Bigg Boss 9 22nd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 22nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorry guys will be short summary only for tonight…

Stress levels are building up inside the Bigg Boss house as the contestants wonder about the elimination for this week. Just then, they hear an mysterious voice announcing that she will be taking over as their Bigg Boss for a day. The housemates are quick enough to guess that it is none other than the gorgeous diva Deepika Padukone. Realizing that Deepika around and is expected to pay a visit, Prince starts jumping with joy and is very excited to meet the queen of hearts. Soon after, Deepika starts giving commands to the housemates very much like Bigg Boss and asks them to entertain her.

Deepika’s first command is that the housemates have to enact a popular scene from the ever favorite movie Sholay. The housemates gather in the

garden area and take positions to impress their newly appointed Bigg Boss. Rishabh becomes Veeru and climbs on to the sky lounge to express his love to Basanti Mandana. Always at loggerheads, Mandana and Prince are often spotted arguing or fighting with each other. Deepika decides to break this routine and asks Mandana and Prince to enact a romantic scene. Following Deepika’s orders, Mandana and Prince start expressing their love for each other while leaving everyone in splits. When the housemates are engrossed in their performances, Deepika enters the house dancing to the song Matargashti. Everyone is overwhelmed to meet Deepika, their Bigg Boss for a day and usher her into the living room. Deepika further directs the housemates to put together a small mimicry act where they are required to imitate other housemates. Aman and Rochelle decide to replicate RImi and Salman’s conversation about ticket to finale in front of Deepika. Later , Deepika asks Aman, Risabh and Prince to impress her in their own style. Each one of them gets some alone time with Deepika when they have to win her over. Next task is introduced to test physical strength of these handsome men and Deepika asks them to break a layer of tiles with their bare hands. After spending some quality time with the contestants, Deepika leaves the house to meet Salman Khan.

For the first time ever, Deepika will, be seen sharing the stage with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss where the duo will be seen doing some Matargashti and much more. On meeting Salman, Deepika tells him that she loved every bit of her experience of being inside the Bigg Boss house and never wished to come out. Salman tells Deepika that he is very happy to see her and was longing to have her on the show for all these years. Following this, Salman and Deepika shake a leg on the track Matargashti where Deepika turns tutor for Salman. Salman then introduces a game where they both have to lie to each other. In no time, Deepika goes on her knees and proposes Salman Khan to marry her. Salman instantly replies by singing Main Hu Hero Tera for Deepika and they break into a performance. While having a conversation, Salman asks Deepika that why did she come ‘alone ‘on the show to promote her movie. To this Deepika promptly replies that it seems that Salman is very happy to see only her and not her costar and they both laugh it off. Next, Salman praises Deepika for her performance in Chennai Express and asks her to enact the scene where she gets possessed and kicks Shahrukh. Deepika says that she will fulfil Salman’s wish only on the condition that he follows her and enacts the scene too. Salman and Deepika then recreate the hilarious scene from the movie to everyone’s delight. After Deepika makes an exit, Salman asks the contestants to go through the fake lie detector test exposing some of the hidden truths. With that, Salman announces the elimination for this week knocking out one more contestant from the house who is none other than – Aman. All are shocked, Salman again announces that AMAN IS ELIMINATED.

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  1. Why is AMAN eliminated?????????
    Love uuuuuuu prince……….. Good going

  2. its not done on weekend (only summary)

  3. Aman… Shocking… !!
    Precap looks good…
    Priya malik entering as wild card… She looks promising… Already made it clear that she is not going to get along with mandy nd kish…
    Nominations with her looks cool…

    1. Aman getting evicted is shocking…due to this idiot rimi everyone is getting sacrificed….good that housemates hid her makeup…lets see how see manages to look good for so called exposure…i dont understand, when she came to bigg boss, she said she is going to become a director … How can be a director so lazy????

      1. True… I actually felt she’ll try a lil more afta she told salman on satrday that she’ll try nd do tasks here on.. Nywaz as you said lets see what she’ll do afta these guys hide her makeup kit.. Actually aman wanted to stay on the show and that makes me dislike her more… I really wonder who votes for her…

      2. yes..people who are interested in staying are getting eliminated due to her….dats most dissappointing…sometimes I think she might be like this in real life but then again she might be using this as a strategy…makeup lagake baithe raho and do no tasks…she says she can do household work..she should be voted as the most expensive BAI in this world, coz of this……she definitely has her PR team…but ssly I also sometimes wonder, is it Bigg Boss who donot want to let her go???

        Have you marked, she sleeps with makeup on her face to wake up looking good for cameras…who does that?

      3. Yeaahh…. Even i wonder if its bb who doesn’t want her to leave coz no one seems to like her.. .

  4. Did rochelle call mandana fake when asked by Priya or was it someone else mentioned by her???….who liked Priya’s entry??? Seems like there would be lots of she had been very controversial in big brother australia…..

  5. bigg boss plz bring aman rimi ko bahar karo.we wil miss u aman.u r the most understanding ,mature & sensible contestant of this season.

  6. aman….shocking…….
    rimi fir bachh gae…

  7. thats nt fair …..m waited whole day to read this….and you r giving nly summary…hertbroken 🙁

    1. Hv written a summary on deepika’s moments in the house… Check out below… 🙂

  8. ab tak rimi ko dekh kar sirf irritate hota tha ab gussa aa rha hai.i cant belive rimi bach gyi aur aman evict hua.logo ho kya gya hai?uske liye kyu vote kar rhe ho jise rehna hi nhi hai.i am very sad for aman.he was a gud player.

  9. Badtameez dil diehard fan

    plz yaar i want full i wasnt able to see d moments of deepika plZz try and understand updte d full epi

    1. I hv written a small summary of deepika’s moments in house… Check out..

      salman khan comes on stage nd welcomes everyone.. he says for the very first time deepika has come to bb nd she has taken the seat of bb… lets see what her feelings are after going to the house nd welcomes her on stage… she comes on stage and dances on matargashti…
      salman welcomes her nd enquires abt the movie..
      he says lets see what deepika has done in the house…
      vdo clip is shown..
      inmates are sitting in the hall nd deepika is watching them frm confession room… inmates hear deepika saying that she will their Bigg Boss for a day. The housemates guess that it is none other than Deepika Padukone. Realizing that Deepika is around , Prince starts jumping with joy and is very excited to meet her. he runs and applies perfume.. deepika laughs seeing this..
      All are asked to go to garden area…
      Deepika asks them to entertain her.
      Deepika’s first command is that rishab has to becum veeru and have to enact a popular scene from the movie Sholay. mandana is basanti nd kalwnjeet is mousi.. Rishabh becomes Veeru and climbs on to the sky lounge to express his love to Basanti Mandana.. he starts acting nd asks mandana to say i love you but mandana says no..
      deepika says how will you say yes to rishab when your true love is prince… all laugh.. she asks mandana to propose prince.. prince nd mandana start acting.. she goes down on her knees nd gives her ring to prince nd ask will you marry me.. prince takes the ring and puts onto her finger but rejects the offer saying we look good as enemies only.. they hug.. all laugh…

      deepika says now i want you all to come to living room… nd asks to freeze… all are freezed and deepika comes to the house… all are unfreezed… she dances with prince nd kanwal on matargashti… all hug her…
      she says to prince that i saw you applying perfume,,you flirt with everyone . all laugh..
      Deepika further directs the housemates to show a small mimicry act where they are required to imitate other housemates. Aman and Rochelle are asked to imitate Rimi and Salman’s conversation on the weekend..
      Later , Deepika says i hv decided to take one of you to a date… she says we’ll do speed dating… all boys are given one minute where they hv to impress deepika nd point out one bad thing abt other boys… all speak…
      aman, prince nd rishab qualify to next round.. Next task is introduced to test physical strength nd the boys are asked to break a layer of tiles with their bare hands. rishab wins the task nd goes for a date..
      later she says she has the power to give you back the luxry budget but for that rimi hv to sacrifice her make up kit… rimi refuses…
      Deepika says bie to all nd leaves the house to meet Salman Khan..

  10. lo bc ab aman bhi bahar ho gaya …ab ghanta dekho biggboss me.auur saath me prinve aur kishwar ka chutyapaa bhi free me dekho ….. seems like dis show is scripted…. nd waiting to salaman to annouce rimi as a winner

  11. missed the episode but i think it was damn entertaining…guys can someone tell me that priya malik is coming as a guest or a new entry..plz plz reply

    1. She is the next wild card entry…. !!

      1. U r quite a fan:) following almost all the posts…;)

      2. Haha… You noticed… 🙂 I love to read the comments. .. Kinda gives a variety of opinions. .. And of course Questions shuld be answered.. .!! 🙂 so i do check out the posts..

  12. Unhappy about today’s elimination …it’s not for AMAN ..for all other contestants …didn’t understand why bigboss is still having REMI who wants to leave the house and didn’t participate in the task ….we all knew that it’s based on voting but there should be some fare justice should be there ……in that case would suggest rest all the contestants follow remi strategy of not participating tasks and be calm …..anyway bigboss will send out contestants based on voting …..why you guys need to fight and wasting your energy ….

  13. I don’t like Priya ….seems like over confident and over attitude …..

    1. me too…but she will bring storm in the house for sure..interesting

  14. Aman would had not been eliminated…????

  15. ajaythe great7

    rimi is planned trick of bigboss she is only ment for irritating other member till end and is not iligible for bigboss lucky winner.

  16. love you prince move on…

  17. ajaythe great7

    puneet ko nikaal kr salman ne bhut stupid kaam kiya puneet solid prfome karta but salman bigboss ko apne dang se chalana chata hein so ab ye haal hain BB ka trp down hein
    salman apna dialoge bigboss ke ander bhi impliment kiya kro ‘DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO DO’
    members bechare darte hai salman se isiliye perform krne m bhut dimag lagate hai dil se nahi khelte.
    hope you all agree

  18. Why Aman???

  19. rimi is has apparently been paid 2 crore by bigboss to act .So it i not Rimi’s fault but it i predecided by bigboss. The voting hardly accounted this season I guess. The trps are very less compared preving the previous seasons so they are not eliminating the people doing drama. bcz bigboss = drama.

  20. can’t tolerate this retard rimi sen

  21. bb9 was gud at start.but nw it is becoming annoying.keith nhi hai aman nhi hai to hum ye show kya rimi ke liye dekhe?kish aur mandana kya kam natunki karti thi jo ye priya ko bulaya hai?wht the hell tht kanwaljit is doing?puneet to pura pagal tha.rishab to fuska phataka nikla.wildcard he lane the to jara dhang ke le aate.princese bhot hopes thi par vo to bigg boss spiltsvilla ki tarah khelta hai.kish aunty aur suyash ke to kya kehne.diggi achi lagti hai par dikhti hi nhi hai.gharme jo ladkiya hai kish,mandy,roch sari drama queens hai aur ladke prince,suyash,rishab to ladkiyo ke sahare se chal rhe hai.diggi,rimi,kanwaljit he ya nhi samjhmehi nhi no 1 deserves to win.aisa ek bhi banda nhi hai jisko dekh ke aisa lage yar ye bhot acha insan hai ye bhot creative hai ye bhot sweet hai ya phir bhot funny hai aur ise save karna chahiye.rimi ko to man karta hai muh pe ek punch maru.i watching this just bcoz i love bigg boss show & ofcourse salman.hope they come with sme interesting episodes.

  22. Glad to know Priya is already at odds with Mandana. We needed someone to give Mandana a taste of her “dhed Shaane” talk. Kish should get eliminated. That will let Suyesh and Prince play independently. And they will perform better with Kish gone. Right they are spending too much time defending Kish when she pisses of someone, or wasting time fighting with people who hate Kish. Rimi is reaching her end with the show. Rochele and Rishab are the untrustworthy ones of the lot (of course along with with the dark heart queen Mandana). They are not friend material, and will be the root cause of most fights going forward. Need to see how Priya’s character plays out. If these are the final contestants than next will definitely be fun to see if groups stay intact or new ones formed. May be a third group may see light.

  23. It’s very very unfair to have Rimi in the house. The price money is just 39 lakhs but this good for nothing Rimi is getting 2 crores. When contestants do and die to get safer, this person is getting 2crores for showing her face. She is the fake personality and wanted to direct ?… All the desiring contestants are getting eliminated and she is enjoying.. Getting Rimi for 2 crores is so cheap game…. That means the show has no value? She can only do house hold work… THE 2 CRORE HOUSE MAID DISGUSTING…

  24. This Rimi should not win,others are not fools to do tasks and she sitting with make up.Please eliminate her next week BB.

  25. big boss plz bring aman back as wild card entry. . plz plz plz. he deserve to in top 5. its really unfair with him. we want him back in big boss madly.

  26. Rimi ko jana chahiye tha lekin ye vi sach hai ke week var Aman chup chaap reheta tha sirf Salmaan ke samane hi apna point of view rakhta tha.

  27. chandrani patel

    I really dnt undrstand who really votes for rimmi ??? The only thing she does is sleeping eating and thats all.. No task no sport spirit.., bcz of her all those deserving housemates are suffering,.. This is not what biggboss used to.

  28. nice episode…prince aur mandana ko ek sath even if fake but phir bhi ek sath dekh k accha laga…aur plz koyi iss rimi ko thappar mar k nikal do….koyi iss rimi ko vote bote nahi karte…it’s so fake

  29. The new wild card entry priya malik will prove to be a very interesting twist
    Kishwar , prince and suyyash are bullies
    Shocked for amans elimination and rochelle is irritating as well as rimi
    Mandana is not a queen bee that she is acting like one
    Rishabh and digi are fine
    Kuwaljit is also irritating
    All the best to priya
    Plz wreck the brains

  30. everybody comes in the house against kishwer and co but in the end they all keep quiet same as badi badi baatein vada pav khaatein and prince, suyyash, kishwer, priya, kanwaljeet are safe in these nominations

  31. prince, suyyash, kishwer, priya, kanwaljeet are safe in these nominations

  32. I’m happy Salman taught Mandana a lesson in the previous episode. I was so shocked to see that Aman is eliminated. He was a good contestant. Rimi wants to stay in the house for money, thats it. She admit it herself that she wants money. It’s not really fair for the other contestants who actually do want to stay in the house. Hopefully she is eliminated soon.

  33. No aman yar.,
    rimi ko kyu nhi out kiya pata nhi kisne vote kiye us lazy aunty ko, rimi ke bad kiswer ko out kro bhut bolti h n apne body gaurd ki tarah use krti h prince n suyas ko

  34. Priya malik— bb australia? Hmm interesting wild card entry!

  35. Can anyone tell me the name of song prince sung for deepika

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