Bigg Boss 9 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 15
Shikdoom do song plays, all inmates wake up and dances, they ask Rimi to dance as it was her movie’s song, Rimi comes and dances while all other follow her.

Kishwar says to Prince that its mental block, she(Rimi) always say in start that she cant do this, she cant do that, Prince says she doesnt know her fan following, she can reach finale easily, Kishwar says when Salman joked with her about getting ticket to finale, her face was turned to pale, Prince says i feel that she should reach finale, Kishwar says exactly, she is not a small actress, her movies were hit once.
Keith hugs Rimi and says you are sweet.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that Mandana has started copying Rimi, she has started saying that she wanna leave

but we all know how much she wanna stay here.

Prince says to Mandana that whatever utensil you use, keep it back to its place, Mandana says i know this, you dont have to tell me, Prince starts washing floor of Kitchen but Mandana is there and ask him to let her wash utensils then clean floor, Prince waits for her, she goes, Prince cleans floor, Kishwar says to Vikas that Mandana is not doing any work, she does her work only, Vikas says she was doing household chores till she was with Keith.

Mandana says to Digangana that Prince is very irritating, he keep ordering that do this or do that, Digangana says he thinks you are rude, Mandana says everyone knows that i am very particular abotu cleanliness but why he keep ordering to do this or not do this.
Prince says to Yuvika that you should speak else people will think you are weak. Kishwar says to Suyyash that i have to tell inmates to work, Prince says we will be with captain, kishwar says if i ask them to work then they feel that i am bad.

bigg boss says to inmates that Roopal had ordered Prince and Suyyash to be in partnership, its time to end that partnership, they can open their belt and leave it in store room, Prince and Suyyash sends flying kisses to Bigg boss and thanks him. Bigg boss says its time for nominations, Keith and Mandana got nominated in Lagaan task so nobody will nominate them, Kishwar is captain so she has immunity, nobody can nominate her. he calls Aman in confession room.

AMAN: Bigg boss ask Aman to give 2 names whose input in bigg boss house is least. Aman says VIKAS was not good in captaincy so VIKAS first. Second is Suyyash as i dont get along with him well, bigg boss says its personal reason, you have to give name who has done least in show, Aman says its ARVIND, he doesnt do much.

YUVIKA: she says i want to nominate ARVIND as his input is least, second is RIMI as she is silent but i want her to open up.

SUYYASH: he says i would want to Mandana but i cant now, he says i want to nominate ARVIND as he seem lost, second is DIGANGANA, she is sweet but hasnt done much in show.

DIGANGANA: she nominates ARVIND and says he is silent and doesnt talk much, she nominates VIKAS and says he takes stress much when we dont agree to his point.

MANDANA: she nominates DIGANGANA and says as her age is not much so she thinks like kid, she nominates ARVIND and says he is quite most of the time.

PRINCE: he nominates ARVIND and says he was going opposite to what bigg boss said. secondly he nominates AMAN as he is silent most of the times.

KEITH: he nominates VIKAS and says i helped him to become captain but i feel let down as he didnt do much in lagaan task, he nominates DIGANGANA as she is not participating much.

VIKAS: he nominates ARVIND and says he is confused thats why he took Prince and Suyyash’s name as worst, he nominates ROCHELLE and says she cant thin beyond Keith, she thinks what Keith says is end of everything.

RIMI: she nominates ARVIND and DIGANGANA and says they are very nice people but not apt for this show.

ROCHELLE: she nominates DIGANGANA and ARVIND and says they are left behind inbetween clever people.

ARVIND: he nominates VIKAS and DIGANGANA and says they are not giving content which people wanna see.

Bigg boss says to Kishwar that nominated people are KEITH MANDANA ARVIND DIGANGANA VIKAS. he says to Bigg boss that except all these, you give one more name, he or she will be nominated directly.
KISHWAR: she says Rimi is fun to talk but she doesnt contribute much so she nominates RIMI.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are done. nominated people of this week are KEITH MANDANA ARVIND DIGANGANA VIKAS and RIMI, Rimi has sigh of relief listening her name. she passes flying kisses and says thank you so much all.

Mandana to Prince that i clean everything, my makeup and everything is at one place, i dont like it when people pin point at me to clean this or that, dont take me wrong, Prince says i was just saying that you get rude when someone tries to talk to you, Mandana says i and you used to get along well, Kishwar comes and ask Mandana what she did? Mandana says i cleaned floor yesrterday, Kishwar says i am asking what you did today? Mandana says no one did any work yesterday but i did, Kishwar says then you will have to work tomorrow, Mandana says yes fine, she comes to Prince and says instead of talking to others about me, you can come to me and tell me on my face, i listened you talking about me to others, Prince says i just said that you are rude, Mandana says you are changed, it was another Prince who entered house but now Suyyash and Kishwar’s opinions are involved in his opinion, you are changed, Prince hugs her and says i am still same for you.

all inmates are in garden, Bigg boss says that there is one idol placed in garden, he is Bigg boss’s baba, he will predict your future, whenever light on his head is turned on, this means that Baba is ready to talk to you, at this time, Baba will talk to inmates who are not nominated. you all go to him one by one.
Rochelle comes to Baba, she wear headphones, Baba says to Rochelle that you smile alot but if you want to keep smiling then you have to take stand, you get influenced by other which can cost you, what you think is right, do that, only then you will go forward in this game, thats end for today for you, Rochelle says baba kis jai, she leaves.
Kishwar comes forward, she wear headphones, he ask Kishwar to move her locks of hairs from forehead so that he can read his future, she does, he says you have a long run in this game, you are captain now but it will not last long, you will have important input to make new captain so take right decision.
Suyyash comes there, he wear headphones, baba says you seem confused, you have a fight between your heart and mind, listen what your sister said, last night’s conversation of her sister plays, she says that Suyyash says whenever it comes to Kishwar, he becomes emotional, Suyyash is alone enough for whole house but this is not couple game so he doesnt need to promote his couple, he should bring his individually, her message ends, Baba says to suyyash that you will chance to prove yourself in future, leave, Suyyash gets emotional.
Prince comes to baba ji, Baba says your name is Prince but you havent become right member of house too, you should stop following others and start playing your game, her sister’s message plays, she says that Prince is very entertaining but he seems to get stuck between Kishwar and Suyyash, he should play his game as he has alot of potential, message ends. Baba says to Prince that you will get chance soon to prove yourself, Prince says i have understood and now new Prince will be seen.
Yuvika comes to baba and ask what to do? Prince ask her to wear headphones, she does, Baba says to Yuvika that you are confused in everything, even in wearing headphones, you should start speaking up, when you start giving your opinion on right time then you will be on right path, this is not talent hunt show, play wisely.
Aman comes to Baba, Baba ask him to remove his seriousness lines from forehead, Aman smiles, Baba says thats nice, he says to aman that you seem to keep thinking all the time but nothing works here on its own here, you have to do something to be in this house.

Prince and Suyyash tell Kishwar that they got message from their families, she says i didnt get it. Prince says people wanna see Prince of Rodies, Kishwar says so will you change with us? Prince says i am not saying this but i have to think now, Kishwar says so why are you behaving like this, Kishwar and Suyyash leaves.
Prince says to Yuvika that baba said to me that dont loose individuality, i should play game alone, people are thinking that Prince is changed.

Suyyash and Kishwar comes to other inmates, Suyyash says Prince, Yuvika and Aman are thinking too much about baba’s words.
Mandana comes to Aman and ask what did baba said? he says baba asked us to forget past and think about future.

Prince says to Suyyash that people want to see Prince playing alone, they have seen Prince playing individually in other reality shows, now we will play tasks alone, Suyyash says yes. Digi(digangana) comes there, Prince says Baba said to me that dont listen to others, just do what you want, Suyyash says dont talk big, do what you are saying, Prince says i will not leave the one who makes me angry, Kishwar says i am getting afraid now, Prince says dont be, he leaves. Kishwar ask Suyyash if he got message from Shruti(Suyyash’s sister), he nods, Kishwar ask if he is depressed? Suyyash says no baby, Kishwar you must be emotional listening sister’s message, Suyyash says it was just message, i controlled my tears and came out.
Prince comes to Rochelle and says i will play my game now, we will be together whenever needed in game, i will do what i want now, we will play together, i got my sister’s message, she asked me to be what i used to be, dont get influenced by others, Rochelle says right.

Prince says to Yuvika that Baba has opened my eyes, i was not able to do tasks the way i used to, if it was not Suyyash with me that day then i would have stolen coins in lagaan task for sure, i denied stealing as all were not in favor of it, i chose Suyyash over task.
Kishwar says to Vikas that Yuvika and Prince must talking that they should not consider anything infront of task.
Prince says to Yuvika that i will deny any relations when its about task, i will play alone, Yuvika says right, Prince says in camera that thank you bigg boss for letting me know, i will Prince like i used to earlier too.

Rochelle says to Keith that i dont think i follow your everything, my friendship with Mandana, i dont think about her image in house. Keith says there can be day when you will have to nominate me, you will do it and i wont feel bad about it, Rochelle says we have to go out of house one day and we will be together there. Keith says just be what you are, Rochelle says dont feel about anything i say, Keith says not at all, i am with you.

PRECAP- Bigg boss has given luxury budget task “friendspage”, Suyyash and Prince will compete against each other in this task, inmates will show their support to either of them as per their choice. Keith says Suyyash, Prince and Kishwar have bonding as group. Aman talks to Suyyash but Kiswhar interrupts, Aman says i am talking to him, why are you answering? Kishwar says when its about me then i will answer it and nobody can stop as i am captain of house. Prince says Kishwar should understand else i wont work, Suyyash says she will speak when its about me, Kishwar says when talk is about me so i will answer it why Suyyash? Prince says from the time task has started, you both are one side, Kishwar says some slang to Prince, Prince ask Kishwar to not use slang for him, talk to him properly, you call yourself sister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Slowly everyone’s true faces are shown. Kishwer is second Dolly Bindra

    1. Right …I jst hate her… Nd also suyash…

  2. keith will be this seasons winner fr sure

  3. manmarziyan fan

    Now mandana keep saying that she wants to go home….only because she notice everybody loving rimi. My feelings about mandana keep changing.

    1. She wants to go home because of the inmates.. People like Suyyash, Kishwer, Vikas, Yuvika, Prince even at the beginning Keith and Rochelle, everyone had a problem with Mandana.. Who’ll want to stay when everyone targets them? At the beginning even I didn’t like Mandana, but later I realised she’s smart, she’s playing the game wisely. She is too a human being and when everyone puts her down she feels down.. Lastly when she fainted, remember what Rochelle was telling to Keith? She said, you were carrying Mandana but no one was ready to help you and Rochelle was tearing.. True that Mandana doesn’t adjust, she’s playing the game alone.. And she doesn’t give priority to maintaining relations and that’s how she should play the game.. But for how long?? Remember how Suyyash was degrading Mandana for stealing? She couldn’t bear it when she had to return the money and everyone was against her.. And that’s why she broke the rules and she didn’t want to stay in the house.. She was dpressed.. Everything has it’s limit.. Now after Bigg boss said Mandana is right she has gained energy.. And the ones who most;y targetted her (Suyyash and kishwer) are already looking bad.. So I dnt think hereafter she’d feel down.. Keep supporting Mandana.. She seems to be smart and deserves it..

      1. When mandana was with keith did u notice her? Keith was ajdusting so much with her. He was so cool towards her. Bt c z irritating every1 since starting. So rude c z. I was also liking manadana @ starting. Bt c z very rude. I agree c z playing nicely n c doesnt need to make relation with othrs. Bt when we live in a society we must adjust as othrs r also adjusting with us. N now fr her bigboss house z d society. U must show politeness n respect to othrs if u want dat frm othrs. N yes if every1 z targeting her den it has a reason. Dere z a limit of irritatatn n aftr d limit every1 z saying her. N yah i agree c was perfectly playing during lagaan task..

  4. waitin for tomorrows episode

    now the game is intersting

    kishwer u r captain voh tumara ghar nahi hai sabka hai
    hate u

  5. yuvika is fake prince must not open to her she dont supportin tomorrows task she supported suyyash he has written he fight till end of task but if his gf is der she dont dunno how y ppl supporting him

  6. M hating kish n suyash. So irritating couple. Roopal was ryt. Dey both do things just fr footage. N mandana u r really really an irritating gal. How ur family n frndz manage with u? So rude.
    Keith z going ryt.
    Rimi should act normal now. I like her. Bt still plz dont vote fr her. C wants to go out of home so plz let her go. No 1 z perfect in dis world, so i really want rimi n digangana to get out of dat house b4 d world notice dere faults.
    Rochelle need to mind keith’s words. N dey r a sweet couple. N kish-suyash r so irritating n waste couple.

  7. Yah i agree Yuvika z so fake. Its clearly visible. Aman should show his spark.
    Kish always trying to get into all kinds of discussns n fightings n troubles so dat c get all d footage. C z captain dat doesnt mean c can interrupt into everythng

  8. Aag laga diya πŸ˜‰ well done big boss, ab shayad maza aaye and they dnt “pretend” to be rude or fighting but “actually” fight and start being real…that would be so much fun πŸ˜€ and rimi is such an amazing dancer, sweet and V.REAL, dnt want her to go πŸ™ i like seeing her…somehow! Why baba didnt gv her tips but ye sunti kyu nhi…nhi niklegi itni jaldi huh kuch bhi kr le :/ many people lyk her! Isse acha roz ek dance kar de πŸ˜€

    1. Yup.. hahahaha.. it was so boring till now as every1 trying to act so sweet except kish n suyash πŸ˜› as dey r so waste dere real faces r already out.
      Actually m a regular watcher of bigboss since seasn 3 n what i concluded z dis show z only abt fighting n fighting. N dat wt we love to see πŸ˜€ the ones who doesnt quarrel get eliminated soon. πŸ˜€
      Aag lagana kaam h bigboss ka. Wrna trp kahan se ayegi. I dont lyk to watch dere sweet talks bt love to enjoy dere so called discussns πŸ˜›

  9. Nice episode. Keith and Rochelle are nice. Keshwar is big mouth and a street fighter.

  10. play well mandana…love u…hate keshwar & suyyash…

  11. Lol… Nice episode… At least prince is out of influence…but prince should know this is not a task game like rodies and sv… U have to be entertainer…
    Rimi is ao cruel about her fans.. πŸ™ she is planning to play in her own way…smart player…
    Kiswar is toooo mean…. I don’t like her now…. And her bf is another disasters… He gets too aggressive….
    Arvind and Digan should involve in everything…
    Mandana ia smart player…copying rimi to b in game… Aman is too quiet ..
    Keith and Rochelle are good… But his gf is too emotional

    Lets c .. What baba can change?

  12. Lov u mandanaaaa

  13. prince ko koyi samjhao ….this is not roadies…..

  14. Keith you are really good..i lik the way u approach everyone…you are superb…i want you to be the winner of this show bigg boss9

  15. Watching Rimi is always delightful in film or bb9. She was cheerful initially, but Suysh’s rude refusal made her dumb. Bb also added fire giving anti girlie task which produce mistrust about Bb. But she never said a word against any body. She is suffering from further humiliation. Remember 100 shouting Kish may not be equal to 1 talented and popular Rimi.

  16. 2 weeks dekha lekin ek vi favourite nahi hai. Lekin Suyash sorry sorry Kishwar ka bf (as he is playing only for his gf) sabse boora lagta hai.

  17. Keith is so smart player by seeing his behaviour I don’t think so he is fake…
    N I don’t like kishwar she’s like…. full on negative feeling coming from her…
    Suyash loves her too much… I think he should play his individual game….
    First of all he was so desperate to do task…
    Bt when he get the chance his rules…. He should I was just a task only….,””hope he can understand the game “””…..
    Prince should show his real face Bcoz he was just famous for his own reality…..plzzz yrrr make show more interesting…. People have so many expectations from all inmates…..

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