Bigg Boss 9 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 71(continued)
pairs are standing on poles, Gizele says if you are not able to stand so give up. She says to Keith that welldone you have pain in feet still you are playing nice, Suyyash falls from pole, Gizele comes to him and ask if he is fine? she says i will bring chair for you.

Gizele ask Keith if he is fine? he says yes, water falls on Keith and Nora, they are still .holding onto pole, Gizele ask Keith to not put force on feet, she ask Keith to leave it if you have pain in feet, Rochelle cheers for Keith. Keith leaves task, Gizele says Rishab-Rochelle are winner of this task, Prince is sad to see that. Bigg boss congratulates Rishab and Rochelle for winning, he says Prince has bet on Keith-Nora but they lost so they have lost 3lacs, Kishwar says i

knew that he would bet on Keith and Nora, Rochelle says you should have common sense, Keith has wound in feet then how would he win? you should have give my name, Prince says you had Rishab with you too, Rishab says this undeserving player that is me will win show. Prince says to Keith that i thought you would win task as you would not give up, Keith says i slipped from pole.
Rishab says i have nothing to do with winning amount, Kishwar comes to him and says i knew Prince would bet on Keith and Nora thats why i indirectly asked you to leave ask, Priya says its not about money only but about captaincy too, we have to give our best in every task.

Prince and Nora are hugging each other, Prince says you did well in task, Nora says i have to start winning tasks, Prince says if you and me would have doen that task then we would have won for sure, he kisses her forehead.

Day 72
song paisa plays. inmates wake up and dance. Prince says Mandana have done such a difficult task that she is still sleeping. he comes to Nora, Nora says i have to shift bed as there is spider here, Prince says you are calling me spider? she says no.

Prince ask about chocolates, Rochelle says i know who has hidden chocolates but i have promised to not tell it.

Priya says Mandana is miffed with us that we didnt support her in chocolate stealing thing, Rishab says i will not support stealing, Gizele says if Mandana is thinking that i am friends with her to form group then she is wrong as i wanted to be really her friend but now i wont, Rishab says to Mandana that i like you but that doesnt mean that i will keep taking stand for you, i know you use and throw people but i wont let you do that with me, Gizele says i cant bear tou saying slangs for me, Mandana says you were new in house so i was good with you, Priya says no one has to support anyone here but even if someone is supporting you then you should be thankful to that.
Kishwar says listens their fight and says to Nora that i knew they will fight.
Mandana says to Gizele that i dont know hindi and you all use this against me, i try alot, Gizele says what you try to fight with others? why you keep saying slangs? you can talk easily, all are laughing at us, Mandana says i dont know hindi so you all dont understand me, you all are **** *****, Gizele why you say slang after every things? first you blame me, then say slangs and now crying like victim? Mandana says i dont need your friendship, Gizele says its not about friendship but you want to become victim and act like you are alone so go for it.

Mandana says someone has taken my 2chocolates, Keith says i have taken one. Mandana ask why? i didnt want to eat that but i wanted to save it for my secret santa game, Keith says i will give you mine. Mandana comes to Rishab, Rishab ask who ate my cake? Mandana says Suyyash was eating it, Mandana says ‘you have eaten my chocolates? he says yes, Mandana says you people act like nice human being then you do this? Rishab says i am khalnayak. Mandana leaves.
Mandana is crying, Kishwar ask what happened? Mandana says they have eaten my chocolates, i wanted to use it for secret santa, Kishwar says you have hidden box of chocolates too, Gizele says why are you crying for chocolates? Mandana says shut up *****, Gizele says dont abuse me.
Rishab says to Priya that i ate her chocolates as i wanted to teach her, Kishwar says why did he ate her chocolates? Rishab says its my way.

Rochelle comes to Mandana and says tell everyone why you had hidden one box of chocolates, tell them you did it for secret santa task, Kishwar sees them talking and says Rochelle has taken Manager’s job of Mandana again, Rochelle ask them to shut up, she says to Mandana that i will talk to everyone.
Rochelle tells everyone that Mandana wanted to do good gesture on Christmas thats why she had hidden box of chocolates.

Bigg boss gives them task in which each pair will have to fight with wrestler in ring, they dont have to fall out of ring to win game, Rochelle and Rishab will not take part in task as they won first task and are contenders for captaincy. Prince is in confession room, Bigg boss ask him to bet on one pair, Prince bets on Suyyash and Priya’s pair. if his bet pair wins then prize money will increase by 3,33,333lacs.
All are in activity area. First is Kishwar’s turn, Kishwar comes in ring and fights with wrestlers, she stays in ring for 20minutes.
Suyyash comes in ring, he fights with wrestler and gets out in 59seconds, Prince is sad.
Nora comes in ring, she fights with wrestler for much time, Prince sees this and says hats off to girls, she stays in ring for 20minutes.
Keith comes in ring, he fights with wrestler and remain in ring for 2minutes.
Mandana comes in ring, she fights with wrestler, Kishwar also cheers for Mandana, everyone is clapping for Mandana and tells her to keep fighting. Gizele says Mandana is actually fighting with wrestler, Mandana wins task and hugs wrestler only, Kishwar screams in happiness too, she stays in ring for 20minutes. Bigg boss says Kishwar and Mandana’s pair has won this task, they are now contenders for captaincy. Prince had bet on Suyyash and Priya so they have lost 3,33,333lacs now.

Prince says to Keith that my work is tough, i dont know who will win task and i have to bet randomly. Priya cries and says now it will be our last chance, Mandana thanks Bigg boss for giving fun task. Prince hugs Nora and says you did well in task.

Rochelle says to Gizele that Mandana said you and she cant become friends as Gizele doesnt have that level outside, Gizele says who is she to decide my level? it shows her level, Rishab says i will see level of everyone after going out of house, who has what bank balance. Rochelle says its not about money but character and class, how you carry her, everyone has character so thats why i will respect the one who comes to work in my house, gizele says its not about level, if saudi girl sees some other girl wearing pants then she will think its wrong, if miami girl comes to india then she will say indians wear too much clothes, this is mentality not level, how can it be related to character? what your family has taught you, that is level, if you are talking about level of someone then it shows your level.
Nora ask Mandana whats current status of friendship? she says its pending.
Gizele says to Rochelle that she cant talk about others character seeing their clothes.

Priya says there will be next task. Rishab-Rochelle, Mandana-Kishwar will not be part of task as they have already won. in this task, both pairs will have to give challenges to other team and other team have to perform them, if they are able to perform challenge then they will one point and if they are not able to perform then challenger team will get one point. Bigg boss ask Gizele to ask inmates who will be performer and who will be challenger, Gizele ask, they decide:
Keith-challenger, Nora-performer
Priya-challenger, Suyyash-performer

Prince is in confession room, bigg boss ask him to bet on one couple, Prince thinks and says Suyyash have strong girl with him, he bets on Suyyash-Priya pair. bigg boss says if the pair on which you have placed bet wins then prize money will increase by 4lacs. Prince gets tensed and ask bigg boss if he can change pair on which he has placed bet? Bigg boss says no you cant change it now.
Priya gives challenge to Nora that she have to lift dumbbells, both dumbbells are of 15kilos, she has to do 20 scouts, Nora lifts weight and does challenge, all clap for her.
Keith gives challenge to Suyyash that he has to split his legs and sit, Nora shows him how to sit with legs split, Suyyash doesnt do it, Nora does it and wins point for her pair.
Priya gives task to Nora and says you have to jump and touch ribbon which is at height, Nora says i wont be able to do it. Keith gives same task to Suyyash, he jumps and touch ribbon.

Suyyash-Priya have 5points. Keith-Nora have 3points.
Priya gives task to Nora, she has to bend down, then lift 20kg weights. Nora lifts it but Priya says she didnt do it properly, Gizele says let her try, Priya says we have already given her two chances, she isnt lifting weights properly, if she is given one more chance then i will take 3chances too. Nora ask Priya can i talk if you permit? Priya says go ahead, Nora says i am not champion in lifting weights so you cant compare my lift with classic lifter, Priya says what about air split? even suyyash was not pro at it, Nora shouts at her and says let me talk, Priya says if you are same girl who used to tell me to not shout? Nora says i just want to talk, Nora says to Gizele that this is dangerous too, i can have injury, Gizele says challenger will give you challenge that you cant do, if you are afraid of injury then give up, Rishab says to Nora that you were not lifting properly, Nora says i was not told to lift fully, Gizele says to Priya that give some other challenge i am making this challenge null, Priya says why? then i will null the challenges which we lost, Suyyash says all have their strengths and weakness, we can give one chance to everyone but not more than that, Nora says ok forget it, Gizele gives point to Priya’s team, Nora says to Priya that if you have problem with me then discuss it, otherwise my wrong side will come out, Priya shouts to bring it on, Nora says i am warning you last time, Priya says just show your wrong side, Nora says to Priya that you dont know me, Gizele puts notepad inbetween their mouths so they stop shouting, they still shout at each other, Nora ask Priya to not force her to take action, Priya says you are threatening me?

PRECAP- Bigg boss says that from pairs Rochelle-Rishab, Suyyash-Priya, Kishwar-Mandana, one member of pair will become contender for captaincy, pairs have to mutually decide who will sacrifice and who will become contender. Priya ask Suyyash if he wants to become captain? he says very much, as game is going ahead, i want to become captain. Kishwar says to Mandana that even in captaincy task, you will say your body is aching. Rishab says to Rochelle that its right time that i become captain, Rochelle says even when you are not captain, you are spreading so much confusion in house, Rishab says who can say that you are not selfish, Rochelle says i am not selfish. Rishab ask if she needs immunity? Rochelle says i need immunity and captaincy both, Rishab says i dont need immunity, i need captaincy only, Rochelle says please give me this opportunity, Rishab says i need captaincy at any cost.
Gizele says to Mandana that you are now b*t*hing about me with Priya this means your trust her more than me, Mandana says you are fool, Gizele says yes i did foolishness to be friends with you. Later Gizele says you are talking about my level and class to Rochelle, whats your level? Mandana says to Gizele that you are *****, dont show your real face Gizele, Gizele says are you talking about level considering money? Rishab says to Mandana that you are at zero, i will see who will support you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kish! U prved tht u hv a glden heart by cheering up for mndy. Even in the cage tortre task u said to her tht i wl b happy if u win becse rochl is thinkng only she cn do tasks. 100% pakka its u who is going to be the wnner looking frm all angles.
    Gsle! No one wld have thought that u wld become the most likable one on ur first entry. +point is that u just explain things plainly without any fights even if situation is demndng u to fight. Hope priya learns it frm u may be agle dhas janam ke baad.
    Even mandy &nora did task well. But unexpected weird reaction from nora. It didnt suit her at all. Could hv backed off gracefully since she did tsk well. Gsle puttng notepad in btwn pri and noras faces was funny.
    Mandy pouring out her problm to priya! Funnily shocking!!
    Chances of gsle entering finale is more. I joked that gsle wll drop priya at the main door and entr fnle if pri doesnt stop fghtng. But looks like its rlly going to happn.

  2. I know here everyone is against mandana and believe me even I amnt great fan of her but I feel that bigg boss people are trying to show her in wrong light let me explain. Look when Mandy had fight with gizel that time it was shown that just mandana is fighting and asking gizel to be away from her and gizel was innocently playing coy. But listen mandana mentioned it that she told like that because gizel told her ” app ke dosti ki wajah we me nominated hui hu” so like anyone would react and tell her to stay away or break her freindship. I believe anyone would say it .and even gizel said that she told this when it wasn’t shown to us. What do you guys think??

    1. Shanaila you are very correct. That’s the main reason I don’t take their actions (contestants) to heart because we are shown only a portion of the show which will trigger comments and reactions. And its obvious that if its shown that way it will be good for high viewing since viewers can only praise or criticise. Therefore they show clips that will get these two reactions. That’s why sometimes when Salman comes on stage and starts his classes I don’t comment too much because I only see a portion while he sees the whole drama.

  3. Kish u made my decision right to support u as u left ur ego n support Mandy I definitely know if Mandy would have in ur place then she would not have support u I really respect u more now u r aggressive but u have not change from day one n this shows u r very straight forward n true person n u r soft frm inside i loveu more now u deserve to be win infront of prince also as u did a lot of hardwork than prince u have faced a lot problems n faced the big giant salman seariously u deserve to be winner of d show

  4. Hats have done great..eventhough you dont like mandana you left your ego and supported mandana in the task..
    Girls are good in task…
    Giselle you are started to liking you..
    Nora is that you…???
    Prince….keep going…

  5. Anyway at one moment I thought Nora and priya were going to kiss each other and prince looked tense 🙂

    1. Yeah me too

  6. I am back!! 2 very busy days kept me restricted from coming here, but now, freedom again 😀
    now my 2 cents on last 2 days in bigg boss house..

    1) Mandy: Individual player again, yipee. that’s how i want to see you play. group play doesn’t suit you, good that you are out from that misfit thing. well done on your task too. It was so awesome to see you win a task 😀 . Good gesture of giving chocolates to all. tone down in that slangs thing, big weakness of yours . you are still going strong girl… if anything, your fan base hasn’t staggered. just that your hater’s base is getting divided into many sections, and that can only be a good thing for you ;D

    2) Gizelle: boy oh boy! you are one clever girl. I am starting to like you very much and can only wish you had come in the house bit sooner, with the diversity you offer in the house for a change. One of the very few to have counter attacked mandy in that convincing way. mandy kept saying leave me f**king alone, and you are going like, why you use slangs so much and continuing to fight. next that kitchen drama when roch instigated you by saying that mandy said you and her are not at same level and you took that as offence by saying she meant it by money and character. lol, very clever.touched some nerves, didn’t ya? given what you have said about her personal life and how she handled it with you, your’s way of handling gives you more limelight in the house and more support too(given mandy’s status in house).you do know how to take footage, I have to classify you in “clever girls” category. hope you survive this week as you are interesting player who does something, unlike others (chances are low though).

    3) Rishabh: looked weak this week. looking second fiddle to gizelle now.I am confused with your on and off relationship with priya(whole house is confused). get back to become the strong contestant that you looked last week, you have still long way to go

    4) Prince: another strong player looking weak this week. the only thing that i am seeing you doing in the house is kissing nora now-a-days. seriously, how many kisses you gonna give 😛 …. become mind player, forget this romance thing, and get in there to prove yourself. Girls are looking way too strong as of now, you need to build your reputation as one of the strongest contestants, man.

    5) Nora: get nominated next week and go out please -_- … serving no purpose in house at all and only downgrading women’s status by looking like a PLAYTHING and being happy to be that. even downgrading prince and his gameplay.

    rest are not much worth discussing. Kish playing and looking good in the game. Roch the usual fake being. keith the usual modest , good human being doing nothing. suyyash the sidekick. Priya, the born fighter with no reason to fight.

    1. Welcome back Harshal

      1. So on point with Mandana, Gizelle, Prince and Priya. Rishab has even managed to confuse me. lol

      2. Tracy, glad to have another mandy supporter here … you have very good analysing skills 🙂

    2. Woahh… HARSHAL, the mandy lover, is backk.. !! 😀
      Now i am here to counter your points… :p coz if you say your take on things is based on last two days then i hv an entirely different view point…

      1. Mandy,, individual player again.. Ya ryt.. But then that is so becoz she isn’t able to make a single frnd.. As in, rishab has alwayss seemed to like nd support her.. Also Gizele seriously had a good relation with her… But look what happens… Ultimately what kish predicted beomes true.. I had started liking mandy but somewhere her image that she can’t be frnds with nyone has made a negtve impression on me… :/

      2. Gizele.. I love her nd i too wish she had come early..

      3. Rishab was weak last “week”. Be it giving up the captncy task or making the protein thing a issue…
      These two days i actually liked him.. Completed the task Wonderfully ,, took a stand against Mandy vn he felt she is wrong nd is actually seen sure of wanting the captncy this week, whereas last week he din let gizele do it for him..

      4. Prince.. Too much kissing.. nd its quite irritating now.. Totally. I don’t understand how he is able to tolerate nora’s expressions vn she makes those kid faces… :/
      but as for looking weak, i think its becoz he is not givn a task.. For his captaincy, other girls had to do the job.. Luxury task , he was not to participate.. So ultimately what we see of him is only kissing nora… I guess if he had a chance with that man he wud hv atleast done bettr than kieth nd suyyash..

      5. Nora.. I agree to what you said, but she did surprise me.. She is strong.. Every task.. 100%.. Be it the yoga poses, or captancy task for prince or yestrdy’s 3 tasks.. .she myt actually be a strong contendr if she stops those stupid strategy of hers..

      1. All the points agreed…..
        I dont understand how does prince jhelofies nora…her expressions are horrible like a drunk man…..??
        I too have begun to like gooselle …
        And prince has become the emraan hashmi of bb9 (delete smooching from the part)…my mom even said so(dat too before i say)…sometimes i feel…prince bawala ho jata hai itne saare ladkiyon ko dekh ke..koi v ayrme jhapatta mar lega…(no offense to prince’s fans…am not a fan but i like him)

      2. neeru, missed this debates so much 😛
        countering your counter points here :P….
        1) agreed, she isn’t able to make friends, and that’s what she always said right? 😉 no friends for her. this is a game for self, not others. friends will be made just for surviving in the house and nominations.
        Agreed that she had good equations with giz, rishabh, but let me tell you drawback due to that. maximum mandy fans like her for her individual playing, and hating group play. now, last week or so, she sometimes seemed like a group player too, discussing nominations with misfits, b**ching others with group, etc. basically, it served no meaning as it seemed like house was cool group 6 vs misfits 4. The whole purpose of avoiding joining groups and making friends was lost there, as misfits themselves seemed to have formed a group of their own. might have hampered her support(because lets be honest, she is not loved for being great task player or great friend)
        2) same again 😛 , no counter
        3) the reason i said rishabh looked weak was due to his second person nature. its not him taking stand, its him doing it as support to gizelle. his reasons were reasonable, method was wrong and contradicting his thieving comment. also, his fights and patch-ups with priya looks stupid, and in most of those fights, he is coming out as the wrong one. remember that “sleazy comment” thing?
        4) agreed, prince had no task to do, so we see less of him. but what about when we see him? his predictions failed miserably and that too common sense things(keith bet was foolish tbh). second task prediction, c’mon, who predicts on suyyash winning wrestling. even nora can defeat him in that. Kishwer is strong punjabi girl who has more power than him and suyyash(his words, not mine), mandana is iranian, they know wrestling (she was the only one who almost defeated that wrestler) :P.
        these fake romance thing is not going well with most people . and the fact that he kisses her now and again, and she being same, makes him look more and more tharki and he is getting accused of creating fake love angles, when it should have been the other way around :/
        5) Nora, she is fit i guess, and kind of new blood there and hence, initial excitement i will say. still, agreed she is good at tasks, atleast for now. but she is serving no purpose, and is kinda irritating(that priya-nora fight by god, her eye expressions there, so irritating). again, we share same views here i think….

        p.s. sorry for the long comment, i always think that my reply should be short, but end up writing too big :3

      3. also, even prince looked bad in that priya sleazy thing. he even shouted at rochelle after 1st prediction, good that not much was made of it, but he was kinda wrong in that, although i felt roch instigated it by blaming prince first.

  7. Voting trend by khabri:
    1) Mandana
    2) rochelle
    3) rishabh
    4) suyyash
    5) priya
    6) gizelle

    1. Thanks Harshal looks like Gizelle will be evicted this week 🙁 she is soo much better than Nora

      1. Yeah joyee, she is even better than suyyash, priya, keith and rochelle as of now. If she had been since week 1 she would have been finalist too maybe

  8. shanaila u r coret..even wen roch is sayin mandy spoke abt wasnt shown to us…seriously..mandy go girl we love u

  9. Kish I luved u from day 1… I knew that u are not sooo bad as u portray in serials luv u sooo much go girl…#we support sukish n prince

  10. @HARSHAL
    yes ,I have to agree to you. Instead of concenterating in tasks prince is just doing boring things with nora. Just kissing nora


    Hey Harshal even screw mandana you never take revenge by screwing prince . Instead you defend mandana and recommend prince to play well .

    You are the real sanchalak man.

    1. hehe, thanks, and i do love that punjabi munda. won’t be disappointed much if he wins it.
      But the current potrayal of mandy and prince is giving me a feeling that bb team wants kish to win it(if we consider possibility of show being scripted and edited as so).

  11. hey @tedd im fine…where were u these days???hey guys @tedd @harshal @freak @joyee @neeru missed u all alot these days…guys please pray that my fav.gizele does not get evicted this week…:-\

    1. Ha ha….asthma + fever = lots of yumm food + bed rest + bed study + asthma inhaler + chocolates + scoldings + fruits + chawanprash ??… unwell…missed u all darlings

      1. @tedd..Plz do take care of urself and getwell soon..:-)

      2. Hmmm will

    2. Missed u too pari. infact, missed all of you guys. was busy last 2 days.
      even i want giz to stay, she is growing on me. priya and suyyash/roch to get eliminated, but won’t happen i guess. suyyash is new captain :/ … and roch is 2nd in voting trend, so , mostly, priya and giz may go out….

  12. @TRACY
    Cool down Tracy. I really hate Salman for taking her side in most of the things . Salman talks in such a way that portrays mandana as a really really good girl . But I genuinely feel and believe that suyyash and kishwer and good people than her. Even gizele knows now how mandana behaves like a victim . Even rishabh knows about mandana. But Iam really angry with Salman because he defends her in all.

  13. @HARSHAL
    TO counter you and support neeru

    Already kishwer and nora wrestled with the wrestler for 40 minutes. And she looked tired too. So she was not able to throw her out.

    2. I already agreed with you about prince should concenterate on tasks and stop kissing nora.

    3. Mandana really dont want anyone to be her friend. She keeps them close for two days and after that fights with them for no reason. Why fight with gizele for no reason. No no reason . Gizele realized her game plan after watching show and even going inside big boss house (after 73 days) . Why she cried while talking to gizele. why she cried after chocolate stolen . just to act like a victim

    Finally one thing

    is she a 21 year old girl or a 5 year old girl.

    1. siva, hehe, believe me, wrestlers have far more stamina than you can imagine. 40 minutes of fight with amateurs isn’t going to drain them off their energy. I give kudos to all the 3 girls who fought her, they were awesome there.
      your 3rd point about mandana, yes, i agree she doesn’t want to make friends, she has made it very clear right from the beginning. the friendship was from other end(gizelle already cleared out in weekend episode).
      crying thing when chocolate stolen, as you could see, she didn’t cry at start. keith and rishabh accepted their eating of chocolate, but rishabh in turn started accusing mandy instead of first eating his cake. when she cleared it was suyyash who ate rishabh’s cake, he accused mandy of stealing chocolate(without knowing the reason for her stealing). then he started with khalnayak thing again, which furthur angered her. and that’s why she broke down. Imagine trying to do good thing, and just getting accused and shouted at for that. crying is normal for girls, most girls have cried in this show(including kish).

  14. @neeru @harshal @tedd @ joyee @pari..seriously yr .ye prince ka kissing vala scenario is nauseating…bhai subh 8 am song se banda start hota h..log brush etc krte h idhar udhar dekh rhe hote h..koi kiss krne k liye mil jaye..despo lgne lga h mr punjab…;-)
    Prince m sorry bt dis s nt gud…:-D suyaash or keith apni gfs ko itna kiss ni krte jitna ye bhai sahab unki gfs ko krte h..:-D

    1. True

  15. Hehehe freak! Priya is not in her 40s, shez 28 yrs, 1987 born! Bechari fighter. Gizele shouldn’t go:(

    1. @ritika..i want gieselle to stay too..:-D she s my fav tp;-)

    2. @ritika…oooh..i misscalculated…uski twacha se uski umar ka pta he ni chlta..:-D;-)

  16. Haha freak that was a good1 😀 subah brush krne ke time se lekar raat tak 🙂

  17. Mandana is not 21 😀 she, rochelle, priya and prince around same age!!!

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