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Bigg Boss 9 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 22
A band comes in house, all are fast asleep, band start playing music of Mein Hoon Don, first wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha enters house, he comes in bedroom and hugs Prince, he meets Keith, Rochelle, he comes to Digi and ask her to wake up, she is surprised to see him, he meets everyone, he dances with everyone while Digi just watches him from far, she says he mist be wild card entry, she tells Kishwar that she already had fight with this wild card entry from before, Kishwar tells this to everyone.
Rishab comes in kitchen, takes bottle from fridge and drinks from water bottle, Kishwar comes and says you cant drink in bottle, she gives him glass, he says nice house, it will be fun here. Yuvika ask his name, he says my name is don.


gives his introduction to inmates, he says i have come her as viewer more than contestant, Mandana ask what you do in life? he says i do wonders, Mandana says good dialogue, he says i do real state business, Aman meets him and says nice hairstyle.
Rishab says to Mandana that i like you in show, i feel that what you feel, you say it.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that i gave him glass and he taunted if glasses are available here.
Mandana says ti Rishab that most here think that i am fake, Prince is very aggressive but i am calm with him.
Kishwar says to inmates that we are going to have many fights with him so be prepared, Prince says he is saying dialogues, Kishwar says he must have learnt from before, he seems from Dehli as wearing jacket and that hairstyle seems from Dehli.
Rishab says to Mandana that Rochelle is hot honestly, the one who is with you in difficult time is your friend and Keith Rochelle were with you in difficult time.

Digi tells Mandana and Prince that i and Rishab were shooting together for show, i had exam that day so i came to shoot and requested to wind up earlier, Rishab came there in drunk state, i asked him to end shoot fast as i had scene with him so he started abusing me so badly, i left the set then my parents came and talked to production house, i asked him to say sorry for his behavior but he didnt then i left that show and i had to give 10th standard exam in that mental state.

Mandana says to Keith and Rochelle that i am thankful to both of you for taking care of me when i was ill, i didnt remember to say thanks earlier, its not like that i have changed group, Rochelle says i dont have problem that you are being friend of Kishwar, infact i and Keith talked that its good that mandana is getting along with everyone well, but then you said infront of all that i wanted to save my skin in double trouble room, my problem is that you are judging your old friends after making new friends, you keep fighting with me but i keep saying that your heart is nice, but truth is that you dont care for anyone, Mandana says then dont talk to me, its fine, Rochelle says fine, i wont talk to you, she leaves, Keith says to Mandana that equations will change but that doesnt mean you will change yourself, Rochelle comes back and says to Mandana that dont talk about me to my boyfriend, from first day you are saying to him that i am brainless and not smart, you cant talk to my boyfriend like this, she says to Keith that i want to talk to you, she drags Keith from there and says our friendship has ended with her so you dont have to entertain her.
Rochelle says to Keith that i dont want you to talk to him, Keith says when she is talking to me then i can walk away like this, Rochelle says i am just saying that i dont want you to talk to her, Keith says i want to clear things with her, Rochelle says i am just telling you to not talk to her, why dont you understand this, Keith says fine, i will not talk to her, he hugs her, Rochelle says she is saying ill words for me to you, you know i am like this, i wont change for anyone, Keith says i am only yours, no one else, he hugs.

Rochelle is taking bath in pool, Rishab comes and says if you keep making us see sights like then i will keep cleaning it.
Rimi says to Kishwar that if she is going in pool too? Kishwar ask if she is mad? i will never go, Rimi says even i wont go in such pool that too on national television, Kishwar says i have rejected movies saying that i wont wear bikni then how can i here wear it? i am not mad, Rimi says same case is with me, i dont do kissing scene, bed scene, doesnt wear cleavage revealing outfits.
Rishab ask Rochelle if she is swimming first time in pool here? she says yes. Keith takes off his shirt and goes in pool, they romance in pool.
Kishwar tells Suyyash about Rishab’s comment to Rochelle that he will keep cleaning if she gives him sight like this. Suyyash says to Kishwar that Keith’s metabolism is too good, he eats really well thats why his body is good. Keith and Rochelle are enjoying in pool, Keith lifts Rochelle, Suyyash comes and says good shot, whats for tomorrow, Keith posses differently and says this is for tomorrow, they laugh.

Yuvika ask Rishab whom he thinks will open up in coming weeks, Rishab says you are first in list, you are not cunning but you are coming out like this, Rimi ask what was telecasted about me? Rishab says you are seen in first 2minutes and last 2minutes of show, what are you doing in show? Rimi says even i dont know, Rishab says you have come here and its not bigg boss’s fault, its like you are earning from them and also abusing them, if you dont want to be here then just say that dont give me any money and go out, bigg boss will call you, but you shouldnt be abusing show in which you are, you are not looking good, it looks like that you are trying to show how cruel bigg boss is and you are being at receiving end, Rimi laughs and says i dont want to do anything, i have come her for meditation, and i have got footage for 2days as i talked to you today, i dont wanna talk more, Yuvikas ask didnt they show my content? Rishab ask what she has done, Yuvika says many things happened in past, Kishwar ask what about me? Rishab says as a viewer i dont like you, Kishwar ask then who is looking correct outside? he says i like Mandana as viewer, he is outspoken and say everything on face.

Suyyash says to Keith that Rishab has come here prepared in house after seeing everything, he knows that if he tries to poke nose everywhere then we will retaliate, he said to Rochelle in pool that you keep making us see sight like this then we will keep cleaning pool, Keith ask did he say that? Rochelle says yes, Suyyash says he is taunting girls.

Bigg boss welcomes Rishab, he says its time for nominations. Bigg boss says to inmates that everyone have to nominate 3 inmates, the one whom they want to nominate, they will torn the picture of that inmate and put it in fire and also give reason for nomination. Prince is captain so he is safe and Suyyash is already nominated as he lost friendspage task, Rishab will not be part of nominations, Bigg boss is giving special chance to Prince, he can nominate one person and he will be directly nominated, he ask Prince to nominate first.
Prince says i wish Rishab was in nominations then i would have nominated him as atleast one person has come who have caliber to play game. he says i dont get along well with Mandana, he nominates MANDANA, Bigg boss says no one will nominate mandana as she is nominated.

she nominates RIMI, DIGI for not participating much, she nominates Aman and says he is strong, Bigg boss says this is not valid reason. Yuvika nominates KEITH and says i have not interacted with him much.

She nominates AMAN and says i dont talk to him at all from one week. She nominates RIMI and says i am not going it as she told me to do so but it gets irritating when she doesnt do anything, she nominates ROCHELLE for telling Suyyash that i get loud, she says that is my nature.

She nominates RIMI and says i know she doesnt want to be here but atleast she can enjoy her journey, many people dream to get this chance but she doesnt have any worth for it. she nominates ROCHELLE and says she is strong as she has support of her partner. she nominates AMAN and says he is experienced and smart but not coming out well.

she nominates RIMI and says when you dont respect your work and keep saying negative things about it then it affects people around her too and they become laid back too. she nominates YUVIKA as she didnt get any chance to talk to her, she nominates AMAN and says its very difficult to understand him as i understand others.

She nominates RIMI and says when your partner whom you are tied too is so much demotivated then your moral goes down too so i nominate her. she nominates YUVIKA and says you cant take stand, she is not entertaining too, she nominates DIGANGANA and says you are kid for me and you should remain kid for sometime, your time in this house has finished so i am nominating her.

She nominates DIGANGANA and says she is very genuine and sweet girl, she is soft hearted, rishab nods in no, she says DIgi is not apt for this game, she nominates ROCHELLE and says she gets angry fast, she nominates AMAN and says he needs to open up more, i am friendly with everyone but not him.

He nominates RIMI and says you are becoming reason for demotivation. he nominates YUVIKA and says she is indecisive. he nominates KISHWAR and says when you were reading diary yesterday, you guessed my name that i wrote that which i didnt like.

He nominates DIGANGANA and says she is mature for her age but still this game is not for her and she should enjoy her life and protect her herself, Kishwar she should protect herself from Rishab as he doesnt have manners to talk to girls, Rishab says i can say anything, Kishwar says so keep doing what you want, Yuvika ask them to not argue as nominations are going on. Suyyash nominates RIMI and says you should respect the show which you are in, he nominates AMAN and says i want to forget past but i have no other option to nominate him.

He nominates KISHWAR and says if i didnt talk to her then you didnt too. he nominates RIMI and says you should value the thing which you have got so easily. he nominates YUVIKA and says you should be decisive and should not be giving confusing smile, Yuvika says but i think now everything is open.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. MANDANA, SUYYASH, RIMI, AMAN, YUVIKA and DIGANGANA are nominated this week.

Yuvka says Digi that i wasnt involved in game till now so i wasnt decisive but now i have reasons to play and i will play well now, Kishwar comments that i am listening this from 3 days.

Rochelle says to Digi that i didnt want to nominate you but i didnt have any other option.

Prince says to Yuvika that Keith and Rochelle didnt nominate Suyyash and Kishwar so that Suyyash and Kishwar will not nominate them next week, they are playing game, you should not target people directly.
Digi ask Kishwar if Yuvika said that i am not understanding game? Suyyash says she herself doesnt know game, she is stupid.

Suyyash says to Rishab that when Rochelle was in pool, you commented that if you give us this sight then i will keep cleaning pool, Rishab says i didnt have agenda saying that, i said that casually, i am not a flirt, you are taking is wrongly. he says to Suyyash that i dont like your girlfriend but if i am talking to her and you come inbetween then all can come inbetween your talk too. Suyyash says superb, Rishab leaves, Mandana says wild card is crazy.
Rishab comes to Kishwar and says i will do one on one with everyone then i will come to you, we will fight then, i dont like you, i dont like your constant comments and jokes on me, Kishwar says its my style and i am ready to fight too, Rishab says we will talk later.

Rochelle comes to Rishab and says you commented on me in pool, i didnt understand that there but Kishwar told me the meaning, this house have class so dont do cheap things to bring energy, we have class and it will not look good on your part, Rishab says i didnt have any agenda behind it, i said it casually, Keith says i am her boyfriend, if you are saying that you didnt say it in double meaning then fine but if you try to be cheap then dont even think about packing your stuff in house as i wont give you chance for that, Rishab says even i can do that, Keith says but i give you chance.

Rochelle says to Keith that Rishab-Mandana, Suyyash-Kishwar and Me-You are playing as pairs while Aman is with us but i dont know about Prince, dont know which side he is while Yuvika, Rimi and Digi are in middle.

PRECAP- Some guests like Sargun Mehta(seems like 2nd wild card entry) will enter house while inmates will serve them as waiters of seven star hotel, Rishab is guest too. Sargun and Rishab messes up everything, they mess up tissues in washroom and spread everything in house which inmates will have to clean. Aman is shocked to see washroom, Keith comments that from where these 1star guests have come in this 7star hotel? Kishwar says this is cheap antics, Prince says dont put these things in dustbin after cleaning washroom, i will put these things in Sargun’s bag tomorrow then she will know.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. anu

    rishab’s entry made it interesting.i am happy ki kishwar aur mandana se jyada rude aur loud koi aya.atleast he can make them quiet.they both irritate me very much.people cal aman manupulative etc but i find him a very sensible man probably he is the only1 in the house who makes sense whenever he talks.only he gave the gud reasons for the nominations specially whtever he told yuvika was true.yuvika wants to be gud to every1 all the time..i used to like keith earlier bcoz i felt he is genuine person but frm todays epi i dnt think the same anymore.he & rochelle r clearly playing the games.i want prince & diggi to stay til last & i want prince to win.bcoz these to r nt planning & plotting anything still they r interesting & its gud to see them.

  2. This new wildcard entry seems little interesting to Spice up the show for now which was lacking before..I don’t like him doing cheap things if he remained like this then no one will like or vote him….He is manipulating every one in the house..Precap seems good..lets c what happens next in Big boss house..

  3. Ritika

    BEST EPISODE OF BB9 so far! Rishab Sinha woke up d inmates…and seems v.interesting! He looks and talks like one of us here in delhi (v.straightfwd, always happy, to-the-point of rude sometimes) but not boring like these so-called celebrities! 😉 Thank u bb9 for d wild card entry- d choice of d splitsvilla guy wasnt wrong for sure 😀 i dont knw if i like him or hate him, but he has made d show “spicy” 😀 and prince’s last dialog haha it wl b fun:)

  4. anu

    people dnt nominate kishwar bcoz either they wnt to be in her gud buks or they r afraid of her.rochelle has to nominate 3 people & clearly she dislikes kishwar still she hasnt nominated her bcoz bw keith & rochelle r trying to be frnds with kish & suyash.sabke game planningme bichari diggi,yuvika nominate ho rhi thi.bcoz all knw ki in dono ko gussa aya to bhi vo kuch nhi bolengi.yhi nomination pithpiche karne hote to kish ka nam sabse jyada ata.

  5. Kshama

    I don’t know whether its splitsvilla or BigBoss .. Stop playing as couple we want individuality of each one. Prince is doing very well. Excited to see Rishab Sinha in the show he will change this boring track.

  6. Arjun

    Rimi is playing mind games with people she say she dont want to stay but this is not true.Thats how she is getting people’s sympathy.Prince is still playing brother sister and kishwar will not eleminated bcoz of her there is lot of drama and fights in the house.

  7. Arjun

    Digangna is still a kid she didnt under stand the game and the house properly.Aman is playing very smartly.Rimi can win this show.

  8. nidhi

    I hate rishab….n I support kishwar…she is the only one who’s not acting n is genuine…n mandana too. Rishab is dumb really …I’d seen him in another reality show ..splitsvilla…he’s too dumb…

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