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2 days to go for Grand Finale
Day 102
The housemates wake up to ‘Chalo Ishq Ladaye’. Inmates dance, Rishab dances with Rochelle. Mandana dances alone. Rishab hugs Rochelle.

Mandana says to herself that onlye 2days are remaining, friday my movie is releasing, saturday is finale, too much going on but i am happy that i am still here, after so many days, i feel this is my house, this is my kitchen, my bedroom, it feels nice.
Prince says feeling of being finalist is nice, Prince and Rishab screams like wolves, Rishab says this is it.

Rishab reads task, Bigg boss house door will be opened again and any two inmates will get chance to meet their fans outside house and can do vote appeal to them. Bigg boss gives task to inmates,

the ‘Shikayate’(complaints) task where each person is allotted 3 test tubes filled with elixir that they have to protect at all times. When buzzer plays, he contestants have to ring the bell, the one who will ring bell first will get chance to empty one person’s test tube after giving a valid reason for it or telling his complaint to that person. Two lucky people with maximum number of filled test tubes in end will get the golden opportunity to go outside the house and do a vote appeal to their fans. Inmates are allotted with different colors of elixir:
Mandana-red elixir
Rochelle-blue elixir
Prince-yellow elixir
Rishab-green elixir

Inmates come in garden, Mandana says you all have done work, took bath and ate food too, Rochelle says i told you to not cook food for me, dont crack rude jokes, Mandana says what about alphabets jokes you did on me? Rochelle says i am sorry if it hurt you, Mandana says i know my test tube will be emptied first, Rishab says we all know that, Mandana says lets see what fake reason Prince will give to empty my test tube, Prince says i will give your name, dont be afraid, Mandana says sure and leaves, Prince says i will give her name.

Rishab asks Rochelle whom she wants to not go out? She says Mandana and Prince as we are underestimated in this house still.
Buzzer plays, inmates run. Prince comes in garden and plays bell. Prince says i want to give chance to Rochelle and Rishab to go out and appeal, i will empty Mandana’s test tube, He says i wanna give Mandana’s name first to not get this chance as she always taunt people about things which hurt them the most, Mandana says you dont need to explain. Prince empties her one test tube, Mandana says you must be feeling better now, played individual for first time?
Prince is eating fruits, Mandana takes plate from him and says cut fruits for yourself, i cut them, Prince says i make lunch for you too, Mandana says its my watermelon, you cut it for yourself, Prince says you are giving me chance to empty your test tubes, i make most food in house, Mandana says you order people around, Prince says i am making food from first day, Mandana says good for you, Prince says this is very bad to take food from someone’s hands, your attitude is not nice, Mandana says good for you Prince, Prince says not for you Babe, Mandana says do not call me babe, Prince says you dont deserve it, Mandana says yuck. Buzzer plays. Inmates come in garden area.
Prince says Mandana proved again that she wants to play victim, Mandana says be my guest, he empties her 2nd test tube, Mandana says you dont deserve to be here, Prince says people will decide it, i am still here, Mandana says you make fake relations, Prince says you didnt make a single relation, Mandana says oh you made Kishwar your sister but ditched her then you had two girlfriends, Yuvika and Nora, Prince says the one who gave you love, you kicked them, kick, Prince says stop using people, Mandana says Prince goon get lost, you are here because of making fake relations, Prince says i am not afraid of anyone, i am not like you who use people like Rishab, me, Rochelle and then kick them, Mandana says you are insecure as you dont deserve to be here.
Rishab says to Mandana that i agree to everything but its not good that you snatched food from him, Mandana says this is my choice, i wont cook food for him, i cut fruits, he is like goon and ordering me to bring things, i dont want to feed my enemy, Rishab says we are living together, Prince says i have done tasks without eating anything, i dont care.

Rishab asks who wanna go out? Prince says me, Rochelle says i wanna see response of fans, i wanna see what is response without Keith, Prince says i know my fans are saving me but i wanna meet them.
Mandana says to herself that i dont understand why Rochelle is acting so submissive to Prince, she was with her boyfriend n 3months, had support system but me? she gets sad.

Rochelle says to Prince that Mandana is out of task but she is still part of game and can attack anyone of us, Prince says i am not afraid of her, i will play my task. Buzzer plays, Prince runs and rings bell again. Prince says to Rishab that i cant attack Rochelle so i am sorry, he empties Rishab’s test tube, he says i dont have reason to do this, we are competition but friends too, i just want Rochelle to feel good after meeting fans as she feels she is getting less votes. Bigg boss says to Prince that you have to give personal reason, if you dont have reason then you shouldnt have ringed bell in first place, read instructions again.
Rishab reads instruction that they have to give personal reason and also what complain you have with other person, Bigg boss says to Prince that your complain wasnt legit so you have to fill Rishab’s test tube again, Prince fills Rishab’s test tube, Rishab is happy and dances.

buzzer plays. Rishab and Prince runs, they rings bell, both say we ringed bell, Prince says you shouldnt have pushed me, Rishab says i am sorry, Rochelle asks Bigg boss to tell who ringed bell first, Mandana says give chance to Rishab, Prince asks Rishab if he wanna go? Rishab says yes, Prince says go. Rishab says i will empty Prince’s test tube as what he did with Priya in task, it hurt her and she is my friend, Mandana says it was sweet of you Rishab.

Rochelle says to Mandana that i am not liking the fact that we are running for this task, it feels like we hate each other, Mandana says we are not thinking about personal reasons or complaints, all wanna go out and meet fans, thats why Prince is behaving like this but its not good, he doesnt respect women, i am not Kishwar or Nora that i will follow his orders and he is like bring fruits for me and all, i will prove that i am strong female, women doesnt mean that man can order her in kitchen, you have seen Prince ordering girls of house, what is this? his family hasnt taught him that he cant touch girls like this.

Prince says to Rochelle and Rishab that you three can attack me and i am alone, Rishab says you can attack me too, Rochelle says we all are playing individually, Mandana says this is not task, its about whatever complaints you have, you can say it now, if i get chance then i wont empty your test tube, you dont mean to me anything, Prince says same thing, we are not going to meet after show, Mandana says you are goon, Prince says you havent learned how to talk in 3months, you snatches food from people’s hands, Mandana says you are fool to not understand task, Prince says i have humanity unlike you, Mandana says Kishwar where are you? Prince says if Kishwar comes back then she will scare shit out of you, she won game and she must be supporting me from outside, Mandana says she won money only, Mandana says where is your family? your sister, your boyfriend and all? Mandana says talk to my ass, Prince says its not that good you know, Mandana leaves, Prince says to Rishab that i can abuse her too.

Rishab and Prince says we should go away from bell only then they will ring bell, both ask each other to go away from bell, they count steps and moves back. bigg boss starts speaking, they think buzzer will play again and is about to run towards bell but Bigg boss says “complaint task” time is finished, RISHAB AND ROCHELLE HAVE WON TASK, they will get chance to go in shopping mall and appeal for votes, get ready, Rishab thanks Bigg boss, they are excited.

Bigg boss asks Rishab and Rochelle to come out of Bigg bogg house and use this opportunity nicely, Rochelle says we will miss your voice Bigg boss for sometime. Prince says we dont wanna let them go but now we will decide who is winner from me and Mandana. Mandana says have fun, Rishab gives kiss to Mandana on cheeks tightly, Mandana says yuck, Rochelle says that was gross Rishab, Rishab says chill Mandana, Mandana says i dont wanna chill, Rishab and Rochelle leaves, Mandana says this weird(with Prince alone in house).

Rishab and Rochelle comes in shopping mall. They are caged in cage. Because they are appealing for votes, voting lines were opened for them in mall. Rochelle says to people that my Hindi is not nice but i wanna appeal for votes. Rishab says vote for Rishab.

Prince says sorry to Mandana, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, Prince says everything happens in task, nothing personal.

People clicks selfie with Rochelle, Rochelle says one of my fan is voting with two phones. someone calls he Rochelle Devi, she laughs. People clicks selfies with her while she is in cage.

Prince says i wanna have food, Mandana says i wont make food for you, i am not your servant, Prince says even you didnt have food. Mandana says give me massage maybe my mind will change, she laughs and says your no girlfriend is remaining, only you and me are in house.

Rishab appeals to his fans. he kisses aunties hands who voted for her.

Prince says you abused me and still i am massaging your feet, Mandana says i will cook food for you too. Mandana asks him to give massage, Prince says if you had not fought with me then i wouldnt have emptied your 2nd test tube, Mandana says thats not valid reason, Prince pulls her down from couch and brings her closer, he sings ‘Hum tum el kamre main band ho’, Mandana laughs and beats him with pillow.

In mall, Rochelle says to camera that one girl says her friend calls her Rochelle as she behaves like me, thats great compliment for me, she clicks selfie with her.

Mandana says Bigg bos talk to us, how much can i talk to him? Prince says how much i can bear her? lock us in different rooms. Prince says we dont wanna talk to each other so we are putting tapes on each others mouth, they put tape on each others mouth, Mandana says we will talk in sign language, Mandana points that he is crazy, Prince signs that she is unbearable, Mandana stares him.
Mandana comes in washroom area and says where is Rochelle and Rishab? why we are alone in house.

In mall, Rishab says No toilet, no shower, 24hours Bigg boss power.

Rishab and Rochelle comes back in Bigg boss house, Mandana and Prince are happy to see them, Rochelle says it was so nice, Rishab says it was unbelievable. We went in mall and were blindfolded then we were sent to cage then we took off blindfold and saw so many people around. Rochelle says aunties came to me and said that Keith is very cute, marry him, we pray for your couple, it was very nice.
Rishab says in camera that i owe my success to my fans, thank you.
Rochelle says to Mandana that we were discussing you too, Mandana says i and Prince had candle light dinner. Rishab says people told me that i tackled Prince really well. It was unbelievable thing, we were in cage and i was jumping in enjoy, Rochelle says his cage was about to fall. Rishab says girls were around me and i asked them to vote, they brought out phones and showed that we are voting for you. Rochelle says one girl told me that she behaves like me, people were chanting our names. Rishab says concept was amazing, people were trying to touch our cage, Rochelle says it was crazy.
Prince beats Mandana with pillow, inmates indulges in pillow fight and have light moments.

*Voting lines are open till Friday 11:30pm.
For voting: SMS <Contestant’s code> to 56882.
Mandana’s code: <MAN>
Prince’s code: <PRI>
Rochelle’s code: <ROC>
Rishab’s code: <RIB>

PRECAP- Mikka Singh will come in house to celebrate last day with inmates before grand finale. Mikka comes in house, inmates are excited to see, Mikka sings Jumme ki raat hai, inmates dance. Mikka says when i was coming in house, i felt like this is jungle and you people are lions fighting with each other. Later activity area is converted into “bigg boss cinema” and Bigg boss shows journey to each inmate and give them funny names too on lines of film names. Rochelle is given name “Chennai super queen”. Mandana is given name “Revolver Rani”. Rishab is given name “Ek tha Don”. Prince journey is shown, his relation with Kishwar is shown, Prince cries and says I am here because of Kishwar only, i am not here because of myself, i love you Kishwar, Rochelle hugs and consoles him. Later Rj Malishka talks to inmates. She asks who is most weak person in house? Prince, Rishab and Rochelle says its Mandana, Mandana says its Rochelle. Later Mandana cries and says i didnt win anyone’s heart in this house but i have won people’s hearts outside, dont try to be nice to prove how sweet you are Rochelle devi. Mandana says you people dont deserve to win, Prince says i take Mandana as competition but she is not nice human being, she may win this game but she cant win life’s game given the fact how she lived in this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Prince – what’s common between finale stage of big boss and cricket stadium.
    Rishabh – ‘Dhoni’ yahan bhi hai aur ‘dhoni’ wahan bhi hai…


    1. Old one but something is better than nothing

  2. I think this Tracy who has the first comment supporting mandana is surely from MANDANAS PR TEAM.her use of so many good words for Mandy shows that .SO guys don’t get fooled by these PR team people who are really good at changing our views

    1. tedd (PHFFAN)

      Alya…we know tracy well…shez not anyone from mandy’s PR team…..she z just supporting her fav…even wen mandy does wrong she bashes her…we know her from the very starting of the bb9…so if u have any fav, support her, don’t bash others in the forum

      1. I totally second that. Tracy always has reasonable reasons and most of us like her comments. I only knew her from past couple of weeks, but, she is a genuine person who has good sense and open minded.

      2. tedd (PHFFANK)

        Yeah egjactly phoenix


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      4. sad Harshu

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        I m fine now akku actually I got some allergic problems with dust maybe that’s why 2 days ago I was sneezing non stop and I fall sick but now I m absolutely fine 🙂

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        Though spcl muaahs??? for u…????

  4. M watching bigg boss after many days not enjoying it much as I used to do but Prince and Rishabh looks so cute 😛 and Mandana and Rochelle also very cute 😛 lol I enjoyed Prince-Mandana nok-Jhok 😛

  5. Telly updates rishab ka code janbujh k galat likha hai..its…This is not fair

  6. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    My mom was using her fb and then she saw Kyaa Kool Hai Hum promo and she say How Mandana did this kind of flims 😛

  7. Anonymous (prince)

    Guys mandana karimi is evicted its on bb9 wiki

  8. Anonymous (prince)

    Sorry guys.. Now they cleared the thing she is not evicted

  9. As per news Mandana will evict today………………….

  10. Yeah It says evicted on Day 103. May be it’s not true.

  11. hey guys there r rumors of mandana eviction….is it true…????
    vote for rishab before 11:30… last time…..

  12. wiki says Mandana is evicted on day 103..hope it’s true

  13. Anonymous (prince)

    Its not yet confirmed.. Guys few min left vote for prince

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