Bigg Boss 9 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 81
Inmates wake up to song Disco dewane, they dance together.

Priya says Kishwar that Rishab did so much in task, he used slang for me, Nora says he did wrong, i did his searching and he said that my throat has got infection because Priya has tempered with it, nothing happened to him yesterday, he is doing it today, when he covered my face with blanket, i held his jacket’s collar in defense, Nora says it has become habit for Rishab to abuse girls, Suyyash says i stop him whenever he abuses with Mandana, Nora says if we behave like we behaved with Mandana after he violence then he will not do this again.

Bigg boss says to inmates that police team which include Kishwar, Rochelle, Priya and Prince should decide mutually and choose

two inmates among them whom they want to make contenders for captaincy.
police team comes in bedroom, Rochelle says we did task well, i have extra point that i never became captain, Kishwar says its not valid as we are into finals now, Priya says we all did nice, Kishwar says if we dont choose then other team will get this chance, Priya says i dont want to lose this chance so we should pick chits.
Rishab says to Suyyash that Prince can become contender, suyyash says Prince exchanged position of diamonds and Priya had put oil on it, Rishab says i dont like Priya’s way of gameplaying, she thinks negative, Suyyash says you didnt do good with Priya yesterday, Rishab says Salman will tell that, Keith says you did wrong, Rishab says fine, Suyyash says you promised us that you wont say slang to girls till they dont then why you said slang to her? Rishab says if she irritates me then i will call her ***, Suyyash says you cant do it, give slang to Kishwar then i will see, Rishab says she hasnt done anything wrong with me.
Police team pick two chits, Prince and Rochelle are chosen for captaincy. In captaincy task, inmates of house will tie themselves using belt to the contender whom they want to support, the one who will get more support will become captain. Suyyash and Prince comes in confession, Prince says you, Nora, Kishwar are with me, Rochelle will get Priya, Keith.
Mandana says to Rochelle that you break rules. Priya says i will give support seeing game and i know who is my competition so i will give support according to that.
Priya gives support to Rochelle, Rochelle ties Mandana, Priya and Keith with her, Priya says what if Mandana beats me with belt?
Rishab discusses with Prince, he says it doesnt matter much whom i support.
Priya says i have taken decision strategically as whom i want in game, Keith says i know.

Rochelle says Kishwar that friendship time has ended, suppose if i have to nominate you or Prince then i will because game is in final stage, Mandana says i told this Priya that from beginning i dont bring friendship in game, rochelle says to Rishab that i dont have any animosity with you and you are not my direct competition, we can nominate weak inmates to eliminate them. Prince says to Priya that if you keep in house and eliminate me in death end of show then it will be your benefit only, all hoot listening this.

Rishab says to camera that i dont have friendship with cool group but i am Prince’s friend thats why i supported him but i dont want Rochelle to think later that she never became captain in BB house so i wanna give my support to Rochelle, he hugs Prince and ties his belt to Rochelle’s, Priya says if he is here then i will leave, Rishab says to Rochelle that if she keep blabbering things then i will leave, Rochelle folds her hand and ask Priya to give valid reason, Priya says valid reason that i wanna support Prince and i know my last decision, i just want to experience that side too, she goes to Prince’s side, Riwshab says to Keith that she wanna be in goodbooks of cool group. Priya says i will take decisions for myself.
Rochelle says to Kishwar and Suyyash that i have never become captain so decide quickly, Prince says why she is talking to Nora? Rochelle says i havent talked to her but Kishwar who is my friend, Priya says to Rochelle that i think being with Prince is good for me so i will be with him now.

buzzer plays, Prince wins task, Rochelle starts crying, Keith hugs her and consoles her. Bigg boss says Prince got more support so Prince is new captain of house, he congratulate Prince, Mandana ask Rochelle to not cry, Prince comes to Rochelle, Rochelle congratulates him and says dont talk to me, she leaves. Prince says to Kishwar that if it was 2, 3 weeks back then i would have given her captaincy.
Mandana says to Rochelle that Priya wants to be in cool group as majority is there, Rochelle says i am not part of cool group now, when you and Suyyash were competing for captaincy, it was Kishwar who said things like to give chance to Suyyash as he hasnt become captain much, but when i wanted to be captain because i have never become captain then it is not valid reason? Prince says if it was some earlier week then i would have given chance, Rochelle says this was valid till last week not now? is it fair? Prince says its about game, Rochelle says Suyyash and Kishwar said last week that Rochelle have to become captain, Prince says Salman said that dont think about relations now, Rochelle says but she thought about relation with you at this time too, Prince says this is time when everyone will nominate each other, i thought Mandana, Keith, Rishab and Priya will be with you so you would have won, Priya came to me for her benefit and if you had become captain then i wouldnt have this attitude like yours rightnow, Rochelle says i congratulated you, Prince says your tone was not nice, Rochelle says you are strong in house, you became captain again, Prince says nothing like that, i may leave this week.

Inmates get the dresses which they ordered for new year function, everyone is happy and takes their clothes.

Garden area is decorated, inmates come and sit on tables, Sidharth Shukla comes in house and meets everyone,. Sidharth comes on stage and welcomes everyone, he wishes new year, Sidharth says you all will get awards basis on market survey, He says to inmates that you dont get to know much whats happening outside so i have brought Tv for you, he opens Tv and Guthi comes on it, all hoot seeing her, Suyyash says Guthi i love you, Guthi says this is lust not love, everyone laughs, she says to Rishab that you are alone in house trying to set up a girl but cant, why dont you ask Bigg boss to let you go, you will keep washing your hairs only, guthi ask Sidharth if she can greet Bigg boss? he says why you are asking me? she says channel asked me to keep asking you things inbetween, she greets bigg boss, Bigg boss greets her back, she says it seems like Bigg boss talk while sitting in drum, all laugh, she ask Bigg boss to say something again, Bigg boss doesnt, Guthi says he doesnt want to get roasted, Guthi says to inmates that i will tell you news, Salman asked me to become ghalat-friend of him, Sidharth says its girlfriend, Guthi says news is that all are irritated with Princes kisses, his kissing speed is 10 miles per house, Prince laughs hard., Tv authorities said from next year the one who doesnt know this art will not work on tv, he said this in english to make Mandana, Nora and Rochelle agree to his kisses, all laugh, she says Ministry of water said that whatever Keith and Rochelle have done in bathroom to save water is great, next news is that because of Priya’s comments, some people started fighting then watchman came and took cow from there for which this fight was all done, everyone laughs at this, watchman also said this is not topic to comment or fight, someone said if you want Aman(peace) then why did you eliminate Aman Varma? all laugh, Guthi says if Mandana and Priya was locked in room then there would have been peace in whole house, all laugh, Priya gives hi-5 to Mandana, Guthi says Big boss said that if i agree to marriage then he will show face but i am sorry i have committed to Salman Khan and once i commit, i dont even listen to Salman, she says new time has ended, she leaves.
Sidharth says first award is Bhukkar/hungry award, Guthi comes in house to give award. she says Rishab and Prince are nominees to get award of foodie/hungry/bhukkar, Prince and Rishab hugs friendly and comes on stage, Guthi says Prince and Rishab are nominees, he ask who is more Bhukkar? all say Rishab, Guthi gives one piece of cake to Prince and smashes whole cake on Rishab’s face, Mandana laughs hard at this, Guthi runs while Prince and Rishab runs behind her, she leaves house, Rishab says Guthi i will see you outside. Sidharth says next award is “kaano tak khoon”(blood till ears), he says this award is for person who speak so much that other person’s ears start bleeding, all say its for Priya, Sidharth calls Priya on stage and gives her award, Priya says i wanna thank God for making me so irritating and made my vocal chord like it can bring blood anyone’s ears. Sidharth says next award chori/stealing award and its for none other than Mandana but award is already stolen, sidharth says Mandana you are so beautiful then why you steal things? she says i steal hearts, he says then whats the need to steals hearts, he says if you dont mind can i dance with you? she says ofcourse, Sidharth and Mandana closely dances with each other on chori Kiya re jiya, everyone claps. Sidharth says there is always dance performance inbetween award show so Ada Khan is coming from Nagin’s set to entertain you, Ada Khan comes in house in veil on palanquin, she takes off her veil, all hoot for her, Ada Khan dances on Mera naam mary hai, she then dances on Tukkur Tukkur song, Ada Khan comes to contestants, she dances with all inmates, she meets everyone, hugs them and leaves.
Sidharth says welcome back Guthi. Guthi comes in house, Guthi says you guys dont know whats happening on Tv so let me show you a famous show Nagin, Tv is switched on, guthi wears Mandana’s headband and acts like Nagin and Sapera. Sepera ask Nagin to go and work in bank, she says i cant because i am Nag-hin, all laugh, show ends, Guthi says pairs are created in house so i want to make my pair, i tried on Salman but it didnt workout so i want to try on Bigg boss as i know Bigg boss have eye on me, Bigg boss says i dont eye anyone, everyone laughs and hoots for Bigg boss, Guthi says he watches me from hiding so he does have eye on me, i feel his height is of 3feet thats why he doesnt come out, she says lets try someone else, she calls Prince and says what i dont have which Nora has? Nora laughs at this, she says i can do more good belly dance than Nora, she calls Nora on stage. she tells Nora that i and you have belly dance face-off, Nora starts Belly dancing on Manma emotion jaage re, then Guthi funnily does belly dance, everyone hoots for Nora, Guthi hugs Nora and says very well done.
Sidharth says next award is couple award, nominees are Kishwar-Suyyash, Keith-Rochelle and Nora-Prince. Guthi says i feel Prince and Suyyash should be winner of this award, they laugh, Prince and suyyash hugs each other, they get their photo as award, Sidharth says coupl should dance too, Meri aashiqui tumse hi plays, all laugh, Prince lifts Suyyash and dances, Suyyash closely dances with Prince, Nora, Kishwar comes stage, they dance with them, Keith dances with Rochelle.
Sidharth says next award is “bahar mil phir batata hun”(meet me outside then i will tell you), Guthi says i will give this award before Bigg boss throws me out of house, Sidharth says Rishab is winner of this award, all hoot, Rishab says why you all hate me so much, Sidharth gives award to him. Sidharth says now award is most fashionable male and female and winners are Keith and Rochelle, Keith and Rochelle comes stage and get their awards.
sidharth says we will play song which was hit in 2015, Guthi says most famous song or s*xy song will play, i will dance on it with Rishab and Keith, Guthi romantically and funnily dances with Keith and Rishab on Tumhe apna banane ka junoon, Keith acts like dying after hugging Guthi, Rishab takes off Guthi’s dupatta and covers Keiths’s face with it, Keith gives kiss to guthi on cheeks, Rishab does push-ups with guthi sitting on his back, all laugh, Guthi and Sidharth meets everyone, Bigg boss thanks Sidharth and Guthi for coming, Guthi sings and dances with hum aye hain apke ghar, Guthi wishes new year, they leave.
Happy new year to all the readers.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that at end of task one inmate will get nominated for whole season. Rochelle says game is different, friendship is different. There is one trophy, inmates have to pass it to each other and the one who will be passed the trophy will get nominated for whole season. Kishwar says to Prince that whom you think is your competition, give trophy to him and nominate him or her. Rochelle says to Rishab and Keith that for this task, i am target, Prince says to Kishwar that if i get trophy then i will give it to Keith. kishwar says to Rochelle that if i have to choose between you or Prince then definitely Prince is above than you for me, Rochelle says you have hurt me the most. Nora gives trophy to Mandana and says you are fake, Mandana says you are in wrong show, this is Bigg boss not saas-bahu saga. Rochelle shouts on inmates that i am not wrong, she cries and leaves. Rochelle says everyone is attacking me, i was sure of it.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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  2. akt

    well played prince…u prove again that friendship and game both are two diffrent thing for u…i like most resab statement that prince is my friend..well played resab…i don’t uderstand what rocell want she want to win she has done b…cing about mandana to win task then how she can say that to prince like that….

  3. I got it from the comment of Raman.







      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @siva…. Lets say these things are true…

        1. Ceo nd ekta are ppl too… They can hv their favrts.. Cant they ?
        When alia came she said prince is her fav.. Simple..

        2. Salman has his POV.. It doesn’t always match with ours… And vn it doesn’t we feel he isn’t fair.. Ok,, he myt be a lil soft towards mandy ,, then let him be.. His harsh words for kish may gain her sympathy nd i know ppl hating mandy for no fault of hers.. they hate her coz salman is biased nd being unfair with others.. So chill.. It myt work in favour..

        3. Mandana is more famous now… She has a huge fan following… So if ekta is using this popularity to promote her movie then why is it wrong. ? Why does it matter wen the movie release ? :/

        Until nd unless the show is scripted nd these ppl hav a say in the winner,, it doesn’t matter whom the ceo, ekta or salman support…

        But sadly the thought process is –
        If mandy wins,,, the show is scripted,,,
        If nyone else wins then its not….

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Siva, am pretty sure that even prince was a stranger with no fan following in his first reality show(whichever it was). You build reputation and gain followers with your style and work in any show.
      This happens to be mandy’s first reality show i think and the fact that she is the only person who is actually a close competitor to prince and his fan following itself is a commendable job, given that prince has just recently won 2 big reality shows and earned huge fan following…

      Your other claims, I don’t know how much to believe in that, as i normally don’t believe in some rumors spread by someone. If you go by rumors, mandy is married to a gay person, suyyash has been paid money to have s*x with a lady and what not. I chose to ignore such rumors as they are not trustworthy. and if am not wrong, many people used to complain that prince is close to ranvijay guy and hence he won that reality show(don’t follow those shows, but have read comments recently related to those shows and prince). do you believe that? no, right?
      Still, that being said, if those claims are true, I don’t see what’s wrong in that. every person has the right to have any favorite, even they are human beings(ekta, ceo) , they can also support any person they like, what’s the big deal? They have every right to promote her just like we try to promote our favs in such forums……..

      • jerry

        I donno abt other things.. bt suyash was paid to sleep with an old lady was told by him in splitsvilla 2. I remeber seeing that episode ..
        not that i care… ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @harshal… Roadies is not based on audience votes…. Its purely a task nd performance oriented show…
        You perform, you remain safe..
        You dont, you go home…
        Unlike BB,, being close doesn’t work there..
        Also ranvijay hv always seen to it that his team members perfrm well to go ahead..
        I am telling you this bcoz you said you don’t follow the show…
        Nd bcoz i m hurt.. ๐Ÿ™
        Roadies nd ranvijay… A hugee fan.. ?

        As jerry said,, that stuff is true until suyash is lying coz su himself revealed it.. :p

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Arey neeru sorry :(, i really have no clue of these shows and their working. I merely requoted 3-4 comments there in articles i read about prince. You know i like prince naa

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        Harshu.. Koi nai.. ?
        i know you like prince nd actually my comnt was not for him…
        It was abt ranvijay nd the show… ?

    • These are all propaganda to confuse the general public so that those who are likely to follow Mandy will change their minds. Possibly by fans of other contestants.

      But this will not work because we have all witnessed what each and every contestant is capable of.

      Mandy has left an indelible mark on most viewers and that’s why we are supporting her. she will make mistakes which is a tendency for all humans but we appreciate her determination to play the game since day one of the show.

      @ Harshal, I think its dawning on the fans of other contestants that she may win although surprising this is her first reality show, as you have noted. And in fact based on this very reason, if i happen to be a producer i would support her knowing that whenever Mandy decides to do something she will go through with it very well and will be able to gather support easily.

    • If Mandy wins BB9, there are high chances of controversy that BB is a scripted show, but should not be a problem as Mandy has a lot of fans besides the makers, and ya makers are really biased, they always potray a person as hero/heroine and others villian like last season Gautam Gulati and this season Mandana Karimi
      (Ps: I like Mandy, m a Mandy fan but not my fav)

    • ManuelFerrara

      The smudge on the voting system remains that there is paid voting which is buzzing all around in case of mandana, as she is linked to film fraternity and they over do it but prince’s fan following is humongous and genuine ,it still manages to overtake unscrupulous ways.

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Ya there is no guarantee if winners r decided based on voting, that’s why I only vote once not more than that





  5. asap

    siva i didnt no yu can talk rubbish…how yu can yu say mandy had no folowers…this is de funniest tin i have ever heard since bb9 started…mandy has really suffered

  6. asap r really terrifyin me with this ur comment….lol….mandy who has worked wit famous celebrities never had any followers?..a top model in iran…never had followers?…someone tell this person he is very funny

    • ManuelFerrara

      Kish is prince’s so called ‘sister’ & three of them have been together since begining..why the hell will she support rochelle at this stage when prince too needs it (common sense) & then she’s getting miffed, bickering like a need act hysterically & create scene…
      And for prince keep it up! Luck favours the brave & also it seems whole season nomination trophy has gone to kish if you go by buzz!!!

  7. Top model ha ha.
    Top top mode.
    Everyone knows mandana .
    I agree with u.
    She is top top model.
    She was very very famous before entering big boss house.




    • Siva you may be right that asking someone on the streets if they knew Mandy just before the BB9 may have led to a no answer(note that I said maybe since i’m not too crazy about fashion)

      However, you and i cannot deny the fact that she was known in the industry she was working in be it fashion or film and considering the number of people in the industry(film), it is highly probable to conclude that she will definitely have followers.

      In any case, there were rumours about her dating back to some years ago and this will only happen if the person was known in an industry. Because I doubt any publication has been made of me (ordinary person) to the best of my knowledge because I am not known/popular but if I were known/popular then someone would have bothered to publish it.

      So in conclusion, i humbly disagree with your point that she was not famous (only because some of us didn’t know her)

  8. santu

    Mandana was popular before bb? Wer in Iran? Ha ha.. she herself had stayed in Hong Kong before coming to India.. get ur facts correctly.. she was just a model.. like so many hundreds of models. . Agar mandana nahin toh koi aur ko laake famous kar sakte hain bb mein…

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      santu, I think what asap’s point was, is that she had followers too before entering the house, that was response to siva’s comment saying mandy had no followers before entering the house.
      She is a ….
      1) top model from Iran,
      2) has done 3 movies in 2015, alongside kunal khemu, ranbir kapoor,aftab shivdasani and tusshar kapoor(renowned celebrities if i may call them that)
      So, she is sure to have some followers i think……..

      I won’t comment on popularity though, as to be honest, even i didn’t know who mandy was when she entered the house. but then again, except rimi sen, all contestants were like strangers to me(yeah, i don’t watch splitsvilla or roadies).

      • @harshal. No no mandana became famous after her bikini avatar in kyaa kool hain hum 3

        It is hosted by more than 40 adult(porn) websites on the day of its digital launch. Just got the information now.

        That’s why she became famous.

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Mandy has done 3 Bollywood movies u said but all three are flop u never say ๐Ÿ˜›

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Joyee, wait for it, 3rd movie is still to hit the screen. Judging from its trailer, jokes are way too vulgar, hence chances of it being hit are there :p

      • lol harshu to be honest I also didnt know ๐Ÿ˜› I came to know in BB episode when Randeep Hoda came to promote the movie and Salman said Mandy is also in the movie ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. ManuelFerrara

    Kish is prince’s so called ‘sister’ & three of them have been together since begining..why the hell will she support rochelle at this stage when prince too needs it??
    And then she’s getting miffed,bickering like a juvenile need to act hysterically & create a scene.
    There’s a buzz that kish is nominated for whole season .. Let’s see?

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      keep loving and voting for her,is possible bring your friends to vote for her too, asap, am with you on this ๐Ÿ™‚ …….. am also a mandy supporter

  10. harshal(PHFFAN)

    First of all, Happy new year to all you guys and girls out here. May this year bring happiness and prosperity in your life ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now onto episode, didn’t watch it , just read the update, seems it was fairly entertaining episode. am eager to watch gutthi in action in bigg boss house, jealous of siddharth, he got to dance with mandy :3
    Precap seems interesting, but wait, do i smell something burning?…. ohh yes, its nora… you just got burned baby!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ …. “this is not a saas-bahu saga”, hahaha, classic one mandy :*

    • Harshal I can’t wait for Mandy to properly school Nora and I wold love to see the expression on her face. lol

      It looks like Prince will think that the public are liking their love angle (based on the news given by Guthi and therefore will devote his attention to it. lol

      Loved the way Mandy, Rishab and Priyas table was filled with awards. was so happy.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        You wer happy seeing the Table filled with trophies ?? Really. ?
        But then those wer nothng to be proud of…
        Mandy – chor of the house..
        Priya – somethng she deserved .. :p
        Rishab – that hungry wala is ok.. But the othr one.. Evn he din seem happy with it..
        I actually wasn’t happy with mandy’s nd rishab’s awards.. Not evn in a fun way….

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Neeru, it was fun awards re, took in sporting way i think. Yeah, it is demeaning the characters of these inmates, but we can’t say anything, afterall, its just a game. Felt bad for mandy getting chor award too, afterall most inmates do chori one time or other to gain more supplies for themselves. But still, mandy replied saying she does chori, but of hearts. Loved that reply while reading it here

      • @ Neeru, I agree with you and Harshal that the title of the awards were a bit demeaning but the basis of my joy is the fact that they are the most noticeable contestants whether good or bad. This means they are really playing their game.

        I dare to say that most of the contestants are not what we see on our TV sets (correct me if I’m wrong) but because of the game they portray themselves in a particular light. This means their (the three) strategies are working.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      asap, haha, there are many mandy followers here, shazna, tracy, shubham, rehanna, vipasha and many more ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Happy new year to you all. Back now after all the festivities. Asap don’t worry we are all here to support but truthfully u r very right because we always look forward to Harshal’s comments.

    • Shaลผรฑรค

      asap don wry dr..mandy havin huge fan following nw..dy by dy mandyz popularity juz njoy happy nw yr to al ๐Ÿ™‚

      l luv mandy..shez real n honest..n entertaining us by her hillarious dialogues..”mosquito to priya n nxt to nora tat itz nt saas bahu saga n many more… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      Btw harshal u r a prfct analyser f bb epiz ๐Ÿ™‚ i thnk bb9 title winner ll b either kish or mandy ๐Ÿ˜‰ ma sixth sense says tat ths tym prince wont b d winner ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Shazna, i feel that any of the 3 can win. My reactions….
        1. If mandy wins, very happy
        2. If prince wins, happy, little less though compared to earlier scenario.
        3. If kish wins, ok with it, but won’t be happy as it would be like promoting herd mentality and dominating and controlling nature.

  11. not a fan



    • ManuelFerrara

      So why u came on this page … to read written episode.. us waqt kuch donate kar leta !!!
      btw… We don’t need to ask u before helping the poor >:( >:(

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      Woh jo do min lagaya humein siksha dene main…wohi tym use kar lete kuch donate karne k liye…y r u on this page????….
      We neednot know wat to do and wat not to, coz we alrdy are aware of that…

  12. Annamma James

    Siva and all
    Happy New year….

    Siva one more thing ektha kapoor launched her brand EK in snap deal..
    Some huge conspiracy is going on yaar..
    I hope God will let our Prince win…

  13. Nina

    Nora is big fake. Nora – prince relationship for getting votes and actually makes prince look weak and bad. Never seen Syassh doing any chores in the house. Did not even do sanchalak task property bcause Kishwar was in police team. Nora purposely starts fight to get attention, Mandana is real and honest. Another good person is keith . Priyas screams too much. Highly annoying.

  14. Hmmm. Nothing much in today’s episode . This Roch should stop crying hope she understands that to be in bigg boss u have to play game individually not in groups. If Roch played individually she would have been so much better. And congrats Prince, for making a Hatrick of captaincy. I like the way the police team used chits to decide the contenders for captaincy. Gutthi was so funny he brought a positive enivrnment in BB house. Am I the only one who wants Prince-Rishabh to be friends? they look like bhai Bhais. Lol the precap was funny wen Mandy says u r in the wrong place this is Bb house not saas-Bahu lol, it would be quite interesting to see who gets nominated for the whole season ?
    Who do u think it will be guys?
    I think it would be Rish or Mandy #justmyopinion

    • @ Fatarajo(PHFFAN) I was so happy Mandy supported Rochelle although she was the one who was telling Keith that he was supporting Mandy and that her bags should not be returned to her. Great job! she looks beyond that.

      I also agree that it could be Mandy but from the way Rochelle is making a mountain out of a molehill, I suspect it was her.

    • @Tracy yeah actually Mandy and Roch can make good friends but they hav different mindsets due to which problems tend to rise between them like Roch was the only one besides Keith who helped Mandy when she ws sick and she was genuinely worried for Mandy and Mandy supporting Roch

  15. Ritika

    Happy new year dear atiba:) Thank u so much for the updates. This yr bb is so boring that i gv it a miss purposely (only season/part 9 which is that boring) and read it here so thanks a ton ๐Ÿ™‚

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE HERE…keep the discussion going ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. AN7

    prince met ranvijay after mr punjab show and became a good friend afyer winning roadies. He did all tasks so he won and in splitsvilla also he was the strongest contendor ,he didn’t win cuz of ranvijay.But it is clearly seen that salman khan supports mandana.No thing wrong with you supporting mandana its your choice .

  17. Bigg boss biased hai par mandy ki taraf nhi tharki ki taraf.jab 90% diamind chura liye to taklu ki team kaise jit gyi?usko highlight karne ke liye killer bnaya,betting karwali,date pe bheja( baniyan pehne ke date pe gya tha),jisne cheating ki usko captain bnaya?uski dawedari to radd karni chahiye thi.pura time uske gande kisses dikhate rehte hai aur dusro ki achi footage kant dete hai.kabhi uncut video dekho dusre logo ke ache moment dekhno ko milenge.captaincy ke liye to kisi ke bhi talwe chantata rehta hai.sabse jyada to ye nomination se darta hai shuru se isliye to bhai behen bnake rakhe hai.acha hua mandyne use support nhi kiya.mandy luking beutiful as usual.ladkiya jo prince ki fab hai unhe bhi aisa husband mile jo 4 mhine me 3 ladkiyo ko propose karta of luck.& 2 min silence for those who find taklu handsome.even suyash is more handsome than him.

  18. honewali biwi se darne wale unfair sanchalak tu ladkiyo ki ijjat ki bat mat kiya kar tu pehle khud ko ijjat dena sikhle.kishwer ko gali dene ki himmat to teri bhi nhi hai.kya sahi kha mandy ye sanchalak nalayak hai.

    • ManuelFerrara

      Whi toh mandy hamesha sahi kehti h…pope h na rome ki..satti savirtri..dharmik swabhav ki ..aur suyyash ko …umrakad karwado usko..notice bhejdo parliament house

  19. oni

    mandy or prince ki fans fallower kitni he mujhe pata nahi …bb me aane se pehle kon kitna famous tha mujhe pata nahi… lekin mein toh mandy ko support karti hu as compare to prince…. so plz ye mat jatao ki bb ,colors ka CEO,salman mandy k upar baise he….mandy k supporter nahi he,,fake story creat mat karo..hahahahahaha funny

  20. mandana became famous after her bikini avatar in kya kool hain hum 3. It will be hosted by 40 adult porn websites on the day of its digital launch. Thats why she became famous @kruti bb never ever warns anyone for cheating during game. Never warned rishah, suyyash, mandana or anyone.

  21. Prince grp bnake khelta hai kyun ki akele khelnese vo darta hai.vo agressive hota magar sirf un logo ke upar jo weak hai jinhe support karne wala koi nhi hai ( for ex priya).bina bat ke chillata hai footage ke liye dusro ki argumentme ghus jata hai aur aise dikhata hai jaise bhot support kar rha ho.vo mandy ke bareme bol sakta hai ki isko kyun ulti ho rhi hai magar priya rochelle ko nahane ke bareme nhi bol sakti?vo rishabh pe chilla sakta hai mandy ko orange kyu mara par suyash pe nhi jab vo mandy ko threat kar rha tha?vo mandy pe chilla sakta hai agar vo nora ko gf bolti hai,gizele pe chilla sakta hai par apne grppe nhi?vo mandana ko nagin bol sakta hai par mandana use sapola nhi bol sakti?sporting spirit kya hota hai is unpadh gawar ko kya malum?koi kuch bola nyi ki chillana chalu kar deta hai.bade nak wala takla tharki.har ladki pe chance marta rehta hai.even mandy pe bhi try kiya.par mandy tuze bhav degi?lol.acha rochelle single nhi hai.aur kisne yha pe kha ki mandy ne porncom me kam kiya hai?usne to sirf kam kiya hai.tumhara taklu to real me aisa hai ye socho pehle.aur ekta kapoor to ese serial me supporting me bhi na le.mandy ko to usne filmme lead bnaya hai vo bhi apne bhai ke sath.aur as usual ekta talent pehchanme kabhi galti nhi karti.mandy is best.sherni.prince itti bar nominate hoke phir bachke dikhata.biased bigg boss to prince ke sath sath uske bhai kam jija kam gf suyash ko bhi bachata hai taki tharki weak na pad jaye.

  22. Aur bikini pehni to kya hua?alia bhatt,sonam kapoor,dipika,priyanka chopra,anushka sabne pehnhi hai.whts the big deal?aur reelme karneme aur real me Karneme bhot fark hota hai.aajkal most of the hero filmme kiss karte hai par vo realme bat bat par ladkiyo ko kiss to nhi karte.their is a diff in real & reel.

    • ManuelFerrara

      Ha kuch nhi.. kal wo sirf hanky hi pehnegi bass…lekin badi susheel hai…32 gunn usme hi toh hain…aur saree toh jaanwar pehnte h..

  23. raj

    are kuttti tu yaha bhi aa gyi.. bhailog ye wahi kutti hai jo kuch din pehle prince prince karti thi jab prince ne bhav nhi diya to uske baare me ulta bolna start kar di ….sabko pata hai ki big boss aur salman kiska side lete hai hamesha ..yaha koi blind nhi hai..
    aur kutti twiter pe daal nhi gali to idhar aa gai…dub mar sallli

    • Gaurav

      Sahi bola yaar tune ye lag to wahi kruti rahi hai [i wont call her kutti] coz maybe she only hates prince… But if kruti you think that you are right that prince likes weak competition then you are mistaken….
      This is not me saying its prince and his actions speaking…
      While your’s are only words…
      [actions speak louder than words]
      if you still dont believe me that’s probably the case only please watch his previous shows kutti
      Oh typo…. >:)

  24. i hate the way when Roch is bashing on prince because he won the captaincy. rubbish and I also don’t like when prince said shayad mein is baar eliminate ho jaaun . no prince don’t said that again aapke asse nahi hone denge. we will always vote for you . you have to believe on your fans

  25. Kyu tharki ka defence karte karte thak gye?bolne ko kuch bacha nhi?to personal comment mar rhe ho?anjan laski ko kutti bol rhe ho.suits u.tharki ke fan ho aur kya expect kiya ha sakta hai.

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Lol kruti cool down lagta hain tum Prince ka bohot Bari fan ho ๐Ÿ˜› tharki prince for a moment I thought I was reading comments of thapki pyaar ki colors show ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. AN7

    Kruti your talking about prince being aggressive what about mandana kicking,pushing ,being violent?
    That bi**h thinks she is a queen ,she also insulted SRK.

  27. oni

    rishab and mandy kabhi v nominationse darte nahi,,,jab se bb me he har week nominate hote aaye he…. lekin dusro ko dekhne se hasi aati he…sab dare rehte he nominate hone +evict hone k liye kyunki unhe apni personality pe khud hi doubt he…. keith,,rochelle,,suyash,,priya…sab dekhwati he isliye darte he

  28. raj

    nice one gourav ab jaake pura case samajh me aaya…

    aur krutti tu bol rahi hai personal comment ke bare me to pehla apna comment dekh …prince ko tharki bolti hai .. tu kya hai pornstar ko support kar rahi hai tujhe bhi banna hai kya ???

    • Gaurav

      Rehne de yaar if she thinks we are getting personal…let it be…
      Ab yeh isko kaun samjaye ki if he was really that tharki ,,then the housemates must be the ones who know it better…. Ab to mandan bhi prince ke against ni bolti…

  29. Gaurav

    Kruti[the previous typo was intentional] please let this forum remain clean ,you better go and impress peoplr on twitter… 80days and we have kept it cleann.. Clearly if i say
    soething about u [even that gf thing was sarcastic] its not a personal comment as noone her knows u… Rather you calling prince all names is personal… Think about it with a cool mind but dont mess with this forum as i know how dirty you get on your twitter account that one of it was banned by twitter only

    • ManuelFerrara

      Okay gaurav.. keep your horns in control atleast care about ‘2 ghar ke chirag ‘ . ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Gaurav

        I know that why you are suspecting me but you know wht a ssoon as i saw it i was like why the hell this guy got the same color….. Now people will be like,,, that I am sick.. But believe me manuel its not me …
        Its not my style .. Nor am i like her who can post whatever rubbish..
        Plus its me man,trying to keep this forum away from such comments.
        Believe me or not … Upto you man..

  30. Aaliya

    Prince is the best..he jst have to leave Nora behind and concentrate in game..I’m a huge fan of u..prince

      • ManuelFerrara

        Look bro,although i joke most of the time but I want you to take this thing positively..Look i’m suggesting you as a brother..may be if she might be a girl ..she might feel bad about you I Know the truth with 2 min difference between both comments 2 minutes it even doesn’t get published + scripts match…although i’m no one to tell you all this but may be in future you’ll take care ๐Ÿ™‚ :):)

      • Gaurav

        First of all the moderation process is changed and the comments are now instantly published….
        Secondly you know what even before that commeny was made kruti posted something on her twitter account that she is not anymore going to bash prince that harsh… I would have accepted it bro but not when i am not at the faulty end..
        As i said believe or not..

  31. nisha

    hey guys , I am a visitor here, Did you all realize that all the persons, all the visitors and readers and lovers of big boss also reading the updates and your comments .
    Well you are just talking with each other . But when you are fighting then people will pick the popcorn cup and eat while reading it is that much interesting actually.

    Hey kruti I don’t know anything about u but need to say what a sense of humour Maro maro aur comments maro , dear, people are misguiding u by your comments why are you doing this , if you like someone than its ok show it here we all like or not like anyone in big boss house it happened.
    But do you like this tu people hate u , I think not at all. Please be a friend of all. Don’t deserve hatred of anyone for sure . Hey love u dear, coz me too a tu visitor dera, happy new year and be cool . i am saying to u for the sake of friendship dear. I hope you have real life friends too. So as a visitor friend I am saying this be a friend of all . Don’t show your hatred dear. Your heart is pure . so be cool. Love u.

    hey gaurav interesting comments huh. need to say, you tried a lot to cool down. yourself and other people too. Dont do it dear. otherwise you cut your finger by yourself. be a friend of all. Don’t deserve hatredness for sure. Your comments are also nice . Nice to meet u dear. Happy new year . Very pleasure to meet u .

    hey raj I don’t know who are you but saying kutti that abusing word for anyone is bad dear.
    I know you are good at heart then why using that harsh words for anyone you have your dear ones which are girls too. I know u respect for girls for sure. Please this is a request to you to take your words back dear. I know you too don’t want any hatredness not for u nor for ur name here. Do you or don’t you. I read ur comments . its ok someone say something or not. but saying bad words is not so cool. you are a good person and it doesn’t suit u at all. Make ur personality dignified . Don’t make it bad . Happy new year dear. Have a very happy new year.

    Love u all. Big boss friends.
    Happy new year to all of you.

  32. nisha

    True that we haven’t met yet . But read the comments just today as there is something very interesting happening.

    Want to know what

    Actually you, manuel ferrera and kruti and some others made this place a new big boss house . That’s it . Take this in positive way. I am too laughing when i say this.
    You all great applauds dear.

    I mean you all just if you don’t say the abuse language then its good to arguement . Its nice to know what others think about the same what u like.

    so this is the new big boss house of you all.

    Have a very happy new year.

    You all by creating this whatever it is . by your favourite ones you all start argumenting then almost near by fighting . you all make ur name rememberable .

    Well all are start eating popcorns while reading all ur comments but just a request all . Dont use abuse words that’s it

    otherwise love u all. Make this place lovable for tu lovers also.

  33. nisha

    Well its cool then ,

    Just a request normally to make this place cool like you all are for tu visitors too. So that we all can have fun while reading all ur comments too.

    And plz make Raj also understand this . coz i don’t know why using these words by him. What did he get ny this.

  34. nisha

    Nice to talk to u gaurav , well I don’t know u but seems like talking to a nice person for sure.

    Have a blastic new year.

  35. nisha

    I get it gaurav but leave it all . Don’t forget that who you are. While talking to u I have get some good time.

    Why are you bothered about something they all are fans and have a right to say their feelings dera. Bt its upto u that what u are saying .

    Because in this place the words are reflection that what kind of person or personality you are.

    and I know it for sure that you are such a nice hearted and gentleman kind of person.

    Tell me if I say something wrong . I apologize you.

    I don’t know kruti and anyone

    we all are somewhere imperfect naa. Nobody’s perfect dear. Me too take me in a girl talking to u and somewhere I also like someone a tv actor or someother. so she is just fighting for her liking. that’s it.

    Let one find one’s happiness in whatever way they find.

    Sorry to make u bore dear . I think now that’s it for me to type and making u bore.

    Good day dear.

  36. nisha

    hey fatarajo dera how r u . happy new year dear.

    Agreed dear nobody does anything wrong , and me too having good time reading it dear,

    Love u by heart.

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

      • ManuelFerrara

        Brat i found an image on twitter’s khabri…..with kish holding the trophy …. she looked dismayed and no one was near her… i guessed…..there were more similar images….why not anyone else holding it?? SO FIRM GUESS!!!

      • ManuelFerrara i don’t think Kish was the last one left with the trophy. She passed it on to another person at the sound of the last gong but not sure who.

        Mandy gets an opportunity to talk to her boyfriend (Keith decided)


        (hope i got the right link)

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        So sweet of Keith finally Mandy got to talk wid her bf wonder what will happen to Sallu now ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. Ashish Jain

    MANDANA is the only saving grace for BB9..
    We may have our personal choices which obviously will differ, but Mandana was a novice & has created fans thru this show… So guys give her credit where it’s due

  38. next episode seems to be very interesting . I am waiting for it . I am very happy to see that prince is on the top on voting trend . he deserves that because he has huge fan followings . prince is the best and I hope Nora will eliminated this week . it is good for prince .

  39. harshal(PHFFAN)

    I don’t know why, but my gut feeling says there may be 2 evictions this week, to compensate for last week, that way 7 inmates will remain, 3 weeks remaining, next week 1 out, next to next 1 out, giving us our final 5 inmates for the grand finale week. my prediction of top 5 inmates: Mandy, Prince, Kish, Rishabh, Rochelle….

    Also, recent voting trend news,
    Mandy is back to 1st position leading by nominal difference, prince is 2nd and keith and nora are bottom 2 as of now

    • Thanks harshu for the latest update u maybe correct, I just hope finale is before feb and after 6 jan, so that I can watch it properly. And no chance of extension for BB like last season.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        yeah, its actually useless extending the show needlessly given how boring it has become now,
        apart from mandy, kishwar, prince and rishabh, no other contestant of bb shows any kind of spark of becoming a grand finale material, so they should just have the finale of these 4 contestants +1(i don’t care whoever it is, he/she is useless) and be done with this show now, this season has been failure in lot ways, with these 4 contestants being the only savior of the show……..

      • Ya harshu this season is quite boring especially the last 2 weeks there is almost nothing to show in this BB, even all my friends who are BB fans doesn’t like this season at all and change in time slot is like pouring kerosene in the fire , choice of contestants not that good and more ofdouble trouble looks like half trouble. The only thing that is grabbing eyeballs is that winner is unpredictable can be Prince, RochMandy , Kish even Rish and Keith also have a slight chance

      • binny

        keith posses all the qualities which previous winners of bb was possesing and all other constestents like priya mady prince were paid to do entertainment understood guys so vote for keith and watch others for fun hahaha

  40. Gaurav

    Hey correct me if i am wrong but dont you people think that rochelle is acting a bit weird regarding captaincy…..
    Everytime she says i’ve never been captain,, but is this justified tht you become captain contrnder 5-6 times and you dont succeed so is it not wrong of her to give this reason..
    Waiting for views regarding this….

    • Agree wid u Gaurav Roch acted really weird in this episode , I was quite surprised to see this side of Roch , she even cried, really? This much desperate
      Hey Roch u r not the only one even Mandy is yet to be a captain but she nvr do like that

    • Brat

      And crying after loosing the task is so hilarious.I can bet on that she will be very unfair if she get’s a chance.

    • ManuelFerrara

      she went against sukish that why they supported prince..well prince didn’t ask keith to support him..rochelle is dumb and now she says she is not part of ‘cool grp’ anymore.Today she will betray prince in nomination award.If keith supports rochelle,he’s out next week if you see the voting trend..let’s c hw keith reacts..JORU KA GHULAM TEST!!!!!

    • binny

      i think it is reason which suyash and many others too gave in previous episodes and everyone should be given chance so that he/she can show talent ,understand the responsibility and we will have something new to see

  41. Sreevani

    Guys why you are all blaming Rochelle???

    Thinking practically.
    If you do your work properly by hard working but your boss always gives more importance to other one how you will feel? I didnt mean Prince is not good at task, but equally Rochelle is good think how bad she feels..
    Second thing people tell Rochelle keeps changing her side? From starting she supporting Mandhana and suddenly manD speaks ill about her and no way supported Rochelle how come she still be in her side?
    And third thing
    SuKishPri are most SELFISH people everrrr… like EVER.
    Last week when captaincy chance there for suyush kishwar was like i became captain twice and gave chance to Mandhana as she knows Suyush is on other team..
    And clearly Suyush brain washed ManD to give up task.. This week Rochelle who ask for the chance to become captain she is like it was different from last week!?? A week?? A big change??? like SERIOUSLY???

    To be as of now ManD is even better than everyone.. Playing her game alone… Rochelle was too good till Keith’s return and she got lost after tat.. I wish now she understood about housemates and hope to see her bounce back strongly ๐Ÿ™‚

    My strategy :
    Keith – Good going..

    ManD – As she even accepted she is short tempered she needs to be calm and play her game.

    Prince – Wow man making a family show to adult show. (seriously guys this week it become worse :/ not able to watch with family)

    Nora – GIRL like you sit in everyone’s lap? Kissing and telling like we are FRIENDS? funnyyy

    Kishwar – I really liked her but now she is showing her face.

    Suyush – Confuseddd

    Rishab – Anyone noted him this week!? he is quite and watching game.. He is just started understanding the game.

    Priya – Lol I wonder how she loves to break Cool group… Yes she knows how bad Rochelle wants to become captain and when Rishab changed side she automatically move on to Prince to make Rochelle cry and to break Cool group.. WELL DONE PRIYA.

    Totally this session is bit boring..
    Bigg boss 8 is the BEST..

    • Sreevani I wouldn’t blame Rochelle because I just figured out that it might be her strategy to prevent other contestants from giving her the nominations trophy as she already said that she felt she might be a target during the nominations trophy task.

  42. 1st Rishab
    2nd Rochelle
    3rd Keith
    4th Mandana
    5th Prince(he is 5th bcz of norah)
    6th Kishwer(now she is not playing properly)
    7th Priya
    8th Suyyash
    9th Norah (wordt)

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Not bad ashok, I agree kish is not playing well nowadays, but according to me Mandy is 2nd, Roch 3rd, Keith 4th, ya prince can actually be much better this week

  43. [email protected];)

    Happy new year tedd harshal neeru joyee ๐Ÿ˜€ miss u all..have a blast…;-) prince and mandy will win..;-) after norah is eliminated..prince will fall in love wid mandy (his feelings will be real) n they ll live hapilly everafter..:-D

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      freak, happy new year man ๐Ÿ™‚
      btw,your predictions, booo!!!! kuchh bhi ๐Ÿ˜› …. in reality, mandy will come out of house as winner, then she will meet me, we will fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lol freak best ending hero-heroine are together happy ending :p as according to votes and comments Prince looks like hero and Mandy looks like heroine and Rish will join them in love triangle ๐Ÿ˜› missed u a lot freak happy to see u commenting

  44. Ritika

    Kruti hahaha hillarious “people who like prince should get a husband like him”- ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜€ cool down girl. This anger seems like u know him in real life and he did wrong with u ๐Ÿ˜ฎ btw i dnt like prince too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Would want either kish or mandy to win…suyash and keith r v.sweet but cnt win!

  45. Ritika

    Till 4th jan it seems comments wont be moderated! Hmm i hope it stays clean :/ btw PR people r doing their job well! For mandy! [I am not refering to harshal, hez a genuine fan :)]

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.