Bigg Boss 9 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 74
Song love love tumse love hua plays, inmates wake up and dances.
Gizele says to Suyyash that Nora keep speaking whole night that we are not able to sleep, we hardly get some hours to sleep, Rishab says if they will do this then i will not let them sleep too, Gizele says if she doesnt get sleep then she should go out of room and let us sleep, Nora smirks listening this, she and Kishwar laughs, Gizele gets irritated with this, Nora starts dancing.

Suyyash says captaincy orders will be same and there will be physical punishments, anyone has any complaints? Priya says at night when lights are switched off, inmates keep talking and murmuring, whispering and laughing is loud, Rishab sang song last night too, Rishab says i started singing as they were

laughing so loudly and i could sleep, Suyyash says i listened laughing ans singing both, when Rishab stopped singing, they also stopped laughing, Gizele says it means we have to something different so they stop laughing every night? Suyyash says they laugh for hardly 10minutes, Gizele says what are you saying? Suyyash says Maximum 20minutes, Rishab says if they will talk so loud everyday then i will sing everyday, i dont have any other problem but with Nora’s laugh, she smiles so much that it irritates, Prince says you keep singing, we dont have problem and we will keep laughing, Priya says its not just about Nora, even before yesterday, it happens, Suyyash says problem is that so much more happened before it but no one made issue so shy now? Gizele says you should have raised issue, its your problem that you didnt raise voice, Prince says if you do mistake then fine but if someone else does then he or she becomes criminal? Gizele says nothing like that, Suyyash says if you had problem with Nora’s laugh then you should have stopped Rishab too from singing, Gizele says i did stop him, Suyyash says no you didnt, if you had asked him then he would have stopped, Gizele says i asked him why he is singing then he said that they will stop with his singing only, Suyyash says so you liked his idea of irritating us? Gizele says you were wrong, if you wanna take side of Nora then you can, i dont have to discuss anything further, Suyyash says you are taking Rishab’s side too, Gizele says i told him on his face that he is wrong, i am not taking his side, Suyyash says even i am not taking anyone’s side, Kishwar says you support him everytime, Gizele says Rishab is wrong too, ofcourse both Nora and Rishab are wrong, who is saying that he is right? Suyyash says i am trying to understand point of view of both sides, i talked to Nora too as i want to sort out this, Gizele says then ask them to not do mistake again, Suyyash says so i am making rule that if i listen anyone’s voice in this room at night then i will take his or her mattress irrespective of whoever is the person, even if that person is ill, Gizele agrees.

Gizele says to Rishab that Nora should have accepted her mistake that she was laughing whole night, instead of accepting her mistake, she laughs more as if showing that she doesnt care and have no guilt, Rishab says she isnt doing anything in show so dont get affected by her, Gizele says then why she has so much air about herself? Rishab says when they will start leaving show then they will know reality, then i will see if you will talk to them or not, then your real side will come out, Gizele says Keith is not able to mingle with Kishwar’s group but he trying to be friendly with them as its good for game, he was mingling with Mandana earlier now they broke up with Mandana so they ran towards cool group to be saved, now they are just hiding behind group, Rishab says Rochelle just create fights, Keith always come inbetween fights and proves point that she is wrong, Gizele says he acts like he has morals and he is father of this house, Rishab says Prince is double faced, Gizele says he fights with us infront of his group but when he sees me alone, he tries to be friendly and hold my hand to butter me, yesterday also he came to me later when i was alone, it was Nora’s mistake but he wanted remain in my good books, he is really smart, Rishab says tell him that we dont need your sorry, Nora is fake, actually she doesnt have any point in house, Gizele says she tries to fight forcefully, Rishab says she just hit arrow in air randomly, Suyash is zero, Gizele says he acts like girls, i have seen him, Rishab says Kishwar is bad mouth, Gizele says she disrespects others alot, Rishab says and Mandana.. Gizele says dont say a word a against her, she is great person, Rishab says if you wanna abuse someone then call them Mandana, Gizele says she is a back-stabber, she lies to everyone, she switch sides so easily, did you see now Mandana is mingling with cool group and plotting against us, Rishab says let her be, wild cards will remain wild cards, Mandana is scorpio.

Priya reads task, task name is “remote control”, in this task inmates will be controlled by remote control. Pause, play, rewind, fast forward will be said to them and they have to act like that only, Bigg boss will give them orders time to time and they have to stop everything they are working upon and have to follow Bigg boss’s rules of remote control, Gizele says it will be so much fun.
Bigg boss orders inmates to fast forward, inmates laughs and starts running in house to be on fast forward mode, they have to do their work in fast forward mode, Gizele is running on one leg as her other leg is broken, Prince laughs seeing her. Bigg boss ask all inmates to rewind, inmates start moving back to their earlier places, Kishwar laughs seeing Gizele moving back on one leg, Kishwar says this is so funny. All comeback in lounge and falls on sofa as they were earlier sitting there. Bigg boss orders inmates to pause, inmates get paused, Gizele is breathing heavily. Bigg boss orders inmates to play, they all start moving normally, Rochelle says this is fun task, Prince thanks Bigg boss.

Gizele is in washroom area, Priya is in washroom, she listens Priya’s voice, she ask Rishab with whom she is talking inside washroom? Priya is blabbering that why lights are off of washroom? Gizele is confused and says what are you saying? lights are not off, she has gone crazy, she ask Rishab if he has closed lights of washroom? Rishab gives devil smile, Gizele says Priya i havent closed it, come out, she says to Rishab that he likes to tease, Rishab makes Gizele stand carefully as her leg is broken, Gizele comes to Priya and says i have not closed lights, your soulmate Rishab have done this, dont fight with me, Priya who is still inside washroom says i will not come out now, i will remain here, Gizele says i havent done it, Priya says i am not saying you have doen it but whoever have done this, you could have switched it on, Gizele says i didnt know lights were switched off, i was sitting far from washroom, i couldnt understand what you were shouting from washroom, when i realized it, i came to switch on lights, Rishab switches off light again, Gizele ask him to not do it as she has to take bath, Suyaysh comes, Gizele tells Suyyash says Priya is not coming out, Prince says she is talking from inside washroom and is not wearing mike, Gizele knocks door and ask her to come out and says it doesnt suite you all this drama, Priya says even shouting doesnt suite you, be silent, i will come out myself, Gizele says i am silent, now come out, Gizele says to Rishab that she will keep sitting inside and you will keep teasing her, but when will i take bath? Rishab closes light again, Priya shouts from washroom that i will stay inside for 20minutes more, Gizele says you keep sitting inside, you sit inside till Bigg boss ends, all laugh, Gizele says you will get eliminated like this too, you will be in washroom at elimination time too, suyyash laughs listening this, Priya shouts Gizele to shut up and keep lights on, Gizele says i didnt switch it off, Priya says whoever has done this, you switch it on, Rishab is enjoying all this, Priya comes out of washroom and says seriously guys? what was that, buzzer plays, Priya says Bigg boss says will rewind to all, Bigg boss says Priya rewind, everyone laughs hard at this, Priya goes in washroom again, Prince thanks bigg boss for making Priya fool, Gizele and everyone are laughing on her, Priya shouts from washroom that she is taking bath again, Gizele is stunned at this, she says Bigg boss she is breaking rules, she is not doing task nicely, Priya shouts that you all stop uttering words, i will come out, Rishab switches off light of washroom again, Priya ask Gizele to open lights, she says i will not switch it on now, you enjoy inside, its enough, Priya starts taking bath, Bigg boss orders Priya to Play, Prince ask Priya to come out, Priya comes out of washroom, Gizele hugs her, Priya says to Rishab that i was not able to see, Bigg boss ask Priya and Gizele to pause, they are still hugging each other, they get paused in hug position, everyone laughs seeing this, Priya smiles, Rochelle and Kishwar laughs hard seeing them. Bigg boss orders Priya and Gizele to play, they break hug and have sigh of relief, Priya says to Rishab that if he switches off light next time then she will not spare him, Gizele says no one is bad than you Priya in this house, Prince laughs at this.

Rishab is sleeping, alarm plays, Rishab wakes up, Gizele ask Rishab to wake up as Suyyash should not catch him, Rishab says i was not sleeping. Mandana comes to Suyyash and says alarm played as Rishab was sleeping, Suyyash goes to check him. Bigg boss orders inmates to fast forward. Suyyash comes to Rishab and ask if he was sleeping? Rishab says i dont wanna talk, he leaves, Suyyash says you have to talk.
Prince tickles Nora, Nora laughs. Suyyash comes to Rishab and ask why he was sleeping? Rishab says my head was down but i wasnt sleeping and alarm played, Kishwar ask Suyyash to punish Rishab. all are running inside house, suyyash ask Rishab to do push-ups as punishment, Rishab is running, all are running behind Rishab, Suyyash says Rishab have to do 25push-ups, catch him, Mandana throws orange at Rishab, Rishab throws something,, back at her and runs. Whole house is running behind Rishab, Suyyash ask Rishab to do 25push-ups, he has to do it, they catch Rishab, Rishab start push-ups in fast forward mode, bigg boss orders them to play, inmates start walking normally, Rishab does 20push-ups and stops, Suyyash says to Rishab that you hit Mandana really hard when you threw thing at her, Keith agree, Rishab says even she hit me hardly, Keith says she threw orange at you, Rishab says why did she hit me first? Suyyash says it didnt even hit you, Rishab says it hit me hardly on hand, Priya says she was in fast forward mode, Keith says she is a girl, you should have hit her, Mandana comes there, Rishab says why did you hit me? Mandana says you are *****, ***, you are dog, Rishab says you are ****, *****, you are jerk, they both abuse each other, Mandana says ****thats what you are, Keith ask Rishab to say sorry, he says i will not, Gizele says slangs started again. Prince says to Rishab that he cant hit a girl like this, he shouts at Rishab, Rishab says i am not talking to her then why she is hitting me? Prince says if she touches you then you will slap her?
Nora comes and ask Mandana if she is fine? Mandana says no, he has hit me exactly at place on body where it was paining, i was joking with him in task when i threw orange at him, Nora says you said slangs to him? she says yes, she says then its fine, you have done your work, took revenge, Mandana laughs, Nora hugs her and ask her to not cry, let it be.
Rishab says to Prince that everytime you dont take stand for girls, Keith says you just say sorry and finish this matter, Prince says we have nothing to get inbetween all this, its you who has done wrong and we are asking you to say sorry as you have hit a girl, you call her anything, we dont come inbetween all that, Mandana comes and says i dont want sorry of this kind of person, Rishab says sorry to Mandana, Keith says he said sorry so end it Mandana, Mandana says no i dont need his sorry, she leaves, Keith says i dont understand this, he said sorry so she should accept it, Kishwar says Rishab hit her so hard, Keith says but he said sorry, she is stubborn too.

Bigg boss says to inmates to pause, they get paused, Rishab’s sister comes in house, she hugs Rishab, he smiles at her, she gives him some gift and says you are doing really well in house, i know you will win, parents are good, keep playing like this, house is good, Kishwar, Rochelle cries seeing her. Bigg boss says Rishab play, Rishab hugs his sister and says moto, he ask if her ear is fine? he says they all are my friends and enemies, he says to inmates that she is most beautiful women of house and her name is moto, he says i wil show you house, he brings her in lounge, she says its really pretty, he brings her in bedroom, he says i sleep on floor as my mattress is gone, i tell them everyday that you are most beautiful girl, i miss you alot, she says you are doing really nice, Bigg boss orders Rishab to be paused, he does, Bigg boss ask Rishab’s sister to leave house, she starts leaving, Rishab cries, she leaves, Bigg boss says inmates to play, Prince comes to Rishab and hugs him, Suyyash cries and hugs him, Priya comes and hugs him, she says everyone said that it was Suyyash’s sister but she went to Rishab, Suyyash says her and my sister’s name is same that is Shruti.
Keith is emotional too, Rochelle comes to him and hugs him, Suyyash comes and hugs him.
Rishab sees gift of pictures his sister left for him, he thanks Bigg boss.

Rochelle is hugging Keith, Kishwar comes and hugs them. Gizele tells suyyash that Keith’s brother came to leave him in house who is deceased now.
Rochelle says to Mandana that Keith is missing his brother who left world, he came to see us off in house when we entered here, he is really sad, Mandana says it must be difficult for him.
Prince and suyyash brings their things, they say to inmates that we have to talk to Keith. Kishwar comes to Keith and says pause, Rishab comes and hugs Keith, Kishwar ask Keith to remain pause, Priya comes and says Bhushan will not come so this is my chance, she gives kiss on Keith’s cheeks, Suyyash gives him kiss too and hugs him, Rochelle comes and kisses him, Mandana hugs him too, Prince says we cant fill your brother’s place but i am your secret santa, i wish i was your brother too, he gifts him his cloth and says its from my side, Keith takes it and thanks him, all give him a group hug, Kishwar hugs him and is sad.

Alarm plays. Gizele comes in store room and sees stuff there. inmates are making fun of Gizele that she must be requesting Bigg boss with her broken leg, Gizele says everyone things have comeback which was given to big boss as punishment. All come to take their things, Gizele says thank God bigg boss you have given things back. Priya says most of things were mine, Prince says you broke rules most, bigg boss says inmates to rewind, they start putting stuff back in store room, they keep things in store room back and stand back at their positions, they laugh, Bigg boss orders them to play, inmates laugh at this, Kishwar comes and sees store room locked again, they laugh for Bigg boss making them fool.

Inmates are sitting in house, Tvi is switched on, Kishwar’s mom is shown on Tv, she is in confession room, Kishwar gets emotional. bigg boss ask inmates to pause, they get paused, Bigg boss ask Kishwar to play, she runs and goes is confession room, she hugs her mother, Bigg boss says rewind, Kishwar goes out of confession, Bigg boss says Kishwar play, she runs again in confession room and hugs her mother, Bigg boss says Kishwar rewind, she starts going of confession room but stumbles, her mother helps her, Kishwar comes out of confession room, she cries seeing her mother on Tv, her mother cries and leaves, Prince and Suyyash cries too, Bigg boss ask inmates to play, Kishwar breakdowns in tears, everyone hugs her except Rishab, Keith and Mandana as they dont want to breakdown, Kishwar cries incoherently, Prince says to Kishwar that your mother is really cute, how come her daughter is so mad. Mandana cries, Keith comes and hugs her. Kishwar is crying, Rishab ask her to not cry as then how will they fight, Suyyash says you got positive vibes, Rishab hugs Kishwar and says mom we love you.

Kishwar’s mom comes in house again, Kishwar runs and hugs her, Bigg boss says everyone except Kishwar should be paused, Mother says to Kishwar that i missed you so much, how you lived without me, Kishwar makes inmates mee her mom, mother says Nora i like you, she meetws Gizele, Keith and Rochelle, she comes to Mandana and meets her, she comes to Rishab, Kishwar says he tries to become my enemy, mother says she is my enemy too, she hugs Rishab, she then comes to Suyyash who is crying, she hugs Suyyash and Kishwar. Kishwar brings mom to Prince who cries, she hugs Prince and says you have made her sister, are you regretting? she says no, mother ask Kishwar to not cry, bigg boss ask Kishwar to be paused, she says to Kishwar that keep playing nicely, she says to Kishwar that dont pain yourself in tasks, she ask Prince to take care of Kishwar, Bigg boss ask Kishwar’s mother to leave, mother kisses Kishwar, she comes to suyyash and gives him a hug, she says bye Mandana, she gives flying kiss to all and leaves, bigg boss says all to release, Suyyash breakdowns in tears, Kishwar hugs him and consoles him.

Rishab says to Kishwar that i wont be able to meet Kishwar’s mother, she called me enemy infront of her mom and she also called me enemy, i was like what? i was embarrassed, Rochelle says all leave their rivalry when mother comes, all are like oh mother has come, she can take class, Rishab says i thought to touch her feet but i was paused, Nora says Kishwar’s mother is cute, Rishab says everyone’s mother is cute.

Bigg boss orders inmates to pause. Rochelle’s sister comes in house, Rochelle laughs seeing her, sister says everybody is really proud of you, they are liking the way you are saying hindi, you should play alone, everyone wants to see your strong personality, we know that you are strong, you and Keith should support each other, Bigg boss ask Keith to play, he comes and hugs Rochelle’s sister, she hugs Rochelle too, Keith gives her cheek kiss, Keith makes her meet everyone in house, Rochelle says bigg boss please, Rochelle’s sister says to Prince that you are super funny, i like you, she says to Nora that you look cute when you fight even, Keith says here is Rishab, devil, she says he is really funny. Rochelle starts crying, sister comes to her and ask her to not cry, bigg boss ask sister to leave house, sister says to Rochelle that parents are fine, Rochelle says love you, Keith brings sister in garden, Bigg boss ask Keith to pause, he does, sister starts leaving, Bigg boss ask Rochelle to play, rochelle runs to meet her sister. she hugs her sister, sister ask Rochelle to play alone, take stand and dont get lost in crowd, Bigg boss ask Rochelle to get paused, she does, her sister leaves, Bigg boss says everyone play, Rochelle hugs keith and cries, everyone comes and says your sister was really cool, Rishab says i cant believe she was your sister, Kishwar jokes that your sister is cool then what happened to you? Suyyash says your sister so good then what happened to you? Kishwar says bigg boss gives us her sister and take Rochelle.

Bigg boss ask inmates to pause, they are eating food, Bigg boss ask Rishab to play, Rishab comes to Suyyash and riases his finger, she comes to Nora and puts her hand on Prince’s lips, he makes Rochelle hold Keith’s nose, he makes Priya raise her hands, he puts hair band on Gizele’s eyes, everyone is giggling, he comes to Mandana and makes her put knife near her neck with her hands, he comes back and says very good, Bigg boss says everyone play, Keith comes to Rishab, he acts like beating him, everyone laughs.

Nora is showing stars to Prince, Pricne kiss’s her cheek, Bigg boss ask Prince to rewind, Prince gives gives kiss to Nora again, Bigg boss ask Prince to fast forward, Prince gives kiss to Nora in fast forward, bigg boss ask Prince to rewind, he gives Nora kiss again, she says one on head too, Prince kisses her forehead, Bigg boss says Prince play, all laugh. Suyyash says this Prince didnt show a single star to Nora instead took 25kisses of her and he was making her star-gaze.

PRECAP- house is decorated for christmas. Prince says love is big thing but yeah i like Nora, Nora says i like to be with Prince. Prince gifts her ring, Prince says i want to spend all christmas with you. Later Priya’s husband is shown on tv, she screams and says he is my husband, he gives him a kiss through Tv, Priya cries. Prince reads letter of his sister that she couldnt come in house to meet him, he comes out of confession room to find his sister there, he hugs her and kisses her, he cries. Later Suyyash’s sister comes in house, he is going to make her meet Kishwar but Bigg boss ask him to rewind, he goes back in store room and cries, sister is in lounge and ask him to not cry, store room is locked, Suyyash cries inside and says Bigg boss please open it, he breakdowns, sister starts leaving.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. K guys i dnt want to comment in this way.but i hav always praised prince whenever he is right.& i agree with all minus points of rishabh.u can check all my comments.but this is nt sporty anymore.calling rishabh gorilla & saying he wil get slapped by girls not cool at all.kuch nhi hai bolne ko to gorila bol do.i hav seen sm1 calling him chimpazee.really?may be u were commenting while seeing in the jo feel kiya comment me likh gye.u can bash me as much as u want for these comments i wont mind them for my devil.

    1. Subhashitha K S

      If one r two are making comments like that why r u generalizing all who like prince and hurting.tell this to one who r insulting rishab
      Instead u r insulting prince and one who like him
      Prince and rishab hv never had such major fight r animosity.
      Even when rishab sister went it was prince who first ran and hugged rishab
      I like prince but I don’t hate rishab.your comments r hurting me as though we hv said whatever prince hv done is right
      What he is doing with Nora is foolishness but he is not bad

  2. ManuelFerrara

    oh! poor Gisselle shut the f*ck up! you really feel prince is buttering you? How the hell can a king butter the downtrodden awkward ones like you?
    If you got the guts in you swollen b*tts say this in front of him,you will feel your b*tts blasted like anything.

    1. Yea Exactly! I too didn’t like it. When suyyash told Gisselle that she liked how Rishabh counteracted Noras talking,she said offcourse I did but later kept saying yes Rishabh was at mistake too.I don’t like this girl who walks like zoombie and says words at back.Hope she’s gone this week.

  3. all r bad thats y prince is gud,whether all bad or gud rishabh is very good very good

  4. Shubhasthitha(sry if i spelled it wrong),sorry for hurting ur feelings.i respect every1’s opinion every1 can hav their fav.i agree with u rishu & prince share a gud bond.i love the way rish cals him princy.but i was just angry for those comments against rishabh tht too by prince my anger came out just like tht.sorry to all prince fans( except some).

    1. Subhashitha K S

      It’s k sometimes it happens.hope u will not get carried away like this.
      Hope if not prince r Kishwar ?, rishab wins the show

  5. Hey neeru,i agree i am nt sporty.i wil try to be nt affected next time.sorry for harsh comment.

    1. @anu.. Don’t be sorry… I understand you are upset becoz of some comments… Nd its natural.. But don’t mind such things.. Ignore when ppl start saying persnl comments that you don’t like… its just not worth your time..
      And i agree prince nd rishb hav a good bond… They fyt… But they also joke, support nd laugh togthr… πŸ™‚

      And You knoww whatt,,, rishab is sooooo lucky to have you as a fan.. πŸ™‚
      Merry Christmas dear.. !!

  6. nd for dat dushman vali baat.. wen kish intro rish to mother.. if any1 felt that ws rude den… which mother will lyk a person.. who made her daughter a dog on TV.. so.. plzzz haters.. stop criticizing kish for everythng

  7. @freak @joyee @tedd @neeru @harshal WISH YOU ALL MERRY CHRISTMAS guys;-)

    1. Merry Christmas to our dearest “Banaras ki pari.. ” muuaaah… πŸ™‚

      1. @neeru..aap “muaaah” 10:30 vale slot m kr skti ho..abhi ni..;-)

    2. Merry Christmas Pari chan πŸ™‚

      1. Merry christmas j.j.j.j.joyeee..;-)

    3. ??? merry christmas baby…

    4. Merry christmas pari πŸ™‚

    5. Merry xmas pari tedd neru harshal siva manuel..n everyone out there…:-D

  8. Top ten backbi*chers:

    1.Priya (90%)
    2.Giselle (89%)
    4.Rochelle (80%)
    5.Mandana (75%)

    1. I agree wid the position don’t know about the percentage

  9. Thanks neeru for the compliment.u r really sweet.thanks subhashitha for understanding.i also wish if nt rishabh kish wins.merry christmas to both of u&all the people here.

  10. Jyotika patel

    Why is bigbosss making everyone cry on Christmas?
    I m hating it

  11. Priya will win bb9..she s d strongest…i hav seen her work out…she has huge muscles:)

  12. Annamma James

    @ anu r
    Am d one who said if rishabh will approach these girls may b they will slap him…
    Am sorry
    I didn’t mean to hurt u personaly….
    Bcz I just said it bcz u were always questioning Prince kissing….
    Nothing personal dear…
    Am apologizing u for what I did if I hurted u with my opinion…
    Happy Christmas…

  13. Its k problem dear.nothing personal.

  14. Freak i ofcourse i want rishabh to win but no problem in runnerup also.

  15. Annamma James

    Thank u anu…
    U accepted my oppology….
    Am happy…

  16. Anu r: Baap re itna gussa prince pe πŸ˜€ par acha tha πŸ˜€ btw even i dont like him now becoz of his own foolishness :/

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