Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 49(continued)
Prince, Keith, suyyash, Kishwar is holding rope as Money money task is still on. Kishwar finds moderator of Priya gone to kitchen, she catches the chance and goes to washroom to pee. she comesback before Priya and holds rope of her bag again, she giggles and says now i can stand for hours easily

Prince ask other inmates if they should leave bag? he says its getting impossible now, Keith tries to shoo away insect from his hand and leaves rope in process, Priya says you are out.

Day 50
suyyash tries to shoo away bee and in process leaves rope.

Kishwar and Prince are still holding on to ropes, Prince says we have to do it for 15hours, its impossible now, i am doing task for last 4 days continuously, i cant do it

now, we should leave, Kishwar and Prince leave ropes too. Priya says everyone has left rope. Prince goes to sleep.

Inmates wake up to song Sahi bolata hai. Keith and Rishab dances.

Priya says to inmates that most of you have become captain, the kitchen issues are most important. Rimi is washing utensils of whole house, everyone leaves their plates, spoons etc. Rochelle says even if someone is ill or someone eating at night have valid reason to leave plates without washing, Kishwar says Mandana isnt ill but she doesnt let anyone eat at night when they are eating on their bed, Prince says to Mandana that i understand you were ill that night but if Kanwal was eating on his bed then you should think maybe he is ill too, Mandana says i dont wanna think that, all say this is selfishness, Kanwal says that day, i saw Mandana cooking but i didnt ask her to cook for me as i knew she would say that she wont cook for everyone, Mandana says i wont cook for anyone who i dont like, Rishab says Mandana should not cook, she is very selfish and does that with people, Priya says to Mandana that , Prince, Kishwar do tasks alot so as humanity you can cook for us, Mandana says oh mother india has come to preach, Kishwar atleast respect Kanwal’s age, Priya says thing is that we should have humanity in us, Rochelle says but it should Mandana’s or others choice whom they want to be soft with, like you cant dictate other whom to be gentle with, its their call. Keith says point that i agree Kanwal is aged and he does have problems being aged so we should not be harsh on him and we should play but do not cross line of humanity. Priya says so conclusion is that we will think about others and today is day of cleaning and i will supervise everyone’s work.

In garden, Mandana says to Rochelle that even if i talked to Kanwal like that then whats others problem? why Suyyash and Kishwar dictating me to say sorry to Kanwal, they cant force me, Rochelle agrees. Rochelle says Kishwar and Suyyash have done setting with Priya so she will lenient with them, i told Keith to be soft with everyone, i told him to play his game, i wont interfere in his game, lets see till when Kishwar and Priya will have goodwill, as Priya have habit of preaching others and Kishwar cant bear it for much time.
Keith comes there and says to Mandana that if you are being poked by Kanwal then you are bound snap back but after bursting like pressure cooker, calm down and let other person react,also i wanna say that Prince is trying to come your side, be soft with him, Rochelle says this is game, you have to be nice if someone is nice.

Kishwar says to Rochelle that you follow Mandan blindly, Priya says you get intimidated by her, Rochelle says like i have soft corner for Suyyash, i dont get too much angry on him sameway i have soft corner for Mandana, Kishwar says but you should not agree to her wrong words, Rochelle says i dont do that but i have habit of not letting my friends down in public and its Mandana’s nature so i dont react to her.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for Elimination. Nominated inmates are Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Rimi and Rishab. Bigg boss says RIMI IS ELIMINATED, she says finally, bigg boss ask her to pack her bags. She hugs Kishwar and suyyash who are sad, Rimi ask them to not be sad, Prince gives her tight hug, Mandana hugs her too, Rochelle and Mandana takes things from Rimi’s make up pouch, rimi gifts it, Rimi jokes to Mandana if she wants her to tell Mandana’s boyfriend that she misses him? Mandana says are you mad, Mandana ask Rimi to have lively life, Rimi leaves house, Mandana says i dont feel bad for her, she wanted this only, Prince, Kishwar cries. Prince says to Digi that she was very nice girl, she maybe lazy and all but she never said anything to anyone, she never snapped back at anyone, she was very good from heart, every inmate including you Digi said harsh words for her in her face but she never answered back in harsh tone, you cannot deny one’s good nature, i just hope people dont judge her for her stint in this show, she is a very good human, Kishwar has tears rolling down and says i will miss her, whatever she was, she was nice.

Bigg boss says to inmates that they didnt do task “money Money”(bag task). he says their prize amount is still 39lacs. now its time to tell amount in bags of all inmates. Priya writes amount on board.
Rimi- 0rs

Mandana says they knew it, my health is not good still they gave me x2, Keith says see they wanted us to win thats why they gave least amount to Kanwal and Rimi who dont do tasks. Prince says we need to understand that we cant do tasks like this, we have to give up our sleep for tasks, Mandana says to Prince that if you ask me to wake up then i will for sure, Prince says i am not saying that you did wrong. Rochelle says we did task whole night so Mandana let us have moment of being pissed, we were standing there and you were sleeping, Mandana ask Prince and Rochelle why are they shouting, Keith says point is that we should calculative, if someone is ill then we should cooperate but others should do task. Priya says to Mandana that we all know you have physical problem, you are weak physically but like if i have got chance and i would have been ill then.. Mandan cuts her short and says i told you whats happening in my body. Kishwar says from next time, if there is night task then all should be awake even if they are disqualified from task, no one should sleep peacefully when others are working. Mandana leaves from lounge, she goes to Kitchen, Priya comes to her, Mandana says i am feeling guilty for not being physically strong, they have seen me being so ill in house then how can they talk to me like this and point fingers at me, she cries, Priya tries to say something, Mandana says i dont wann talk, please leave me. Kishwar and Suyyash cries for working so hard. digi says to bigg boss that i dont know what doctor has said but i want to be part of every task and it would make me at fault, i will do all tasks from now on. Suyyash says i was so loyal to task that my sister was show on Tv but i didnt leave my task.

Keith says to inmates that its easy to attack others but encouraging or entertaining is very difficult.
Priya says to Mandana that you left money money task and you didnt comeback to even see inmates doing well or not. Mandana says i did comeback, i gave slippers to Prince and also gave water to Keith, Priya says i didnt see that.

Keith says to Prince that even if Mandana was ill, she could have come out and see other inmates doing task to encourage them, Prince says i dont understand why she become ill on task time only? she is fine today but she will get ill when any task will start.

PRECAP- There will be task for inmates which inmates will have to sacrifice their personal belongings, they will have to destroy their stuff, Mandana sacrifices her dress which her boyfriend’s mother gifted her on
Diwali. Priya tears dress and puts paint on it, Rochelle cries. Later Rochelle says to inmates that just because i am defending Mandana, you all are pouncing at me, cant i defend my friend in this house? Later Priya says about Rochelle that Rochelle doesnt speak that much in Keith’s matter as much as she defends Mandana. Rochelle is sad, Keith says how much i handled you? is this our relation? LaterΒ Bigg boss says its time for nominations. As Priya won car task and were promised to be given special authority in nominations so only she will nominate inmates, other inmates will not nominate any inmate, those who will be nominated by Priya will get directly nominated for eviction.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. variin

    Actually I cant understand what kind of person mandana is???? She is so rude and irritating. …she is a drama queen. …always cry to gain sympathy. ..but I really hate her…..really disappointed everyone left d task…..

  2. variin

    Rochelle and mandana are same…..they r really mad….they need a treatmemt actually. ..Rochelle create issues for small things…and blaming others for that…. really disgusting. .mandana and rochelle should leave now…if mandana is not well.she must left d house. Mandana never completed any task but always want to prove herself right….

  3. Neeru_new

    Keith nd suyyash left bcoz of a bee.. That was unfortunate…
    But prince, kish, rochs, keith nd suyyash well done…
    Mandana says she doesn’t want to know what kanwlji’s problm is… And she agrees that she is selfish as if thats a compliment.. Welcome back mandana.. πŸ˜€
    Rochs says she won’t interfere in keiths relationship with other inmates.. Thats really good..
    Rimi finally leaves.. Prince was really close to her.. I liked his statement – “we all shouted at her so many times,,evryone blamed her for everything but she still smiled nd talked to everyone without ny grudges.. Got high patience.. She was just not fit for the show.. I hope no one judge her based on this.. She is a wonderful person ”
    Well said.. I too feel she was just not fit for the show but has a very strong nd rare quality of being calm..
    The money amount is revealed and here goes Mandana again… She doesn’t even understand what others are saying… Kish tries, Priya tries, prince tries , then rochs tries nd finally kieth says.. But no.. She doesn’t get one simple thing into her head.. And finally she cries saying evryone is targeting her.. LOL.. πŸ˜€
    Kieth correctly pointed out that if the task is abt throwing things at others everyone will play and if its abt standing there nd cheering others so that they dnt gv up no one is there..
    Prince, rochs, kish, suyyah and keith are sad that everyone went inside aftr giving up rather than staying with them to cheer up.. it was a task for every inmates.. And i think they are ryt.. But obviously mandy thinks evryone is targeting her.. πŸ˜€
    Precap – finally kieth putting up some sense into rochs abt she defending mandy for everything..
    Nominations.. Time to know if priya keeps her word..

    • Neeru_new

      Also in precap ,, while everyone is sitting in the hall i noticed that prince is bald… Since everyone has to give up something thats precious to them,, did prince gv up his hair.. ??

      • xxx

        I too thought that…aman ne baal katva liye aab prince ne yeh bb mein takle hone ka naya trend suru hua hai

  4. Ena

    Actually mandy needs to be matured… she isn’t going on the right track…
    she is being rude time by time…. nd porr Rochelle

  5. princess onkan

    i think priya is becoming a strong contentor even kish the devil n rishav the joker cant able to stand against her ..

  6. Angel

    I think mandana is the most wicked and ill manered girl…..she thinks she can talk to anyone with any harsh tone and no one else should reply in the same manner….I hate her

    • variin

      U r right she deserve to be humiliated….so let her suffer and we wl enjoy….kish and group pls make her life as a hell…..

  7. Rochelle is no poor girl, she is just a spoiled peeze who follows mandanna like she is a goddess. I believe Kish is going to win this fairly. Even with her aggression. And Madanna the babe is going to leave very soon, it’s high time the annoying beat will be noticed fpr what a selfish b*t*h she really is.

  8. bloodsucker

    Mandy is so irritating… rochs always takes her side i think she is manipulatd by mandy. Keith talks sensibly.. i am sure priya will not keep her word and will nominate prince nd kish

    • variin

      Rochelle supports mandy to get everyone’s attention. …if she wl support other housemates then she wl not be seen more and she will not be able to speak more…. so she chose mandana coz she wl get chance to speak alot and loud……..

  9. Andy

    I liked rochelle but after watching last 2 episode my likeness changed to dissapointment…I really cant understand whats wrong with her..she carried a strong personality but after salmans praise she became irritating arrogant.
    Keith is a gentleman…if her real personality is this than she really don’t deserve keith.

  10. Ritika

    Mandana- she should be chucked out from the house. Everytime during task she becomes ill, otherwise shez fine. Unlike rimi (who also didn’t do tasks but had v.rare qualities and a mature calmness), mandana is v.arrogant and a snob. Good to see rimi go and well said Prince, no1 should judge her based on this show. Salman khan spoke too much rubbish about her that day abt this girl (no wonder he likes people like mandana and has an equally amazing life history himself)! If u keep a loophole in d contract, gud that sum1 took advantage of it! Whats wrong in that! Moreover, she did every household wrk. Nevr denied it!
    Also, rochelle is a nutcase. I like priya and kishwar-strong girls!

  11. How she aspects others to listen her problems while she doesn’t do so. I think that rochelle is in wrong side , can’t understand why she repeates same mistake again and again by trusting mandana. Like Keith’s thinking he is going right.

  12. Gud Rimi left ….seriously she is a very nice person ….very true hearted person…definitely she is not like mandana …From the beginning Rimi said she is not interested in doing task ,bcs of money she came everything ……..

    But mandana she will fight with everyone ,questing all….when it come task she will become ill ..she knows that she is not physically strong ….then why she is staying there ….

    As prince said Rimi never raised her voice even if other inmates shouted at her … everyone she answered politely and she was very patient and calm …..inmates should think if they fight with each other ppl will vote nd all….

    Instead of fighting with each other use ur minds and do the task properly …….mandana ,kanwal nd seems like came for vacation….

    And biggboss if it’s hard task please do have a age limit …..and check them before if they are physically ,mentally wrong ….dont think of trp…and ppl like inmates who are really genuine and who are really doing task in a smart and hardest way ….not who is fighting all the time,or sleeping,eating and joking ppl….

  13. santu

    I am happy to see so many negative comments on mandana. Finally her true selfish nature is being revealed slowly. Please she should not be kept in this house for this negative thing which is positive fir the show. And others r not evicted who work hard.
    Rochelle please don’t be so blind. Kish may be against you, but nobody can play game always. Rochelle thinks Kish and priya are trying to separate her and mandana who are supposed to be strong in the house. Please use your brain rochelle. Remember what mandana said to when she came back from secret room “Keith in need of some close one” and rochelle started thinking Wat had happened outside. How can someone be so cruel to play with emotions like that. That’s the true nature of mandana. I hate her.
    This task was for everybody, coz money will go to winner among them. But everyone waking up for all tasks is not required wen other tasks r for captaincy etc… others will not get anything if priya becomes captain in that car.. then wats the point in waking whole night.instead u could ve done the task. But moral support is good but u can’t expect wen there is rivalry.
    My guesses tomorrow priya will nominate mandana, kanwal, digangana, rishab and Keith. I believe she ll keep her word

  14. kriya

    The most funny thing i found is before entering house priya said her friendship will be more with rochelle than kishwer . but today it absolutely different . she has huge fight with rochelle and has support from kish side . that’s why i support kishwer and suyyash because they r only ones who r genuine and don’t throw tantrums and fight unnecessarily .

  15. kripa

    why the hell a gentleman like keith chose such a drama queen brainless irritating girl like rochelle? -_-
    love is blind i guess…
    I know it’s his personal choice but keith deserves a sensible girl…and rochelle is just an attention seeker stupid girl…and mandana!OMG!!drama drama and drama…another brainless person…..i really hope keith becomes the winner of this season…he is the most genuin and sensible person in the house

    • variin

      But I dont think so that rochelle is same outside.maybe she is doing this to get attention. And mandana she should be kicked out from the house. …….

  16. Kiara

    Atleast kish do task..she has her own stand..she has a view..even though sometime it necomes like bullying…but u have to accept that if kish is not there then bigg boss will become damm boring..

    • variin

      U r right kiara…..kish is loud bt thats her nature….she always stand for right and she never changes like prince….

  17. Sush

    This mandana.. i hate her frm day 2.. b***h..
    C doesnt want to undrstand ne1’s prob nt want every1 to undrstand her..
    All must slap her

  18. thanu

    Hello don’t tell anything about mandana she is such a nice girl she do which or whatever right.she done all the task but not completed because of her illness.u dont tell she is ill 1ly during task one should know about their illness in wat time they physically pls stop ditching about mandana. Ilove u mandana we love u all.u r the winner of big boss9

    • variin

      O really… a human we should understand others problem bt she is not. So never deserve to win this show….. she always think of herself. …crying creature

    • Sush

      Yah u r ryt.. c can hav illness anytime n all must undrstand her situation.. if sum1 doesnyt den dey r bad.. bt no 1 else cant b ill.. who z c to undrstand probs of othrs? Bt all must undrstand her..
      C ll leave task ne time bt othrs shouldnt lv task b4 her..
      C ll sleep when othrs r doing tasks outside coz c z ill.. bt othrs cant eat in d bedroom n cant make faces if dey r nt part of tasks..
      u r ryt.. winners must b lyk dat..

  19. oni

    next week mandana ko nikalo… dramebaz… kuch task nwhi karegi task….arleast rimi pehle bolti aae he ki usse task nahi karna he or ghar jana he…..lekin mandy uff so boring character … or rochhele har chij me bolna he….mandy boling and rochhele brainless drama queen

    • Sush

      Ryt..!! Keith was n is ryt till now.. Aman was always ryt.. Rimi was also sweet irritating sometimes though..
      N c was irritatng at d start n spitting was also so cheap.. bt if compared to roc n man den if kish deserves 1000 nos den roc n man deserves 1…

  20. Tarannum

    Jb mandana ro rhi thi wo camera dekh rhi thi ki camera mera rona capture kr rha hai ki nhi…. stupid mandana digi is most sensible then her…… n priya bht acha khel rhi hai I really like her…..
    But don’t 1 think… yesterday sirf half-n-hour q dikhaya……
    Kya bb audience ki agnipariksha lena chate hai……

  21. gourav

    Prince dude u r going great u r such a nice person from heart ur feeling for rimi were natural u said right about rimi’s nature she had such a strong quality of being calm
    And this mandana she herself dont know what she wants she can speak to everyone in a harsh tone but when other inmates does that she has a problem just kick her out of the house bigg boss
    Lets see will priya keeps her promise by not nominating the trio PKS

  22. VSD

    Everyone blames kishwar to be most selfish but mandana has crossed all limits.. Fights happened between everyone in house but no one will take revenge on matters like food!! Thats so inhuman!! Initially she played all the tasks but now she has strength to fight and argue but not do any tasks!! Soo fake!! Rochelle keeps saying she is mandanas friend and so she will defend her and on other hand she stops others who defend wrong things!! How double standards it is!! If ur friend is wrong then dont support it infact make her understand!! Kishwar is loud and arrogant but she does all tasks n is not selfish like these people!! Have the courage to say truth infront of your friend and not defend wrong things!!

  23. saz

    Kish is the strongest . First i didn;t like her but now i think she is better than others atleast she always do tasks She never gave up. Agar Kis me thoda sa positivity aajaye to she can win. I can;r believe digi ko rimi se jyada votes miley. Kumse kum Rimi dikhti to thi.

  24. ssss

    task more then 5 hrs is not enjoyable….its panic….i thik its double trouble n whats double entertain, i not seen yet in bb…..i think it may be hallagula… vandana she dont care anybody…as she had great favour inside n outside of bb, what we see till now is that the commentry box prays vandana and translate her speech ….rochelle want to hide inside vandanas umbrella, she like to get same favour as vandana…..i think priya-scorpion queen nominate kishwar, suyash and prince as they are her not only great oppenant but great contestant also, but nothing will happen…bcse all know that they are the only deserving candidates n keith also for final……rimis gret personality will never forgottable.

  25. appy

    Keith going good. . .big boss plz eliminate diggi nd mandana. And bring amaan back. So it will more intertaining. . .

  26. I

    I seriously laughed when in one of the pages they compared rochelle to elliviram of season7. Elli is thousand times much better than rochs. When she insulted priya saying that ur not worth of my slang. One slang is enough to define ur chatacter that second itself she became dayan for me and kish plus priya devis. Hope priya doesnt dissapoint us unreasonably in nominations.

  27. Big9

    Rochelle is actually cmng out strong
    She can overpower mandana too
    Now it feels like mandana is flwng rochelle

  28. santu

    Love digangana, so beautiful and graceful , but she is too young for this show, like rochelle, if she stays away from mandana she can win and not get stung by scorpion mandana, and mandana is daayan, gid save her boyfriend or husband

  29. swastika

    mandy i hate you
    rochelle you too so selfish and nonsense and so irritating
    always try to become great but the reality is you are stupid and nothing more than this……….

  30. swastika

    i hate mandy nonsense…
    rochelle you too so selfish and nonsense and so irritating
    always try to become great but the reality is you are stupid and nothing more than this……….

  31. Sabirashaheer

    Useless mandana woh kisi kaam ki nahi ladne ki alava use kuch aathi nahi.upar se sab ko attitude bhi de rahi hain bevakoof. Really rimi is orner of great personality love u prince

  32. avani

    where r u digi i want to see ridhab and digi tohether …….
    rochelle stupid and keith dont try to be great mandana you r nonsense never do task …
    1900 rs ke liye behen se nahi mila fool money oriented man …..prince u r alsi big fool j kish aur suyyash ke chakkkar m fase ho individually khelo priya u r plauing nice game keep it up

    • variin

      Yeah u r ryt…prince is quiet from last few days….bt maybe he wanna change….bt that doesn’t suits him…..he has left his group and this led him to change

  33. name

    N mandana is useless ….woh hamesha task time bimar ho jati hai n ese she is all fine 2 fight with all other housemates ……n starts screaming……

  34. Guys you know ..Priya has nominated prince and fugu for eviction ……all expected ..she played very nicely …prince made a mistake of giving up the task …now her true colour come out … She knew prince is a strong contesant..

    Guys please vote for prince and we need to support him …..and definitely soon Priya will go

  35. Pri

    THANK GOD RIMI IS GONE. Guys…Rimi had a contract with BB stating that if she gets evicted from the house due to low votes, she will get 2 crore from them! That’s why she’s always wanted to get evicted! I don’t know if this is true, but it makes sense. Thats why BB didn’t want her being evicted, they didn’t want to pay her that much!

  36. reema sharma

    Jo bhi ho ……..i luv mandana……well she is alwayz tellng truth……she never scare……girl power….i knw she iz nt doing task well it may be she is really ill…..i hate reshab..he is now following priya while b4 that he waz following mandana
    …..he was told to dipika that he want mandana as his frnd….bt he …..huuu

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