to act like dogs?? On humanity and self-respect basis, this is really not done. they have went beyond their limit…
    its was not at all entertaining to watch those two inmates act like dogs… i feel vry sorry and sad for them…

  27. smruti

    love kish and prince….and suyyas u should take the task as task…dont cry…
    this illiterate risabh..nd dumb mandana are good for nothing

  28. Arjun

    Anu spiting in other’s drink is not a game. It is just a task he don’t want to make some one dog.relax.

  29. aish

    Its just a mates have to take it positively.Rishabh n mandana are asked to do this task n they are doing their job perfectly to make some one quit voluntarily.. Kishwar is disgusting..n suyash is actually kishwars pup…I don’t understand prince….he was so soon in his earlier shows…now where is his tolerance level…playing like n idiot…Keith I just love him..inmates have to do the task perfectly which they are not doing….

  30. nidhi

    If rishab n mandana r making them dogs (which kish and suyash took so sportingly) n destroying washroom then what kish did was superb….that rishab deserves this only …well done kish…

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