Bigg Boss 9 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special(continued)
Kishwar comes in Mandana’s booth and scares her, Mandana ask if she has come to help her? Kishwar says no i just have to stand in your booth, SRK ask Mandana if she knows A to Z? she says yes, she says A to H, Kishwar says she knows till H only, Rishab ask if they will get one chance only? SRK jokes that how many chances she needs in telling ABC? all laugh. Kajol ask Rochelle to tell spelling of ‘hippopotamus’, Rochelle tells it right, Keith is happy, Kajol ask Prince to stand in Mandana’s cabin as Rochelle said it right, Prince goes, SRK ask them to no help Mandana and put fingers in ears so they dont listen questions, Prince and Kishwar puts fingers in each others ears. SRK ask Mandana to tell which number/digit have alphabet ‘A’ in its

spelling? Mandana says Aath(eight), everyone laughs, Mandana looks at Kishwar, Kishwar says i wont help and i dont know, Rochelle raises her hand to answer, Kajol ask her, she says answer is thousand, Kajol says correct answer, Kajol ask Suyyash, Nora, Priya and Keith to go in Mandana’s booth, they go, SRK says before they start having kids in Mandana’s booth, let me question her, all laugh. SRK ask Mandana the national sport of India, Mandana says cricket, SRK says wrong answer, now we will call some people from outside to stand in your booth, three people come from outside and goes in her booth. Kajol says to Rochelle that your your mother’s brother’s brother in law is sleeping on sofa now tell me who is sleeping on sofa? Rochelle says my mother’s brother’s brother in law, SRK says even your father doesnt know it, all laugh as Rochelle is confused and says its my uncle, Kajol says its wrong answer, your father has slept on sofa, that is answer, SRK ask Rishab and Gizele to go and stand in her booth, SRK says Salman said correct song for Gizele’s lips. Rochelle ask why two people? SRK says dont argue with me, i will send 4more. SRK ask Mandana thyat you are running in race, you overtake 2nd runner then whats your position? Mandana says 1st runner, SRk does facepalm, Rochelle says she will become 3rd runner, SRK says you are trying to be oversmart, he ask to send three, three people in booth boths, people come and stand in both the booths. Kajol says winner of task is Rochelle. inmates come out of booth, Priya says i thought i was dying inside booth but more sad was part that i would die with Mandana. SRK says now you will have to do acting with us, he calls Kishwar, Prince and Suyyash. SRK says one character is boyfriend, 2nd is girlfriend and third is gf’s dog, Kajol jokes that Prince you name is doggy like. Kishwar says i am gf, Prince is bf and Suyyash is my dog, SRK says now i will give you situations with Dog and bf, he says first scene is when you are having fun with your dog. Suyyash becomes dog and starts licking Kishwar’s face, everyone laughs, SRK says its that dog who is way more friendlier, SRK says dont take chance in lure of acting like dog, it still looks vulgar even if you are a dog, SRK ask Kishwar to jog dog in garden, Kishwar throws cushion, Suyyash goes to take it, SRK says he is looking more frog than dog. Kajol says next scene is that bf comes there and dog doesnt like bf at all, Prince comes there, Suyyash acts like kicking him, Suyyash runs behind Prince, Kajol ask Kishwar to control her dog, Kishwar says my dog and bf both are same, whom to control? SRK says to Prince that you have choice to kill dog, Prince strangles Suyyash, Suyyash acts like dying, Priya comments that he died like dog, all laugh, Kajol says story is done, SRK handshakes and hugs Suyyash for playing great.
SRK says there is one person in house who needs love but unfortunately he doesnt know how to express love, everyone guesses it to be Rishab, SRK ask Rishab why he cant love? Rishab says i do. SRK calls Rishab forward, SRk says i will give you tips, we need to have girl too but Kajol is mine, Rishab says ofcourse i respect ma’am alot, SRK ask Mandana to come to become his partner, Rishab ask if her marriage will break? Mandana says no problem it is for a friend. SRK says i will enact scene of Dil toh Pagal hai with Kajol, he ask Kajol to come closer, she comes, he says more closer, she does, he says more closer, she comes more closer and anticipates what he will say.. SRK jokes that you can come more closer after 10:30pm but right now dont come more closer, Kajol laughs, SRK ask Rishab to do it for Mandana. Rishab says to Mandana that look at me, come closer to me, he moves towards her, SRK ask him why he is going towards her? all laugh, SRK says she should come towards you, SRK says to Rishab that i will say dialogues and you will have to repeat them for Mandana Mandana and Rishab stands infront of each other with Kajol and SRK beside them. SRK says “dont you feel something when i leave you and you turn to look at me?”, Rishab repeats it for Mandana, Rishab calls Mandana closer and then say come more closer after 10:30, everyone says its not good, SRK says we will have to send one more guy when Rishab goes on date to hold his leg, all laugh. SRK ask Prince and Nora to enact now, SRK says we will say different romantic dialogues, its most romantic one, SRK mouths dialogues for Prince which Prince will have to repeat for Nora. SRK says “you have 70minutes”, Prince repeats it for Nora, SRK says “you will play hockey match in these minutes”, Prince repeats it for Nora but realizes and says its not romantic lines, everyone laughs on Prince, SRK says Nora didnt change face expressions, she doesnt care what you are saying. SRK says we will give you other romantic dialogue, SRK-Kajol enacts scene from DDLG, SRK ask Kajol “if she loves him? she says more than anyone, he ask if she trusts him? she says more than myself, he says then just wait for our marriage to happen. Prince and Nora enacts same scene again, SRK hugs Prince, Prince hugs Kajol too, they go and sit back, SRK ask Prince to bring things from store room, he brings two crowns, SRK says our film Dilwale has released, we will now announce Dilwala-Dilwali couple of house, Kajol says what we have seen from outside, it is seen that they have hot and cold relationship, they have fights, love and everything between them and couple is Rishab-Priya, Rishab makes weird face, Priya isnt much happy too, SRK ask them to come, Priya says to SRK that i hate him, SRK says i listened that you have dever-bhabhi relation with him, Rishab says then its fine, Kajol says audience like you both thats why made you dilwala and Dilwali, Rishab says you can make me wear anything, Kajol makes Rishab wear crown who sit on his knees to wear it, while SRK makes Priya wear it, SRK ask inmates to come on stage, they come, Gerua song plays, SRK and Kajol dances romantically on it, inmates enjoy it, SRK and Kajol greets everyone and leaves.

Rishab comes to Prince and says Priya passed too much sleazy comments, she commented on you and Nora too, she said to Gizele too, Gizele says she is doing act of stand-up comedian, Rishab says i got miffed and told her to behave as we have guests in house, Prince says that too SRK, Gizele says she should have talked without thinking, Priya comes there, Prince ask Priya why she commented? Priya ask which comment? Prince says when we played gf, bf and dog task, Priya says i said that its obvious task for them, Rishab says you passed sleazy comments, Priya says you dont know meaning of sleazy, give me example, i know for a fact that i didnt pass any sleazy comment, Rishab says i dont remember your comments but i am not lying, Priya says i am last person to pass sleazy comments, Rishab gets angry, does some hand moments and leave from there, Priya says to Prince that Kajol said Prince is good name for dog, i said that he will become punjabi dog, i am punjabi too, Prince says if SRK has come and Rishab wants to share something with him as he wrote something for him then why are commenting like he has copied from internet, it was insult of Rishab, Priya says it was joke, Prince says keep your jokes with you, Priya says SRK asked me how many days have passed here? i said 27days, Rishab commented that days more than my age, why didnt you notice? Prince says it was her mistake, Rishab says i said that the age she is, same are days here, Kishwar says problem is that you said something so returned you favor, Rishab says talk was finished there but you commented on everyone, Priya ask him to give example, Rochelle tries to calm him down, Priya ask rishab to not allege her, give her time to explain, he says i wont, Rochelle says you both behaved very badly infront of SRK, Prince says you all become like kids when guest comes here, Rochelle says Priya you are new, we never make issues infront of guests, Priya says why you all are pointing at me? Rishab says i just said one comment, Priya says why did you? Nora ask them to finish it, she shouts at Priya that we were in such a good mood, dont spoil it, finish this fight.

Day 71
Song paisa paisa plays, inmates wake up and dances.

Priya says to Gizele that Rishab went to cool group and said that i passed sleazy comments on them, Gizele says i didnt understand why he did that, Priya says it was his strategy to make me away from them, Gizele says even i felt bad, Gizele says i asked him to say sorry to Priya, Priya says he just said sorry about joke he said on my age and he didnt say sorry for anything else, and tell him that sleazy means that vulgar and i didnt pass any vulgar comment during task, Gizele says there is no respect when a guest comes in house, Priya says i respect everyone, they have made issue of my age, Prince was asking me if i am of 34 or 35age? they make fun of talking, walking everything, Gizele says you are trying to sail in two boats and trying to impress everyone thats why all this is happening, Priya says i like you but you are changing point of view now.

Rochelle says to inmates that we can start secret santa game, like everyone will become secret santa of someone else then on Christmas day everyone will guess their secret santa, Keith says i have one more idea that we should collect things and ask Bigg boss to send it to some orphanage, everyone agrees, Rochelle says i wanna do secret santa task too, all are up for it? no one shows interest.

Keith says to Rochelle that we will do secret santa task too, Rochelle says no your idea is good, Keith says we can do both the things, Rochelle says no leave my secret santa game, go from here, Keith leaves.

Rochelle is sitting alone, Keith comes and ask can i sit here? he says you can do whatever you want, he sits beside her, Priya comes and Rochelle to come inside, she leaves, Rochelle ask Keith what he talked to Kishwar? Keith says Kishwar asked me that why Rochelle is sad so i told her that her idea wasnt given attention so she is sad, Rochlle says the thing which is between me and you, why you are telling them to everyone else? it feels like my talk has no importance of anyone this house, its happening from last two weeks like i am just in background, i keep screaming to listen to me, to listen me but no one even looks at me, you and Prince are making plans and strategies for everything but choose to ignore me, Keith says nothing like that, i always listen to you, i am up for your idea of secret santa, Rochelle says when i was giving this idea then you were busy to make your idea sound more big and made everyone agreed for that, Keith says i got random idea, it wasnt planned idea, Rochelle ask him to leave, he leaves.

Rochelle comes to Keith, Keith ask her to give him kiss, Rochelle sits on his lap and gives him kiss, Kishwar says everything is sorted now, Rochelle teases Prince that she is kissing Keith, Keith says that Prince has given more kisses to Rochelle than him in show.

Mandana says to Rochelle that they are fools, they dont know Christmas celebrations, i hided chocolate boxes that came yesterday to put them under pillow of everyone on 25th december because i dont think we will get gifts from Bigg boss. Mandana and Rochelle comes washroom, Mandana is hides chocolates.

Suyyash reads luxury budget task. task name is “baazi”(turn/bet). Bigg boss is giving them chance to increase prize money which they lost in luggage task, it will affect luxury budget and nominations too, Bigg boss will give them tasks time to time and they will have to play in pairs, pairs are:

Gizele will be moderator of task and Prince will not be part of pairs but will play as captain of house, he will have to bet on pairs in different tasks.

Bigg boss gives first task to pairs, they have to stand on poles. Prince will be in confession room and have to bet/guess which pair will remain standing on till end, if he guesses it right then prize money will be increased to 3lacs. Prince comes in confession room and guesses that Keith-Nora will keep standing till end.
pairs stand on poles in activity area, Prince is seeing them on Tv from confession room, he says Rochelle and Mandana leave this task, its keith’s task.
all pairs are having difficulty to stand on poles together as water starts falling upon inmates standing on poles. Mandana is not able to stand so Mandana-Kishwar leaves task first, Gizele says to pairs that if they are having pain in feet then they can leave task as feet are very important.

PRECAP- Everyone will be trying to win the prize money. Bigg boss says to Prince you have to bet on one couple. Price looks at the fight and says oh no what are you doing?
Mandana says there is a group of misfits. Rishap says you are again showing the same ungratefulness. She cries and says every time I try. Gizele says first you blamed me and now you are crying acting like you did nothing. I know your game now. After 70 days audience can know you real self. Kishwer says I predicted that they are going to fight.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Annamma James

    I don’t like dat doggy task at all…
    They were indirectly making d fun of trio…
    But dey failed bcz everybody thought prince will b dog of kish n sayush…

    But kish turned d table…. She proved dat she really cares for Prince….she knows already everybody is blaming prince for being with she dont want him to feel insecure abt d relations…
    In addition kish knows Prince is a strong player and she want his support in future journey…Smart move kish….Poor sayush…But he done it with full masti mood…

    Am happy Prince was not d dog in dat task….Thank God….
    Drama Queen mandy….Ur GK…lol…
    It not easy as creating fight and being target….
    But I like it X’mas Idea mandy…Impressive…

  2. santu

    I pity on Keith. . Poor fellow.. he ll suffer if he marries her..
    Task is good.. testing physical and mental strength
    Tomorrow wrestling task looks good.. I am waiting to see if Nora shows her real tough side.. it ll be surprised to housemates..
    Mandana poor attitude towards SRK.. it was disrespect..
    Kish was awestruck throughout wen SRK was in house.. most of the people who r tough outside are soft inside..
    Rochelle now it’s very difficult to go up.. u ve fallen very deep.. no use of getting ur frustration on Keith. . U ll loose him also..
    Gizelle is sensible.. starting to like her..
    Rishab chugli mat karo.. play like a macho

      • santu

        Attitude was not good. When SRK asked her to say alphabets in reversed order.. she immediately said she can’t do.. ask her some ting else.. she dint even try.. if she had tried and failed it’s ok.. but attitude was like this is stupid question, y I should answer.. u can make out SRK was angry and annoyed.. he asked to tell 10 digits pi number.. and said alphabet was better right?
        I felt as she is not indian.. it’s ok if she doesn’t ve that much respect to stars as indians have.. but atleast respect the show that is giving you bread and butter..

    • santu

      And I can’t imagine why mandana 2as on that position in pole task.. it is difficult to squat than stand on that pole.. is she stupid or she was avoiding kish’s face:)

    • santu

      To be frank.. I am not only blaming mandana.. everyone behaved very badly in front of SRK abd kajol.. u can’t behave like that wen guests r home.. and after they left atleast wait for next day morning to fight.. no need to spoil the mood of the house

    • Santu I thought you were going to say something I missed. To e honest I don’t think its disrespect if someone asks you a question which you cannot answer and you ask for another after being honest that you don’t know the answer. The producers are obviously aware of what Mandana can do and cannot do and therefore those questions SRK asked are supposed to get that reaction.

      Santu I don’t think its disrespectful to tell someone that you don’t know the answer to a question and therefore requests another to be asked. (Imagine if you are in another country (where your Dad comes from) and trying to speak the language and asked a question which you obviously don’t know the answer. Is it disrespectful to request for another question which you could answer? Answer is NO ITS NOT DISRESPECTFUL! It just makes it funny that you overlooked the simple basis of the language while seriously trying to learn big words.

      • Neeru

        @ tracy – The producers know what mandana can do nd cannot do nd the questions are framed thus, you say..

        That suggests that Bb ppl think mandy don’t know english alphabets… :O that cant be so.. Or did i get your comment wrong.. ?

        I agree that wasn’t disrespct.. Nd i agree we cant answer a question abt a different language.. But its english we are talking abt.. its Kinda difficult to blve that she gave up the question coz she din know english alphabets…

        But i loved SRK’s counter.. Question abt the pi.. :p

    • Avani

      Srk and kajol were as always entertaining and energetic. But some of the inmates looked bored and not interested.
      While rishabh and priya could have taken dilwala dilwalai title sparingly they actually expressed their discomfort for that specially Priya. That was quite immature.Srk and kajol had to ask them to take the titles.

      I also Mandy’s manner to deal with srk was harsh. And she speaks english so definitely would know alphabet. Without basics its really tough to learn a language.

      Kish suyash and prince were quite great and converted a task which could have been disrepectful into fun. Other inmates should learn from them.

  3. ManuelFerrara

    Suyyash is such a fool,once suyyash went to a doctor and says please cure me! please cure I’m in trouble! Doctor asks what happened?
    suyyash-‘Doctor my a*s got a crack’

  4. ManuelFerrara

    Whenever gisselle falls on the ground she bounces and falls outside the big boss house..bigboss then escorts her back.
    This is called ‘imaginary elimination’.

  5. Wow, BB did a good job to make pAirs who are definitely not friends, specially Kish-Mandy. I think Mandy gave up the task too early, she always gives up too easily. I wonder what’s going on her mind

  6. Of course Sus. is like a dog. Kish. is gog trainer. Prince is puppy. Kis and Sus, both are very fake. Whenever they talk, they look very fake. Big Boss 9 is flop show. This group is good for nothing. All the participants are useless.

  7. Bigg boss plz eliminate tht i can finally quit watching this crap.its like watching sasural simar ka.whole bhardwaj parivar is fighting against an evil witch.same thing u knw.fed up of this showmance.are couple show pe chale jate.for example kish suyash- power couple ( achi understanding hai dono me but too boring for bigg boss).Roch keith-love school ( u seriously need it roch).aur prince nora- ofcourse spiltsvilla( & nora is as dumb as anukhi ).

  8. Abt episode SRK was little rude towards inmates.mandy ne to alia bhatt ke bhi records tod diye.loved prince & rishabh’s bonding.priya irritating.gizzele too gud.mandy left the task nthing new.prince said keith ke leg me injury hai & then took keith & nora’s name.wht was the logic?it was obivious mandy task chodegi aur keith ko injury hai to do pairs bache dono me se kisi ek ka nam le leta.& why the hell he was talking as if the inmates r listening to him? expected mandy & gizele ki fight ho gyi.mandy kisi ko chodo.this strategy is nt going to work everytime.roch this is the worst way to get footage.tum do hafte tak nhi dikhi to keith ki kya galti?& if keith is nt pointing out her mistakes then he deserves to be treated like this.i hope priya & rishu patch up.they r gud toghether.

  9. bbdt

    Mandy tho ab drama karengi..sharukh ke samne flop ho gayi. .task me flop…ab drama hi kaam aayengi… poor gissele vo target ban rahi hai…sorry gissele mandy ko target kar rahi hai….hahaha….bechaari ultimate victim mandana…..ooooooh

  10. Jonwick

    Bad news …for Mandana’s fans,upcoming episodes reveal as if mandana is going to loose the grip over the fans and show.Her haughty and audacious attitude won’t let her survive much for sure.I couldn’t watch the show but if she was disregardful for srk too & if this is the way she treats the guests..then it ‘s really pathetic .

    • Jonwick, I thinks its funny how we try to feel and think for stars such as SRK. Mandana was not rude and most of them were not rude but were passing funny comments which were expected. In fact if SRK was upset as presumed by so many people (especially those who don’t like Mandana) he would not have requested that she, Mandana, comes onto the stage to help Rishab. We should just relax and enjoy and stop thinking for stars. I wonder whey we think and feel that the contestants should have acted fake and humble in front of SRK when this is a reality show which obviously even SRK and Kajol were enjoying. (Note even some contestants wanted to put up a fake and humble behaviour before SRK and therefore argued among themselves)

      To be honest these Stars may have already formed their opinions about the contestants already and may have favourites too. lets all remember what SRK and Salman depicted that media says one thins and in reality something different is happening.


    come on why mandana 5 star rating , I mean what she has done , nothing. ?????????

      • [email protected];)

        Yoo joyee..:-D i just read ur comment there ..;-) kya lgta h. .?? Keith n nora cn win d pole task..:-D

    • Siva I can’t sop laughing. But i think i would have given Kishwer a five star too. my reason is because I think the show revolves around Mandana, Prince and Kishwer. Whenever there is an incident in the house,

      the first question is was Mandana, Prince or Kishwer involved?
      2. How did Mandana, Prince and Kishwer react to the situation?
      3. Whose side did Rochelle support?
      4. Whose mistake was Priya trying to correct?
      5. What was Rishab’s verdict based on his strategy at that point
      6. Was Keith present or not and what did he say?
      7. Who robbed Gizelle the wrong way?

  12. Neeru

    Srk is known for his witty replies nd taunts.. Nd we saw lots of them yesyrdy.. Kish, suyy, prince nd gizele took it sportingly… Rishab, mandy nd priya wer seen affected.. Small counters to each othr nd srk…. That shud nt hv happened..

    Why is rishab so miffed with priya. ? I havnt seen Priya talking nythng that bad abt him.. But he is complaining abt her to prince.. Not that i like her,, but still i feel she genuinely like rishab.. I agree it was rude on her part to pass that comment while srk was checking out the smoking room.. Risahb myt hv felt bad, but then blaming her for disrespecting srk-kajol was too much… But having said that,, she was terribly trying to be funny , passing comments that wer far frm being funny… :/

    Mandy nd her answers wer funny… LOL..
    She saying i dont want frnds, i m nt here to make frnds etc to srk was not needed.. Sounded rude…
    Kish nd mandy are pairs, mandy leaves task nd kish who was looking comfrtble had to leave it… I expected a fyt… 😛
    Precap shows a fyt with gizele.. I m glad gizele is here.. She will gv a tough fyt to mandana….

    Rochs.. Really. ? How much more irritating can you get… I just felt You are angry at kieth coz he thought of an idea, vch is wayy bettr than yourss.. Grow up kid… You are lucky that kieth is such a calm person.. Else with tantrums nd attitude like those, nyone wud get frustrated…

    • saz

      I don;rt understand why Salmaan,,, ,guests n Ex contestents always make fun of Kish,suyash n Prince……….

      • Saz the whole SRK episode with the contestants was to show their individual weakness.
        1. Mandana tries to speak hindi but could not learn the simple alphabets.
        2. In Kishwer, Suyash and Prince’s relationship only one person is benefiting and that is Kish and that Suyash and Prince will have a clash of interests.
        3. Rochelle tries to be smart but is usually out smarted
        4. Rishab is cool but is not romantic no matter how hard they help him
        5. Priya in her attempt to be mother India is caught up in her own trap where she has to pretend to be always good even when the situation demands otherwise
        6. Nora’s attempted love angle is tested when Prince recites unromantic sentences.

      • Neeru

        @tracy i liked this perspective of yours where you think this whole episode was to show individual weakness… Good thinking… But i doubt , whethr bb ppl thought this deep.. :p

        But i slightly disagree on your point where you said that you don’t think the contestants should have acted fake and humble in front of SRK when this is a reality show …
        Its not abt being fake… Its abt respecting the guests coming to your house… Specially when INDIA is all abt “athithi devo bava”… 😀
        well Jokes apart, thats what we do in real life ryt. ? Put away our own differences, when some guests come home…
        As of the fact that, did the inmates actually disrespct srk-kajol , is a topic to discuss… But if they did, then according to me, being real nd not faking etc , is not an excuse… 🙂

  13. II

    I didnt find priyas cmmnts sleazy but yes i agree there is a way to clarify or put down her point rather than just shouting and fighting. No need to make it look like a sophisticated bull fight. Bcause her valid point loses its credibility.
    Savadhan india is much apt for priya than evilwitch. Yes ofcourse bharadwaj parivaar was also good. The early notion that priya is a shaatir and any time she can chew and throw rshb actually got reversed i think. Rshb may not have chew—-thro–but definetly went against her without any valid reasn. 2,3 weeks back after shararathibacha task when slmn took class on mndy there also rsh went agnst mndy sying he will not eat if mandy cooks. Somewhere he is confused in choosing btwn priya and mandy. It seems. Not sure.

    Looks like gssle wll enter finale. Even ilike her. Bcaus of her fghts priya may lag behind her. Ppl gets vexed up na thats why.

  14. @all


    1. RISHABH
    2. MANDANA
    3. SALMAN



  15. Hey tht evil witch was for mandy nt for priya.priya irritating hai but itni importance nhi hai usko ki sara ghar uske khilaf khada ho jaye.aur aaj ki ladai itni serious nhi thi agar log priya ko bol rhe the to rishabh ko bhi bol rhe the.

  16. A7x

    Poor Rochelle tries to put her opinions bur no body listen to her..yesterday too she was miffed with santa issue.She wants to do something remarkable to entice audience towards her but fails miserably each time.She has realized that arrival of keith,formation of cool group and her being part of that didn’t work in her favour.This week she might try something new to regain her prestige………VIVA LA ViDA LA ROCHELLA!

  17. II

    Priya! Never ever dream of playing comedy nights bachao with anyone they may give tragedy nights bachao to u back. Yahah kutch bi ho sakta hai. Ache raho thobhi burabansaktha hai. Bura rahe! Thobi achaban sakthe ho. Beware! Kutch bhi ho saktha hai.
    Brainy babe! Pls —sss use ur brain when needed. Otherwise after coming out u will be shocked to find a long queue of ppl saying no hai but bai–bai bachao!

  18. saz

    Jab vi Salmaan atey hai kish suyash our prince ka majaak vi banatey hai our band vi bajatey hai jab vi koi guest aatey hai un logoka hi majaak banatey hai jab ex contestents aatey hai un logo ka hi band bajatey hai Sabse hit yw tin hi hai

    • @saz
      Because mandana to performer hai. Har task karti hai . Mehnat karti hai. Kabhi fake rothi nahi hai

      Aur toh aur Salman ka naya film(sultan) bhi toh mandana ke saath hi hai.


  19. oni

    is bar rochhele,nora or suyash me se do ko bahar jana chahiye…. nora isliye kyunki bb me kuch din or rehne k chakkar me pribce ka pura image kjarab kar rahi he

  20. shanu

    Mandana’s supporters will become speechless now.
    She is the biggest flop.
    I just don’t like her attitude.

  21. Aneri

    According to me

    1 prince 10/10 playing well
    2 kishwer 9/10 playing from mind ( negative point is agrassive nature but soft from inside )
    3 Keith 8/10 going good n like him cause he is very calm
    4 Priya 8/10 she going good nothing to say about her
    5 Rochelle 7/10 hope will do Better in coming days
    6 gizelle 7/10 playing well
    7 suyash 7/10 not going good but respect him n his nature n his protectiveness for his gf
    8 Nora 6/10 stratagy is nice good idea to make love angle with prince for some
    9 rishab 6/10 speak only don’t do anything
    10 mandana 2/10 ( doo bhi bohot hai can’t understand her n not playing from her mind don’t know her what’s her strategy n she got so much opportunity but she didn’t grab it very sad )
    11 salman khan 0/10 ( if someone is not from film industry so that doesn’t mean to not support her or him(kish n suy ) n if someone is from film industry that doesn’t mean to support him or her (Mandy)

    • [email protected];)

      Same as urs pari..gieselle.:-D
      M r u doing??

  22. Ritika

    Mandana aur gizele ke fights hehe nice 😀 kuch der baad phir they wl talk 🙂 gizele is funny! Rishabh ko kya hua 😮 arey priya ko krne do jo krna h! Woh hai thodi sanki but why is he so effected! Strange :/ and rochelle, oof, GROW UP!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.