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Day 79(continued)
Suyyash talks to Prince, Suyyash ask Prince what he thinks about Nora? Prince says to Suyyash that her actions shows that she really cares for me but i cant read anyone heart or mind, Suyyash says see it like third person that you are seeing Prince and Nora as neutral, even in worst case scenario what risk are you seeing in all this? Prince says it maybe like that she saw before entering house that Prince has fans and if she remains with Prince then she can gain votes of his fans too, Suyyash says you are spending all time with her, you are not involved in house topics, it wil affect your game, Prince says i know everything and now i will sit in group with Nora, we will not sit alone but will sit with everyone, even if Nora is playing game with me, she cant fake

it for much time, and it will not affect me much, also if i nominate her then how she reacts will show if she is fake or not, also i will meet her outside house then everything will be clear.

Priya comes to Nora and ask how fight started in morning? Nora says when all were fighting, Rochelle came to me and said that she commented about me too, Priya says i was in that conversation about you but didnt comment on you. In kitchen, Rochelle sys to Mandana that Nora is getting irritated, we cant even joke with her.
Nora says to Priya that you told me half thing, like you told me that someone passed comment on me but didnt tell me who, you should tell whole thing to me, Priya sys by intentions were not create fight, Nora says if i am spending time with Prince then its none of anyone’s business and also Mandana should not talk about me to Prince, Kishwar comes and says we were generally talking and wanted to just spice up talks, thats it, Nora says this is wrong.
Mandana says to Rochelle that Nora is new and she is not understanding how this house works.
Nora says to Kishwar that as modesty you should talk to me first before talking about me to someone else, Kishwar says we started your and Prince’s topic as we wanted Keith to talk to you and Prince about your relation, Nora says about our sitting position? Kishwar says no, it was Mandana who started that thing, Prince says who is Mandana to say anything? Kishwar says we were discussing about Prince taking step back from group and its alright, he is doing good.

Prince talks to Nora and says i am sorry for not telling you everything, Nora says they are saying that from the time i have come, you are not spending time with them, Prince says talks are about me not you, you are linked up with me for spending time only, Nora says that you are spending time with me and it is just start of gossip in house, i dont get eliminated then things will go on further, Prince says you have got attached to me so much in 3weeks and if i start spending time with someone else will you not feel bad? she says i will, Prince says same is case with my group, Nora says one more if i like you then i will this to you only and thats enough for me, Prince agrees.

all are sleeping, Prince is awake, he changes position on diamonds to confuse thief team.

Day 80
Chori Kaam mera song plays, inmates wake up and dance to it.

Prince tells Kishwar and Rochelle that he has changed positions of diamonds to confused them, Rochelle says you did wrong.
Keith makes strategy with Rishab that he will throw one diamond near store room, Prince will go to catch it then i will steal another diamond.

Priya applies coconut oil on diamonds and says thief team is throwing and catching diamonds so it will slip out of their hands now, she whistles. Prince ask his team to be alert that they dont get 4 more diamonds then they will win.

Rishab comes in lounge, Priya hides oil, Rishab finds oil on diamonds but doesnt understand that it is strategy of police team, he wipes his hands with Kishwar’s shirt, he leaves, Kishwar says he is so stupid, didnt understand that it was our plan, they laugh.

Suyyash reads instructions that its time to starts jewel task again, Prince and Priya have tempered with diamonds when Bigg boss ordered them to not touch diamonds, they will be punished for it.
Mandana tells Suyyash that they have applied oil on diamonds, Keith says they are not allowed to touch diamonds, Mandana says they have applied to all diamonds, Kishwar says this is our strategy, Suyyash says i cant stop them as there is not written that they cant apply oil, Keith says why you have to take action, he says no i wont, Keith says i will wipe oil off diamonds, Prince says you cant use tissues, Suyyash sys you cant, Keith ask Suyyash to not make all things against him, Suyyash says i am doing what bigg boss has asked me, you go to bigg boss and clear it.

Rishab is in jail, he breaks through it and runs from jail while Priya tries to stop him, she complains to Suyyash, Suyyash ask Rishab to go in jail again, Rishab comes in jail again, he puts blanket on Priya’s face to run from there, she shouts for Suyyash and pulls blanket from him, they both pull blanket from each other, Rishab ask Priya to leave his blanket, Priya says you can take anything of mine but cant i?, Suyyash comes and ask Rishab to not pull it, Priya says he has taken my head scarf and broken my sandal, Rishab says i will not give head scarf, Priya breaks water pot from which Rishab could drink.
Mandana comes and steals one more diamond but she caught by Prince and Kishwar, Mandana hides diamond, Kishwar says till you dont return that diamond, your team cant steal any other diamond as per rules, suyyash agrees, Prince gets little hurt by Nora in running and catching, Nora comes to him and ask if he is fine? he says yes, she says let me, Prince jerks her hands away and says its okay sternly, Keith says to Nora that it happens in task, dont worry.

Keith is in jail and says to Rochelle that i am going out of house next week, we are given weak team and everything is going against me and we will be nominated next week, Rochelle says no you are not going, you have created team, i told you to be careful when you steal diamonds, Keith says you dont have to tell me anything about your team, you are in police team, i am not your boyfriend rightnow, dont get emotional, he ask her to allow him to go in smoking room, he will comeback in jail, Rochelle says i wont allow you to go, Keith jokes that see world, for a game she has sidelined her relation and bf, Rochelle doesnt like joke.
Mandana acts like stealing diamond, Priya runs to catch her, Mandana laughs on her, Mandana calls Priya a little mosquito’, Priya in turn, calls Mandana a massive dragon’. Mandana says to Priya that you are loser, Priya says that the one who steals in real life is loser big time, you have no shame to steal things of people.

Nora steals one diamond, she runs and throws it towards Rishab who is standing on robbers’ room, diamond hits Rishab, Mandana comes to Rishab and ask if he is fine? she ask him to run area.
Nora steals one more diamond and throws it in robbers’ room dodging Prince who was standing outside there. Mandana ask inmate to give icebag to Rishab.
Suyyash says to Nora that they had seen you stealing openly so you have to go in jail, Nora comes to Keith and tells him that two diamonds are still remaining, Keith comes out of jail and Nora goes in jail.

Kishwar have doubt on Rishab and searches him, Keith is going when Rochelle stops him and says i have to check you, Keith starts yawning and ask Rochelle if she is done? Rochelle says i have doubt on you as you are yawning, Keith says thats your personal matter if you are not liking me yawning, Rochelle ask Keith to not show attitude, Keith says you are not my girlfriend, Rochelle says you are saying that i am not your girlfriend, right? Rochelle says i have to search you, she searches him and says deal with me now, Keith says to suyyash that she is getting personal, i am sorry if did anything, Rochelle says to Keith that atleast respect her, why he is talking about her to Suyyash? Keith says you are stopping me from moving even so i have to tell this to moderator, Rochelle says have some respect for her, you are hurting me, Keith says i am sorry, i just wanted to irritate you for task and i did it, Rochelle ask him to behave properly and leave now.

Rishab steals diamond, police team ask him to stop but Rishab doesnt and goes in robbers’ room, Prince says he cant go in, we saw him stealing, Rishab says he went inside room, he wont agree to his mistake so let him be.

Bigg boss says to inmates that task has ended, he ask Suyyash how many diamonds thief team stole? Suyyash says they have stolen 7 diamonds out of 8 diamonds, bigg boss says they couldnt steal 8 diamonds to police team has won the task, he congratulates them, everyone hugs and says welldone, Keith hugs Rochelle and says i wanted to irritate you, not to make you feel bad so that you be away from me in task, he says to Kishwar that my diamond is Rochelle.
Prince tells Nora that you did great in task, Nora says you guys had put me in jail, she acts like crying, Princes gives kisses on neck and says you did well.

Rochelle tells Rishab that i gave many hints to Keith, about oil thing too, Rishab says i saw oil on diamonds but didnt get what it was for so i didnt tell my team first, Rochelle says i was not involved in oil tempering, Priya did it, Rishab says you could have stopped her, Rochelle says she told me after doing it, Rishab says whole team is responsible.

Suyyash says to Rochelle that your priority is Keith but when you are in task, your team should be your priority, you should not cheat with your team as Keith is in that team, rochelle says i didnt say anything, suyyash says when last diamond was remaining you were asking thief team to steal it, it was backstabbing your team.

Kishwar tells Rishab that you remember you touched diamond and it had oil, you wiped it from my hoodie but didnt get that we did it, Keith says if you had told me that time then we would have made it issue and diamonds slipped out of my hands later, Rishab says i thought diamonds are melting due to heat, didnt get that had put oil on it, Mandana says i checked oil on them and wiped it, Rishab you are fool to not get it.

Bigg boss gives inmates chance to buy dresses for new year party, and also special function is arranged for them tomorrow. inmates select dress on screen and buy it for them, Rochelle suggests Keith what to buy. Kishwar suggests Suyyash too.

Nora talks to Rishab, they make fun about Priya stopping and ordering everyone in task. he says she kept me in jail for much time, Nora mimics her and says she takes so much time to speak one sentence, Rishab says i have decoded her, she cant do mind tasks but only physical tasks.

Rishab, Kishwar and Keith talks, Keith says its cold in ac today, Rishab says it is never cold for Kishwar and suyyash, at night, they talk for 4minutes then kiss for 1minute then talk for 4minute then kiss for 1minute and it keep going on, also in middle Kishwar keep getting up to see if i am awake and seeing them or not, Kishwar says and you keep eye on us whole night, Rishab says i have no problem, you keep doing love, Kishwar says you do love too, like you were doing today outside jail, you were fighting with Priya, when i went outside, blanket was torn, pot was broken and Priya had bruise on hand, Suyyash says when i went outside, i saw her sandal broken, headband broken, they are violent, Nora comes and gives Kishwar food which she prepared, Kishwar says you have prepared food for first time, Nora says he(unko/Prince) wanted so i cooked it, Keith teases her that she is calling him unko and not taking his name like new bride, Kishwar says give this to him and call him like Sunte ho or Raju ke papa, suyyash says give milk to him after saying this and tell us about his reaction, Nora says he wont react much, he is like that, Keith says then tell him you have prepared hot milk with haldi/turmeric for him, Kishwar laughs at this.

Prince and Rochelle
belt, chain, support,
Rochelle ask Keith to not show attitude, Keith says you are not my girlfriend, Rochelle says you are saying that i am not your girlfriend? just because you are saying anything and i am silent because of task that doesnt mean you can keep saying anything and i will not do anything, you will have to bear consequences for this, Keith says i havent said anything,

PRECAP- For new year function Sidharth Shukla, Ada Khan, Guthi will come in house as guests. Sidharth Shukla comes in house to celebrate and as host new years function in house, he says to inmates that there will be an award function today. He says to inmates that you dont get to know much whats happening outside so i have brought Tv for you, he opens Tv and Guthi comes on it, all hoot seeing her, Guthi says all are irritated with Princes kisses, his kissing speed is 10 miles per house, Prince laughs hard. Guthi comes in house, she says Rishab and Prince should get award of foodie/hungry/bhukkar, Prince and Rishab hugs friendly and comes on stage, Guthi smashes Rishab’s face with some food item as award, Mandana laughs hard at this, Guthi runs while Prince and Rishab runs behind her, she leaves house, Rishab says Guthi i will see you outside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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