Bigg Boss 9 20th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 20th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Mere Karan-Arjun ayengy plays. SRK and Salman comes stage, they dance on song aaja aaja. After song, Bigg boss says India wants Salman and SRK to leave animosity and become friends again. Salman and Srk hug each other on song Yeh Bandhan toh Pyaar Ka Bandhan hai. they mouth each others dialogues like SRK saying Salman’s dialogue “ek baar commitment Kardi toh khud ki bhi sunta”(if i do commitment then i dont listen to myself even) and Salman saying “Don ko Pakarna mushkil hi namumkin hai”(catching don is impossible). they dance on each others song, SRK dances on Salman’s song Dhinka Chika while Salman dances on SRK’s song Lungi dance.
After dance, Salman and SRK hug each other, SRK gives banana to Salman, Salman says i have mine, they exchange banana with

each other. Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss, Salman says everyone was waiting for this night as if its their nuptial night, what are we going to do tonight? SRK says we will eat banana, they feed each other bananas, Salman says we are eating to get energy. Salman says once pile happened to someone in my family so my father asked where this banana is going to hit, they laugh. Salman says we promised you that we will tell what happened between us in past, that night we are casually talking and i told him.. they say things in mute, acts like they had verbal fight, SRK says now i am good as we told everything to everyone, they laugh, Salman says when we were not together many things happened, SRK says like Salman got Bigg boss, Salman says bad thing is that i try to leave this show every season but cant. SRK says media took advantage and created many stories and good thing that happened was in our fight, Amir Khan went on to become successful, Salman says we are left behind that we cant see him from here, Salman says but now we are together, SRK says Salman has become more handsome in this duration, Salman says we were both silent all these years but let them show what they were shown and what was actually happening. They show media showing Salman and SRK punching each other but in reality they were hugging. SRK in media it was shown that Salman and SRK are holding each other’s collars and fighting but in real they were removing lipstick mark from each other’s collars so SRK’s wife and Salman’s wife doesnt see it, all laugh.

Salman says SRK that we will play a game, you will raise a playcard and there will name of actor written on it, you will not see it, i will give you hint and you will have to guess. SRK raises card, Salman gives him hint, SRK guesses right that its Deepika. Salman raises card, SRK gives him hint, Salman guesses right that its Madhuri dixit, SRK raises card, Salman says he with Deepika, SRK ask name has B(Ranbeer)? or V(Ranveer)? Salman says V, SRK guesses Ranveer Singh, its right, they guess many actors like Amir Khan, Anil kapoor, Salman raises card, Salman’s name written on it, SRK acts like dabang Khan, Salman guesses its me, SRK says right, SRK raises card, its SRK written on it, Salman acts like him, SRK pretends to be not guessing, they laugh.
Salman says people have questions lets see. A viewer ask that they didnt talk for much time, did they miss each other? Salman jokes no, SRK says we knew that when we will come together, everything will be sorted, his family is mine and my family is his family, Salman says we never said anything against each other in media. A viewer ask Salman did he ever eat Daabeli? SRk ask what it is? Salman says i havent eaten it. A viewer ask SRK and Salman when did they buy veggies last time? Salman says i dont buy it but i grow it, Salman says i dont buy it, i sell it, they laugh. A viewer ask SRK and Salman to sing for her. Salman and SRK sings Yeh Bandhan toh Pyar Ka Bandhan hai together.

Salman says i have one more game, SRK says tell me, Salman says we will do lip-sing on few songs. Gerua from Dilwale plays, Salman and SRk sings along and dances then Chikni chameli plays, they both dance energetically on it, SRK says this song destroyed our macho. Salman says now his costar will come here, i will not tell name, he will bring her.

Kajol comes on stage, SRK brings her to centre and dances on Gerua song with her, SRK kisses her hand after dance. Salman comes and hugs Kajol, Salman congrats her for movie hit, Salman says its her quality that when she starts dancing, she never stop and she is always smiling, Kajol says so should i cry? he says no no. Salman says i, Salman, Kajol and Mamta was in movie. We were dancing, after dance Mamta pointed at us, Salman said that she is calling me not him, i innocently went to her, she said to me that you and Salman are not performing dance well and come after practice. I told this to Salman then we did so much practice that next time when we danced, we got it right and she got it wrong.
Salman says remember we used to play game which we used to play in Kuch Kuch hota hai. SRK says one person used to wear headphones and other would lip-read and person wearing headphones had to guess. SRK says Kajol will play this game now as she is new on show now, Kajol says no, SRK makes her wear it, he ask Salman to say something. Salman says “i will grow mustache”, Kajol says he is saying Bullshit, SRK says you are close Kajol, try again, all laugh, then Kajol guesses it right. Kajol says now SRK’s turn, SRK wears headphone, Salman says dialogue “i will wear bangles”, SRk ask if it is anything vulgar? Salman says yes, Srk says he is saying *******, all laugh, SRK says i didnt know Bigg boss is vulgar, SRK then guesses it. Then Salman wears headphone, Kajol says “14 injections”, Salman guesses it right after few failed attempts, then SRK wears it again, Salman says “kaala Khatta”, SRK guesses it, then Salman wears headphone, Kajol says dialogue, Salman guesses it.

Salman says SRK and Kajol will go in house. Salman says talk in hindi, he says dont sing honton pe aisi baat infront of Gizele, SRK ask why? Salman says you will know when you see it. Salman says Suyyash is professional cricketer, dont take him in IPL team, all laugh, Salman says beware of Mandana’s mind and Priya’s logic. SRK says all say Bigg boss is very good show but i never thought i will go in house, please come and save me if anything happens inside, they go in house.

In house, inmates talk that what Priya’s husband must be thinking seeing Priya running behing Rishab like mads. Priya comes there and says you are wrong, Rishab is my friend and when my friends are miffed then i try to pacify him or her 3times then i leave them, Kishwar says you have tried to pacify him for more than 30times, Suyyash says dont you feel bad how Rishab treats you? Priya says i try to sort out things but when he taunts me then i taunt him back, i am 29years old and i know how to treat people.
Gizele says to Rishab that forgive Priya, she wants to be with us, Rishab says i know, but she is danger for us and i dont need anyone in this house, Gizele says you keep saying big things and keep sitting here.

A lady comes in Bigg boss house and says mere Karan-Arjun ayengy, we Zaror ayengy, all are confused, she leaves house. Inmates come in garden, they wait for SRK to come, dancers come in house. SRK song plays, inmates start dancing, Prince and Nora are dancing together. dancers leave, inmates hoot, gates are opened, few people come in house and are wearing masks, Gizele sees SRK behind one mask, she screams and hugs him, everyone greets SRK, Bigg boss orders inmates to freeze, they freeze. SRK starts kissing their cheeks, Mandana ask him to kiss her too, he says i am coming, Kishwar says its dream come true, Bigg boss releases everyone, everyone is excited to see SRK in house, they bring him in lounge. Salman comes on Tv, he ask inmates did you like surprise? are you taking care of my friend? they say yes, Salman ask who is biggest fan of SRK? all say me, Salman says SRK is here for oneday only and i have noted everyone who are raising hands to be his fan, they laugh. Salman says SUYYASH and ROCHELLE are nominated but only SRK will go out of house as There will be no elimination, everyone gets happy and hugs SRK, Salman says this should have ideally happened but its not happening, we have to eliminate one, he ask Suyyash to come out, inmates are silent, Mandana ask Salman if its true? salman says yes, SUYYASH is eliminated, Suyyash hugs Kishwar, SRK is confused and says if he is going then i am going too, Kishwar cries, SRK says to Suyyash that we will chill outside, SRK requests Salman to let him stay, Salman says as you say, SRK thanks him, Salman says THERE IS NO ELIMINATION TODAY, all are happy, Kishwar says to Salman that i proved i am not fearful women, Salman says voting lines were not closed so next week’s voting plus this week’s voting will be added and also 6 nominees Rochelle, Suyyash, Gizele, Rishab, Mandana and Priya will remain same for next week and there will be double eviction next week after seeing who got least votes in two weeks, Salman says someone else has come with SRK, all guess it to be Kajol, they come in garden to see kajol coming in house, all are excited, they hug her and welcome her. Kajol comes in house and sees Salman on Tv, Salman jokes that the energy which Kajol have outside house, inmates have double energy to that, Kajol laughs, Salman says to SRK and Kajol that i am signing off and feel homely in bigg boss house, all laugh, Salman greets them and ends call.

SRK says to inmates that they have brought gifts for them. inmate brings it from store room, all are excited to see gifts. they all come in garden, Kajol starts singing Honton Pe aisi baat, SRK laughs and sings alongwith her, bigg boss welcomes Kajol and SRK in house, SRK says bigg boss’s voice is scary, Kajol agrees. SRK says now we play some game, Kajol says we will choose two best friends, one is Mandana and other is.. someone guess it to be Keith, Kajol says its Rochelle, Mandana says i dont need any friend here, i dont make friends, SRK ask why? she says i dont need anyone, SRK ask Rochelle to come forward, he says we will ask questions from you both, you both will stand in different booths and if you say it rightly then other inmates will be filled in other booth. SRK ask Mandana to speak from Z to A, Mandana says i cant, can you give me other question, Kajol jokes that its not multiple choice question, SRK says okay tell me pie figures after 3.14, all laugh, SRK says if you dont answer question then we will have to fill your booth and we will send Kishwar first, kishwar says she always give up task, Kishwar goes and stands in Mandana’s booth, she makes weird faces at Mandana, Mandana is confused seeing her, everyone laughs.

PRECAP- Rochelle and Mandana are standing in different booths, SRK ask Mandana to tell which number/digit have alphabet ‘A’ in its spelling? Mandana says Aath(eight), everyone laughs. Kajol says to Rochelle that your your mother’s brother’s brother in law is sleeping on sofa now tell me who is sleeping on sofa? Rochelle says my mother’s brother’s brother in law, SRK says even your father doesnt know it, all laugh as Rochelle is confused.
SRK will give tips of romance to inmates. SRK says to Rishab that i will give you tips on how to romance. he acts with Kajol, he ask Kajol to come closer, she comes, he says more closer, she does, he says more closer, she comes more closer and anticipates what he will say.. SRK ask if she is free after 10:30? we will go to watch Ashiqui movies, Kajol laughs.
SRK says to Rishab that i will say dialogues and you will have to repeat them for Mandana while Kajol will say dialogues and Mandana will have to repeat them. Mandana and Rishab stands infront of each other with Kajol and SRK beside them. SRK says “dont you feel something when i leave you and you turn to look at me?”, Rishab repeats it for Mandana.
Later SRK mouths dialogues for Prince which Prince will have to repeat for Nora. SRK says “you have 70minutes”, Prince repeats it for Nora, SRK says “you will play hockey match in these minutes”, Prince repeats it for Nora but realizes and says its not romantic lines, everyone laughs on Prince.
Suyyash will become dog to show his acting skills. Suyyash becomes dog and runs behind Prince, then he runs behind Kishwar, SRK says he is looking frong more than dog, suyyash starts licking Kishwar’s face as dog, SRK says dont take chance in lure of acting like dog, it still looks vulgar even if you are a dog.
Inmates are miffed with Priya, Rishab says to Priya that you have passed very sleazy comments, you have said ill words for everyone in house, Priya ask him to give chance to explain, he says i will not, Prince says Priya is insulting inmates, he shouts at Priya that you should have left your teacher level jokes at home, Rishab shouts its not done Priya, Rochelle and Nora tries to calm them down.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. keshew

    Why not elimination when ever srk come on stage is he owner of the show or God that the show is supporting him

    • Giesellebumps

      @keshew..he he…just chill yr..:-) it was d moment that everyone was having so much fun ..;-) nxt week they ll compensate

  2. payal

    That was so funny when salman told srk to not sing hoto pe aisi bt becoz of gizelle and not to tke suyash in Ipl as he is proffesional cricket…Ooh my god LOL Salman punches are too good n love to see srk n salu toghtr

  3. ManuelFerrara

    Shahrukh has gone inside hope he comes out without his ‘mother sister reunion’ @ the hands of mandana.

  4. @Gaurav thanks dude
    But why everyone is getting votes in thousands . Is it a fake site. Millions of people watch the show but why votes in thousands. Is it a fake site don’t know
    But I directly vote in colors app

  5. Pooja

    next week’s double eviction, that obvious to be – Rochelle and suyyash.
    they wanted to make genuine chemistry between mandana and rishab, similary they were making fun of love chemistry between prince and nora by giving stupid lines to repeat.

  6. Maxx

    Slightly boring episode to be honest,didn’t see the house drama although priya had some minor arguments but to my utter dismay nothing much.
    Also as it has been foretold that double eviction next week we will see a profound change in propensity of priya,giselle,rochelle and suyyash.Mandana perhaps will portray herself as * 36 virtues * female to avoid elimination because even priya got higher votes than her.

  7. Maxx

    Thought i was at mistake went by the viting status of news channel.
    Actual voting status:

    so itz clear that group3 is at ultimate risk.

  8. harshal

    was such a good episode, loved it. lip-sync game was so funny and vulgar. almost every line was sounding vulgar 😛 … loved kajol and her continuous laughter.
    In house, at start, it was just like everyday i guess, priya and her fights and stuff. Shahrukh’s entry was nice, but we can easily notice that shahrukh has never watched the show before, he looked so confused at first. suyyash safe for this week. double evictions next week :O :O … going to be very interesting, my guess would be suyyash and gizelle going out, though anything can happen over a week. will have to bear down nora and her fake love acting for another week :/
    tasks looks interesting, tomorrow the fun begins 😀

    p.s. c’mon yaar kishwer, shahrukh-kajol aaye hai. atleast unke saamne ye taunting baaji matt karo. completely needless comments. task hai, maje karo, idhar bhi personal dushmani nikaal rahi ho bina wajah….

  9. Jonwick

    I strongly feel that today if elimination would have been surely gissel would have gone.It takes time to gather fans and develop emotional connection….

  10. Gigi

    why does this suyash gets saved each and every time he is useless in tasks n just watches people fight n i want rochelle n suyash to b eliminated bcz wen kishwar and grp wer commenting on priya n when priya heard it she askd them wat abt bhushan what were u saying Rochelle says uska naam bhi nhi aya but kishwar did reply after some hesitation n that’s Rochelle evn keith was silent they jst pass comments behind the back n act lik they are always correct

    • Suyyash is the luckiest contestant in BB9, he got saved somehow many times. Firstly, because of groupism, second, because almost all the housemates saved him vs Digi and thirdly, this time no eviction.
      I think if he wasn’t that lucky he would have been evicted before Aman at least.
      He should be independent.

  11. santu

    Just wanted to mention.. that y rochelle and suyyash r kept for Sunday in elimination zone
    Of course next week Gizelle and suyyash will go..
    The above trick was well done by bb team to shake up rochelle and make her understand that she is dropping and needs to play her own game now..

    • I have neutral opinions. In the Bhoot Bangla task week I didn’t like her but in the killer killer task week I liked her, now how will she perform this week only then I will decide if she is a good contestant or not?

      • Tedd

        I hate her..yeah…not coz of bigg boss, but coz of her ill mannered behaviour…she sumwat behaves like POOJA MISRA…this is the reason i hate her

    • harshal

      hey pari, am fine, how are you?
      I like giselle, she is quite funny and somewhat of an airhead, which makes her entertaining. she is way better than nora, and in current state, even better than rochelle, keith, priya, suyyash to watch. I want her to stay, but am doubting that, as she has yet to form a fan-base in this show, and so she might get eliminated this week along with suyyash. I so wish roch gets eliminated, but she definitely has some fan following, or atleast keith fans will vote for her. I just wish that nora gets nominated next week for 2 reasons: 1) i hate her fake love acting, she is just irritating there with no agenda. 2) i want prince to play as individually as possible and not get distracted with this foolish “fake romancing thing”.

      • hey guys..Im fine..Missed u all alot..I know gizelle will not survive longer in the house but she is my current fav.Atleast she is not like that overactor nora…

  12. tin tin tumo

    this eisode is so boring i think it will be interesting i mean both srk and salman r together it will be interesting to see but no it is really a boring one they both bored us ……… and i dont know when it will come to end. who said srk has good sense of humour i think he has zero i mean so boring episose …..

  13. Exactly gigi,its the 2nd time suyash got saved.jis hafte gigi & suyash nominated the agar voting lines open hoti to pakka suyash jata.iss hafte bhi uske jane ke pure chances the.sab voting trends yhi suggest karte hai.aur ye log kehte hai salman & bb r partial towards mandy.really?mai mandy ki fan to nhi hu.par vo kitni bar nominate hoti hai & she doesnt get bothered with nominations.strong grp ke members to kitna try karte hai nominations se bachne ke liye.aur roch aur suyash ks chehra to dekhne layak hota hai.agar mandy voting trendme below hoti aur ye hua hota to i can imagine bigg boss aur salman par kitne ilzam lagte.anyways mai to isliye irritated hu kyun ek to hafte bhar paglo ki tarah rishu ke liye vote karo aur phir bhi ye log use safe nhi karte hai.bewajah use agle hafte ke liye nominate kar diya.chal koi nhi rishabh tum kitne bhi bar nominated raho I will always vote for u.bcoz tumhare smile ke siva bigg boss me rakha kya hai?i love ur smile & u rishabh.

  14. A.D.

    I don’t know from where do people feel that mandana is good. She is really fake and acts good in front of stars. always smiling fake and whenever she is declared safe, she is like..oh no!
    and look at the attitude of rishabh and mandy…when srk and kajol were there, what was the need for smoking. he could have waited for sometime. .but he was found in the smoke room. that was so rude and disrespectful. and mandy, when salman said to kishwar that her heart is like stone (jokingly) what was the need for mandy to say that ‘good one salman’ and then you expect that kishwer should just listen to her comment. when suyyash was about to go..mandy was asking, “really salman” fake concern. she can never let go her ego and attitude, even in front of shahrukh..when she was asked to perform the task with rochelle. .she clearly said that she is not here to make friends. then why she is controlling gisele? and then she didn’t even try for that opposite abcd..task. she bluntly said ‘no’. she just need one perdon in the house at a time to sit with and talk with. ..and with this kind of attitude, may be she can survive in big boss but not in bollywood. she should learn from katrina , how to progress wit modesty and hard work.

  15. Pari gizele entertaining hai.i wil prefer her over suyash & keith.bcoz keith ka contribution zero dikhta hai aajkal.& since begining of the show suyash ki ek galat image ban gyi hai aur jab bhi vo us image se baher nikalne ki koshish karta.he gets more into it.(remember mandy ko threat karnewala incident).

    • bbdt

      U r right…suyansh ka image aisa bana diya gaya hai….vo task kartha hai..magar kisiko dikhthaa hafte bhi suyansh ne kathil prince ko pahchaana thaa…usse na jagdaa karke ‘marne’ se bachaa thaa…magar koi use achaa nahi bolaa…Vo kish keliye ladaa tho joru kaa gulaam..nahi ladaa tho weak and salman poochenge ki kyaa kar rahe ho….us moneyvala task me bhi vo theesra thaa ..ghostvaalaa task bhi acha thaa……ye kisiko dikhthaa nahi ….vo kya kare ..bechaaraa…

      • Yeah right…jab bhi suyyash kuch acha kartha hai toh koi appreciate nahi kartha …lekin ek galati ki toh baar baar wahi bol rahe hai..aur woh kish ke liye lada toh woh bura ban gaya agar koi bhi apne GF se misbehave kartha to yahi karte…suyyash ne kiya to galat nahi kiya toh WO weak wow brilliant

  16. Gigi

    i dnt think rishab was smoking he said this is smoking room n there is everything written priya commented ha ye to purana joke hai so rishab gt angry on her

  17. Facebook post
    Colors channel ka ceo bhi mandana ko support kar raha hai …..and ekta Kapoor bhi… Tabhi toh finale wale din kya cool hain hum 3 movie release kar rhi ekta… Jisme mandana and giselle hain …

  18. Nina

    Making fun of looks should not be allowed. It happened repeatedly so many times. Need to respect women, especially when the person cannot reply back. It is really degrading. Feel sorry for Giselle

  19. @anu r @ritika .
    Both of you commented that mandana is irritating and trying to fight unnecessarily in the beginning of the show and commented why whole episode was focussed on mandana when she did nothing but birritating Keith. How you started liking her when even you know that she is irritating unnecessarily everyone in the house.

  20. Fair enough. It’s fair that the contestants who were nominated last week r also nominated this week, but it’s a little unfair for them as the ones who were not nominated are safe for 2 weeks.
    Looking foward to watch this episode

  21. I still dnt like mandy.& i still say she is irritating & selfish.but she is strong.u cant deny tht.i hav only 1 fav & thts rishabh.i just dnt like mandy much but i dnt hate her but i hate this groupism.aur ye upar ka nomination wala comment is just a observation abt mandy.i am nt supporting her.i used to like keith & aman at the start of the show.ab aman to hai nhi aur keith hoke bhi nhi for me its just rishabh & if he gets eliminited i wil quit watching bb.& 1 more thing though i dnt like mandy i like her & rishabh’s bonding.both r cute toghether.

  22. I think rochelle and suyyash should go cuz suyyash doesnt do anything but only acts like a hooligan and threatens girls and rochelle thinks she is ‘it’
    Poor keith…but kishwar …good luck

    • Oho laanister phirte se naam Karan Lagta hain Tum Guinness world record karne wale Ho,
      Ek second, oh to vo Tum the Jose vo Thapki ke page main colors wala comment kiya tha, iss Liye toh Kethe hun ki ye Banda achanak se itna friendly kyun ban gayi 😛
      I love colors and zee tv a lot 😛

  23. Ritika

    Siva: That’s becoz i genuinely didnt like her in the beginning and also salman’s blind support was annoying but then i realized she is what she is in reality-mental, stubborn yet v.strong mentally, doesnt gv a damn; somewhat like kishwar.

    They r never sweet just for the show, dnt care if they r nominated and if sum1 speaks a word against them (like priya did for mandana), both kishwar and mandana dnt mince words and show how angry they are! I like that! And i hate fake romance! Used to like prince b4 but he likes being in the shadow whether that’s kishwar or any othr girl! I didnt like that! Also, i find gizele and priya funny in their own way! 🙂

  24. oni

    mandy ko hat karne wale itne insecure he comment se pata chalta…kuch b bol dete ho or kuch future decide kar lete ho… mandy mujhe na toh pasad he or na dislike karti hu….. mandy k liye kuch mila nahi bolne toh baised ,partial jese words use karte ho
    mandy–selfish but singal and strong
    kishwer–physically and mentally strong but groups me ho toh warna pata nahi
    keith–mature but invisible
    prince–physically strong but brainless and fake
    rochelee–good perfomer but most insecure and dramebaz(lekin jab se nominate hue he dar k mare unnecessary fight me involve nahi hoti or dikhae v nahi deti)
    nora–totally fake or prince ka image barbad karne bb me aae he
    gizile–good heart but mandy k rehke dusro se baat nahi kar pa rahi he….

  25. oni

    i think nora policy is KHUD TOH DUBUNGI SAATH ME PRINCE KO LE KA DUBUNGI…price bichare ko pata v nahi ki nora ke sath rahega toh ho sakta he uska…… audience ko bb k ghar par love footage d k famous hoga soch raha hoga lekin pata nahi usse iss adato k waje se usse like karne wale kaam hote jaa rahe he…. or bar bar prince ko kyun bolna parta he akela khelo ….. mandy ki tara agar woh akela khelta toh aaj uske mukabale koi nahi hota…. pehla kish, suyyash uske bad keih,rochhele or ab nora…, kash prince or rishab k bich sachi wali dosti ho jaye…,,mere ab tak k fav he rishab,prince,,kishwer,,mandy and 75% like gizele

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