Bigg Boss 9 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salman says there are a few things on table. Rishap pick up the gifts and put them in the name sock of the person you think that gift suits the best. We have a list made by audience about which gift suits whom.
Rishap says okay. He picks up a puppy. Salman says kishwer tell me who? Kishwer says Sayyush. Because he is sweet and loyal. Rishap picks a stone everyone says Kishwer. Rishap picks a broken heart. Everyone says Rishap. Kishwer says first yuvika now Norah broke his heart.
Next is a belt. Everyone says Kieth.
Next is glycerin. Everyone says Mandana.
Rishap picks loud speaker. Everyone Jizelle. Salamn says Rochelle why is prince running the show? she says he has a right opinion in every equation. so everyone listens to him. Salman says so everyone is dumb

in hose but him. She says thats not the point. Salman says you meant kieth is dumb and prince is wise. So Kishwer and mandana and Jizelle are they all wrong.
Last is duck. Salman says give it to me.

Salman says now tell who got what?
Kishwer stone. Salman says right.
Kieth says I got belt, salman says thats right.
Mandana says I got glycerin. salman says thats right.
Rishap says heart broken, salman says wrong.
Jizelle got loud speaker. salman says wrong. You should have gotten lips. You need another one to use your own.
Salman says this is winter, you have to decide who is the cold person of this house. Prince says Mandana says is speaking less last few weeks. Salman says dont say that she will start speaking again. Kishwer and Norah says Mandana.
Salman says because prince said so? Norah says no this is my opinion. Kieth says mandana is hanging in between. Rochelle says between Mandana and Rishap.
Priya says Rochelle and mandana. Jizelle says Mandana. I guess she miss her bf. Rishap says Jizelle.
Salman says you always picks the same side. All go in one direction. No one plays individualistic.

There is an ice chamber, its -20 degree there. Mandana will go in. You can take jacket if you want. She goes in. She says its really cold here. Salman says reminds you of iran? Salman says who should have been there? She says Rochelle. salman says mandana takes her own name like world starts and ends with her. Mandana says Rochelle was strong from beginning but she is silent a bit these days.
Salman says good news for you jizelle. Oxford has included a new word for you. Side chick. What is difference between side chick and side kick?
She says side chick is the other woman, and side kick is the chamcha.
She says i was i kitchen so I heard it from different people.
Salman says to Rochelle you said prince is leading the house.
Prince when one decision out of three were right. prince says I thought priya is over weight and she can’t do this. And kieth is very focused. Salman says there can be another angle. Prince says no sir. I am a different person in task. Norah says I am very strong in task. Salman says India doesn’t think that.
Now sport section. Prince you bet on Suyyash. He had been playing cricket for 11 years. Suyyash says I lost but.. Salman says there can be another angle. You wanted to humiliate Suyyash. Why Suyyash?
You put a non-wrestler with a wrestler. Everyone laughs. Prince says if i ahd seen size i would have saved Suyyash. Salman says i give you a situation, if kishwer and suyyash fight who will you choose? prince says Kishwer. Suyyash says yes please choose kishwer.
Salman says if they get married in feb, in their house a robber enters. He saw that this is kishwer and suyyash’s house. Who would he not want to wake up? Suyyash says kishwer.
salman says this is just a joke but the perception outside..
Suyyash says I fell in my own eyes.
Salman says if suyyash and norah fight who will you bet on? Prince says Suyyash. Salman says you are courageous and you won in the end and against norah.

Salman says Rochelle and Rishap you lost the captaincy chance. Tell me who is more wrong? Kishwer says rochelle. If rishap was stubborn, She could choose double trouble room. Jizelle says Rochelle was about to agree. Both were stubborn so its equal mistake.
Rochelle says I didn’t want my hard work to go in vain. The other person was stubborn and he knew i pumped him up to. Rishap says I appreciated you to. Rishap says this week i did my task, i wanted to give a shot. If i fall on road so I will stop walking on road. If I made a mistake that doesn’t mean I am a bad captain. When rochelle started secret santa, I decided to give her captaincy. Rochelle says its easy to say in end. priya says you cant misjudge him. Rishap says she took it on different tangent. When she.. salman says you had to do what you had to. He says I was being a better person.
Salman says we need the person who does something for others without telling. We all keep asking people what you did for me?
Rochelle says there is no respect this is why i dont want to be captain. That management comment was after 20 minutes. I said you dont have management skills. Rishap says she pointed out 20 mistakes in me. rochelle says he didn;t give me christmas present.
Salman says all the arguments had nothing to do with presents. Festivals are there to patch up.
You both are wrong. Your anger and temper caused you this. and other hand, the other teams decided easily.

Kishwer master stroke superb strategy. You played cricket too? You gave up on captaincy for mandana? Kishwer says i have been captain twice. salman says if two serials are hit you would want third to be flop?
This is 11th week. Do you know after 11th weeks, captaincy is immunity.
Salman says do your friends want you to give up like this? they are voting for you. Mandana says can i say something? Kishwer knew that mandana wont do tasks so she gave up on my name. In the house, Rochelle played a game secret santa. When I found its between me and suyyash, I said to suyyash that let me become captain but he said that I feel like i will be eliminated.
Suyyash says i appreciate that you want to be captain but you said that you get saved every time but I am scared to be eliminated.
Salman says prove how much you need it.
And Suyyash you should have said give it your best. Suyyash says i didn’t know she would leave it that moment.
Salman says think about it mandana, Its easy to not to do tasks. And give up. Show that your are generous but ask people to earn it.
You easily give up always and you did the same with suyyash. This is why i called it master stroke.
Kishwer says I told her that if you give up i will go. Mandana says no you didn’t say that. Kishwer says you said that you will do this. salman says you know her more than anyone.

Priya says Mandana cant blame Kishwer for her inability. even if it was kishwer’s strategy. Why didn’t she catch her? Rochelle says she didn’t use her brain. Salman says mandana you tried to do good but you are not getting credit?
Mandana says i did it for my heart. I didn’t do for credit. I dont care about credit. I did it for my heart. Dont believe if you dont want. I dont want credit for what i have done. salman says you are not getting it anyway. She says I am not living for anyone. Mandana says I gave up so suyyash could spend time with his gf.
Priya says you shut people in last task. And i appreciated that. Salman says suyyash requesting mandana that you are scared of elimination. It was honest on your part and she left it. Suyyash says she should have stuck to her point. Now she is saying she did it for herself. Mandana says i did that moment for you but if you dont appreciate it doesn’t matter.
Suyyash says I reacted when she said that kishwer sent her delibrately.
Salman says that was an emotional blackmail. Suyyah says I said it genuinely from my heart. He says so she left it. Suyyash says so I appreciated it.
Salman says priya you shocked us. You put suyyash forward. Was it a game plan? She says i have been captain twice. He performed so well in the other task. he was more deserving than me. i wanted to be captain but i couldn’t be unfair.
Salman says Rishap says Priya offered captaincy on platter to suyyash what can be actual point? Rishap says good point sir. salman says thank you rishap. i will try and always ask good question.
Jizelle says Priya is trying to impress the cool group to be safe, she has insecurity in her heart. Rochelle says this is very silly because from today there are only 8 people. We will have to nominate people in cool group as well.
Salman says priya you straight out gave the captaincy. Stop charity and play the game. Go out of the house and do charity there.
Priya you are safe. We will tell who else is safe but after the call.

Parnav is the caller, He says enjoy a lot how you host the show. Salman says thank you. He says hi mandana, I have a question. In rickshaw task everyone supported you. You said same nationality based things that this is not your country. If someone says go back to your country what would be your answer. Mandana says when we cook in kitchen, I said that go back to bigg brother to Priya. Because this is bigg boss. Salman says no has any right to send anyone else anywhere. You have passport, you have vise, you have work permit, you can go anywhere. You have no right to send some anywhere. now tell me kishwer if this had happened to mandana what would have happened? Kishwer says she would have broken the house. Salman says it doesn’t matter to Priya because she is an indian. Priya says I heard it there as well but this was shocking to hear it in India. Prince says when she is a foreigner. Priya says i wont say that because i am different than her.
Mandana says i apologized her. but priya overreacted. She talks so loud. I said I am sorry. She complained on and on. Priya says she never talked about it or apologized again.
Mandana says its priya’s habit that she makes fuss of small things.

Salman says Jizelle, rochelle and suyyash. The next name i take is safe. Two people who had an amazing will power. Those names are. Rochelle and Rishap. Salman says Rochelle you are safe. and Rishap you are also safe.
Now Mandana, Jizelle and Suyyash are left. I will take a name and that person will be eliminated. I will name it tomorrow. Salman says Kieth, your idea of orphanage, hats off that was a nice idea. There are boxes in store room. You can give to charity whatever you want. And mandana you stay there till tomorrow. Everyone laughs.

Salman says I will celebrate the birthday tomorrow in the house.

Precap-Salman comes in the house to celebrate his birthday. Everyone wishes him. Kishwer says my stone heart says I love. jizelle and Norah fight with each other. Jizelle says at least I am not defamed liked you. Norah says okay I am seen with a guy. Whats your problem? Everyone is against Mandana. Rishap says you dare coming here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salman khan: ok he has really lost it now. How is Suyash wrong if he convinces or is able to convince mandana that pls gv up the task as i need immunity. Wth!

    I know suyash should go but in this case suyash is not wrong at all! It’s mandana’s habit of giving up tasks that she gave up “that fast”! What credit she should take! It was just an easy way out for her by habit and not at all generosity!

    Get a life salman khan. Mandy mandy mandy. Arey theek h, usne kaha chor do, usne chor diya ye sochke ki main toh bach hi jaungi, matter finished. Mandana didnt get credit for her generosity, suyash wrong, kishwar’s plan?! Is he drunk as usual or has gone mad. SO SO ANNOYING!

  2. Annamma James

    @ harshal u r a suprb man…
    U know how to state d fact with hurting any one…
    As Siva said u r a good sanchalak….
    Keep Going….

    1. annamma, thanks πŸ™‚
      I just hope you meant “without” hurting anyone(not “with” hurting anyone) ,else that would completely make your comment as sarcastic teasing πŸ˜›

  3. Yes but salman is biased because he did not talkd abt mandys racist comment on his own.He had to because of snapdeal caller and that too he just said kisi ko bhi kisi ko kahin bhejne ka haq nahi.He din asked mandy abt it but just passed a comment.He could have grilled mandy on this.Even that snap deal caller grilled mandy more than salman in just 1 min.So it is very clear SALMAN KHAN IS RACIST oops i mean salman is biased ( i just got priya virus lol )

  4. Mandana is playing vry dirty.she should b evicted..kishwar is gd at salman nvr tries to see it..why???? So unjstc showw man why??? Suyyash cmpletef da task nd bcm da charity man???? Hw???? If prince would do da same salman would say wow prince it ws ur will power..nd da same thng suyyash tried nd salman made him a jockr???? Hw???
    I respct suyyash..evn knwing he is weak he is tryng so hard to catch it..nd nobdy is appriciatng??? Why??
    Evry ppl say kish is a stn heartd..nd whn she did a gd thng..salman made her strategc prsn???.hw??????? She is soo innocnt…really unfair salman ..unfair bb9,
    Kish go win darling..u r da bst..
    Nora.keith.rochl da weakst prsn should leave da house..

  5. I was eating a besan ladoo while watching bb.But mera vo ladoo bich mai hi atak gaya when rishabh said ” Very good point salman Sir ” and Salman said ” Thanku rishabh will always try to ask good question HaHA HaHA oh god Rishabh is a pracrical entertainer lawl

  6. Hate everyone….. I luv mandana whatever she does is right and she will be the winner no matter how everyone targets her…….. Mandana is pleasing her fans including me….. I can’t bear the taunts she faces all the time….. Mandana is individual unbiased and fair

    1. ManuelFerrara

      taunts against Mandana you can’t BEAR….go an have some BEER!

      1. @manuelferrara go and have a beer yourself I’m only here to support mandana

  7. @vipasha you are correct

  8. @vipasha you are correct… Luv Mandy she rocks

    1. Tnx nadia….i honestly support mandana bcz f her individualistic play…moreover she doesn’t gv a f*ck about others! That might be selfish but then that’s the only way to survive alone! People can let go obnoxious acts of suyash and kishwer but they can’t see the atrocities mandana has been through – just bcz salman stood for her #at the right time. The gist of what I am trying to say is mandana kicked /pushed(it ws a mere jerk btw) kishwar bcz she wz d only one being are bound to get frustated and lose it at a point of time! I agree the racial profiling of Priya wasn’t good but then Priya is always lamenting about each and everything that mandana does! That’s honestly lugubrious – she must get a life- go back to BHUSHAN! And accept it -this season revolves around mandana..she should just tone down her mulishness a bit!!

  9. Salman must not be high about his stature and money the reason why his film bajrangi bhaijaan is at first place is IN SOUTH AFRICA ONE DAY THE TICKETA WERE FREE SO HE GOT SO MUCH COLLECTIONS …!!!!!

  10. somewhere I read that salman doesn’t control voting, it is false. he has millions of fans among the voters, they easily get influenced by him. probably salman’s opinion is important to them rather than what they see thus he easily controls voting. I wish there was one strong contestant who could let his/her opinion persist despite whatever salman says. i wish one could say salman in face that he is biased giving him examples categorically. with salman’s influence in the tv and film industry they fear for their career. salman has proved he even has control on the judiciary of the country. rather than being a host he acts like the master bashing his slaves.
    i wonder if he sees his alter-ego in Mandana. I don’t have any issues oh him favoring Mandana but i get really pissed off when he deliberately tries to sabotage the chances of other (esp. kishwar and prince) to move forward in game.
    only if that spitting incident hadn’t happened kishwar could have an edge. now to keep her grip in the game she should avoid bringing out her jealousy/hatred against Mandana.
    everyone standing against Mandana is a simple human psychology. you all are in class and you all commit mistakes and you get bashed for ur mistakes, but then there is another person whose mistakes are greater than the mistakes of his/her peers but he/she is the teacher’s favourite so his/her mistakes are always ignored. the entire class will obviously be against that student, they will eventually get used to the teacher’s bashing and still target the teachers fav student.
    I thought gazele would be evicted last week, but this week I think Suyash is the weekest contestant so it would be fair to evict him, however u never know how the voters behave.
    as far as standing against the biased salman i feel Priya has got nothing to lose unless she wants to make a career in entertainment industry or may be she fears salman will run over her on roads.



  13. Hmmm the gift part was kinda mean lol πŸ˜› I liked the part when salman said to give him the duck πŸ˜› and you put a non-wrestler infront of a wrestler πŸ˜›
    So now those who r in danger r Su, Mandy and Giz , I hope Su is evicted as I like Mandy and Giz more.

  14. I thought that Sallu will stop praising Mandy after seeing her defeating the wrestler mar-pit ki dar main favour kar na chod dega πŸ˜›

  15. Salman definitely loosing his genuine fans for supporting mandana….

  16. if mandana won captaincy task salman would have praised her. I have told everyone yesterday itself that salman will portray mandana as a good girl and the trio in a bad light. No one can deny it by writing some nice comments. It is clearly he hates trio and likes mandana. It is100 percent visible.

  17. puneet ne jab khane k upar bola tha riwsha eale task me salman nr itna kuch bola tha usse…but aab jab mandy ne priya ko chale jane ko kaha Australia toh bas topic nikala o khatam…. mandy mujhe aaj kal bilkul atchi nahi lagti joh ki mein pehle usse hi support karti thi…aab mere najar me 3 hi finalist he kishwer,prince and rishab,,,

    1. Puneet was better than Priya and Nora among all the wildcard entries but too bossy

  18. good work done by salman sir, i really appreciated his hosting rule policy… every show or movie devil/villian was prayed first…..for making the show great , i mean its the strategy to gain popularity…..but at last the hero would win ….so its grat work for salman.

  19. And harshal and others who support mandana.. just see how salman treats priya and mandana after that mandana throwing something on priya incident..

  20. yes.. here i see harshal defending mandy actions.. gud fr u.. bt yesterday priya proved .. that mandana nvr sticks to her statemnt.. nw dnt say.. that cz her hindi is week . she cudnt xpress herself…acc.. to salamn priya allowed suyash to play.. for being in gud buks of cool grp.. same may b mandana gave up for suyyash to b in gud buks.. bt she said.. i did it for suyyas.. then.. turned her statemnt to i did it for my heart … i hate mandana.. nd the one who said that principal vala thng. really gud..


  21. I think Kishwar is really good. This weekend salman has nothing yo bash over her so he made captaincy an issue. If Kishwar would not have agreed than point would b ki “tum 2 baar captain ban chuki ho phir bhi tumne Mandana ko chance kyun nahi diya ? Is it due to your personal clashes ? Dekhi ye game ko game ki tarah kheliye. ” n now if she has given up than “Aap ne galat kiya ?” God this is crap. I like Mandana bt sometimes she gets on nerves.
    I don’t know why bt whenever I see Prince n Nora only one word comes to me and that’s FAKE.
    Nora is looking like a fool whenever she fights.
    Gizelle speaks bitter but truth.
    Roch loosing her individuality due to lack of brains. Mandana was right she is dumb.
    Keith only following Roch.
    Priya trying to potray herself as Fair n now I only think her as lawyer.
    Suyyash needs a break now.
    Salman can be better by not always targeting the trio.
    Kish go girl you are strong enough and you can take the bash of salman so sportingly. Your fans are with you. Your definitely a finalist.

    I want Kishwar, Mandy n Rishabh in final 3.

    1. I want Mandy or Kish to win BB. Mandy got more chance as BB is always biased to her , but voting may safe Kish

      1. Even I want Kishwar and Mandana as the last 2 standing on the stage….but arghh Mandana, I am not sure if I would want her to win! Kishwar deserves it more!

      2. I think Mandy, Kish n Prince will be in top 3 having a very strong feeling. And Rishabh and Rochelle will be in top 5, but nothing is predictable and Keith, Priya still hav a chance to prove themselves next week and get into top 5, replacing Rish or Roch

  22. In the whole episode..i cant understand what was going on….unnecessary talk….kish ne mandy ko captaincy ke liye chodaa..mandy ne suyyansh ke liye chodaa…ghar me kisiko problem nahi hai…priya ne suyyansh ko diyas..isme bhi koi problem nahi…ghar me yaa baahar dekhnevaalo ko isme problem nahi tho bb or salman ko kyu problem he…rishab or rochelle ladaa or disqualified ho gaya..vo sahi nahi thaa or baaki log nahi ladaa vo bhi sahi nahi thaa….aakhir bb or salman kyaa chaahtha he…
    Mujhe lagaa ki salman ko khud pathaa nahi thaa…..bakwaas episode…

    1. Today’s episode was boring I do agree wid u

    2. Totally agree with you

  23. Mandy feeling so cold πŸ˜› come Japan U will freeze it’s super cold her, i wonder what will happen wen she ll go Mongolia(-40C) there :O πŸ˜›

  24. All r targetting only mandy. Priya start karti hai, sab jud jate hai. Nora se toh gizle much better hai. Jo ladki pathti nahi use target banao. Boys r using this strategy. Cheapos. . . . . Kya kish itni innocent hai, , usne jaan kar hi mandy ko bheja suysh ke khilaf, she was the secret santa. . . Emotional blackmail. . . . We don’t know 24hr situations na, may be salman and biggboss heard their conversation or something else which is not shown on tv. Or else a host will never support blindly. . . Remember prince and suyash stopped roch to give up to rish. . . That clearly shows the strategy. . .
    And even. . .
    Biggboss and salman wouldn’t support any contestant blindly, they watch complete household actions than us. They know what planning is going on in the house than us. Mandy strong hai, so all r jealous. Priya is using mandy for footage. . . . Even rishab , especially kish. . . She is playing individually. . . Else are hiding back the group. Whose personality is strong guys? One who is hiding or one who is facing everyone. Biggboss is about personality, , its not about making families , housing , or grouping. . . . . . Agar sab ek pe chad jayenge toh kisiko support karna padta hai na. Why you all r blaming salman, he is just doing his job. How can you expect a host to talk f word in front of all. Mandy ko class milgaya hoga

  25. ManuelFerrara

    There are certain Mandana’s die hard fans here,that if Mandana even abuse them with —– fu*ker(put 1000 things in —–) ,they will say HOW SWEET?(Atleast she speaks on face)!

    Even if she become terrorist they’ll say atleast she kills in front of everyone.

    Such people can then go and join ISIS !

    1. Funny manuel

    2. cool man , what comes ISI here .

      1. ManuelFerrara

        Terrorist group

  26. Come on guys cool down….all of u who are aganist Salman cant u understand y he is doing this….its nt his show to do as he pleases he is just the host the producers are the one controlling everything… may be mandana and the producers have some kind of an agreenent. Salman is just being prompted…. and if he was baised towards mandy he wouls nt have let her stand in the ice box for such long period…. these other cool gang ppl thenselves gice mandana the chance to make herself the center of attraction…. the day starts with her ends with her for them …. those are the real fools nt mandy or Salman. Have u all ever herad of first impression makes the last impression…definately these cool guys made up such bad impression upon themselves tht its hard to change
    let me start with each one of them….
    Rochell: desperate to be on the top by poking her nose in every argument invited or not
    Kishwer: strong woman but definately nt the one with brains desperate for ppl to like her boy…she gave up the captaincy task for her BF as she knew tht rishab and rochell are stubborn who made Roch stubborn all these cool ones prince and the gang so it was nt charity on hwr part but clear strategy as menyioned by Salman for her BF as she knew mandys dont care attitude as to nt stay long for the captancy challenge….so Salman is right.
    Keith: a man yes cool yes sweet yes but giving diabetes nt advisung his GF and yes enjoys girl fights.
    Suyesh: sad fellow has no identity of himself other dan BF of Kishwer yuck the way he laugh sounds like a pomerian dog no wonder the puppy was given to him and SRK made him one too Lol…he tried his best to be manly by open challenge to mandy but fell flat on his face poor guy….y ru here go out man!
    Prince: all body with minus brains…seriously ur a humiliation man tried all angles being bad good and drool at girls fell flat too right in his face as Nora turned him down LOL.
    priya mandana rishab nora and giz these are individual players ocassionaly clingers as necessary definately deserving to be in the game dan the cool group ones.
    Sorry for the lengthy text im first timer had to put in my thoughts…. pls I beg u guys dont go into the precap its just to hook us viewers….. pls dont hate Salman he is just doing his job.

    1. Thanks Finny couldn’t have put it much better.

  27. Happy Birthday Salman the man with a biggest heart. May God bless u in abundance always….keep up the good work….ur the best and nothing beats u. Have a wonderful day. ??

    1. I hope Mandy won’t dissapoint Sallu today and make him happy πŸ˜› tht wil be best gift from Sallu.

  28. @manuel strikes.manuel bhai sahi kaha.bahut acha kaha. Very funny. Agar kish ne captaincy choda tho strategy,and mandana ne choda tho dost ke liye. Whatever mandy does she ir good only. I think chota salman is really going to happen.

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Strike rate kam hogaya hai yaar…time nhi milta zyada comment karne ka.

      1. Nahi manuelferrara tumhara comment itna funny hai, in terms of comedy tumhara strike rate McCullum/Chris Gayle jaisan hain

      2. ManuelFerrara

        Thanks fatarajo..

  29. At the end of the day. . .
    They are entertainers and we are the viewers. .
    One thing should be kept in mind is , whatever they do may be scripted or non-scripted. . They do to entertain us. We can’t judge their character.
    A host is a host thats it. He is given the script before. We do know all anchors does. So why creating bad for salman.
    Or even mandana or any one.
    Wanna see, see or else change the channel, , if seen talk about what happened not characters. . . Small salman joke is disgusting.
    If all r against mandana someone should support na.

    1. ManuelFerrara

      Really we are not allowed to judge their character …So why do we watch bb and vote….to learn baba ramdev’s yoga??

      1. Good One Manuel Ferrara…and Saaz, sorry we are not blind fans of any1 like u….what is wrong will always be wrong and Salman is wrong here….There is a limit to taking sides and partiality….I used to like Mandana, and infact want Mandana to be a finalist even now (not Suyash) but this is just too much nonsense!

  30. Ok now HARSHAL,, here goes my views vch end with up with questions for you.. πŸ˜€

    1. Din like mandy’s allegation that kish sacrificed for her coz she thought mandy wud give up easily… Now that was really rude coz as far as i remember,
    kish says – “i dont hv ny problm, i hv been captain for two times.. ”
    Mandy says – “i can’t do the task if it requires strength. ”
    Kish says to everyone – ” she is saying she cant perform so i’ll be the captain contendr ” nd goes to take a bath..
    Meanwhile prince asks – “why don’t you wanna go.. ”
    Mandy says – ” i don’t hv strength now nd dont wanna gv up the task nd get labeled as a quitter .. ”
    Prince asks – “what are doing now then ?you are quitting befre only.. Give it a try atleast.. ”
    Mandy sits there nd thinks.. Kish comes back nd asks what did you decide, mandy says i’ll go….
    Now was it ryt on mandy’s part to say , what she said abt kish in front of salman ?

    2. Acc to mandy,, kish sacrificing for her was strategy nd she sacrificing for suyyash was from heart.. :/
    And evn though salmanji potrayed all the givers as losers there was a difference. ..
    acc to him, kish sacrificing for mandy was a mastr stroke nd mandy sacrificing for suyyash was a good gesture which no one appreciated..
    -_- don’t you think there’s a difference ?

    3. Priya nd prince during the captncy task, prince give up for priya vn priya says i want immunity coz i m insecure…
    Suyyash says the same thing .. but Vn he gets the immunity that is potrayed as “khairath”.. That was quite insulting.. he was being genuine vch everyone of us felt ok the other day.. But salmn comes nd it gets potrayed as begging nd charity.. Do you think thats fair ?

    1. Neeru (PHFFAN)

      I just went thru all the comments nd my first reaction was – “i hope my frnds here don’t mistake me for the other new neeru.. ” πŸ˜€ Thats not me…. :p

      So @tedd, freak, joyee, pari, harshu.. .
      i guess i shud change my name to avoid the confusion … So, i m neeru from the “PHFFAN” grp.. ( read as fan, with an extra stress on F) πŸ˜›

      P. S – joyee i hv taken f from fatarojo, rather than j from joyee … πŸ˜€

      1. ROFL. PHFFAN love it. PHFFAN forever. I knew it there are two neerus here. Neeru1

      2. harshal(PHFFAN)

        neeru, i guessed that much, it was definitely not your style of comments :P… so no worries there. Nice name to the group (y) πŸ˜€

    2. @Neeru…. Exactly this I am telling @Harshal that she gave up ring not because of charitable mind .she first tried convincing suyyash, then she knew she can’t complete the task & also she needed to go for loo so she accepted suyash’s request in no time and became charitable minded king solomon……Salman rebuked suyash without any strong reason and mandy needed to be bashed for atleast 30 min for “racism” remark+acting cowardly by asking suyash to leave the ring + leaving the ring ,disregarding the opportunity….SATIRE:extra remains a ‘0’ who is salman in this scenario πŸ˜€

      1. * suyyash was bashed for 10 minutes and mandy for 1min then SATIRE πŸ˜€

    3. Yes, good observation Neeru and v.true!

    4. harshal(PHFFAN)

      atta girl, i was really waiting for your comment πŸ˜› … now before i reply, i would like to clear up something, last night, i was mainly defending “salman is biased” comment and not that “mandana is wrong” comment. I have openly admitted that mandy was wrong in that go back comment to priya. now your answers:

      1) neeru, that’s all? I am actually surprised that you of all people is asking this. were you expecting mandy and kish to act friendly there. i mean did you expect mandy to say that kish sacrificed her captaincy for her. or did you even expect kish to say that mandy sacrificed her captaincy for suyyash ? they are eternal rivals and are at that point of the game where even a genuine gesture from each other will be viewed as some internal strategy by each other. did you see kish praising mandy there? even when mandy was shouting on top of lungs to say shut up all, you can hear kish saying that then your sacrifice was also a strategy. It’s quite a normal accusition from 2 strong contestants on each other as per me.

      2) ahh the salman part. that has been the debate whole night. and i can understand why. but you got to understand, circumstances are different. kish sacrifice comes on who should play for captaincy, mandy’s sacrifice comes on who will be the captain(next level).

      Kish situation: topic comes up… mandy accuses kish…. salman taunts kish saying superb strategy… kish defends herself…salman counterattacks saying that 2 hit serial thing…. salman advises kish to play for herself now as its 11th week and captaincy means immunity (correct me if i am wrong with chronology, i wasn’t paying much attention on that part of episode)
      mandy situation: topic comes up… salman taunts mandy saying she gave up(not the sacrifice word) the task, took easy way out again, disappointing her fans, for a friend(sarcastic)…. mandy defends herself saying she did it as it was christmas and from heart, she felt to do it for suyyash and she did what her heart said…. then salman counterattacks that if this was a sacrifice, you didn’t get any credit from anyone, so what did you gain…mandy replies she doesn’t need credit and all….. later, salman advises mandy to play for herself now as its 11th week.
      salman repeated same thing for priya, where priya defends herself first, rishabh-giz accuse her of trying to impress cool group, priya defends again, salman tells priya the same, to play for herself, matter closed
      He didn’t try to potray mandy’s deed as sacrifice per-se, he merely counterattacked mandy’s defence of saying she sacrificed….

      3) Prince-priya task was going on for 44 hours. hence, when prince gave up, you can’t say priya got it by charity. she stayed there for 44 hours, hard work from her side. hence, even when prince gave up for her after that emotional blackmail, she can’t be blamed as they had fought hard for the task already and someone had to give up.
      Suyyash-mandy task, completely opposite, 10-15 odd minutes maybe, and suyyash does that convincing thing(emotional blackmail) and wins. now what happens is, unlike priya, suyyash here has won, but not by hard work, but it felt to all like charity. Viewers will see that as suyyash won, but only because mandy gave up and not by his own hard work. the task was made to look like a joke by the two (bb scolded mandy on that day) . salman told suyyash to stop living off charity(lets be honest, he is weak contender and is only there due to kish and friends and some luck), and do hard work and win the task instead, as that would give him more happiness and make him look like a strong player. Trust me, if this task had continued for 20 hours or more and then this events had happened, salman would not have suyyash, nor bb would have scolded mandy. because salman’s motive for yesterday’s scoldings were simple:
      1) respect and compete hard for the task as they are basic thing in bb house
      2) play for individual self now and do charity, but outside, not in the house.

    5. Well you see… kishwer did sacrifice for suyash… she knew he will be able to defeat mandana or any one if rochelle came or rishab… she is her boyfrnd girl… why wonr she do that… but mandana has no reason for giving up the task for suyash so easily but she did.. and the way she said in the ice box i think she is being genuine.. and telling priya to go back to Australia… well that’s ovio we say stuffs when we get angry… what no one can expect everyone to be good everyday… people get irritated…

  31. suyash should out of the house bcause he is so.
    boring and irritating .And kiswer should be kicked out of the house , she only knows to fight . she is nominated only one time , nahi toh kab ki nikal jaati .

  32. suyash should out of the house bcause he is so.
    boring and irritating .And kiswer should be kicked out of the house ,

  33. Today update please

  34. Prince kishwer and suyaas ek dusre ka hath pakad kr aagey bhad the hn ….
    Mandana akeli apne dum Pr aagey bhad rhi h…
    Strongest than all.

  35. Hi everyone! Am new here! Can you all be my friend?

  36. Why no update from 27th dec..
    Anyway I am fed up of this show.. most unfair bb and host..
    If mandana is not eliminated week.. I ll stop watching bb..
    For people who think this show rubs coz of mandana.. I want to tell them it’s irritating coz of mandana.. wothout her bb would ve been a good show everyone performing tasks properly without unnecessary fights..
    If u want to Watch proper show.. Pl watch bb in colors kannada.. real strategy. . Real fights and dedication towards task..
    Poor show on hindi colors.. that’s y TRP is low..

    1. Mandana deserves to win.. she is too emotional that’s why she behaves rudely. She is going through alot thats why you can see so much chsnges in her… frankly.n i have started hating all others but not her .. but she is the lone strongest contestant. She gave suyash captaincy because she felt sorry for him … one can see in her face… whatever she is is true… whatever she will do .. she will always get judged… so why be in good terms with others who dont appreciate her.

  37. If mandana gets out of the show…. l stop watching this bigboss show… even i would have reacted the same way mandana did.. and she is the most misunderstood …

  38. I am very happy when some one irritates mandana
    SHE IS A HUGE ”’
    People from iran are really so baaad , irritating , stupid etc etc
    Just HATE her

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