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Bigg Boss 9 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Summary Today:

Waking up to the song ‘Crazy Kiya Re’, everyone in the house has a feeling that today their craziness is bound to reach its next level. Their prediction comes to life as Bigg Boss introduces the ‘Double Trouble’ room for this week. As Prince is the captain of the house, Bigg Boss allots him the responsibility to select the top three rule breakers of the house. Prince nominates Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika, as they have to face the repercussions of the Double Trouble room. They are called in 3 separate booths and provided with four options and their decision will decide the fate of the other housemates. The options are as follows:

1) If any 1 of them presses the buzzer, the other 2 will have to face the punishment

2) If 2 of them press the buzzer, the 3rd

person will have to face the punishment

3) If all 3 press the buzzer, they will have to choose 2 members from the house to face the punishment

4) If no one presses the buzzer, they will have to choose 1 person in the house to face the punishment

After coming out of the Double Trouble room, Mandana and Rochelle get into an ugly argument when Mandana calls Rochelle selfish. This comment offends Rochelle and she starts giving an explanation for Mandana’s allegations. Mandana asserts that Rochelle feels the need to explain herself because she is guilty. Deeply hurt by Mandana’s opinionated behavior Rochelle disconnects herself from all the other housemates and spends some alone time in the sky-lounge. Later, Keith is seen getting worried about Rochelle and tries to calm her in every possible way. Rochelle and Keith discuss about Mandana’s selfish intentions of befriending people for her own benefit and leaving them in the dark once her motive is over.

Later in afternoon, Rochelle and Digangana have a discussion about Mandana’s manipulative ways and on the other hand Kishwer tells Yuvika that she finds Mandana very upfront and bold.

In the evening, Bigg Boss introduces a task ‘Sachai Ka Saamna’ which takes the contestants through a reality check of ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Ugly’. Rimi is asked to spot ‘good’ things about the contestants while Mandana and Aman are asked to spot ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ qualities respectively. This task brings out all the buried issues and gives the contestants a chance to openly confront people. It creates a permanent crack in Mandana and Rochelle friendship as they vent out their frustrations about each other. At the same time Kishwer and Mandana get a chance to strengthen their budding friendship. They bond over similarities in their personality and behavior.

Later in the night, Snapdeal task is introduced where the contestants have to write a phrase by using letter blocks. Each letter consists of points written behind it and the team securing maximum points would win the task. As gratification, the winning team gets an opportunity to have a look at their family pictures. The day comes to an end with the contestants getting emotional as tears of joy roll down their eyes.

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  1. Ye kya?? is this bigg boss>?? :@

  2. Finally !! I have been waiting … anyways thnx fr d update 🙂

  3. what guddu i m looking for bigg boss written episode stupid update

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  5. Huh? R u sure this happened in big boss? 😛

  6. This is not the update for bigg boss???

  7. Where is the update?????

  8. Got ya. Begusarai !

  9. nonsense summary…..

  10. what kind of update was dis….

  11. Sucking summary !! Was eagerly waiting for the episode n finally got wat …. BABAJI – KA – TULLU

  12. plz give d proper update

  13. What nonsense is this?
    This is how update will be shown here now in summary form?

  14. Todayz was d only episode i missed and i thought wil be updated from here..and aftr so much of wait..all i got to read ws ds crap summary..yaar plz update like you do daily..exact thing that ws shown..i wont b able to watch d repeat too tmrw!

  15. I want full episode update… Whts this?? ??

  16. Today episode was boring.

  17. Love digi and prince
    Why always kishwar interfere

  18. It seems so incomplete.

  19. Y episodes r not updated in YouTube

  20. What kind of nonsense is this? what happened? the updates were so well before. Suddenly you post it late , post some other update and finally you give us this scrap. Summary? I must say , very DISSATISFIED with such update.
    If at all the writer is changed let the old one do it , was much better. And I recommend , update this in our own stlye with timings unstead of this summary thing. You can still update this again , many people r looking frwd to read this as yet. Please or else we will have to watch the episode at 4 pm. Update it so that dissatisfied readers dont say goodbye to the updates.

  21. *instead

  22. but you didn’t tell us who all pressed buzzer and what was d punishment after double trouble or who took it.

  23. in the snapdeal task arvindji choses saree for his wife.he says she looks beutiful in the saree.prince choses phone for his mom.he says i hav won phones in the reality shows & gifted them to my family members but i havnt gifted phone to my mom so this phone is for my mom.rimi choses airfryer,she says my family likes to eat pakodas,i chose this so tht they can eat pakoda & stay healthy.mandana choses tablet for her brother&says if i would hav been at home this deewali i would hav gifed him this only.kishwar choses power bank for her mother.she cries,suyash consoles her.kishwar says my mom’s phone battery is always dead so i am gifting this to her.yuvika choses some gift fir her brother(sry i am nt remembering it)rochelle cries she misses her family.keith consoles her.

    1. Thanks yaar..atleast u provided spme details..otherwise todayz update ws so horrible!

  24. f**k OFF!!! this update sicks

  25. Eish …Mandana thinks she is big …….if no one presses the button then all okay if one presses then she gets upset and what if yuvi and roch pressed the button wud she fight with them also ?!!??? And when she gave explanation about the stealing no one argued ???!!! She finds it irritating. And abvio she is two sided she donno whom to be with one day by roch then the other by som1 else!!!! Roch is ryt since salmaan came last time she is flying a Lot….,,,,,…..,,…..,,,!!

  26. dis update is really too boring v need previous writter firstly soo nicely it was updated Really nt at all Satisfied

  27. Rochelle pressed d botton nw mandana nd yuvika has 2 do whole house old work till nxt biggboss message

  28. This update is taken from
    This was their synopsis for the episode. Whoever updated this here just copy pasted.

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  32. GUYS GUYS GUYS….I feel salmaan is bringing Mandana in middle of the episode and others are just bodyguards …!!!!! I hate u salmaan for this

  33. why they r nt updating today’s episode?i couldnt watch bigboss today,so eagarly waiting for update.hope they update properly today.tellyupdates is a really gud site so this kind of update is nt expected.

  34. Plz update tdays episode wid proper synopsis plz

    Msg from Team: unfortunately our writer won’t be able to provide update today due to unavoidable circumstances.

  35. Who got eliminated

    1. Arvind..t ws eliminated today..tomorrow also one member wil b evicted!

  36. Todayz episode started wid price putting mandana in jail..den salman came and showed why was mandana sent to d morning dere was an argument between prince and mandana as prince asked her d cleaning chores of d house snd she said she would do it een she feels like doing..prince being captain gt indulged in d argumnt wd mandana and as usual mandana opened.her mike…vikas said prince dat ds was nt d way to talk to women..prince defended hmself saying he ws within limits..salman said audience dat ds weekend wil b double eviction..he entered d big boss house thru tv..den as he usually does..talked to mandy and told hr dat she shudnt open her mike..confronted kishwer for selecting suyyash over princr in friendspage task though prince’s grp ws more entertaining..confronting suyyash dat he didnt gv hz 100% to b d captain..prince n rochelle talked agst mandana..dey askd yuvika rochelle n mandana what dey thought before pressing or nt pressing d buzzer..pulling legs of everyone ind house..den he asked arvind to come out of d he gt eliminated..he den said out of oders nominated..dere wil b one more eviction tmrw!

  37. Thanks priti u a sweeti

  38. Good news.Vikas will be eleminated next.

  39. thank u so much priti.

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