Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 79(continued)
Suyyash talks to Prince, Suyyash ask Prince what he thinks about Nora? Prince says to Suyyash that her actions shows that she really cares for me but i cant read anyone heart or mind, Suyyash says see it like third person that you are seeing Prince and Nora as neutral, even in worst case scenario what risk are you seeing in all this? Prince says it maybe like that she saw before entering house that Prince has fans and if she remains with Prince then she can gain votes of his fans too, Suyyash says you are spending all time with her, you are not involved in house topics, it wil affect your game, Prince says i know everything and now i will sit in group with Nora, we will not sit alone but will sit with everyone, even if Nora is playing game with me, she cant fake

it for much time, and it will not affect me much, also if i nominate her then how she reacts will show if she is fake or not, also i will meet her outside house then everything will be clear.

Priya comes to Nora and ask how fight started in morning? Nora says when all were fighting, Rochelle came to me and said that she commented about me too, Priya says i was in that conversation about you but didnt comment on you. In kitchen, Rochelle sys to Mandana that Nora is getting irritated, we cant even joke with her.
Nora says to Priya that you told me half thing, like you told me that someone passed comment on me but didnt tell me who, you should tell whole thing to me, Priya sys by intentions were not create fight, Nora says if i am spending time with Prince then its none of anyone’s business and also Mandana should not talk about me to Prince, Kishwar comes and says we were generally talking and wanted to just spice up talks, thats it, Nora says this is wrong.
Mandana says to Rochelle that Nora is new and she is not understanding how this house works.
Nora says to Kishwar that as modesty you should talk to me first before talking about me to someone else, Kishwar says we started your and Prince’s topic as we wanted Keith to talk to you and Prince about your relation, Nora says about our sitting position? Kishwar says no, it was Mandana who started that thing, Prince says who is Mandana to say anything? Kishwar says we were discussing about Prince taking step back from group and its alright, he is doing good.

Prince talks to Nora and says i am sorry for not telling you everything, Nora says they are saying that from the time i have come, you are not spending time with them, Prince says talks are about me not you, you are linked up with me for spending time only, Nora says that you are spending time with me and it is just start of gossip in house, i dont get eliminated then things will go on further, Prince says you have got attached to me so much in 3weeks and if i start spending time with someone else will you not feel bad? she says i will, Prince says same is case with my group, Nora says one more if i like you then i will this to you only and thats enough for me, Prince agrees.

all are sleeping, Prince is awake, he changes position on diamonds to confuse thief team.

Day 80
Chori Kaam mera song plays, inmates wake up and dance to it.

Prince tells Kishwar and Rochelle that he has changed positions of diamonds to confused them, Rochelle says you did wrong.
Keith makes strategy with Rishab that he will throw one diamond near store room, Prince will go to catch it then i will steal another diamond.

Priya applies coconut oil on diamonds and says thief team is throwing and catching diamonds so it will slip out of their hands now, she whistles. Prince ask his team to be alert that they dont get 4 more diamonds then they will win.

Rishab comes in lounge, Priya hides oil, Rishab finds oil on diamonds but doesnt understand that it is strategy of police team, he wipes his hands with Kishwar’s shirt, he leaves, Kishwar says he is so stupid, didnt understand that it was our plan, they laugh.

Suyyash reads instructions that its time to starts jewel task again, Prince and Priya have tempered with diamonds when Bigg boss ordered them to not touch diamonds, they will be punished for it.
Mandana tells Suyyash that they have applied oil on diamonds, Keith says they are not allowed to touch diamonds, Mandana says they have applied to all diamonds, Kishwar says this is our strategy, Suyyash says i cant stop them as there is not written that they cant apply oil, Keith says why you have to take action, he says no i wont, Keith says i will wipe oil off diamonds, Prince says you cant use tissues, Suyyash sys you cant, Keith ask Suyyash to not make all things against him, Suyyash says i am doing what bigg boss has asked me, you go to bigg boss and clear it.

Rishab is in jail, he breaks through it and runs from jail while Priya tries to stop him, she complains to Suyyash, Suyyash ask Rishab to go in jail again, Rishab comes in jail again, he puts blanket on Priya’s face to run from there, she shouts for Suyyash and pulls blanket from him, they both pull blanket from each other, Rishab ask Priya to leave his blanket, Priya says you can take anything of mine but cant i?, Suyyash comes and ask Rishab to not pull it, Priya says he has taken my head scarf and broken my sandal, Rishab says i will not give head scarf, Priya breaks water pot from which Rishab could drink.
Mandana comes and steals one more diamond but she caught by Prince and Kishwar, Mandana hides diamond, Kishwar says till you dont return that diamond, your team cant steal any other diamond as per rules, suyyash agrees, Prince gets little hurt by Nora in running and catching, Nora comes to him and ask if he is fine? he says yes, she says let me, Prince jerks her hands away and says its okay sternly, Keith says to Nora that it happens in task, dont worry.

Keith is in jail and says to Rochelle that i am going out of house next week, we are given weak team and everything is going against me and we will be nominated next week, Rochelle says no you are not going, you have created team, i told you to be careful when you steal diamonds, Keith says you dont have to tell me anything about your team, you are in police team, i am not your boyfriend rightnow, dont get emotional, he ask her to allow him to go in smoking room, he will comeback in jail, Rochelle says i wont allow you to go, Keith jokes that see world, for a game she has sidelined her relation and bf, Rochelle doesnt like joke.
Mandana acts like stealing diamond, Priya runs to catch her, Mandana laughs on her, Mandana calls Priya a little mosquito’, Priya in turn, calls Mandana a massive dragon’. Mandana says to Priya that you are loser, Priya says that the one who steals in real life is loser big time, you have no shame to steal things of people.

Nora steals one diamond, she runs and throws it towards Rishab who is standing on robbers’ room, diamond hits Rishab, Mandana comes to Rishab and ask if he is fine? she ask him to run area.
Nora steals one more diamond and throws it in robbers’ room dodging Prince who was standing outside there. Mandana ask inmate to give icebag to Rishab.
Suyyash says to Nora that they had seen you stealing openly so you have to go in jail, Nora comes to Keith and tells him that two diamonds are still remaining, Keith comes out of jail and Nora goes in jail.

Kishwar have doubt on Rishab and searches him, Keith is going when Rochelle stops him and says i have to check you, Keith starts yawning and ask Rochelle if she is done? Rochelle says i have doubt on you as you are yawning, Keith says thats your personal matter if you are not liking me yawning, Rochelle ask Keith to not show attitude, Keith says you are not my girlfriend, Rochelle says you are saying that i am not your girlfriend, right? Rochelle says i have to search you, she searches him and says deal with me now, Keith says to suyyash that she is getting personal, i am sorry if did anything, Rochelle says to Keith that atleast respect her, why he is talking about her to Suyyash? Keith says you are stopping me from moving even so i have to tell this to moderator, Rochelle says have some respect for her, you are hurting me, Keith says i am sorry, i just wanted to irritate you for task and i did it, Rochelle ask him to behave properly and leave now.

Rishab steals diamond, police team ask him to stop but Rishab doesnt and goes in robbers’ room, Prince says he cant go in, we saw him stealing, Rishab says he went inside room, he wont agree to his mistake so let him be.

Bigg boss says to inmates that task has ended, he ask Suyyash how many diamonds thief team stole? Suyyash says they have stolen 7 diamonds out of 8 diamonds, bigg boss says they couldnt steal 8 diamonds to police team has won the task, he congratulates them, everyone hugs and says welldone, Keith hugs Rochelle and says i wanted to irritate you, not to make you feel bad so that you be away from me in task, he says to Kishwar that my diamond is Rochelle.
Prince tells Nora that you did great in task, Nora says you guys had put me in jail, she acts like crying, Princes gives kisses on neck and says you did well.

Rochelle tells Rishab that i gave many hints to Keith, about oil thing too, Rishab says i saw oil on diamonds but didnt get what it was for so i didnt tell my team first, Rochelle says i was not involved in oil tempering, Priya did it, Rishab says you could have stopped her, Rochelle says she told me after doing it, Rishab says whole team is responsible.

Suyyash says to Rochelle that your priority is Keith but when you are in task, your team should be your priority, you should not cheat with your team as Keith is in that team, rochelle says i didnt say anything, suyyash says when last diamond was remaining you were asking thief team to steal it, it was backstabbing your team.

Kishwar tells Rishab that you remember you touched diamond and it had oil, you wiped it from my hoodie but didnt get that we did it, Keith says if you had told me that time then we would have made it issue and diamonds slipped out of my hands later, Rishab says i thought diamonds are melting due to heat, didnt get that had put oil on it, Mandana says i checked oil on them and wiped it, Rishab you are fool to not get it.

Bigg boss gives inmates chance to buy dresses for new year party, and also special function is arranged for them tomorrow. inmates select dress on screen and buy it for them, Rochelle suggests Keith what to buy. Kishwar suggests Suyyash too.

Nora talks to Rishab, they make fun about Priya stopping and ordering everyone in task. he says she kept me in jail for much time, Nora mimics her and says she takes so much time to speak one sentence, Rishab says i have decoded her, she cant do mind tasks but only physical tasks.

Rishab, Kishwar and Keith talks, Keith says its cold in ac today, Rishab says it is never cold for Kishwar and suyyash, at night, they talk for 4minutes then kiss for 1minute then talk for 4minute then kiss for 1minute and it keep going on, also in middle Kishwar keep getting up to see if i am awake and seeing them or not, Kishwar says and you keep eye on us whole night, Rishab says i have no problem, you keep doing love, Kishwar says you do love too, like you were doing today outside jail, you were fighting with Priya, when i went outside, blanket was torn, pot was broken and Priya had bruise on hand, Suyyash says when i went outside, i saw her sandal broken, headband broken, they are violent, Nora comes and gives Kishwar food which she prepared, Kishwar says you have prepared food for first time, Nora says he(unko/Prince) wanted so i cooked it, Keith teases her that she is calling him unko and not taking his name like new bride, Kishwar says give this to him and call him like Sunte ho or Raju ke papa, suyyash says give milk to him after saying this and tell us about his reaction, Nora says he wont react much, he is like that, Keith says then tell him you have prepared hot milk with haldi/turmeric for him, Kishwar laughs at this.

Prince and Rochelle
belt, chain, support,
Rochelle ask Keith to not show attitude, Keith says you are not my girlfriend, Rochelle says you are saying that i am not your girlfriend? just because you are saying anything and i am silent because of task that doesnt mean you can keep saying anything and i will not do anything, you will have to bear consequences for this, Keith says i havent said anything,

PRECAP- For new year function Sidharth Shukla, Ada Khan, Guthi will come in house as guests. Sidharth Shukla comes in house to celebrate and as host new years function in house, he says to inmates that there will be an award function today. He says to inmates that you dont get to know much whats happening outside so i have brought Tv for you, he opens Tv and Guthi comes on it, all hoot seeing her, Guthi says all are irritated with Princes kisses, his kissing speed is 10 miles per house, Prince laughs hard. Guthi comes in house, she says Rishab and Prince should get award of foodie/hungry/bhukkar, Prince and Rishab hugs friendly and comes on stage, Guthi smashes Rishab’s face with some food item as award, Mandana laughs hard at this, Guthi runs while Prince and Rishab runs behind her, she leaves house, Rishab says Guthi i will see you outside.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru (PHFFAN)

    Much needed Suyaash nd prince conversation… Liked all the points asked nd answers presented…

    Nora,, fair point well made.. “Being my frnds dont you think its necessary to tell me if nyone is talking abt me this way.. ?”
    But i still liked how prince supported su-kish… :p

    Nora’s accusation abt su-kish nd then prince’s countr question of vl you like if i go behind a new girl ?
    As simple as that..

    Rishab… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ There’s some “jinx” that you automatically become a lil stupid wen in task.. nd what were you doing with priya ? :O i wonder why she din shout physical.. But nora nd your imitation of priya.. Funny.. :p

    Kieth well done.. I liked you in task..

    Prince gets hurt during task,, nora is like – dikhao,, zyada lagi kya.. Nd prince who is fully in task mode shouts – kaha na kuch nai hai.. Task me hota hai sab.. Jao..
    I don’t know why but i enjoy vn prince behavs that way with nora..
    **devil smile**

    Precp – looks funny.. !!

  2. Maxx

    Rishabh was incredibly dumb today,look what he says ‘I thought diamond was exuding oil’ . I Loved the way kish was quipping about about priya-Rishabh bond in the task.
    Also found it queer the way Nora did the task ,stealing maximum diamonds.Also Rochelle is getting more & more irritating each day.She pokes her nose in every matter of keith ,Keith is walking the dog by carrying relationship on.
    Now ambiguity sustains in my mind regarding keith who has been my favorite that he might not be able to reach the end and so does my utter despondence. ๐Ÿ™

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Nora is actually very good at tasks, maybe its just that she is new blood in the house and hence extra energy and stuff, but she does perform her tasks nicely. Besides, her being small in size and not that noticeable worked wonders for her today, as other three were continuously guarded and she was left open most times…

      • Ritika

        @ harshal Nora only problem in the house that she couldnโ€™t able to explore herself unless some discussion is going on and she grab some point from the discussion and start expressing her views. Ek hi conversation mene dekha ki usne strt kit hi gizzelle k sath side kick wali baat ko lekar. Lekin tab bhi prince ko introduce hone hi pra kyuki condition sambhal nhi pai.

  3. Shaลผรฑรค

    Chor team playd 4 ppl well playd..evnthough nora ll get low votes bt bb wont evict her..ths week 1000% suyyash out..mandy โ™ฅ #welovemandy #welovemandy
    rish lso gudโ™ฅ luv u mandyโ™ฅ n rish

  4. Jonwick

    Prince is actually quite conniving –
    *He is maintaining his equation with Mandana who leads the voting along with him.This will fetch him Mandana’s votes.At the same time nominates her too.
    *Maintains poise with Nora & other members efficiently ,chides and quarrels with priya amd fetches trps.He knows least people support her as she is quite irksome.
    *Wins all tasks & manages to be in the eye of audience.


  5. harshal(PHFFAN)

    Surprisingly not much violence and “getting physical” fights… chor team did really well, i thought they deserved to win the task more than police team ๐Ÿ™
    Prince kaa logic samaj nahi aaya behind switching diamond positions, i mean how could that have impacted the game when all you had to do was steal every diamond from outside and place it inside the room as per the colour of the diamond. so, switching places outside doesn’t impact anything. Priya mata, dhanya ho aap, oil idea hahaha :P… now again punishment in luxury budget, seriously kabhi toh thik se rules padha karo gharwaalo -_-
    Rishabh, you are such an innocent fool ๐Ÿ˜› … “diamond din bhar baahar hone ke kaaran heat se melt ho rahe” haha, couldn’t stop laughing after that. why do both my fav male contestants(prince and rishabh) had to be so weak with brain and only strong physically.
    Suyyash, just when you were setting another good captaincy record, you had to screw up, just like last time. so partial decision making man. You should get that you are being biased when keith of all people is telling you so. And bb note mentioned of priya and prince’s mistake, but just because kish and prince said that it is their strategy, you allowed it saying its not against rules and didn’t allow to even clean the oil off diamonds, wtf man, not cool sanchalakgiri -_-
    Mandy feigning running with diamond in front of priya was funny. In return priya calls her dragon, even more funny ๐Ÿ˜› … mandy should wear that insult(???) as golden armor. Kish-Keith scene at the end, haldi waala doodh, Nora’s impression of priya and her stalling while speaking, funny. Overall, fairly good episode, enjoyed it

    • ManuelFerrara

      Diamonds position was changed such that oiled heavy one was kept far away from door ….so that it’s difficult to get it inside

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        There were many diamnds.. Of different shapes nd colors.. The thieves had to steal 8 of them as specified by bb.. Prince switched those diamonds with the others that wer not imprtnt , so that the imp ones are kept far away frm the door…

      • ManuelFerrara

        @Neeru weren’t they to be reckoned in numbers ?? I Mean if they had even picked up important ones & the most useless one remained untouched still thieves wud have won!!!!!!

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @manuel.. Din get your point…
        The game was –
        Thieves had to steal 8 diamonds.. And the ones to be stolen wer specified by bb.. So from many diamnds thieves had to take only those 8 ones nd place them in the stand to win the game…
        Police team had no idea vch diamonds these thieves need to win..

    • Shruthi

      Prince aur priya ne cheeting kar kar win hua.. is mein kya baadi baath hein.. cheeting tho choor grp mein bhi kar sakthatha.. lekin ho log nahi kiya.. choor team police team se jayda deserve karthe hai jeethna.. lekin kya karu bigg boss police team ko winner baana diya.. I wish punishment mein unn sab ka luxury buddget zero hojaye.. tab meri dil ko kushi milenga…

      • kushagra

        the point is that
        u like risabh and hate cool grp and anything and everything they do u criticize it
        wat wrong did they do
        they were thinking if risabh can throw keys out of the house then they can also do this

    • Jonwick

      @Harshal suyash’s point was also right ,as it was not written in rule book that u can’t oil the diamond in the same way as throwing diamond inside the door was not written(if you throw it fast, 8 diamonds can be inside in 2 min but can hurt people as it did) so I think suyyash was fair!!!

      • Shruthi

        Of course I like rishab.. yaha sab log kohina koyi kisina kisika.. fan hain.. lekin my point is bigg boss ne saaf saaf kaha tha break time mein koyibhi dimonds leneka or chooneka aadikar nahi hain.. phir bhi unn log touch kiya.. ho cheeting tha. And cool grp ke baare mein ne kuch nahi kha mein tho srif police v/s choar team ke baare mein kaha.. choar team mein bhi bhuth log hain jise mein like nahi karthi hun( noora and mandana) phir bhi mein chaathi thi vahi jeethe.. police team mein priya ko like karthi hun is ka muthlub hain nahi unko sahi bolo.. game is game. Cheating kyun uss mein.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Jonwick, am sorry but i think not messing with the task properties by police clearly implies that police can’t mess with the diamonds. Besides priya and prince mistake was told by bb in the note(messed with task property). So, it only needed some logic to realise what they did wrong. If u say bb should have mentioned specifics like putting oil etc, they migh have put other lubricant and defended themselves -_-…..
        Throwing diamond in 2 min is not possible as u can stop and search chor before he makes move and arrest him or her based on suspicion. Besides you can always block the throw and arrest the thrower afterwards. Game was balanced on both sides

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Also jonwick, when chor team tried to clean off the oil from diamonds, suyyash disallowed it saying it is not allowed. That seemed really unfair. If it would have been other way around we all know what would have happened. Even kish mentioned it in the morning saying she would have taken house on her head and suyyash being joru ka ghulam would have supported her for sure

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Neeru, ohhh now got it, thanks for clearing the doubt .. i thought there were only 8 diamond outside :p
      But then, how did police know which diamonds chor team need as they were not allowed to enter the room? All details were inside the room only. And don’t tell me priya knew it as she looked inside room once. The housemates have proved on numerous occasions that they are weak in brain and memory. :p

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        Naah… They din hv ny idea vch one to protect.. Prince used his “brains” nd assumed that the big dmnds wer the ones the thieves need.. :p ๐Ÿ˜€
        So he shifted the big red one ,, far away..
        But wen he came nd told rochs she said – no the green Nd the yellw ones are imprtnt tooo..
        It showss they wer assuming….

  6. Pankaj

    haha Rishabh started to tease su kish and what kish said bechara rishabh ki bolti band jesi fevicol se chipka diya ho

  7. Kiara

    Average episode nothing so special

    1. Keith :- i think you are loosing your cool now which is good i mean you are not trying hard to stay a perfect man showing that you are a real person and dont have any pretense….i liked your strategy of keeping Rochelle away from you

    2. Nora :- you are good at tasks no doubt but you are not made for this house. And please stop kissing its annoying

    And yes prince ke issues me ghus ke footage khana band kar do….that whole sky lounge wala discussion was for prince so plzzz stop taking his share of footage it just makes you look stupid

    3.prince :- i liked what you said to suyansh but did you really kissed her ???????????

    4. Suyansh :- you were fine…like i said you are the best sanchalak and captain nothing new i have to say

    5. Kishwar :- i think you are disappearing somewhere these days anyway i still love you ????

    Rochelle :- really you can ask keith to f**k off you can be rude to him whenever you want but you want keith to treat you like a queen every minute of his life

    And seekho apni galti ko manna you back stabbed your team its not good so stop justifying it

    and i also didnt like it jab rishabh ne apne liye dress select ki and you were like
    ” nahi vo dress keith ke liye tha vo match ho raha tha ” seriously now people should ask you before doing anything they want


    Priya:- you are the biggest pakau ever seriously koi itna kaise paka sakta hai
    Jab baat khatam hogayi tab phir se pakana hai

    Though diamonds pe oil lagane wali strategy was good

    PS:- i loved how rishabh and nora imitated you

    Rishabh :- you are mad but in a funny way i couldn’t stop laughing when you said ” mujhe laga diamond garam hoke oily hogya hai

    Mandana :- i dont like you ??

    • Sagar Lubana

      kiara you are mad and crack dude
      mandana and rishabh as well as nora do well

      kishwar is vilan for me
      gandi jo dusro ke food mein spit krti aa
      yuck very bad kishwer
      i thought you will do same with your mother also

      kisshwer crack dude……

      bigg boss plzz get out suyyash and kishwer from bbhouse
      i am getting frustrating from sukish

      love u mandy and rishab……

  8. Kiara

    I am sorry nora fans ( if there is any )
    *laughs evilly *???????
    But i think nora wants to keep pince for herself….earlier she was like mandana is using you ???????

    Now she is filling his ears against suyansh and kishwer???????

    seriously nora stop making people hate you even more ???

    Ps:- i liked how prince defended suyansh and kishwer???????

  9. Lila

    Waiting for that moment when its the finale episode. The trio prince, yuvika and nora will be seen together. Oooohhh that awk moment between prince and yuvika will be like….???

  10. tedd(PHFFAN)

    Happy new year guys in advance to all and @neeru…@freak…@harshu…@joyee…@pari….
    Be like this and keep commenting more and more….
    @manuelferrara…keep commenting, ur comments put life in this forum…..???

  11. ManuelFerrara

    Prince fired four bullets of his revolver somewhere as only two are left in kitty.
    Suyyash it seems has fired all six (0 left)
    Hint: suyash got no balls

  12. Shzen

    Hello @tedd @neeru @freak…..its shzen here………much changed in bb9…..why was that reaction of prince so bad with Nora ….

  13. ManuelFerrara

    Rishabh,prince & keith can bowl a cricket over to suyash inside bb house.
    Each will bowl two balls ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. piya

    rishab is really stupid yaar! :p
    though i like him,but he really doesn’t have brains :p
    well,i still like him…
    I think nora is a great performer…she has proved that she can do perform tasks really well.she could play her game in a different and better way…but she chose to use the ‘love angle’ game plan and this plan is really annoying -_-
    surprisingly,mandana has not done anything evil and dramatic…but rochelle!she is just fake and confusing…
    overall,it was a nice episode today…

  15. Subhashitha K S

    loved prince defending sukish in front of Nora.Was very happy when prince shouted slightly on Nora during task.But the very next moment after task they are again romancing in washroom.And kish-suyash-keith are teasing Nora.

    And wth was the precap abt prince-
    nora.what’s wrong with these two people.It’s getting way too much now.Prince stop else I can’t support u any more.

    But precap including siddharth shukla and gutti was really good. Waiting to watch it.

    @neeru, harshal, tedd, siva,santu ,joyee, track,maxx,manuelfererra
    And all
    Happy new year in advance

    May be I will not be able to visit the website for two more days as I am going to my native.hence Wishing all today only.

    Once again Happy new year to all in advance

  16. santu

    Loosing interest in bb..
    Wen they were applying oil.. bb should tell them then only. . Or disqualify them.. no.. they ll win coz keith said it slipped 3 times from his hand.. safe from nominations.. whole house has to pay for it.. over that theives ll be nominated.. wtf.. rules tode koi aur bhugte koi.. very much unfair.. it destroys the whole mood of sport…

    • Jonwick

      @santu they were also throwing the diamonds directly inside the door which is easiest as other team can’t go inside the door to take it back.Also they were getting hurt by this and is equally unfair.

      • santu

        Sorry.. but I think throwing was a good strategy.. only thing is that .. that diamond should not be considered if it breaks.. without throwing if a person has to get to that room would here led to lot of physicality. . And harm anyone..

  17. Ashish Jain

    Kishwar is so smart that she conveniently blames Mandana for everything . She was the one who was b*t*hing about Nora, but put the blame on Mandana.
    Suyash is a Chakka, good for nothing bastard , who deserves a kick on his ass & thrown out of the house.

    • ManuelFerrara

      Don’t kick his a*s @Ashish ,he has fixed spikes to his underwear at suggestion of kish..u might hurt urself ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Ashish Jain

    The only saving grace of BB9 is MANDANA , she’s miles ahead of the others . She’s surely the WINNER of this season. In the last 12 weeks if one analysis, 90% of every episode revolves around her. In her absence too the house maids are only discussing her, trying to show her in bad light. By hook or by crook she is there . It shows her dominance over others. Everyone is in awe of her, but are not accepting the fact.
    Bravo Mandana ..

    • santu

      The whole nation most of the time discusses about terrorism or corruption . Most news coverage involves them.. so u ll vote for them?

    • ManuelFerrara

      She is miles ahead as she preffered walking, others are coming in a taxi from behind at high speed ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. nighat

    i live in dxb and pre cap shown here was different. It showed prince and rochelle competing for captaincy task. plus new yr dress selection scene was censored .. too mant scenes here are censored which i read here.

  20. Ritika

    Today’s episode was fun!! Suyash is kinda cute yet has a sense of humour (haldi wala dhoodh ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and keith is a gentleman ๐Ÿ™‚ Kishwar and Rochelle are two lucky girls! Why don’t we get bfs like these two ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. I am the other ritika; saw another ritika commenting yesterday and talking to every1 ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep going ritika and the rest, love reading your comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Today’s episode was gooooood. Some scenes were laughter riot. Defiantly will try to watch this episode. Su,Priya were funny today. Lol Mandy, when she called Priya a mosquito ๐Ÿ˜› Keith don’t worry u r not week, u won’t be evicted, just be the first Keith and tht will do the job. It was sweet of Nora to care for Prince. Finally Nora and Prince came out of mr. India mode. Rishabh’s bewakoofi makes me like Rish as a contestant. Wow tomorrow Sesha, Gutthi coming to BB house interesting.

  22. guys good news for prince fans. Lates voting trend – the khabri . Prince narula tops the chart. Mandana on second. Keith on third. Manuel you said correctly. Prince sabka dil jeet raha hai. Pappiyan dete hue aage bhad raha hai. Mandana ko weekend mein nominate karta hai aur usski ka saath deta hai. Priya ka band bajatha hai. Warrior ki tarah task jeeth kar trp leetha hai. Show ke centre mein hai hamara prince.

    • Thanks siva for the latest update, Yeh Narula aur karimi ke beech Bohot aadli badli Ho rahi hain 1st position ke Liye, my mom is a fan of Prince and Mandy so she’s happy to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. mriganka

    nora is fake , weak , boring , so ugly looking . it is confirmed that she is going to evict this week . And suyash is making the show bb so boring . I hate nora . woh pure din make up karte rehte hai priunce ke samne beautiful dikhake prince ko use karne ke liya . kishwer sirf 1-2 baar nominated hai . nominate hota toh kab ki nikal jaati . luv you mandy , you are getting much vote

  24. mriganka

    in my eyes mandy is the winner because she is the real contestant . kiswer ko sirf fight karna aata hai . show ke entertainment ke naam pe zero. woh mandy se isliye fight kar rahe hai bcause many has became popular in indian & she is beautiful and loved by audience

  25. inaoton

    nora is best performer 4 thief team
    prince 4 police team..
    I like both of u in task
    new couple in da house is da Best in romance +Task well done. .

  26. Sagar Lubana

    mandana superbbbbbbb………
    i love you
    you make this show much enjoying .
    i hope you will win this bigg boss 9 season…..

    you make this show super hit

    i watch this show only for you noone else i.e. for stupid kishwer and (for girl)i.e. suyyash…

    mandana karimi i love you so much dear….

    you was only girl stand against everyone …..i like your bravery….

    i like your attitude…….

    love you ……mandy…

  27. @fatarajo. Yes finale is near. And very excited to see who will be the winner. Prince or mandana. Hope prince wins the show. Because he is more entertaining. From task performance to making romance to making good equations with everyne. Prince is the best.o

  28. mriganka

    rishav is good but he always fight with mandy but kiswer ke saamne woh dar jata hai . but at sll he is good . Hope mandana film ” k s k h h – 3 ” will big hit . luv you and still voting for you

  29. mriganka

    suyash prince se darta hai isliye ushe mil jul ke rehta hai and nora wants to go finale through prince and being friend to cool group bcause ghar ka sabhi decision even nomination cool group control karte hai . but no nora people is understanding you they are not fool . you are going to eliminate so is week thik se rehna .

  30. Gaurav

    @neeru @ harshal @manuel @everybodyelse….
    How many votes can we poll on the colors app… Any idea??
    And happy new yr all of you..

    • Rahul

      99 votes per verified id and phon sms

      Verified ID means that your account should be email and phone number verified. Whether its Gmail/twitter/facebook

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Happy new year gaurav…
      Sorry but i don’t have the idea about that, i vote just once and then it says thanks for voting and am off…

  31. @fatarajo yes same feelings here. Same strong and weird feeling.Salman will lift mandys hands. @manuel bhai kya gorilla ko jyada vote mil raha hai. Noooo. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai bhai.

  32. ManuelFerrara

    According to polls with 8863 votes
    1.prince 31%
    2.Rishabh 30%
    3.mandana 19%
    4.keith 12%
    5.suyash 7%
    6.nora 2%

    Rishabh even after getting not much lime
    light and loosing tasks still stands near prince,if he fights ,take stands and win tasks he will win big boss 9 4 sure.

  33. Ritika

    Ya joyee (fatarajo-what that means ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) – u r right, their bfs r much better than them. :p HAPPY NEW YR BTW. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Manuel Ferrera: That’s mean :p hehe but no doubt hez a v.good bf ๐Ÿ™‚ happy new year:)

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.