Bigg Boss 9 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunday’s Weekend Episode Continued
Salman on stage says that inmate are given chance to increase winning amount, one’s bag contain x2 which can double the amount they will win through this task. Salman comes on stage and says that many inmates got fame in this house, lets see what they are doing in house as they were asked to hold bags rope which has different amount of money.

In house, inmates are holding ropes of their respective bags. devils come in house, they come in bedroom and start collecting things of inmates, they collect Rochelle’s make up, Prince’s things, Kanwal’s pouch, all inmates are seeing this on screen placed in garden, Rimi ask Priya to bring her pouch so devils cant take it but Priya says i cant, i am not allowed to, devils take Rimi’s

pouch too, they take things from kitchen too, Rochelle says they are destroying our luxury budget too, she ask digi who is not doing task to stop them but Digi says see their size and see our size, i cant stop them, devils leave house with their stuff.
Rishab is holding rope, he turns towards wall and pees in garden. after he is done, Priya comes to him and says i saw you leaving rope while peeing, you lost grip from hand but held rope again, but rule is to keep holding rope and not to leave it even for second, you are disqualified, Rishab says i didnt leave it, i dont agree with you, what is proof, Prince and other inmates ask Rishab to keep holding rope and do not give up, Priya says this is against rules, he is disqualified but Rishab denies it and keep holding rope.

Salman connects call to house, all inmate dances on Prem Ratan dhan payo, Salman laughs and thanks them. Priya says to Salman that Rishab is disqualified but he is not accepting it, Salman jokes that Rishab how did you pee so soon? Rishab says i drank protein shake so had to pee, Salman jokes that camera has taken your close up when you were peeing, all laugh. Salman ask Rimi what devils took from her stuff? Rimi says they took my make up pouch which war important, Salman ask Mandana what she lost except respect? all laugh, Salman says bigg boss must doing make up with girls pouches, he must be doing make up of his eye or his mother’s eye, all laugh. Salman says to Rishab that game is that your hand should be in contact with rope, you did that too in car task, you in trying to do comedy got disqualified from car task and i think you did leave rope while peeing here too and i think you are out of task but its moderator Priya’s call, you will keep holding this rope till end and then you will be disqualified by bigg boss, all laugh. Salman ask what inmates will do about washroom now? Priya says Prince kept his pee on hole till 40 hours in car but then he did it in my sipper, my water drinking bottle, Salman jokes that if you use it next time then wash it before using, all laugh.
Salman ask Priya what inmates must be thinking rightnow, what Rimi must be thinking? Priya says Rimi must thinking that i should leave, Rochelle says she must be thinking that i have to stand here for bank balance, if i leave then Rochelle will scold me, Rimi laughs. Priya says Kishwar must be thinking that Priya is mad and i dont understand anything, Salman ask Kishwar what Mandana must be thinking rightnow? Kishwar says Mandana must be thinking to leave when she gets sleepy and if someone stops me then i will use slang and will leave, Salman ask Mandana why she uses so much slangs? Mandana says whole day they use slangs while talking so when i am cornered, i use it too, i havent used it for someone personally, Kishwar says what? i said slang after you abused, Salman ask which is moswt famous slang in house? Kishwar says *****(its beeped). Salman ask Rochelle to act like she is standing in local train, Rochelle acts and fight with Kishwar like people fight in local trains, Salman says Rochelle have grown every nicely in house, Rochelle thanks him.
Salman says Rochelle did car task for 36hours, Priya did that task for 40hours but Prince said that girls are not competition for him, Prince says yes i said it, Kishwar, Rochelle and Priya are very strong, they can do tasks better than boys, what i meant was that girls here are mentally very strong but physically boys are more strong, Priya says why did he say that he left car task as girl was competing against him, he wouldnt have left task if there was boy against him, Prince says yes i said it, Rochelle says what Prince did was, it was gesture of being gentleman, Salman says it was chivalry, Salman says to Priya that what Prince meant that there are girls in house who are not strong than him physically but he doesnt mean to say no girl is stronger than him.
Salman ask Rishab what he think, what amount his bag have? Rishab says it must x2 in my bag as Bigg boss knows that i cant stay without food so they must have put x2 in my bag to test me. he ask Mandana, Mandana says i guess my bag has less amount, Kanwal says i pray my bag have 0amount as i will have to give up eventually, Salman says best of luck young man, all laugh. Rochelle says my bag must be having less amount as i proved that i can do tasks in car task, suyyash and Kishwar say that their bag must be having less amount, Prince says my bag would have 0amount as i have old relation with 0figure, all laugh, Salman ask Rimi, Rimi says my bag must have bigger amount, inmates that she must be having x2 in her bag.
Salman says we will announce tomorrow who is evicted, he ends call.
Salman says i will tell new amount now.
Rimi’s bag has 0
Kishwar’s bag have 250,000
Kanwal’s bag has 67rs
Rishab’s bag have 198065rs
Keith have 77,771
suyyash have 1935
Mandana’s bag have x2

Salman says lets see how they play. he signs off from sunday episode.

Day 49
Devils comes in house and starts cutting ropes from lower end, they make ropes shorter so inmates will have to keep hand in raised position. Devil tries to cut Rochelle’s rope but she says its not fair, Rimi and my height is same but you are cutting my rope more, Bigg boss ask Rochelle to just follow instructions, Priya says its game so its not meant to be fair, Rochelle says you stay out of it, Priya says i am here to announce Bigg boss’s decision, devil cut short her rope from end, Priya ask Rochelle to keep your slangs in your mouth, Rochelle says you are not worth my slangs, Priya says you are not worth my time, Rochelle says to Priya that you are captain of house and you should help inmates, you are eating infront of us, Priya says i am moderator so i cant leave from here and go to eat somewhere else, infact Mandana ate in car task infront of us when she was moderator, Rochelle says you are not giving me medicines, i need it, bigg boss she is threatening me with my medicines, Priya says i will give you your medicines, Rochelle says some slang, Priya says dont use slang for me, they both shout at each other, Rochelle says i didnt use slang for you, Priya says i am bringing medicine for you and you are saying slang for me? Rochelle shouts on her, Priya says this shows your character, she goes to bring medicine for Rochelle, Digi tries to say something to Rochelle but Rochelle cut her short saying dont try to defend Priya, Digi says atleast listen to me, Mandana helped inmates in car task as she wanted, if Priya doesnt want to help inmates then its her call.
Priya brings medicine to Rochelle, she is crying. Mandana leaves her bag and gives up task first. Priya says to Rochelle that i cant say slang for anyone, its not my upbringing, Rochelle says you are not owning your house, you were trying to disqualify Rishab too, Priya ask Rishab to tell truth if left or rope or not? Rishab agrees that he did leave rope for seconds. Priya says to Rochelle that you cant point at my character.
Kanwal gives up task too. Priya makes Rishab leave task too. Rochelle says to Priya that you know, you, me and Prince had to bear mental trauma in car task then she should lenient with us, Priya says but you are using slangs for me and saying that giving you medicine is my job, Rochelle says i didnt say any slang to you and i very well know what slang to use for you, i can even show your worth with one slang.

Rochelle starts crying, she says she wanna leave task but she thinks that her bag has x2 in it, Rochelle says i have been emotionally and physically doing tasks regularly from 2 3 weeks, Keith says to Priya that i was telling you she is on emotional breakdown. Rochelle cries and is in double mind to leave or not leave task, Kishwar says money doesnt matter to us much, we were fine with 39lacs winning amount too, you can leave it, we will keep holding ropes, Rochelle doesnt leave, Digi consoles her. Rimi ask Prince if she has to keep holding rope for 24hours? he says yes, she says i didnt crib when rope was long but its very difficult to hold it now as its very short and paining hand, Prince says if you are not able to do it then leave it, nothing to worry, think about yourself, Rimi gives up task too and leaves.

Suyyash’s sister comes in confession room, it is shown on tv to Suyyash, sister emotionally says that i wanna meet suyyash once, suyyash cries seeing this, Kishwar ask Suyyash to not leave bag at all, Suyyash feels helpless seeing his sister on screen, Suyyash says i would not leave rope but i wanna talk to her, he cries, Kishwar ask Suyyash to hold her other hand, Suyyash holds, Rishab says money doesnt matter infront of sister, go and meet her, Rochelle says you will have to be here in this house for much time, go and meet her, Suyyash says i wont go to meet her, i will meet her after 1.5month, shurti(Suyyash’s sister) starts crying and says i wanna meet suyyash once. bigg boss says its suyyash’s call, you can leave confession room now, she doesnt go and wait for Suyyash. suyyash is crying incoherently seeing her sister, all inmates ask suyyash to go and meet her, money doesnt matter, Prince also ask him to leave and meet her, she is waiting for you, Kishwar says to Suyyash that i will hold your rope too, i will keep holding for both of us, you go and meet her, suyyash doesnt leave but keep crying, Digi hugs him and consoles him, Priya says to Suyyash that no one will blame you, you can leave. shurti ask Bigg boss if its Suyyash’s decision to not leave task? Bigg boss says yes, she says please let me meet him once, he says we cant allow you, she leaves, Suyyash feels sad, Digi hugs him.

PRECAP- All inmates get into heated argument. Rochelle, Kishwar, Keith, Prince are holding ropes till morning. Kishwar says i feel like my body is jammed by standing in this position for so long. Later Priya as captain have meeting with inmates to divide household chores, Rishab says Mandana should not cook food as she get selfish and thinks about herself only, Priya says Mandana should think about humanity even if calling out on Kanwal when he is eating or is it Rishab, Mandana says oh God mother India(Priya) started again, i wont cook for anyone whom i dont like, Kishwar ask we only wanna know if you wanna cook or not? Mandana shouts on kishwar. Tomorrow one inmate will be evicted.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rishab is so dumb… He keeps proving it again and again… Leaves the rope just like that.. LOL
    Rochelle well said – “what is wrong with prince being a gentleman .. Thats chivalry..” Thanks salman for finally clearing the meaning of what prince said… Priya misunderstood it big time…
    Rochelle , just becz bb nd salmn said that you hv opened up nd you are doing good it doesn’t mean that you hv to pick up fyt with everyone.. I din feel priya said nythng wrong.. She was just being a fair sanchalak.. Rochelle over reacted… But its good that they solved it up.. Keith is soo good at Being calm nd explaining things that ppl automatically listen to him… 🙂
    Suyyaash’s sister.. That was soo emotional….
    Precap – Mandana is back.. 😀

    1. Dont noe whats upnwith rochelle…:-D she s getting way to loud…n talks widout sense most of the time…rishabhs a mere showoff…:-D dumbass ..he says smthin does smthin else

      1. RISHAB… :D.. Yea i agreee..

    2. Thats true I guess Rochelle over reacted..It might be the emotional outburst of hers.She might have thought she did good in one task and she doesnot want to fail in this task coz once u start doing better u start craving to win everytime but her body and mind is scared of the physical effort which she again has to use.Thats d reason her insecurity with herself came out as a fight with Priya.She had a fight with herself (mentally and physically) which came out on Priya.Later wen she realised she was sorry for the same and wen u knw u r wrong and instead u Keep on arguing with no reason and wen u realise later u start crying.But the housemates instead of asking priya questions d same shld hv tried to make Rochelle understand.But I think Priya is always technically correct.She is not bađ

      1. Lovely..dont u think priya fooled our already a big emotional fool..prince:-D ….saying no one noes her here…no one will vote for her..she needs the immunity..:-D n then she said i won coz of her self nt prince..!! Today she was correct…yesterday her rankings were like a dumbass

      2. @lovely – well said… !! I guess thats what keith tried to explain to priya… Nywaz All is well that ends well.. priya cried, rochs cried nd finally they huged.. 🙂

    3. Prince’s bag – 2,50,000
      Rochelle ‘s bag – 2,88, 889

  2. Hi everyone. first comment here.. don’t mind if anything wrong
    Ok.. today’s was shortest episode, and salman coming on monday was just hype. I was disappointed coz he stayed for short while and dint announce evicted name.
    Highlights.. suyyash and his sister . I can understand y he dint leave the rope. Hope his sister ll understand. First it’s a game. Second he has been accused of joru ka ghulam, never won task etc.. he wants to prove himself which I liked.
    Rochelle simply argued with priya. Priya was right. Once big boss says rochelle should not talk with jallad it’s over.
    Rishab ll never understand a task.
    Keith should ve controlled rochelle wen it’s her mistake.
    Initially I thought kishwar is greedy.but she is also nice.
    Very very very angry with mandana. She left it so casually. She never does a task. Rimi is better coz even though she doesn’t do tasks she never involve with other things like fighting and politics. Mandana wants to involve in all those but can’t to task.. look at rochelle prince who stayed in car and doin task. Priya also has to be awake as sanchalak.
    Prince hats off to you man. Great sport.
    I was shocked when rimi dint leave rope for make up. What ll she do now

    1. Now keith is dere dat doesnot mean he has to.make her understand each and everything.she herself realised it latter apologised to priya

      1. I am not against Keith. I just said if he is impartial he could have stopped rochelle before it went out of hand. My favourite is rochelle. I don’t want her ratings go down coz of yesterday’s stupidity. So now Keith is there he can enhance her level by avoiding her to make mistakes

    2. Hey santu..:-D welcom to bb9…yeaah u r right..about prince i wud say that …for tasks he s better then anyone the mind games that go on in d house…he s certainly at loss there..:-D punjabi munda with no brain..he s still not over roadies..this is bb9..need to play mind games

      1. Thank you for the welcome. Yes prince sometimes tries to be a hero. He is mentally weak. He can’t stand the betrayal. Ex he was very sad in that bowl game for captaincy. But he is very strong physically and he is the most just person during tasks.thats Wat I like about prince.

  3. Love u keith..
    Rishabh left the rope.. lol..

  4. What’s the amount in prince bag?

  5. What about Rochelle and Prince’s bag ?? You didn’t mantion about their bags.

    1. Prince – 2,50,000
      Rochelle – 2,88,889

  6. Atlast, Rimi is out..

  7. y dis mandy is so weak??? x2 was in her bag sshitttttt !!! anyway I’m happy to know dat rimi got eliminated dis week….. I like weekend episode only bt dis week it’s not upto mark… is Tuesday will b d elimination episode???? thy r just wasting tym by giving dis task on weekend..

  8. Well… Rochelle has gained overconfidence. She thinks that everyone has been motivating her for being expressive and now she has misunderstood it and picking up fights on silly issues. Priya was definitely right. I liked Rochelle and I even thought that she might win. But today she disappointed everyone. Hope she will realise her mistakes and take all motivation in positive way. Mandana is a mysterious box. I use to watch the contestants genuine attitude very much. Now no one is humble or genuine except Keith. Kishwer will remain my least favorite as her bullying and sarcastic and bossy nature irritates. Suyash seems to play the role of the female one in his relationship with Kish…

    1. Its not overconfidence.Its the race which she has with herself

    2. totally agree

  9. I think mandana n roschele r reacting wid such tiny matters though maybe I like them bt I found kish ssuyash priya r most sensible thn ma n ro..

    n obviously KKeith is just too much gd n sensible person right nw in d house….

  10. Dear readers my above comment is based on my overall view of the contestants and their performances on the show. I have not posted an episodic comment about 30th November episode. This is my overall analysis about the contestants..
    I want to know the views of all the respected viewers about their take on the contestants…

  11. Rimi to bdhi khushi m khadi thi bt uske bag m to 0 amount tha…hahaha
    nd x2 to gya jo Mandana k pas tha

  12. Suyyash ko chale jana chahiye tha..1935rs k lye bechara apni behan se nhi mil paya…soo sad

  13. Sab bakwas.Rishtey paison se brey hotay hain jab khelna hota hai kehlta nhi or jab khelna itna important nhi hota tab khelta hai ye suyash. Rochele is creating drama. Kishwer is trying to be nice she is a big fake. Rimi is useless but she has 2 crores in her account due to contract with big boss. Big boss wale becharey thandey show ko gram krne main lge hain but kahin na kahin pheeka pr jata hai. Hats off to priya,she did well. Rules main nhi tha k u cant pee in car but people are making issue of small things.Priya is playing nicely. Keith please do some thing other wise u will be eliminated like aman.

  14. Suyash is not bechara he is just creating drama and shedding tears for sympathy and votes.

    1. Do u have any personal problem with sukish . i mean if suyash would have left task then people would have said he took task 4 granted and never complete task . now if he hasn’t left then also people have problem . sukish is most genuine on show especially suyyash

      1. I agree u KRIYA

      2. I don’t like kish. But yes. Suyyash. I have noticed that he has so much controlled his anger after he promised that he would and also don’t say its a drama. If v r just living away and not able to meet our loved ones then if u r given an option to go and meet,we would definitely be emotional. Poor suyyash. He wanted to…but was trying to motivate himself saying I will meet her once I leave from here. How hard it would have been when his sister cried and begged to see him and bb told it was His decision to stay in task. They don’t know what amount they have in their bags right? So what if he had the biggest amount or even X2 in his bag. They don’t know the amount. And the predictions they made r also wrong. Mandana left it thinking she is strong so might have small amount. But what happened. So don’t say suyyash is acting when it comes to emotions especially for a sibling. And u shud also notice that he is caring when it comes to even kish who is so bossy

  15. we love you sukisk

  16. mandy and rochelle pagal he..dimag nahi he unke pass…salman ne mandy ko 2 week tarif kar diya toh over confident ho gae thi…or aab rochelle,,, khud kissi k v bich me bolegi ya chhote chhote bato me issue karegi or ro kar dikhayegi… i hate Rochelle … unwanted arguments karegi har week footage k liye or last me emotional ho kar dikhayegi for votes…. rochelle is really a drama queen

  17. Rochelle should stop acting like a spoilt brat who still neva get a doll wen she was small
    Rishabh shouldnt think high of himself and mandana must just get some brains
    Actually all of them should

  18. Mandana- too much hyped. Lazy and arrogant, cnt do a single task properly.And rochelle is this year’s dimpy. No, dimpy was better. Wats wrong with her?! :/

  19. Mandana gives up easily. Its an insult to the rest as she takes everything for granted. Rimi feels she is forced to do it and just hanging on but she too gave up, did not care. Rishab is a joker. But he is honest and speaks his heart. Prince has changed for the better – Rochelle tone down we know you are tired. Remember if you are holding on Priya is also there keeping a watch which means she has no sleep too. I think it was a way of big boss to distract Suyash and glad he did not give up even after everyone telling him. Hats off.

    1. yes I agree

  20. What the chocolate bar!!! Why is Priya and this Kanwal guy in the house??? Ever since Priya has come, she has been ruling the Bigg Boss house like she’s in charge of everything. Being a captain is different than being a boss to people in the house. What kind of captain is she?? I’m sorry to say but she deserves to leave the house. “Log marne wale hai” That dialogue made me really angry when she was on stage with Sallu for the first time. And she’s always overreacting about every little thing! And this Kanwal guy/girl doesn’t even have any value in the show. He’s always sitting down or eating. Priya should act her age because she is a dumb old woman who is around 40 or 50. And Kanwal should shut his pothole and act mature. I hope Suyyash, Mandana, Mandana, Keith, Prince, Rochelle, one of these win because they are actually playing. Rishabh needs to keep his ego down and act his level. Period.

    1. !00% RIGHT

  21. I knew it frm precap dat suyash ll nt leave.. he z zoru ka gulam nt sis ki gulaam.. n d tears r fake.. jb task krna hota h tb ni krte n now showing off dere strength..
    N wanna slap dese girls roc n man..
    Hmesha bolte rehte hein we r girls n so b gentle with us, grls se baat krne ka ek tarika hota h.. bt when boys n rimi said u r girls den kyun chillate hein boys n girls r same?
    Boy slangs use kare toh galat bt girls can do dat.. boys touch kare toh physical n cheap bt u girls can do dat..
    Girls k naam pe dhabba hein ye log.. agr respect pani h then if u r saying girls n boys r same den stick to it. Jitna humiliate tm krte ho boys ko utna jhelo..
    If not then as rimi said girls ho gal ki tarah raho n boys ll respect u..

  22. prince u r really doing well.u r centre of attraction from d vry first day.u did all task well.mandana told u simple guy one day but u r better than fake celebrities.

    1. i totally agree with u…..

  23. Mandana mad girl
    she left the bag easily…
    lazy…Rochelle has overconfident… seriously…
    Rishab is fighting without any reason..??
    such an idiot

  24. suyash…..prove his task done sincerely -he may win or not its not matter-as its instructed from bb n not follow others……rochelle……loud as pressure cooker same as digi saying abt……priya….new version of mandana dumb…….rishav…..act as baby….kishwar….nice n not change her attitude from first….keith….follwo suyash act n sailent..prince… n only one prince

  25. Love the way kish is playing.From day 1 she had stand for her words, didn’t change at all. Rest are dumb. ..

  26. Ppl r mad who r thinking kish is villen n etc. Kish is the only who is playing from mind n not getting emotional n never started crying like Priya the Be**h mandana n etc.etc. she is strong she knows what ppl r thinking n saying about her but then also she acted very strongly n I like that her attatitude towards suyash is like I will bear everything but don’t want suyash to be hurt n suyash is a sweet guy n mature also that doesn’t mean he is like girl he is understanding n may be he trust kish more than himself I don’t y sallu liked mandana she just know how to fight nothing else n that is y when kish entered d house she behaved in that way only with mandana cause she knew how is she hope u all ppl understand

  27. N kish spat but Rochelle also spat but no one took her name once salman idiot I really don’t like him when saw him doing partiality with kish n the main rishab sabse bada idiot he also made kish dog for three hrs n ppl didn’t see that cause kish spat but that was also wrong rishab showed his character but ppl r blind seriously like kish suyash Roch Keith n ofcaurse rimi she is d most intelligent her work is done she wanted to stay for a month only just increase balance n without doing any work I really liked her batts off to her n what suyash did yesterday was also hatts off by not leaving task ppl plz open ur eyes see who r more strong mandy or kish

  28. I * like kish suyash rochell Keith I like them only

  29. Rochelle is a complete nuisance ..rather till the time Keith was there she was the most genuine person in the house. She has been carried away by few positive words from Salaman’s side. She doesn’t have brains and try to be ” victim ” in every task. However People like Priya,Kishwar and Kieth are really strong contenders for the finale. They communicate well, understand well and yes strategize well.

  30. Why salmaan never support Kish. She is just like Urbashi Dholakiya , so strong contestent. She never give up she never crylike Mandy,

  31. Initially I don’t like kish… bt nw I could see kish is the only one who stand with her words….Priya is targeting kish frm the first dy since she is the strongest contestant among all.
    Keith is good…Nwdys prince is nt talking to suyyash n kish often.. BB easily broke the friendship btw the trio..

  32. i luv u Price…you are doing very well.Please vote for Prince.

  33. Why does Mandana bag have amount X2 …??? I guess she gets advantage due to her beauty ……! Salmaan was behind her now eish I dunno ..

  34. TEDD …where are u…??

  35. Sabirashaheer

    Very funny. Yeh rochelle ithna over react kyun kar rahi hain? Main tho has rahi thi uski fight dekh ke. Prince u r doing very well. Kish is the strongest person in the house

  36. Yea … KISH should win then Mandana ……Mandana gives up tasks easily

  37. Rishabh is d one who earns a ridiculous smile…from all….I think the way he is being treated is by others…makes me feel irritated…they are all just a opportunists..In this season..even a single contestants is not trying to ekeout their real face…each n every gathering attention for footages….ROCHelle such a irritating such personality there’s no rhyme n reason for his gallis…treating all others very low…finally concedes with a crocodile tears…

  38. Mandana very irritating
    Rimmi not gud for show, but have a high patience
    rochell going mad

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