Bigg Boss 9 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 52(continued)
Priya ask inmates to select 4th item from Mandana and Kanwal’s stuff to be destroyed and now they have option to give up task too if they want their things to be destroyed.
In bedroom, Rochelle suggests to give up task, mandana says to her teammates that i dont care what they destroy now as my most important stuff is destroyed, they can take what they want so i will play task.
In garden, digi says that Mandana just wan attention, Kishwar says she is too selfish.
Rochelle says to Mandana that suppose if you destroy things further then you will live in guilt, Mandana says guilt of destroying my stuff? Keith says no guilt of destroying Kanwal’s stuff, Mandana says no, this is task, Rochelle says i dont wanna break Kanwal’s diamond ring, we should

not do what they did. Kanwal comes there, Rochelle ask Kanwal to give up as Mandana is not giving up, Prince says if you feel that your stuff very important emotionally then give up, Priya says you cant ask him to give up, its his team’s call.
Priya says to Kanwal that in all this, you nice personality is shown and public sees everything,
Suyyash says to Rishab that we have advantage that they are choosing first so we can choose after seeing their step. Mandana and Rochelle comes in garden, Rochelle says to Mandana that dont do this out of revenge, Mandana says i am not not toy to act according to your wishes, Kishwar says they have taken Kanwal’s ring so we will play too. Prince says to Rishab that even Mandana’s 1lacs earrings were destroyed too.
Suyyash chooses Mandana’s versace shoes to be destroyed.

Rochelle says to Mandana that this is not right to destroy things, we should stop it, Mandana says when you people want, i should play task, when you people dont want then i should give up? Rochelle says to Mandana that you will become big hearted by not doing this task, you cant destroy personal belongings for luxury budget, Mandana says i dont want to become great.
Rochelle says to Mandana that understand, i am saying this for your things only, Mandana says i cant give up or play as per your orders.

Priya says to inmates that i am not enjoying task to destroy things but Mandana taunted me so much that i had to put pain on her dress. she ask both teams if they wanna give up or not. Prince says when we took Kanwal’s things, we thought its not much important for him but now we wanna give up task, Mandana says we did it for task, Rochelle says but we are accepting that we are wrong, Priya ask Mandana if she wanna give up like her team? she says no. Priya ask Kishwar’s team, Rishab, suyyash says they dont wanna give up, Kishwar’s team doesnt agree to give and wanna go ahead with task so Priya says Rochelle’s team have given up so Kishwar’s team wins, Mandana is angry on this and says i gave my most important things.
Mandana comes in washroom and cries for her things being destroyed, Rishab sees this and says i feel sorry, he hugs her and says invite me in your wedding dushman(enemy).
Kishwar says to Prince that you should have thought about medical issues of Kanwal before taking pillow, Prince says we thought that Bigg boss will give it back, we didnt have option to give up, now when there was option to destroy his ring or not then we did give up and didnt destroy it, Mandana’s things got destroyed too, Kishwar says how do you know that Mandana’s things are more expensive than Kanwal’s, Prince says i didnt say that, Kishwar says you were assuming things by yourself, Prince says if we havent thought about others then we wouldnt have given up, Kishwar says Mandana said that her things had more emotional value and now Prince is saying that her things were more expansive. Prince says to Kishwar that you did things with your mind and we did it with my mind, Kishwar says dont put things on us forcefully, you are not right in every task, Prince says you wont become right by shouting.

Mandana says Rishabh about how Keith and Rochelle always try and maintain their image. Rishabh tells her firmly that it was her attitude that went against her, Rishab says your attitude wasnt right, Keith comes and says we were not trying to maintain our image or faking niceness, the game was going beyond limits, we were not setting our images. Mandana says to Keith that when i came from secret room, i was angry on Rochelle for b***cing behind my back but Salman told me that what Rochelle did was for her task only, and tasks are important so now today when i was doing task, why was i being stopped giving humanity excuse? Keith says you are comparing two different things, when you were in secret room, you and Rochelle were told different things by bigg boss. Mandana says i didnt wanna give up task, i lost my most important things who had emotional value but still i am shown in bad light by you all, she leaves.

Rochelle says to Keith that Mandana is talking about image, when i came in house, people saw me taking stand for every right thing, but in last week my image was destroyed because of taking stand for Mandana, i took stand for her, for our friendship and didnt think about wrong or right, i destroyed my image for this girl only, Keith says i cant explain to her anymore, she just feels she is right only.
Rishab says to Mandana that Rochelle and Keith are those people who took care of you when you were ill, they have taken so much side of yours, they dont deserved to be talked so rudely by you, you dont have right to treat them like this.

Day 53
Mandana says to Kanwal that i wanted to talk about last night, Kanwal says i dont have problem, let bygones be bygones, Mandana says our rule wasnt to play like mads, when we came to choose your things to be destroyed, i saw your real diamond but i chose your fake diamond because we never wanted to go on that level to take person’s real things, Kanwal says my team didnt understand it, Mandana says it wasnt your problem, it was your team’s problem. Mandana says to Kanwal that our rule was to not destroy expansive stuff of yours, but Kishwar came and took my gold first, thats why we thought about your ring, Kanwal’s says my shawl was expensive too, Priya comes there so Mandana says to Kanwal that we will talk later, Priya taunts if she is afraid to talk infront of me, i love the danger people think i am, Kanwal says you are lady danger.
Kanwal comes in garden. Priya ask if she was having private conversation with you? Kanwal says she said that first she took my real diamond to be destroyed but then she saw that it was real diamond so she put it back and took fake diamond, Kanwal says i wouldnt have mind if you had taken my diamond but she knew about my shawl being precious to me and expensive still she chose it to be destroyed, she said that it wasnt her but everyone chose it, Priya says she must have said that she is very innocent, kind, generous and all but let me tell you her acting is bad, Kanwal agrees, they laugh.

Inmates are sitting in lounge, Priya says to Prince that this attitude has changed, he is snappy more now, he snapped at Kanwal too, Digi says yes, you hided his thing but he saw it and said in fun that dont act smart with father, Prince says it was nasty comment about parents, digi says he wasnt talking about you but saying it in fun. Kanwal sitting alone in bedroom says see Bigg boss whats going on, i am sitting alone here but people in house are talking about me only, i am popular here, its fun.
Rochelle says to Prince that you could have given him benefit of doubt. Kishwar says you cant just shout on everything, Prince argues with her, Prince says to inmates when i dont like anything then i will speak, you can call me snappy. Suyyash says to inmates that Prince, me and suyyash had good relation, its drifting away now, Kishwar starts crying, Prince comes and sit beside her, Suyyash says to Prince that you gave this relation with us a name, you called me and Kishwar brother and sister, Kishwar doesnt have brother in real, she said that she will tie you Rakhi even if she has to go to Chandigarh after show, she didnt like the way you drifted away from us, we stepped back because of your attitude, if you wanted to step back from friendship then you could have started ignoring etc but whats the need to be snappy? Prince says when i feel bad for something then it comes on my face.

Suyyash reads that its time for “5 vices” task second round, it is about lust. in this task, one inmate from both teams will be chosen, they have to control their heartbeat, they will be sent to activity room and whatever happens in infront of them, their heartbeat will be measured according to that, in end of task, Priya will announce who controlled heartbeat more.
Both teams start thinking whom to choose for task. Prince and Rishab are chosen from both teams, they have laugh on task.

Prince and Rishab are seated in activity area. A dancer comes in short dress and starts sensuously dancing infront of them. Inmates are seeing all this on Tv in lounge, they hoot as she goes close to Rishab and touches him. she dances on Aa zara.. their heartbeats measured on monitor, she sits in Prince’s lap and dances, inmates laughs hard seeing this. Priya is in activity area too noting their heartbeats, dancer sits in Prince’s legs and caresses his face, she passes flying kiss to him and leaves. bigg boss ask Priya who she thinks is winner of task? Priya says both boys have done task well, firstly the highest heart rate was 150 which was of Rishab, Prince’s heartbeat didnt reach that level, also Rishab moved little while Prince was stiff, so Prince has won this task. Inmates clap for Prince, Rishab is sad.

Rochelle says girl’s dance was nice, Prince says ask me how i stopped myself, they laugh.
Kanwal says to Rishab that girl came way too close to you, she almost kissed you which she didnt do with Prince.

MOMENT OF DAY: Rishab hugging Mandana was shown as moment of day, he says i feel sorry for you losing belongings. After hug, he says do invite in your wedding Dushman(enemy).

PRECAP- Mandana has been put in cage, as third vice “anger”, her anger wil tested, inmates from other team will have to irritate so that she gets angry and retaliate while Mandana have to control her anger and should not react. suyyash tries to irritate Mandana by making noise with utensils. Prince and Kishwar have another argument. Later as other vice “greed”, Rochelle and Kanwal will be tested, they are sent to activity area and there is treasure box there, Priya opens it and find ticket to Finale card in it, Rochelle and Kanwal’s greed will be tested if they take up card and ditch their team or do not take it to make their team win? other inmates sees this on Tv and are tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Annamma James

    Really guys first time I felt bad for madana…yes her defensive talking style was rude…priya destroyed her things brutaly…

  2. Neeru

    I don’t know why,, but for the very first time i felt mandy is ryt… Everyone keeps saying that she gives up nd for once she din wanted to,, but everyone forces her to.. like really. ? Rochs played well when she got a chnce,, then why shudnt mandana.. ? It was a task.. Evn though it seemed to cross limits, but vn already all her imprtnt possession wer destroyed, ,why shud she gv up. ? I don’t understand rochs sometimes… If she din want it to get ugly then as the forth item they shud hv choosed somethng simple.. Why force mandy to gv up ? I don’t really think it was fair.. All her imp things are spoiled nd then thy force her to gv up.. Poor girl.. No wonder she felt rochs nd keith are playing safely for their image..
    Prince has changed.. Now now,, everyone including bb nd the last wild card entry ,priya, kept telling him to play alone,, play diffrntly, leave kish.. Etc etc.. Now when he is doing it ,, everyone including priya points a fingr at him.. LOL..
    Whatt nonsense…
    Kish cried vn they were talking abt that.. She really likes prince.. Aww.. That was sweet.. She is actually feeling bad abt prince avoiding her.. they share a strong relationship…
    Precap doesn’t look good for them… And Tickt to finale nd rochs is in there.. Ohh that myt be intrsting to watch.. .

    • santu

      Mandana wanted the ring to be chosen.she was not agreeing to choose another item. That’s why other team members wanted to give up the task.

      • Neeru

        But how is that fair. ? Mandy’s earnings were also destroyed… So if she wanted to continue it, how is that wrong… ? Morovr kanwals ring was fake…

  3. kriya

    I hope soon kish and prince unite again . kish is really feeling bad about prince avoiding her . sukish and prince bond is very strong . that’s why everyone is trying to break it . hope prince realises and bond again sukish . if these 3 r together they will go far in game being strength of each other . waiting for this bond to be seen together again soon

    • Sahil

      After the bb9 they unite then ok we wd b happy. But during the season kish is mother of Su and Prince. Su and kish sporting each other but they shudnt control prince. She’s feeling bad as they lost control over him. u don’t remember when time came kish sported su and he sported kish even though prince had chances to win. Y prince don’t save him and play as kish puppet ??? Now thnk god we can c prince is prince and has his brain and opinions. And he’s not using kish su tongue anymore. Well done prince ???

  4. santu

    Well I still don’t have soft corner for mandana. She was really rude with priya when her first 3 things were destroyed. Mandana is cruel. I can say this thousand times. First mistake was by team A for choosing pillow, who can guarantee that big boss will give pillow to kamal later… and everyone from team A were feeling bad fir pillow and at least thinking that big boss will give it back EXCEPT MANDANA.she dint speak a word.
    Nice to see genuine Rishab at dinner table.he is actually that guy..evrything else is just mask.
    Rochelle atleast now wake up and play your game.
    Prince no need to change, you are going well. This emotional thing might be a trick of kish. Don’t break relation with them. You 3 be cool dudes outside. Here you play your game.i really think it’s not a trick. Go with wats right.
    Kanwal is tired I think. Pl send him home. Not cute diggi.
    Priya is looking like she plays fair. She is on the right side even if she has to support her enemy.lets see if that changes over the time.
    Keith please play need not support rochelle all the time. Don’t become another suyyash.
    Why is this channel people showing coming up scenes which are actually of next episode. Why this gimmick to hold onto viewers. We already know it’s of next episode.why they want to cheat like this.

    • Neeru

      Choosing pillow was rochs idea.. So it is ok if she feels bad nd wants to stop the game.. Similarly it was mandy’s things that were destroyed,, so its ok if she wants to continue to play… Overall whethr it was a good decision or not,, it was totally unfair to mandana.. Nd yes i agree she was pretty cruel to priya nd she herself is really irritating nd i hate her.. But if it was me there, whose imp things were destroyed nd then my own team mates decide not to play nd ask me to give up, i wud hv definitely felt bad…

    • santu

      Right I agree on mandanas viewpoint. But mandana chose that costly shawl which kanwal later that she knew it was costly. Anyway Wat I saw was kanwal was very much hurt that he dint even say a word to oppose. As we know him he could have made drama.but he was so shocked that they can choose his pillow.which reflects very badly. We can accuse mandana that she dint say no wen Roch chose pillow.. she was very quite.. and later at table she even accused Roch that you chose pillow not me, wen it’s a team game,

  5. abhishek

    I think rishab is good hearted and so emotoinal too but vo he doesn”t want everyone know this because if everyone know they make fun of him so he treated people like he is devil..

  6. Sonya

    Rishab is very good hearted. Kish and Suyash and Prince should be friend outside. if they are the last three standing One of the two will support each other I mean Kish adn Suyash as the money will remain in the family but what about Prince, so be smart and Prince you play your game do not get emotionally blackmailed by them tell them friends outside, you will be nice in the house to them but fair and smart.

  7. Sush

    In every epi mandy sucks…. n again salman ll support her saying c was playing tasks..
    Sallu was my fav b4 biggboss 9.. he always supports dat b***h mandy n m having less likeness fr sallu..
    Plz sallu dont loose ur image by favring wrong people..

  8. kushagra

    priya gave an unfair decision it clearly said that if the person whose things are being destroyed refuses to do so then the team loses no bahumad shuld com here. all her important things are destroyed now wats the use to be great. i just hope salman

  9. kushagra

    santu all her things were destroyed so anyone would want revenge if all their important things were destroyed

  10. VSD

    Mandana is the most selfish and fake person ans just wants to do things what she likes and then cry to gin fake sympathy!! Actually genuine people from the beginning are kishwar suyyash prince keith and they r still the same and support the truth and have humanity.. Mandana is just show off and wants to gain sympathy but her true colours r now seen to all which is good!! Way to go kishwar prince n keith

    • Tracy

      For once Mandana was right and not fake. Do you ever believe that Kishwer would have done differently if she was in Mandana’a shoes. Even Rochelle would have been extremely upset if she was in Mandana’s shoes. Mandana’s reaction is expected after her team gave up on her. For once she got an opportunity of a task she can do and everyone is asking her to give up.Why? If indeed Kanwal’s fake diamond ring was real (note Prince found out it was not real and even Kanwal accepted it) Kanwal should have been made to give up. What is rather coming out is that most of the contestants wanted revenge on her either through pretending to be good (Rochelle and Keith) or trying to be seen as a more reasonable person who will please the audience (Priya). Priya is contradicting herself by picking on Prince (in one breath he is in a group and when he goes solo, there is a problem). i switch on my tv (and I’m sure so do thousand of people) to watch real people like Mandana, Kishwer and Prince and not to watch pretenders (Rochelle and Keith – keeping up appearances) or trying to get public to like them (Priya).

      I would like to say that if Priya is the big person she always wants us to believe she is, she should have just dipped Kanwal’s glasses and Mandana’s earrings in paint instead of smashing it with a hammer. She did not use her head and her true face (vindictiveness against Mandana) was revealed. In addition to that she could just dip the so called diamond ring to paint as well.

      This is a game so may the best real player win.

  11. Papri

    prince ,suyash aur kish jab ek sath hote the tab inn tino k fun dekhte huye maja ata tha….ab yeh show bohot fika par gaya hain…:( want them back!

  12. Rishabh

    Mandy do not want loss their earings but kish done it after that mandy wanna to do task complete but no team support…after lossing 1 lac jewellery.

  13. shona

    I don’t like mandana..she is al selfish girl..she doesn’t give people a chance to explain..bigg boss ne ek compliment kya de diya she thinks that she’s right only..aur actually use abhi tak bura lag raha hai ke roch ne uski burai ki..I think mandana roch ki jagaha hoti to woh bhi yahi karti..Thank god ki roch ko samajh aa gaya ki usne mandana ki galat behavior ko support kar ke galati ki hai.
    mandana wants sympathy only thats why woh show karti hai ke jaisewoh alone hai aur koi use pasand nahi karta..MANDANA IS A FAKE SELFISH ARROGANT LAZY SICK WOMAN!!!!!

    • Sahil

      Mandana k sath bura hua ap mano ya na. Agar tu ap ek lady ho tu samajhna chaye k khas log ka khas gift destroy ker diya jaye aur expect karo k chup b re wah wah. ..
      Admi ho k mere ko bura lag ra per per kish priya ko nai laga …
      Mandana was right when her important things were destroyed then what left to not go further . Kanwal things had money value but hers had emotional values . Think about it.

  14. II

    This time priya may face severe grin and grunt of salman as he had already warned in the highway task not to destroy things to that extent as it may be given by their loved ones regardi ng kish spoiling mandys tshirt very badly. Now its priya damaging her things to the highest possible manner. I like priya. But this time fullon sympathy to mandy both from salman and viewers. I dont know why strong and brainy ppl like kish and priya resort to such things and get blamed severely. Inspite of their splendid job the whole week. And prince no need to fight with kish just to show that ur playing individually. She is very genuine with u and ur appearing damn stupid. Even with priya u showed gentlemengesture and nextday u said i made u win. Itdoesnt look good upon u. Otherwise ur good at heart man.

  15. Mahi

    Kishwar ek no. Ki kameeni hai bich usko kisi feelings ki koi kidhar nahi hai mandana bf ne jo gift kiya usi ko usko destroy karna tha.. Well done roch ne task ko end karne ko kaha.. Den kish aur prince ke bich ladai hui acha laga dekhke wo yahi deserve karti h.. Jab roch n mandana ke bich jab ladai hui tab kish ko bahut maja aaya.. Ab isbar wahi iske saath hua.. Price well done bahut acha task kiya tumne love u.. I hope Keith, roch, Prince hi finale me aaye.. Precap acha he roch ko hi finale card mile. Rochelle u rockkksss

  16. saz

    Keith is playing safely……….. He is not entertaining,he is not rude, not shouting to anyone,…………he is doing nothing there. Just trying to be safe from nominations. Pls Digi ko out karo .

  17. Iti

    prince group me rahe to prob . . . individually khele to prob. . . had e hai matlab! wateva it z. . v luv u Prince!! 🙂

  18. saachi

    I dnt knw y bt aftr dis episd i feel mandy is rght ya at tyms she is irritatin bt d way digi snapd her n rishab bullied her i really felt bad bt still i dnt lyk u ? ….best part vz prince tryin to control himself n rishab u r so stupid!
    #v luv u prince ?

  19. oggy

    prince one of d strong playr hai..isliye sukish started emotional blackmailing..2 captaincy task mein sukish prince ko support nahi kiya,,fighting karne tym mein kish bhi nahi socha “bhai” hai.

  20. ssss

    Bb half time was passed by argument, i think they do not understand the task properly, yesterday rochelle make drama to not to shorten the money rope, today when kish team give up the kamaljeets things silently, rochelle team make drama to give up mandys thing, its not necessary to tell – every things belongs to everyone had added with emotions. priya was asked for nominate two persons, who are least performer of last task, not from first….its surprise how she nominate suyash: who do the task finely. i think before giving the task it should be fully explained to every one and when they understand it fully, task will be given.

  21. Ritika

    Wild card entry– another Miss India but average looking! What’s wrong with Miss India contest- good girls don’t go anymore it seems! Mandana is the best-looking from this average lot this year but the worst otherwise- very arrogant- if only she was calm and sensible! Rochelle was fine before. Priya, Prince, Kishwar and Keith or Rochelle will go into finals it seems!

  22. Ritika

    My favorite is Priya- no doubt in it….sensible girl even though shez the same age as mandana/rochelle-1/2 yr difference!

    • I beg to differ Ritika. Priya turned out not to be that sensible especially in the recent task. She could have just dipped Kanwal’s glasses and Mandana’s earring in paint instead of smashing and destroying them. Watch and see how she will be grilled and embarrassed by Salman. Its a shame that as supervisor she could have acted smarter and come out as sensible but she didn’t.

  23. prince and kishwar plz dont fight other inmates are taking benifit..
    plz tasks individually karo but excluding tasks apnay relation achay rakho u three(PKS) r doing gud…..

  24. Ritika

    Hi tracy! Ya she somewhere does not like mandana and being d aggressive one that she is, she did all this in the disguise of the task/moderator. Shez cunning, aggressive i agree but i find her different frm d rest- unique! B4 that was kishwar, but priya is a player. I like her more, to each his own. Shez an interesting character and v.gud in tasks. And nt forced and fake drama for visibility lyk rochelle or mandana! I like kishwar too, v.straightfwd but nt as sensible/cunning/mind-game expert like priya . Btw i like keith too. Dnt knw hez so quiet, wl go into finals or nt!

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