Bigg Boss 9 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 12
Chinta ta song, inmates wake and dance. Keith says happy dushera everyone, Kishwar wishes too.

igg boss says to inmates that we will show new and most important part of house that is “Double trouble room”, Aman and Kishwar will go there first.
Aman and Kishwar go in double trouble room, it is divided by wall, Kishwar and Aman are standing across wall in different booths, bigg boss says to that most important decisions can be taken in this room which will affect whole house, all are watching them on Tv. Bigg boss says to Aman and Kishwar that they will be given 2 options, they will tell their decision by pressing button. first option is if one of them presses the button then whole house will be free from partnership, if both of

them presses the button then whole house will be free from partnership but they will become partner again, if none of them will press the button then alongwith with them, one more pair of their choice will be in partnership, all other will be free, tv is switched off, all are tensed in lounge. In trouble room, bigg boss says to Kishwar and Aman that you both have 3minutes to take decision. Kishwar and Aman thinks, Kishwar thinks to press but the doesnt. Keith says Kishwar will not press it and Aman will think, Suyyash says Aman will calculate. after 3minutes, Bigg boss ask Kishwar to leave, she comes in lounge, all ask what did she do? she says i cant tell rightnow, Aman comes there too. Bigg boos says that only Aman had pressed the button, now ALL INMATES ARE FREE FROM PARTNERSHIP, all scream in joy and hug Aman, they are happy, bigg boss ask Kishwar to take belts from everyone and put it in store room.
Kishwar says to Rimi that i thought to press it but then i thought we can have 1st or 3rd option but not 2nd one, Rochelle says double trouble is over, Aman says i thought Kishwar will not press it so i did. Roopal says thank you bigg boss dont tie us again.

Vikas says to Rochelle that Mandana is not happy with this freedom, she wanted partnership as Keith used to take care of her. Keith stops Mandana and ask what happened to her mood? Rochelle comes to her and says we are still together even after getting free.
Kishwar says one person is taking full advantage of getting free that is Rochelle, Prince and Yuvika are working in kitchen, Prince says we will bring fire in food, Kishwar says fire has already started, it has to start from both sides(pointing Yuvika should start taking interest in Prince too), she says you both are wearing same colors, Rochelle ask Kishwar about Yuvika’s age, they discuss if Prince and Yuvika are genuine or not.

Kishwar is given task that she has to give titles to everyone and tell reason too, she will be given 6titles. inmates have to keep wearing titles till next order of bigg boss. Kishwar brings titles, she gives boring title to Arvind and says after Ankit, he has gone in shell, he should come to front, she gives rule-breaker title to Rochelle and says she keep sleeping or talking in english, she gives entertainer title to Prince, he hugs her, she gives nakli(fake) title to Mandana, Kishwar says i feel Mandana behaves artificial in some situations, she gave Vikas and Yuvika’s name for worst performer but was saying that she didnt have any name in my mind, she gives untidy title to Aman as she saw him spitting, she gives Kaamchor(lazy) title to Vikas as he didnt do anything last week as he was captain, her task is done.

Mandana says to Rimi that how can i be more honest than this? still i got this title, she ask Rimi to translate it in hindi, Rimi does, Mandana takes her title off, she says alot of things are going to change, Rimi says i dont want to see that change, i wanna leave before that, Mandana says you dont wanna see the ugly side of people, i have never feel so helpless.

Roopal reads the task, task is Selfie task, they will do the task with Oppo phone, inmates are divided in two teams, they will work opposite each other, first Team A will take selfies, when Team A will be taking selfies, Team B will try to distract them, to photobomb their selfies without touching, same goes when Team B will be taking selfies, minimum two people should be in one selfie.
Team A- Prince, Keith, Rochelle, Aman, Mandana and Roopal
Team B- Arvind, Suyyash, Kishwar, Yuvika, Rimi, and Vikas.
Digangana will be supervisor of task who will announce the winning team. both teams have to take selfies in living room, bedroom, bathroom and garden. To destroy selfie, member of other team can come in their selfie. All like the phone, they attach phone with selfie stick, buzzer plays, Team A will perform first, Mandana take selfie stick, she runs, she get up on bed and take selfie with her team, Aman doesnt allow other team to destroy picture.
Prince, Rochelle and Mandana take selfie in living area, Rochelle says to Kishwar that you cant touch me.
they come in washroom and take selfie there too. They come in garden, Aman stops other team, they take selfie in garden, buzzer plays. Team A see their selfies.

Team is making strategy, Kishwar says if anyone touch you then shout it, buzzer plays, Kishwar takes selfie stick, she starts taking selfie in bedroom, Prince tries to destroy it but Suuyash stops him, Prince jumps on sofa, and tries to destroy their picture, Kishwar ask Prince to not push, Suyyash is trying to stop Prince, Prince get angry on him and says this is my task, they go in living area and take selfie there, they take selfie in washroom and in garden too. Kishwar says we need to see selfies, team A go from there, she shouts on Rochelle to let her see pictures, Digangana says can i talk, no one listen to her, buzzer plays.

Digangana ask teams about their opinion, Kishwar says team A was very violent with us, they were pushing us but we didnt do it, Rochelle says our team was excited, both sides have tried best to distract, Vikas pushed me too.

Kishwar says to Prince that i was distracting peacefully but i was not pushing like you, Prince asys we can destroy by doing anything.
Rochelle says to Digangana that i didnt touch anyone, i had different tactics, i was putting hand infront of camera, both teams were violent.
Kishwar says Rochelle was snatching phone from me, Suyyash says Mandana was keeping so high, Kishwar i felt like slapping her, Kishwar says i have given right title to her, if she say tomorrow that she is ill then i will throw slipper at her.

Digangana will see pictures of both teams and then she will decide who is winner. Team A’s pictures are shown, then team B’s pictures are shown, all laugh seeing it, Digangana says Team B was lenient in distracting team A, they could have done better so by seeing this i feel TEAM A IS WINNER, she reads that winning team will get chocolate box, also the winners will get selfie sticks, Roopal hugs Digangana and says good job, Kishwar says game is that you have to become in-disciplined, Suyyash says i am glad that we are not. Team A enjoys chocolates.

Rochelle says to Digangana that Kishwar get agitated in things, Digangana says she is very loud, if she is happy she screams, if she is angry then she shouts, there is nothing inbetween, i feel her intentions are not bad but she get hyper, she doesnt discuss but starts shouting, Mandana says Suyyash gets aggressive for her, Digangana says i feel they are characters more than lovers.

Rochelle says Rimi is very depressed, she is not smiling at all, Keith says she is helpless.
Kishwar ask Rimi why she didnt take selfies with them? rimi says i didnt want to get punched for one box of chocolates, my face is more important for me, Kishwar laughs.

Lights are switched off, suyyash says Mandana has very long legs, Kishwar says it was proved today that she acts, she was ill but in task, she was running.

PRECAP- Salman and audience will ask questions from inmates in Weekend special.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is like soo boring wheres the fyts and mandana dnt get me started with her she is such a cow and she is always talking in english and breaking rules and being mardy like wat the flip !!!!

  2. omg.. why kishwer is behaving lyk an animal?? both kishwer and suyyash doesn’t know wat patience is..

  3. Keith is my favourite. ..very good human being

    1. Me too Keith is favourite. He is very understanding. And at first I didn’t like Rochelle, but now I love her too. And I hate Suryyash and Kishwer. I really hate them sooo much, I don’t have words to express my anger. And I don’t like prince too. The three of them always bad mouth about others. Even a very small mistake of others, will be a great topic for them to talk about. They mimic others characters and have a lot of fun. They badmouth about others, like they are perfect, they don’t have any mistakes. And Suryyash, he didn’t like it when others were planning to steal coins in the previous episode and he explained them it is wrong and said he won’t support them in stealing. It’s okay. But he shouldn’t have told it to Kishwer. I think you all remember, when he was very close to Kishwer he told her about their plan to steal coins. It was a team game and they should work like a team. How could they win when such people were present in their team who tell their team secrets to the opposite team?

  4. i hate kishwer

  5. Hahaha..rimi is too hilarious #loveYouRimiSen

  6. as prince was not with suyyash he did the task properly… it….guys….do you all really think that prince and yuvika ka kuch ho sakta hain?????

  7. Prince is trying to create a love story.but yuvika is nt responding him.

  8. Prince should maintain some distance with kish & suyash.they r most fake &dramebaj.prince is gud luking & talented guy.he can be more entertaining.i wish to see more of prince & yuvika.they r a cute couple.

  9. I hope so they look good together

  10. did anyone noticed when it was asked to choose between partners whom to nominated and whom to be safe there was a clever game played by kish nd suyash they had a very small eyelock about making loop for Aman and Prince and these guys nominated themselves

  11. serisously kishyash had played very dirty game this time

    1. Rimi should be eliminated this week..she is irritating every1.& she herself very irritated.

  12. Prince is just tryingito create a love story. He tried doing that in Splitsvilla also. He flirted with 3 girls there.. kissed 1. He doesn’t really like Yuvika this is just to get trps

  13. I like Rochelle…………

  14. I so hate kishwar hate herr
    And her stupid younger bf suyyash
    Shes the one for us fake

  15. For the first time I felt Suyash was correct. Mandana was lying on bed like she can’t even move then in task she was literally jumping from bed to bed and running all over the house.
    Like suddenly she became a Supergirl.


  17. I like mandana so much.she never speaks bad about anyone in the house.whatever she says is logical.I hate kishwar and suyash.kishwar behaved like an insane woman in selfie task.Rochelle should have known whom she is supporting is not good enough.

  18. I like prince but he Should maintain distance from Suyash and Kishwar

  19. manmarziyan fan

    I love rimi
    I hate kishwer and suyyash .kishwer always want to argue
    Mandan, rochelle and Keith are the best.
    I love rimi but if she really wants to go home than we as a fan have a responsibility to respect her decison. But I wanna see rimi more.

  20. Hahaha “i didnt wanted to get punched for a box of chocolates” …hilarious.. #RimiSen why is she giving up? 🙁 shez v.real yet a namuna somehow…i like her 😀

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