Bigg Boss 9 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone in bigg boss, he says what you all thought that Shahrukh Khan will be here so soon? dont worry Shahrukh Khan will be here soon, till then we will do our work of taking class, these inmates have taken much time to adjust in house and now they thought that SRK is coming so chill in house. he says they decided Priya is most insecure in house, then bigg boss gave “murder mystery’ and they murdered the task only, clip plays where inmates thought that detective Rishab is killer then how Keith, Nora and Rochelle were hiding in washroom then how all thought Nora was murdered when all thought she was murderer, clip ends.
Salman says then they had share of fights too, clip plays, how Priya and Mandana had fight in kitchen and

then how Gizele got involved in it, clip ends. Salman says there are two people in house like Bhabhi and Devar, lets see.
clip plays, Priya says to Keith that i told Rishab to gargle for tonsils but he shut me off, Keith says i dont understand your relation with hikm, Priya talks to him in english, Bigg boss ask her to talk in hindi, Prince takes her things as punishment. Priya comes to Suyyash and says i was just repeating lines in english, Rishab says why did you repeat? Priya says i dont wanna talk, Mandana ask them to stop fighting. Mandana comes to Keith and says they keep fighting as soon as day start, Keith says they fight like kids. Priya says to Prince that Rishbab was not wearing mike so i told him that i know you have pain of tonsils but you have to wear it so i told him a thing in english. Mandana says Priya’s strategy is to bring reaction out of everyone. Prince says to Rishab that even i have fights with Mandana and Priya, Rishab says i dont wanna talk to her, clip ends.
Salman says they are weird couple like Kapil Sharma. Salman’s phone rings, audience says it must be SRK, Salman says i didnt take it, phone rings again, Salman takes call and says yes Baby, i am busy, he ends call and says it was my sister, all laugh, phone rings again, Salman says its SRK, he takes call and says where are you? you are as usual late, he ends call and says Karan-Arjun will come for sure, i mean SRK will come soon.

Salman says GIZELE, PRIYA, SUYYASH, MANDANA, ROCHELLE and RISHAB are nominated and they all must be insecure, lets talk to them.
Call is connected to house, Salman hums Kuch Kuch hota hai, Salman says to Prince that you were unfair in date task, Prince jokes that you can understand, Salman ask Mandana that she just want to cook food in fields of Punjab? nothing else? Salman ask Prince doesnt he know other benefits of fields in Punjab? Prince laughs and says everyone comes out fields only, Salman ask Mandana that she will cook in fields too but will Priya be allowed there? Mandana says ofcourse not, Priya says fields dont belong to Mandana’s father, i will come there to cut them. Salman says to Gizele that i can see your lips only, all laugh, Salman says people are liking your lips, Gizele says you are joking, Salman says i am seriously joking, all laugh, Salman says to Gizele that people are liking you really and i was impressed that you guessed Prince as murderer first in this house, Salman ask Prince what was that about kiss? Prince says i usually kiss people who sit beside me, Salman says i want that habit too, Kishwar says we gave kiss to your poster in house, Salman says ignore statement, all laugh, Salman ask gizele how she guessed it? Gizele says he kissed me out of blue so i doubted him, Salman says you were good so GIZELE YOU ARE SAFE, Gizele says all were thinking that i am going today but i am happy that i am safe. Salman ask Rochelle is her confidence is shaken? she says i thought Gizele doesnt have that much fan following, Salman says i will indirectly ask Suyyash if he is afraid of nominations? Suyyash says i will tell directly that yes i am, Salman says why? you can go home and easily keep a watch on Kishar but she wont be able to keep an eye on you and you will be free man, Kishwar laughs. Salman ask Priya how she said that she recognized killer in 3seconds? all laugh, Priya says i made uncomplicated task, a complicated one, Salman says you were in teacher mode, Priya says degrees dont work everytime. Salman ask Prince who he would have nominated for whole season if he had won task? Prince says Mandana or Rishab, Salman says why you all give Mandana so much importance? i mean whole house is against one person which is making her more famous, Priya says Mandana is very clever and she knows how to trigger others, like when Gizele entered, she knew Gizele knows her past and she likes to keep her enemies closer and this is what she did, she became friends with Gizele and kept her on her side so Gizele cant talk against her, Gizele says it wasnt Mandana but me who extended hand of friendship towards Mandana, Salman ask Priya where Rishab fits in this? Priya says Rishabw as my enemy and will remain enemy, it has nothing to do with Mandana but Rishab is at Mandana’s side. Salman ask Kishwar what will happen to gizele and Mandana’s friendship? Kishwar says they are soon going to fight, yesterday Mandana was saying that she feels like mother of Gizele and she is irritated with her, they are going to fight soon. Salman ask about group dynamics, Priya says 6people are a cool group, there is other group of 3people and i am individual, Rishab says we three are not a group, we are playing individually. Salman says you feel like that but you seems like part of group, Kishwar says we are group of 6people but we always welcome Priya when she comes, Priya says even Gizele ask me to sit with her but its Mandana and Rishab who never like if someone comes to have casual talk with them, Rishab says i dont have any problem but i just walk off when someone comes. Salman says there is nothing wrong in making group but it creates problem when you are in task as groups are broken but you all try to stick as a cool group or other group which affects task, also when did 6people become winner of Bigg boss? its an individual who becomes winner. Salman says what was that strategy to hide in washroom in whole task? he ask Keith if he was doing some other task with Rochelle? all laugh, Salman says we may get to know about your other task after 9months, all laugh, Gizele says i was telling Rishab that this is not the way to play task by hiding in washroom, Salman jokes about Gizele’s lips, Rochelle says even i think this group thing is not that cool, Priya says their individuality is losing being in group, Salman says PRIYA YOU ARE SAFE, he says someone is coming to meet you, Priya ask my husband? all wait, Salman calls some random guy from audience, all laugh, Salman says i was joking. Salman says RISHAB YOU ARE SAFE TOO, he thanks her. Salman says to Rishab that you were good in murder task but what happened in balloon task? Rishab says luck wasnt with me, Kishwar left task then Mandana’s balloon burst, Salman says Gizele wanted to do that task, it would have been hot task, Salman jokes to Gizele that people are liking your lips and some mark beneath your lips, Gizele is confused, Salman says people are liking one white hair of yours too, Gizele starts checking her hairs, all laugh, Priya tells gizele that Salman is joking. Salman ask Keith about Gizele? Keith says i like that she is straight forward and cool, Salman ask Rochelle if she is jealous? and what about that trust game? Rochelle says i have trust issue with everyone, not only Keith, Salman says you did that task with Suyyash and Nora took chance on Keith, Salman teases Nora about Prince that you should be same for Prince everyday.

Call is connected to snapdeal caller, caller says to Mandana that you called Keith servant of Rochelle and cool group, why? Mandana says Keith had individuality but after comign back, he doesnt voice his opinion and just talk what Rochelle tells him, Salma jokes if caller is bored with Mandana’s explanations? all laugh, call ends. Salman ask who they think will leave this week? Prince says i think its Suyyash, Mandana is strong contender as she gives content, Salman says then one who is seen on screen most gets famous too, Salman says you are good friend, Salman ask Gizele, she says i think its Suyyash, Salman ask her to say it in hotter way, she says its Suuuyyashh, all laugh, Salman ask Priya who is leaving today? she says i think its Rochelle, Salman ask Kishwar who she thinks is leaving? she says i have to say this by putting stone on my heart that its Suyyash who is leaving, Salman jokes that you have put stone over stone(her heart), Kishwar says thats so mean, Mandana says true, Kishwar gets angry on Mandana and ask her to mind her business, Mandana ask her why she is so aggressive, Kishwar says i am, what you will do? Salman says three most important inmates are in nominations now, one will be eliminated, it is the person who would have been finalist. Salman ask Rochelle who she thinks is going? she says i am going, Salman ask her to not cry, Rochelle says i am not crying, Salman says i will give you one news that is MANDANA IS SAFE, Mandana says you are in good mood Salman, Salman says my last day’s mood was good too, all laugh, Salman ask Rochelle to not cry, Keith hugs her, Kishwar sits with Suyyash too, Salman gets call and says its SRK on call, all are excited, Salman says i will tell you tomorrow if SRK is coming or not and also who will be eliminated Rochelle or Suyyash, he ends call and says SRK has come, i am going to receive him.

Salman and SRK are sitting around table, Salman says people got to know that promos were not fake but you are actually here, SRK says we should share our things with audience, Salman ask are you sure? SRK says yes, Salman says to SRK that we will have a game and name is “thappar se darr lagta hai”(afraid of slap), SRK jokes that you are fair, took dialogue slap from your movie and darr from my movie, Salman says if you give wrong answer then i will slap you, SRK jokes that your hand is heavy, Salman says i will ask questions about me. Salman ask do i drink tea before brushing my teeth? SRK says i know what you drink before brushing but i dont know about tea, Salman says wrong answer and slaps him on head with hand prop which they are holding. SRK ask Salman “rahul naam toh suna hoga”(you must have listened my name Rhaul), which movie of mine has this dialogue? Salman says “Junoon”, SRK says wrong answer and slaps his head with slap prop. Salman ask SRK if gets angry? SRK says not at all, you are very polite, humble, calm guy, you never get angry, everyone knows this that you are not aggressive at all, Salman laughs and gives him prop slap for answering wrong, SRK ask Salman about their movies together, Salman counts it and says we did 6movies together, SRK says right answer. Salman ask i keep lights on while sleeping? SRK says how would i know, i never slept with you, Salman says you did in Karan-Arjun time, dont lie, SRK jokes that my reputation is little shaky so let it be, they laugh, SRK says when you sleep, you dont care about lights, Salman says i keep one light on, SRK says me too to beware in sleep too, they laugh. SRK ask Salman if he snores at night? Salman says you snore so badly, i remember in Karan-Arjun time, he slept before us and started snoring so badly that we had to kick him out of room, SRK says dust was in my nose so i snored but i dont snore now, lets sleep after show then you will know. Salman ask SRK if i take bath from hot water? SRK says no you are macho so it doesnt matter to you if its cold or hot water, Salman says right answer, SRK ask Salman if a beautiful girl is passing then i check her out? Salman acts like he checking out girl from behind, SRK jokes that i check her out from front only, they laugh, Salman gives him slap on head from the slap prop, SRK ask why checkout so silently? Salman says no even if you see a girl slightly then they think that we are checking out, SRK agrees.

PRECAP- Salman and SRK comes on stage on bike. They dance together. Salman and SRK runs in slow motion and hugs each other on song Yeh bandhan to Pyar ka Bandhan hai. Later the mouths each others dialogues like SRK saying Salman’s dialogue “ek baar commitment Kardi toh khud ki bhi sunta”(if i do commitment then i dont listen to myself even) and Salman saying “Don ko Pakarna mushkil hi namumkin hai”(catching don is impossible). Later they dance on each others song, SRK dances on Salman’s song Dhinka Chika while Salman dances on SRK’s song Lungi dance. They hug each other after dance while “Mere Karan-Arjun ayengy”(their movie’s famous dialogue) plays in background.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • jas

      But he is taking side for one group only. He never use his brain. He only follow his girlfriend.
      Still he is better the others

  1. Sweetie

    And also kishwer is visibly upset.. that is the only reason i think she snapped at mandana.. coz shes really worried that suyyahs will leave…

    But keith is just soooo adorable….. I love rochele and m also jealous of her…


    Sorry u gave your opinion about mandana and I called u biased forgetting that Iam too biased towards prince. Iam sorry for that .
    You asked statements from me about mandana.
    I have given statements(my opinion) against the five points which you have given in my previous comments. I cant write them again

    Anyways I respect your opinions and mine is totally different from yours. No matter u are a sanchalak. Ha ha.

    • harshal

      Siva, hehe, glad that i retained my position as sanchalak πŸ˜›
      and no need to worry about calling me biased thing. I myself agree that i am biased when it comes to mandana. chill, no need to be sorry. I didn’t feel bad about it. When i feel bad about something, i normally ignore that thing/person without giving it much importance.
      about your statements, i think they are still stuck in moderation process, cause am unable to see your reply there.,i will check them(whenever possible) and reply to them. i know you can’t write them back, this forum page doesn’t even have copy-paste option -_-

  3. Poor Rochelle and keith
    Poor suyyash and kishwer
    Mandana will be enjoying now

    Why big boss why?
    They are really genuine and good couples.



  4. So happy rishabh is safe.i guess its suyash going.a big warning to cool group specially keith & roch.& like some people here wanted gizele is safe.gizele is also a very entertaining so its good tht she is safe.salman was damm funny with her.& with suyash also.suyash was looking so nervous.felt bad for him.but nw its time for weak players to go.u cant always hide in a grp.i wish next week nora nominated ho.when salman asked mandy tumhare khetome priya allowed hai?hillarious.aur jab roch ko btaya tht mandy is safe tht was also funny.aur vo ek detective ek

    • harshal

      Salman was in full-on fun mood and was cracking jokes after jokes and teasing contestants.but best of all for me was definitely that random guy coming on stage and salman saying to priya someone has come to see her. bechaari priya, expected her husband, got emotional and after watching him was like “yeh kaun hai?” so cruel yet so funny… laughed so much at that…

  5. piya

    SRK! *_* *_**_*
    it’s great to see salman and shahrukh together ^_^
    now about the inmates,though i don’t like rochelle but i felt bad for keith πŸ™
    he was really sad πŸ™
    i am happy that rishab is safe πŸ™‚
    so it’s suyyash or rochelle….i wanna see how their partners play when one of them are gone…

  6. SRK – Sallu Milan πŸ™‚ so excited OMG can’t wait for tomorrow
    Phew, Gizelle is safe and she deserves it
    I think Suyyash will be the one to be evicted, but I must admit his bravery for not hiding in the washroom, which his gf has also done.
    Rochelle was down this week, I hope she realizes it and comes back with a bang next week
    And SRK looked good in Dilwale, I liked his movie in terms of entertainment, but I liked Bajirao Mastani in terms of story

  7. Goms

    Salman sir love you soo much…i melted in your smile…
    The way you joked about gizel was fun..
    keith and kishwer looked little bit worried..

    I feel bad for prince that if he would won that show he would have been a star now.

    And he would have created history of winning three shows.

  9. asap

    what bb said its true…the whole house gv mandana so much importance…shis ruling in the house…mandy bring the crown home…prince knows you are a great contender…win the de show mandy…

  10. How are people voting for a girl who does nothing. No task. Just irritating. And laughing when Salman bangs others . I hate her evil smile(MANDANA).


  11. asap

    why shouldnt mandy be happy about der eviction,if she was to be evicted dey will all be dey r accusing mandana…u fans of other inmates should jes let her rest..mandana ds n dat..menh thats her game….everybody loves de way shiz playing…i know ds week shes going to be evryones target….i hate this biaseness towads mandy..seriously

    • Sush

      Coz mandy z a b***h..
      My fav intimate was aman.. n now no 1 z my fav.. n i was hating kish n mandy a lot since 2nd day..
      Bt aftr so many weeks i can only say mandy n roch r d worst..
      So irritatng n always want to grab attention..
      Dose who r supporting mandy lyk u plz go n stay with mandy atleast fr 2 days with cameras around.. n den come n comment dat c z so innocent n every1 z aftr her..
      D girl who irritate othrs n then acts lyk victm z so abla nari n u people r supporting her..
      If suyash goes 2morrow then its again nt fair.. coz suyash z nt best bt betr dan mandy

  12. Each one who plays indivisually got saved.even cool grp is nt cool at all.ab next week roch pakka kishwar se zagda show her “indivisuality”.insecurity ki dukaan.lets see hw kish plays without suyash.

  13. II

    I felt very bad for ksh when slmn said pathar pe pathar to her as she was saying dil pe —–suys jayega. May be outwardly hard but inwardly soft,joyful,friendly indeed a combination of varied qualities. Hope she wins bb! Kya kaith me priya allowed hai to mndy was funny. ‘mai vaha be aakar fasal katoongi ” was the epic reply from fighter pilot priya. .
    Thankgod! Gisle saved.!ppl started liking u. Priya looked too confident while explaining things to salman. She could have mellowed down a little bit atleast before slmn. She didnt come out of teachrs charctr yet. Even wknd ka vow is starting with priyas fght with rishb. Why slmn sir say notthing to priya about her minus points. In a funny way he cld hav said “just like ur nose ring ur husbnd wld be wearng earring srry hearing aid. Mai nai! Veiwers bolrahe ki woh be pehen rahehai aapke chilane ke kripa se. ” pakka theen sec me jan jayenge ki koun logo ke kaan ke kathil hai. She wll say on the cmra in slw motion “priya malick is the real (ear)kller.”. Haha ha! But i likeu. But i wl vote for ksh in the finale.

  14. Thanisk

    How did gizzel was safe? I hate gizzel. She always talk about only rochell she don’t have any other topic it’s very very irritating.

  15. Annamma James

    Really Giziele is dump or acting like dat….Salman made a lot of fun of her..
    I noticed also mandana evil smile…
    Guys kish is really stressed dats y she shouted on mandana…Kish is iron lady….She is trying to hide her feelings….poor…
    @ Siva am supporting our Prince…
    But I like kish also…

  16. santu

    It was ok episode. My only complaint is why salman dint grill Keith for his mistakes as sanchalak. Ok Rishabh dint show fighting spirit. But how can he win when kish I’d definitely leaving early and sanchalak is Keith who is close to prince.keith should ve got 3 times Wat Rishab got. Fir example it’s sanchalak work to see that all 3 balloons r blasted to rule out a contestant. Even if Rishab argues with him and keith would ve said acc to me if one ball on goes off its out.. Wat can Rishab do fight with him? Very unfair task.. abd partial salman..

    • harshal

      even i didn’t get that part and priya’s reasoning there saying rishabh was at fault there. Sanchalak are there to make contestants abide by the rule and make decisions related to the task, so, all the fault in that balloon burst incident lies with keith. Rishabh got blamed for no reason there :/

  17. Ritika

    Nice to know Gizele is safe πŸ™‚ I hope either Kish or Mandana win this show…they are wierd but never “act” sweet just for the show and v.straightfwd! Priya and Gizele can stay too- they r kinda funny πŸ˜€ Rochelle and Prince r v.confused!

  18. Ritika

    Rishabh….bahut chup rehta hai….should interact more…keith toh chodo- time for him to go! And i expected the previous keith to gv a strong competition to others and look at him now :O i guess hez broken down after his brother’s death and nt so confident from inside anymore πŸ™ Nora and her fake lover boy- Arghhh! :/

  19. Maxx

    The things i hated..
    *Keith and Rochelle’s face if someone would have seen,it seemed both shi*ted in their pants.

    *The evil smile on mandana’s face while she affirmed that kish’s heart is stone and that too at the time when she’s already tensed doesn’t look fair(As salman pointed out she just adds spark to the cracker and runs..).Here too kish replied harshly and audience will think kish is bad and mandana will cry near camera..wth!

    I think suyyash has fallen prey to cool group where he remained unobserved and now he’ll
    be gone and rochelle will learn a lesson and will surely fight with kish to come out of cool group image .
    prince will share bond with two k’s only and rishabh will mandana only.Rest left might form a women chattering and snitching group!


  20. @HARSHAL
    Iam not stuck in moderation process, I slept . But thanks , your reply was nice and Iam glad that you understood the situation.

  21. synyster

    Dude,Mandana’s suppoerters won’t agree but she changes her bahaviour according to situations .I agree yesterday she was quite happy that kishwer was sad and she knew she will be saved by her blind supporters.I have never seen any human side of her ever.She is such a lady that won’t give water to a man dying of thurst….

  22. asap

    sush,inmates ar in bb to win show not to make love like prince..prince is using nora to grab attention dts hes game..nobody is blaming him for it….den y r yu so pisd with mandys actions…shiz playing game cant yu see…shiz using her head…all joind cool group thinkn dey will be look wat roch s going tru…mandy is playing individual game here…prince is also playing his game..but no1 wanna talk bawt it….he too knws mandy is very intelligent..n mks use of her brains..we mandy fans wud kip voting till de end..#teamMandana

  23. ManuelFerrara

    If mandana wins the show..her WINNING SPEECH!…………………………………………………………………………..’i won but i’ll say it on the face======>bigboss chu*ia hai and janta chu*ia hai and salman ji acche hai par chu*ia hain………..So voters vote mandana and attain a high post………………………..:D:D:D:D

  24. Sreevani

    And Gizelle and priya are safe?
    Lol biasedd one..
    Prince or Mandhana is going to final as it is a scripted one.
    And Salman was good at Rochelle when she was with Mandhana for last 2 months but now for 2 weeks he is bashing her for no reason..
    People here just think how Roch supported Mandana! Even i will not continue my friendship with the girl like mandhana who backb*t*h about the one who supported her. Yes Priya was right that gizelle knows about Mandhana’s personal things so mandhana becomes Gizelle’s manager..
    According to team Bigg boss 9 the one who dont do task, Fight with everyone, crocodile cry —> Mandhana,
    making romance, flirt, making a family show to Adult show, shouter —-> Prince will enter finaleee πŸ™‚
    P.S: At starting my fav was Mandhana but after watching 2 months i understand how fake she is..

    • Jonwick

      Yes! He supports mandana somewhere more than others and hates sukish more than others ,rest lie in between.

  25. Hate Salman for not bashing rishabh and priya. Rishabh failed to keep murdered ones in coffin , he has no photos with him ,he talked to murdered ones and got clues. Otherwise rishabh would have doubted priya and priya doubted rishabh.
    Salman only pointing Keith and rochelles mistakes
    Salman takes care of mandanas friends too
    100% biased
    [don’t say that Salman not scolded prince for telling truth to mandana . Prince did it because he was going to behave rudely to mandana , so he told it before that he is the killer so that mandana understands it is a task].

    • harshal

      Siva, as far as i saw, rishabh was the one who got bashed the most yesterday, and that too for an incident in which, it was not his fault(balloon burst incident). Keith was the sanchalak and he should have been told that what was told to rishabh, given that its duty of sanchalak to watch that contestants abide by rules and make decisions in the task.
      Also, he literally made fun and teased everyone yesterday, even mandana. He was in a good mood, cracking jokes at all and didn’t bash anyone(just rishabh, but that too very little, it was more like minor scolding). So, no, he is not biased…….
      lastly, prince didn’t tell that to mandy and giz due to the reason that you mentioned. it was only out of frustration as cool group was hiding in bathroom together like cowards and he could not kill anyone due to that. He had given up on task almost then calling all of them(cool group) bujdil and only got rejuvenated when bb told him to finish killing in last 5 hours in that secret bathroom,

    • Jonwick

      @[email protected] recently a poll was conducted by boc website about if salman is partial towards mandana 60% say yess!

  26. shanu

    Ya right.
    Salman khan gives mandana huge supports and thats not done, really unfair with others.
    Rishab became the hero in the killer task just becoz the dead people started to talk and the killer himself revealed his truth infront of common people otherwise rishab didn’t do anything appreciable…but i am sure mandana is going to win this show which i don’t want to happen….

  27. Ek bat to accept karlo gizele was better thn suyash this week.aur yar bigg boss hai koi sas bahu serial hai kya jo ekjut hoke khel rhe ho?its so annoying jab 6 people milke kisi ek ko target karte hai.for example jab kitchen me zagda hua to roch & kish went to help priya itna mandy pe gussa tha to roch akeli chali jati aur bat karti.kish ko kyu leke gyi protection ke liye?& even keith & suyash & prince were there to be their lawyer.means u need 6 people to fight with a girl?agar roch akeli chali jati to it cud hav been luked better.kisi ke sath bonding hona achi bat hai grp hona bhi buri bat nhi hai.but apne opinions rakho.thts all bigg boss is abt na?agar koi kisi ko kuch bol rha hai 6 log aa jate hai.jaise gizele keith ko unfair bol rhi thi to sare bat kar rhe the.are let both of them solve their issues.let every1 fight their own fights.aap kisi ke sath grpme ho to iska matlab nhi ki aap unki har bat se agrre karo.& thts nt possible.sirf nomination bachne ke liye kisi ke ha me ha milana.quite insulting to urself.

    • kushagra

      Prince didnt advocate for anyone in the fight neither priya nor fight he went to mandana to make her understand also wen she snapped at gizelle
      keith also didnt advocate
      prince only said that u cant stop anyone from coming in kitchen and to lower their voices and dont fight on food

  28. nancy

    Exactly @anu r..
    You are right this groupism is not real, it is just a way to save themselves from nominations..
    Rochelle will proof this next week by leaving the group because she must have got this in her mind that this group of no use to her…

  29. Rahul

    Salman was kidding and NO ONE is evicted from the house. They’ll postpone the eviction & votes won’t be wasted.

  30. bbdt

    Salman bol rahe hai ki aap mandy ko kyun imp de rahe ho…koi bhi usko imp nahi de raha…magar salman ke kahne se important ho gayi…simple…he just did what he wants….bb mandy ka har bath dikhaa raha hai…even face mask lagaana bhi….tho actually who gives imp to mandy….

  31. Now everyone got answer

    Mandana teases people at right time(when someone is sad,angry) and when they show their anger ,for the audience it I like


  32. A7x

    Contestants nick names..
    Suyash-joru ka slave
    Prince-tharki takla
    Keish-mother india
    Rochelle-paltu devi
    Mandana-Radhe maa (faithful bhakts)
    keith-mandir ka ghanta
    Rishabh-dall badlu
    Priya-Neta ji
    Giselle-hippy lippy
    Nora-katil hasina

  33. ManuelFerrara

    gisele:fata dhol
    Nora:Characterless chori
    Priya:Chu*iya chudel
    Rishabh : Protein shake
    Prince :pappibaaz takla
    Rochelle:keith ka pati
    Kishwar:pootna Rakshasi
    Mandana-teekhi mirchi
    Keith: door mat
    Suyyash: paltu gadha

  34. Jeez

    I guys must say this on Twitter and staff…there whole world knows and it’s been on Internet that sallu favors Mandy..!!! If he or his producers read this then maybe it’ll change a bit ….and only india should vote for finale….in that way mandana will lose ….surely this show is scripted and Salman ka hukum chalta ha…..(PAISA BOLTA HE)

  35. harshal

    ok, wowww!!!! Literally just 2 minutes of mandy in the whole episode that was filled with jokes and fun and srk-salman game, and almost 70-75% of the comments are filled with mandy support and mandy bash.
    1) If bigg boss house is considered as solar system, mandy would definitely be the SUN. almost everything in the house revolves around her right now. And i am seeing this trend getting started even here in this forum.
    2) to some of the prince supporters(not all), i just wonder and am confused whether you are prince supporters more or mandy haters more πŸ˜› …. no offence, but i see you guys bashing mandy more these days rather than supporting prince (competition fear????).
    3) Please refrain from calling mandy fans words like “blind fans”, “bhakts” or even some lines like “Get a life”. we have eyes, you have eyes. we support her for some reason, you guys support your respective inmate for some reason, its as simple as that πŸ™‚ . No need for personal attacks, lets keep the forum clean and related to episodes only.

    Sorry if anyone got hurt by my comment. I tried to keep my comment as clean as possible. still, if it hurt someone’s feelings, my deepest apologies. cheers, enjoy bigg boss 9 and have fun.

    • harshal

      also, its getting a little stale and boring now. Lets discuss about other inmates too. I know prince and mandy are famous one’s here and to some extent rishabh and kish, but let’s not fill every comment regarding the two only. It only gets boring and repetitive this way…

    • Jonwick

      Ya, @harshal that is the reaon why 90% Mandy lovers also love prince(although less than mandy) but 90% of the prince lovers just hate mandy (you being the exception)

      • harshal

        actually i think that hatred is from both sides. mandy lovers hate prince, prince lovers hate mandy. there are always some exceptions though who like both, just like you said

  36. I think no eviction this week and double eviction next week is a better option.
    If there is no eviction
    confirm there will be this dialouge
    As SRK has come to BB house for the first time , there will be no eviction this week so no one is leaving home today.
    Might be said by SRK, Sallu or BB

  37. Srk-salman together…Cant wait for the episode…Gizelle u rock…I really feel bad when salman teases for her lips.. But she is damn funny..

  38. Jonwick

    According to a poll conducted by hindustan times mandana got less votes than rishabh and priya now that proves that country is atleast not completely blind..cuz just got votes slightly higher than rochelle and suyyash has to go today.

    • harshal

      actually jonwick, that’s the polls for “who should get evicted this week?” definitely mandy haters would have voted for mandy to get evicted. she got around 8% votes i think to get evicted. rishabh got 4.5%, priya 5%, rochelle 12%, gizelle 26% and suyyash 43%. and that’s why they said rishabh and priya beat mandy.
      But when it comes to saving any contestant this week, voting trend shows that mandy bagged most votes to get saved. almost double the votes than 2nd placed rochelle. rest were flickering up and down πŸ™‚

      • harshal

        and the biggbosscolours polls show rishabh with most votes, mandy 2nd and gizelle was least in that. I think that’s why many are feeling that rishabh beat mandy, and gizelle should have got eliminated. but those are just polls(1 website) and just opinions of those who follow those polls and vote there. Many people voting in reality, tend to ignore those kinds of polls as they don’t give real and official voting picture….

  39. Sahil

    BB should bring yuvika as guest entry for a week then prince’s reality would come out and reall BB’s double trouble show starts.

      • Sahil

        Not for here nor for there . Dhobi ka k na ghar ka na bar ka . When rish was getting closer to her that time he went with suyyesh to rish to tell him stay away from yuvika. Prince said same lines to nora as said to yuv in first week sitting outside toilets ” main tum ko save karon ga chaye mere khud ka nam dena pade. ”

  40. oni

    mandy kisi k sath frndship me tikti nahi he or woh prhlr din se sabhi ko bolti aae he ki frndship har ek task k sath change hoti rehegi… woh akeli hi thik he….. blind mandy k supporter nahi balki 6logo k grp k supporter he…..jhund me joh he weh sochte he ki jhund me rehke ek ek ko nominate karke bahar nikalenge lekin ab jund se niklega toh pata chalega bb he kya….. or kon kitna bb ko samaj raha he weekend me pata chal jata…kiske kitne supporter he….. prince and kisher nominate nahi hote or mandy or rishab har week nominate hote he or save hote he…indirectly bb me group banake kissi ko target karke audience ko like karne par chhor dete he….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.