Bigg Boss 9 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 68
Song Chal Chhaiya chhaiya plays, inmates wake up and dance together.

Mandana says to Gizele that what you said last night, it hurt me, you said that i am wild card and i can talk to everyone, Gizele says its show so i have to talk to everyone, Mandana says if you are with me then you dont need to talk to others, i cant take it, if you wanna be with me then you dont need to be nice with them, Gizele says you talk to them, i dont tell you to not talk to them, this house is very small, i cant ignore everyone, Mandana says ok you talk to them, i will not talk to you, she leaves, Gizele says this is your ego now.
Rochelle says Madnana is now fighting with Gizele, she might be thinking that since Gizele will be evicted this week so lets create a scene

with her too to get footage, she is too much, Priya says when Gizele came in house, Mandana said that Gizele is her enemy from before and as we know Mandana likes to be closer to her enemy more, she thinks that its good to fake friendship with enemies so they cant take advantage of he, she is cowards policy, Keith says and being with friends is what policy? Priya that lions do that.
Mandana comes to Rishab and tells him that i istened Priya saying to Rochelle that i like to keep my enemies closer to me and that Gizele is my enemy thats why i am faking friendship with her, Rishab ask her to let them say what they want.

Priya comes in Kitchen and says to Rishab that you have talked about me to everyone but i didnt say anything about you to anyone, i dont want to be in any group, Rishab says we are not a group, Priya says it can be seen easily that you three are a group, i can easily leave you people as you are minority, Rishab says who are you to tell that we are group? i can also see that you wanna be part of cool group.
Prince says to nora that Rishab wants Footage thats why he is shouting at Priya.
Rishab says to Priya that you took my jacket and protein which is my favorite when i was so cooperative with you, i coul have biggest problem for you in your captaincy, Priya says i was captain and i had to be fair with everyone, Gizele ask Priya to not shout, Priya says who are you to tell me to not shout? he is shouting too, Rishab says to Priya that why did you take my protein? Priya says people live with so many less thing and you are worried about protein shake, you are materialistic, Rishab leaves, Gizele says if you had to give away protein then i would have seen you, Priya says my make up, my clothes, my whole bag is gone too but i am not complaining about it.

bigg boss shows inmates their stuff which different captains have given to bigg boss as punishment to inmates, now inmates have chance to get it back. Bigg boss ask captain Prince who deserve to get his/her most? Prince says Priya doesnt have her bag as i gave it away earlier so she is taking clothes from others so i wanna give her name, Bigg boss ask him to give two more names, Prince gives Rishab and Kishwar’s name. bigg boss ask Priya, Rishab and Kishwar to go to double trouble room.
they come in double trouble room and stand in different booths, Bigg boss says you will be given 4 options and you will have to press or not press button as per that. options are:
if one of them presses the button then he or she will get stuff back while other two will not get it.
if two of them presses the button then the one who didnt press button will get things.
if three of them presses the button then they will not get their things back and also each of them will have to give one more thing.
if none of them presses button then they will not get anything and one more inmate will have to give his/her whole stuff to bigg boss too.
Rishab, Priya and Kishwar thinks what to do, inmates sees them on Tv and says Priya and Rishab will press it.

Rishab, Priya and Kishwar comes back in lounge, bigg boss says in double trouble room Priya and Kishwar pressed buttons so they will not get their things and Rishab didnt press button so Rishab will get his stuff from store room. Rishab comes in store room and takes his protein shake. Kishwar says to Priya that i thought you would not press button and Rishab would do it so you will get your bag, Priya says i am not concerned about my bag much.

Gizele says to Rishab that have you noticed one thing? Nora doesnt talk to us much but she tries at you alot, Rishab says i am not dying for her attention, Gizele says she gives you attention, Rishab says she can give but thats not my style.

Priya reads instruction that Prince will take one girl on date, the girl’s name will be decided by Priya, she laughs and says i am joking, she reads that Prince will decide who will go on date with him, before he announces name of girl, girls have to do activity and have to impress Prince so he can choose them to go on date with him, Prince thanks bigg boss.

Suyyash says to Prince that now we will see if you choose Nora over Rochelle who is with you for 70days, he teases Prince. Gizele ask Mandana what she will do in task? Mandana says we know his answer but still we have to do it as its a task, Priya says do it for task. Nora says Prince should choose me or Rochelle else he will be gone.

All are in garden. Prince is in lounge, Gizele comes in first, she starts talking, Bigg boss ask her to wear mike, all laugh outside. Gizele wears mike and says to Prince that i likw you from day one and you are manly, your aggressive nature is good, if you were not here with family then we would have enjoyed together, she leaves.
Mandana is next, all tease Mandana, Mandana says i dont care about this task, she comes in, Prince laughs seeing her. Mandana says to Prince that if we were in Punjab then i would have made food for you and we would have enjoyed under tree, Prince says what about your boyfriend? she says i am single for 5minutes. Keith looks at Mandana and says for first time, i am seeing her shy for first time.
Kishwar comes to Prince, Prince hugs her and says you are my sister, i cant cheat Suyyash, he is my brother, i cant take you on date, Kishwar says no, Suyyash shouts from outside that Prince your one(Nora) is with me, Prince sends Kishwar out.
Rochelle comes to Prince, Prince says first Suyyash was seeing me from outside and now Keith is eyeing me, i cant cheat Keith, Rochelle says i just wanna say that i have learned alot from you, like shouting fighting, loving and making relations, Prince laughs.
Priya comes to Prince and says we have hot and cold relation so its good if we spend time to understand each other.
Rishab says to Nora that i know Prince will choose you, he likes you. Everyone ask Nora to go in, Kishwar says go Nora and live your life. Nora comes in lounge, Prince says hey baby, Nora sits with him. outside Gizele jokes with Suyyash and acts like Nora and says that i love you, will you be able to ask my hand from my father? do you think that i am nicer that Yuvika?
Nora says to Prince that you have 5minutes, he jokes if you have come to ask out for date or to blackmail me?Nora says we are friends, we do everything together, i can dance for you, she sings Yeh Mera dil, she hugs him and says take me on date, all come in, Kishwar says we make food for you and you will do this with me?

Prince says to Priya that what you said to me to convince for date, i liked only 20% of it and i cant take my sister Kishwar on date, he says Nora helps me, she spends time with me, she is nice with me, all say aww, Prince says so i will go on date with her.

Priya comes in kitchen, Mandana ask her to leave, she says dont help me, boys are there to help us. Priya leaves, Gizele says to Mandana that it was rude what you did with Priya, Mandana says i seriously dont need her.
Priya comes to Rochelle and says i went to help Mandana but she told me to leave, Keith i will not go again, Rochelle says lets go and talk to Mandana, Kishwar says she will not talk to us.
Rishab jokes to Mandana that food will be spicy today, Priya comes there and says i just came to help you Mandana, Rishab says if you both dont get alongwell then let Mandana cook alone, Priya says you are saying just cause Mandana doesnt like so i cant come in kitchen? Keith asked me to help Mandana so i came, Rishab says who is Keith to order anyone? Priya says who is Mandana to stop me from cooking, Mandana says fine you all cook, she leaves kitchen, Rochelle says she cant order anyone. Rishab says to Priya that dont shout at him again, Priya says i will shout whenever i want, Rishab shouts to talk nicely with him, Rochelle ask Rishab to not talk rudely to Priya.
Gizele comes to Mandana, Mandana says this is why i wanted Priya to not come in kitchen, she creates fights, Gizele says Rishab is taking stand for you and fighting for you, Mandana says if i am cooking then i know my team, Gizele says date was going to come, everyone was enjoying and you started fight, Mandana says you wanna hangout with her than go, Priya just want to fight, why are you taking her side? Mandana shouts at her, gizele gets angry and says you are as mad as Priya. she comes in lounge and says Priya and Mandana keep shouting all the time, why they are fighting over food, i am getting frustrated, Kishwar says Priya was not shouting, you are mad, she gets angry on Gizele, Prince shouts that dont fight, whoever wants to cook can and others can sit at home, there is no need to fight, Rochelle says to Gizele that no comment was done on you, Kishwar says let her think what she wants to, Kishwar shouts at Gizele and says its Mandana who was shouting, Gizele ask her to not shout, you are goon, you are same as Mandana. Prince says i dont want Mandana not in kitchen, he ask Kishwar to cook rice. Kishwar says to Gizele yes i will shout what you will do, Gizele says dont shout at me, i can shout too, Kishwar says no you understand? Gizele ask her to not provoke her and i am not Mandana that i will start crying when you shout, i cant shout back too, Prince ask them to not fight and shouts more.

Rishab says to Priya that when you shout, your voice irritates me, i get stuck in your and Mandana’s fights, Priya says i wasnt shouting at you, now you are not letting me speak too, you accepted that Mandana was wrong sending me from kitchen, i was taking out my frustration by cutting potato and ranting about Mandana and you thought i was shouting at you, rishab says you took out your frustration at me, Priya laughs.

Rishab and Priya are fighting with pillows, Gizele says to Priya that you and Rishab fight so weirdly, i got stuck in all that, you both fight like kids, Priya says when you entered fight, it got ugly, Gizele says i got into fight because of you Priya and then Kishwar and Mandana started shouting at me for no reason, if you both were fighting in fun way then why did you involve in all that? you both were shouting at each other like crazies and now you are both laughing as if you were fighting in fun, it makes no sense.

Nora and Prince comes in garden on date, they like the setup, Prince thanks Nora to be his friend, he says alot has changed in his journey.
Prince jumps in pool, Nora ask him if he has gone mad? Prince brings gifts from pool for her, he gifts her bracelet, he fills wine for her, he ask what kind of guy you like for you? she says he should be understanding, i dont like judgmental people at all, Prince says people dont take reality show couple seriously, they think that its fake, love cant happen so suddenly and when you are in show you cant fall in love, Nora says connection can happen in house, Prince says we can extend that connection after show and then love can happen, Nora says we get along well, Prince says why you said before entering show that you wanna give love to Prince or Rishab? Nora says Salman asked me whats your agenda? so i said that Prince or Rishab needs love so i might be able to give them love then he asked me who i like more Rishab or Prince? so i said Rishab because you liked Yuvika, she says joking i said i like Prince. Prince says if i will feel for you then i will let you know, i will tell you clearly and you will have to understand, Nora jokes that if i dont understand then? Prince says i will try to explain again, dheere dheere songs starts playing, Prince takes Nora’s hand, they both dance close to each other, Nora runs, Prince runs behind her, Prince lifts Nora in his arms, he kisses Nora’s forehead and hugs her.

PRECAP- Tomorrow history will be created as the Jodi is coming for whom whole India is waiting i.e Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan will share stage together.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru

    This is why we shudnt trust the precap.. πŸ˜€
    Ab bb hi prince ko date pe bejna chahe tho bechara prince kya kare… LOL..
    Prince ki tho nikal padi… πŸ˜€
    I loved that whole task.. It was soo funny.. Everyone..
    – How suyyash, kieth nd rishab wer making fun of prince befre the task..
    – the teasing from inmates standing outside..
    – gizeles proposal nd bb saying – gizele agar aap mike pehan leti tho acha hota..
    – mandy’s hai bro.. Killed it..
    – kish.. No words.. Prince that was totally entertaining..
    – roch too… Cool..
    – priya.. 😐
    – nora.. Such a dramebaaz.. Full too flirting..
    The dubsmash outside by gizele was the best part ..

    Goshh i was laughing the whole time… Also while prince announcing the name, it was fun..

    The date was nice too.. Awesome setup.. Nd i liked how they talked… Abt yuvika(i guess that wud clear many ppl’s doubt abt prince ), abt nora’s strategy.. Sweet…

      • Neeru

        @pranzal,,, that was really sweet of you to say that… Thanx dear… πŸ™‚
        But Me ? Contestant as a bb. ?? Haha… i feel sitting at home nd commenting is one thing nd actually being there is a totally different thing… May be you’ll start hating me then.. πŸ˜‰

        Nywaz keep sharing opinions.. wud love to know your views .. Whos your fav contstnt BTW ?

      • Haha.. I wont hate u… I like ur cmnts

        Well i like prince… N nwdays he has been growing vry well… Bt i jst dnt like wen he is too loud

        And also my fav contestants depends on the whl weekend activities bt fr prince i like him..
        N even prince beeing wid nora i find nthing bad dey cleared evything.. Bt dey lukes so swet tgthr loved dis epi

      • Neeru

        I agree.. They are open abt their strategy.. As for yuvika he cleared it yesyrdy with nora … I liked how he said that he liked yuvika, she is sweet, evn you wud hv loved her..

        So i dont get why ppl point out the same Baseless thing again nd again..
        The way they say it , aisa lahtha hai jaise, yuvika said yes nd they wer in a relationship nd wen she went out ,prince forgot her nd started “loving” nora..

    • jonwick

      @Neeru some people’s doubt won’t be cleared cuz they don’t want to shed those rotten thoughts! I mean ,can’t a boy and girl have each other’s company.ppl every thing is not love and commitment some things are meant to be taken easy and just let go ,after all it’s fun and nothing else and that too happening with both’s consent.Can’t friends behave this way …traditional minds!

    • Neeru

      Oops,, I took an entire comment for the date task.. I enjoyed it wayy too much.. How good to see the whole house together, having fun..

      Now the other things..

      – prince good choice to select priya nd rishab for the double trouble room.. I guess rishab was more considerate towards priya once he got bck his protein..

      – mandy asks priya not to help her,, There are boys.. frankly That din sound too much rude.. But gizele says that was rude nd then the rest becomes wild..

      In short,,
      Priya goes in nd complains, Rochelle devi comes to rescue, mandana leaves, priya shouts, rishab shouts, priya shouts evn more..
      Gizele goes in, mandy blames her for creating the issue, prince comes to solve, mandy shouts at gizele, gizele shouts back nd leaves..
      Gizele comes back, shouts at everyone, kish shouts too..
      Boys , in the mean time try to solve it.. prince SHOUTS, rishsb throws somethng, kieth goes in..


      Finally priya nd rishab are frnds again, cool grp togethr nd giz – Mandy miffed with each othr.. :/

      • harshal

        neeru exactly πŸ˜› …. poor gizelle, i felt she was genuine in that whole fiasco. Mandy’s point was right too as was proved later when fight began. main culprit priya however got everything on her side(footage, later friends back with rishabh, seems it was fake fight) and these 2 suffered(well all house suffered actually, prince, kish, suyyash, even keith)….
        the most frustating thing about priya when people say her not to shout , she is like, “meri marzi, mai chillaungi” -_- …. all the fun that i had watching the stupid priya of task and the wish that she survives for more weeks to watch her stupidity is gone with the last 2 episodes. She just never shutssss…….

      • Jonwick

        @neeru didn’t like what mandy said to gisel that if you talk with them i won’t talk with you and then to priya if you cook then i won’t.Finally she fought with gisel too.Childish again! Looks really pi***d off 24*7 and totally non supportive.
        I Had started liking mandana but past 2-3 days she ruined it all!
        It seems she pretended to be good last week but after salman favored her she has undergone 180 degree reversal.

  2. piya

    national television pe prince ka popat ho raha hai :3
    OMG!what the hell is he doing…he proposed yuvika and now he is trying to impress nora..and he also said,when he first came into the house every girl rejected him!like seriously!?!
    who says these things…this is big boss not splitzvilla or any matrimonial would be better if he only focused on the game ryt now…
    And mandana…aur kitna drama karegi ye footage k liye? :/
    when she doesn’t find any issue she starts making unnecessary and annoying stupid issues -_-

  3. Nice chemistry between prince n nora?… Even if it is jst fr game… Dey shre a good bond…
    N i didnt liked mandana saying gizelle nt to tlk wid the othrs… Dats really weird..

    Well i m nt able to undrstnd mandy… Somtyms i like her n somtyms totally dislike her ?

  4. jonwick

    I had started liking mandana but past 2-3 she has gone even worse….All you can see is a creature Walking here and there totally pi*sed off that too without a reason totally non supportive behaving like a 5 year old girl..It feels awkward that this is the girl whole nation want to see and get depressed for 1 hr .She keep her nose shrinked 24*7 .Today i was like oh god! these antics!
    Apart from it I didn’t like Rishabh supporting mandana in all this and for god Sake gooselle ! Keep your mouth shut! She speaks and cries over meaningless things.Hope she’ll be gone this week.
    Today prince couldn’t control his lips,he looked super excited for date!
    Nothing special to say about date.Lets see how salman reacts to this weeks drama.

    • harshal

      jonwick, for the first time i think, i couldn’t agree to your comment.

      1) mandy was not unsupportive in any way. She clearly hates priya and just didn’t want priya shouting and fighting in the kitchen, cause whenever she is around rishabh, she is fighting needlessly. what’s wrong with that? o.O Only wrong thing she did was shout at gizzelle for that “how rude” comment by her, blaming her for the fight that was going on. she is avoiding fights, you can clearly see that. even earlier when priya was taunting mandy in the room(keeping enemies closer thing), she didn’t react. I think she is just trying to stay away from priya as she knows that priya is just instigating everyone to fight with her. and how come suddenly everyone wants to help mandy in cooking ?
      2) rishabh only said to priya, ” if mandana doesn’t need your help, and tum logon ki nahi patati, toh kyu tum yahaan aake tamashaa kar rahi ho”. fair comment i would say. then those two fakely got into fight involving shouting and stuffs… they admitted it was fake later to giz.
      3) gizelle was innocent as anything today, and yet suffered the most in this fight. she was awesome during that date task too. and she looked sensible too. felt bad for her today…..

      • Jonwick

        No issue! Let me explain my pov.
        I said i hate the way giselle shouts and cries in that raucous tone.
        Yesterday her fault was in the begining of the argument when priya and rishabh were shouting over each other,she said priya stop shouting! Looks outrageous when other one is shouting too and not taunted.ok.
        I’ll be neutral here cuz i also hate priya.

        Mandana’s fault:
        1.Says to gisel if you talk to others don’t talk to me (result:giselle hurt,mandana unsupportive)
        2.She says priya leave! boys will help me.
        (seemed clearly she doesn’t want priya to enter) (Disrespectful for priya,who then exaggerated things as she does!)
        but why priya leave it’s her kitchen too(that’s why gisselle said rude).
        3.Totally unsupportive nature (if she works i don’t) One week back she would have worked i bet that.
        If priya picks up fight so does mandana!
        but mandana left kitchen ..won’t others be angry that she left her job undone(Result:unsupportive).

        In house every kind of member exists but if you behave childish over petty things than how captain will carry out chores.

        4.Later she fought with gisele too ,what wrong did she say in saying she’s rude.
        (Result:Gisel hurt yet again)

        Overall Report card:
        Mandana unsupportive,childish and hurts people with her ‘on face’ attitude and people can’t bear this and they react one day or the other and are put in bad limelight as a result.
        So she’s insidious for others this way

        Hope you repect my opinion too!

      • harshal

        jonwick, I always respect your opinion brother. Infact, i normally wait and read your and neeru’s analysis always. they are soothing to eyes with the way you two put your thoughts in. you’re just 17, and still so good at writing. i wasn’t even 25% when i was your age. by the time you reach my age 23, i think you will be a sensational writer, mark my words πŸ™‚
        now onto my counter points

        1) Gizelle: when she told priya not to shout, priya said the same that you said and giz clarified herself saying,” usko bhi bolungi, par aap mere kaan ke paas chilla rahi hai”. i think that clarifies why she told priya first.

        2) Mandana: i actually missed the start of the show and just read it here. If that’s how the conversation was (1st point), i would say, yeah, she was unsupportive there.
        2nd point, already said before, she wanted to avoid priya by hook or by crook. Its priya’s kitchen too i agree, but that doesn’t mean that priya should be allowed to needlessly fight and shout there also, 4 people (suy-rish-giz-mandy) seemed enough doing the cooking work. why the sudden urge to help mandy?(even if keith told her to, it doesn’t make sense at all.obvious attention seeker she is).
        Now priya left only to complain inside to cool group whom she knows will react as mandy was involved. clever move from her side. but she eventually again returns and you mentioned, exagerrates the issue. that brings me to your 3rd point, mandy avoids the fight and provocation and goes inside. good move by her. because if she had stayed there, matters would have gone even worse. priya would have continued taunting again and again. roch would have grabbed the chance and pass snide comments . now, if others will have problem that she left her job undone, then that’s only their fault as they were not even letting her do the work in the first place as you could clearly see. needless events to be honest.
        4th point, yes she was wrong in shouting at gizelle needlessly there and i sympathize with giz on that matter. she could have just, “look, i knew this would happen” and be quiet, it would have been better. instead, those two started pointing out each other’s mistake, when actually, both were not at fault.

        Overall, mandy made some mistakes, but that was only in gizelle’s case.
        Also,on face thing, as i told maxx the other day, again would say…..
        “it hurts when something bad is said to you on ‘your face’, i agree. but the pain is just temporary and is much less dangerous than the pain caused in backstabbing. reactions will come out one day or other as you said,i completely agree, but that doesn’t mean its wrong to say anything on face. That is just a good quality of being honest with your own feelings. as for recipients, it can even be a lesson to learn about their shortcomings, if any and improve on it to become even better. it always works on long run, even if you feel some pain for some time”

      • harshal

        also, if she had stayed as per your 3rd point, mandana haters would have got even more points to complain and blame her in the incident πŸ˜‰

      • Jonwick

        ok,@harshal with regards to whatever you’ve mentioned above! It’s clear that giselle was completely fair yesterday.Now let’s see what happened yesterday Mandana was clear that rishabh was done unfair although not true(As prince convinced kish and Rishabh tried convincing Priya but she didn’t) so she created despice against cool group within herself….PROOF:1.called keith naukar (clear abuse) 2.Wasn’t letting prince talk to gissel 3.)….& hence didn’t want priya in the kitchen too(cuz she thought she decieved rishabh and the contempt she had induced in herself) NOT THAT SHE WILL SHOUT! Now keeping in mind about priya and such a low life! she is or let her be ‘saddam husain’ too.When you say a person leave as soon as he/she enters, getting offended is natural!There itself you create the base for fight out of which you are trying to elude later, ok and there itself you’ve created a base to spoil the chore that is to be done! so either she should have let priya offer help whatever she was trying to do or should have cooperated afterwards but she did none ! @harshal it would have been appreciable if she talked on face and not at back but she does both(a ‘dp’ kind of thing) then how is she better than other backstabbers! I hope i’ve concluded as per my wisdom JUST SHARING THOUGHTS,NOT AT ALL A DEBATE!

      • harshal

        ok jonwick, you made your points, i made mine. there’s difference of opinion, but that’s given and understandable. let’s rest this case here πŸ™‚

      • I too feel da sam jonwick n sweetie…. C was gud last 2 weeks bt again wen salman spprted her she strted her tantrums again… I literally did nt liked wen c said gizzele nt to tlk wod othrs if c wants to tlk wid her

    • Sonam Kapoor

      Hey Jonwick…i read so many comments but till now I like ur comments coz u r fair and unbaised towards anyone…u hv d guts to speak wat u think is right and nt going wid bhed chal

  5. I was tensed seeing priya rishab fighting.aisa laga pata nhi ye fight kha tak khinchti chali so much relived after their patchup.their chemistry was just awesome after patchup.they were smiling so cutely at each other.aur bichme gizele ka rona yar tum log kitna seriously chilla ke majak karte ho.too much fun.

  6. Tracy

    Wow! I was under the impression that Priya hates it when people call others names that will put them in bad light. Today she called Mandana coward and Rishab materialistic! So much for being a social justice fighter, Priya! Disappointed!

    If she is not Mandana’s friend how will she call that policy where she goes to help her (whether on her own initiative or through direction given by Keith). This looks more of “the pot calling the kettle black”

    I like Mandana and Gizelle’s friendship. Looks like a normal one which should have arguments, fights and then reconciliation. Although its clear that they are using each other as a strategy since they all want to play alone as strong contenders. Not sure if Gizelle will survive eviction.

  7. Totally hated nora today.but prince was gud specially when girls were asking him for date.prince ki chemistry sari ladkiyo ke sath acha lagti hai except nora.

  8. Most funny & lovely moments of episode 1 jab gizele mike bhul gyi thi 2 jab princene kish ko pakda aur baher suyash ne nora ko pakad liya 3 nora jab andar thi baher gizele usko enact kar rhi thi 4 rishab aur priya ek dusro ke dekh ke has rhe the aur gizele unko dekh ke aur gussa ho rhi.5 keith-roch aur kish suyash ek dusre ko hug kar rhe the aur rishab ro rha tha.

  9. Sonam Kapoor

    Ooo.god mandana is sick

    Botox.laga laga kar jawan hai but dimag still of a selfish kid…dont talk to other hpusemates …this rule has been set up by her for gizelle….gizelle I hope u hv ur own mind and will nt act accrding to dat stupid old botox wali mandana devi

  10. Kitchen wala incident aur suru ka thoda part chode to bigg boss ka ghar aaj hum sath sath hai ki family lag rha tha.rishab aaj sab ke sath mixup ho rha tha.i am glad seeing tht.

  11. Mandy was quite irritating today.koi nhi mila to bichari gizele ko pakda.but nora jis tarike se drame kar rhi thi tht was more irritating thn mandana’s fighting.looks chod ke kuch bhi nhi hai uske pass.i wish vo is hafte nominated hoti.

  12. Maxx

    Rishabh knew that ladies are desperate and will press the buttons.Loved the way he was jumping as if he’s given heaven’s rule.
    Gisele and mandana are both stupid ladies not worth being talked about.
    Prince was awesome today.This date might have cleared misconceptions about him…No prob if he wanna move onn!
    Also Rishabh must understand that priya lost all clothes and make up and Rishabh must not quarell over that protein jar. Also prince had made it her compulsion to seize the jar! Rishabh don’t overreact with priya

  13. asap

    please leave mandy alone o..plsss..dht girl is de bestttt…i luv de fyts shiz creating…kishwer n rochele is behaving like they dont gv importance to mandana while mandy is de first person on thr head…stupid girls…prince is in bigboss to find love…foolish vilage boy..mandy go girl rishab yu rock…

  14. II

    I dont want gizell to be eliminated this week . Seriosly. Acting like nora was really good. Girl u have a gud sense of humour. If bb makes any twist like one elmntion in the wknd and the other midwk. So that suysh and keith can go simultaneously. Srry to say this keith. Ur good but not that gud for bb. One word for priya if u keep ur mouth shut major world wars can be avoided. Why cant these silly kitchen wars. Gslle is really outdoing priya. I only want priya minus fights. I agree mandy was little rude to priya but it is a fact that many ppl dont like too many ppl while cooking. Priyas fighting nature makes the ppl to avoid her the most. She makes me remember last season dimpy. Ditto. Intelligent but irritating. Till now i wonder why brainies opt for silly fights. When ksh or mndy fights its not that irritating. It looks just normal. I dont know why. And thanks harshal and tedd for ur humbling response.

    • harshal

      II, no problem mate, it was just a misunderstanding from my side, forget about it
      Also, even i want gizelle to stay this week. she genuinely deserves a chance in this house, she is atleast more productive than suyyash, nora and keith. and yes priya is irritating, i really respect you for acknowledging it, given she is your favourite. But her constant talking and provoking others to fight with her is so obvious :/
      p.s. avoiding world war, haha, awesome πŸ˜€

  15. harshal

    Priya’s continuous fights are really irritating me now, and rishabh is kinda right when he said, “your sharp voice does sting my ears a lot”. it stings my ears too.Wherever she goes, she literally carries fight along with her. And my god she just keeps on talking and talking -_- ……
    Mandy was right when she told priya that she didn’t need her and she even explained later why(priya was so obviously trying to pick fight with rishabh for footage) .now, priya went back inside and told cool group that she was rudely spoken to by mandy and now i won’t go there to HELP. ofcourse roch had to get involved and kish hesitantly had to go with her. Now its cool upto this point, rishabh makes a clever taunt on today, we are going to have spicy food (loved it :P)…. but then real drama starts……..
    Priya ofcourse had to come back(she previously said she won’t) and start her taunts. mandy says to all, ok, you all want to help. do the cooking then and she goes avoiding her involvement in it as she knows fight will begin now. then that needless rish-priya fight again(sigh), shouting and all. Gizelle comes back to mandy and gets shouted at wrongly by mandy for instigating fight(poor giz, not her fault, it was priya all along and to some extent rishabh ). giz gets angry and then the rest of drama again……. rish-priya enjoying later, poor giz lost her only friend due to priya’s fighting habits with rishabh . felt really bad for giz . hope mandy-giz patch up. I am starting to like giz, she maybe blunt and outspoken, but she is kinda nice too.
    Loved suyyash stuttering act πŸ˜› … mandy saying to prince while asking for date,”how are you bro?” :p…. kishwar-prince moments were funny too. Nora again irritating me , she is hot and s*xy, but don’t know why, when she danced that way and was doing that chupi acting at start, it kinda was annoying. fake as well as annoying. I don’t like her it seems.

    • harshal

      oh yeah, forgot the gizelle-mike thing, that was so funny, if not for the date asking task, this episode would have been so boring and frustating. That task single-handedly made today’s episode worth watching………

    • Maxx

      Sorry! but it wasn’t all priya’s fault in the kitchen.when priya comes she says leave! boys will help me! her tone was disgusting to say same thing and looked disrespectful…Offcourse then priya exaggerated the matter and Mandana later left.

      • harshal

        Maxx, was her tone really disgusting? because i felt she didn’t shout at her not to help. what seemed rude was her telling priya directly not to help, when she was coming to help or atleast pretending to help. again, her straight-forwardness is the issue.
        Besides, priya’s previous antics was the big cause. she was needlessly trying to pick arguments everytime(first with mandy in the bedroom trying to provoke her, second with rishabh in kitchen over same issue of that protein shake and lastly with gizelle when giz said her not to shout near her ears and she retaliated saying meri marzi, mai chillaungi). mandy must have wanted to avoid it(given that rish, mandy, giz and suyyash were working in kitchen then, did they really need help -_- ). and in the end, that’s exactly what happened, priya picked argument with rishabh and the drama in kitchen.
        All that kitchen and bedroom drama would have been avoided if priya wasn’t such “talking tom”…. no offence to her or her fans, but she does kinda need to know when to stop talking, because once her tape recorder begins, it takes forever for her to stop πŸ˜›

      • Maxx

        No harshal what seemed rude was that she said leave as soon as she entered the kitchen!
        look @ jonwick has reply for your this question please read..he has written well πŸ˜€

      • Maxx

        look @ harshal priya is wrong we all know and very well know just not pointing it out but here if you say that whole fault was that of priya No! Not at all…it was like mandana punched priya and priya punched mandana..matter over! But mandana did start it..,

      • Maxx

        look @ harshal priya is wrong we all know and very well know just not pointing it out… but here if you say that whole fault was that of priya No! Not at all…it was like mandana punched priya and priya punched mandana..matter over! But mandana did start it..,

      • Maxx

        @Harshal maximum people are saying same thing as i’m saying including avani,pranzal,jonwick,a7x,bbdt,kushagra and sweety over this same kitchen point..i’ve read their posts.

      • harshal

        also maxx ,going by your logic then, Prince was also wrong when he shouted at top of his voice,” I DON’T WANT MANDANA IN KITCHEN”, right?
        but no!!! he was right there. he wanted to stop fight and not make matters worse. The same logic applies to mandana saying that to priya πŸ™‚

    • Harshal I totally agree with you on Mandy stopping Priya from helping her. Initially I didn’t get it so I had to watch it over and over again to understand and then I finally got it. Priya was not there to help and Mandana knew that she will not really help but create a problem. Although it looks like the whole group went there to help during the fight, at the end when everyone had calmed down, it was Mandy who was finishing up the dishes and even told them salad was ready.

      So Priya was only looking for footage which she got. Well done Mandy and kisses to Rishab for figuring it out earlier although Gizelle also figured it out later.

      • harshal

        tracy , exactly. besides, there was suyyash, rishabh as well as gizelle already helping mandana. was there really the need for a 5th person i wonder. and all of a sudden so much caring for a person who you are b**ching and taunting to in the bedroom just few hours ago …. it was such an obvious situation of her trying to act to help and then slowly pick argument with rishabh to create scene and take footage.
        sad thing is, due to all that, mandy-giz are now angry with each other :/

  16. Shruthi

    I think mandana is vry possessive abt gizele.. lol . Kyun ki mandana ko lagtaye gizele sirf hunki hai.. aur ho kisi aur ke sath baath bhi nahi kar sakthi hai.. wt evr.. and rishab and gizele I lk u guys.. and footage rishab ko nahi kudh k0 (prince) chaahiye. Tabhi tho vaha saari laadkiyonko propose karneka drama karthe rehathi hun.

  17. A7x

    Moments of the day#
    – Mandana saying Giselle if you talk to anyone else i won’t talk to you (dumbo).
    -Giselle saying I am frustrated not angry!
    -Mandana said I won’t let you cook ,priya says ..i’ll cook and mandana leaves and priya then complained to rochele,rishabh fought for mandana,priya retaliated and mandana said.. i know she shouts so i left! Really wtf.
    -Rishabh saying it’s my style to reject girls..lolz

  18. Megha Bisht

    Bullshit! Has prince gone mad?? He doesn’t need to do all this to win the show. The show is totally scripted. They knew prince would take Nora for the date then why all this drama in the name of the task? Nora is here just for this not to win the show. She will get more publicity by doing all this fake love scenes with prince than really winning the show.however she can’t win the show.
    Abd this rishabh he really needs a psychiatrist.

  19. Synyster

    Loved the date.I liked prince behaving with the girls, not at all coy.Hated mandana for whatever she did today…She keeps housemates BP over 200 always.
    Instead of telling mandana to adjust rishabh said you two don’t get along well so let mandana cook that’s blind support.
    Also priya was not wrong to say them the group of 3..(Gisel said priya to not shout,rishabh supported mandana).

    prince UGLY
    ROC ,,,,FAKE,

    • ManuelFerrara

      Aur kya Kya?Mandana bhagwan! kripalu! Palanhar! Jagdambe! Devi! Burai ki bhakshak!
      3 lok ki devi!
      Aur baki kaun neech,awara ,lafange ,ghatia,gande …bass mandana justice ki devi shareef! Bholi bhali! maharani! Bhakton ki sumne wali!.. Down to earth! Hasmukh! Susheel and sehansheel!
      acchi! Pyaari!…wfh tera statement maine pura karr diya.

  21. aloo

    Prince seens to be a person who likes rosy cheeks..he seems a guy who is attracted by white skin..there is nothing called luv in him..poor yuvika started to trust him…may big boss give her a re entry and den i want to see prince reaction. Rishab behaviour is like how a prince should be .the real word for prince is THARKI.

  22. Rahul

    Kishwar is so excited I’ve never seen her fun side before ! Behind Kishwar’s hard exterior there is actually a very fun person she needs to show this side more !

  23. Pri

    Priya is trying to be apart of the cool group! She is getting very annoying now
    Prince-Nora: it’s obvious Nora is using Prince. She over does it
    Mandana: she is possesive. She does not have anyone anymore, so she is becoming possesive. It is the same as Gautam last season…but Gautam wasnt as immature
    Rishab- im starting to like him
    Rochelle- the queen of fake

  24. Prince aur nora ki date ko dekh ke spiltsvilla ki yad aa gyi.but date se acha date asking ka task much of fun.finally naag & naagin r back together lovely.roch aur keith r lost in crowd.mandy ne priya ko kitchen se jane ko kha vo sahi tha par badme gizelese jo zagda kiya galat tha.roch ko laga chalo mandy se zagda karke footage le lete hai but mandy walked out aur roch ka plan fail ho gya.bichari gizele free me phas gyi.but gizele was hillarious in tht rishab said sachme khana bhot spicy bna hoga.

  25. ManuelFerrara

    All the mandana lovers are finding tough time justifying her actions.They often go overboard and look unfair now..The
    way mandana is going you will all be left speechless and you’ll be put to shame.

  26. santu

    Even though it was romantic funny etc etc… I dint like today’s episode. . In fact I dint watch it after the first break..
    Everything, the date, the kitchen fight etc was unnecessary for the progress of the show..
    Only 3 good things in today’s show were (in the order of ranking)
    3.mandana in her shortest shorts
    2.rishab getting back his protein
    1. Gizelle saying to priya and Rishab wen they were fighting “main kyun jau, kitchen chodke bathroom mein khan banau. ? (Of course in her tight b**bs enhancing dress) πŸ™‚

    • harshal

      you have a very keen observation skills santu, i give you that. even i didn’t notice mandy’s shorts today :p … gizelle’s one, i noticed, that was magic of push-up bra i think πŸ˜€

      • lovely

        And neer u and harshal if I use asshole for mandy den its a prblm and wen u guys use gizelles asss and mandys push up bra..den is it fine…is that a very decent thing to talk abt

  27. Avani

    Never thought it was possible but I really felt bad for gizelle. Pehle mandana ne dusro se bat karne ka mana jar diya ( btw who is she to decide gizelle would talk with whom salman ne sir pe chada diya hai just bcoz she is pretty people are ignoring her negative side) phir Jo jagda hua usme Sab us pe chilaye. Nayi hai janti nai yaha log kitne confused hai. Very good impression done by her of Nora. Task was entertaining. Specially the way sukish made fun of prince. Priya rishabh are back that’s good. Hope priya shows her stupidities more and keep show entertaining. Jaagde kar kar me bore kar diya. Date was boring Nora total fake hai prince at least genuine lagta hai.

    • harshal

      avani i agree with all your points(yeah, even the mandy bashing, because if she said as it is written in update, that was very selfish of her)
      I want gizelle to stay, she is fun. ohh, how much i hope nora was nominated this week :/ … because i know either of suyyash or gizelle are going out, and both kinda entertained us this week(suyyash was very funny too yesterday)

  28. Annamma James

    @ Siva I watched dis episode twice….
    Especially I like d proposal of date especially kish n Prince….I was laughing in d whole episode except dat kitchen drama…
    Bechari Gizzele….she was very funny…yesterday balloon cheenliya….tdy mike incident and dat outburst after priya -rishabh patch up….

  29. Ritika

    Liked rishabh today when he was told nora gives her attention and he said- let her, that’s not my style! Alas, if prince thought the same way! But our fake lover boy is busy making “friends” who he can take in his arms and hug/kiss, that too on national television. Aur ek k baad ek ladki. And then accepts himself its just for show/entertainment lol We would hv been more entertained if he had maintained his dignity and used his “own” mind!

    Oh and btw, i hv started liking gizele…shez so so funny πŸ˜€ infact i like kishwar but didnt like it today when kishwar shouted at gizele. I really hope gizele is not evicted this week. πŸ™ Time for keith and suyash to go!

    And mandana, possessive-mental-stubborn but v.unique character. Dono mandana and gizele – mad but stil cute in a wierd way πŸ˜€ “unse baat mat krna if u talk to me” hahaha i like both of them nwdays!

  30. @ jonwick ,exactly still people like 5 year old girl. If any mandana fan goes to bb house with an idea of making friendship with mandana she will kick you out in two days. Then you will join cool group too
    . And some people say prince cheated yuvika ,really . Yuvika clearly said “RISHABH IS SWEETIEPIE” and she told that “PRINCE’S LOVE IS ONE SIDED AND HE WILL UNDERSTAND IT TOO ” . so what do you think prince will waste his life for yuvika.

    • Maxx

      @siva bro yuvika herself is double sided ,outside she is saying i like rishabh more so wtf you expect from prince that he doesn’t even talk to Nora & take yuvika and rishabh for honeymoon!

  31. Hey ritika our opinions really match.specially abt prince & rishabh.even i cant understand why people like a person jo khudse keh rha hai ki vo game ke liye nora ke sath hai aur ladki bhi kehti hai ki vo ye uski strategy hai.matlab vo itna fake hai ki ab to use justification dena bhi mushkil ho gya hai.ab vo na ye bol pa rha hai ki he likes nora in tht way bcoz he knws log abhi yuvika ko nhi bhule.but use nora ko chodna bhi nhi hai to ye bar bar hum ache dost hai keh kar kabhi hame ek dusre ke sath time spend karna acha lagta hai keh kar aur aaj date pe pasand pyar aise words ghuma ghuma kar pata nhi kya kya explainations deta rehta hai.

    • Ritika

      That’s what…ye ladki-baazi hi le dubegi Prince ko- Har cheez ek limit tak theek lagti hai…ek ke baad ek ladki- that’s not entertainment…maybe for his blind followers but not for many like me! Ek ke sath rehta, use miss krta, bakiyon ko friend banata (not taking-in-arms/hugging/kissing type frnds but cute sweet friendships) toh it might have still looked like ‘entertainment’! Moreover, he never uses hs “own” mind! Rishabh was goo this week…kishwar and mandana r straightfwd but mental and gizele is damn funny πŸ˜€

  32. Gaurav

    After this episode atleast its very clear in everyone’s mind that prince is not faking it else he would not have said anything abt yuvika on date with nora, weather you accept or not……
    Also if at all its fake then nora must equally be blamed(infact more than prince) not only prince…..
    i hear people saying prince is going to win due to large blind fan following,, to them i would like to take this to notice that from previous shows he has gathered both hardcore supporters and haters.

  33. shanu

    Mandana is no more a strong contestant now, she is surviving in bigg boss just becoz she has got alot of supporters at the beginning and are still supporting her blindly..
    She was my favourite contestant at the start but now i don’t know what has happened to her she is trying to get attention of people in silly way but i hope she improves her behaviour and now no one is my favourite in bogg boss 9…

  34. shanu

    What has happened to prince he was playing nicely but nora has driven away his attention from game.
    Kick this nora out she is so irritating ,
    Gizelle is even better than her.

  35. Waiting for the date episode πŸ˜›
    Prince bhaia ka nautanki Dekhe mein Maaza Ayega
    The Prince-Kish part was funny – tu mera behan hain, main Suyyash Ko dhoka nehi de sakta πŸ˜›
    Suyyash Teri Nora mera saath hain
    KPSN just nailed it πŸ˜›
    Rishabh had a good week this week in BB,
    so sweet of Prince to take Priya n Rishabh’s name whom he don’t like much, till now his captaincy is good, but ladki o ke piche choro, you got respect back from me well done Prince πŸ™‚
    Uff, this Prince and Rishab’s jackets r so irritating, in logo ke pass sirf ek hi jacket hain , uff tht irritating black and also the irritating grey hoodie jacket

  36. ShaΕΌΓ±Γ€

    Mny r lwayz misjudging mandy…shez a nice grl..ystrrdy lso priya creatd irrelavant fight..mandy juz tld decently to priya tat no need f mother india juz creatd tat simple matter into big fyt 4 footage.. :O she tld tat to fool grp mndy ws so rude n roch mahadevi wd kish came n strtd shouting n said thy ll make food n al…mndy gone outside as she don wanna involve irrelavant fyt n priya njoyin…aftr al gt footage al gone to bedrest n mndy came bck n strtd..tat fool grp last week promised tat thy ll ignore mndy n salman said ryt tat u cant ingore her n fool ppl proved it.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ mandy rish rockx β™₯β™₯β™₯..n gizzello so funny β™‘β™‘

  37. bbdt

    All mandy fans …kitna uskeliye bolenge yaar….mandy ne priya se jaane ko kahaa…isiliye jagda shuru hua…gissele ne vahi bolaa jo kisiko bhi feel hongaa….agar kish ne yeh bath mandy se ki hoti to aap log kahenge kish kitni rude hai.mandy ko target karti hai… pls….jo usne kiyaa galat thaa….ghar sabka hai..

    • Avani

      Totally agree to tell that I can’t work with anybody is rude and insulting. I think mandana did so she can get some footage. An sab ignore kar rage hai to vo jagda karke footage kaise leti. That’s why she is fighting now with Gizelle and priya who are actually on talking terms with her coz that’s is only way she knows to play this game. And yeah kish would have done that Mandy would have made herself victim and started crying n all. Phir public aur salman dono kish ko bolte

  38. II

    Prince clarifying to nora that love cant hppn all of a sudden in these shows clarified all the doubts among the viewers. Gisle sayng ache tarah pakode banrahethe kamakaj jagada horahe hai was mind blowing. Priya bitiya jagada chodke jaldi sudharja varna gzle didi thumko utakar main door par choddegi aur finale me entry mar degi. ‘ keithbhai u saying priya to go and help mndy in the ktchn was just like maha yudh ke pehle shank ko purankarna i mean bajana jaisa tha. And mndy syng to gsle i will not talk to u if u talk to cool grp was just like emtional blackmailing. She shined well last week when she convinced prince and nora beutifully nby holding their hands anf hugging them. The same technique if she applied with priya in the ktchn it wld hav looked better. If not hug atleast sayng srry priya we three of them will fnsh the work wld worked well.

  39. @ Harshal u are risht . U said u will be biased towards bb group. But I didn’t expect this from u . I ask u some question .dont be biased. Does she really doesn’t wanted to create any fight? Does she supports her friend? She says that she tells everything on face and everyone should understand her, then when say truth on her face why she not listens to them and dosent understands them? . Can any one make friendship with mandana(boy or girl)?.[Keith failed in 1st week,prince failed,rishabh failed,yuvika failed, all failed].finally do u think she in good girl and she in not selfish?.

    • harshal

      Siva, biased thing was what i said in fun and i still stick to it. I will be biased towards mandy first and then rishabh and prince(to some extent). others, i don’t care that much. but i will also be reasonable and explain exactly why i am supporting any person. Its the same as you being biased on supporting prince.
      I am answering all your questions as per my opinion with full honesty , swear to god.
      1) does she doesn’t want to create any fight?
      ans. recent weeks, not that much.she is avoiding fights mostly even when others provoke her. earlier, she did, due to her straight and stubborn and selfish nature.
      2) does she support her friends?
      ans. never. she is an individual player who plays for herself. never has she even poked her nose in anyone else’s fight like others do(priya, roch).
      3) why she doesn’t listen to others?
      ans, she is stubborn i agree. but would need an incident to explain her actions. only thing i would say here, she walks out, when she is getting ganged up by all of cool group. when its individual talking with no interference, i think she converses almost everytime and doesn’t walk out.
      4) can anyone make friendship with mandana(boy or girl)?
      ans. in the house, no, if you don’t accept her for what she is(stubborn, selfish, straightforward), yes, if you accept her like that. also, she has made it very clear, she is not playing the game to make friends, she is playing for herself.
      outside world, i would always say yes and that’s why she has many friends in real life(salman khan is one of them). circumstances change in outside world. she doesn’t need to play game in real world.
      5) do i think she is a good girl and not selfish?
      ans. yes, she is a good girl according to me and no, she is very selfish(everyone are playing for themselves in the house, and all are selfish now and then). i am no one to define what a good girl is though πŸ™‚

  40. @harshal your mandana says everything on face, oh come on ,when others say on her face she has no words but starts crying. Will she not understand anyone.

    • harshal

      siva, give me any incidence of such event and i will look to reply to you. She cries sometimes i agree, but that’s only when people gang up on her while targeting her .
      Still, give me any particular event that you have in your mind and we can see to it then πŸ™‚

  41. Poor gizele” Iam your friend believe me . ” Iam your friend believe me”. ” please understand me ” . Mandana then shouts at her . Hoooooo. Mandy not going to understand anyone. MANDY REALLY 27 YEARS OLD-I THINK SHE IS A 5 YEAR OLD GIRL.

  42. oni

    rochhele manager aaj kal fight me involve nahi hoti….mujhe pata tha is week woh audience k samne atchi baan kar dikhayegi…..agar manager kal bachh jati he toh dekhna uski confident level itni bar jayega ki next week hum irratate ho jayege

  43. A7x

    Voting trend 18-19 december:

    @neeru @pranzal @jonwic @mishra @siva @rahul @sweety @kushagra @maxx @sonam kapur @manualferara @pri @ synyster @ a7x
    @santu @avani @annamma james @gaurav @shanu @ bbdt

    @piya @tracie @ shruti @ harshal @asap @aloo @shazna @Rihannakarimi @ritika @fatarajo @ goms

    NEUTRAL:@megha @anu r @ II

    PRINCE WINS 21/11…prince ki jai!

    • I like both Prince and Mandy. Mandy was good this week, she controlled her anger which is very good but she still have a long way to go.
      And as for Prince, I really liked the way he performed the task expect for the part where he emotionally blackmailed Kish, if not he would have been my fav contestant this week

    • harshal

      A7x, nice observations, got almost all spot on
      btw, just like joyee, I like both of them. but i definitely support mandy more. sometimes, i do defend prince too ;)……
      similar way, neeru supports prince more, but she likes mandy too…..

      p.s. am not 100% sure, but i think sweetie is keith-rochelle supporter and about santu, am not so sure. he seems pretty neutral in his analysis

  44. nancy

    Rochelle and keith have became ms and mr.india, where have they just dissappeared….!!
    They both have chosen the wrong track and they soon will get evicted if they continue the same attitude…..
    And rishabh was really good throughout the whole week….

  45. @MANUEL FERRARA sahi bola yaar. Koi karke to dikhao Mandy se friendship sirf doo din ke liye.



  46. hey guys this gizelle is so funny…When she had fight with kishwar after that what she was saying to priya and rishabh was totally out of my understanding level…She somewhat looks like shakira and reminds me of mahima chaudhry…By god she is really damn hilarious

  47. I live in Canada in Vancouver. It is my first time to comments about Big boss 9. It is a flop show. No body wants to waste his time to watch it. Keith and Sus, have no brains. Krish and Priya both are good for nothing. Krish and Sus. both are using Prince. Oneday Prince will be eliminated. Mandana is alone, but, she has guts to stand her on feet. Roch. has no logic to talk We always talk in our home how the people like Krish and Roch. If you see the real behavior of Krish who will like this kind of woman. Her body language, way of talking and language, gestures and impressions are very rude and aggressive. It is not a easy to adjust this kine of woman. Rich. has no trust in Keith then why does she need help of Keith? They must play their own game instead of using the others fellow. You are surviving because of your own group. Again it is a big flop show this time. Sad!!!!!!!!!

  48. A7x

    So @Goms,@alia,@ kabir and many more added to prince’s side so i Guess mandy looses very badly in this forum approx…prince= 25 and y mandana=10 now…GREEAT GOING PRINCE… if this is the trend here where girls are more than boys then outside trend will be even better…if it keeps going like this then PRINCE WILL WIN.

    • harshal

      if prince goes going like this, then he will win actually. but this is just 1 forum, there are many such forums and trends do change depending on situations arising in house.
      This week, prince was the highlight. he got to be the killer, he went on date with nora, and that helps his ever growing reputation. Just hope he doesn’t do anything silly now. but hey, atleast people can’t say that silly argument that bb wants mandy to win and so…….
      Also, don’t be surprised if kish wins bb too defeating mandy and prince. Shweta tiwari, Urvashi dholakia are best examples. they had no support in forums then and yet managed to win the show at the end

  49. @ MAXX U u said correctly.

    Arrange honeymoon for yuvika and rishabh.

  50. Annamma James

    @Manual ferara
    Superb…I liked d all new names u given to our drama queen….well choosen…
    Guys anybody noticed kish antics when giziele was inside with Prince….lol….

    Mandy was very rude to giziele yesterday…
    Mandy was not able to digest the fact dat BB is giving importance to Prince instead of her…Her expressions..any way she ventilated it on others…poor Gizele…

    I liked d way prince explained to
    giziele that am agressive only in tasks….how sweet…

    • It’s according to me, just my opinion hope u all won’t mind
      Prince and Rishabh were very close for the 1st and 2nd position.
      Nora, Keith and Rochelle were very close for the last position

    • fatarajo(joyee)

      The biggest gainer is Giselle from 11th to 3rd and the biggest loss who suffered was Keith from 1st to 9th

    • I say like this because both Prince and Rishabh has weaknesses. Prince is already strong as usual, compared to Rishbah who is not so strong compared to Prince. As Prince have more strength than Rishabh, and according to me they did equally well but as Prince had more strength I will chose Rishabh as he got less strengths

  51. Annamma James

    No yaar kish- sayush is not using Prince instead of dat d opposite is d reality….. On d starting of d show Prince was d only one left alone…so it was Prince strategy to make good relations and then come out as a good player..he proved it yaar..

    Here also our whole discussion is revolving around Prince and Mandana….rest of d contestants r just mentioned according to d tasks or situations….

    Whatever yaar….v cannot deny d fact dat kish is a strong women….she is quite straight forward…I don’t think its a bad quality….for me d iron lady in BB9 is kish.
    I agree with u roch,keith,sayush r poor performers compared to others…
    Even to stick in one group with same person is also to b appreciateed. Eventhough some times dey hav some sort of indifferences d trio is always together….
    Atleast dey r not changing their commitments each and every week….
    Hats off to dem…

  52. A7x

    When people try to grab prince’s negative seems as if they are catching flies out of pi* looks really funny.It’s like somebody complaining that prince fa*ted this week ,that place that time!Such are the kind of points against prince that people have..just an example ……No significance.

  53. fatarajo(joyee)

    Last week
    1) Keith
    2) Kish
    3) Mandy
    4) Prince
    5) Rochelle
    6) Priya
    7) Suyyash
    8) Rishabh
    9) Kanwal
    10) Nora
    11) Giselle

  54. @annamna mandama is not able to digest that not only bb but everyone is giving more attention to prince. Previously she used to get that attention.

  55. Hey joyee i agree with the list u hav given( obviously i like it rishab is in 1st position)so it is mandy vs prince here.well i dnt care.for me rishab is the best.he is cool,funn

  56. Annamma James

    Really fatarajo(joyee)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rishabh was d best performer in dis week???????????????
    If rishabh had one photograph with him I can agree with u 10% atleast ……..

    BB given dat camera to both detectives to take some photographs as proof against d murder….Unfortunately it remain as a garland on both of dem….
    If BB given dat camera to nora instead of detectives she will take some photos with pout atleast…

    Just my opinion

      • Ritika

        Yes joyee u r right! Prince should not have disclosed that he is the killer- even BB warned after that within 15 mins- performance is dissappointing

  57. asap

    mandy will win show….shiz on de lips of evry inmates…i love her kind of person…shi dsvs de win…leme tell yu prince thinks hes smart..hes smartness wud lead to his failure..mandy i love how you are with rishab hes ur tru friend in de haws….everybody wants mandy to win…prince wanna create love angle like gutam gulati did finkn t wud work 4 him….mandy wud win show
    ranking 4me
    nora-shes a pure minority in the house

  58. rishabh is getting large no. Of votes. Priya and gizele ready to get evicted. Suyyash just escaped.



  59. shanu

    Yeah right this week mandana is not the highlighted contestant so she is not much happy with that and has started quarrels with her own friends.
    Prince is alot times better than mandana.

  60. nancy

    The most downfall is seen in both keith and rochelle, i wish rochelle gets evicted this weekend and i really want gizelle in bb house for some more time… ….

  61. 1.mandy
    Strength-Strong girl,plays indivisually,straight forward
    Weakness-kisi ke sath jyada der tak friendship nhi rakh pati hai,plays a victim,bhot bar selfish ho jati hai
    Strength-gud relations with every1,task me bhot ache se perform karta hai,improving as a player
    Weakness-overconfidence,agressiveness aur “ladkiyaan”
    Strength-strong player,funny hai,stand leti hai
    Weakness-groupism,loud hoti hai
    Strength-caring hai,sabke sath achi bonding rakhta hai
    Weakness-weak as a player,kish ki shadowme rehta hai
    Strength-calm hai,sensible hai
    Weakness-as a player weak hote ja rhe hai,individually bhi khelta hai
    Strength-apne opinions rakhti hai( seriously nt remembering anything sm1 plz complete this)
    Weakness-grps change karti rehti hai,insecure hai,picks up unnecessary fights
    Strength-funny hai,bold hai
    Weakness-does b*t*hing
    Strength-gud luking hai,acha dance karti hai
    Weakness-fake hai,has no ambition as a player
    Strength-gud as a captain & sanchalak,strategy bnake khelti hai
    Weakness-unnecessary fights pick karti hai even dusro ki fight me bhi ghus jati hai
    9.last but never the least my sweetheart
    Strength-funny hai entertain karta
    hai improving as a player
    Weakness-kam interact karta hai,kisi ke sath jyada connect hone ki koshish nhi karta hai.

  62. Why this time bb not given authority for live telecasting we love those and that time we vote for them gouhar and gutham was win we like u give us authority. Anyway I like priya

  63. @joyee according to me the top ten contestants are according to their performance since 1 week are:1-prince,2-kishwar,3-mandana,4-keith,5-rochelle,6-rishabh,7-suyash,8-priya,9-gizelle,10-nora….Chances are high of prince to win…Mandy is no less…Rochelle can do better…Keiths rating can change…So keep watching bigg boss to know the winner…

  64. bbdt

    Sab log aise kaise sochthe haii ki mandy will win….afterall bb is a show in which their interaction with inmates are very imp..another one is task. .entertaining.. .ghar ka kam…..ek ladki akela rahna chahthi hai and uska kisise nahi banthi hai ..task me zero hai tho bb ke winner kaise hoge….agar mandana jeethi tho bb will also at low level….

  65. bb

    still didnt undrstand why mNdy shud win.. kaunsa task kiya h.. kaunsa dil jeeta h.. aisa to kua kia h k she shud win

  66. Pooja

    my ranking for the whole season till today-
    1. prince
    2. mandana
    3. kishwar
    4. rishab
    5. priya
    6. rochelle
    7. keith
    8. keith

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.