Bigg Boss 9 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 82
Day wakes the contestants up to the peppy number – ‘Nacho Saare Jee Phaad Ke’. they dance on the tunes.

Bigg boss says to inmates that this season is in last stage, you are living in house for 12weeks so you must know weakness and strength of each other and also you are told viewers perception so you must have rough idea who is going to win this season so Bigg boss wanna know whom you think is winner of this season. Prince says i feel i am going to win, i have performed well in tasks, i have made relations and strong one, Nora says i think Prince gonna win as he has fan following and has points valid, Rishab says i feel i am gonna win. Priya says i feel Keith gonna win as he is nice human which is needed to be winner, Kishwar says i feel i

gonna win as i have grown in 12weeks, i have become better from initial so i think i have qualities to win, Suyyash says i can win but practically speaking Kishwar have bright chance, Keith says i feel this season is for girls, i feel Rochelle’s vulnerability and passion to prove her point is striking chords with audience, not cause she is my girlfriend but i feel she gonna win, Mandana says for me winner is Keith, he got biggest shock of life in middle of show but he returned and continued, he is so strong and i am surprised, Rochelle says i dont think Keith ever faked anything, he is very nice human that i sometime feel why you are nice to others, Priya says its his strategy, Rochelle says he is really like that, Bigg boss ask inmates who they think deserve to win? all say Keith, bigg boss calls Kishwar in confession room and gives her instructions.
Bigg Boss announces a Season Nomination task where the housemates have to pass a ‘Season Nomination’ trophy at the sound of a gong. Once the gong rings, they have to pass it on to any other contestant they believe is either their competition or not a part of the league. They will have only two minutes to do so and will also have to state a reason. When Bigg Boss will end of the task, at this point, whoever is holding the trophy, will be nominated for the rest of the season, task will go on for 6hours. no one can deny to take trophy, they have to take trophy presented to them. Since Keith is voted the winner of the house according to the housemates, he starts the game. Keith goes in store room and brings out nomination trophy, Rochelle says point of this task is who you think are competitions should be given trophy, she teases Prince that you said game is different and friendship is different.

Kishwar says to Suyyash that we were asked to choose who we think are winners so that we can know our competitions and audience can vote strong contenders too.
Gong plays, Keith says i wanna give trophy to Nora as i wanna make her feel pressure of game, he ask her to not feel bad but he wants her to feel pressure of game.
Suyyash says to Kishwar that Keith is same from start, Kishwar says he doesnt have stand.
Rochelle says to Nora that Prince is not nominated much in weeks so i want you to give trophy to him so he feels pressure too.
Prince comes to Kishwar and Suyyash and tells them that Keith gave trophy to Nora and Rochelle is asking Nora to give trophy to me so i feel pressure of game, Kishwar says she cant say clearly that we are here competitions.
Rochelle says to Rishab that i am gonna be target in this house, Rishab says i dont think so, Rochelle says every week i or Suyyash are in danger zone so they would want to nominate me for whole season.
Prince says to Kishwar that Keith s nice person but his presence doesnt matter much as when he was not in house, things didnt change much.

gong rings, Nora gives trophy to Mandana and says you dont have shades other than fighting, you dont have any other thing to offer, Mandana says i dont agree but anyways, she says you think that i am in this house after so many nominations? then how can you say this? Nora says your image is that you are fighter, you are cunning and witch thats all, as viewer i dont want to see that, Mandana says Mandana says you are in wrong show, this is Bigg boss not saas-bahu saga. Nora says you are in wrong show with your thoughts, Mandana says i dont think so.

Gong rings, Mandana tries to give trophy to Nora, Priya ask Mandana to give it to her, Kishwar says to Mandana that you cant give to Nora again, Mandana gives it to Suyyash and says i want you to feel pressure of nominations and start working more hard in game, Suyyash says whats the point of giving this trophy to person who is nominated in every other week? Mandana says even i get nominated but i just want you to understand things, Suyyash hugs her and accepts trophy, Kishwar says you both are made for each other as you get nominated together too.

Kishwar says Nora’s reason for giving trophy to Mandana was right, Prince says when she didnt fight in one week then Salman said that she has become dull. Prince says to Rishab that this task doesnt matter much as there are 2, 3 weeks remaining and audience will save us. He tells Suyyash to give whom he wants to give trophy to that person without any wear. Kishwar says to Mandana that everyone has reasons to give trophy to anyone, i wont argue if anyone gives to me, Prince comes there and says i dont care if get nominated or not, Prince says to Rochelle that you are giving wrong reasons that i was not nominated whole season so they should nominate me, its your fault that you didnt nominate me, Rochelle says i am just saying that we didnt nominate you so we should do now, Kishwar says things have changed since yesterday, Rochelle says to Prince that what you did last day was right? Prince says it was task and i did it fairly, if you had given me valid points then i would have thought about something else, Rochelle says you are thinking about yourself only, when you won task, you didnt think about me being hurt but was hurt that i didnt congratulate you, Prince says there was no need to feel hurt, Rochelle says i feel let down, Priya says Rochelle you actually felt surprised that Kishwar, Suyyash and Nora supported Prince? Rochelle says i was surprised, Prince says like you know Keith will stand beside you, Kishwar and Suyyash will stand beside me, its same for them, Rochelle says thing was that i said Prince is strong contender and he should get nominated, Kishwar says you are announcing to everyone to give trophy to Prince, why? Rochelle says i was joking around with Nora to give trophy to Prince, not announcing it, Prince says you could have just said that i am your competition thats it, Rochelle says i said it, just listen what you are saying, you are calling me wrong, Prince says when did i say you are wrong? Rochelle says you are not trying to understand me, Prince says you are getting hyper for no reason, you are keeping your point of view above me, Rochelle gets angry and leaves from there.
Rochelle cries, Keith ask her to no cry and fight for herself, Rochelle says Prince’s problem is that i am not agreeing to him, when i told them that i have not become captain so they said this point is not valid now. Prince says to Priya that we are on crucial stage so we cant loose opportunities.
Rochelle says to Nora that i supported Prince so many times so shouldnt he support me?
Keith says to Kishwar, Prince that Rochelle bonded with Prince when i was not in house so she was expecting support from Prince as friend, Suyyash says Rochelle’s behavior is very rude, she was not cooperating in my captaincy too.

gong plays, Suyyash gives trophy to Priya and says dont be afraid of nominations, you are good player and can become my competition in longer run, Priya tries to say something but all leaves after teasing her, Priya says i will give trophy to myself after gong rings again.

Priya gives trophy to Kishwar, Kishwar says i know how to make parathas and you dont know how to make it so you think i am your competition, Kishwar says thank you, Priya says i want to give you experience of nomination too.

Rochelle says to Keith that i asked you something, Keith says what you wanna listen? you wanted to nominate me, you were asking Priya to give trophy to me, he says i am going to smoking room, come there i will explain, Rochelle says i am not going with you, Mandana says she is not gonna come, leave alone, Keith says to Rochelle that your question was whom to nominate? Keith says if all are strong contenders then you have to see who is your competition, Priya tries to say something, Rochelle gets angry and says i am trying to talk but you are not listening to me, she leaves, Keith is confused.
Rochelle comes to Prince and Nora that i was trying to talk to Keith but Priya was answering instead of him, Keith comes to her and says when there are people in house so they will get involved in talk, Rochelle says but i want to talk to you, Keith says you have gone mad baby, he says i am sitting here, say what you want, she says i dont wanna talk now, i am frustrated, Keith says i am not.

gong plays, Kishwar gives trophy to Prince and says we became sister and brother and i didnt know what is going to happen in game but definitely you are my competition, Prince thanks her and says i always felt that the day you will nominate me, i will become winner then for sure so thank you.

Rochelle says to Kishwar that yesterday you were supporting Prince against me and today you nominated him? why double standards? Kishwar says i nominate him or not doesnt matter as he is not going anywhere because of his fan following, yesterday i wanted to support him but today i didnt nominate you because you will become grumpy again, yesterday when i went against you, you had problem, today when nominated him, you have problem, Rochelle says you used to call me having double standards but its actually you have, Kishwar says i said you change sides but never said you have double standards, Rochelle says your consistency.. Kishwar says its definitely more than you, trust me, Rochelle says not now, Kishwar says i nominated him so whats your problem?

gong plays, Prince gives trophy to Rishab and says we decided to nominate each other infront of all so thats why.

Rishab walks hoodie on, he says deadman walking, gong plays, he comes to Kishwar and says you are brain of your group so i would want to remove you so negativity will go away from house thats why giving you this trophy, Kishwar takes it, Prince says we deal with people like you alot so you dont matter, just leave, they make fun of Rishab.

gong rings, kishwar gives trophy to Keith and says you are my competition so giving you this. Keith accepts it.

Bigg boss says to inmates that “nomination trophy” task’s time is finished and Keith has the trophy so he is nominated for whole season remaining, Keith lifts trophy, everyone hugs Keith, Priya feels bad for Keith.

Joyful Selfie task is launched and all housemates have to give Keith name of a family member or friend they would like to talk to outside the house and have convince him with the strongest reason. They then will take a selfie with Keith. Keith is required to judge them on fair grounds and announce the name of the contestant who deserves it to talk to their loved ones. Kishwar says i choose Mandana for this, according to task, Keith will see selfies and decide whom he wants to give the opportunity.
Keith comes in garden, contestants comes to him one by one, Kishwar say to Keith that i always call my mom when i am out with Suyyash so i would want to talk to her, she gets emotional, she clicks selfie with Keith and says i hate emotional moments.
Nora comes Keith and says i dont live with my family so my mother is not able to see me so i would want to talk to her, she takes selfie with him. Kishwar says to Mandana that use this opportunity nicely, Mandana says i dont know what to say, Rishab and others suggest to say anything but from heart. Mandana comes to Keith and says my family and boyfriend couldnt come in christmas days and it was very hard to me to bear those days so i would want to talk to them. she clicks selfie with Keith

Keith’s selfies with all inmates are shown, Keith says all were sweet but after listening to all, i want to tell that Nora’s family is not able to see her on tv so.. Priya stops him and says even Mandana’s family is not able to see her on Tv, Mandana affirms it that her family is not able to see it, Keith says Mandana’s family is not able to see her for more than 80days which is more than Nora so she deserves it, he announces her name, Bigg boss ask Mandana to go in garden area.
Mandana comes in phone booth, she takes call, its Gaurav on phone, he is her boyfriend, Mandana cries listening his voice, Mandana says i miss you so much, she cries, he says in surprise that you are crying? Mandana says its been 82days that i am living without you, Gaurav says you are doing great, keep doing show like this and i miss you alot too, call ends, all are watching Mandana from lounge, Kishwar says Mandana cries too?(meaning she has emotions too), Mandana breaks down in tears and cries, Rishab and Rochelle comes to her, Rochelle hugs her and consoles her.

PRECAP- Sunny Deol, Jhui Chawla, Tanisha Mukharji will come weekend episode to raise the entertainment quotient alongwith Salman. In house, Nora comments to Rishab that you cant learn anything, Rishab says i have learned and have improved more than you and i know what you do outside, i mean off the record. Nora shouts on Rishab that what i do outside is none f your business, dont taunt me about that, Rishab says you started to pass personal comments so i got personal too, Nora says i didnt pass any personal comment, you dont have right to comment about my dance, Rishab says even you dont have right to comment on me, next time if you say to me that i do nothing and i am zero etc then i will show you mirror, Nora says dont comment about my life cause you dont know me, Rishab says i dont know and neither i am interested in knowing you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lets see how Salman bangs or praises prince for winning captaincy againstrochelle.

    And will Salman bring mandana in the centre of discussion[as he always does even if mandana got no footage ] in this weekend.





  2. Salman




  3. When Salman will announce mandana you are safe then


    If Salman not takes her side(happened only only once)

    Next day mandana will be suffering from fever.



    HOUSEMATES- WE WILL IGNORE MANDANA(rochelle Devi said this)


    ” AWWWW WHY THEY ARE SAVING ME(only for build up)






  4. Then Salman will come to kishwer .

    (what strategy)



    1. Salman khud hi confused hain 😛

    2. Funniest thing the man who was accused for getting violent with Aishwarya was advising Suyyash to not to just threaten a girl.

  5. Roch is very annoying. WO Jaan boojh kar kah rahi thi ki sab usse hi target karenge. but uske pass to ek bhi baar trophy nahi aai . I think she is trying to show herself as victim

  6. No hope for Prince……….wait and watch……………

  7. All hopes for mandana only?

  8. I think prince , rishab, mandana kishwer gonna be in finals or may be Keith also

    1. Same pinch Simran i also think the same 🙂

  9. well done rishab keep going there is a gradual increase In your game than startingg the person who learns will win hameesha so rib you will be the winner

  10. ManuelFerrara

    After big boss:
    salman- suyash yar mandana de nhi rhi h!
    suyash-kya bheekh?
    salman- nahi bhav.
    suyash – naughty boy! ya kuch aur.
    salman – isi liye tujhe vote nhi mile!!
    suyash – issi liye tujhe nhi mili!!
    salman – Ek baar maine jo commitment karli…
    Suyyash – fir tu mandana se chappal kha ke hi manta hai.
    Salman- chappal se darr nhi lagta hai pyaar se lagta hai.
    Suyyash( hits him with chappal) – abb lagta hai chappal se darr??
    salman: hmmm..aap devil ke peeche.. devil mandana ke peeche.
    Suyash- aur chappal tere peeche..
    (suyyash hits him again..)


    1. Gr8 job.Absolutely flabbergasted by the timing and punches..wooah !!

    2. Super awsum one chum 🙂 🙂

  11. very funny menuel ferrara

  12. ManuelFerrara

    This weekend:

    suyyash:sir 4,5 aur 6 kitne hote hain?
    salman- mandana!
    prince- 9,2 aur 11 kitne hote hain?
    (before salman speaks ..)
    prince (kicks his a*s): itne hote hain… abb 9,2,11 ho ja!!

  13. ManuelFerrara

    Salman:yar mandana se setting karwa de!
    suyyash:phone dena.
    salman: kya baat karwayega mandana se?
    suyyash: nhi setting (phone ki).

  14. ManuelFerrara

    Salman: agar prince,rochelle and nora ko 3 -3 banana diye each then total banana kitne ?
    suyyash- sir 9!
    salman: nhi 10.
    mandana: salman ji ur naughty.
    hint# prince had 4.

    1. Hahahahaha awsum 😀

  15. ManuelFerrara

    Salman- mujh par ek ehsaan karna k mujh par koi ehsan nhi karna
    Suyyash – mandana se setting?
    salman: yeh wala karde please!
    Suyyash- kyun ?
    salman- kyun ki hamm yahan ke robinhood pandey hain ,dil me aate hain samajh me nhi.
    Suyyash-itna lamba dialog.. bhai galti hogayi big boss me aake.
    Salman-hum tumme itne ched karenge ke samjh me nhi ayyega k khayein kahan se aur…
    Suyyash(farts..) – yahan se..(sighs)
    salman: tumne mujhe jaan ki dhamki dee h national tv pe…

  16. ManuelFerrara

    Rishabh:God never tasted cough syrup..ask why?
    prince: why?
    Rishabh: bcoz KHUDA-NA-KHASTA!!

    1. Best joke that i’ve heard in long time……well done dude!

  17. ManuelFerrara

    Prince:Abe chu*tia h kya?
    Rishabh(ignores): “very good very good”
    (they meet again in evening)
    prince: aur kaisa hai??
    Rishabh: Baat mat karr tune subah mujhe kuch ulta kaha tha.
    Prince:kya kaha ??
    Rishabh:yaad nhi hai par kuch kaha tha.
    Prince: Abe “chu*ia hai kya?

  18. ManuelFerrara


    1. Good luck for your exams manuelferrara will miss ur jokes a lot u must do well better than all BB contestant and make us proud 😛

    2. tedd(PHFFAN)

      Gud luck manuel….me too busy so much that ..unable to come here much now adays…..
      Pss with flying colors?
      Bich bich main joke maar dena…we luv u too…???

  19. Love you RISHAB…..

  20. Really true guys ..salman always supports mandy…prince is the sure

  21. Sirf bolne se nahi hota ko mai to game kp samajta hun rishabh…agar tum game ko samajhte to priya aur mandana tumhe use nhi karti game me bane rahne ke liye..

    aur jo log prince ko galat kah rahe hai unko liye sirf ek baat

    Go get some burnol

  22. jitne bhi prince ko bura bhala bol rahe hai wo sab die hard haters hai prince ke

    agar ye sab neutral hote to accept karte ki iss week me prince best tha

  23. I agree with you raj but he is always best

  24. Hello @guys….can someone tell me when stardust sansui awards is coming and is srk and Salman coming

    1. If I m not wrong maybe they have showed it already but I m not sure, u can check it out at desitvbox website

  25. Salman should take a cue from yesterday’s episode where contestants are shown that they will have to answer for their actions on Saturday. Rochelle ko captaincy na milne ka bill Salman per phadna chahiye as he implanted the seed for not letting go the captaincy otherwise after watching Suyyash being ripped off the immunity they would have no hassle in making Rochelle captain . Anyways I simply want contestants game and not Salman’s influence on them.

  26. bhai always prince on top . Bhai baaki sab to bs din gujar rahe hain aur prince-Nora reln fake hain from both side.all member are good in 1 field e.g mandy is attention seeker etc but prine wanna allrounder ( task,love ,attention sicker,reln, genuine guy)

    1. harshal(PHFFAN)

      Not that i am prince hater, but i think you just contradicted yourself in your own comment.
      1. Nora prince relationship fake from both sides.
      2. Prince is genuine guy
      Both statements contradict each other buddy. :p

    2. prince is always genuine bt agar nora misuse kar rahi hain to wo bhi show me hain itna to krega hi .

  27. Suyash ko sochna chahiye, keeshwar ko suyash ke liye kutte ka belt. . . .

    Rishab ko baal kaatna chahiye, priya ko rishab pyare . . .

    Nora ko nochana chahiye, prince ko patloon pehna . . . (dikhta hai)

    Rochel to rascal hai, aur keith pyare hai. . .

    par. . . . Hamari sherni Mandana Mast hai. . . Vote for mandana. . . . . Love you for the entertainment. . .

  28. mandana, sherni ?????

    it sounds like calling KRK as the most talented actor of industry.

  29. NORA FATEHI is EVICTED from the Bigg Boss 9 House. Double Eviction May Happen.

    1. Nora Fatehi’s eviction happened in Sat Shoot which means it will be shown in tonight’s episode. Sun shoot is on.

  30. Raj…u meant srk…..if so the. U dumb

    1. harshal(PHFFAN)

      rihab, he means krk only, kamal khan…

  31. Prince and noras relation looks fake and I think rochelle should stop acting like a spoilt 2yr old that is begging for something she cant have
    I think kishwar keith mandana prince and rishabh are in tough competition – I like them

  32. keith and prince are best nora yukkkk madana feel like vomiting

  33. prince love u

  34. Mandana Karimi or should I say Mandana Kamini?? You are a blo*dy chorni not sherni. Mandana can have people’s attention but not the trophy of Big Boss 9. She is such a Psycho!! She thinks that by doing all those shitty stuffs for getting attentions will make her win but It’s your biggest misconception Kamini. You being an out sider don’t have any right to tell an Indian to “go back to Australia”. At first, I was in a doubt if you are mentally sick but today’s episode made it clear.Chorni will always remain chorni, you can never be a Sherni. I love you Rishabh. You rock and Mandana Suck. Win it. You rule Rishabh.

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