Bigg Boss 9 17th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 17th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman comes on stage, he dances on song Jai ho. He welcomes everyone in Bigg boss after dance, Salman says i should fold my sleeves as i want to take inmate’s class, this is last weekend of double trouble. Last day, Priya was eliminated and we got our top 5, after one week we will have one winner from Rishab, Rochelle, Keith, Prince and Mandana. He says this day is not going to be good day for Mandana, its a gut feeling, lets see.

Mandana comes in confession room, Bigg boss says we dont give outside news to inmates but we thought to tell you about it, there is newspaper lying there, he asks Mandana to see it, Mandana says they cant plan my career, if i am not promoting their film outside then i am promoting here, newspaper have heading that Mandana will be sued,

Mandana says Ekta Kapoor this is silly.
Mandana comes in bedroom, Rochelle tells Imam that Ekta agreed that Mandana can go in Bigg boss but now she wanna sue her for not promoting her film, Mandana says they should understand that this not fair to me, she cries, Imam says you are strong, you will deal with it, Mandana says this is not fair, Rochelle says Bigg boss showed it to you because it will be shown in episode and it will be seen that you never wanted to skip promotions.
Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasai comes in house, Mandana screams in excitement seeing them, she runs and hugs Tushar, Mandana hugs Atab excitedly, Aftab says guess we are here. Tushar says you all have become slim. They sit on sofa and says our film is going to be released on 22 january, Mandana says imagine if i win show alongwith ith, Tushar says there is some problem outside, we didnt thought that you will come in show till here, Tushar tells Mandana that there is chaos going on outside house, he says Ekta have sent message for you, clip plays, Ekta says its good Mandana that you are still in house but Mandana you signed my movie before this show so you have to come out of Bigg boss rightnow else there can be legal sue of 5crores on her, only 7days are remaining for film release and you are still in house, you said to me that you will go in show for 4weeks, if you dont come out of house then i will sue you, i dont want it as i am fond of you, i would have come myself in house but i couldnt make it so i have sent contract with Tushar, sign it and come out of house, clip ends, Tushar says lets talk silently, they go in garden, Rochelle says to Keith that i dont think Ekta can do this kind of prank.
Tushar says to Mandana that you seem to be crying, you have choice, he shows her contract, Mandana says i had conversation before coming in house, i asked her if i can go in bigg boss house? so she said to me that i can go, it is biggest platform in India, Tushar says but now movie is releasing, Mandana says finale is around corner and i am safe this week, Mandana says you are guys are like my family, my film crew had good bonding with me, Aftab asks her to decide herself what she wanna do.

Salman says Tushar and Aftab are coming here. Aftab and Tushar comes on stage, they dance on Oh boy you are my soft toy. Salman says great performance, he meets them, Aftab and Tushar have saxophone in hand, Salman asks about it, Aftab says our movie is about se* so this, Salman asks if movie is vulgar? Aftab says its comedy, Salman asks if dog is in movie? Aftab says yes, and Madnana’s father too, Salman says only Bigg boss is her father now.
Aftab says we will play game with Salman, Tushar will act dumb and Salman have to guess which dialogue is this, Tushar acts and Salman guesses it to be dialogue “aap devil ke peeche, devil apke peeche”(you behind devil, devil behind you). Tushar says i changed lines and it is: “aap devil ke peeche, devil apke neeche”(you behind devil, devil beneath you), Salman laughs and says this is perks of doing movie like Kya kool hain hum, they laugh.
Aftab says we will play another game, name is “horny ko kon taal skta hai”(who can avoid horny(here it means horn sound). Aftab says we will ask you questions and if you say wrong then we will play horn. Tushar asks Salman if he was caught watching X rated movie? Salman says yes. Aftab asks if he never wanted to kiss on screen? Salman says no, Tushar plays horn indicating that he is lying. Aftab asks if promised any girl for marriage? Salman says yes i did and everyone knows about it, Aftab nods, Salman asks if he will not ask name of girl? they laugh, Salman says everyone knows that i and Sangeeta were about to get married and infact wedding cards were printed, Aftab nods. Tushar asks Have you ever been caught in girl’s house? Salman laughs, Aftab plays horn, they laugh. Tushar asks who is better actress Gizele or Mandana? Salman says Mandana as Gizele’s lips come inbetween her acting, all laugh. Aftab asks did any girl said that she is going to be mother of your child? Salman says no and plays horn himself, they laugh, Salman says no i am joking but i hope there is someone who says it eventually.

Salman connects call with inmates, he asks Mandana what she decided? Mandana says first i sent my contract of Bigg boss to Balaji then i signed it, they were fine with it, how can i leave from here now? Salman says if you leave Bigg boss then you will have to pay penalty and if you dont leave then Balaji will sue you, you have to give money in any case, Mandana says Ekta told me that i can go in house, its biggest show, Salman says they thought that you will come out of house in 4weeks, she didnt trust you but now you are tv celebrity and they cant fathom that fact. Salman says you have to pay penalty to Bigg boss if you leave show but i have one idea, why dont you slap or kick some inmates then they will throw you out themselves, Mandana says i dont want to make it such big issue, Salman says Rochelle is your friend, she will understand, or you can beat Prince then tell him it is to save yourself and go out of house, infact there is benefit to other inmates too as you will go out and 4 will remain then, they laugh, Mandana says i have been living with them, how can i hit them? Salman says really? what about you kicking Kishwar? they laugh, Salman says Imam is there, you know he can irritate you so much in a minute that you will kick him, he is very polite this time but he can be very dangerous, Imam thanks Salman, Salman says to Mandana that you have to decide, Mandana says i am getting psycho in all this, Mandana says Ekta is not kind of women who will trust my words, she took decision after thinking and sent me here, she cries, Salman says finally you cried, Mandana says i am feeling hopeless, Salman asks if she is not feeling this way from childhood? all laugh. Salman says someone has come to meet you, Tushar and Aftab comes on screen, Salman asks Mandana to abuse them, they are suing you, Mandana says its not about 5crores, Tushar says we are here as actors, Ekta can sue me too, all laugh. Mandana says i am not understanding what to do, i have nothing except Balaji now, Salman asks her answer, Mandana says i wont leave show, i have worked hard for 100days, Salman says dont worry, if you become hit then 5crores doesnt matter, they are goons(he imitates Mandana), all laugh, Salman says film name is Kya kool hain hum but not production house’s name, Salman says Tushar talked to Ekta and she has given message, clip plays, Ekta says we are giving you one week’s time, you can stay in house but film has to work, i will be happy to see you winning show, clip ends. Mandana says this is was prank, i am gonna kill you all, Salman says its not a joke, Aftab says you will have to do promotions after coming out of house, Aftab says you will have to dance on soft toy song everyday, Mandana says i can do it in Bigg boss, i have made Prince and Rishab learn it, Prince and Rishab does step of Oh boy you are my soft toy, Rishab sings oh girl i am your soft toy, Mandana laughs, Salman says they dont seem to be soft but hard toys, all laugh.
Salman says one week is remaining then Ekta will show you another picture, all laugh, call ends.
Tushar says i always wanted to say your lines, Tushar says “do whatever you want to do man but dont trouble you mother man”(salman’s lines), Salman laughs, Tushar and Aftab leaves.

Salman welcomes Manish Paul, Manish comes and hugs him, Salman asks why did you come here? Manish says whenever i do Jhalak, you come there and promote your movie so i have come here to promote my movie “tere bin Ladana dead or Alive”, Salman says i know about this movie as it have Skindhar Kher who is Kiron and Anupam Kher’s movie. Manish says i will enact a scene, Salman says Manish is director in movie, Manish enacts funny scene, Salman laughs and says this would be poorest joke in movie, Manish says you can throw slippers at me, they laugh.
Manish says i want you to dance with me, we have been copying your steps, Salman says i am dying to copy your steps, i means it wouldnt matter but still, Manish says you are still throwing slippers on me, i want to tell my kids in future that i am person whose dance steps were copied by Salman Khan. Manish dances, Salman copies him, they enjoy it, Salman hugs him.
Manish says Karan Jahor likes this step alot, Salman says lets go in house, call is connected to house, inmates are excited to see Manish, Mandana is taking off her sandals, Salman says you are taking off sandals seeing Manish? Manish jokes that dont take me lightly, i am from Delhi.
Salman asks who is most alive in house? Manish says its Imam, i love him, Manish says there is one person who is little dead that is Keith, all laugh, Salman says Manish is very famous on Tv and now he is doing a movie which will make him star, he is playing director’s role in it and will get best actor’s award for it if.. Mandana says if.. Salman imitates he accent and says if he acts good then other actors, Salman says all are supporting actors in his movie, Manish says yes Osama is main actor in it, they laugh.
Salman asks what was challenging in playing director’s role? Manish says director have to sell his work, Salma says show your selling skills, you have to sell props now. Manish says okay, Manish takes money plant as prop and says i will sell it now, Manish says this money plant needs support to grow up, all laugh. Manish takes next prop which is drilling machine, Manish says this is like Rochelle, she drills in your mind and can eat it up. Manish takes tubelight as prop, he says this tube light is like Rishab, it is switched on and off, people have set it everytime so it gets stable, Salman says very well done. Salman says you performed all this without getting any money, Manish says the way you dig at me, i like it, all laugh, Salman says he is very talented, Manish jokes with girl who is taking props from there, he says if you take all props then what will we do, all laugh. A banner is brought on stage, the phrase is written on it, that is:
India Isko apna ghar samjho (take it as your home, India)
Salman asks cane you people guess? Rishab says this is about earth quake, Mandana says this is about me, i mean i am welcomed in India, Salman says related to Bigg boss, an earth quake is going to come in house, thats all i can say, Manihs greets inmates, call ends.
Manish says i am Salman’s hero, he sings Mein hoon hero tera, Manish greets Salman and leaves. Salman does Manish’s dance steps.

Salman says Priya Malik was eliminated yesterday. Today we want to have her on stage, he welcomes Priya. Priya comes there in Saree. Salman says i am sad to see you outside, Priya says you are right, Salman says you couldnt make fans like other inmates or maybe they didnt vote for you as i dont think you deserve to be outside house at this stage, Priya says i was also disappointed, Salman says thats why i ask them to vote for deserving inmates, Priya says like non deserving people are inside. Salman asks who you thin should be in top 5? she says Rishab, Kishwar, Gizele was really good, infact Nora and Prince, Salman asks about Mandana? she say sMandana gave alot to show but show could have worked without her, Salman asks top 3? she says Mandana and Rishab and third can be anyone, Salman asks about Prince? she says i am not too sure about him.

Call is connected to house, all are excited to see her, Rishab sings, Priya asks if Rishab wasnt disappointed? all say he was disappointed, Rishab says i was happy that you became finalist, Priya says i want you to win show. Salman says to Priya that you are going in house and have to bring one inmates outside house in place of you, Priya says this is joke right? Salman says if it had to happen then? Priya says Rochele is like me so i would want to replace her, she deserves to be there, Rochelle says for first time i thought i would have gove in place of her, she played everyday, she deserved to be in house, all clap. Salman says you people are top 5, you have one week, you have to give it everything. Salman asks Priya to give them reality check. Priya says to Keith that you have to believe in yourself and your advice, she asks Rochelle to show your intelligent side, dont look stupid. She says to Rishab that i was sad to go out of house, she gets emotional and says from day one, i think you have winner qualities, dont try to please everyone, just remember who you are, dont forget what people have done to you, people like angel but devil too, success is best revenge, play well, Rishab thanks her, Salman puts hand on Priya’s shoulder to console her, he says its time for Priya to leave and Imam will leave too alongwith her, Imam thanks everyone, imam meets everyone, Rishab says to Priya that i love you and pass flying kisses, she wishes them luck, call ends, Priya thanks Salman for his support, she leaves.

Salman says on next saturday, we will have grand finale, stars like Katrina Kaif
Aditya Roya Kapoor, Mouni, Roy from Nagin, Ashoka from Ashoka show, comedy nights Bachao cast will join us, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Sunny Leone comes in house, she says i have come here to find Mastizade/fun-person(her upcoming movie name).
Keith wears leopard’s costume and acts like it to entertain Sunny.
Rishab romances with pan/boiler, he says money doesnt matter, i can leave it for you, Nora just say once that you dont love me, Prince says i will beat you Rishab, they laugh. Sunny, Rochelle and Mandana washes car in seductive way.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Life Rules

    Awww priya’s advice to rishab is soo sweet. And the precap hahahha Rishab is way toooo funny! I want him to win..I hope he plays seriously at this last week tooo

  2. piya

    priya did a lot!she fought alone,played alone and she truely deserved to be in top 5…i don’t undestand how can keith and rochelle still stayin the house!
    I like keith but these two just don’t deserve to stay…i was never a very big fan of priya but her eviction was totally unfair 🙁

  3. bebo

    Today Episode only priya’z opinion z gud.Hatzz off girl honest reply.Alas! imam also left.N precap z cool esp rishab comment lol.

  4. Heny

    Excited to see Salman n Katrina.
    Also really waiting for the reunion of COOL GROUP.
    Whoever the winner is doesnt matters. Its like a scripted show.

  5. santu

    Miss u priya…
    Rishab win for her..
    I ll vote for u .. only voting am doin after once I voted for digangana.. just hoping that our vote counts and it’s not colors ceo or salman decision to declare winner…

  6. If Mandana wins then all is Fixed…
    But if someone else wins then everything is fair…
    Grow up Guys..
    Mandana is not soooo Great that COLORS will do all this bullshit for her..
    Stop being judgemental..

    • Shruti

      Agreed, but last year I believe Pranit Bhatt was the most balanced person. He was not fake, had good equations with everyone and vocal about his opinion. He was the one who even resisted Punit’s dominating behavior whenever he felt right. But I think Gautam was decided for the trophy.

    • Ankii

      [email protected] Jain I don’t understand why people thinks in this way? n if they arr biased or they have already fixed the winner then the winner would be Prince lol not Mandana as only Prince fans are talking about biasness and all…!!

  7. I am not a big boss fan. Bandana is very strong from the beginning. She was nominated most of the time,but, still she is nin the big boss house. It’s mean she has some qualities. She is (was) above the groupsim. Prince is playing the province card, Rishab depends on publicity , Keith and Rochelle, both are nice, but, they are not in the game. In fact, Mandana is true winner from the beginning. She came from different country, survive among the strangers.

  8. Shahanaz shaik

    Priya advice to RISHAB SINHA is superb, good… i love u RISHAB…. u deserves to win the show… plz vote him guys….

    • Dear Prince fan not all Muslims vote for Mandana, I am a Muslim and I like Prince and Keith more than Mandana, and I have voted for Mandana only once or twice , and Prince and Keith several times, it’s not about religion it’s just about people’s opinion. So just chill my friend

    • Life Rules

      So mean of you! I am a Muslim too..but that doesn’t mean I will tell people not to vote for such person coz she/he is not Muslim. Grow up child!! Consider everyone equal..u cannot survive with these thoughts in your mind. And lastly, god never asked us to treat the other religions bad or down. Respect people.
      Those who are in bb9, are playing an individual game. They are not bringing in their religion or anything. If u think Prince is playing well then go vote for him, but do not spread hatred

  9. Fatarajo

    Honestly speaking I m still commenting even though I don’t want to in hope to chat with My dear PHFFANK friends for one last week.Poor Mandy lol, I wonder how ekta Kapoor will react when she sees Mandy saying ekta Kapoor This is silly. And once again a 7th much better than others candidate got evicted too soon, Priya should have at least been at top 3 , really. My mom couldn’t believe it when she saw Priya is been evicted, she still thought they were joking my mom says Priya is much deserving than Rochelle.And I wish Gizelle also came for promotions today I liked her BB stinct. Even Salman himself said that he likes Mandana the most indirectly.

    • Schizophonic

      I am from Punjab too,still haven’t found a single one voting for mandana.Here 90% people vote for prince and rest for keith..In which world u live i don’t know.

  10. Now im changing side im not a fan of prince coz mandy fans earn more respect than prince fan s.B-)so im goona vote for tired to being his fan he just defame us nothing else

  11. Every prince fans all beggers they are beging for vote for prince vote for prince .most of people will not give him vote after writing that line.shame on you guys

    • Schizophonic

      Jackie seems like name of dog…go fetch prince’s balls!..oh! you don’t even deserve those pair of balls .

    • Schizophonic

      Seems like Kamal Rashid Khan your favourite…what more can be expected of a mandana fan with a name of dog.

  12. arya

    u mean noone can stop mandana frm shoutng and irritatng tat case its absolutely fr prince guys..atleast he s smway better than others..prince s t winner

    • Ankii

      @arya ohh!! I guess you dont watch bigg boss properly, not only mandana infact each and evryone shouts lol literally I dont understand why you guys cant see how prince gets physical in each n evry task, one of the best example is sand to finale task where priya had got loadz f rashes in her arms!!

  13. oni

    prince k supporter ko dar he kahi prince har na jaye isliye pehle se mandy k liye baise ka word use karte he….

  14. oni

    yaha par kuch v bolo kuch nahi hota…jitna he toh vote karo..joh ki nahi vote nahi kar pate or BAISED words ka use karte ho

  15. vinita

    Priya’s comments were not good. Fine you are out but that does not mean the ones inside are less deserving. Keith n rochelle had bad luck specially Keith. But whatever task was given they gave their best. Priya has no right to say only one person inside I deserving nor kishear who said only prince n herself are deserving this shows their arrogance. In this case Aman was more deserving than kishwar. But he got evicted. Mandaa is always promoted in the show as if colora itself is wanting or maybe decided her to win. Disappointed?

  16. Fatarajo

    Bigg boss has already gone crazy can u guys pleaseeeee don’t fight now it’s a request already all my PHFFANK friends n m the only one commenting here , please don’t bring religion or state here we r here to enjoy the show not fight, the only reason why I comment on tellyupdates as there is no fights unlike in Facebook or Twitter but here it’s also the same

  17. inaoton

    Priya o priya part time school teacher..
    how u can say prince in not in top3!

    Rishabh n Mandana is above then Prince..
    joke of da episode!

    We all know prince prove many time u r wrong n ur game plan itself..
    that why u hate Prince!
    who get maximum damage?
    that is u Priya footage Queen..

    let me tell u why u r out instead of Rochell..
    b4 u got 1st finally ticket u got more vote then Rochell!
    last day of elimination We prince Fan decided to teach u a lesson..
    we Save Cool Group of BB9..

  18. Amin max

    biggboss is promoting mandana and her upcoming movie. I think ekta
    must have paid them for the promotion. If mandana wins then I
    guarantee biggboss is fixed. I support prince but I don’t mind if anyone
    else wins but if mandana wins that would really be a big
    disappointment. Why mandana is highlighted in every episode at the
    weekend? Why Prince has been targetted since day 1 by biggboss and
    salman? When Prince didn’t sacrificed for kishwer it was his choice why
    biggboss said he is selfish? Everyone is selfish. Kishwer never
    supported prince in tasks she always favoured suyash in every task
    then why should he? why kiswer dont met bigboss room after eviction as priya………

  19. jai

    Roschelle praising priya…where did that come from….lol. Roschelle has always tries to be on the safe side. Clinging to a stronger contestant has always been her strategy. Be it Prince, Mandana or the cool group. When kishwar left the house and prince was criticized by everyone, Roschelle stopped being with Prince. She started being more friendly with Rishabh and Priya. She also started criticizing Prince. Remember when imam tried to corner prince (after kaun imam task) she said that prince must learn how it feels to be cornered. During the imam ki adaalat task she started talking about Prince’s strategy and how she doubts that Prince and Kishwar’s relation will work outside. Roschelle has realized that grouping with Prince will no longer help her. As a result she has switched sides and is trying be with the majority.

  20. jai

    I would like to mention one thing, which was shown in the episode but has not been written here. Priya said that “I think or rather I hope that prince has an another side than what he is inside the house”. Salman said something like this “nahi vo ase hi he, there is nothing more to him” and moved on to the next topic.

    I personally feel that as a host he shouldn’t say something like that about others. The host saying such things about a contestant, especially salman khan, greatly impacts the contestants image. There is no problem questioning the person about the things he has done or telling him about his mistakes. But the host should not degrade the contestant in such manner.

    • Blue phoenix

      @jai whom are you supporting?
      Like priya said, it would be much fun, if kish, gizele, Mandy/rishab, priya, prince were there as finalists 🙂

      • jai

        Yes, it would have been interesting if keshwar would have made it to the finale.

        Priya was a strong contestant since beginning. However, it was only after keshwar left, that priya started thinking of herself as a true contender for the title. She has been a lot more confident since then. Keshwar leaving the house has changed the attitude of the entire house. I have also mentioned above, how Rochelle changed after the cool group was reduced to only Prince.

        So, having Keshwar in the finale would have definitely changed the equation.

    • Shona

      I completely agree. I am not a Prince fan. But Salman need not make such careless or callous comments even if they are in jest. I honestly do not want Mandana to win as she has not really been an ideal contestant in the house. Anyone but her. Although I want Rishabh to win. He seems the most real, most entertaining, least conniving, most funny and the least irritating inmate remaining in the house now. Yes he is an underdog and the least likely to win. But to me he is the most likeable person in the house right now.

    • Ankii

      @jai Hey, I guess you did not hear it properlly buddy!! go n watch it again. I dont remember the exact statemnt but yeah salman replied back by saying yeah he absltly have dffrnt side too!! so instead of spreding wrong thng just recheck it once

      • Ritika

        No. Jai is right. Salman did say “nahi yehi hai jo hai, aur kuch nahi hai”- when Priya said i hope there’s more to him/another side. But i agree with salman. He is not an ‘individual’ player, prince always looks for support.

  21. Anjaani

    BB9 ka winner to pehle se he nischit h or wo h Mandana Karimi..task na krne pr b ab tk ghar me h..actully winner decided he h ..

  22. Why all prince fans hate mandi lagta hae @schiophonic ki sikayat @kruti se karni padegi:-D;-)you are a cheap personality man go to wanna make me your eneny ha%-)bale for you madana rule bb9

  23. And one more thing dont use my name as dog you dont know about me you just know my hurt alot when you compair my name with such .i can abuse you too but idont wanna you personaly so stop this man

  24. [email protected] not replying is he afriad of me hahaha such a bullshit

  25. Ritika

    Manish paul was great… Prince is like money plant (needs support) and Rochelle like driller Lol V.nice and even big stars r not comfortable with salman but he was so much at ease. Salman looked like a pehelwan today but cute and handsome ♡ Good to know he wants kids lol

    v.sad to see Priya evicted. SHEZ ABSOLUTELY RIGHT THAT ALL UNDESERVING PLAYERS R SITTING INSIDE. Just like manish paul said- they r mummies from Egypt (cmpletely dead and not strong)! Kishwar and Priya were the strongest. Mandana and prince r cunning. Rishabh acts lyk a devil but is naive, priya was right. I guess mandana wl win!

  26. Alice

    Why you people including bigg boss in all this stuff,in season 7 salman used to criticise gohar bt still she won the show tht means its nt all decided and salman is nt deciding the winner grow up guyz

  27. Im really sad that there are some people who are trying to bring religion in between this..Really grow up guys we are living in a secular country and thinking like this is really rediculus..So who ever thinks like this please keep your stupid comments in your pocket…@joyee and all my muslim friends lots of respect to u and ur religion…

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