Bigg Boss 9 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Blockbuster Grand Finale
Bigg boss house door is opened, Nagin comes in house. Mouni Roy(from Nagin show) comes in house and says some people came in this house and got famous. This season, two people were tied together but it was not love tie but their restrictions.
Clip plays, how Kishwar was not happy with her partner is shown. How Keith had difficult time to handle Mandana is shown.
Mouni says a inmate came and kept crying that she wanna go out but didnt leave when house doors were opened, it happened for first time in house. Rimi’s clips are shown.
Mouni says people didnt create real relations or was back bitten by others. How Kishwar left show for Prince is shown.
Mouni says all finalists think they are winners but audience have chosen one winner and now game

of mongoose and snake is starting, it is finale game of Bigg boss.

Salman Khan is in house. He dances on Main hun Hero tera song. He dances with Mouni Roy.

house door is opened again. Ashoka from Charakvartin Ashoka Samrat show comes in house, He jumps and comes to Salman. Salman takes him from there, Ashoka gets great welcome, he folds his hand and hugs Salman. Salman leaves from house.

Salman comes on Finale stage. Ex contestants of BB9 are there. Salman dances on Aaj ki Party song. Mouni and Ashoka joins him too. After dance, Salman hugs Ashoka and says oh Nagin is there too, he hugs her. Salman asks Mouni will she not bite anyone? Mouni laughs. Mouni and Ashoka leaves.
Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss grand finale. Salman says i am feeling that inmates in house are clapping too. he says this is season is getting completed, i dont know if i should feel sad or happy, its Kabhi khushi kabhi gham, i have to ask SRK, all laugh.
Salman says four inmates are in house, India have given decision, we will see who is going to be winner, only audience got the chance to choose. MANDANA, ROCHELLE, RISHAB AND PRINCE are battling for finale.
Salman says some ex-contestants didnt come in finale and some were not invited by endemol(production house). Salman says lets hear it from defeated contestants of house, all laugh. Salman says lets start with Suyyash. Salman says i will ask Suyyash and he will ask Kishwar so i will ask Kishwar directly, he asks Kishwar who is going to be winner? Kishwar says i would want Prince to win, Salman says liar, she laughs. Salman asks Keith, Keith says i want Rochelle to win. Salman says soon we will know who is going to win.
Salman says our finalists are getting ready for finale.

finalists come in activity area where make up artists are present. Their makeover starts. Prince is given sharp hair edges. Rishab is given blue pain Sherwani. Prince wears tuxedo. Rochelle wears black dress, Mandana wears long turquoise gown.
Bigg boss says to inmates that leaving behind 20inmates, you four are finalists of this season, one will win this season but this is not time to think about it, this is time to celebrate of being finalist, bigg boss wanna say why not raise a toast? Rochelle opens wine bottle, Prince serves it everyone, they cheer for Bigg boss and thanks Bigg boss. Prince thanks audience. Bigg boss says you are standing on important position, your well wishers are praying for you, lets see what your close ones have said about you.
Mandana’s video plays. her boyfriend says Mandana is very reserved and have reached great heights, i thought she wont be able to do it but she did. she is fighting to get place in India. She deserves to win as she is consistent.
Rishab’s video plays, her mother says Rishab was very naughty in childhood, he is same in house. She says this is first time i am away from him for so much time, Rishab you have won hearts, come out soon.
Rochelle’s video plays, her mother says Rochelle used to see dream alot, he used to wear angel’s crown. Rochelle’s father says she cries but she is strong. Her mother says i knew she has inner strength.
Prince’s clip plays, his mother says he is Prince and will remain Prince. He will win.

clip ends, Mandana says to Rochelle that your dad is really cute, you look exact like him.
Call is connected to Salman Khan. Inmates are excited to see him, Salman says mom dad is gone and bhai(brother/Salman) has come. Salman says you all are looking good, Mandana says thanks to Bigg boss makeover, Salman says you all can give bigg boss makeover too. Salman says to Mandana that your boyfriend’s video is old one, Mandana says no problem, i will find another one, Salman says see Gaurav(her bf) what she is saying, Mandana says love you baby, Salman says me? Mandana says love you also.
Salman shows their parents to them. Rochelle says hi to her family, her dad says i am liking to be here, i have learned hindi from you, Rochelle says you are lookign nice mom, thank you for coming here.
Prince sees his sister, Salman asks if she was inside then wouldnt you left house for her? Prince says my family is most important to me, Salman says what about family you made in house? Prince says they are important too.
Rishab sees his mother, she gets emotional, Rishab says dont cry Yaar, Salman says calling mummy yaar? Rishab says my mom is looking nice, we have Miss India in house and you are miss world.
Salman says to Mandana that sorry we called your boyfriend but he is taking massage in thailand, Mandana says good for him. Salman shows her someone, Mandana says i missed you so much, Salman asks who is she? Mandana says she is my trainer/close friend, i need her as i am completely out of shape, Salman asks what work she does? Mandana goes blank, all laugh, Salman says she has lost plot, Mandana says i dont remember her name(tainer’s name), Salman says she is Sindy, you have started speaking hindi so much that you forgot her name, Salman asks her boyfriend’s name? Mandana says Gaurav, thats only name i remember. Salman asks Rochelle her parents name? she answers it and says they are looking lovely.
Salman says to inmates that i have name of winner in envelope, Prince holds Rochelle’s hand in anticipation. Salman asks who is sure to win? Rishab, Mandana, and Prince says they are sure they are winner. Salman says you all dreamed of becoming winner but only one’s dream will be fulfilled, we will get to know about it soon. He says i saw dream last night, Keith and Rochelle were dancing in pool in winters, Rishab was there too, i dont know if it was real or dream? Rochelle says real, Salman says lets share with all, what i see in dreams.

Rochelle and Keith’s performance starts. They dance on Tumhe apna banane ka song. Keith lifts Rochelle, they have steamy dance performance, Keith takes Rochelle to poolside and dances with her, they get close to smooch but doesnt, they continue dance, Keith brings her out of pool, performance ends.
Rishab says you behind devil and devil is behind you, he comes on poolside and says you both keep performing like and i will keep cleaning pool. He says i may be undeserving for you but i will win. He dances on Gabbbar, he says one has to become legend to win over legend. he gives energetic performance and says it doesnt matter(his statement line), he says i am hero from my work.

Salman says we will see who has won the game. Few people watch comedy night and must be missing them so Krushna and Bharti’s relatives dont worry, i have brought them here.
Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh comes there and dances with Salman. After dance, Krushna says Bharti is dancing like penguin, Krushna says clap for Salman, all do. Salman says you both danced but why people are clapping for me? even if i wear Lungi and stand upside down even then nobody will see me, Salman says if you stand upside down in lungi then people will not see you but something else of yours, they laugh. Krushna says when Salman is standing beside, who will clap for us? In bajrangi Bhaijan movie, Nawazuddin(actor) did good job but you were praised only, Bharti says in end of movie Munni called you her uncle but didnt call Nawaz even her aunty, Salman laughs, Krushna says Salman is very great actor, we will tell how he became star, he puts hand on his head and he is star so his hand’s blessing gives him boost too. Bharti asks Salman that on weekdays his movies work and on weekends he take classes of bigg boss inmates so why he doesnt do anything on sundays? Salman says i have left that slot for you both, one show(comedy night with Kapil) used to come but now bigger and better show will come.
Bharti says to Salman that you take class of inmates, now allow us, Kishwar says no. Bharti says Kishwar’s face is so big that she can go in lake and can bring out fish with her face only, Krushna says she took a dip in lake and brought a fish out that was Suyyash, Suyyash laugh. Bharti says i love Priya’s bindis, she is like women whose show comes at 11:30pm to tell home remedies, Krushna says Gizele is like people who sell tablets, she can bring out many tablets from her lips, Krushna says she can clean floor with her lips only, she doesnt need any cloth, Bharti says Gizele cant see plane flying because of her lips, Krushna says she had to put dumbbells on her lips to make them like this, Gizele have laughter riot. Krushna says Aman did Bhagban and thrown his parents out of house so he didnt get any film after that. Bharti says Keith was in house but was not seen, people from different fields ask him from where he belongs, Keith laughs. Salman asks about Yuvika? Krushna says how can this happen? that Yuvika is here and we dont ignore her? Yuvika laughs, Bharti says Priya Malik is teacher, Krushna says she is real dabangg as she created so many holes in people, Priya laughs.
Budha of comedy nights bachao Sudesh comes, Sudesh says i was in Bajrangi bhaijan, i was on otherside that is Pakistan. Bharti says film directer asked him to perform in green fields, he went there and peed, all laugh. Bharti says even housemates have this kind of chemistry that is love and fights both.

Keith and Rochelle’s clip plays, how they had great moments and also fights. How Prince had good times with Yuvika. Then house Prince had romantic moments with Nora. Kishwar and Suyyash’s clip plays, how he cried when Kishwar was made dog, clip ends.

Sudesh says i cant praise their acting but all i can say is movies are waiting for them, 12 movies are being released, you all can go to watch it, Salman laughs. Bharti says there were fights too.

Clip plays, Rickshaw task fights are shown, how Mandana kicked Kishwar, how Prince had verbal fights with Rochelle, how Keith showed middle finger to Mandana. How Mandana pushed Kishwar and Suyyash threatening Mandana then Kishwar pushing her back. How Priya had fights with Prince in sand task then how Mandana got violent with Priya, then how Rishab had verbal fights with Prince, clip ends.

Salman says woo, Sudesh says was it Khatron ki Khiladi? Krushna says now we will show you videos which are very interesting, lets see.

Salman’s clip plays, his funny acts of how he is not allowed to go to washroom. Salman laughs. Bharti says lets when Salman eats energy tablets. Salman’s ;funny clips again.
Bharti says after these clips, what Salman will do with colors, lets watch out. Clip plays, Salman threatening colors in funny way is shown.
Bharti asks Salman did you like it? Salman says colors people, you jerk, all laugh. Bharti says we have made song for you. Saturday Saturday song’s changed version plays:
Bigg boss nine main wadda kuch ghatiya (Bigg boss 9 had lots of things in it)
Kisi nu koi patiya kisi nu koi katiya (someone liked someone while others bite each other)
Jab aye Salman halak main jaan, pungi Bajdi rehndi hai Saturday saturday (when Salman comes on saturday, bashing starts and goes on saturday saturday)
Krushna says saturday is bashing day of Salman, Salman says love bash, Bharti says bye Gizele, Gizele passes flying kiss to her, Bharti laughs and leaves with her family.

Salman says we will take test of finalists too, we will give them offer and see their reaction.
Call is connected to house, Salman says you people got many twists in this season and now its time for final twist, he shows them winner’s trophy, Mandana says its beautiful. Salman asks what can be twist? Rishab says to take money and get lost, Salman says you are right, he says after sometime house doors will be opened, Salman says the one who wanna leave can take 17.5lacs right now and leave show. 17.5lac is half of winning amount, the winner will get same prize money but with trophy. He starts counting 10..9..8.7..6..5..4..3..2..1, no one takes money, Salman says i am proud of you guys, all know that only one will win but you all refused it, fools, all laugh, Prince says winner can be anyone but we are here for audience, Salman says why will you take money? you have dreamy contract with Khatron ke khiladi, all laugh, Salman says if you had everything then why Khatron ke khiladi show is going to Argentina? Prince laughs, Salman says Khatron ke Khiladi(KKK) will start next weekend.

KKK’s contestants Siddharth Shukla, Raghav Juyal, Sana Saeed and Mahhi Vij comes in house. Arjun Kapoor comes and dances on KKK’s song.
BB9’s finalists meet Arjun Kapoor. Arjun says channel did mistake to make me host and i am here to promote my show. He makes them meet his contestants, he says we did KKK’s shoot in Argentina, lets play game here too. We will make pairs of BB9 and KKK’s contestants. pairs are:

He ties pair’s hands with handcuffs, he says you have to take out key of handcuff from container which has crabs but you have to take out 7crabs before key. Arjun says but there is twist, he shows them fishes and says these fishes eat meat, Mandana says the are animals(in her statement style), Arjun says these fishes will be in container too, Arjun says BB9 inmates will do task while KKK’s contestants will help them. Game starts, pairs try to take out crabs, Prince takes out crabs, Arjun asks him to calm down. Arjun says Mandana couldnt bring our one crab, Prince finds key, he hugs Mahi, Arjun says Prince won it. He asks inmate if they know how much KKK’s contestants have to bear? Rishab says yes, Arjun wishes them luck and says your journey is ending but our journey is starting so do watch my show, they leave.

Salman says stunts are not much big deal for our inmates. He promotes KKK. Salman says dont know what kind of person is this Prince, only time can tell if his family will be made or not, lets see his performance.

Prince dances on Punjabi song Dun Dunn baaje. Thapki(from Thapki show) and Pooja banerjee(from comedy nights bachao) comes there, Prince kisses them both, he dances on Kiss Kiss ko pyar karun. Nora comes there, he dances with three ladies on Manma emotion jaage re song. Nora does belly dance, Prince dances with her and gives her kiss on neck. Nora and Prince locks themselves in washroom. Bharti comes out of washroom, Prince runs behind her. Bharti comes in garden and says i used to take kisses of celebrities but who kiss after making me sit on commode? they laugh. Comedy nights bachao team comes there, they meet inmates. Krushna says clap for our show, he says you people must have not watched my show as this house have Tv but no cable, all laugh. Bharti says lets start show with me, Krushna goes to sit with Mandana. Bharti and Pooja dances, Bharti says bigg boss just want beautiful girls to dance, she says i am enjoying here, its bhindi bazar(ladyfinger market), its so colorful here, i dont know anyone of them(inmates), who are they? she says hi Mardana(manly person), she says if i put mustache on her then she will be manly, bharti says Mandana has done kind of movies which has thrill, her movies are roy, Bhaag johny, charles, she asks Mandana is she has problem with word sit? Mandana laughs. Bharti says these people will miss this house, girls like Mandana used to swim in lake here, Rochelle used to stand in line of water filling, people like Prince wear dad’s underwear here, she asks Prince to put hand on heart, not on Mandana’s but on his heart, he does, she asks if he is understanding her punches or just laughing like crazy? Prince laugh, Bharti says once Prince showed moon to girl and said that you look like moon, girl showed him shoes and says you look like this, all laugh. Bharti says i say to all celebrities that i am not afraid of anyone but who are these people(inmates) so let it be.
Anita and Mobeen comes on stage, Mobeen asks who are they? Anita says staff told me white colored is Mandana, Mobeen says Rishab.. Rishab thanks him thinking he is complimenting him, Mobben says i didnt say anything, Prince laughs. Mobeen says Mandana kept saying on Tv to not get physical but i have watched her movie, all laugh. Anita says where are ex winners today? Mobeen says dont know, we will say next year about this year’s winner too, all laugh.
Krushna says my dad used to say that i will be performing infront of big celebrities and see today i am performing, my dad was liar, all laugh. Krushna says if Priya is written on commode, Prince will take kisses of it and will say atleast Priya is written on it, all laugh. Krushna asks Mandana to have dance with him.
Krushna and Mandana dances on Oh boy from Kya Kool hain hum. Krushna says who say that she doesnt know hindi? she doesnt even know dance, Mandana acts like beating him, Krushna says Mandana did gandana dance.
Sudhesh comes on stage, he acts like attending call, he says i am in bigg boss house, no i have work but here for one day, all laugh, he says no inmates are looking human in real, he ends call. Sudesh says i asked production house to take me instead of Mandana, i dont have physical problem even, all laugh. Krushna says i got chance to become Bigg boss, i tried to talk in Bigg boss style but i got Kya kool hain hum movie. Bharti says we should leave now, you know whats happening outside? Rishab asks what? Bharti says b*t*h has given birth to 6puppies, all laugh, Bharti says sorry to tell your outside news, their team leaves.

Salman says i showed on poster which has “India isi apna ghar samjho”(treat this house as yours India), let me show what it was.
Common people come in house. A fan says to Rochelle that you played well but you made your boyfriend punching bag, Rochelle laughs. one fan says to Prince that you played in group, you didnt play individually. One fan says to Rishab that we goon type of people are fans of Rishab, he says to Rishab that you shouldnt have become sacred person here. A fan says to Mandana that you played intelligently but you didnt play with heart which always please people. Call is connected to house, Salman asks why they are in house? Mandana says to take one inmate out, Salman says no, see them, they are common people of India and bigg boss house will be given to them, in simple words anyone can become Bigg boss house contestant, it isnt important to be celebrity. He says next season will be BB10, and this rule will be applied there, he says but this is BB9 so why you are here? go to your home, this is not your home, leave, people leave.

Salman says next season is opportunity for common people, if anyone thinks that he is made for Bigg boss then he or she cane make trailer9video) and send to Bigg boss’s site, next season will have common people in house.
Salman says to finalists that time has come to tell decision. He says its time for one inmate to leave this race. he says you have taken important decisions in double trouble room. Rishab, Rochelle and Prince are holding hands. Salman says go there last time, all the very best, inmates go to double trouble room. Salman says now we will get top 3. Salman says celebrities are coming here from Fitoor movie, he welcomes Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur.
Katrina and Aditya comes on stage, they dance on Pashmina song. Salman hugs Aditya and Katrina and welcomes them, Salman says to Katrina that you are looking good, he says you have to go in house and eliminate one inmate, They leave for house.

Inmates are in double trouble room. Katrina and Aditya comes there, Mandana hugs Aditya, he asks how are you? she says i am alive, he congratulate everyone. Call is connected to house, Salman asks Aditya if he is liking to stand beside Mandana? Mandana laughs. Katrina says if i were in their place then i would be shivering, Salman says liar, Salman says to Katrina that you are one of the strongest women i have known, you have done hardwork, for me hardwork is above talent, Katrina jokes that i have talent too, Salman says whole India is crazy behind including me so you must have talent. Salman says now inmates will press buzzers and the one whose statue will break, that person will be eliminated, he asks Mandana to press buzzer, she does and her statue doesnt break, Salman says MANDANA YOU ARE IN TOP3, he asks Prince to press it, Prince press buzzer, his statue doesnt break, Salman says PRINCE IS IN TOP3. Salman says not Rochelle and Rishab will press button together Rochelle’s statue breaks, Salman says RISHAB IS IN FINALE3, ROCHELLE IS ELIMINATED, Salman says well played Rochelle, Salman asks Katrina to be nice with Rochelle and bring her here.

Rochelle, Katrina and Aditya comes on stage. Rochelle says hi to everyone, Salman asks Rochelle was she expecting it? Rochelle says no but we were prepared that our race was neck to neck. Salman asks who she thinks is going to win? Rochelle says i cant tell much but i hope Rishab wins as Rishab has heart of child, we attacked him, discouraged him but he is still fighting, his heart is childlike, i really wish best for him. Rochelle goes and hugs Keith.
Salman asks Aditya what fitoor means? Katrina says zid, Salman says film seems like mature and intense, Aditya says its family movie, Katrina says its about real love, Salman gushes at this, Katrina laughs. Salman says i liked Katrina’s dance, Aditya says i was in it too, Salman says my eyes were set on her, she was nice, Salman says Katrina is like Pashmina. Salman asks Aditya to act one romantic scene. Aditya enacts scene and says to Katrina that when i saw you first time, bomb blasted on my head, i remember everything of yours. Salman says i will do this scene now, Salman enacts and says how bum can explode? Aditya says its bomb not bum, all laugh. Salman looks in Katrina’s eyes and enacts, Salman says to Katrina that i remember everyday that i spend with you, i remember everything of yours, Salman leaves Katrina’s hand after scene. Salman asks if there is someone else in their film? Aditya says Rochelle is doign cameo and also Tabbu in it, Salman says lets invite Gattu(directer of movie) and Tabbu. Tabbu and Gattu comes there, Salman greets them, Salman says if you people think that Tabbu has shifted to Kashmir then you are wrong, he asks if she doesnt have to give tax on kashmir based movies? Tabbu says the one who has income gives tax, salman laughs, Tabbu says hi to Yuvika, she says i did film toh baat Pakki with her, Tabbu says to Salman that your baat pakki9commitment) hasnt happened too, Salman says movie is releasing near valentine’s day, i dont have valentine this year, he promotes their movie. Aditya sings fitoor song with Salman, Salman hugs katrina, Gattu, Adtiya and Tabbu, they take selfie with him and leave.

Salman says this speciality was women, they cracked everyone, he points at Priya, he says man power was not much in this season, question is if girl is going to win or guy but fact is that girls have won this season already. he says lets watch Gautam Gulati.

Gautam Gulati(Bb8’s winner) comes in house. He brings Mandana and says she fought with everyone and was alone in house, he welcomes Kishwar and says she was strong lady in house, he welcomes Rochelle and says she was RoRo Rochelle, he dances with Mandana, Rochelle and Kishwar on song teri Niyyat Kharab hai.

Salman says women power is nice for world, we saw this in BB9 and you will see it in new show Krishnadasi on colors. Salman says we will see Aradhya(from Krishnadasi show), he talks to her throught video call, he says your show promos are nice and i hope your show works till 2019 till you become grandmother in it, Aradhya says i hope it works, Salman says liar, all laugh, Salman says come on tv and take more TRPs than BB9, he ends call and says only girl can get dramaqueen’s crown.
Salman says Media panel has come to interact with inmates. it includes Dibang, Saurav and Anjana from different channels. they come on stage, Salman asks Dibang what he learned from show? dibang says we saw how passionately you involve in show, you are real winner of Bigg boss, Salman says dont say this else i will ask hike from endemol again, they laugh.
Call is connected to house, Salman says media will talk to you now.
Anjana says to Prince that you kept saying real Prince will come to fore so this means you are rightnow fake Prince, Prince says girls were in house so learned we can do things by being calm too.
Dibang says your defect is that you have key like you do tasks, make fake romantic angle and then ditch your sisters and brothers to win show but you forgot that this show is about relations, we have to work on relations, Prince says ask anyone who are out of house, they must be not be having any problem with me. Saurav says when you were with Kishwar in task, you didnt say once that i can leave show for my sister, Salman says this is india’s quality that sister have to sacrifice, Kishwar gets emotional listening this.
Anjana says to Mandana that you said you are mix of bold and shy in start show but we saw only bold Madana, we wanna see shy you, Mandana shies.
Anjana says to Rishab that you came as wild card, became mild and then your energy died, you played diplomatic, you used Priya, Rishab says never, we had fights too, i remember my father’s quote that become tree which can provide fruits and shade to others.
Dibang says to inmate there are two kind of people, one who go to places and bring happiness there and others are those who when leave that place only then happiness come there, which category you belong? Mandana says 2nd one, i am thankful to people for bearing me for 103days, Salman says this is her quality.

Salman asks Dibang who will win? Dibang says if Prince wins then i will be surprised as this is not roadies kind of show, Salman says it depends on voting. he says if Mandana wins then it will be surprise too so i think Rishab can be winner, he was nice change in house. Anjana says if aggressive person becomes mild in house and gives love then he is winner which is Risha. Saurav says i have no problem in saying that Rishab won hearts by his way of playing, all clap, They leave.

Salman says lets see who is going to be eliminated now.
a palanquin is brought in house, Mandana asks where is our devil/Jallad?(jallad of bigg boss), devil puts mask on her face, makes her sit in palanquin, Mandana says Rishab and Prince you both deserve to win, she is taken out, MANDANA IS ELIMINATED. Rishab says to Prince that only two lions are remaining in house, Prince it doesnt matter who wins now, they sing Iss jungle ke sher(lion).

Mandana comes on stage, she is happy to see ex-contestants. Salman asks how is she feeling to be out at such stage? Mandana says Prince and Rishab deserves to win, i am happy to survive till now, Salman asks who should win? Mandana says Prince should win as his heart is very clean. Mandana sees Gaurav(her boyfriend) there and is happy.

In house, Bigg boss says Prince said he is lion of Punjab, other said he is devil, one said i will see you in finale other said it will be fun to play with you, one is Prince and other is Rishab, you both fought and had friendship too. Prince and Rishab have become top2 finalists of house, they hoot on this. Bigg boss says its time to leave house, you will tie belt with which you came in house, before you leave house, we want you to switch of Bigg boss house’s lights, Prince and Rishab bows down to floor of Bigg boss, they switch off the lights. Rochelle and Yuvika cries seeing this on-scree, firework starts in house. Prince and Rishab tie belt on their bellies and are tied together as last double trouble jodi of house(the same double trouble belts which they wore in start of show), they leave house.

Salman says Prince and Rishab are given same respect as me, they will come on stage from where i come. Prince and Rishab comes there, Rishab touches his feet, Salman asks him to not do so. he takes off their belts. Salman says you both are finalists, now question is who will get this trophy and prize money, Kishwar has already taken 15lacs and flied, Kishwar laughs at this. Salman holds Rishab and Prince’s hand and says you both are winners for me, he says the WINNER OF BIGG BOSS 9 IS……PRINCE. Prince screams in happiness, Salman hugs Rishab, Prince hugs Salman. Salman presents trophy to Prince, Prince shares it with Kishwar and gives peck on her cheeks.

(P.s- Congrats to Prince and his fans. I Had great+tough time updating for BB9, The forum has great commenters and readers, your interest was the thing that pushed me to be more precised and quick as much as i could. Hope you all enjoyed my updates and apologies for any mistake. Thank you for reading and appreciation).


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  9. Okay, my nickname is Joyee and people know me by my nickname more, though most of my classmates call me by my actual name 😛 my actual name you will get to know it in BB10 😛

    1. That’s me sorry due to wrong email 😛

      1. tedd (PHFFANK)

        If u are publishing any periodic article lemme know…or else I wud b left behind and will b unable to chat wid u all

  10. the winner for BB9…and not Prince..We will be remember as winner for BB9 show

    Press Reporter also declare winner as he be…and that’s what BB is show is looking for…including Rocheelle…who gave a valid point for his success…

    Prince fake as always….Prince pointed finger on Mandana that she will never be successful in her life game…but he forgot that rest four finger are pointing towards him…. I don’t will stay in star any more…..ur image will fade away…u r just Bakwas….Person….and the trophy went into dirty person hand…who did not deserve at all

    1. its not reporter who declare winner!!!! its we people decide…!!!?? and what is “u r the real winner”.. come on man prince won fair and square…

      1. U didn’t get what I m saying….forget..blind for prince….for us Rishabh is only the winner for BB9

  11. Bye all. Will miss you all..

  12. Rishabh….u r the winner for us for BB9 and nobody else….the respect and love you have gain from BB9…show from all your supporters…I think none other contestants of the house have gained … u think….that you are the priceless winner for BB9 show season…Lots of success comes in your way…and all your well wishers will never forget you……………..we want to see on much much higher platform of your life…Best wishes…

    Your style is unique devil………..and ofcourse one more think I wanted to add you…..before declaring the result of BB9… were official declared as the winner of the BB9 show….as because your role model in BB9 was just amazing and different…..and you were the real hero…of this season….Whenever BB9 name will be taken…your name will always rock as a winner…that much love and respect you have gained

  13. Oooh today is 25 but we r still chatting great

  14. and miss rishab bachhpana…..luv you rishab….

  15. asha karti hu aap sab ko BB 10 dekh pau… plz aap me se koi BB10 me jaye toh plz cemera k pass ek bar k bata deta ki aap telly update me comment karte the…

  16. next season plz TRP me kaam karna….bb10 ko bb8 kse v jada successful karna(bb8 season successful season tha sab season se)….next season desh dekhegi POWER OF COMMON PEOPLE

  17. Rishab was more deserving but then its peoples choice – I wish Big Boss coud also have a 50% say on who moves forward not just the public. Some of the contestents may not have fans but could be excellent in what they do and it takes a while before the public can see and appeciate it. Hope Big Boss takes this into consideration next time. I have no connects with Prince nor Rishab but just felt the latter deserved it. Prince has / had a lot of ego and was over confident. I am sure Rishab will be appreciated for his talent and get a lot of good breaks going forward. Congrats Prince!

  18. The finally was awesome , loved the entertainment – Salman is a superb host. I was a bit disappointed that Rishab did not win.

  19. Congrats prince.But i was a bit disappointed that rishab did not win.Don’t worry Rishab.U win our heart.I m happy that mandana did not win.???

  20. i am missing bb9 alot ?

    1. Yeaahh too..n frnzz out there…

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