Bigg Boss 9 21st November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman comes on stage and dances on Selfie le le re song, he dances with kids, after dance, Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. He says Bigg boss did twist this week, Mandana was kept in secret room and she was asked to nominated two people but she didnt know that it will backfire her, Mandana being Mandana, has confused Rochelle so much that she is confused that if she should do task from now on, he says Kishwar, suyyash and Prince enjoyed all the fight between Mandan and Rochelle. He says DIGANGANA, KISHWAR, AMAN, MANDANA, RISHAB and RIMI are nominated this week, one will be evicted from them, last week celebrated children’s day but Kishwar became teacher in house and she made report card of inmates.
Video plays, Kishwar says i will take class of inmates, Mandana

is fighter, she never leave chance to fight, she is shameless in tasks, there is wall on which Kishwar have to rate inmates, she gives star to Mandana that she fighter and shameless. Kishwar says Prince is shameless, fighter and dog’s tail, she gives him star in that fields of wall. she says Rochelle is fighter, dogs tail so rate her like this. she says Rimi has crossed all limits of shamelessness, Rimi laughs, she says Rimi is dog’s tail and will remain hell bent on her stance. she says Kishwar is shameless as bigg boss keep telling him to wake up but he doesnt listen, Rishab takes off star from shameless field and says i am not shameless, video ends.

Video call is connected to house, All greet Salman, Salman welcomes Kanwaljeet and ask what are you doing here? you were fine but came in this house why? Kanwal says i have come to put them on right path, Salman says it seems like you are here to win, Kanwal smiles, Salman jokes that Rishab shaved his moustache and is looking like tiger Shroff, what will you do now? will you take off your tooth? all laugh. Salman shows picture of a child, all guess it is Aman’s childhood picture, Salman then shows picture of Kishwar’s childhood, Salman shows Mandana’s childhood picture, Mandana says this is picture of my ninth birthday, i was fighting to let her eat cake, Salman says you used to fight in childhood too, Rimi’s picture is shown, Salman says she is blank there too must be thinking why i came in world like she thinks why she came in house, all laugh, he shows Rochelle’s picture, all say she is still same, Salman shows Rishab’s picture and says you used to be chubby, now you are like skeleton, all laugh. Salman says Rishab took advantage of task, took kisses from Mandana and hugged Digi. Salman ask inmates who doesnt deserve to be in house, all say Rimi, except Mandana who says i dont deserve to be here. Salman calls Rimi is cage, she is locked in it, Salman says audience have asked some questions, lets see it. A viewer says in video that Rimi is selfish that she didnt do task and whole house had to suffer because of her. Rimi’s giving up nature is shown, how she said that he will not do tasks. Salman ask Rimi to speak, Rimi says i can do household chores but i cant do individual tasks, Salman ask who took decision of coming in house? Rimi says they were calling me from 3years to enter house so i thought to accept it this time so they dont call next time, i can do group tasks, but i dont wanna come forward, i dont want fame, i was never interested in acting but did it to become financially strong, Salman says you used to call me to get movies, Rimi says yes because i wanted to earn money, Salman says if you wanna earn money then you have to change attitude, if you wanna increase bank balance then you cant sit like this, you have to do something, Rimi says i am like this only, i can sit whole day on my bed, i am psycho, Salman says we dont want you to be in house but its not in our hands, Rochelle says she is remembered for her work, she should respect her fans, Salman says people will watch your movies as fans but if you insult them then they wont.

Call is connected to snapdeal customer, Snapdeal caller talks to Rimi and says you said to Mandana and Rochelle that you cant fight with guys, they are strong enough and we are women, Rimi says i feel like girls are not physically strong as boys, Salman says this is wrong thought, girls are very safe in this house. Rochelle says Rimi is trying to imply that a man can come in house and beat women and she should be submissive, Salman says to Rimi that this is very wrong attitude, you wont increase your bank balance this way, Rimi says i dont want to work hard, i am tired to working for 15years, Salman says then why did you come in house? Rimi says they offered me nicely so i accepted it, Salman says Bigg boss should throw you out, you should slap someone and go out but you wont as this is your game, Salman says you are lying that you dont want to work hard, you are playing game, caller says we are dying to see Rimi working hard in house, Salman says this is her game like see you are curious about her and called just to question her so she got attention what she wanted.

A viewer ask Prince if he targeted unnecessarily, like if he touches someone then they say he is physical. Prince says i have become so conscious that i dont touch anyone fearing i will be grilled on weekend, Salman says to Rochelle that physical is not like you touch someone but its about violence, like Mandana kicking was physical, Rochelle says physical word have become strategy in house, Salman ask who used this word most in house? Rochelle says i used it most, i saw Prince and Rishab throwing digi in water so i said dont be physical, Salman ask who used it other than you? Rochelle says i just touched Mandana’s diaper in naughty kids task but she said that i am physical and all, Mandana says i just said to not be physical with me as i was ill, Prince says earlier we kept telling her to play game but she didnt, then she came in game as per convenience, Salman says Rochelle was trying to change your diaper but you shouted that she is physical, Mandana says the way she was pulling my diaper, i said she is physical, Salman says we can clearly see who is physical or not, Prince says i just held her hand in task but she said i am physical, Mandana says to Salman that you can see marks on my hand, that much force she had put, Salman says no i cant see any marks on your hand. Salman ask Prince why Mandana gave up? Prince says when she sees game is not in her favor and she will lose so she leaves task, Salman says Mandana usually fell ill on task time only, Prince says she is fine on weekends but get ill when task is hard, Mandana says i am not strong as Prince and Suyyash, he has so much energy, if he hold hands then it hurts, Kishwar says when i was kid, i listened to everything Mandana said as she was teacher, Prince says we are not saying that she is not ill but then she is seen doing work or even seen taking part in task, how can she get energy so suddenly? Salman says we even use to take sick leave from school and used to go to watch movies while we were ill.

A viewer ask Mandana if she is taking out frustration on Rochelle because she came out as fool in secret task and saved Rochelle indirectly? Mandana says i dont think i came out as fool, big boss must have seen that i used to say that i will not make any friends but i became close to Rochelle, so Bigg boss showed me reality, Salman says everyone knew in house that whatever they b*t*h about you, you will see that, it wasnt like they were back biting you, they said it on your face so that you can save them, you werent send to secret room as reward, it was punishment for being worst in task, you should have thought that how would bigg boss give you chance to nominate two inmates when you were worst in task? then you cameback in house and grilled Rochelle for doing her task nicely, he says to Rochelle that you dont have clear things or justify yourself infront of Mandana, you did task very nicely, Rochelle says when she cameback in house, i didnt get friendly with her because i knew that she has seen me b*t*hing about her, i didnt want to act fake, i thought that after task was over then i would explain to her that i did my task only, Salman says her thinking was that you got chance in lure of task and you b*t*hed about her from heart, also that you would want to get saved even if you have to b*t*h about Mandana, that was her thinking. Rochelle says when Mandana cameback in house, Kishwar and Prince said to me i was dumb to b*t*h about her, Salman says when they saw Rochelle doing task nicely, they backed off as they knew that Mandana will break her friendship with Rochelle, they dont know that i come here to on saturday too, i will clear things, Mandana says even Aman told me that Rochelle crossed line, Salman says Aman is not your spokesperson, you should think yourself, he ask if Kishwar was sent to secret room then would Prince have b*t*hed about her? Rochelle says Prince does all the tasks so he would have done that, Prince says i would say that she is not ruling us, she doesnt have mind to even rule herself, Kishwar laughs. Salman ask Kishwar her opinion, Kishwar says Mandana and Rochelle used to not get along nicely initially but then they became best friends for game but it got exposed in secret task, Salman ask who got most advantage in all this? Prince says Rishab, Aman says we all play game individually but Rishab tries to pick things and fight over them, Rishab says if i think i have to take stand then i will, i dont care about it.

Salman says to Rochelle that someone from inmates said when Rochelle and Mandana will fight then they will have fun, Kishwar says i said it and honestly i enjoyed it. Salman says to Mandana that you used to say Kishwar is biggest devil of house but when you cameback in house then you listened to Kishwar against Rochelle only? Mandana says i didnt agree to Kishwar, i was just telling Rochelle to not explain anything to her, i am cool about her b*t*hing, Salman says she was giving you explanations because she thought you are hurt with task, you didnt understand task and even not understanding task now, she is angry on Rochelle because she has come out as fool, Prince, Kishwar, Aman, Suyyash agrees that Mandana has become fool in this secret task. Salman congratulate Kishwar on becoming captain, he ask Prince if he think people are not fair with in captaincy tasks, Prince says yes, i said to Kishwar too that i know suyyash is her boyfriend but sometimes it feels like she gets unfair with others to give privilege to her boyfriend Suyyash, Kishwar is surprised, in this task, whole game was done, Suyyash said that no one will put hand in bowl but when Kanwal did it, he didnt take stand, Rishab says i told Suyyash that i will take water from bowls easily but Suyyash told me that its physical, Salman says Suyyash is cricketer, he ask suyyash if he has seen umpire taking ball from bowler so he cant ball bouncer, all laugh, Suyyash says i didnt want to inmates to get violent, Salman says you people are not understanding tasks, not understanding rules, no creativity, Salman says Kishwar has problem in her hands, she has pain in knuckles but she held bowl for 6hours, Aman says i cant say anything, its proving her wrong everytime, Kishwar jokes that i didnt wanna Aman to become captain so i did it.

Salman says KISHWAR YOU ARE SAFE. Salman says DIGANGANA YOU ARE SAFE, Salman jokes that we might see her 6times in this week, Salman jokes with Aman if he is missing his girlfriend? Aman jokes alot, Salman ask him to control, all laugh, Salman says RISHAB IS SAFE. He says AMAN, RIMI and MANDANA are in danger now, we will tell tomorrow who will be evicted, he ends call and says someone special is going inside house, she has many fans and her fans will be happy to see her in house, she will become bigg boss for one day and its none other than Deepika Padukone.

In Bigg boss house, Deepika Padukone comes in confession room, she announces in house that i will be bigg boss for one day, she ask everyone to gather in garden area, Prince says its Deepika, he applies perfume, deepika laughs seeing it. Deepika says i want inmates to entertain me, she is watching everyone in house through Tv in confession room, she ask Rishab to become Veeru of Sholay movie and confess his love for his Basanti means Mandana and Kanwal will become villain.

PRECAP- Deepika comes in house and dances with Prince. Deepika gives task to Aman and Rochelle to act like Salman and Rimi conversing. Aman says to Rochelle/Rimi that whole India wants to see you do something, Rochelle acting like Rimi says i am like this only, i just want to sit only, Deepika says Rimi Ji do something, Rimi laughs. Later Boys have to impress Deepika, Prince sit on his knees and ask for date, she says i wont come like this, Rishab tries to impress her too. Later Deepika says to inmates that i have power, the luxury budget which you didnt get it, i can give it back, all are excited, Deepika says but for that Rimi your whole make up kit.. Rimi listens intently.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. neeru

    Thee best weekend episode everr…!!! Loved when salmanji called mandana a fool.. She did look a fool coz she din understand the task nd kept saying that she has got the power.. Awesome… I am happy for Rochelle…!!
    Aman said rishab is the happiest man, ki rochs nd mandy ka jagada ho gaya… LOL… so true…!!
    Also the way salmanji cleared the meaning of the term “physical” was cool… Har cheez pe physical physical…
    Princee ,, way to go man….!!

  2. oni

    nice episode…hope sab ko samaj aa gaya ki salman kisi k side nahi leta balki sabki sahi samey class leta he……. luv you salman….. rimi ko v atcha sunaya,, rochelle and mandy shayad abhi se galti se v PHYSICAL word use nahi karegi hahaha… bas baki reh gaya toh aman ka class lena kyunki Aman hi he jisne rishab ko captancy task me irritate karne band karne kaha joh ki rishab ko karna tha….. cholo ek din salman ussi v class lega

  3. oni

    salman ka example atcha lage jab unhone kaha ki HUM SCHOOL SE SICK LEAVE le kar movie dekhne jate he….indirectly bole ki jhut bola…. mandy ne kaha ki prince or suyash strong he task me usse iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki roj tabiyat kharab hone ka drama karogi…..

  4. Sush

    Loved d way salman explained d word physical.. dese 2 b****s need to know d meaning. N finally mandana got a class.. hahaa.. uff.. ab toh zamin pe pao padenge maharani k..
    Ek din kash esa v aye when c ll get scolding frm sallu as c always says “u indians………”

  5. oni

    salman sirf aaj epi me nahi balki roj sahi class lete hi aya he…… sab apne apne fav. ko support karte aaye ho isliye sab v salman class leta he toh lagta he jese salman partial he…… aisa kuch nahi he salman or bb sab ki class lete he tym ane par

  6. ria

    Don’t know what rimi would say if she is asked to throw away her make up kit. But she has no other option I guess…

  7. Parveen yadav

    fake mandana u r real face is out so set ur mouth n apni natankiya band karo or task karo…
    prince n rochell rocks
    rishab beta u r in wrong side
    kishwer u r jst asm…..
    all d bst u all

  8. Ash

    Mandana told she waz ill…den after she used to say dat she can be student,not teacher…frm where she got energy to be student..nakli..

  9. Sabirashaheer

    OMG! I m very happy.nice episode. aaj salman prince ka sath dediya love it.physical physical karke prince ko week banaya tha yeh lok aaj inko patha tho chal gaya iska mathlab. Fool mandana uski face dekhne vali thi, maza aaya. I hate her toooooo muchh

  10. Ash

    Rimi shame on u..u didnt justify ur fans luv…atleast u would hav to play for signing amount which bigg boss gave u…

  11. Divashi jain

    I LOVED THE Episode of SATURDAY when salman took class of mandana and addressed her as a fool cz she is such a fool.
    I don’t like mandana NAkLI

  12. ❤️ U salmaan

    Truly salmaan i m in love with u ….today episode was the best….Mandana ka support ni Diya ….yeh baat hume apki bohot acchi lagi …aaj hume …PREM RATAN PAYA ..!!!

  13. sumit

    east to west . . #prince iz bst . . love u salman supporting prince nd nakli mandana(mad~pagal ladki) ko physical ka meaning samjha k . . i just hate her. .

  14. sumit

    jst love d 2day weekend . . . axa class liya salman ne nd support #prince. . . .east to west . . #prince iz bst . . love u salman supporting prince nd nakli mandana(mad~pagal ladki) ko physical ka meaning samjha k . . i just hate her. .

  15. Ritika

    Finally salman khan realized that he shouldnt side with mandana that much as it wl spoil his own respect and image! Btw rimi ko kahan se laye, bhai gazab namuna h 😀 at the end, even salman was at loss of words ki kya samjhaye ise so ultimately said “ye tmhara game h” 😀 but on a serious note, evrythng doesnt seem fine with rimi frankly, i hope shez not a “depression” patient. Shez saying things like ‘i m tired wrking from 15 yrs’; ‘whole day cn sit on bed’- she doesnt seem alrite mentally! I hope shez ok and its realy just a game where she wants to go bk with the 2 crore given to her!

  16. Raka

    Kick Mandana out of the house, add new contestant who can spoil Prince, Suyash and Kishwar’s game and What to say about Rimi, you were never a star, never had much followers but you had best chance this season to show your personality and you ruined it.
    Rochelle is doing really nice job, not perfect but not to bad, playing alone thats her plus point.
    Aman, you look nice at times but such moments are far less, I dont see a winner in you.
    Diggy, smart kid, she is youngest among all, but at times she knows how to use her brain. Have you seen her reacting on personal topics? Yes she reacts, but on other occassions she prefers to keep mum.
    Rishabh, no one can see but I can, you are same like Gautam, not much difference, but brother, always remember history never repeats.
    Triplet, Kishwar the boss and her two kids Suyash and Prince, this trio is having negative fun inside but they dont know, groupism wont help them too long, once any of them wil be kicked out, remaining two has to get ready for eviction and I can smell it thats not too far.
    Overall, Rochelle, Diggy, Aman, Rishabh are going perfect, Trio will be out soon.
    And, Rimi and Mandana, I dont want to talk about them, only a line, Bachpana chhodo aur bade ho jao yaar…!

    • Deepika

      You are absolutely right! I think Rimi is going through a hard time and that she is depressed. Also, I think she has problems mentally and she should see a psychiatrist after the game because her attitude doesn’t seem normal…There is no way someone could sit for so long and do nothing. It could be that she is suffering from inside and doesn’t’ have the strength to do anything

  17. Appy

    guyz we should not blame to big boss . .he is fair with everybody. we need to wait for right time. we have our own fav, whn salman taking their class we are not feeling good. then we started to think that bb is unfair. big boos prooved that we are wrong. love you big boss and salman always.

  18. Tarannum

    Rimi will not sacrifice her makeup kit….. they will not get luxury budget this time….. poor housemate….

  19. Tarannum

    Actually mandana got over confiident that’s what she does is always right….. that’s why she became fool in this task….. I just watched epi that was awesome….. precap is also awesome mandana will propose prince waiting eargly for today epi……

  20. Shanaya

    The best episode of big boss so far. I am so happy that Salman atlast took class of Mandana .She is actually the real fool of the house who thinks everyone is insecured and scared of her and that she is the best.

  21. ❤️ U salmaan

    U are right kuhu…what u said about ONI is ryt…AND YEA MAYBE SALLU SAW PUNNEets interview that’s why…and yea 99.9 % think that salmaan favours Mandana a lot

  22. well Salman always as his favorite phrangi every sereis . but why Madana she looks like a dirty person please not her phrase all she says these people are dirty people she needs to think before she opens her mouth. she is the one playing dirty all the time.
    i do like Salman he needs to be fair as well and not favour Madana all the time.

  23. Ritika

    Kishwar is v.strong mentally. She had problem in her hands/knuckles yet she went on holding d bowl :/ she is v.ill tempered or could hv won! But ya final tak toh jayegi hi! Both kishwar and mandana gv masala to d show!

  24. Ritika

    Rishabh has become boring again and prince is fine but no1 that “spicy” in d show yet again. Its again getting monotonous

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