Bigg Boss 9 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 79
Chor bazari song plays, inmates wake up and dance to it.

Suyyash says to Keith that Prince is totally separated from house, he isnt talking to anyone much and the way he has behaved in house arguments, its weird, he has used me, he is like that dont teach me anything, i know what to do, he is contradicting himself, he doesnt have mind, he said that Nora and he are friends but they are so much physical that even we couples are not, Keith says reason is that Nora doesnt wanna say it infront of all, Prince has expressed that he likes her but Nora being girl is shy but affection is shown privately, not infront of all.

Suyyash has got instructions from Bigg boss that inmates should go in bedroom from garden area. He comes to Prince and

Rochelle who are in garden and ask them to come in kitchen, Rochelle ask if Keith started cooking? Suyyash says know, Suyyash ask Prince and Rochelle to go in kitchen and work, Prince says tell them to start cooking, Rochelle ask to tell them to bring chicken out, suyyash goes. Prince says i know who is my priority, first is Kishwar then Suyyash then Rochelle then Keith, i will keep my relation with Nora out of game, Rochelle says you are looking like too much affected with Nora after weekend. in kitchen Priya says to Kishwar that you are not in kitchen team but workign here but they are talking outside. Prince says to Rochelle that i supported Mandana but nominated her, Priya comes to them and says please come to help food, Keith is not there too, task is going to start, you are in kitchen team, i understand you are talking something important but come and cook, Rochelle says talk to suyyash, Priya says whatever and leaves. Priya comes to Kishwar, Kishwar says ;cook your food, anyone wanna come can come, Priya says dont know where is Keith, Kishwar ask what Rochelle and Prince doing? Priya says they are talking.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that i will do what i want, Suyyash comes to Rochelle and says its my responsibility as captain to tell you to work, why dont you understand that i have to tell you your responsibilities, Rochelle says Bigg boss asked you to send inmates inside but that doesnt mean you can ask me to cook parathas, Suyyash says okay.
Kishwar says to Rochelle if it was Keith’s captaincy then you wouldnt have behaved like this, Keith says dont drag me in all this, Suyyash says your attitude is wrong too, Rochelle says if you think that i am not good in kitchen team then throw me out of it, Rochelle ask what they are cooking? Kishwar says we are not making parathas, Prince says we were told parathas are not made so we thought to clean out clothes first, Priya says tries to say something, Prince says to Priya that i am not talking to you, get lost, do your work, Priya sys you are not doing work, Rochelle says to Prince that we decided about chicken to cook so we will do it, Suyyash says you dont even know if we have flour or not, Rochelle abuses Priya.
Priya comes to Rishab and says they made such big issue when i and Gizele were in kitchen team, they have problem that i have pointed out that they are not working.
Kishwar says to Prince that suyyash got instructions from bigg boss to call everyone inside from garden and done with your work as task is going to start soon but you and Rochelle didnt listen, if you were captain you would have started shouting at everyone to complete their work, Prince says in my captaincy when instructions come from Bigg boss to come in, i just ask inmates to come in from garden, wont tell them what to or what not, Kishwar says you are wrong, PRince says i dont agree with you, she says fine.
Priya says to Rishab that i feel like watching movie, hastag CGC that is cool group cracked.

Rochelle goes in bathroom to take bath, keith is already inside, Priya comes there and says i had to go in after Keith, why did Rochelle go in? Keith says i will come out, Rochelle says i am helping him to come out soon, Rochelle comes out with towel, Priya says Rochelle wanted to have bath with Keith, Prince says you cant comment about their personal matters, they are in relationship, they can do anything, you should stop talking like this, Rochelle says even if i want to have bath with Keith then what? your mind has filth, i was not taking bath with him but went to help him, Priya says you went inside when he was taking bath, Keith comes out, Prince says when Keith or Rochelle doesnt have problem with being in one bathroom then whats your problem? Priya says i dont have any problem, you all have gone mad, i didnt comment in that sense, i dont have any problem, Prince says you have problem, Keith says you shouldnt have commented when she came out, Priya says my problem was only that she went inside when it was my turn, Suyyash says Kishwar and Prince have taken bath after Keith and Priya is still here, Rochelle ask Priya to go and take bath, Priya says i will not go now, Nora comes to Rochelle and ask what they commented about us? Rochelle says not Priya but Mandana commented that you and Prince in inappropriate position, Nora comes to Priya and ask what was the talk? Mandana comes there too, Priya says not me or Mandana raised this topic, your cool group raised topic of your sitting position, Nora says to inmates that Priya is someone from cool group said about my sitting position, Kishwar says it was Mandana who talked about body language, Priya ask Nora what Rochelle told you? Nora says Priya you commented about Rochelle today so Rochelle told me that you passed same comment about me, Priya ask Rochelle to not put allegations on me, Suyyash says you said in camera that things are happening in cool group? she says yes, there is friction in your group, Nora says thing is that everyone was talking about me, it was backbiting, tell me name of person who talked about my body language, Priya told me that Mandana didnt say it but whole group was talking about me, Rochelle says in group discussion we said that Prince is spending time with Nora too much, thats it, Priya says i will clear things, she says Prince was sitting in sky lounge, Nora came and sat in his lap while crossing her leg with his legs, Suyyash saw this too, Kishwar says Mandana told this to everyone while Suyyash agreed that he saw them too, Keith says to Nora that i told everyone that they are adults and they can do anything they want, Priya tells Rishab that this was important discussion yesterday happening, i told you about, whole cool groups talked about Nora and Priya and if they wanna act good infront of them then its fine. Nora says to inmates that nothing of that sort happened, i never sat like this, Suyyash says me and Mandana came in lounge and saw you sitting in Prince’s lap but we didnt discuss it, we turned our face, Nora says i sit in your lap too, there is nothing wrong in that, but what you are describing is vulgar,Nora says i can never sit with crossing legs with Prince’s legs as it looks vulgar, she says to other inmates that you call me your friend and talk about me like this on camera? Suyyash says we didnt say anything wrong, Nora says you all are backbiting about me, Rochelle says Mandana told us about your body language, Mandana says i and suyyash saw you sitting with him but we didnt discuss, last night we just joked with Prince, Nora says dont joke about this sensitive topic, this is not joke, Mandana says we were just joking with Prince, she says dont even talk about it with Prince, Mandana leaves.

Nora cries and ask Prince to go, he says baby you are miffed with me? Priya says to Suyyash that Rochelle started all this, Keith ask everyone to leave as Nora is crying, Rochelle says Nora is crying and in so much bad state and this Priya was seen smiling evilly, Priya says you mean to say that i am happy with all this? Prince says even i saw you smiling evilly. Prince says Nora is not listening to me, he leaves, Priya ask Nora why she is crying? she says Nora must be feeling bad, Keith says Priya how can you say this after creating so much fight? Nora says to Kishwar that all are alleging me that i am destroying his game, Kishwar says he is destroying his game, you have no game, Nora says Priya that they all said that i am diverting Prince’s game and Salman also hinted him to play individually, Rochelle says Keith said that hints were for you but we all think that he is emotionally driven because of you, Nora says so he doesnt to need to spend time with me as i am destroying his gameplan, you all this that, Kishwar says no we just said that Salman pointed out that, Keith says to Nora that do what you want to, even its your plan or real, dont think about anyone. Priya says to Rishab thjat Suyyash said he will not take in discussion from now on as they are afraid of me.

Bigg Boss announces the jewel thief’ task. In this task, the housemates are divided into two teams –
the thieves team (Keith, Mandana, Nora and Rishabh)
the police team (Rochelle, Prince, Kishwer and Priya)
while Suyyash is the supervisor of the task. There are diamonds laid out across the living area and the bedroom which the thieves team is required to steal them. The thieves team is given a secret room which the police team cannot enter. Here, the thieves team is given an order in which they need to steal the eight diamonds laid out in the house. If the police catch the thieves with diamonds and if they get suspicious about someone, they can arrest the thieves and put them in the jail. In this task, thieves have to steal diamonds as per list given to them, they have to steal diamonds in right order as per list.

Keith is blindfolded, Rochelle ask him to give kiss. someone opens robbers room but Prince takes diamond from Keith before he goes in room, Mandana says Prince entered robbers room to get diamond, this is not right, he says no he didnt go in room. Prince puts Keith in jail for robbing.

Rishab steals diamond, Rochelle runs behind him but she falls down, Rishab goes in robbers room and put diamond there. Rochelle says Rishab pushed me, he was physical, Prince says i can take all diamonds in this way, Suyyash says Rishab was not violent but he was wrong to push Rochelle. Kishwar says we have to put Mandana in jail as she is suspect. Rishab steals one more diamond, Prince stops him, his jacket is torn, Rochelle and Prince holds him tightly and tries to search his jacket, Suyyash says they have to play with rules, Rochelle takes diamond from Rochelle.

Mandana is in jail, she talks to Keith and says i will create situation after i come out of jail then you steal diamond. Mandana comes out of jail, Priya says we have to search them, Keith steals diamond and goes in robbers room, Mandana says Keith if he is fine? she goes in diamond room too.
Priya opens robbers room and says they have two diamonds, Rishab says to Priya that dont cheat, Priya says i didnt go inside, i just checked their diamonds.
Rishab comes in robbers room and says this supervisor is partial, he is not taking action against them, Mandana says we are playing only Bigg boss but this supervisor is cheater. Suyyash says to Priya that you cant go inside robbers room.
Mandana steals one diamond, Kishwar catches her and puts her in jail, Mandana says to Rochelle that my team-mates are also idiots.
Rishab and Keith steals one more diamond.

Rishab is running, Kishwar catches him and says you have to go in jail now, she puts Rishab in jail but he hides key of jail, Suyyash ask him to gibe key, he says i am robber so i will rob but i dont have key, Suyyash says you have key now make sure you dont have it, Suyyash leaves, Rishab throws key out of house, Kishwar sees it and says he has thrown key out of house, we cant hit jail but key is not there now. Rishab says give me tea here.

Rochelle says i suspect Keith, she searches Keith, she says i am your girlfriend, he says not at time of task, Rochelle puts hand under his shirt, he says you ant search like this is wrong, Priya says we have investigators like this only, she ask Rochelle to keep searching like this, Keith says to Priya that come here than i wil give you hug too, Rochelle says to Keith that give me kiss and i will leave you, Keith says no, you are behaving like police, he gives kiss on her lips.

Bigg boss says to inmates that todays time of task has finished, no one will touch anything related to task now.
Prince says to Nora that you will win task, Keith says welldone thieves team.

PRECAP- Priya taunts Mandana that you steal things of people in real life so you are robber in real life, you are cheap, Mandana says you are cheap, Priya says you even steal medicines of people(Rishab). Rishab is in jail, Priya break water pot there, Rishab and Priya have fight, Priya tries to snatch thing/diamond from Rishab, she shouts at rishab that you can do anything what you but why cant i? Later Mandana steals diamond and throws it robbers room, it hits Rishab’s face who was there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @ Siva yeah I m enjoying Japan a lot I visited and fulfilled my childhood dream to visit Disneyland πŸ™‚ really wonderful and natural scenery 100 out of 100, and it’s also snowing which is like icing on the cake

  2. Only difference between Nora and digangana is that prince kisses Nora. . Or else both were not noticeable

  3. This song dedicated to rochelle and keith in bathroom..
    Thande thande pani se nahana chahiye
    Bahar aaye Ya na aaye..Priya ko Bahar rakhna chahiye…

  4. Nora to big boss.. big boss aise, aise bethna vulgar hota hain.. main kabhi aise baithi this kya?
    Big boss replies.. sorry been mujhe nahin pata kyun ki bathroom mein cameras nahin hain… πŸ™‚

  5. Subah 2 baje
    Keith abd rochelle sleeping..
    Keith wakes up.. but rochelle in deep sleep..
    Keith puts his hands on her butt’s. .
    Suddenly rochelle wakes up and screams. …. physical physical πŸ™‚

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Or keith screming ” hath jall gaya yaar kya khati ho???” πŸ˜€

  6. Prince ke pass na shakal hai na akal.aur upar se tharki bhi hai.bina horn wala bull.tu jit bhi jayega to bhi kya ukhad lega?kaun tuze apni film me chance dega?itne gande expression deta hai.Mahesh bhatt bhi chance nhi denge kyun ki emran hashmi tuzse jyada handsome hai.tu bas jindagi bhar spiltsvilla me judge banke rahiyo.pata nhi vo bhi thik se kar payega ki nhi.

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Bina horn wala bull prince? Horn is there but he has kept it hidden somewhere πŸ˜€

      1. ManuelFerrara

        He shall plough many fields using these horns πŸ˜€

  7. Love you ROCHELLE and keith??

  8. Prince aur nora ye kaunse jamane ki dosti hai bhai?friends with benifits?jab gizele ne kha tum dono ke bareme tab tum chillaye jab mandanane kha tab tum chillaye?jab tumhare apne bhai behenne kha tab?chillanese dar nhi lagta sahab nominationse lagta hai?zund ke suvar.aur suyash tu bas ladki pe chilla.mandana ki aukat batata hai?rochelle pe to bada chilla raha tha prince aya to bolti band ho gyi?rochelle chori upar se sinajori?prince to aise chilla rha tha jaise rochella bathroomme puja karne gyi thi.

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Rochelle bathroom me pooja karne nahi karwane gayi thi πŸ˜€

    2. @kruti prince is one of the fool and nora is one of the cleaver contestant of BB9. Nora ko exactly pta hai ki prince of kese dance krvana hai. Ek kiss milti hai nora se or prince saatve asmaanpar pahunch jata hai. Nora exactly knows ki jab tak prince ke saath hai tab tak hi save hai ghar mai or vo es chij ka pura faida utha rahi hai.

  9. Prince,nora aur rochelle ke point ye hai ki vo kitni bhi gandi harkate kar sakte hai par agar koi unhe kuch bolta hai to uska dimag ganda hai.

  10. 1.prince ek hi tha aur ek hi rahega bas girlfriends badlegi.
    2.Who has shown most growth in bb?
    Ans-rochelle’s eyebrows. year prince wil celebrate his diwali with yuvika & christmas with nora.
    4.priya-bhushan ki kasam,mere suhag ki kasam
    Ekta kapoor-u r casted priya.
    5.kishwer-whts up?
    Rochelle-mandana’s 2 hair r fallen on floor
    Kishwer-she is doing this for footage.
    6.bigg boss is so unfair,suyash was supposed to fight with a girl wrestler.

  11. @KRUTI
    See prince before he shaved his head fully , more handsome than your emran.

    See in splitsvilla how handsome he looks. He is very handsome but don’t know why lost his dressing sense in big boss. He is not caring about shakal in big boss

    He impressed all the girls on day 1 by showing his body.

    See his dressing sense in
    1. MR.PUNJAB

    Check that in mtv splitsvilla wheel of success video download

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Earlier he was cm punk now stone cold steve austin…

      1. harshal(PHFFAN)

        LMAO, hahaaha, too good manuel πŸ˜›

    2. Ya in spitsvilla Narula looked like a school boy πŸ˜›

  12. I didn’t like the episode at all….Prince is acting like a total jerk….we all can see that Nora is using….n yes Rochelle has ignited the fire….total chugalkhor…there was Jo need to tell Nora what mandana said….butshe wanted to create the drift…keith can’t you see….she will make u dance on ur toes….she isn’t worth for u..Prince earlier u were so u r just dancing around Nora….and ever one was pulling his leg then why the entire blame shifted on mandana n priya…. Rochelle u have stopped to a lower level

  13. Rochelle: why are you shouting all the time? why do you need to shout if you want to prove your point, its okay if somebody like rishab or prince shouts. It suits them, but as a girl you are raising your voice is really annoying.

    Kieth: You are true gentleman, i really want you to win this game, but just like preetam in BB8 you will be out of this game.

    Prince: Using the same tricks as Gautam did in BB8, he used diandra as love angle. I like when you do the tasks but when you unnecessarily shouts at girls is annoying.

    Rishab: Bhai tu jeet ke he aana is baar, loving your presence in the house.

  14. I don’t understand rishabh’s mind. One day he is fighting with mandana and priya or next day uni k saath apni strategy share kar raha hota hai ki ese hona cahiye ese krna cahiye. Koi self respect hai y nhi eski.! he has a mind but not using on the right time. feel pitty for him.

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Dalbadloo bandar

      1. @manuel I think tumara word perfect suit krega uske par. Uski khud ki koi individuality hi nhi hai yar. I wish ki jesa uska first day impression tha agar vesa impression same rehta to aaj BB9 ghar ki condition uske bhut favor mai honi thi.

  15. Actually priya didnt put any fire in the cool grp instead its rochs who lit fire to priyas tail. Just to put off that fire she was jumping like a cute mnkey here and there shouting and shrieking that i didnt do anything and prvng it.

    Prince! Dude ur shoutng at priya bcse somewhere her cmmnt on rochs is pinching u vry badly as ur also doing. the same on kuleaam. Karode log dekh rahe hai bool gaye he ka! Priyas already kachara image is helping all a lot. Just throw all the kachara(ilzaam) on her head and say ” bhag milka bhag! ) convenient way to escape frm ur mistakes. Dont worry ppl wll stnd up for u all.

  16. ManuelFerrara

    Priya milkha nahi hai ye bhagti nhi bhagati hai

    1. ManuelFerarra

      reply 4 @II

  17. I think suyash or Nora will be eliminated this week .but I hope nora will eliminated because Nora ki wajah se prince ki image spoil
    ho rahi hai

    1. @ simranjeet kaur prince ki pehle image ki pehle image konsa achi thi. Usko to bas ladki cahiye kiss krne k liye. Nora nikal jaegi to Rochelle to pakar lega or agar kuch na ho ska to mandana to hai na or vese bhi aj kal mandana k sath kafi acha banne ki try mai hai.

      1. Par @Ritika jab takk prince commited nhi h toh kya problem h isme.Whole world does that to find a partner but to do illicit things is bad & kiss toh woh poori duniya ko karta h (his way of expression)

  18. @manuel ferrara

    Now prince is looking like


    1. ManuelFerrara

      Nora chale toh ghajini ban jayega..

  19. not liking prince’s behaviour now a days.. yuvika really suits u prince.. nt nora..

    1. BB ka contestants ka choice itna kharap kyun hain too bad Yuvika like Rishabh more πŸ˜›

    2. Yuvika was really a nice girl. Prince kisi bhi angle se use deserve nhi krta or vo khud bhi prince ko pasand nhi krti thi. Jab prince ne propose kiya to mujhe lgta hai ki vo sirf prince is izzat bachane ki khatir silent rahi. Agar ussi time no bol deti to aaj prince dusri girls ki taraf dekhne se pehle do baar sochta. Yuvika actual mai to risabh ko like krit thi or vo show bhi krti thi apni likeness risabh k liye jab vo game mai thi.

      1. ManuelFerrara

        No @ritika before salman she clearly preffered prince over rishabh.

  20. @ritika nora ka toh pahle se plan tha ki woh ghar mein prince or rishab ko pyar degi but prince ka assa koi bhi plan nahi tha .sabko dikh raha hai ki wo prince ko use kar rahi hai game ke liye . prince is a strong and deserving person or vese bhi yeh mandana ka plan tha ki woh prince ke saath bna kar rakhegi

    1. @ simranjeet agar mandana ka plan tha bhi to bhi prince uske plan mai bhut ache se fas gya. Prince ke mind se nhi dil se or girls ki kisses lekar khel rha hai. Agar prince k pass mind hota to use pta chlta ki jo manadana jisse uska etni mismatach hai ek dum se uske saath mithi ban gai or prince bhi uski baton mai aakar uska favor krne lag gya. Favor krne k chakar mai vo cool group se bhi bhir gya manadana k liye. Eska meaning ki prince ko koi bhi araam se ungli par ncha skta hai e.g nora or manadana

      1. ManuelFerrara

        Prince is gathering mandana’s fans who are also large in numbers (second highest) & weekend me mandana ko hi vote out bhi karta hai…sabse bana karr chall raha hai pappiyan lete hue..priya whom no one likes uski bejatti karta hai..and trp leta hai.,& warror image bana leta hai tasks jeetkar..finally gets highest votes too…will be winner too.

  21. @ ritika agar hum kisi ko bura dekhne ki koshish karenge toh WO hamme achha nahi dikhega . sub ks apna apna openion hota hai

  22. VotingTrend Till 1 PM : Prince Narula Dropped to 2nd,Mandana Toping the list with nominal difference. Keith & Nora in bottom.

  23. PRIYA:
    Trying to get everyone’s attention because she knows that finale is near and footage is important. I think she learned this in big brother . Trying to show that she is” SACHHAI KI DEVI”. She is the greatest “CHUGAL KHOR”.

    He is a gentleman trapped in the hands of rochell . He is kind hearted and a good person.

    She is a arrogant lady who never understands her boy friend. For winning the game she will go to any extens, even she can dumb Keith for winning big boss.

    She is a good girl but failed to prove this in front of camera. Sometime she takes side of her boy friend but she never cheats anyone.

    Very genuine and nice to his girlfriend. But people will not vote him for this. Anyone will get angry if someone kicks your girlfriend and he expressed his emotions angrily and became bad in the eyes of audience.

    Going down bro. Why trying to find love ❀ in reality shows . These girls are models . It will not affect their image but your image will be affected badly. Moreover they will not even talk to you after the show. You can marry beautiful Punjabi girls after the show. Even your fans are angry on you for kissing nora.

    Don’t why he is trying to show that he is good, kind hearted and nice man here. See him in splits villa. He is an alcoholic who had abuses digangana. But he acted soo well that even digangana started liking him.

    She is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Don’t know what are her parents taught her. No words for that _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

    Mandana is a “MYSTERY”.
    She says I need no friends and I am alone against 6 people but discusses strategy with gizele and dances with rishabh on big boss group song. She says I say it on the face but she lies . She dumbs her friends in one day and finds new one but she is alone. She abuses her friends and starts crying for sympathy.

  24. I just hate that nora.

    hope she gets evicted this week

  25. @fatarajo
    Suyyash and nora getting least votes.

    1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Thanks Siva, I hope suyyash don’t get evicted this week as his captaincy was really good and asΒ for Nora, she should be the one evicted, just know how to romance, hello Nora wake up do tasks be active(she’s actually capable). Suyyash is better than Nora. Planning to vote for Suyyash this week but will give the final call tomorrow

  26. Hey dude! Manuel! I also meant the same thing as u. I think u didnt read my reply to ur earlier cmnt.

    1. ManuelFerrara

      No prob bro,got it!


  27. @ritika agar prince mandana ka saath na de toh problem or agar saath de toh problem . vese aap kiske fan ho?

    1. @ Simranjeet kaur actually i hate both mandana and prince. manadana wo voilence vale incident se i hate her. how could she through something on priya. by words you can say anything. prince mujhe kuch baaton par theek lgta hai. agar favorate ka bola jae to keith is my fav. kyuki jesa bhi hai banda sensible hai and brother ki tragedy hone ka baad bhi acha perform kar raha hai. agar koi or hota to shayd se esa bahve na kar pta jese ki keith kar rha hai. so keith mere liye abhi tak ka fav hai. or app kiski fav hai.?

  28. This time i think nora will get evicted for sure.!!

  29. @ritika you have good choice. but mein to prince ki fan hoon. manne usse roadies and splitsvilla mein dekha thaa tab se hi uski fan hoon . yes mujhe bhi lagta hai ki Nora hi eliminate hogi. l don’t like her

  30. Nora should get eliminated this week… else every passing day will make prince more weak….

  31. Subhashitha K S

    Anybody who have watched roadies will know prince character better.Prince is not like what he is seen in bb.He has gone mad here.He shld avoid nora.But he is not understanding it.
    Hope she is eliminated soon and he comes back to his self.

    1. Neeru (PHFFAN)

      I agree.. But what hasn’t changed from Roadies is his attachment to his frnds..
      Remember his dosthi with gurmeet nd whole members of ranvijay’s gang.. ?
      The way gurmeet nd he competed against each othr till the finals, ,keeping their frndship intact … Awesome… Surprising too,, Coz roadies is known for gaalis nd violence…
      and finally vn prince won,, the way he gave his bike( the ultimate dream of every roadie) to gurmeet… I was completly in awe then.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Such will be eliminated this week. Prince has no chance to stay in the show in a longer time. Prince is stupid. use. keith, pray nora, roach. shouls be eliminated from the show. Other wise show is flop. Mandana is ver smart and playing smartly.

    3. Prince told Suyyash that Nora has confessed her feelings for him but he don’t know if she’s being honest or not.

      Prince clarified to Suyyash that Nora is just a good friend and she is not important than the Game for him

    4. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      I did watch only 2 episodes of roadies as MTV chaanel is newly subscribed, and in two episodes prince main zamin aasman me farq chain, sometimes prince reminds me of rabbit kapoor in tamasha πŸ˜›

  32. Kish as a sister was concerned abt prince she just said wo apna game spoil kar raha hai…priya the “chugalkor aunty” iska fayda uta rahi hai…she is trying to break them…sukish were just concerned abt him….wo position waali baath Mandy new shuru ki…priya new advantage le Liya…#we support sukish n prince

  33. priya bht ganda khel rhi h.

  34. Naura is a flirt

  35. I think mandana for sure she will win this show bb9

  36. Prince……… look fake in the show…….Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thumbs down…not doing good at all………..In task too you fail…Result is Nora.

    Rochelle….loudspeaker..don’t use this trick…as u look dump…no sense of playing ..only want Keith kissessssssssssssssss and ur ugly mouth to abuses othersssssssss. Hoping you went in bathroom to help Keith orrrrrrrrr.something fishy as all the times.

    Keith you are playing good……..just keep distance from your so called gf…… she is just using u and calling you dumb…,,,,Keith hoping you will prove youself…………good luck dear……

    Rishabh the King…………I just love they way you play…………Good going……..Play good.devil…………

    Priya and Mandana the evil spirits………….Girls………….good luck

  37. kish is my favorite, spitting in rishab’s drink was her last mistake. She is loyal towards her friends and very genuine. Only her too ”muhfat” nature can be her downfall. But when comes to task u are the best among all

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