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Bigg Boss 9 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 16
Song plays, Yuvika dances while all enjoy it.

Vikas says to suyyash that some people has come here to play and some to win it, this is fake world, suyyash says you, Yuvika and Prince are my good buddies, Prince has changed after listening just a message, he shouldnt do that, Vikas says he shouldnt break friendship with you, Suyyash says big boss is like this only.

Prince reads luxury budget task “friendspage”, Prince and suyyash will play against each other in it, they have a fan page on wall placed in garden, they will update status and send friend request to inmates, inmates will provide support by becoming their friends and liking their status, if any inmate wanna change support then they will announce in camera and

then change their side, Kishwar will supervisor of task and is not allowed to be on either side,
the one who will have more friends will win the task and become captain while loser will be nominated directly, if rules are broken then Prince or Suyyash can block friends of opposite sides, Kishwar can give her input when it comes to blocking, blocked user will wear street jacket and have to sit on chair placed in garden.
Prince and everyone come in garden, Prince says after buzzer plays, we will start writing status, Kishwar says yes, Aman reads that he has to announce first then write it, Prince says we can write anything, team has decided it, Kishwar says to Prince that you dont have any team but if you have made team from now only then its other thing, Prince says you can punish us for anything, Suyyash says she will give punishment when we try to free blocked user.
Keith says to Aman that everyone is trying to supervisor that is problem.
Prince update his status that you all know everything, if you help me to win then it will be great. Rochelle stick her picture on Prince’s side, she becomes his friend. Suyyash says i need your support and love guys, he writes his status that i have not come here to fight but i will fight till end of task so please support me.

Keith ask Suyyash and Prince that Prince, Suyyash and Kishwar has bond of friendship, they have a group, Prince have support, how will you people play when you have a group? Prince says they are like brother and sister to me but i will play my task individually, Keith says will you be fair? Prince says definitely, Suyyash says i agree that we did gang up earlier but when it comes to task then i will try to be fair and will not cheat anyone. Rochelle says to Suyyash that you fight alot in task, your status seems fake to me, you have not left a single thing to fight, Suyyash says i thought i was correct so i fought for it, i know i am short tempered and i get loud but i was not wrong.
Rochelle says in camera that i dislike Suyyash’s status as it seem fake to me and he doesnt mean it.
Aman says to Suyyash that you got negative vibes from me because your girlfriend was tied to me and you couldnt spend time with her but you didnt tell me once this, you could have told me that you wanna spend time with her, Suyyash says i was angry with her more as she was not taking stand for her, Aman says when it was about nominating one person from pair, Kishwar said she will nominate herself but i raised my hand and nominated myself to show that i am not negative person, Kishwar says i just wanna say.. Aman says you cant come in talk, you are supervisor of task, Kishwar says when its about me then i will come in talk and nobody can stop me as i am captain of house, Aman says this is the problem that whenever we talk to one of you, both both jump in and doesnt let anyone else talk, Rochelle says to Kishwar that you cant answer on Suyyash’s behalf as you are supervisor, Kishwar says you talk on Keith’s behalf too, Rochelle comes to camera and says supervisor is talking in english, i wanna complain about her, Kishwar says to Aman that you nominated yourself as you took your bag and i sacrificed that time so you wanna show your greatness in nominations, dont bring my name in your talks, Aman says why not? i will.
Prince says to Keith that if you are right then i wont nominate you ever, its not about i am on anyone’s side.
Rochelle says to suyyash that your way is wrong, you are playing game so you should play alone, Suyyash says you cant change way of reaction of anyone.
Kishwar says to Keith that i didnt interfere in Aman’s talk till he started taking my name.
Suyyash says to Aman that i cant change Kishwar’s way of reaction.

Arvind says to Keith and Aman that when Kishwar is supervisor and if she is speaking inbetween then Suyyash should clear to her that dont interfere in task as it will go against me but he didnt say anything to her, he is convincing himself that she is right, instead he should convince Kishwar to be silent for sometime, Aman says Rochelle and you talk on each other’s behalf many times but you talk with some sense, you both dont start shouting on others, this is not the right way but till they are together, they wont understand it.
Suyyash says to Rochelle that i just gave reason to Vikas about my status, i will give it to you too, Prince is here too, Prince started going against me from start of task but its very negative for me to fight with my brother(Prince) even if its a task, Kishwar says Prince started playing even before game started, he started my supporters are this or that, Prince says he could start playing too, Kishwar says you started campaigning about your profile even before writing your status, Prince says rule was that i wil announce status before writing which i did.
Rochelle says to Arvind that i and Keith never compared our relation with Suyyash and Kishwar, i never say that they do this as couple so we can do it too but Kishwar keep comparing her couple with us and keep saying that Rochelle do this for Keith etc.

Prince request Aman to like his status, Aman put his picture on Prince’s wall.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that Aman was talking about me so i have to react, suyyash says he wanted me to thank him for nominating himself and saving you, Kishwar says he wanted to show how great he is, all know about him but its only me who can speak up, Vikas comes and says Arvind is instigating everyone inside, Suyyash says i will support Kishwar in everything, Vikas says if its about my wife then i will speak up.
Prince updates his status that he is trying to move on so he needs support. Mandana comes and says thats very sweet, he should get chance if he is trying to rectify, she likes his status, he hugs her.

Mandana says to Keith and Aman that he doesnt care if no one is with him, Aman says one will become captain and one will be nominated after this task so they will say anything to attract us, this change has come after Prince talked to Babaji, Baba said to Prince that he is looking like sidekick of Kishwar and Suyyash, now he is trying to prove his individuality.
Suyyash updates his status that situations will change but his thinking will not change, Kishwar says i wanna like it too, Rochelle comes and reads it, she says to Suyyash that i am not able to get your thinking still now, Suyyash says you should try to think from my point of view, Rochelle says you are trying to tell that i am incapable to understand you? suyyash says no i am incapable of making you understand, Kishwar says he is saying that. Rochelle says please stay out of it, Aman says to Suyyash that when we start talking to you, she jumps in then how to talk to you? Kishwar says its my habit, i will speak inbetween when i want, Suyyash says if you drag her then its her right to speak, Aman says i wasnt dragging her, i was just giving example of past, Kishwar comes and point fingers at him, Aman says why you talk like this, Kishwar says i came inbetween your and Suyyash’s talk when you started blaming me, Aman says i was just expecting a thank you as i sacrificed and nominated myself to save you, Kishwar says why should we thank you when you nominated yourself for a reason, Aman ask what reason? Kishwar says you took your bag and i sacrificed that time so you wanted to show your greatness in nominating time, Suyyash says to Aman if you keep dragging her then we wont be able to talk, you shouldnt do what you did now, Kishwar says you can manipulate anyone but not me as i have seen you in one week.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that i am asking these questions to you without fighting, Suyyash says i tell everything to Keith as you dont get what i am trying to say so bring Keith when you wanna ask anything, Rochelle says no i wanna talk to you, you can speak in english and repeat in hindi, i will understand, Kishwar comes and says as her girlfriend i just wanna say that you say Prince, Suyyash take decisions without asking girls, why are you not asking questions to Prince, why only Suyyash? Rochelle says i have already talked to Prince.

in confession room, bigg boss says to Prince and Suyyash that rules were broken in task but you didnt block any user, Prince says sorry we didnt take this action but if anyone does that now then we will block them and will ask supervisor too.
Prince comes to Kishwar and ask her to do her work as supervisor and dont come inbetween task else he will involve himself too, Suyyash ask what are you saying to her? Prince says why you are talking to me in this tone? i have given my support to you both till now but in this task, you both have turned on one side, you are covering up for each other, Kishwar shouts that people are coming to suyyash and complaining about me, if they have guts then come to me and directly to talk, if they will talk to suyyash about me then i will interfere, dont dictate me Prince, she says something which is muted, Prince says dont give slang to me, Suyyash says she didnt, Kishwar says you have been instigated by others, Prince says you both have become one and working against me, Kishwar says you have changed behavior from yesterday night only, Keith comes there and says that Kishwar will be supervisor, you both play your game, end this fight, Kishwar cries and leaves from there. suyyash says to Digi what is this way to shout on her like this? Prince is not right.
Prince comes to Kishwar, she says i dont wanna talk to you, i dont wanna play this game, she throws her mike away, Suyyash gives her back to her, she wears it, Kishwar says to Prince that you have talked to Keith and said that you will be on their side and will be against Suyyash, Prince says i didnt talk to him about this, Kishwar says Suyyash and you are not talking since morning.
Rochelle says to Mandana that Kishwar is giving foolish reasons that Prince was talking to us last night so he has changed.
Kishwar says to Prince and Suyyash that they have forced this group thing on us, Prince says we were never a group, Suyyash says Keith, Rochelle etc have gone on one side and forced that i, Kishwar and you are a group, Prince says i am not playing in any group, i am playing for my fans.

Kishwar reads instruction that Suyyash and Prince can win support of an extra user, this will be beneficial to them as this user wont be allowed to change side, this extra user will be permanent friend of Prince or suyyash, from now till bigg boss’s next order, there will be event of both teams, both teams will be allotted the song and whenever that song plays in any part of house, that team have to run there and start dancing on that song, Suyyash’s team song is ‘Balla booriyan’, Prince’s team song is ‘Aaj ki party’, Kishwar will attend both th

Prince says to Suyyash that we are getting personal in task, Suyyash says take things as jokes, Prince says if thing is personal then i will take it personally, Kishwar taunted me that i am disloyal, if i was nothing then i wouldnt have won reality shows, Suyyash says you have won shows so what? Prince says dont shout, Suyyash says you keep screaming, i dont care. its your drama, Prince says talk with respect, i am saying this last time, Suyyash says your respect will be taken off soon, Prince says if you cant joke then dont try it, you are a cheap person, Suyyash says what? Prince says cheap person you are, if you try to get personal with me then i will break you, i have taken everything in fun till now, you keep saying that i am your brother and all but if this is your real face then show it, dont hide it behind sweet talks, Vikas takes Prince away.

Suyyash says to Kishwar that if i had taken a step ahead today then Prince would have raised his hand on me, Kishwar says he is a jerk.

PRECAP- Prince and Suyyash campaigns to become captain, Prince says to inmates that if i am captain then it will be majority who will be considered, i will be every inmate, Prince ask them to give him chance.
Suyyash says if i am captain then there wont be favoritism, i will force you to work only that is needed for this house will not push you more than that, Suyyash says i wanna move on. Later bigg boss gets miffed with inmates, he says to inmates that you are in 3rd week of show still you havent shown any creativity in task nor you have shown any enthusiasm to win task, you all have failed to understand this show.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Crrct biggboss they jst wanna scream n 1 particular topic its goin vry boring type anyways bb8 ws d best

  2. This Kishwer Aunty and her Bf Suyyash is just IRRITATING…Can’t say irritating too they are much more than Irritating…This Vikas and Yuvika too r fake..Vikas silently listened Amar,Arvind,Keith and Rochelle talks and went to Suyyash and said everything..Such a backstabber..Both Vikas and Yuvika want to Enter this Kish Aunt’s group..
    Totally confused..Nobody is real can’t find anyone who is real here..
    Prince stop supporting Kish Aunty and Suyyash..
    Suyyash and kish aunty if ur gf and bf keep that things in home u have came here to play individually and Stop doing ur DRAMAS…
    I like Keith and he is good and hoping that he is Real..

  3. Thank you for the quick update 🙂

  4. This tym big boss z very boring cz contestants chosen r not matured n just fakin it dey seemed to b very dumb n thinking lot more about how dey ll luk to audience n in dat process totally fakin n ruining the show.. specially kishwar n suyash

  5. suyyash n khiswer react according to d situation if i m happy i ll dance, sing, jump or laugh ,if i get angry or someone speak wrrong about me then i ll fight n shout or if i m sad then i ll cry or sit quitely this is human nature n everybody did d same thing so according to me disii two people are real n other contestant r fake because of d camera

  6. Guys do u know that PRINCE is the new Captain of big boss house..Suyyash got nominated…i hope suyyash get evicted then it will be fun to Watch Kish Aunty without her bf..
    Suyyash got only two votes from Digangana and Yuvika other intames voted for Prince…
    Hope to c Prince as a good Captain…

  7. Hope prince ll b a sensible nd mature captain nd b wat ur 1st u wr influenced ny kish nd suyyash nd nw by ur sistrs words u jst play ur game don’t bother abt othrs especially backstabber yuvika

  8. rochelle is dramayi coz at first she told that khiswer is speaking english not following bigg boss rule but she always speak english n she even asked suyyash to speak english what this stupid woman is doing

    1. Rochelle n Mandana dont know hindi well still dey try dere best to talk in hindi. Bt we indians like kish know hindi very well still we showoff n talk in english. As its commn dat if u talk in hindi den u r dehati. :-/ n u didint get rochelle; when suyash said u r nt undrstanding my point as c z weak in hindi, c said explain me in english n then translate in hindi. C z trying her best to talk in hindi n undrstand hindi

  9. It was indeed a very bad idea to have kishwar and suyyash on the show. Had it been some body else in their place, the show would have been a lot more fun. Actually it would have been fun which its not now. The two of them play irrationally. So what if the two of them are together? Don’t they know this is a game?as a viewer, id like to mention that they spoil out mood everytime for extremely lame reasons.

  10. Aakhir big boss ne bhi bol hi diya wat i was saying since d 1st day…pathetic choice of contestants this time! :(Isse acha rimi aur yuvika se dance show krwa do pure din…kuch toh entertainment ho! 🙁 Fake and pretence- each one of them, dhang se fight bhi nahi karte ki real lage…. 😀 (except arvind and rimi-they r quiet but real, respect them for that 🙂 And rimi rote bolte huye bhi cute lagti h:) Mandana could hv been way hotter if she wasnt pretending and genuinely reacting evrytime! Kahan se laye h inko!

    1. Yaeh right..pta ni kha se uthakr le aaye h insab ko sab bakwas h bore krte h

  11. Rochelle is also genuine but both she and keith r not that interesting or spicy for a show lyk big boss. Who chose d contestants dis time! Itne thande! Isse acha toh normal duniya k normal logon ko utha lao- isse zyada entertainkar denge :/

  12. Kishwar and suyash think they r v.interesting and spicy couple. On the contrary, its becoming a pain to watch big boss this season becoz of these 2 immature “celebrities” who shout and pretend to react on things that seem v.fake.

  13. Kishwar-suyyash should evict…the only show become super

  14. guyz don’t say anything to kishwar and suyyash because they are playing their own game and they are showing their real face and act according to the situation not like other who are fake. other inmates are not showing their real face but when they also show their real face and play their own game it will be fun and interesting to watch it. 😉

  15. No 1 z taking tasks seriously. I love to watch tasks. Bt dey r only saying my bf, my gf, my brothr, my sistr, my frnd eyc etc hav dey all gone dere to create a family?
    Plz some1 ask dem nt to hav family n to entertain us. If dese kind of thngs continue then i ll only watch on sat n sunday. Salman entrtains us more dan them. Y to waste our 1 hr watchng dese boring people.
    N kish n suyash r getting on to my nervs.. dont know how to play bs chillana ata h

  16. good going

  17. and are u all guys mad…
    wats da meaning of calling kish as kishwer aunty..dats her age..and she cant help it…
    and prince is a dumbo..
    he is a selfish person…
    suyyash and kish react accordingly…
    just after a message..he broke his friendship…dat shows his standard…
    u r fake prince..and i hate u

  18. I am surprised tht yuvika supported kish.dumb girl.if she wants to live in the shw she should hav supported prince.kish & suyash dnt need anybody .if she supports prince he could be friends with her.people would like to see them toghether.wht she is doing in big boss yar?no brains at all.

  19. Thank god prince seperated from kish & suyash.but he is overreacting.h

  20. Sab yehi sochke aaye hai ki sirf chillayengey our jhagda karengey to last tak jayengey task me koi vi apna dimaag nahi laga raha hai.Kisi ne vi pichley seasons ke contestents ka smartness nahi dekha kya? Sirf Dolly Bindra ka chillana hi dekha kya?

  21. well said smmruti i like ur idea dat khish is not aunt its her age n anu yuvika can like anyone its her choice she not playing for u , prince what r u doing ..u just want to show dat u r individual so u r fake

    1. dats right yaar…
      he is just faking it…such a nonsense he is
      sab ko babaji ka bhasan mila…
      but he jumped to it immedietly…
      and moreover his sis dint say to break frndship with them….
      he is trying to show that that…he will win bb9…which he wont …i bet

  22. prince is thinking that he has come out of suyyash and kish’s influence(.which was never dere)..but he has come under others influence now
    but he is forgetting that they were his good frnds when all were going against…
    leave it…

  23. hate kishwer & suyyash…r they from underworld??? 😉

  24. Digangana kch bol hi nhi rhi hai sirf sabka conversation sun rhi hai….
    Diggy plzzz apna point of view v rakhna sikho……
    Don’t be too much silent…..

  25. prince is overreacting…..he shouldn’t do that….he should play real….

  26. Guys I really feel dat kishwar n suyaash are playing fairly and properly and wen it cumz 2 prince sirf ek chote she msg ke baad itna badal gaya air suyaash aur kishwar usse influence nahi woh kishwar ko influence kar raha tha yaad hain bathroom mai jab woh usse bol raha tha order kar roz bathroom saaf hoga n all dat bcum real prince

    1. When they talk about her she didnt react instant but just smiled thats her way of living in the bigg boss house

  27. I yuvika danced well just to entertain public well done yuvv

  28. Prince fake n oversmart bakwas insaan in the house

  29. Prince is not trying to understand he should do his best in task then…fight with other… If one person l”ll understood to do best in task then other inmates l’ll also influence from them…..they’re just doing fighting, backbeching, or else keeping quite….. Nonsense…… Prince should make gf in house Bcoz gf bf…… Relations making show very interesting….. To watch he can pairup with diggi….. Bt she’s vry family type girl….. I think nxt she l’ll evict…from show…. I don’t want to see vikas yuvika… They’re just fake…..

  30. Mandana is real.she understand task and people.she already given bavishvani to prince,which exactly baba gave lately.but now prince is overeacting.he can do any physical task but mentally he is weak..kesh need to be the samchalak but she is in team with suyyash.diggy rimi arvind should evicted and please bring some wild card entries.

  31. samchalak means she should keep quite when somebody is speaking about her ….not at all…. why they ask Q about khis to suyash.If anyone wants to knw anything about her then they should have to ask to her only not to other people so she should have to speak up in dat matter what a super women khiswer

  32. Pls wildcard entries…….salman

  33. I think they should watch previous seasons Gauhar’s one or anyother

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