Bigg Boss 9 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 44
Saath Samandar paar song plays, inmates wake up and dances.

Rishab sees Priya’s tattoos, she shows her tattoo “freedom”, and says its my favorite, she says there are some which you wont be able to see, Rishab jokes that i am glad i wont see them.

Prince says to Rochelle that Rishab always go behind new people, Prince and Rochelle speculate that Rishabh is trying to impress the new fish in the sea’, Priya, by giving her some extra attention. Prince further says that Rishabh is getting bullied by Mandana every now and them and how he is not realising this fact

Priya and Rishab are in kitchen, Priya ask Rishab if she should tell him a story? he says why not, she says there was frog and scorpio, scorpio

said to frog that he will make him cross river, frog sit on his back, in middle of river, scorpio bites frog and they both start drowning in water, forg ask him why did he attack him when he is getting drained in water now too? scorpio said thats my nature, i cant stop biting people, Rishab says i am not scorpio, Priya says i am not talking about you, you should understand whom i am pointing at, (Kishwar is also in kitchen).

Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task Bigg Boss Dairy’ where the contestants are divided in two teams with Prince and Rimi being the team leads. Kishwer is appointed to be the moderator of the task. The two teams are required to milk an electronic cow with the help of three nozzles/pipes and have to make packets for final inspection. The milk packets will then go through a hygiene check by both team’s captains and the team processing maximum packets will be declared as the winner. The first order is of making 25 packets. Both captains chooses their team members. Prince’s team includes Rochelle, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh while Rimi’s team includes Suyyash, Priya and Mandana.

Rimi is getting ready for task. Rimi, Prince, Mandana and Rochelle are collecting empty packets from store room. Rochelle and Prince takes more packets. Mandana comes to Pirya and says Prince, Rochelle snatched packets from me, Priya says okay we will take their buckets, Prince comes and says you cant take our buckets, Priya gives him back.

both teams are collecting milk from cow’s pipe, both teams are fighting to get milk in their buckets, there are three nulls of milk, Priya says we can divide two nulls and third null should be shared by both teams. Kanwal is taking milk from cow to give to rochelle so she can make packets why Mandana is trying to stop him. Priya is collecting milk but Prince tries to stop her by pushing her hand away, Priya says you are getting physical, Kishwar should see it, Prince says to Priya that you have closed null, this is wrong, Kishwar says what i am seeing, your team is looking more aggressive not them, dont be physical, you are pushing her hands, Kishwar says dont get physical, Riahsb says she has put hand on null so we will remove it, Mandana cries, Price tries to remove her hand but Priya says you cant touch my hand without my consent, Mandana says this Kanwal **** pushed me so badly, Kanwal says ****, Kishwar ask them to not use these words, Mandana says you cant push me like this, Kanwal says ok sorry but dont abuse.

Kanwal ask Prince to be calm in task. Priya has put finger on null so Rishab cant milk cow, Rishab starts licking her fingers, Priya says you cant do this, Kanwal says so have fun when he is licking it, Priya says you are getting s*xual with me, Kanwal says Rishab do it, Priya says i wasnt making issue but you are taking it to wrong end, now i will make it issue, he is s*xual, Kanwal says to Rishab that you know, you are not s*xual so keep doing what you are doing, Priya ask him to not be dirty, Kanwal says so what if she is foreign return.
inmates start milking cow, Rochelle ask Prince and Priya to keep doing task calmly. Priya says to Prince that you cant push my hands like this, Mandana says Prince is not doing task but is getting violent on inmates. Rishab is bringing milk packets to Rochelle, Mandana teases him, they throw grass on each other. Priya says to Kishwar that we decided we will not use third null thats why i was putting hand on null but they are using it now, Kishwar says this is foul.

Priya says to Rimi that other team is not playing good, Rishab ask them to not back bite about my team, Priya sees Kanwal looking at them and says to Rishab that Kanwal is thinking we are distracting you, she calls Kanwal and says ask him to not get distracted by her, Kanwal i dont listen to you. Rimi says he has so much enger even at this age, Priya says to Rishab that i know when you were licking my finger, i know you didnt have intention but it was wrong, if i am at mistake then i will accept it unlike Prince, Rishab says you are vrus and i am anti-virus, Priya says we will play our game in tasks but we will have partnership in long run.

Priya whispers to Suyyash that we can mix water in milk to increase its volume. Suyyash says you are right, Suyyash brings water bottle and hides it.

Suyyash ask Rishab to leave from their den, Rochelle ask him to comeback to their stall, Rishab says i wont, Kanwal says he is just standing near your team’s table not abusing anyone, if he was abusing anyone then i would have stopped him aunty, Priya says excuse me(after listening Aunty), Priya says you are uncle but i call you by name, my name is Priya so call me by it only, Kanwal leaves, Suyyash says to Prince that if Kanwal doesnt understand then we will not be able to respect his age, Priya says he is teasing me by calling me aunty, he wants to provoke me. Prince says i just wanna say dont point at my character, she says to Prince that you were holding my hand again and again, you were forcing my hand so much, she says to Rishab that you were licking my hand and still saying ill words for me, Prince says that was joke, Priya says he was putting his saliva on my hand, that was cheap.
Priya comes to Kanwal and says you cant call me aunty, you are elder, Kanwal says i am not old or young in game, Priya says but you cant call me aunty like this, Kanwal says even you called me uncle, you can say what you want but i am in my world, Priya says you said that you cant over power each other, Kishwar and Rochelle laughs on their fight, she says what kind of fights do we have like he called me aunty, he is foreigner, etc etc, we should make it more interesting.

Its time for captains of both teams to check packets. Priya says to Rimi that when you see their packets then analyze how they are checking our packets, you should be fair but dont forget we have less packets.
Prince checks Rimi’s teams packets and says there is dirt in it. Suyyash says dirt doesnt matter as we dont have any sieve to separate out dirt, even your milk would have dirt too, Prince says no one sell packets of milk with dirt, you people had put garbage in milk buckets, Kishwar says let him analyze then you people can analyze too when time comes.

Rimi is checking Packets, Kishwar says Rimi is playing game, beware, Prince says now i feel i will go out of house, all clap for Rimi, Priya ask Rimi to keep doing task. Mandana and Rochelle joke, Mandana hugs Rochelle.
Rimi is checking packets, Kishwar teases her for doing task, Prince jokes that Rimi was lying all the time, she was playing game, Rimi says i am doing task for luxury budget only, Prince says i know, i am joking baby.

buzzer plays, Rimi and Prince comes in store room to collect more packets, Rimi says you can take packets from me if you need, she collect packets and give some to him, she says if you want more than take it here only else they will make issue, Prince takes more packets from her.
Bigg boss says to inmates that first order of 25packets is still remaining, finish is fast, next order is of 50packets.

Both teams are collecting milk in packets. Prince and Rishab plan to throw other team’s milk. they throw milke from Priya’s hands, Priya says you are not playing fairly, she tries to throw their milk can too but Rochelle holds it in time. Priya says this is not the way to play, Suyyash says Prince our can was fully filled but you destroyed whole game. Rochelle says to Suyyash that you can collect milk from cow again, we will not make packets till then. they wait for Bigg boss to switch on cow’s milk pipes, Kanwal ask if they dont have packets? Mandana we have left with only 2 3 packets, Rochell comes to check their cans if there is milk, she finds water in one can and ask why do need water? Rishab says wow they were cheating by mixing water in milk, they make fun of them and says this is level of cheating, they clap for Rimi’s team, Rimi laughs, Rishab jokes that Rimi what a game, he jokes that see this face closely, Rimi laughs and jokes that it was water of rains.

Rimi is checking packets of Prince’s teams, she approves it. Prince’s team have made 25 packets. Kishwar says Bigg boss Prince’s team have made 25 packets.
Suyyash says to his team that we should think about 50packets now.

cow makes nose means she is ready for milking again. both teams start collecting milk. Mandana calls everyone after collecting milk to make packets but they dont have packets, Mandana says i have saved packets which were rejected by Prince earlier, they make packets. Mandana says we have made 50packets so other team should stop. Prince check their packets and jokes that they are for kids as there is literally no milk in it.

Rishab’s team have made packets, they ask Rimi to check it. Priya says to Rimi that dont accept small packets, Rimi says they have approved our too so i will approve his small packets too, Priya says but they have rejected our many packets too which were small, Rimi says that were not clean thats why he rejected and i told him to accept our small packets and i will accept their small packets too in next turn so now i have to accept it, Priya says you are biased towards Prince, you are playing game, Rimi says i am not interested in game, i am doing this for luxury budget, Mandana and Priya say that if you dont wanna play game then just go back home, Rimi smiles and leaves from there without answering.

Mandana ask if this cow is she or he? Suyyash says how can “he(male)” give milk? Rochelle laughs on Mandana, Mandana laughs on herself, Suyyash jokes that after asking such question you should be thrown out of task.

Prince says to Kishwar that Priya is very clever, Kishwar says she have seen and studied us, Kanwal says so what if she is Australian? she is not winner, Mandana and Rochelle are giving her too much attenion.

Everyone in house wishes Prince birthday, they sing for him, Kishwar says i dont know what time is it but we have wished him.

PRECAP- Priya and Kanwal have argument, Priya says when someone tries to argue with you, you make excuse of your age but when you want to insult someone you forget your age, Kanwal says i dont care, Priya says its useles too go behind a pig, Kanwal says dont call me pig, i can give answer back to you. Later Rishab checks Rimi team’s can of milk and says they have put thing in can with which cow’s back is cleaned, whats this? Kanwal jokes that maybe this is way to keep milk in can in Australia, Priya says Kanwal what you are doing is racism, Kanwal says i will do it, Priya cries and says this is not right, Kanwal ask her to not shed crocodile tears, Priya says Bigg boss throw this man out right now. Later Babaji calls Priya and shows her clip in which Rimi gives her team’s packets to Prince in store room. Priya comes to Rimi and says i have seen clip, she tells Mandana what Rimi, Mandana takes Rimi’s make up pouch and says i am not gonna give it back to you Rimi, Rimi smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I dont like this Priya for sure….if Kish is biting ppl every now and then…then wat are u doing…u doing the same…acting like a slow poison…atlst wat she does , she does it on the face…but this priya has come since ystrday and has started biting everyone by her divide and rule policy….

    1. Has rimi gone crazy??…she really should be thrown out of this house…and plz no racism…Priya may b clever…but aussie show main gayi…wahan racism..and yahan racism……this shouldn’t be happening..if itz happening….and Kanwal, man ssly nevr expectd this behaviour from him…trps k liye purrrfct

      1. Why do you feel rimi shud be thrown out. ? She actually did a task for the first time…. πŸ˜€

      2. @neeru..caught up wid d repeat telecast today…;)

    2. Well i guess the other team had tissues in their milk.. And kanwalji asked is dis the way they do it in Australia… Well is that a big issue ?? Is that racism. ?? I dnt knw.. Well we need to see the episode to know the entire thing…

      1. I missed this onee…:-/

      2. Nah..wat u saying is ryt that she is doing task for first tym so she shud be appreciated….but see the way she is doing …dfntly she is doing task but that too in such a way….who gives the opponent team ur benefits wen u r in a comptn??…and about priya…i said if racism has happened then it shouldn’t be happening…and i have read in news that she had faced racism in aussie show…..and regarding kanwal’s behaviour since ystrday..i said it was not hez behaving like a freak….but no doubt they have been brought to do so…

      3. @tedd… Yea true.. actually i felt giving packets to prince was not a big cheating coz nyway they din hv milk.. Din think that was big deal compared to what suyyash did ealier when he told kish abt their game plan.. But i guess,, big or small betraying your team is not fair… And she is going to pay for it today.. Priya has seen the clip…
        But i like the way rimi remain calm nd smiles evn vn ppl are shouting at her.. Its quite difficult to do it…

      4. @freakkkk… Poor you.. You missed the wildest episode ever… πŸ˜€

      5. Yes.. If rimi is saying she is not playing game..itz a big lie…everybody here z playing game….intentionally or unintentionally she is playing game by her antics

  2. hate u rimi.kuch to sharam kro.smiling like besharam.

  3. worst episode of bigg boss ever.jabse ye priya aur kanwaljit aye hai tabse mujhe kish achi lagni lagi hai.kanwaljit is so cheap.itti gandagi mat dikhao yar.priya madam this is India yha pe tumhari natuanki jyada nhi chalne wali.rishabse ye sab expected nhi tha.i thought he is gud & funny guy.missing aman & keith.

  4. Priya is irritating nd wer is digi?

  5. I like rimi ..?
    but this kanwal hmesha Australia Australia krta rhta hai ??

  6. Priya is here to show them how the game is played, this will be either very interesting or very annoying lol

  7. I too hate this Priya & kanwal……she will go to any extreme to win …(be careful guys)

    Happy birthday prince ….May god fullfill all ur wishes !!!!??

    Rimi……super ??(bigboss chosen you as a captain their wish …….you helped prince by giving pacets that’s ur wish ………)

    Bigboss understand she will do wht she she feel right and what she want ….she don’t bothered about others opinions or critisim ….that’s RIMI ?

  8. Wait i thought prince bday is 18 september

  9. Don’t like this priya at all

  10. NEERU hey ….lol now Mandana is telling every small thing to priya as priya won big brother Australia ….eish ..I must say these girls here cry over petty things…one push and a cry …and anything is allowed in bb even cheating….remember neeru when Mandana stole coins salmaan said it’s allowed

    So anything is allowed isn’t…

    1. Actually i am at a loss of words…
      Mandy was trying to grab the buckt frm behind so the natural reaction is pushing her hand bck.. Thats what kanwlji did… And mandy starts crying…
      Priya was closing the pipe with her fingers, so the natural reaction is to take out her hand… Thats what prince did.. And priya says its physical..
      Like really. ?? What are these girls thinking..
      Priya’s tactics was shouting and kanwlji’s was taunting … Both did their part equally well.. But later priya blames kanwlji for being insensitive.. Goshh..
      Cheatin is ok in bb.. Blue team mixed water, they reused the rejected packts… Ornge team spilled the other teams milk… So itss fyn…
      Rimi has a soft cornr for prince.. πŸ™‚ Earlier also she only came for task when he called.. She was seen defending prince when salman asked.. .Today she gave packets to Prince.. She’s most comfortable with him it seems.. Frndship… πŸ™‚
      Precap,, Poor rimi.. Priya nd mandy is going to kill her tomorrow… I just realized taunting is more sharp than shouting.. Kanwalji is pretty good at it.. The way he makes faces nd smiles nd say silly things ,, is funny but disturbs the person aimed at.. Good gameplan..
      BTW SWEETI,,, priya din win bb Australia. ..she was just a contstnt.. πŸ™‚

  11. y did dis mandana took her makeup!!!rimi go nd tel abt dis to prince ,,,den he il surely tk care of dis mandana arogant bhvr towrds u!!!

  12. Lol yip neeru I know it now but she was a finalist …..

  13. VIN sorry but if others can do cheating so can rimi….
    and bigg boss said “”IF RIMI DOESNT DO TASK “””MAKE UP WILL BE TAKEN AWAY”””””” and here she did do task so actually Mandana can’t take away her make up pouch…

    1. But sweeti…here she is doing cheating to let her team down….????!!!!

  14. Where is Digi she never participates in anything.

  15. Rimi chose d best players (obviously apart frm prince whoz d captain of d other team): suyash (kishwar wl hv a soft corner for d team dat he is in); priya and mandana (both equally manipulative and shrewd players)! Rimi’s calmness (even wen shez stubborn), brains, and nw dis smile (i gv a damn to wat u say) depict a v.strong and DANGEROUS player and shez also favouring anothr v.strong contestant-Prince! Shez nt d fool shez showing herself to be. Aera banke pera khana is her gameplan.

    But i liked her today. A persn who smiles and walks out in d face of opposition is a v.strong and mature person, she wl do just wat she wants!

  16. Btw priya malik is a atom bomb, has made bb v.interesting and infused energy and broken d monotony πŸ˜€ kishwar thandi lag rhi h uske saamne!

  17. Just hate Priya and kanwal ji
    Happy birthday prince
    Rimi good DAT u participated keep it up…….

  18. Does Rimi have a crush on Prince or something?

  19. May be digi is unwell so she is not the task…. n bb also don’t give imp to digi they don’t show digi that much in epi………

  20. Happy birthday Prince ?. you are the best .

  21. Prince and rimi.. <3.. stay blessed!!!

    1. They make a really cute couple and I am sure Rimi has a crush on him

  22. well I dnt think dat rimi has any soft corner for prince but the fact is dat she is afraid of prince n dats y she is doing al this stupidity..
    so no surprises about what that darpok billi did..!!

  23. Rimi seems like Mansorovar in Gobi desert. All should appreciate her soft tender coolness.

  24. I missed digi.. Now a days digi is not seen in epi
    Wt happend to her … She was always ready to play…
    N rimi played game for first time i think..
    Just hate priya n kanwal
    Priya is using divide n rule .. She can do anything to win .

  25. madhusudan jha

    helllo ….i love the way kish is in the house ..big boss should bring more kish

  26. @tedd I think sweetie is right.remember the coin stealing matter,suyyash told KISH that we are going to steal I guess that’s fair enuf, not being rude dear <3 Share Your Opinion guys even TEDD,NEERU AND SWEETIE

    1. Naah am not being rude…i completely understand wat sukish did was wrong…but if i were a player i wud luv to win atlst one round….if not all..if she is playing, she should play fair ryt??…this is the thing am saying…but itz her wish….
      Sometimes wat happens these things get irritating…

  27. @tedd,I guess sweeti is right.remmeber when when the stealing coin Matter.suyyash told KISH about it that they were stealing coins,it doesn’t matter.

  28. I like Priya. She is very clever and intelligent. Kanwalijt.. Like his f**k pig. He don’t say country. I am an australian. If he come here. We will f**k him.

  29. happy birth day prins

  30. Keith is coming back. !!!!!!!

  31. Oohlala thanks sakshi

  32. where can i see full episodes of bb9..?

  33. @pratiksha u can see it on tv haha

  34. wer’z 2days epi??

  35. Where is todays episode (25th Nov)
    .its irritating..plz hurry up..?

  36. Adiba,r u sick??

  37. where is today 25th November’s written updates??

  38. Neeru please give today’s short update and precap or some one if u can

    1. Din see your msg dear.. I slept off ..

  39. I think diggi is not well.

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