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Day 44(continued)
inmates are talking, Priya says to Kanwal that you use your age as your convenience, Imam(ex-contestant) is his role model, Kanwal says i am not following him, i would have come here 4 years back cause of Imam but i didnt, Rochelle says but you are Imam’s friend, Kanwal says dont come in middle of talk, Mandana says you said that Imam is your best friend, Kanwal says i am talking to Priya, she has lovely mouth, let me talk to her, Prince ask Kanwal to calm down, Kanwal says ask Priya to shut her gutter mouth, Priya says you are weird person, one side you said that i have lovely mouth and now saying that i am ugly mouth, Kanwal says if you find me bad then dont talk to me, Priya says if i want then i will talk to you, inmates enjoy their funny fight, Priya

says i dont want to fight with you but you are forcing me to fight, Kanwal ask her to keep barking, Priya says one should not fight with pig, Kanwal says you are calling me pig? Priya says even you said that i bark so you are calling me dog, he says fine.

Rochelle says to Priya that Kanwal is nice to you at a time then being so rude at other time, Priya says he use vulgar words.
Kanwal says to Digi that if Priya wanted Rishab to not lick her finger then she could have removed her hand but she didnt, Rimi says she was doing her task, Kanwal says then why was she saying that he is s*xual and all, if you are right then fight till ned. Kanwal comes to Mandana and ask her to return his ring as she doesnt want to keep friendship with him due task so its fine, i will not talk to you too, Mandana says i will return ring.

Day 45
Chanda mama song plays. Inmates wake up and dance together.

Priya says to Rimi that if you have reject or select packets today too then check their quality, our team has issues because of different personalities so we should not blame each other but fight to win.
Kanwal says to Rochelle that what you are doing, Keith wont like it at all, i know him better than you, Rochelle says dont tell me what my boyfriend like about me or not.
Rochelle comes to inmates and says he is talking about Keith, Keith doesnt even know who he is, Kanwal comes there and says i was talking to her about last night, what she did, Keith wont like it, Rochelle says i will do what i want, i dont want to talk about my boyfriend with me, if you have guts then talk to him directly, Kanwal says i will as i know Keith from much time, i know his ex-wife Sayunkta too, Rochelle says i dont give a f*** who you are close to, Rochelle to Rishab that see his level now. She says to Kanwal that you are not worthy of saying Keith’s name, Kanwal says i am his friend and i am not cheap like you.

Mandana says to Priya that Prince has techniques in tasks. Prince comes in Rimi’s team area and bring their can to throw it, Suyyash ask him to not do it, Prince says game has started. Suyyash takes can from Prince, Priya takes packaging machine and says i wont let you use it, Rochelle says this is not right, we gave can back to your team, Priya says i will give it back to you when i am in mood to like Prince gave can back when he wanted, dont force me to give it back, suyyash asked can from Prince as he trusts Prince and is little soft towards him, Mandana says right Suyyash trusts Prince, Suyyash gets angry on Priya and Mandana and says it was my trust only for which Prince gave can back instead of spilling milk from it, think before you speak, Rochelle says its because of Suyyash’s friendship that your team has survived till now, Priya says we lost many times too because of friendship. Priya gives machine back to Prince. Prince steals can from Priya’s team, Prince teases Priya that she is angry but not showing it, Priya says i am enjoying my coffee.

Babaji calls blue team(Rimi’s team). Babaji calls Suyyash and says to suyyash that you are strong in tasks as everyone thought so but its not true, because you havent won any team task in this house, you are not team player. Kishwar ask Priya to go and talk to Babaji, Priya says i dont need it as i know what babaji had talked last time and how people reacted after his talks like saying big lines that people will see new India(indirectly taunting Prince that he said after talking to Babaji that people will see new Prince). Suyyash says to Babaji that i want to motivate Rimi and my team is not seeing positive things, i want to take positive things forward, Babaji ask him to try more hard.
Rimi comes to Babaji, Babaji says that its good to see you doing task but if you are doing task then do it to win, your defeat will not be your defeat but your whole team’s defeat.
Mandana says something to Rishab in Irani language, Rochelle says she is saying Irani slang, Mandana says not slang actually, Rishab says i dont wanna give use slang for you as you yourself a living slang.
Priya comes to Babaji, Babaji says someone mistake leads to failure of whole team, let us show you mistake of last day, he shows her clip in which Rimi gave empty packets to Prince which she collected from store room and also said to Prince that take whatever you want in store room only else inmates make it issue. Priya says i am not surprised to see it.

Rimi comes to her team, Priya says what was shown to me, it shows how other team is using us, they have shown me many clips, one clip was when Prince and Rimi came to collect empty packets, he collected more packets than Rimi but Rimi gave her packets too, Mandana is surprised, Rimi says solution to this problem is that i should not go to collect it as same thing will happen if i go again, i cant do it, this is my nature, Mandana says you lied to us, you said you counted packets, i was surprised how they had so many packets, Rimi says i am giving you all team mates power to go and collect packets, Mandana says we are bearing Rimi, are we fool to work so hard in task and lose it due to Rimi? i am not gonna bear this, she takes Rimi’s make up pouch and says Rimi now you wait and watch, Rimi smiles to Suyyash, Mandana says our team supported you, i appreciated you but you lied to use that you counted, Rimi says i didnt count it, it was Prince who said that he counted packets. Rishab comes there and ask them to go in bedroom to discuss things, he ask Mandana why were you abusing me in Irani? Mandana says it wasnt slang, Rishab gets angry and says you are stupid chick, if you want to speak in Irani then go to Iran, if you are in India then talk in Hindi, dont mess with me, i will put my whole body inside you,Mandana ignores him.
suyyash says to his team that Rimi will do task as will teach her.

Bigg boss ask inmates to collect packets from store room, next order is to make 25packets of milk. Prince, Mandana, Priya and Kanwal goes and collect packets.
cow starts making noise means she is ready for milking. Priya, Prince, Suyyash goes to collect milk from pipes in buckets, Prince says either use 2pipes or block third pipe, but you cant stop 2 pipes with your hands. Priya says its my will.

Both teams are making packets, Prince’s team says that they have completed 25 packets. Rimi comes to Prince and says i will check your packets and will rejected them citing valid reasons but you should not interrupt me and then you can reject our packets too citing valid reasons, i can give my reasons but dont oppose me, you can do same. Rimi checks packets and says sticker is not in middle, Prince says this is not solid reason, Priya says its her reason, Rimi says to Prince this way game wont finish, Rochelle says she should give valid reason, Prince says the rule was to have sticker on packet, its alignment is not important, i can reject many packets of yours too, he ask Kishwar about it, Kishwar says if she is giving reason then you can give same reasons when you will check their packets, Prince says to Rimi that your team is insecure that we are winning, we are anyways winning game, Rimi says exactly.

Rimi accept only 8packets out of 25 from Prince’s team. Prince comes to check packets Rimi’s team have made, he rejects all packets and says they are very small, so our 8 are accepted while all your packets are rejected, Rimi ask to give valid reason, Suyyash says you didnt even check all packets, Prince shows Kishwar how packets are very small, Kishwar says Rimi’s team will again fight with Rimi for accepting 8packets of your team while you rejected all packets of her team, you are ruining game again and again for her, Prince accept 4 packets from Rimi’s team. Prince and Rimi make selection criteria for accepting packets.

Priya says to Rishab that i doubt you are putting tissues in milk to increase its density, Rishab says we use tissues to clean our poop and you are saying i am putting it in milk, Kanwal says people in Australia must be doing this with milk(taunting Priya), Priya says Kanwal what you are doing is racism, why you are bring Australia in everything? Kanwal says it maybe racist for you but not for me, Suyyash ask Kanwal to not taunt her like this, Kanwal says okay i will not do it again, Priya says i didnt bear racism there and i wont bear it now too, Kanwal says you used to introduction as asutralian so we will call you that, Priya says i have lived in India all my life before Australia, i have legal overseas citizen card, you are looking bad saying all this, Rochelle says to Kanwal that dont use these words like this, Suyyash says dont talk about nationality, politics and cast. Kanwala doesnt listen to Suyyash and taunts Priya again that her Indian nationality has left behind, Priya gets really angry and goes to hit Kanwal but rishab holds her hand, Priya ask Bigg boss to call her, she cries and says i have come in my country and he is making me feel like outsider, Kanwal ask her to stop her crocodile tears, Priya says i wont take this shit from Kanwal, she ask Bigg boss to kick Kanwal out of house as this is against rules of house to have racist attitude, Rochelle ask Kanwal to stop these comments, you called me Britisher too, Mandana says he taunted me too, dont do these talks, Mandana says Rochelle is Miss india and you are taunting her about it, Priya says this happened with me in Australia too but how can he say all this when i am in my country? Rishab folds his hands and says i apologize for this, Rochelle says its not about you, this wont work here, he should have respect about his age, Kanwal dont go on my age again, Kishwar ask Rochelle to not use age word for him, Rishab ask Kanwal to say sorry to Priya, Kanwal says i am sorry, maybe i was wrong, i am sorry, Priya says apology not accepted, rishab hugs Kanwal, Priya says i will take it to bigg boss, Rochelle says even if she is talking against India even then you dont have to stoop low.
Priya says to Kishwar that Kanwal said that i have commented India was behind in progress, but i cant say such statement for India, i cry to come here, my husband knows that i want to comeback here, Kiswhwar hugs her and ask her to relax.
Suyyash says to Kanwal that even if she has gone to Big brother, she has represented India only.
Priya says to Kishwar that Kanwal is picking sensitive issues regarding everyone, like he talked about Keith out of nowhere today, and now this about me.

Cow makes noise, both teams start collecting milk from cow. Teams start making packets. Mandana was hiding some packets in her Bra, she brings it out, Suyyash jokes that you have started doing these kind of things too, Mandana says sorry sweetly. Prince’s team have made packets. Rimi checks it and approves it, Prince says we have won. Kishwar announces that Prince’s team have made 25packets.

Rishab says to Rochelle and suyyash that Mandana is my friend but i am not his friend, for me she is my friend but for her, i am situational friend, she knew that i was miffed with her still she said slangs in Irani, Priya comes and says i talked to her about this, Rochelle says she said its not slang, Priya says what she said in Irani means scarecrow, Rishab says but still we dont know if its true or not, Priya says you have called Britisher so many times so she became one, Rishab says this is wrong, Rochelle no, if you are miffing her with your words then deal with her tantrums too, Rishab says fine, but point is i wanted her to say everything in Hindi even if slang, Priya ask them to clear things after talking, Rochelle says she is in stubborn mode rightnow.

Bigg boss says to inmates that luxury budget task “BB dairy” is finished, and Prince’s team have won, Rimi says this is Prince’s birthday gift. Prince and Rochelle hugs, Rochelle and Rishab hugs too.

Rochelle says to Prince and Rimi that we have to throw wild cards out of house, Prince says to Rochelle that i dont like either of them, Rochelle says we have to become strong and fight to retain our positions as they are thinking they can snatch our positions easily,Prince says we are very strong, we cant be broken, Rochelle says we have to become more strong and watch each other’s backs, new people cant come and change game, our fights are our fights but they can capitalize it, Prince says dont let them become your leaders.

alarm plays, Rochelle comes in store room and finds cake there, she calls Prince. there are two cakes, one for Rochelle’s bday and other for Prince’s bday. Kanwal gives gift to Rochelle and says i wrapped it now and i havent used so i thought to gift it to you, Rochelle thanks him. Bigg boss wishes Rochelle and Prince birthday. Rochelle and Prince cuts cake, all sing bday song for them.

PRECAP- There is car placed in garden area. Inmates have to secure place in it to get immunity for two weeks. Inmates run to sit in car, Rishab is juggling at door of car to get place inside where Priya is already seated, Mandana comes and ask Rishab to go in while she will close door from outside, Rishab says first listen to me you fool. Later Rochelle to Priya that i am not talking to you, i am talking to my friends, what is it bothering you? Priya says nothing is bothering me, Suyyash says she doesnt wanna talk to you, Priya says but i am talking to her, Suyyash says you if you want to be stubborn then i will show you stubbornness, now i will see how she talks to you, she wont talk to you now, Priya leaves from there. Priya comes to Digi and Rishab and says i have been ganged up before too, Rishab ask her to not cry, Priya says whole house is against me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guys where are you all….missing your comments..plz do write something..happy bday my two favourites in bb house prince and rochelle

    1. @pari..prince is my fav too..;)

  2. Nice epi.. i wonder how can dese people bhave so shamelessly in a national tv? I hav never ever bhaved such a way even if no 1 z watching me..
    Paison k lie kuch v??

  3. I liked aman bt he z nt in game now. N now i lyk rimi.. if some1 else was in place of rimi when mandy took her makeup c would hav reacted shit.. bt rimi was so cool.. dats y i lyk her..
    Only Aman n Rimi undrstand tasks very well.. its nt abt wining.. its abt luxury budget. Who ever wins bt luxury budgets r for whole house. So y tp fight in tasks to win? Just play tasks, whoever may win bt all ll get luxury items.. so simple it is..

    1. I totally agree with you… But the thing is ,, this affects the nominations nd captaincy… Thats why they are so keen on winning… Everyone wants to be safe… So they fyt to win..

    2. I totally agree with you… Its luxury task.. . But i think the problem is that,, the nominations and captaincy depends on this task… The winning team gets advantage… Nd since evryone wants to be safe they fyt to win….

  4. I have seen priya in big brother and trust me guysz,she nt even one percent changd for trps.and australian people mentnd her r8 that she was nt agresive ,she was more like honest and true human being.kanwljit is i dn,t knw what a male disguse in female or vice versa.

  5. Digagana is havng typoid,that,s why she is kept away frm task nd nt gven much screen space.i thnk its gud prince won task becz he desrves it.

  6. I like prince and loved to see him winer with karishma instd anukhi in spitswilla i thnk let others also get to chance to enjoy the taste of winning.why everytime he should nly win.though he is my fav. Male be true,yaar ek hie jaan ko jeeta jeetein dekh kar boare hogaye.every time manmohan sing can,t becme pm of india.gve chance to others and u,l get a narendra modi.

    1. Hey arav…same here..i wanted to see prince win with karishma in splitsvilla….i dont think anuki was fit enough to be a finalist even

  7. @neeru…the update was tooo too late…even the most ardent follower;) u missed it..(hey its me freak;)

    1. I watch the show till 11.30.. Come bck here nd post my views… yestrdy i Waited till 12.30 for the update .. Din find ny..
      I guess i was fast asleep when it actually came.. . 😀

    2. Hey freak…yeah the update was so slow…i had to to refresh thinking avi hoyega update avi hoyega….but then got bored and slept…

    3. I watch the show till 11.30 nd come back here to post my views.. Last nyt i waited till 12.30 for the update… Din find ny.. I guess i was fast asleep by the time it came…

      1. Also there’s some issue while posting… I was not able to comment .. Had to change my username… 🙁

    4. I liked many things frm today’s episode…
      Rishab finally coming out of mandy’s spell…
      All inmates (except mandy)coming together against the wild cards…
      Suyyash nd prince standing up for each other nd showing their frndship when priya nd mandy tried to question it..
      Rimi surprised me.. the way she openly said that if i vl go to the store then this will happen,, keeping her calm nd smiling vn mandy took her makeup kit nd threatened not to give it.. Really nice… If it was nyone else no one wud hv spared mandy for touching their things…
      Suyyash din seem intrested in today’s task.. Din feel bad that rimi cheated,, din start a fyt with the other team.. I think his energy comes when prince is with him.. Also kish looks a saint in frnt of priya… LOL…

      1. @neeru…remember..wen diggi suyyash n kish were talkin…they made prince bad.n .once before wen they had a fallout in that facebook friends page task for captaincy…kish showed prince in a real bad light..though prince do over reacts smtimes…he does nt think much he has a gud heart…i do love priya n kanwal..they hav spiced up the show..:D racism s*xuallity physical..all in just two episodes..;)

      2. Yes i luved the fact that risabh was referring mandy as his frnd and now breaking his fshp wid her….rembr when mandy was fake evicted, how risabh reacted??…seeing ystrday’s epi i was laughing over….and i feel as if rusabh does try to stay in limelight….jhagda b dekho kitna late main kiya ghar ke andar main aake…..and kish thanda pad gayi…uska to kitna kam footage tha kal….and luved the fact that all are standing against wild card’s……and remember priya telling rimi that if she cant be loud, then she is a wrong show…in today’s episode she will cry about all ganging up against her…she must b aware that in bigg boss this happens….

  8. kya karr rhe hh yr aaplog
    koi oddnce ka fav. abhi tak thik se nhi bann paye ho yr…

  9. I liked many things frm today’s episode…
    – Rishab finally coming out of mandy’s spell…
    – All inmates (except mandy)coming together against the wild cards…
    – Suyyash nd prince standing up for each other nd showing their frndship when priya nd mandy tried to question it..
    Rimi surprised me.. the way she openly said that if i vl go to the store then this will happen,, keeping her calm nd smiling vn mandy took her makeup kit nd threatened not to give it.. Really nice… If it was nyone else no one wud hv spared mandy for touching their things…
    Suyyash din seem intrested in today’s task.. Din feel bad that rimi cheated,, din start a fyt with the other team.. I think his energy comes when prince is with him.. Also kish looks a saint in frnt of priya… LOL..

  10. hey freak..dont you like rochelle????

    1. I like rochelle too..she s cute..:) she came out gud since keith left…:D

  11. peheley sabse worst lagti thi lekin ab best lagti hai . wahi ek hai jo real dikhti hai baki sab ladne ke bahaney dhoottey hai

  12. Anyone here into english tv shows..?? Quantico ..a priyanka starrer..,homeland,game of thrones,etc…they are lovely and worth a watch

    1. Only masterchef australia…quantico yet to watch…planning to download and watch after exams

  13. I love rimi sen..she z cool

  14. Hello neeru and tedd and guys how urll

    Episode was cool….one thin about Rochelle what ever she finds right she will support that…I like that,becoz now she knows that in this house every one is at if Mandana is wrong she will go against her!BETTER

    1. Only masterchef australia…quantico yet to watch…planning to download and watch

    2. Hey sweeti am fyn…hwz u???
      This is bb house equations change every single moment….i feel as if roch and mandy are bf and gf…sometimes they brk up ..sometimes they patch up….

    3. Damn.. All my postss that were missing,, comes back … Now it seems i hv posted the same msg twicee or thrice…. Guysss sorry… Network issue i guess… 🙁
      Sweetii i am good… 🙂

  15. prince is best

  16. Rochelle is cutest!!i just want hwr to win

  17. Godd!sersly ds is happening in India!whrevr u go if u r a woman u hv to face dis kind if shit…ppl like kanwal!srsly he is doing racism evry tym he is like “Australia” se ayi hai toh kya Karen!!dt tym wen rishab ws lickin her fingr she ws nt makn scen f dt in s**ual terms!but it was kanwal who said”chatwalo”!no doubt he is pig!man!she’s an indain too!wt u r doin!I like Priya no doubt frm d vry fst day!ppl r targeting her coz dey thinks dt she is a strng contender! 😉

  18. when keith will return????

  19. I think the regular followers shud have a whats app group..neeru can be the admin..;) a group like bigboss discussion adda.:D

    1. Ha ha ha….funny…but cool idea to have a group…

      1. Ted..what exams r u taking??

      2. Competitive exams…..wat about u???

      3. Me too..:D aipgmee…

      4. Aipgmee??best of luck….am too in for the grp…but let me know how…??

    2. LOL

      1. Lolo why…am really getting pissed off…job main priority but wat about bigg boss??…no one understands my situation…

      2. Sorrry itz lol not lolo aka karishma kapooor

      3. I keep refreshing the pages vigorously to chk if my comments have been approved..and u all have replied…am becoming a mad gurl

  20. Great Tedd….roch is quite great

    1. Yeah…so we can do a watsapp grp…if u all dont mind…that wud be grt

  21. @FREAK u right…even I wanna be part ….if u guys permit..we done that for the sony tv (REPORTERS)

    1. Yeaaahhh sure….i am in sweeti..;)

    2. Am in but how

      1. We have to share our;)

  22. hey guys…who do you think should be the 3 finalists of bb?????

  23. Rochele , prince , priya

  24. Yes m also in if u cud form a grp…instead of sharing nos one cud share a mail id who wants to form a grp

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