Bigg Boss 9 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

2 days to go for Grand Finale
Day 102
The housemates wake up to ‘Chalo Ishq Ladaye’. Inmates dance, Rishab dances with Rochelle. Mandana dances alone. Rishab hugs Rochelle.

Mandana says to herself that onlye 2days are remaining, friday my movie is releasing, saturday is finale, too much going on but i am happy that i am still here, after so many days, i feel this is my house, this is my kitchen, my bedroom, it feels nice.
Prince says feeling of being finalist is nice, Prince and Rishab screams like wolves, Rishab says this is it.

Rishab reads task, Bigg boss house door will be opened again and any two inmates will get chance to meet their fans outside house and can do vote appeal to them. Bigg boss gives task to inmates,

the ‘Shikayate’(complaints) task where each person is allotted 3 test tubes filled with elixir that they have to protect at all times. When buzzer plays, he contestants have to ring the bell, the one who will ring bell first will get chance to empty one person’s test tube after giving a valid reason for it or telling his complaint to that person. Two lucky people with maximum number of filled test tubes in end will get the golden opportunity to go outside the house and do a vote appeal to their fans. Inmates are allotted with different colors of elixir:
Mandana-red elixir
Rochelle-blue elixir
Prince-yellow elixir
Rishab-green elixir

Inmates come in garden, Mandana says you all have done work, took bath and ate food too, Rochelle says i told you to not cook food for me, dont crack rude jokes, Mandana says what about alphabets jokes you did on me? Rochelle says i am sorry if it hurt you, Mandana says i know my test tube will be emptied first, Rishab says we all know that, Mandana says lets see what fake reason Prince will give to empty my test tube, Prince says i will give your name, dont be afraid, Mandana says sure and leaves, Prince says i will give her name.

Rishab asks Rochelle whom she wants to not go out? She says Mandana and Prince as we are underestimated in this house still.
Buzzer plays, inmates run. Prince comes in garden and plays bell. Prince says i want to give chance to Rochelle and Rishab to go out and appeal, i will empty Mandana’s test tube, He says i wanna give Mandana’s name first to not get this chance as she always taunt people about things which hurt them the most, Mandana says you dont need to explain. Prince empties her one test tube, Mandana says you must be feeling better now, played individual for first time?
Prince is eating fruits, Mandana takes plate from him and says cut fruits for yourself, i cut them, Prince says i make lunch for you too, Mandana says its my watermelon, you cut it for yourself, Prince says you are giving me chance to empty your test tubes, i make most food in house, Mandana says you order people around, Prince says i am making food from first day, Mandana says good for you, Prince says this is very bad to take food from someone’s hands, your attitude is not nice, Mandana says good for you Prince, Prince says not for you Babe, Mandana says do not call me babe, Prince says you dont deserve it, Mandana says yuck. Buzzer plays. Inmates come in garden area.
Prince says Mandana proved again that she wants to play victim, Mandana says be my guest, he empties her 2nd test tube, Mandana says you dont deserve to be here, Prince says people will decide it, i am still here, Mandana says you make fake relations, Prince says you didnt make a single relation, Mandana says oh you made Kishwar your sister but ditched her then you had two girlfriends, Yuvika and Nora, Prince says the one who gave you love, you kicked them, kick, Prince says stop using people, Mandana says Prince goon get lost, you are here because of making fake relations, Prince says i am not afraid of anyone, i am not like you who use people like Rishab, me, Rochelle and then kick them, Mandana says you are insecure as you dont deserve to be here.
Rishab says to Mandana that i agree to everything but its not good that you snatched food from him, Mandana says this is my choice, i wont cook food for him, i cut fruits, he is like goon and ordering me to bring things, i dont want to feed my enemy, Rishab says we are living together, Prince says i have done tasks without eating anything, i dont care.

Rishab asks who wanna go out? Prince says me, Rochelle says i wanna see response of fans, i wanna see what is response without Keith, Prince says i know my fans are saving me but i wanna meet them.
Mandana says to herself that i dont understand why Rochelle is acting so submissive to Prince, she was with her boyfriend n 3months, had support system but me? she gets sad.

Rochelle says to Prince that Mandana is out of task but she is still part of game and can attack anyone of us, Prince says i am not afraid of her, i will play my task. Buzzer plays, Prince runs and rings bell again. Prince says to Rishab that i cant attack Rochelle so i am sorry, he empties Rishab’s test tube, he says i dont have reason to do this, we are competition but friends too, i just want Rochelle to feel good after meeting fans as she feels she is getting less votes. Bigg boss says to Prince that you have to give personal reason, if you dont have reason then you shouldnt have ringed bell in first place, read instructions again.
Rishab reads instruction that they have to give personal reason and also what complain you have with other person, Bigg boss says to Prince that your complain wasnt legit so you have to fill Rishab’s test tube again, Prince fills Rishab’s test tube, Rishab is happy and dances.

buzzer plays. Rishab and Prince runs, they rings bell, both say we ringed bell, Prince says you shouldnt have pushed me, Rishab says i am sorry, Rochelle asks Bigg boss to tell who ringed bell first, Mandana says give chance to Rishab, Prince asks Rishab if he wanna go? Rishab says yes, Prince says go. Rishab says i will empty Prince’s test tube as what he did with Priya in task, it hurt her and she is my friend, Mandana says it was sweet of you Rishab.

Rochelle says to Mandana that i am not liking the fact that we are running for this task, it feels like we hate each other, Mandana says we are not thinking about personal reasons or complaints, all wanna go out and meet fans, thats why Prince is behaving like this but its not good, he doesnt respect women, i am not Kishwar or Nora that i will follow his orders and he is like bring fruits for me and all, i will prove that i am strong female, women doesnt mean that man can order her in kitchen, you have seen Prince ordering girls of house, what is this? his family hasnt taught him that he cant touch girls like this.

Prince says to Rochelle and Rishab that you three can attack me and i am alone, Rishab says you can attack me too, Rochelle says we all are playing individually, Mandana says this is not task, its about whatever complaints you have, you can say it now, if i get chance then i wont empty your test tube, you dont mean to me anything, Prince says same thing, we are not going to meet after show, Mandana says you are goon, Prince says you havent learned how to talk in 3months, you snatches food from people’s hands, Mandana says you are fool to not understand task, Prince says i have humanity unlike you, Mandana says Kishwar where are you? Prince says if Kishwar comes back then she will scare shit out of you, she won game and she must be supporting me from outside, Mandana says she won money only, Mandana says where is your family? your sister, your boyfriend and all? Mandana says talk to my ass, Prince says its not that good you know, Mandana leaves, Prince says to Rishab that i can abuse her too.

Rishab and Prince says we should go away from bell only then they will ring bell, both ask each other to go away from bell, they count steps and moves back. bigg boss starts speaking, they think buzzer will play again and is about to run towards bell but Bigg boss says “complaint task” time is finished, RISHAB AND ROCHELLE HAVE WON TASK, they will get chance to go in shopping mall and appeal for votes, get ready, Rishab thanks Bigg boss, they are excited.

Bigg boss asks Rishab and Rochelle to come out of Bigg bogg house and use this opportunity nicely, Rochelle says we will miss your voice Bigg boss for sometime. Prince says we dont wanna let them go but now we will decide who is winner from me and Mandana. Mandana says have fun, Rishab gives kiss to Mandana on cheeks tightly, Mandana says yuck, Rochelle says that was gross Rishab, Rishab says chill Mandana, Mandana says i dont wanna chill, Rishab and Rochelle leaves, Mandana says this weird(with Prince alone in house).

Rishab and Rochelle comes in shopping mall. They are caged in cage. Because they are appealing for votes, voting lines were opened for them in mall. Rochelle says to people that my Hindi is not nice but i wanna appeal for votes. Rishab says vote for Rishab.

Prince says sorry to Mandana, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, Prince says everything happens in task, nothing personal.

People clicks selfie with Rochelle, Rochelle says one of my fan is voting with two phones. someone calls he Rochelle Devi, she laughs. People clicks selfies with her while she is in cage.

Prince says i wanna have food, Mandana says i wont make food for you, i am not your servant, Prince says even you didnt have food. Mandana says give me massage maybe my mind will change, she laughs and says your no girlfriend is remaining, only you and me are in house.

Rishab appeals to his fans. he kisses aunties hands who voted for her.

Prince says you abused me and still i am massaging your feet, Mandana says i will cook food for you too. Mandana asks him to give massage, Prince says if you had not fought with me then i wouldnt have emptied your 2nd test tube, Mandana says thats not valid reason, Prince pulls her down from couch and brings her closer, he sings ‘Hum tum el kamre main band ho’, Mandana laughs and beats him with pillow.

In mall, Rochelle says to camera that one girl says her friend calls her Rochelle as she behaves like me, thats great compliment for me, she clicks selfie with her.

Mandana says Bigg bos talk to us, how much can i talk to him? Prince says how much i can bear her? lock us in different rooms. Prince says we dont wanna talk to each other so we are putting tapes on each others mouth, they put tape on each others mouth, Mandana says we will talk in sign language, Mandana points that he is crazy, Prince signs that she is unbearable, Mandana stares him.
Mandana comes in washroom area and says where is Rochelle and Rishab? why we are alone in house.

In mall, Rishab says No toilet, no shower, 24hours Bigg boss power.

Rishab and Rochelle comes back in Bigg boss house, Mandana and Prince are happy to see them, Rochelle says it was so nice, Rishab says it was unbelievable. We went in mall and were blindfolded then we were sent to cage then we took off blindfold and saw so many people around. Rochelle says aunties came to me and said that Keith is very cute, marry him, we pray for your couple, it was very nice.
Rishab says in camera that i owe my success to my fans, thank you.
Rochelle says to Mandana that we were discussing you too, Mandana says i and Prince had candle light dinner. Rishab says people told me that i tackled Prince really well. It was unbelievable thing, we were in cage and i was jumping in enjoy, Rochelle says his cage was about to fall. Rishab says girls were around me and i asked them to vote, they brought out phones and showed that we are voting for you. Rochelle says one girl told me that she behaves like me, people were chanting our names. Rishab says concept was amazing, people were trying to touch our cage, Rochelle says it was crazy.
Prince beats Mandana with pillow, inmates indulges in pillow fight and have light moments.

*Voting lines are open till Friday 11:30pm.
For voting: SMS <Contestant’s code> to 56882.
Mandana’s code: <MAN>
Prince’s code: <PRI>
Rochelle’s code: <ROC>
Rishab’s code: <RIB>

PRECAP- Mikka Singh will come in house to celebrate last day with inmates before grand finale. Mikka comes in house, inmates are excited to see, Mikka sings Jumme ki raat hai, inmates dance. Mikka says when i was coming in house, i felt like this is jungle and you people are lions fighting with each other. Later activity area is converted into “bigg boss cinema” and Bigg boss shows journey to each inmate and give them funny names too on lines of film names. Rochelle is given name “Chennai super queen”. Mandana is given name “Revolver Rani”. Rishab is given name “Ek tha Don”. Prince journey is shown, his relation with Kishwar is shown, Prince cries and says I am here because of Kishwar only, i am not here because of myself, i love you Kishwar, Rochelle hugs and consoles him. Later Rj Malishka talks to inmates. She asks who is most weak person in house? Prince, Rishab and Rochelle says its Mandana, Mandana says its Rochelle. Later Mandana cries and says i didnt win anyone’s heart in this house but i have won people’s hearts outside, dont try to be nice to prove how sweet you are Rochelle devi. Mandana says you people dont deserve to win, Prince says i take Mandana as competition but she is not nice human being, she may win this game but she cant win life’s game given the fact how she lived in this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • Whatever u do don't vote 4 MANDANA!!!

      Whoever wins doesn’t matter BUT mandana should not win. Seriously I can alway see her evil things. This woman is a pure devil. Liked by None whether family friends BF or her own housemates. Always portrayed as if she is d target ,bechaari of the house. People planning against her. She is nobody’s. She abuses everybody, she abused our national language. After winning the also show she will abuse BB , India, indians and all those people who helped her winning n voted for her. Self centered lady….pure devil, mean, abusive, both physically n verbally, aggressive ,loud, arrogant, sympathy gainer, ungrateful, attention seeker.
      Hate the way she is speaking bad prince and always she is doing this to get attention. I seriously don’t understand whats wrong with the people voting for her.
      Also I see people supporting her have fake ids. Her PROs doing all d work I guess.

  1. Neeru(PHFFAN)

    I am back.. 🙂
    Harshal… Tedd… Joyee… Freak.. Pari.. Subha..
    Long time.. How are you guyss….. ?
    Two days to go….
    Lets start our reviews abt the finalists…. 😀
    Jonwick.. Maxx.. Santu.. manuel.. Gaurav..Tracy nd all others(sorry i forgot the names) …
    I want u all to be here..!! 🙂
    Letzz have an healthy discussion… 🙂

      • Manuel Ferrara

        @Neeru everyone was gone & here it was lull(not PK one).Everyone was so disheartened upon kish’s exit and prince’s subsequent pummeling that no one cared to comment.
        Just 2 days left & I vouch for prince’s victory just like you.
        Btw how much did you vote??

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @manuel…. YEAH i know…. That eviction did create a wave of disapproval….
        Well voting,, i seriously Din keep a count buddy…
        Online voting in full swing…. They keep asking me to enter the CAPTCHA, to prove i am a human…. LOL..

        I missed your jokes while i was away…. !! 🙂 🙂

      • Maxx

        @Neeru I am back again with zeal..It’s good to see you back.
        Our efforts finally seem working in our favour but don’t stop voting & I want you to to convey the message to other PHFAAN members who support prince to keep voting with enthusiasm.
        Good news..that rejuvenated my confidence is that prince is way way ahead of Mandana now seems difference won’t be vanished as difference is more than 2 lakh votes…virtually impossible to recover!
        So,PRINCE SHALL WIN ….:)0

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @maxx…. Heyyy buddy…. How are you ?? Good to see you too….

        Is it. ?? Wow….. Fingers crossed…. !!!

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        😀 😀 😀
        Dear real neeru,,, this comment of urs proves u are not the neeru from PHFFAN,, coz thats not my style….LOL…. 😀

        Well its really sad that u can only copy the name but not the DP.. my frnds know it by heart.. ? nd others having doubt will go back nd check my previous commnts nd confirm it.. 😀

        P. S – Din know that i was this much famous here ki ppl will want to be me.. ???
        #feeling awesome 😀

      • Subhashitha K S

        Ya neeru we don’t need any proof
        ha ha…we know who u r , and u r way of we can identify u even if not same dp. Even i saw this comment before commenting to urs.but just ignored it as i knew who the real neeru is.
        And for sure you are very famous here

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @subha…. Awww…. Thank you for those Sweet words… Kinda made me feel special… love ya girl.. ???
        The only thing i’ll remember BB9 for will be this forum…. I hv got sooo many frnds here…. You being a special one among them…

        P. S – when u said u ignored the abve comnt as u knew it wasnt me,, i felt really really happy… ??

    • Subhashitha K S

      Hi neeru missed u very much here.I had commented on tuesday here. But the bashing in the forum had not stopped and none of you had also commented so even i didnt comment yest.happy that u r there today.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @subha… Missed you too dear… Muuaah…
        I was a silent reader here for two days.. Then i stopped visiting… So Din read much commnts aftr i left..
        Nywaz lets just ignore all commnts vch go persnl…. 🙂
        Its finale,, fans must be getting heated up.. ? so let them be..
        Soo how is it going.. ? Still supporting prince. ? 🙂

      • Subhashitha K S

        Ya it will be always him(PRINCE).hv holidays now so enjoying in my native chickmagaluru and in bengaluru.How r you?

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @subhaa.. Yeah.. I know it’ll be prince forever…. Just asked…. 🙂
        I am doing great…
        Holidays huh.. Cool.. Enjoy..!! 🙂
        Bengaluru.. Awesome place.. !! ??

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        I missed almost all episodes from that day.. So Basically nothing happened to change my opinion…
        So i still like prince, mandana nd rishab..
        And if i hv to choose one among these three, it’ll still be prince…. 🙂

      • shreya

        @neeru.. I wish you had seen the episodes.. Maybe then you wud hv changed ur fav list.. I mean take mandy out of it..
        Will give u reasons..
        1. Makes personal taunts too much nd later agrees that she does.. To quote her statmnt – ” when i fyt i vl make points that burn ur ass nd heart.. ”
        2. Kept taunting prince for kish’s eviction .. Aftr a point prince broke down..
        3. Took the plate away from prince while he was eating .. Vn he said its wrong she had that smug face nd horrible attitude… Wen rishab said its wrong she shouted saying my wish..
        4. I feel she likes to hurt ppl for fun.. Sadistic attitude… Finds pleasure in hurting others with words.. Smiles nd winks aftr saying it..

        These points are excluding other minor ones which shows her selfish side as usual … She lacks basic manners…
        Terrible lady.. If a sadistic lady like her gets majority votes,, then it points where the entire human kind is leading to… We are in terrible shit..!!

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @jackie…. Ppl dont hate mandy for saying the truth or for taking a stand for herself…. They hate her for the way she handles things…. She abuses nd hurt ppl a lot…
        vn once priya made a persnl commnt abt her bf,, she cudnt take it.. but then she does the same with others.. That the problm.. !!

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @shreya… This is going to be a long commnt.. 😀

        1. Persnl commnts… Yes she does.. Which is really bad.. I agree.. But as u mentioned urself she accepts the fact that while fyting she tends to be rude so that othr ppl get hurt.. Nd dont we all do it ? In anger,, we say things vch we are ashamed of later… Its human..

        2. Ofcorse she’ll do that.. She nvr liked kish.. so taunting is natural.. Nd prince is her rival.. She is trying to provoke him..

        3. That was wrong… disrespect to food… Totally… But maybe she din think too deep… She just wanted to show prince her dissaproval of nominating her..

        So what i m trying to tell u is,, it isnt sadism as u think… Thats a huge word.. Its just that she doesn’t hv control ovr her temper…

        Now having said that, the reason i like Prince more than Mandy is bcoz these things only..
        – in anger, he nvr say things vch hurt persnly..
        – He nvr provkes mndy by saying so cheap taunts ..
        – He nvr shows his dissaprovl in this manner.. Nd he evn apologize evn if its not his fault..
        So hands down,, prince is better… 🙂

      • shreya

        How do you get into such logic conclusions…. ??
        Liked how you countred all the points nd showed mandy is not that bad…. But then you used the same points to prove prince is evn better…..
        I am in love with your commnts…. You are toooo good…. !!

        But frankly its difficult to see mandy the way you are saying…

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @shreya…. Girl you are spoiling me…. Tooo many compliments… 🙂
        I don’t mind but Its getting a lil awkward now…. ?

        Well actually itss not that difficult… will give u 2 reasons…
        – prince said that i’ll leave the task for kish afta 30 hrs .. Nd vn he din, we din feel bad… We undrstood ki thats becoz he was sure he had bettr chances nd he said so jst coz he thot bb wud stop the task aftr few hrs..
        Similarly vn mandy says something persnl we can take it as said in anger nd in d heat of the momnt…

        – We dont think prince cheated yuvi-nora-kish coz they are still seen supporting prince in twittr nd interviews… Similarly aftr going out almost everyone said mandy is misjudged .. So we can give her the benefit of doubt..

        Nywaz just leave it…. let her be..
        You Keep supporting prince.. !! 🙂

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @shuba…. Thank you soo much dear.. 🙂
        Even i missed commenting nd reading reviews….
        So two days to finale…. Who are you voting for. ?? 🙂

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @shreya…. Thank you dear.. 🙂
        Well i din take kish’s eviction lightly it seems.. 😀 So a long break..
        Now that i m here,, lets discuss nd know each others opinions…
        I am sorry but i dont remember ur favrte HM.. whom are you supporting ?

      • Shreya

        Neeru, i know why u left.. Have been reading ur commnts regularly…
        My fav are rishb nd prince.. Love them both..
        Frankly i Want rishb to win.. But i know he wont.. So voting for prince coz i dont want mandy to win.. Hate her..

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @shreya….Thanks dear.. I appreciate that…. Well Do vote for rishab too.. He is a sweetheart… 🙂

      • shreya

        @neeru…. Yeah he is…. Just to make it clear, i m nt voting for prince just coz i hate mandy.. My previous commnt may give that impression..
        I am doing it coz i really like prince…
        Of course choosing prince ovr rishab is coz i dnt want mandy to win…
        Its like – i love rishab for the persn he is,, but i genuinely feel prince deserves more..
        Errr,,, Confused are you ?? :/

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @shreyaaa….. Hahaha.. 😀
        No,, therez no confusion…. I understand….. !!! 🙂 🙂
        Its similar to how i feel..
        To quote you – ” i love rishab for the persn he is,, but i genuinely feel prince deserves more..”
        Same pinch… !! ?

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Neeru, yo!!! you are back finally. friday and saturday(finale) as promised 😀
      Missed you… I stopped watching episodes since last tuesday(imam se hopes the, even he failed)… been reading updates here and voting online for mandy. Don’t try to read comments of last week and most of this week 😛 , some people have made this forum a big mess, from going personal to even bringing religion into question. So, overall i felt it was a great decision to leave this forum for some time 😛
      Hopefully this nonsense will stop in this last 2 days and people will just concentrate on episodes and probable winners atleast now… my top 4 predictions:
      1) Mandy
      2) prince
      3) rishabh
      4) rochelle
      Voting trends show prince leading by margin of 5k over mandy, rishabh at 3rd(trailing mandy by 17k) and rochelle at 4th(trailing rishabh by 9k). hopefully we overtake prince by finale 😀

      • Big Boss Virus

        Oye saale harshal hamne mess banaya hai forum ko ,ab tu hame sikhaega saale Mandana ke chamche.Ghungroo pehn le pairon me aur Mandana ke saath naach.
        Aur comment back mat kario warna gaaliyan khaega.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        Ohh my god.. Harshal….. Missed you big time…. !! How have you been ?
        The 1st two days aftr leaving,, i found it difficult to avoid coming here.. Was soo used to it.. But then two days of silent reading nd i was done.. 😐

        Religion ?? Really. ?? :O
        Then its good that we left..
        As for the mess you mentioned,, i can see it.. ??
        But then we were alwaz good at ignoring such things…. ?:D

        Well it was Way too obvious that finally it’ll come down to prince or mandy…
        Just 5k. ?? Thatss too small a margin..

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Neeru, yeah, all contestants are close as of now, but that was till tuesday only, by now the gap between top 2(prince and mandy) and 3rd and 4th place must have increased tremendously…
        real competition is, was and will always be between mandy and prince. While Prince enjoys huge support in India(as seen on most indian polls and forums), Mandy is behind prince on Indian votes, but more than makes up for it due to her international votes(UK, US, Canada, Nigeria, UAE, Dubai fetch her handsome votes always). Its going to hell of a lot closer than we can imagine 😛

        p.s. Yeah, Ignoring idiots has always been our forte 😀

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @bigboss virus…. – when did harshal take your name. ? Apko ye kyun laga ki he is talking abt u. ? Nd by the way he has the ryt to say whateva he feels like … And so do you..
        So chill… Talk nd let talk… 🙂
        Why bring gaali nd all.. ? Ab ye mat puchna ki mein kaun hoti hun tumhe ye kehne wali….
        I am no one… Just trying to avoid fyts in here..
        #peace… !!

      • Shreya

        @bigboss – maano ya na maano.. Mess tho ban gaya hai naa… Pehle sirf HMs aur episodes ki baathein hoti thi.. Lekin Pichle do weeks se kaafi persnl commnts aa rhe hai.. Ab hai tho hai.. Aur jo hai usse kyun na bole .. ?

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        and yeah, am fine, even i struggled first 2-3 days, but the boring episodes, plus the messy forum made it easier for me to stop commenting here 😛 … you are here till the finale, right?

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @harshal…. Yeah…. Its definitely Going to be a thrilling end…. Nd we along with few others who like all three(pri-man-rish) will hv the most fun i guess…. Very happy if our fav wins…. Happy if our secnd fav wins…. And still happy if rish wins.. !! 😀 😀
        Ryt. ???

        Hell Yeah….!! i’ll definitely be here till the finale.. Maybe evn aftr that, to just talk nd discuss… 🙂

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        neeru, even i don’t mind if any one of the 3 wins, ofcourse heart wants mandy to win, but other 2 winning won’t disappoint me that much 😀

    • Manuel Ferrara

      @neeru @subhashita @harshal @shreya @maxx @ santu and everyone I recommend you an episode of comedy nights bachao (raghu,rajiv,vindu and dolly one) in case you haven’t watched.You all will die laughing,as it’s comedy at it’s peak..never seen before!! They won’t give you even 2 sec break to relax…Downloaded it today early morning and died laughing…but remember to download only this specific one..

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @manuel…. Yeah i know… Watched it during its actual telecast….. 😀 😀
        Apart from the jokes,, i evn laughed seeing dolly laugh.. !! LOL….

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        manuel, i liked salman khan waala episode the best 😛 … it was hilarious. dolly bindra waala thodi der tak dekha tha, but her loud laughter over weak jokes made me change channels. still, if you say it was funny, i can give it another go, maybe i switched it off just when it was getting funny

      • Manuel Ferrara

        @Harshal it’s hilarious just give it a go once more,way better than salman one although I liked that jalebi bai thing most ?? but watch full episode as later part tickles your funny bone most….

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @gaurav…. Thanks dear…. 🙂
        Yeah i am back nd now we’ll attack harshal together…. !! 😀

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        gaurav, neeru, hahaha 😛 … group attack on an individual ehh, bigg boss house waali cheez idhar kar rahe ho :P…just kidding, happy to argue >:)

    • Bluephoenix

      @neeru welcome back hun (dont worry for calling hun, m girl too ) 🙂
      @shreya I am not confused of your reasoning that u like rishab as a person, but prince deserves to win. I am on that page too lol 🙂

    • kushagra(PHFFANK)

      hey neeru
      harshal is rooting for mandana and we for prince mandana will loose majority wins

      jst joking

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @kushagra….. Haha.. Yeah.. Majority..
        I wish it worked that way.. ?
        BTW,, welcome to PHFFAN.. 🙂 🙂
        No… PHFFANK.. !!

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        This is India man, ofcourse prince has much support here :p …so it will look like prince will win easily if we look at indian forums and polls, but we are forgetting international voters, people outside are crazy about mandana, she has trended worldwide with 420k+ votes 😀

  2. Nadia

    I think Mandana and prince should’ve gone out as they r so competitive they could’ve seen how many people are who’s fan!! Anyway I don’t think rochelle or RISHAB will win or get loads of votes so their effort will be wasted i think!

    • archit sah

      Prince had too much going on in his mind so it was a bit confusing for hin and prince is also guilty for her mistake and is ready to leave the show

  3. Nadia

    Prince how low can u stoop if u were so emotional for kishwer couldn’t u do this one thing for ur sister, now the way ur crying proves how fake u r and how much u use people…..u say Mandana uses people but what about yuvika Norah kishwer ? Speak up prince fans

    • raj

      ohh u think prince uses kish ,yuvika and Nora than why yuvika, Nora and kish are appealing their fan to vote for Prince only…
      Have u any answer …

    • Shreya

      A countr question….
      When did prince use yuvika nd nora. ?
      As for kish, if u are talking abt that tickt to finale thing,, he din go coz he knows evn if kish had stayed she wud hv not won the show.. She din hv strong fan base as compared to prince…

      Only few ppl like u feel that prince used them.. The three ppl u mentioned dont think so.. Coz they know him nd the entire truth.. Just go check kish, nora nd yuvika’s twittr account…. See what they say nd whom they support.. If they had felt cheated they wudnt be supporting prince aftr going out nd seeing the episodes …

      Moral – When kish, nora nd yuvika dont feel that way,, then some viewers, who only see 1 hr out of 24 hrs coming to such conclusions is ridiculous…
      Nd prince is crying coz he loves Kish.. Not like mandy who claims that she doesn’t make frnds but still cries when rochs doesn’t support her….LOL..

      • suyash

        Suar kamina prince dishum…..nora toh h he fuddddu. ….yuvika ne laat mar di kish ne bahar jaker galia di

      • Subhashitha K S

        Rightly said shreya.i dont get why dont they understand that they both had no was just not ticket to finale.if it was only ttf prince would given up as for priya.but her other had to leave the house.and practically thinking prince had and has more chance to win than was bb who was unfair and sending the person out who had qualified to this task by WINNING the previous task.and once when madana had LOST a task she was sent to secret room( yes she had not seen what really was happening in house as housemates were already informed but she was not eliminated).
        And why r u so much worried when kishwer,nora,yuvika dont feel they were cheated and are still appealing there fans to vote for Prince.
        PLZ STOP BLAMING PRINCE FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO KISHWER.(and fact is if prince had left kishwer would hv been blamed now which would also be unfair).

        Plz nora,yuvika,kishwer,suyash and prince fans plz vote for PRINCE

      • Shreya

        @suyash or ria.. ?
        Supporting mandy nd using suyyash’s name to abuse prince.. Waah..
        Waise fake ids nd names.. No wondr u support fake mandy.. LOL…
        Whatever ur real name is,, get ur facts ryt… Niethr kish nor yuvika said nythng bad abt prince…

        @SUBHASHITHA – totally agreee…!!

    • Manuel Ferrara

      If you do some mistake and later cry and repent…do your parents crucify you??
      Here it was not prince’s mistake in that confounding situation but he still rues for it..what’s the music??
      Everyone is clear on yuvika Nora thing now except you ,may be you didn’t see that properly..
      Your complacency on your comments is wicked..sorry to say that ?

    • Schizophonic

      Sun Nadia,prince ne sab kuch karr ke dikha diya,fir bhi fake ka tag laga dia,tune mujhko hassa dia..yo yo bb ne situation me prince ko phassa diya,prince Jo bacha toh kish ko marwa dia..iss ghatna ne saare desh ko hila dia..tujhe lekin koi daru kyun pila diya..Mandana ka Jo tuna surr hai laga diya…janwaron ko tune insan hai bata diya..tune bhatta bitha diya..tujhe khatta chata diya…kaisa rattta rata diya…

    • Maxx

      Nadia I must say you are avid Mandana fan ignoring the realities and lost in world of self-assumption.Your outlook can’t be changed,I felicitate you for your choice..go vote for Mandy!!
      But these assumptions won’t be acknowledged by anyone so don’t waste time and energy 😀
      @Manuel Ferrara no jokes now a days ,just vocab. classes ?

      • Manuel Ferrara

        Yeah bro missed you seriously ,no one was left here to comment ,so I stopped posting jokes and I didn’t even comment so often.Just decided to improve my vocabulary so i have started posting my views.
        Happy to see you back Maxx!!


  4. Lila

    Precap is ???. Today’s ep was good apart from prince and mandana’s fight. Yh I agree with u nadia that prince should have gone out to see his fans. Tomorrow’s epi is going to be a bit emotional.

    Vote for PRINCE

    • anysha

      Wo sadi hui aurat jiska koi wajud nhe…. Kieth nhe toh Rishab he sahi usne kiya he kyaaa h game me
      Khud ungli pakad pakad ke toh yha phuchi ye

  5. Rochelle always try to be nice to mandana but mandana didn’t care or see her. And she always accused her of backstabbing..,.. Rochelle do really care of mandana that’s why she even ask the tarot card reader about her friendship with her….

  6. Bv

    Hi i m a silent reader but i couldn’t stop asking Guys i really don’t know y people r supporting mandana through out d season she has been v insensitive n she also started to snatch food there is not even single person whom she has been friendly throughout always fighting n arguing creating a biggggg scene n now she is soo over confident she is not even participating in simple games. N she always bring people’s personal stuff during fight but if they do it back then they r wrong. Anything she does is right but if other do even half then thats wrong thats soo bad.
    Rishab is v gud n entertaining. Starting he began from d bad side but now he is improved n v gud
    Prince has a lot of supporters n gud in task n yaa it looks like he has been misusing relationship but after precap it is sure that he is not acting n he really makes relationship from heart n even he appologised to mandana even though it wasnt his fault
    Rochelle being an underdog from beginning she started to prove herself yaa in middle she began to irritate but after seeing her task these 2 days i think many of her gud side has been hidden in d editing. Now v happy dat she is back in form. N she is really sweet n v v v v gud.

    • Jakie evanko bhi ekk sabse bada chhaka hai…..or mandana ki taraha characterless hai….bhikari bhi hai kyu ki vote or popularity pane ke liye bhi isko prince ke bare main bura bolna padta hai…lllooooollll

    • Schizophonic

      Arrey wah Jackie maine tujhe kabhi gaali nahi di just taunts maare but now it seems tu tarakki karr rahi hai…people going after you..REVOLUTION.

    • Yes yes how can a lier become a winner !!!!!!!
      And how can a hijjda/chhaka/napunsak like jakie evanko…..acted like a “MARD”

      abey samajh le batt ache se…yahan wahan bhatk mat….mandana achi lagti hai tujhe to vote kar usse..par yahan ake gand masti na kariyo…ok…prince fan tera fadd dege yadd rakhio…….CHHAKA

    • suyash

      Wo sadi hui aurat jiska koi wajud nhe…. Kieth nhe toh Rishab he sahi usne kiya he kyaaa h game me
      Khud ungli pakad pakad ke toh yha phuchi ye

    • Spice girl

      Gali gali me shor hai mandana sali chor hai

      Sania ne nak me pehni thi nathia jakie hai ek no. Ki chuti*a

    • Schizophonic

      @jackie Evanko dekh maine apna muh kaharab nahi kiya ,log tujhe some app gaaliyan denge..I am like Gandhi ji no hinsa but if someone do hinsa then prashansa…

  7. II

    Rishab! Yestrdy u made me sad by saying stratgy karnewale bahar chalegaye but today u made me happy by giving a valid reason to prince while emptying tubes telling that he had hurt priya in the sand task so this is a way to ask priya to forgive. As mndy said so sweet of u. Mantain ur frienship like this. Dont be on and off. Even priya wld have felt happy for ur todays gesture.
    And about mandy i didnt feel seriously bad as in yestrdys precap. Yes she should have not pulled the fruit plate but still that scene was not that ugly. It looked like action ka jatse reaction which is very common in bb house.
    Putting plaster on their mouths was really funny. Nice way to reduce fights.
    I think prince cant stay alone for a long time jatse foot massage ke liye mangaye. Anyways good to see that. I prefer mndy to prince as she has her own individual personality whether good or bad or we like her or not.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      II, I always read your comments and enjoy your hatke views. absolutely love them :D. I know you must be supporting rishabh now that priya is gone. Good luck to rishabh, i want to see him in top 3 atleast 😀

  8. Hi.. Am a prince fan, let me clarify you. If prince would have sacrificed this show for kishwar I don’t think c would have faced so much of criticism. Kishwar is an established actress, known face in Industry whereas prince is a struggler trying to make a niche for himself. He need this ‘Platform’ much more than kishwar do.. Prince prioritizes his family’s and Fans Emotions over his personal relationship with kishwar… one thing we all cannot deny that He is equally deserving like kishwar. He even tried to guide kishwar in the buzzer task but c was unable to understand it. Moreover prince and kishwar both played strongly against each other in earlier tasks. So stop allegiating and abusing him, if he wants to win this show desperately without harming others interest its absolutely fair..The Game is all about ‘that’!

    • I think if Price would have left the show they would have taunted Kishwar for sure. Prince and Sukish were being slammed almost every weekend and after Sukish left Salman started praising them just to let Prince down.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      payel, am pretty much sure that kishwer needs more platform than prince. Prince has won 2 big reality shows. Kishwer is not that established, yes she has done 2-3 shows i think, but not any famous ones i think, so that argument doesn’t seem right.
      Now, i am one of those few mandy fans who can honestly say that what prince did then was absolutely right, but not for the reasons you mentioned, but for the fact that I think this is a game and it is “every man for himself”. He went emotional for sometime and made that “i will leave game for you in 30 hrs” comment, but i can’t blame prince for it, he has always been an emotional fool who likes making this dialogue-baazi (remember that promise to nora about nominations? 😛 ). yes, some people will call it as fake promises and “using people” mentality, but personally, i see it more as ‘heat of the moment’ words which hold no meaning. Its a natural character that many people exhibit in real life and hence not “fake”

      • Subhashitha K S

        harshal I agree with u that Kishwer equally deserved and required bb title. But u r facts r wrong she is in the industry since 1998 and she is pretty famous. She has almost done 36-38 serials. Check Wikipedia for more info

      • kushagra(PHFFANK)

        i think he needs the platform pretty much bcoz his career is going
        kishwer is already settled

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        subhashitha, kushagra, fair points. Its just that most people need support from young people more to be termed as established in today’s time. Thing is 36-38 serials as you said, maybe true, but still, my point there was not to compare the fame of prince and kish, but rather it was that the argument provided by her, that was wrong as per me.
        Now thing is, if you say that kish is more established and famous than prince,hence prince deserved a chance ahead of kish, then, the fact that Prince said that his fans will vote for him more than her and make him win becomes false in itself. Because then, we can easily argue saying kish is more established and famous and hence has better chance at winning the show. It will go round and round with the same argument again.
        Lets just say simply that Prince played the game there, wanted to win it for himself and his family, and hence, his actions are justified, which was a good decision.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        How abt this… ?
        Kish is more established nd famous than prince… But that doesn’t earn her fans…. Specially for her coz she has mostly handled negtve chatacters…
        But Prince was lucky here… ppl tend to gain fans with reality shows…
        So basically both the statmnts are correct….
        Kish is more established in the industry than prince but prince has more fans…. 🙂

  9. baby

    Uhmm mandna was crying so she gets attention….she took rochelles name coz she wants attention by crying and roch gets out

    • Schizophonic

      Tera baap hai jacky pet dog paida hua..baap ne aisi taali maari…ke beti ke comments par no taali only gaali…

    • Schizophonic

      Suna hai dilli me harr koi kutte oa naam Jackie rakhta hai…bhonk bhonk ke chor bhaga dete hai na…

  10. Manuel Ferrara

    Such a vile condescending delirious lass she is,always trying to Dawn upon people like desparado and later pretexts in front of camera dreaded by ignominy.

    Vicious side of her was manifested today while she hustled away the meal from prince,such a snide!

    And the way she mocked that she kicked kishwer out of the show was deplorable.
    Perversity is intrinsic part of her and so is polyamorousness owing to her capricious nature.
    But ravishing food ostentatiously anticipating an exhalted image looks obnoxious.
    Still people vouching on this hysterical damsel orchestrating her triumph is incoherent.
    Let’s see as this stint has sought an end of armageddon of bonafide and magnanimous vs malignant and malicious.
    23rd decided who wins & who is lost in oblivion.
    #staunch cynic prince fan#

      • Manuel Ferrara

        Thanks @santu I am just learning words..I make a paragraph then keep on reading it when ever I find time and words are installed permanently…learning process+ comment will remain here forever (like a diary)

  11. ria

    Rochelle I really hate you…. Koi naa koi chaeye basss chipakne ko group bnane ko tera kuch nhe ho sakta tu kisi ki nhe ho sakti teri wjh se kieth bahar ho gya or tujh per farak nhe pda kieth nhe toh Rishab sahi Kamini orat…..

    I support you mandana…. Game is game acha kro ya bura…. I salute you… Akele ladna rona rhna bhut muskil hai wo b tab jab sab traf koi na koi bhok rha ho

    Prince tujhe bass kaam nikalna aata h or dusro ko girana aata h mandana se b gera hua h tu toh

    Rishab….tu theek h waise Rochelle ko chipkar use apne favour me kr rha h taki task jeet sake…..waise tujh se log Pange km lete h tu bachne ki puri kosis krta h

    Mandana krimi you should
    Be winner

  12. Subhashitha K S

    Todays episode was ok.

    How many ever times i want to belive that madana is just doing it for game and she cant be bad.she does such things that makes me hate her when task was given it was madana who started it all by saying (to rochelle and prince ) – that you guys are so selfish you are all ready(i.e they had bathed and had breakfast already) but i was cooking food.i really dont understand did bb come in prince and Rochelle that tgis kind of task will b there so be ready was obvious when she cooks breakfast and prince lunch and dinner.she was taunting as though prince has never cooked.when priya was captain.and that sleeping incident at garden area happened and there was fight bw priya and prince.and priya said she will remove prince from cooking was mandana who came running and begged prince to cook paratha.she has forgot that is not first time she has behaved selfish.and what is that u r snatching the food somebody is eating that when u dont need it and have not had for almost 4hrs after snatching.
    Leave mandana will remain mandana.

    Prince is mad even after so much he is asking sorry and like fool massaging her foot.

    And again in this task it was only Prince. He did the task and rishab and rochelle took the advantage and not even gave him credit for once.burzer was pressed four and all four times it was prince except one tie which bb never cleared who it was.

    Everyone knows there was personal issue only bw prince and mandana.and the reason what rishab gave was just for the sake of giving.he did it only bcoz prince was his competition. We had seen it also when rishab and rochelle had discussed. So even neither that was a valid reason.but he was alert as prince was warned earlier.and he got that chance also bcoz prince gv him a chance.and bb had got what he wanted from the he stopped there he knew it would be prince again.

    However its k we will make prince win by our votes if its counted i really doubt.

    And nice they and we will get see there journey tommorow.

    And i bet prince – nora relation may be fake but not kishwer and prince .they genuinely feel that.and i can never doubt was just that neither of them had any was only and only bb who was unfair abd unjust.i dont blame either of them and would hv not blamed any other also if they were in that situation.
    Kishwer reaction outside also proves that they were genuinely brother and sister.

    All suyash, kishwer,nora ,prince fans please

  13. Jakie chalo prince ko manners nahi hee par tumhe to commonsence Ki naam cheez to he na if u have it then aise badhe comments na karte u the only one who abuses very badly about prince.. Tum he itna hee prblm hee too stop commenting nd do ur work to whom u wanna support.. By commeting these type shows ur class k.. If ur frustated take it on other way bt its not right that u say something to some one.. Tum kitna girls ko respect de raheho Vo bhi dikhraha he.. Kisi pe finger point karne se pehle khud ko dekho how ur.. Ham prince ko hi vote denge thek he hamare bf chakka hoto tumhate bolne se Vo chakka nahi hojayega.. Mind ur words wen u speak.. If u abuse a girl its equal to all the girls in this world nd even ur mother nd sister.. So be like a gentleman nd support ur contestent silently k

  14. kiara

    Vote for prince ………………..whatever anyone say abt prince that he made fake relations ,used people BLA BLA BLA………but they should think it is game still when he used people its not any rule that you can’t use anyone he played with mind and I liked all this and mandana’s fans (if there are ) should know that she is just because of bigboss till now in the season and rishab is like what to say calling himself son but good for nothing he is still in game just because he was a wild card and came late otherwise he might be kicked out of house at the starting ………..guys VOTE FOR PRINCE he is deserving as well as a nic player and one thing more this show is all about TRP and EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN WAR ………….

  15. L!

    it is so gud to c u hate prince for no reason @Nadia . why do u think a brother has cheated his sister, y u always except a brother 2 do smtg. cant a sister do smtg for a brother. more over this not sum five star chocolate. so that he can leav it . its bb9 show. at that tym he was having more chances of winning in bigboss than kish every1 knows it . there r sum situations where u have to use brain dan heart…. No offence @Nadia …
    plss guys vote for prince. becuz he is d most deserving candidate . Among d finalists..

  16. Stop bashing Prince for Yuvika and Kishwar. Kishwar’s eviction was not Prince’s fault. She was forcly evicted by biased BB. He did not use anyone and that’s why Yuvika, Kishwar and Suyash are supporting him on twitter.

  17. RebiffMoviesBB9

    All fans of prince go to rediff movies bigg boss 9 and vote 4 prince their cz he is behind their with 34% chance of winning and Mandana at 35% so we must make him winner he is on top at almost all bigg boss 9 voting websites excpect 4 their so fans of prince go their and vote 4 him cz he is the true and honest, kindhearted winner of BB9 orr prince jeeteny hoga

  18. And as Prince said in precap Mandana may win this game but can’t win life’s game. I remember even Salman once told her if you are doing this only for game it’s fine but if you are like this outside it’s not good for you. And now I think she is like this only.

  19. Pankaj

    @jakie i must say we are merely watching this show but u live the show ur blood boils so much when someone supports prince .That much of hatred even mandy and priya dont have for him

    Abt today episode Rishabh nailed it with his gesture of emptying prince elixir as a symbol of asking forgiveness from priya and only he can kiss that wild girl mandy before exit and she was like oh gross ha ha ha. Prince definately is strongest when it comes to comes to task.Prince has entertained us by his tasks.By his bald look.By his romance with nora and yuvika
    Rishabh has enterained with his filmi dialogues.His foolishnees which was also entertsining and his chull.
    Vote for Rishabh☜☆☞
    I can relate more with rishabh so im going to vote for him only.Vote for rishabh Vote for rishabh ( avoid mandy )

    • Pooja

      Pankaj i totally agree with u about both jakie and Rishabh if Prince had been evicted instead of Keith i would totally want Rishabh to win but that doesn’t mean i don’t support prince i would be equally at happy if Rishabh won BB9

  20. Anonymous (prince)

    Tere muh lagne se acha ham apna kaam kare.. Who knows ur a girl or a boy.. Mujhe mera naam pata hee tere jaise vale ko mera naam ki bhi jarurat nahi he.. Just mind ur words.. Before u speak k..

    • Manuel Ferrara

      Toh toh fir sahi danta prince can he gorge upon her waterMELONS??..although I am having ambiguity about …WATER?? In the word watermelons…???

  21. Pankaj

    I just took a screenshot of manuel ferrara comment so that i can do a research with help of my new untouched oxford dictionary that what he really wanted to say
    ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) .Chalti firti vocab ki kitab@@

  22. Pankaj

    Vote for rishabh.Vote for rishabh.Prince has already won 2 shows and is also going for khatro k khiladi .There are chances for that.
    Vote for Rishabh.Vote for rishabh

      • Manuel Ferrara

        @jacky Evanko just a piece of advice why to create havoc in this page??
        Look you also must not be liking it when people abuse you badly.
        Then why abuse the ones who have never abused you,this way the whole page will be full of abuses & all written for your welcome.
        Stop this please! A kind request!
        & don’t abuse me like others…

  23. Sonya

    Prince comment at the end was really nice for Mandana. Send her back to where she came from we don’t need this attitude around…..

  24. Sonya

    Rishab and Rochelle were superb in the Mall in their cage. Prince has changed to but Mandana she needs to be put in a cage and left in the desert.

    • Whatever u do don't vote 4 MANDANA!!!

      i totally agree with u sonya only prince real winner of bb9..public voting prince will win..nd if mandana rishabh win den show fix nd we will stop watching bigg season we won’t see bigg boss..from stating bb sal trying damage prince image but he is guy..prince only deserve to win..mandana so irritating heartless girl bb history koi heartless player win nahi hua hai…

  25. Schizophonic

    Jackie causes rabbies is trending on teleupdates with 20-25 supporters..
    Kindly shower chappal instead of tweets on @pet jackie

  26. Schizophonic

    All prince fans go online and vote 100 times per user id as difference btw prince Mandana only 5k..people like ekta kapoor will kill this difference very easily so type ..colors big boss voting on Google…simple! Enter the hard.

  27. Welcome prince

    Prince should win the show.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  28. Sweeny Todd

    Mandana is an animal in name of human,she has done everything in dictionary that insults humanity.
    Right from …stealing,hurting,kicking,lying,snatching food,crying in front of cameras,disrespecting everyone,being selfish and speaking ill of Kishwar no that she has gone .
    She has done every thing,those who appreciate her in all this are also of wicked mentalities and under law of karma.
    Such supporters are naturally of bad hearts as they support the evil qualities.Hell shall promise you the justice one day as even after watching the injustice they support injustice and thats how they behave in real life too.
    I’m not saying Mandana supporters don’t vote but just giving them reality check.
    Evil and good people exist in society and shows like big boss help refining them into groups.May god bless you with pious,honest and holy thinking Mandana supporters.

    Your well wisher,

  29. Hats off Mandana, you are a real player. You have made this season worth watching. Hardly a day passes without you being the centre of attention. Whether good or bad.

    I was hoping big boss will leave you and Prince in the house for a much longer time. Just the two of you is enough to entertain me. Great job to you two.

    But my vote goes to you Mandana because you are outstanding and stand out from the crowd. You are a pacesetter and not a follower. Its difficult to be the odd one in any situation even if its a game. You have managed to be unique and not a stereotyped lady. (That’s why I also liked Kishwer and Gizelle) Your assertiveness is impeccable irrespective of the number of friends you may lose. You have shown that you are human (therefore you come with the good and bad) and not a saint.

    You are a winner because you will never be forgotten. All the best to all contestants.

    Seriously voting for Mandy.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Tracy, 😀 … true, its an identity created by her, whether housemates like it or not, doesn’t matter much. People outside will remain the judge always. It was the same with gautam and gauahar before her. Ofcourse you will be hated by some people outside too, but you will be loved more and that’s what makes some contestants of bigg boss memorable and legendary. As she has said in precaps, she has won hearts of people outside the house, there is no denying that fact.

      • Rads

        Hii harshal ..u r very good in supporting Mandy in very good way..ppl should learn from u year..supporting someone dsnt mean dat abusing da other..

    • Manuel Ferrara

      A show is not meant to be awesome only if awkward and wayward elements are there comprising it,which to my utter dejection is the only point being contemplated upon.

      Why don’t the people focus on other things planning,mind-games(not ones that convey deceit),cooperation,spirits,optimism,tenderness and modesty which should be the indispensable qualities a winner ought to have.
      The fact I lament upon is that one neither of the above mentioned traits of leader,player,fighter,survivor & winner is deplorable!

      For someone like Mandana who exudes negative vibes it’s hard to root for.


      • @ Harshal so true, Mandana has become a legend.

        @ Manuel Ferrara, I do agree that there can be good elements of shows as well but I have to disagree with you that if all contestants come on show and pretend to be saints then I’m afraid we may only be looking for stereotyped people. We may not even have the opportunity to do what we are doing right now (discussing issues). We will only be left to point out who is a greater saint. This show to an extent gives us all a reality check (the good and the bad) and I said to an extent because some of the contestants are only playing the game.

        As a normal human being I believe it will be difficult to possess all the qualities you stated above. Although I must say that I have found Mandana to be a good player, a fighter and survivor because she has managed to have an individual personality against all odds. and most of the ex contestants have attested to the fact that she is very caring. That is life you take the good with the bad. I’m rather wary of people who pretend to be saints.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        ok manuel, so we go by your logic then…. the qualities that you feel a winner must possess…. now tell me, are they present in prince????

        1) Planning: while all said that prince plans things for game, such that he used relations to progress in the game, prince blatantly denies it, saying he never plans for future, but does what is in his heart only(his words, not mine). So, now if you say prince plans things, you are supporting the argument that prince used relationship indirectly.
        2) Mind-Games: I am not aware of any mind-games which doesn’t involve deceit, because as for me, every mind game to be played involves being deceitful. Having said this, I haven’t seen prince playing much mind-games to be honest. you can give some examples to counter my opinion 🙂
        3) Co-operation: he has that, i give you that.
        4) Spirit of game: 50-50 on this one. He sometimes congratulate others even on losing, but some times, i have seen him being a sore loser too, who hates losing.
        5) Optimism: he is confident since beginning that he has huge support from fans and can win, so, , i have never seen him being optimist per-se.
        6) tenderness: That’s definitely not a quality that i would like to see in a man to be honest( i don’t find it as a winner quality too, tenderness makes you weak as a person).
        7) Modesty: If prince was modest enough, he would have not taken his own name in that “whom you see winner” question, he took his own name(p.s. whenever mandy was asked who she sees as winner, she has taken keith’s name always, that’s modesty)

    • Bluephoenix

      i am happy to see all my fav ppl in this forum are replied to the same comment.
      My version about mandana-
      !. Being the center of attention – Bigboss happens without her also. For footage, votes and popularity, it is totally unfair to bring some one down/ abuse people. I agree other people had done it too, they voiced their perceptions or opinions while backbiting. But, she is worse of the lot because she created things out of thin air and made them an issue, most of the times.
      2. She choose to live in her own self-assumptions most of the times (might be why her walls are so high and reluctant to show her good side). But, as long as one’s assumptions are not harmful or hurting to others, they are fine. We all are good and bad. At the end of the day, It always comes down to which side is weighing more, good or bad.

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        bluephoenix, happy to see you. always loved your comments and take on things. supporting prince?

      • Blue phoenix

        @harshal voted four times for prince
        Two votes for Mandy
        One vote each for rishab and Rochelle.
        I don’t think tenderness makes a person weak. It’s just one has to know when to show it and when not.
        And in my opinion Mandy took Keith’s name bcoz at that point of time, she has no idea that many ppl want to see her as a winner – reason salman khan’s weekend bashing – her confidence levels might had went down a bit.

  30. Mahi

    According to the trends online seems like Prince has more chances to win BB9.
    And I don’t mind so. But I really want Rochelle to be in top 3.
    Won’t stop voting for her ?
    #TeamRochelle #VoteForRochelle
    ?? ROC to 56882 ??
    Those who are voting for Prince. Vote little for rochelle also :p
    Just dont want that insane Mandana to win. Shz too over confident. If she wins she’ll be flying around and think she is some grear personality.
    No matter what heights you reach at, should never put down other people who are with you.

    Rochelle Rochelle Rochelle!!!!
    Would love to see her win the show this time after Gauti ?

    • Ranjeev

      Same but i don’t think Rochelle has a chance of winning or being in the top 3 but i will keep voting 4 Rochelle and Prince just so the heartless devil abusive Mandana doesn’t win or become 2nd i will never ever watch BB9 again if Manadana wins

      • Mahi

        Ikr. Just that manadan should NOT win. Or she will think she did everything right in BB house that’s why janta made her winner.
        Afterall, she isn’t the only person who has stayed in this house for so long. Why does she have to behave so inhumane? Bigg Boss is about controlling your temper and handling your emotions and being STRONG. But Mandana has crossed the limits in my opinion! ?
        On the other side, there are sweethearts like Rochelle Rishab and Prince.
        Other people have also lost temper and stuff. But they dont react the way Mandana does.

      • Mahi

        They behaved like that with Mandy because she behaved wierdly with them. In real life if I had to deal with a person like her I would get tooo annoyed and ignore the person. But the housemates or cool group dint have an option to ignore her. So they just reacted that way. In manadan’s term ”Action to reaction”. But they weren’t physical with her atleast. They just told crap to her. Which wasn’t right. But how much will a person control ?
        Even I used to like Mandana before but sometimes idk what happens to her. Maybe coz of love life problems or PMSn ?
        Ok too much I wrote and judged ?
        Lets see what happens in Finale ?

  31. Whatever u do don't vote 4 MANDANA!!!

    If mandana karimi wins big boss wil only prove .. Behave badly, abuse everybody, don’t perform task…. Is the path to win.. Jaago India jaago ..

  32. Whatever u do don't vote 4 MANDANA!!!

    Mandana’s evil strategy kabhi bhi dus sakti hai bahar nikal ne ka baad public ko bhi bolagi who r u?? I have performed task in bb9 that’s y i m winner in one word she iz FAKE
    Khud hi boli i m not here to make friends uska baad bolagi i m so alone ? no one supports me i m fighting alone…omg plz koi uska yah pagal pan ko thik karado
    Actually wo bb9 me itni fake hai, ki usna khud bhi yah baat boli ki uska boyfriend or uska friends had never seen her like this (being selfish)
    God knows who iz she in her real life
    The fakest person in whole season of
    BIGG BOSS ???

    • bebo

      @whatever IN BB 5 mehek chahel got same treat what mandana is getting in this season.BB is being partial and finally juhi won the season in BB5 not mehak.Anyways my fav kish gt evicted after i zupport priya n keith az human being he z gud.But now i think if BB repeat history thn rishab should win lik wt exactly happened in BB5.If thiz zeriez z fixed then how gautham won lazt season zame way Mentally retard BB fav will get title with bacha kucha cash left by kishwer.

  33. Kishwar

    I don’t undrstand why people support Mandana .. They are blind or what they cant see her behaviour wid HM … So rude so cruel … So fake .. Disgusting juzz hate her like hell …

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      ….or maybe they see the other side of the coin too 🙂 …. other inmates have not been exactly saintly too, they have been rude, they have gone personal too, they have been physical too, and trust me, at some point of time, everyone have had their share in stealing other inmates things.
      Most of these facts are hidden and done in form of backbiting, if you care to look at sneak peeks and cut scenes, you will know how saintly all are. Atleast she does that to your face and not behind your back……..
      Most people criterion for deciding their own winner is different. Some like smart/intelligent ones,some like strong ones, some like romantic ones, some like funny ones, some like cute ones, some like calm/composed ones,etc. Its just about what they want to see in a contestant to term him/her as winner

  34. BB9 is being very unfair to prince

    I cant understand Indian people..first everyone said dont lose in the game by considering ur relationshipS..bigg boss ne bar bar prince ko ye bola..sister and brother is ruining ur he focused on the game..wht z wrong in that?salman is so unfair..bigg boss is also unfair..most indian seem to be I can clearly see prince’s honesty…he wants to win the game

  35. JJ

    Vote for mandana, she represents her own individualism, own thoughts, and till now she has managed to survive in house as her own independent personality whether she has done wrong or right, she has given it all her might (rhyme lol) i seriously hope she wins, she’s definitely a representation of female strength and autonomy. Just love her!

    • Khan fahad

      With abusing giving bad for goods taunting people cruel intention and playing victim card how can u be a fool Cmon it’s a game but u can’t get low that much for that
      Wake up

  36. Shalini

    Vote For Mandana.
    She play game Individual…
    Others all r fake,cheap,nonsense,selfish,shameless

  37. Nilakshi

    I want mandana to win this season she can be cruel but in game. Only she played individual out of the 4 finalists . I also like prince . But vote for Mandana

  38. Priya

    Kishwar ko mandana par comment karne ki jaroorat hi nahi hain bcz she is more cruel than her bcz she spit in rishab’s drink. I think madana or prince will win. Keep voting for them guyz:-):-):-)

  39. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Finally u guys r back neeru n Harshal. M waiting for Tedd, freak, Pari and kushagara. I m also not watching Bb for the past few days just saw the ads n some parts especially yesterday when I saw Keith evicted 🙁 my fav was Keith but I would be happy if Prince or Mandy wins
    I think Prince or Mandy one will win one will come second, Rishabh at 3 and Rochelle at 4

    • Neeru(PHFFAN)

      Heyy.. .joyeee…. !! Yes i m back…. 🙂
      How are you. ?? Back aftr vacations. ?
      BTW,, who is the new entry in phffan. ? K.. ??

      • tedd (PHFFAN)

        Hey joyee….neeru…harshu…manuel…tracy…hwz u all?…i still do sometimes read the updates….sorry to say, don’t know y am i not impressed by mandy’s antics……

      • @Tedd (PHFFAN) is been a while. I understand your take on Mandy but even within these last days her strategy to get TRP is still on point because it was looking like everyone was relaxed because its just some few days left.

      • Manuel Ferrara

        @Tedd we are all fine.But what about you?? Knew about your ailing condition..Now you seem to have recovered..Whom are you voting for??

      • tedd (PHFFANK)

        Oh my god, am again changing my name to PHFFANK…..kushagra wild card entry…….yeah tracy..actually i find mandy to be very irritating…but mandy supporters go on vote for her…
        @manuel yeah was ill with asthma once again….now recovered, thanx for asking……sorry to disappoint u, am voting for none…am not even watching bb…i am here just for u guyz, who have been my buddies…..

    • harshal(PHFFANK)

      hey joyee, sorry i wasn’t much active even after coming back on tuesday, now am here though for 2-3 days.
      teddyyyyy!!!!! kaisi ho? no problem dear, vote for the person you like the most in the house. It’s ok if you hate mandy now, I can understand it 🙂
      Kushagra is part of the group now. alright then, changing my name again to phffank :P…. welcome to the group kushagra 🙂

      • tedd (PHFFANK)

        Hey harshu…me fyn now, resumed my daily activities, with asthma, i was like confined to my room only, thanx for ur concern……missed u all guyz so am back here atleast 2 din k liye chat kar sakti hun tum logon k saath, fir pata nahin kab milna hoga…….??

      • harshal(PHFFANK)

        tedd, agle season phirse milenge, nayi mandy hogi, naya prince hoga 😛 … btw, take care of your health 🙂

      • tedd (PHFFANK)

        Ha ha …yeah harshu…we shall again meet after a year….will be a reunion….but PHFFANK guyz, keep ur names same or atleast kuch hints rakhna…nh to i will b confused…..

  40. inaoton

    Why we r voting on bb9. .
    We belive one of contestant is like me in real life by the behaviour in da show so we vote!
    my question is…
    in this world how many family want 2 include Mandana as member of there family the way she behaving in bb9…

    Stelling some1 personal items
    kicking some1
    take food when someone eating
    beaching some1 n play victims cards
    slang queen

    if any viewer of bb9 belive mandana character is good then what I can say Nothing
    Do whatever u want but don’t trouble Prince Prince
    Prince deserve Trophy more then
    mandy da Mad

    • Its game not real atleast she is not like tharki . Prince is not a lover boy #bb9 he is play boy .it would be an insult to bb n loverboy(except you) if he win cuz at least they r not prevert’lol

  41. himani

    vote for prince luv u..i know that you genuine …….vote for prnce plz he have to win ..send pri to 56882

  42. Shweta

    Vote for rochelle!!a real sweetheart of big boss!!atleast mandana should not win.she is a very mean cheap and arrogant personality!!bigg boss should be won by ROCHELLE or prince!!but not that psycho and selfish b*t*h

  43. nishu

    Please guys vote for PRINCE……If mandana will win ghe show I swear I will never watch bigg boss again or its upcoming seasons ……Love you Prince and hate you mandana…….VOTE FOR PRINCE. …..

  44. nishu

    Please vote for prince not for mandana…..pls guys mandana should not win bb9….otherwise it will be the worse season ever…

  45. ritti

    You said right nishu Vote for Prince guys he should win bb9 love you prince……rishabh is also nice but Prince will win bb9….love you prince

  46. neha

    Wow…great time to spend with BB every day for one hour………..good journey….

    Mandana..give good fight in the house…Strong Women..I wish Priya should have been at this moment in place of Rochelle…It would have been more interesting and something more and new things to view or listen….

    Prince at last you accepted that you are in BB9 only becoz of Kishwer…that’s good to here….finally you have agreed…

    Rishabh…my vote for devil….what to say you…..u are just good….nice journey in BB9..Love to c you and enjoyed at the same time..

    • harshal(PHFFANK)

      neha, totally agree, players like kish and priya are out, and rochelle is still there, that seems ridiculous. But we can’t do anything about that now :/
      Rochelle for me represents weaker side of a woman, a person who needs support to go forward, a person who switches and changes as per her convenience . To be completely honest, I find no quality in her of a potential winner, every other finalist have those like
      Prince is strong at tasks and good of heart, Rishabh is funny and straight-forward, Mandy is mentally strong and individual player.
      Good luck to rishabh in finale 🙂

  47. Krishna

    Rochelle is playing safe by keeping quiet. And Rishab is absolutely useless .Mandana and Prince are most entertaining . I hope one of them wins

  48. I have vote for prince . U r d best . Love u plzz win d show . Why mandana abuse primce everytime i mean she has no sense she s fool nd show ka maza kharab kr rhi . I dnt lke her . b*t*h

  49. sonia

    It was good to see the camaraderie between prince and mandana.Top three should defenitly be prince mandana and rishab…wonder why a weak personality like rochelle is among the top four when priya , kishwar and gizelle is out. throughout the season she has hidden behind someone and played safe. be it kieth or the so called cool group.

  50. Pankaj

    Oh thanks @ manuel ferrara for making it simple 🙂
    @Payal yes either prince or rishabh should win .
    I Support Rishabh more although.

  51. Pankaj

    @jakie buddy good news for u big boss 10 coming with a concept of including all khiskhele people like u.pls participate I will vote for u♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

  52. Sam Barua

    Happy to see rishab and roshel gone out for meeting their fans, prince and mandana really do not deserve so, because prince is a colour changing chameleon and mandana is a double drama queen.
    Rishab is awesome entertainer and player, and roshel is okay.
    We hope roshel or rishab should win as they have a good soul.

  53. nishi

    haha..well said @pankaj jakie evanko i think u r like a mandana thats y u r irritating us by ur rubbish comments..if u r supporting to mandana than vote for her stop abusing others….u r saying prince as tharki than mandana is definitely CHORNI…..i m voting for rishab nt prince bt still jst saying this….

  54. Khan fahad

    I just want to ask Who the Hell
    Told that lions hunt alone Cmon guys go and watch discovery lion hunt alone when he is alone but he hunt small animal alone but always lions attack in groups.

  55. Pankaj

    Prince to rishabh- Mere pass Nora hai yuvika hai Kishwar hai suyassh hai.Do Do reality tv k awards hain.Mera khud ka twitter account chalane wale log hain .Fan following hai .Tere pass kya hai

    Rishabh – Mere pass in logo ka pyaar or vote hai zo ye abhi mere liye send kar rae hain
    Send RIS to 56882☜☆☞

  56. hey guys PHFFAN pari is back with her magic stick so tell me who u want to win i will bless him or her..Btw my fav. is rochelle so i want her to win..Waiting for @freakk @tedd and @kushagra..Lets party on the finale day guys!!

    • I love mandana sign of feminism .in iran women ko men dabate hae bt she is one of those who wanted to come out that rudiwadi thought. Iss samaj ki soch hi tuchi hae jo ladki ko nokar banake rakna pasand karte hae

  57. babita

    plzzzz guyzzz try to undrstnd tht bigg boss is a reality show so real chractrs of inmates are shown nd accrding to a good citizen nd social values mandna has a bry bad chractr nd eldrs dont accept dis foolu bahaviour plz vote fr prince
    nd his chrctr is good he dnt cheat anyone yuvika dont respond her nd nora come to show aftr watching all episodes so she knew abt prince nd yuvika thn how she can say tht prince used her nd kishwr is right bt if a brothr has to do fr sistr thn why a sistr cant do fr brothr
    plz vote fr prince he does,hardwrk cmplt every task nd make good rltion which is sign of good humanity

  58. Bv= BAD VERSoN [email protected] with silently

  59. Sam Barua

    Whatever prince is,but it is sure that he is not a sher, because sher never hunts in group, never stabs someone from behind and always follows his own words.
    He changes his colour just within a couple of seconds. Even mandana is better than him atleast she follows her own words.
    But rishab have all qualities to be a winner, because he is a good
    human being, player and entertainer.
    We hope rishab to win.

  60. Pankaj

    @ Sam Yes vote for rishabh
    @ Nishi Thanks for supporting Rishabh
    @ Neha Yes as he himself said adhe log mujhe rishabh k naam se jaante hain or adhe DEVIL k naam se
    Vote for Rishabh Vote for Rishabh☜☆☞

  61. nishi

    hey vote for rishab he is deserving yaar ….prince hv blind fan following rishab is really entertaining as well as good by heart n straight forward….i like his attitude he is same as frm start….prince want to make a record bt rishab want to win….

  62. Pankaj

    @ Jakie keep doing whatever u doing u helping to increase number of comments and making people here involved by making urself in bad light
    just like mandana abusing without any reason and making great TRP.
    Keep it up buddy
    But it doesnt look good, act like a normal human being and talk politely.U can support ur fav bb contestant in a decent way also.

  63. nishi

    @jakie who gave u right to decide hell or bad than hell for nyone…..btw we r nt dying of ur support n ur vote for rishab….actually we r enough for him u keep voting for ur chorni mandana all alone….lol
    VOTE FOR RISHAB!!!!!!!!

  64. nishi

    agreed @pankaj i think jakie is so much influenced by her fav mandana that’s y she is behaving like her…..everyone is badmouth her bt she is following her inspiration path to irritate others……she is really irritating…..better to ignore her…
    vote for rishab……!!!!!!!!

  65. Pankaj

    @ Nishi well said
    All rishabh fans lets unite and vote for him.Even a single vote can make a difference.By voting trends Prince then mandy then rishabh.So Rishabh needs extra support from his fans
    Step 1 Pick ur mobile
    Step 2 Type RISH
    Step 3 Send it to 56882

    Voting lines are open till 11 pm only today.

  66. nishi

    agreed @pankaj i think jakie is so much influenced frm her fav mandana that’s y she is behaving like her… its really irritating…everyone is badmouth her n she…..she is following her fav’s path to irritate us…..better to ignore her….
    vote for rishab……!!!!!!

  67. Sam Barua

    Thanks @pankaj,@neha,@nishi for supporting my comment.
    Just vote for rishab. Because good people may win,other than jealous ones.

  68. simranjeet kaur

    plz guys keep voting for prince . hamare paas bahut kamm time hai plz plz plz guys prince ko vote for prince

  69. nishi

    truely said @sam barua…..guys vote for rishab we hv left only 4 hrs i think….so keep voting him…

  70. Gaurav

    The forum is almost as it was except for 2 things –
    1 excess personal bashing
    2 lack of Manuel Ferrara jokes
    I don’t mind the former one much but I miss the latter

  71. Hey Pari u called me gulab jamun that day even one of my Ishq Ka Rang Safed friend calls me Gulaabo 😛 l don’t know why people thinks I like gulaab , as I use Gulaab rang a lot it gulaab is not my fav rang 😛

  72. Manuel Ferrara

    Whatever turmoil Mandana is creating in the house with her tantrums and scowls is paying rich dividends in terms of voting but only the paid one,as it’s transpired that Ekta kapoor who is quite well to do is not leaving any stone unturned to pay the operators which is fetching mandana a humongous amount of votes..balaji people are scoundrels!
    Yesterday the difference was 3.5 lakh & from yesterday prince received some thousand votes only and Mandana fetched close to 1.5 lakh votes.People vote hard..yet harder. ???

  73. Manuel Ferrara

    I have read on that Ekta has installed many computers and has hired a large number of operators to vote for mandana and you can see it in voting trend..
    Hope prince fans also might be doing something like this with seems unscrupulous and abominable,but time demands it..VOTE HARDER FANS!! ???

  74. Manuel Ferrara

    Prince – what’s common between finale stage of big boss and cricket stadium.
    Rishabh – ‘Dhoni’ yahan bhi hai aur ‘dhoni’ wahan bhi hai…


  75. alya sharma

    I think this Tracy who has the first comment supporting mandana is surely from MANDANAS PR TEAM.her use of so many good words for Mandy shows that .SO guys don’t get fooled by these PR team people who are really good at changing our views

    • tedd (PHFFAN)

      Alya…we know tracy well…shez not anyone from mandy’s PR team…..she z just supporting her fav…even wen mandy does wrong she bashes her…we know her from the very starting of the bb9…so if u have any fav, support her, don’t bash others in the forum

      • Blue phoenix

        I totally second that. Tracy always has reasonable reasons and most of us like her comments. I only knew her from past couple of weeks, but, she is a genuine person who has good sense and open minded.


  77. Fatarajo

    M watching bigg boss after many days not enjoying it much as I used to do but Prince and Rishabh looks so cute 😛 and Mandana and Rochelle also very cute 😛 lol I enjoyed Prince-Mandana nok-Jhok 😛

  78. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    My mom was using her fb and then she saw Kyaa Kool Hai Hum promo and she say How Mandana did this kind of flims 😛

  79. nishi

    hey guys there r rumors of mandana eviction….is it true…????
    vote for rishab before 11:30… last time…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.