Bigg Boss 9 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 67
Song Badshah plays, inmates wake up and dances.

Mandana comes to Keith and says that when i was given duty to wash dishes, people complained that i dont wash dishes on time, today i saw cockroaches in dishes as they were not washed, Keith says Nora washed dishes yesterday but we ate food at night again, there were dishes unwashed, she didnt sleep and woke up early morning so she requested me that if she can wash utensils in morning so i allowed her as i didnt want to create any problem, Mandana says if that was thing then you could have asked me, i would have washed it.
Kishwar tells Rochelle and Suyyash that mandana is complaining about not washing utensils, Rochelle says she doesnt do her work, she just want to fight, Suyyash says she didnt do

anything in task.
Mandana says to Rishab that whatever is wrong, i will point it out, Rishab says when i didnt wash dishes, they created issue, Gizele says majority is authority here.

Rishab teases Priya that she should be given title of rule breaker, Priya says you should be given title of over confident, Rishab says your title start with P, now guess it, Priya says its your habit to put down others to boost your ego, rishab says right, he leaves, Priya says i gt affected by people’s behavior with others and i didnt like what Rishab did in task, he was putting me down, calling me cheap detective, Keith says his wound of you taking his protein shake hasnt fulfilled,
Prince says he had no proof that i killed everyone in task.
Gizele says to Mandana that they are cunning, what is cool about them? they are not cool, Rochelle takes 2hours for make up still she doesnt look nice, she doesnt have eyebrows.

Keith’s captaincy has ended, Rishab and Prince will play task to become captain. They will have to form team comprising of girls, girls will have to hold balloons in hand via thread and they cant bent hand. Prince chooses Priya, Nora and Rochelle. Rishab chooses Kishwar, Gizele and Mandana. the team which will keep holding balloon till end will become captain, Keith will be moderator of task.
Prince ask Kishwar to leave thread soon, she says this is cheating, Prince says so what, everything is fair.

Kishwar is holding balloon, Prince says to her that you know our relation has grown, you know who will change and who will remain with you till end, Suyyash is your would be husband but i am your brother already, you need to support me, Rochelle says but fans will see how Kishwar performed in task, Suyyash says no its about whom she is supporting, Kishwar says sorry Rishab i cant say no to Prince, she leaves balloon and give up task, Prince hugs her and thanks her, gizele says to rishab that you should have selected Priya.

Priya says to Prince that i am doing task as i do all tasks and also i will be able to take revenge from you as i will break rules in his captaincy like he did in mine, Rishab says then you wont be going against Prince but against bigg boss, Priya says to Rishab that talk about yourself not Prince, Rishab says if you are making him in lure of task then hats off to you, Priya says i would played sameway if you had chosen me in your team, you know i play tasks well so dont say that i am making him win.
Kishwar feels bad, suyyash says if you think that Rishab chose you as you will complete task for him then dont feel bad, Kishwar says if Rishab had chosen Priya in his team then task would have been difficult.
Rishab says to Priya that you kept saying you are against Prince but now you are supporting him, Priya says he has chosen me so i need play for him, i would have played same for you. Prince says to Mandana that i am always with you, i stood for you when all were against you, you can leave balloon for me, Mandana says dont even try on me, i wont leave it for you, Suyyash its useless to talk to her.
Keith says to Gizele that you are bending your hand, Gizele says Rochelle is bending too.
Rishab says to Priya that now dont leave task for me. Prince says to Priya that give your best till you can, i have taken your name first because i trust you that you wont leave task and will give your 100% to it. Rishab says to Priya that dont leave task for him now as she will get in badbooks of 6people, Priya says let me clear my points, when i was captain, Rishab made things easy for me, i was giving up but Rishab came to me and said to be strong, Prince on otherhand had stressed me out so much and made things difficult for me. Mandana has left her balloon, she talks to Priya and says leave it, Priya says to Mandana that tell Rishab that i am ready to leave balloon for him, ask him to talk to me, Mandana talks to Rishab, Mandana says only 2weeks are left, this is your chance, Mandana ask him to talk to her, this is your 2nd last chance to win, stay in game. Rishab comes to Priya and says i will not blackmail you emotionally, i will say to play with heart, Keith says to Priya that your hand is bent so you will have to leave it, Priya leaves task.

Rishab ask Gizele to leave balloon, you are looking like sailing in titanic, Gizele says i am not doing this for you but i want to feel that i have come in Bigg boss, let me do it, Rishab touches her hand, she ask him to not touch her, Rishab bends her hand, Gizele says to Keith that this shouldnt be taken seriously, she says to Rishab that i want to do task, there is rule that no one can touch anyone, Mandana ask Rishab to not annoy her, Rochelle says to Keith that this is wrong, she should be disqualified, keith reads instruction that if someone takes support or bend hand then she will be disqualified, Rochelle says this is not fair, Keith says dont teach me, it wasnt her fault, Rochelle says but she took support from Rishab, Keith doesnt listen to her.
Keith says to Gizele that i saw your hand bent, Gizele says i didnt bend, you are getting influenced by them, you are getting partial, Keith says id i was partial then i wouldnt have supported you earlier, Gizele leaves task and cries, she says there is so much partiality, Mandana says congrats cool group, you won, Gizele says they are so partial, no one is there to stand against them, Rochelle bent her hand so many times, Mandana consoles Gizele, Gizele says Rochelle was provoking Keith, i just bent my head not my hand and he disqualified me, Keith says i disqualified Priya on this too, Gizele says you did wrong and Karma will hit you back, dont worry.

Mandana says to Gizele that now you understand that they are not fair, Mandana says Keith didnt use his mind, he is servant of cool group.
Priya says to Keith that as moderator you are fair, at first instant you took Gizele’s side when Rishab bent her hand but you didnt took her side in 2nd instant.
Rishab comes to Gizele and says dont feel bad about me, it wasnt your task, i have no problem, when you task will come then take revenge from them, Gizele cries and says they snatched my balloon, Rishab says you are not 5year old kid that crying fro balloon, Mandana says you know these people, they are bad people.
Keith announces Prince as new captain.
Mandana says to Gizele that Keith is girlfriend’s servant, he doesnt listen to anyone else, Gizele says i didnt expect this from Keith, Mandana says Keith is worst, he is Rochelle, Kishwar and Suyyash’s servant.

Prince comes to Gizele and ask her to not cry, set her face right, Gizele says Mandana is bringing water, i will be fine, Mandana comes there with water, Prince ask Mandana to give him 2minutes with Gizele, Mandana says its Gizele’s call, if she wants to talk then i wont stop you, Gizele says to Prince that what he wanna say? Mandana leaves seeing Gizele talking to Prince, Prince says to Gizele that i am not against you, i have nothing to do against you, he leaves.

Mandana says to Gizele that if you are talking to Prince or his groupmates and i come to take you then dont behave like this, like i am forcing you to come with me, you behaved like you want to talk to Prince and i am not letting talk to him, Rishab says yes you should not harm your bonding with her, like if i am talking to someone and Mandana calls me then i say to her that i am coming, Gizele says he said he wants 2minutes to talk to me, Mandana says you could have said to me that go out, i am coming, Gizele says why did you go out? you should be there only, Mandana says what you think that i wanted to listen what Prince was talking? that i like Prince? what you think that i will go in his team? Gizele says dont fight with me, i was not ignoring you, i was blank at that time, Mandana says they think that i brainwash people like Kishwar.

inmates come in garden and sees SRK and Salman’s poster, Priya says husband is not enough, i want them too, all are excited to see them coming together on weekend, suyyash says i am getting goosebumps already, Keith says its going to be amazing, they all take selfie with Salman and SRK’s poster, Mandana and Rishab leaves from there. suyyash says for first time they will come together.

Priya comes Rishab and says i need to read instructions so call your group, Rishab says i will bring my group but you bring your group, Priya says i didnt do task to become part of that group, Rishab says you wanted to enter in that group, Priya says i know i am least in their group, they will sacrifice me first, i talk to Mandana and Gizele but its you who exclude me from this group, Rishab says i have seen your way of playing game, i am swearing on my parents that i was about to leave balloon to return your favor, when Keith said that i have bent my hand so i didnt resist and gave up, i was not giving up for you but to return your favor, Rishab says which favor? Priya says i was not leaving balloon for you, dont tell me that i want to be part of cool group.
Kishwar and suyyash are kissing each other’s cheek, Rochelle comes inbetween, they kiss her, Keith jokes that they are getting physical. Priya comes there and says Rishab taunted me that i am bringing my group, you bring your group, if i wanted to be part of your group then i wouldnt have told Mandana that i am ready to leave balloons, Kishwar says so you dont want to be part of group? Priya says i dont want to be part of any group.

Priya reads instructions that they have 2000luxury budget points but they did some mistakes like Prince getting caught as killer, the killed inmates came out of coffin area, they are deducting 800 points for that and Keith, Nora and Rochelle hided in washroom in whole task and wasnt seen in task so they are reducing 600 points for that, and also they broke rules so their luxury budget is 0. Rishab says i was telling Keith many times to become visible in task, Keith says i might be wrong, i thought that i have to protect myself so hided in washroom, Rochelle says everyone did mistake, Suyyash says i didnt do any mistake, Rishab says you told about killer to other inmates instead of detective, you people didnt understand rules of task.
Kishwar says that Rishab has attitude problem, he could have formed relations but if its his strategy to play game, Priya says i have not same equation with cool group, i have individual equation with everyone, i dont want to be part of group, Kishwar says Rishab had good equation with everyone but he went on to deny everything after suyyash-Mandana’s fight, he wants to play Mandana’s card of being getting isolated, he thinks that his strategy will work, Priya says you form a group when you sit with certain people all the time and do everything together, at this time there are two groups in house, your 6people do everything together and other group is Rishab’s group so if anyone say that there is no groups then its not true, Kishwar says exactly there are groups in house, Priya says i accept that Rishab wasnt part of any group earlier but now he has group.

there will be competition, task name is “smart fit body”, there will be two teams in task, one team will win in end.
team 1-Nora, Rishab, Mandana and Suyyash.
team 2-Prince, Keith, Rochelle and Priya
Kishwar and Gizele will be moderators of task.

inmates will have to pose in different positions of yoga, there will be 3rounds in task.
in first round, Rochelle from team 2 and Nora from team 1 pose in planking position, Rochelle gives up and Nora wins. in 2nd round, Suyyash and Priya stand in position of yoga, Priya gives up so suyyash wins that round. In third round, two boys from one team will lift a girl on their shoulders and girl have to pick 3 bottles one by one from one end and move to other end while being on shoulders of boys. Rishab and Suyyash lifts Mandana and tries to move her but she falls down and couldnt pick bottle while Prince and Keith lifts Priya and easily moves her inbetween two ends, they win third round. Kishwar says team 2 have won task.

Gizele says to inmates that i asked Priya why she is not talking with rishab? i saw friendship between your both, i feel bad for them, Rishab says she knew everything which i like but she put in store room those things only, she put my jacket in store room which i like most, i was the one who broke least rules and was cooperative with her, and i didnt get it, Keith says you should move on now, Prince’s whole suitcase is gone, Kishwar says Priya actually cares for you alot, she is so sad that you are not talking to her and is trying to explain things to you, Rochelle says i was feeling bad for her that you are treating her so rudely still she is trying to pacify you, i was feeling bad so i asked her to no go behind you but she said that there is still hope of friendship again so she will keep trying, she genuinely wants to be your friend, Keith ask Rishab to go and talk to her nicely and solve things, Rishab says fine.

PRECAP- Mandana ask Priya to not cook, Gizele says that is so rude, Priya no one can stop me from making food, she doesnt hold that position, Mandana says i will not cook then, she leaves. Mandana says to Gizele that i wanted to cook alone in kitchen so i asked her to come in kitchen, you wanna hangout with her then go to her, this fight has happened because of you, dont try to become mother india, Gizele gets angry and says you are as mental as Priya. Later Bigg boss shows personal things of inmates and says these are stuff which different captains submitted to bigg boss as punishment, now it is chance to get it back, Prince will have to tell one name who he thinks is missing his/her stuff most. Later Nora and Prince flirt with each other, Nora offers to go on date with Prince, they hug each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru

    High point – BB cuts 600 points for hiding in the bathroom coz that was not the way to play..
    @harshal.. @santu..nd all others who tried to explain it yestrday(including me) Cheers.. 😀

    Priya says that rishab misbehaved with others during task.. Eh. ? When did that happen ? Is she talking abt banging on the door vn rochs nd kieth was inside. ?

    Gizele felt bad coz she din think she was supposed to go out… Fair enough.. But she just starts saying all these stuffs like god is seeing, he will give you bck, vch isnt cool.. And vn rishab came in to explain, she says – Mera balloon cheen liya.. :p that was funny..

    Why exactly did mandy shout at gizele vn she was talking to prince. ? What happened in there ? Din get that…

    I liked how everyone tried to convince rishab abt Priya’s frndship.. That was sweet..

    • Neeru

      Vn rochs nd kieth were* inside i mean..

      Precap shows mandy nd gizele fyting.. Now that wud be interesting to see.. Where wud gizele go now. ??

      • tedd(akku)

        Yup…is season main karma word use kiya risabh ne pehele(justified though for kish’s spitting act)…abhi giselle using for no reason…lol ? …
        Pak gayi hun main yeh saare words sun sun ke….
        I also woke up to the song of bigg boss @neeru… too felt good wen everyone tried to put a patch on risabh priya’s fshp….
        One thing i found today…prince loves kissing everyone ???..(on cheeks- and no offense to his fans)

      • Neeru

        @jonwick yeah… True.. 😉 cool grp… We myt see gizele nd rochss becoming frnds coz of a common enemy… LOL..

    • harshal

      neeru, i think that was because prince was talking to giz, and mandy came in, prince asked mandy for 2 minutes to speak to giz, mandy replied that’s giz call, i am not her owner or so. and somewhere it felt to mandy like giz was behaving as if asking permission of mandy to speak to prince. So, she said to giz that due to that, others will now say that i am brainwashing you about not talking to cool group and am not like that. its your decision totally if you want to talk to them or not. But overall, stupid argument over petty thing

      • Neeru

        Like really. ? Thats it ? I really thought theres more to it vch i din get.. so din comment on it.. .
        Ok now,,
        If you go in Wen two ppl are talking nd one person asks for two minutes, just gv him that.. As simple as that.. Instead mandy says i am not her owner.. Prince wasn’t asking permission from her,, he was just saying to leave them alone.. Was that too difficult to understand ?

        Now mandy comes in, prince says 2 mins, mandy asks gizele do you want to talk or not, giz asks prince what do you want to talk abt nd mandy leaves.. Later giz comes out nd mandy starts shouting saying you shud hv said go out..
        1. Now thats what prince said, in a polite way.. Wasn’t that enuf to get the cue. ?

        2. Giz says you cud hv stayed ,, why go out nd she says stuffs like – you think i want to listen, think that i like Prince. ?
        Now where did that come from. ?

        I just felt mandy created this fyt for noo reason at all.. Weekend is near naa.. :p

      • harshal

        exactly neeru, your 2nd point is exactly what confused me too. I definitely feel she went wrong there. 1st point, i still can reason with, as she wanted to know if giz did really want to talk to prince or was he irritating her, hence giving her giving her 50-50 doubt, but in 2nd case, she was 100% wrong…… silly argument, and such a boring episode ….

  2. harshal

    3 good(actually let’s make it ok ) moments of today’s episode,
    1) mandy’s balloon bursts suddenly out of nowhere naturally and she is dq. in that boring nutrigain task mandy loses grip of bottle midway, rish-suyy don’t notice, take her till the end, set mandy down, mandy says,” guys, i don’t have the bottle” rofl .they try again, rish-suyyash lift her so high, she can’t even get down to retrieve bottle, other team wins. mandy looked stupid 😛 …. But i still love you :* :*
    2) Prince talking to gizelle, looks like this punjabi munda has finally started playing and that too very smartly. well done, prince, making friends in other camp too, good strategy.
    3) (and this defines how boring the episode was that this moment found a place in top 3) Suyyash haircut looked cool, i want that look now -_-

    Overall, 1 hour of my life was wasted. I would have rather watched 1 hour version of NYAN CAT and still get more entertained 😛

    • Jonwick

      @harshal I got one joke just now..
      Difference between Mandana and Giselle?
      1.Mandana (beautiful)

    • harshal

      Ok, being the salman khan of this telly updates (lol), it is my duty to defend some of mandy’s actions(harsh words) towards keith today :p
      Let’s give some benefit of doubt to mandy here as she is weak in hindi. I think she wanted to say that keith is biased towards cool group and partial, but just didn’t know how to say it rightly in a proper way. personal opinion, i did see roch moving here and there with balloon and am pretty sure when giz pointed it out to keith, roch had her hand kinda bended. also, only when roch and nora started shouting to disqualify giz, decision was made by keith to dq her. That raises some questions on his sanchalan.
      secondly, no offence meant to keith’s fan(even am a fan of his calm nature) , he does kinda look like a puppet in this show, used by rochelle and kish for their own benefits. If suyyash is blamed for being invisible and sidekick, i think keith hasn’t shown much of his side and opinion too, so he should share some blame too. I won’t be as blunt as real salman :p and call him doormat, but he has lost his identity in this show totally sadly.
      Lastly, if you felt that was a cheap personal attack and even mandy’s previous comments about them( keith is good lad with bad girl rochelle and rochelle wants keith out of house), I would like you to read this article
      this was not shown in the show due to contract violation i think(contracts are signed promising never to reveal past events and also that personal information won’t be broadcasted on national tv). now, its upto you people to decide which looked bad personal attack 🙂
      I rest my case 😛

      • lovely

        Seriously dude..u think.u can.ever be salman khan.

        and who has given u d right to call rochelle.a bad girl…ur mandy is a asshole

      • tedd(akku)

        @lovely …..And who has given u d ryt to call mandy an asshole???…can’t u just stop bein mean to others…u have to poke ur nose in every affairs..and in every humorous comments and make mean comments….this is a platform , where we have a ryt to say anything…and also u do have the ryt to say anything…but atlst harshal and others are not so mean like u….haters live in peace

      • tedd(akku)

        Even i don’t like mandana…but atlst we don’t make rude comments to our frnds over here who comment ….everyone has their favourites and contestants they don’t like…but we don’t behave like u, wen others write ill about our favourites

      • freakk

        @lovely…we love rochelle…v love mandy…v love priya kish noora too…
        I am madly in love wid giezelle
        Hum to dilwale h 😀 sbke liye dil m pyar rakhte h..:-)
        Aap thoda chill kro naa…if nt harshal then aap bhi to salman ni ho..:-D u dont get to decide what he wants..we never said ki aap rochelle ki manager ho..;-)
        Aneways who do u want to win..:-D

      • Shruti

        Bada mushkil hai samajhna ki hindi weak hai isiliye one can get away with nasty comments. But kabhi koi weak language ki wazah se achhi baat nahin bolta ya tareef nahin karta. Kya unknown language mein hum sabse pehle abuses seekhne ki koshish karte hain? I wonder…

      • harshal

        shruti, naukar is not an abuse, its just a low status word, used to humiliate others identity,though I do agree she abuses a lot & she needs to work on that..

        Joyee, mast hu 😛

        Freak, tedd, just ignore, not worth it 🙂

    • A7x

      Lolz..@jonwick @harshal for giselle it’s lips vs hips…
      Guess which one beats the other?
      🙂 😀
      Voting lines are closed cuz they fear her zoombie walk. 😀

  3. Sonam Kapoor

    Finally I am so happy to knw that bigg boss finally agreed that mandana is mental….lol.
    Seriously she is one pain..yakkkkkkkk

    • Sweetie

      I agree with u.. i was 100% sure that mandana and gizele will fight… Mandana cannot be friends with anyone..

  4. Uff. This Prince is using relations as his tools. He is making plastic romance with Nora and does emotional blackmail to Kish . Prince man you have just lost all the respect I had for u this week.
    And Rishabh. I feel bad for him he is a little bewakoof which is a big setback for him in this show. He is capable of doing well but his bewakoofi always creates problems for him
    This Suyyash was good in the killer task but today he has just vanished
    Sad, the task was such a good one but due to poor performances of
    Almost all housemates besides Rishabh, Prince, Mandy n Gizelle they lose their task
    Definitely Prince will choose to give back his so called Kishwer Didi and so called darling Nora’s stuff

    • Shruthi

      I totally agree with you joyee.. Prince sab ka emotion ke saath khel ra hai.. that’s not good for him and also for others.. jab bhi unki task jeeth ne ka baath aathi hai tab prince ko unka so called relations yaadh aathi hai.. aur kabhi nahi.. poor rishab.

    • harshal

      Joyee, have to disagree on that one, kish also did the same at the beginning while using prince, so now, it looks even.
      If anything, Prince is just using brains and playing smartly now. As for hurting feelings is concerned, i think nora herself agreed last night that it was her strategy to create love angle to stay in the house, so no feelings will get hurt i feel as its fake from both sides 😛
      About the task, i do agree a lot. except rish, prince, mandy, giz and suyyash(to some extent), others did absolutely nothing and that cost the house of luxury budget. but just because they are in majority, not a big issue was created. Imagine losing budget due to mandy/ rishabh/ giz/ priya, the house would have gone crazy and complained 😛

    • payal

      joyee if prince was using relation as tool he wouldnt have told ths on nora face . Prince always tried to truthful to relation he never did b*t*hing about suyassh n kishwer how they did

      • harshal

        actually payal, he did after bb showed that clips to him. but sukish had done that earlier, so it kinda looks justified

    • It’s just my opinion. I also agree that Kish has also done wrong that’s why I hated it. Maybe I misunderstood while reading the updates, I have to see it , which I can see tomorrow

  5. So much disspointed with the episode.kal ka jitna acha tha aaj ka utna hi bekar tha.rishab aise kyu behave kar rha hai.dnt knw.hope kal rishab aur priya ka patchup ho jaye.i am missing the cute & funny rishab.itna bhi kya gussa yar.dostome choti moti bate hoti rehti hai.priya bhi ek no ki pagal hai agar kish ne chod diya to ese kua padi hai pakadke rakhne ki.aur kitni sidhi bat hai rishab ki team ache se task na kar paye isliye to princene priya ko choose kiya aur priyane apni stupidity me uski strategy kamyab kardi.i thought kish is fair .aur vo rishab ka sath degi.prince caltaincy ke liye kitna maroge yar.gizele new drama queen of bb house.par jis tarikese sabne koshish ki priya aur rishab ka patchup karane ki it was incredible.

  6. bb

    and @ last it ws d cool grp who ws xplaining to rishab that priya wnted to befriend him.. bt den too audience will feel that the grp of 6 are partial.. lmao

  7. harshal

    Also atiba, next time keep the written summary of such episodes short and simple like this:

    Boring captaincy task begins….priya talks…gizzelle cries…mandy says something controversial, meanwhile outside, priya talks…prince captain, hooray by cool group, priya talks…. prince-mandy-gizelle-rishabh moment….salman-shahrukh poster is seen, priya talks, some photo poses are given….. inside bathroom priya talks…rishabh says don’t wanna listen, priya still talks….. inside kitchen, with kishwer, priya talks…kish says one line, priya just talks and talks…. boring nutrigain task, priya surprisingly is quiet :O …task ends with little fun, prince, roch, keith, priya win… night time, all dark, cool group talks for priya to rishabh, priya is seen inside the blanket in bedroom, quiet or is she talking to herself inside ?
    precap: priya talks :p …. mandy shouts, gizelle shout, prince is noticed there somewhere, bb announces something… later fake date scene, nora doing that fake gf acting with some dance and b**bs, hug and all amidst creepy background colour theme.

    p.s. i want the “stupid priya” back :/ … i hate this “irritating priya”……..

  8. II

    Harshal after reading ur cmmnt i just ran to my brother asking is there anything wrong in my comment. He said somewhere its looking like u are sarcastically taunting him saying u are damn right l am stupid. Sorry yaar i didnt knew my words would convey wrong meaning to u. Feeling utterly ashamed for ur sorry when ur not at all wrong. U already told no offnce just fun in ur cmmnts then how did u imagine i will get hurt. Yes i agree i like priya but i am not that dumb to misunstnd ur cmnts which are logically supercool. Brother i will take care so that my words doesnt go and land crash in an uttrly wrng way. Pls dont stop ur analtycal explanations. Everready to recve it. Tedd was damn right in supprtng u when my wrds went totally wrong meaning. But maa ki kasam i didnt mean it actually what u meant. No need to bend ur head bro when ur not all wrong.

    • harshal

      no worry brother. I thought the way you wrote that “you were stupid like priya to misunderstand the task” that you felt bad somewhere and misinterpreted my comment. Also, good that you took tedd’s comment sportingly, she is a great girl who is my very good friend here and with that issue with lovely earlier, she might have thought even you are harassing me, so that reaction from her. She is a nice and cool person, don’t think bad of her 🙂

    • tedd(akku)

      Hey ll…itz ok…these stuffs happen…but we let go…actlly i was pissed off seeing that @lovely person..harassing @harshu…datz y..i wrote the comment…thanks for taking it sportingly….i just wanted to say…itz a show…we don’t have to go gaga over it and fyt here, but some ppl will nvr @joyee said love is blind?
      Btw hwz u ll???

      • tedd(akku)

        [email protected] for considering me a very good frnd…i cudnt tolerate those comments

      • tedd(akku)

        Shut ur ugly mouth….am not harshu dat i will tolerate watever u will say….and ur statement applies to u…if u cant tolerate then dont act over smart…

  9. Jonwick

    Episode was awesome..
    1.Prince was again foxy enough to select priya before rishabh could think cuz she is quite obstinate and would have made rishabh win so well played prince.
    2.Physical task also prince peformed better and deserves praise.
    3.Feeling quite beguiled what priya was trying to do today
    4.Keith was quite fair today even he gave gisselle second chance after rishabh pulled her hand down.
    5.Mandana and Rishabh behaved childishly and i didnt like it.You got to have sportmanship but Rishabh looked quite freaked out!
    6.Mandana was at the peak of abusing and it was not good.
    Happy that prince won.

  10. tedd(akku)

    Lol…big lips wali gooselle telling roch doesn’t have eyebrows (yep i agree she doesn’t have eyebrows) but was dat essential to tell on cam??..everyone has eyes….
    Precap main wants to cook alone in kitchen??
    Giselle crying like a baby lost his balloon…hawww…so innocent na(being sarcastic)….

  11. Sanchalak: Neeru, tedd, Harshal.

    Cool group: Siva(prince) ,annamma(prince) , payal(prince). A7X(prince) .,maxx(prince) ,kuhu(prince) ,simranjeet(prince) ,sabirashaheer(prince) , prince(prince) ,yasii(prince) ,amar(prince) ,mishra(prince) , prince narula(prince) ,namira(prince) , ruman(prince) , Neha (rochell).

    Note:in cool group prince is most famous.

    BB group: Hiba(rishabh) , fatarajo(rishabh) , anur(rishabh) , aashi(rishabh) , rehaana karimi(mandana) , ninja(mandana) , shazana(rishabh and mandana) , parus(mandana)

    Note:in bb group rishabh and mandana are most famous.

    No groupism: Jonwick ,synyster .

    Finalist(guess from all these factors) : Prince , mandana , rishabh ,(Keith or kishwer) .

  12. A7x

    WTF happened to mandana today,she reviled keith so badly.I hated her for that and prince well performed yet again and how he flattered kishwer was the moment to see and he was successful although rishabh couldn’t make priya let go those baloons initially but later i don’t know why he didn’t agree when priya was ready to leave those .Finally keith was fair to see her arms hanging down and disqualified her….Loved the way keith and prince won the task with merit.Mandana’s behaviour was outrageous today and people got offended by her.let’s see tommorrow Whose belongings prince decides to return…it should be priyas…:D

  13. asap

    now i know de fools in dis house..nora,kishwer..yu two r idiots..esp yu nora u v no sense…yu are jes an empty vessel….yu hv to bear dat pain 4 jes prince to win…omg only what he gives yu is kisses on cheek..animal like you wit no sense…prince so excited like n shouting at de top of hos vessel..village boy..hes jes fond of kissing..he kisd gizelle 4 kisn sake..n de stupid girl treated mandy dat waay..some1 he stud by her shit…keith dont no wat to say to yu….maandy yu did very well today…yu told gizelle to her facr..i love dat well done rishab go on guy…i love yu…mandy n rishab roocks..

  14. Killer inmate coming out of coffin area . Oh shit . It was detectives duty to keep them there . Rishabh is not a winner . He should be punished along with priya . They are loosers. Rishabh left the dead people free to talk to them and get clues easily. Otherwise he is a fool . He would have been roaming like priya. More over he has no evidence , no photos but he won because of dead ones(gizele and mandana). Otherwise same situation for rishabh as of priya. Bb tells everything after task gets over. So the one who has done mistakes(it was rishabh and priyas duty to keep dead in coffin but they didn’t and rishabh got benifit of it ) gets victory.

    • Synyster

      Exactly @siva what i’m saying from past 2-3 days that he hunts in the shadow of others and calls himself king hunter.He never ever did any task properly except first one with keith.He constantly jumps from one group to another mandy to priya and back to mandy.
      Irritating guy.

  15. Shruthi

    Aaj pheli baar muje gizel paasand aayi.. and prince I hate u man.. I really dnt wanna see you in bigg boss.. aur kithni ke saath khelna hen.. wt kiswer did its too wrong.. yar.. at least pretend tho karthi.. ek barr bhi nahi soocha bhichare rishab ke baare mein..

    • harshal

      I expected that from kishwer to be honest. and once again inside when they were pretending to feel bad for rishabh, you could see quickly them putting blame back on rishabh for not choosing priya ( hadn’t prince already choosen priya? )
      I actually hate this part of them, they can be really good sometimes(tonight rish-priya patch-up try by them), but when they are wrong and make mistakes, they quickly try to pin the blame on others and that irritates me a lot. they always try to have a ready excuse for their actions or mistakes.

  16. Annamma James

    I liked d way whole group tried to do patch up priya and rishabh…cute..
    Mandy is trying to create fights…I think she thought cool group will fight with her if she will not wash utensils…Nobody questioned her and dey washed it for her…so her stragey failed..
    I think she will try to fight with Giselle or rishabh for footage…Bcz cool group is not even minding eventhough she is trying to create fights…poor Mandana….
    Drama Queen

    • harshal

      annamma, ok, i think you misunderstood, hence explaining. it was not her turn to clean utensils. infact, she pointed that exact thing. she said, when she doesn’t wash utensils, all make it a huge issue. but today when she woke up and saw utensils, they were not cleaned and had cockroaches. i think it was nora’s turn to wash utensils and then keith gave the explaination that he gave. In return she infact said that next time there’s such problem, just tell me and i will clean it. Kish just heard half things and went inside to do chugli to the group. It was just another example of her straight-forwardness and a matured dialogue between keith and mandy.
      p.s. don’t believe in bb precaps always, they just give out half the truth. the real incident will be cleared in tomorrow’s episode only 😀

    • Sweetie

      I absolutely agree… Mandana wanted fights… But m sooooo happy that kish n rest of them didnt fight… Even suyyash was so calm wen mandana didnt do that nutrigain wala task…

  17. Annamma James

    Vah yaar….
    U created new fan version of BB 9 task
    Sanchalak all r well choosen…
    Even d teams also..

  18. Synyster

    I fear if rishabh will ever be able to defeat prince in any task.Today he was so disheartned by prince’s victory…Poor chap!
    And mandana she is zero in doing any task A BIG ZERO the worst in the house as far as tasks are concerned..

  19. @asap what village u are talking about. At least prince is not like your bikini girl mandana(pretending to be a nice, genuine girl in the whole world).

    • tedd(akku)

      Chill siva…..don’t let urself go mad about the comments…but yeah @asap u shouldn’t call prince a village boy…after all that village boy ahs come so far, has been the winner of two reality shows and now is in bigg boss with a huge amount of fan base…

  20. Moreover rishabh Is a alcoholic . But he acted like a good boy and even digangana seemed to start having soft corner for him . She even forgot the abuses made by rishabh Sinha on her. Very very nice boy.

    • I used to hate Rishabh in his previous show, I used to think who on earth took this actor in this show? When he entered Bb house I hated him even more. But for the last 2-3 weeks he did improve. At least he don’t do groupism n this week he did well

  21. Jeez

    Hey guys….Mandana ain’t a nice girl…..if mandana wins or becomes a topic again on this weekend with Salman then she will be the winner…I don’t like kish but she is playing well and she acts real.mandana is like a girl who would actually not have any attention it’s just cox she is pretty..and Salman gives her too much attention

  22. Ritika

    Gizzelle is damn funny lol 😀 hope she isnt evicted this week! And prince and nora: pathetic to say d least (prince fans, u like this guy? Open ur eyes guys …i kinda like mandana nw, mental h par theek h 😀 kishwar was always straightfwd and strong. I hope the winner is 1 among these 2! And rochelle thinks shez but is immature. Keith and nora wl go it seems. If not nora not in nominations (cant recall), then suyash must go! Bahut hogya couple couple.

    • I wish Nora was nominated and then evicted this week as according to me her contribution is less. I don’t think Suyyash will be eliminated as he has some fan following for his shows and Gizelle may be eliminated sadly. I don’t want her to go. She is at least better than that Nora

      • harshal

        infact joyee, if you go by voting trend this week, chances of suyyash elimination are at 41%, giz 30%, priya 12%, roch 7%, rishabh 7%, mandy 2% …. i would love for roch to get eliminated, but suyyash gone is also not bad for me, afterall, group weakens to 5 then…. suyyash only fans come from his song’s deewane

  23. AN7

    Bigg boss team wants mandana to win but they know that prince is the best so they are trying to showcase him as a bad player

  24. nancy

    Attention is not concerned with prettiness even nora is pretty but except prince she gets attention from nowhere…
    Mandana is selfish but not fake…
    She is the same as she is from inside,she has shown all her selfishness,strategies and etc infront of housemates so how can she be called as fake…
    Only fake girl there is rochelle…(double faced snake)

  25. GOOD NEWS guys…bb has launched a new bb dictionary in market comprising of words from each season…just have a look..1)rajiv paul-1 second 2)dolly bindra-baap pe nahi jaana 3)imam-time out 4)ravi kishan-zindagi jhand ba fir bhi ghamand ba 5)gautam gulati-we love we love gauti 6)mehek chahal-oh really 7)rishab-karma 8)mandana-physical 9)kish-jai ho bigg boss….only for fun.*^_^*

  26. nancy

    Ohhh really keith’s captainship has ended,i didn’t see any of contributions as a captain…
    Priya much better captain than keith…

  27. @swertie Iam just saying that when your(mandana and gizele) personal life is filled with dirt and etc etc etc , you should not talk about others personal lives(gizele said prince village boy and mandana enjoying) . I think rishabh is good in this . At least he not reacted to this.

    • Maxx

      He reacted bro..prince is only capable of physical and not mental and goes by kish’s mind and won’t survive without her mind.Prince on the other hand plays mental game way way better than rishabh .. See past three days.

  28. Sare gharwale Mandana k khilaf hai
    This is not fair buhat galat hai
    Yeh sab kish kaa kiya dara hai
    Apnay bf koo bachane k liye
    Usko pata hai kii agar mera bf iss week k eviction say bach gaya toh phir…
    Naa usko keith,roc naa nora prince na woh khud ,nominate kare gee
    ROC FAKE FAKE FAKE 100 P/c fake
    Prince PRINCE

  29. freakk

    After watchin d episode i realised one thing for sure…:D giezelle has a terrible sense of fashion..:-) kamli ji jate jate apne kuch kapde use gift kr jate..kitna sahi rehta

  30. Caution:::

    Weekend approaching
    Beware of mandana. She try to fight with everyone. Her ugly plans are failing with cool group . So this time mandana targeted someone of her group gizele. So Salman got one footage and he will finish weekend by talking to only three people (mandana,gizele,priya) .

    • Maxx

      @siva i don’t know why people here support evil mandana ,she always creates negativity in house! Her tongue wags way too much.

  31. kushagra

    @harshal if keith had asked him to wash the utensils earlier she would have made herself victim and said baki sab ko toh kuch kaam nahi hain saara ghar ka kaam mai hi karti hoon
    and now pointing out mistakes
    SHE VERY WELL knew when she was ill everyone gave her less work
    i know u like mandana but sometimes u need to support wat is right

    • Maxx

      Agree wid u kushagra! Remember kish said that she herself doesn’t do the chores and when she see others she comes to bombard at them!Yesterday too she ate parathas on the bed and earlier fought with kanwal for the same & when asked about it,she says my wish.

      • harshal

        maxx, in full honesty, I would like to say that in most cases, i just see either kishwer or mandana doing cooking stuff. Now i know that they show just 45 mins out of 24 hours, still, never seen others doing the cooking stuff…
        also, rochelle comment later that during that killer task, mandy didn’t do anything, wrong. look at the scene before prince going to emergency bathroom, mandy was cleaning floor. then she was cooking when prince attacked her(task). she cleaned the mess prince created, along with rishabh later. if anything, roch-keith, nora, etc were in bathroom doing nothing. morning utensils stuff, mandy pointed that it was nora’s turn and she didn’t clean utensils, to which keith replied, she was tired and sleepy, hence…
        remember, kish and co are in majority here, but all that they say need not be always correct.maybe they are just helping each other out when captain is from their group and assigning heavy duties on others, atleast that’s what others are complaining about. I can’t say this with certainity, but possibility can’t be denied …..
        side note, remember roch creating a drama about bathroom duty during priya’s captaincy, everyone will speak if they feel that they are getting overloaded with duties while others are getting spared from working

      • harshal

        about parathas stuff, i agreed that day itself she was WRONG there. Priya tried to instigate a fight there, and realising that, prince and rishbh quickly went to her rescue and helped her realize her mistake and made her eat outside. Priya went close to her and said” i will be onto you like shadow” trying to get reaction from her, but failed miserably
        Lets give some credit where its due, she has been calm and composed in recent weeks at most times and has improved on her that shortcoming (of quick reactions and outbursts)

      • Maxx

        @Harshal she does a lot of work..Agree! but on her terms terms (like she said i will cook for whomsoever i want…not for others) and in her way…Sometimes ppl get irritated by this….Also she complains a lot…sometimes unnecessarily…somrtimes when she herself has commited those mistakes…..most pathetic thing is that she is on to “maaBhen” in no time…who can tolerate this and itz also possible that whatever you see as reactions from others(That hurt you) may just be after effects.

      • Maxx

        @Harshal…she might have improved in previous days but yesterday shes back to same….& that parantha incident …. such incidents are quite common …..this has led to a change in mentality about mandana in the house…I bet you will turn into her enemy if you spend two days with her.Bro,to watch from here and to be wid her are two different things. I HOPE YOU TAKE MY COMMENTS POSITIVELY!

      • harshal

        maxx, read your comment just now….
        1) playing and working on her own terms(cooking thing), that was what she said once in a fit of anger towards priya as far as i remember. then, kish, prince and others made her understand that she should cook for all and she agreed. We all do that when we are angry at someone(eg. if you have fight with a person and someone tells you to play with him/her, you may say, ‘i don’t want to play with him/her’). Its just like that.
        2) complains a lot – well when you feel bad about something, you complain. its not in her nature to digest bad feelings just for sake of remaining in good terms with others. she will tell you in face, it will hurt i know, but she will.
        3) abuses- i think we all agree she should tone down with abuses stuff. that’s one of her bad qualities, but, as far as i have seen, foreign people/somewhat modern people do tend to give abuses a lot. Its not correct though, i am with you on this.
        4) “saying straight to face is bad quality and hurts in actual life and just looks nice on tv” …. I may agree. i, personally might also feel bad if anything bad is said to my face. But that pain is just temporary. saying something behind your back, while pretending to be good in your face is the most dangerous pain there is. Just imagine how hurt prince will be when he gets out of house(as winner/loser doesn’t matter) and sees the videos of his friends backb**ching about him. That pain is far more dangerous and painful , so i am saying that mandy’s straight-forwardness is a good quality. also, it may help you improve on that shortcoming of yours and become a better person. you can take it sportingly and improve.
        5) that after reaction thing, i would say i get it. but believe me its just a cycle.
        (something happens) —> mandy abuse/reactions —> cool group after-reaction —-> targetting and taunting mandy —> mandy counter-reacts with abuse/reactions —-> cool group after reaction again………………

        Now, from where did this cycle begin (something happens) , will always remain a mystery. you can’t just point at mandy to begin this vicious cycle that’s ongoing in bb house till date……….

        p.s. many here have challenged me to do that(live with mandy for 2 days), I would also love to do that. let’s see, maybe in future i will get that chance 😉

      • harshal

        sorry for late reply, i am a late riser, i study till morning 7am(sometimes even 8) and then sleep upto 3pm or so 😛

    • harshal

      Kushagra, ok, fair point. but then again, you are saying this based on assumption that mandy will try to create fight. We are trying to talk about a girl, who has avoided fights in recent weeks atleast.
      eg. 1) she could easily have fought back with prince in that nora-gf case. she didn’t, she explained him her case calmly
      2) even in this weeks task, when prince threw those food and stuff to kill her, her reaction was minimal, any other person in the house i feel, would have made huge issue out of it.
      I know her straight-forwardness is the issue. when you say someone something on face, that affects you and you feel bad, then you react and fight. and when that happens, 2 kinds of support arrive
      1) who support mandy(she is straightforward and said to face what she didn’t like, thats her attitude)
      2) who support others(mandy instigated the fight by provoking and now acts as getting targetted)
      Both are point of views which are correct in their own ways. Its just the matter of which view you support. I support former, you support latter, its as simple as that ……

      • Maxx

        @Harshal Don’t get offended bro,but what you are saying is that she used to do 100% wrong now only does 75% wrong.We all know she is quite moody so she might be in the good mood to miss off those 25%.

      • harshal

        maxx, arey don’t worry. I never get offended in a good friendly banter, done in a positive way with no abuses. I always welcome other’s opinions. So, you need not worry anytime on that front atleast, that i will get offended. bindaas bolneka sab kuch 😛
        But, you completely mistook my point. I never said she was 100% wrong before and now she has improved to 75%. If that would have been the case, i would never have supported her. 100% wrong was only for that ‘paratha on the bed’ scene, not always. she does such mistakes once or twice like every normal humans do.
        I meant it like this. she is straightforward and bold and lone warrior, that’s what i liked about her since beginning, but she had 1 big negative point, she used to react very quickly and become loud in arguments. now, in recent weeks, she has improved on that front. she acts calm now and thus improving on her weak points. That’s what i wanted to give her credits for …..

  32. Rishab ko koi fark nhi padta vo captain bne ya ba bne.agar padta to prince ki tarah emotional blackmail karta priya ko.rishabne suru me thoda bola par badme usne task se khud ko dur kar liya.& he is nt jelous at all hota to prince ki strategies nhi apnata?jaise ladki patana sabke sath friendship karne ki koshish karna(aur task ki bari ayi to unhe hi backstab karna)aur emotional blackmail karna aur bewajah chillana etc. vo priya ko apnegrp se dur kyu jane deta.aur alcohol ki bat na hi karo to behtar hai kyunki baher ki bate baher hi rakho uspe judge mat karo bcoz we dnt knw wht happened in tht incident right? & by the way suyash drinks daily(remember aman-roch convo?)to kya use bhi alcohlic bulaoge?aaj rishab bhot hurt hua priya ke behaviour se isliye vo itna frustate hua tha but he didnt shout on her or said bad words aur jo bat priyane khi tumhare grp ko lekar aao usse vo aur gussa ho gya.

  33. Goms

    Prince is playing emotionally with others…He alws used to say that “next time ill play individually, kishwer supports suyyash and now i feel betrayal”..
    But what happened now..?? He is emotionally blackmailing kishwer “im ur brother leave the balloon for me”
    He proposed yuvika..but now he is going to have a date with Nora..
    OMG i hate prince…
    At starting i used to love him very much but now i hate him…

    Keith i thought you was the only genuine person in the house..Unlike suyyash alws being a kishwer (lovers) servant..
    But now you too become Rochelle (lovers) servant..!! Keith you respect girls in the house but what happened to you now..?? Why are you shouting at gizel..!!

    • harshal

      goms, if anything, that’s prince playing game smartly and with a good strategy. About emotionally blackmailing kish, let’s be fair here. kish has used prince just as much(even more) for her own benefits in the past
      yuvika-nora or any other girl, that’s all his personal choice. he is not toying with them. Infact, from what i see, nora is the one who is jumping to be the girl to be toyed with(don’t understand how you can potray yourself like that on national television and expect us to vote for you)
      about keith, i agree with you. he disappointed me a lot this week. he is not thinking with his own mind now, he is just getting influenced and is looking like a puppet. Keith-Suyyash are the sacrificial pawns of the cool group to protect the king(prince) and queens(kish and roch).

  34. Avani

    What is wrong with this gizelle girl. Keith supported her once and asked Rochelle not to interfere then also calling him unfair and crying like a baby. Gizelle and mandana sometimes pass nastiest comments in house. Prince is also playing a nasty game. He calls kish his sister, still he made kish n suyash his targets before most of contestants in killer task. He could have kept Keith’s clothes instead no but he chose kish. While in yesterday’s task he emotionally blackmailed her. Not fair. Kish bhi pagal hai humesha prince ki baatoin mein a jati hai. Is bat ka fayda prince uthata hai. I also can’t bear this Nora. Fake hai puri. I guess today’s episode will be as boring as yesterday’s.

    • Maxx

      @Avni Itz easier for him to push a females tee into the box then how can he use keith’s .kish and prince fight was over an issue of captaincy task and now itz solved with time why do he hold grudge still.He never badmouthed about them in past 3 weeks.Also he knew rishabhs gonna manipulate priya in the task which he did so what wrong he did in flattering kish…yuvika never expressed her love for prince nora did ! although prince wooed both then whats wrong.
      Just my opinion.. nothing personal.

  35. nancy

    I am just waiting to see priya in the coming week lets see is she taking revenge from prince and if she doesn’t do anything like that than surely rishab was right in saying that she is trying to be a part of cool group….

    • A7x

      So true but May be shes budges from what she said cuz prince is talking way to polite with her and she is already in a fix! Why fight with a strong player now.

    • harshal

      exactly nancy, same here. cause the number of times priya was trying to explain herself saying “if i wanted to join cool group, i would ……” just shows she is desperately trying to defend herself…
      But in her defence, I don’t think she likes to be a lone player, she needs support to stay as she very well knows that she doesn’t have fan base here in India and doesn’t want to get nominated

  36. Rohan

    Guys mandana is a ugly women both inside,outside!!she has a manly face …Nora and roch are prettier then her!!besides I find my roch cute,and besides eyebrow thing,every single person on this earth do have some or the other insecurities!!!LOVE YOU ROCHELLE ,you go girl???

  37. Mandana jealous of yuvika because yuvika was cute,nice,s**y than mandana. All boys liked yuvika. More yuvika had a good character. Good good character. That’s why mandana fight even with yuvika. Can you believe ,ohhhh shit , can any boy or girl fight with yuvika(only mandana). Can any boy or girl trust or make friendship with mandans( damm surely noooooooo). These girls ( mandana and gizele ) think they are biggest celebrities,they are queens .

  38. bb

    personally i like kishwer.. no matter what… bt wenevr mandana,rishab does nythng.. d thngs are justified.. nd wen sm1 frm cool grp does so.. den its not fair.. rish cn befrnd mandana and priya.. bt kish cant befrnd suyyash nd is der take on whom dey wnt to support or wat . who r we or salman to influence others take.. we can jst xpress our views nthing else.. we dnt hv ny rite to judge ny1…on to watevr is shown on its jst to twist our minds

  39. prince fans-guys i respect ur choice & ur opinions but i want to say some things.prince jab man kiya kish suyash se rishta jod leta hai jab man kiya tod deta hai.bich bichme usme indivisually khelne ka bhoot sawar hota hai.aur jo vo suru suru me kar rha tha ki abse ek naya prince dikhega & again doing the same things tht was very childish.the way he was behaving with kish & suyash jab uski behen ka msg aya tha tht was very rude ab isme kish suyash ki kya galti agar prince unse influence hota hai vo usko force to nhi karte na.friendspage taskme usne dikhaya ki uske liye task jyada imp he relations se.aur usne ye bhi kha hai ki vo task ke liye kish ki burai karta.aur atehi jab kanwalne ye kha ki prince kish ke hukum manta hai to ise laga ki baher mai kharab dikh rha hu suddenly usne kish ki bareme b*t*hing ki ( abt being partial).aur jo usne priya se zagda kiya vo kitna unnecessary tha vo janbujke priya ko pareshan kar rha tha bcoz he knew priya chup baithne walo me se nhi hai to zagda hota hai to acha footage mil jayega.aur jab vo gussa hota hai to vo bhot jyada rude ho jata hai aur samne wale ka point samazne ki koshish nhi karta hai jo insensiblity ki nishani hai.aur vo ladkiyo ke respect ki badi badi bate karke andar aya tha par sabse jyada ladkiyo ko disrespect karta hai phir chahe vo mandy pe vommiting wala comment ho ya ladkiyo pe chillana.aur jo relation uska yuvika ke sath tha i never felt it was genuine.abhi kuch din pehle tum anukhi ke sath the abhi yuvika pasand ane lagi.agar mante hai he really likes yuvika phir Vo nora ke sath kya kar rha hai?agar vo aur nora sirf dost hai to apke kaunse dostKo aap dinme 50 bar kiss karto ho?like really?aur agar prince ye game ke liye love angle dikha rha hai to usme buri bat koi nhi hai par phir vo fake hai ye uske fans ko manna hoga.aur rhi rishab usse jalne ki bat vo prince hai jo rishab ko kam dikhane ki koshish karta hai nt rishab.jab nora ayi to pehle prince ne jake rishab ki burai kardi ki vo har ladki ke piche bhagta hai etc kyun ki use dar tha ki nora aur rishab me bonding na ho jaye.aur ye log kehte hi ‘rishab’ prince se jalta hai ?lol.aur usne jo nora se kha ki mai jab tak hu tumhe save karunga etc vo bhi isliye keh diya kyun ki rishab ka koi chance na ho aur nora apna fayda dekhe aur prince ka sath de.prince itna insecure hai ki captaincy ke liye usne apne behen ko rakhi ka vasta de de kar emotional blackmail kiya.agar vo fair hota to vo bolta ki mai chahta hu ki tu baloons chod de par age tera decision hai.he thinks only abt himself & no1 else.jab jrurat ho tab behen yad ati hai aur jab jrurat ho to indivisuality.
    P.s -i was a big prince narula fan at the start of the show.

  40. @ Anu r if prince supports kish and suyyash in task then all of you will say that prince is bad. He performs tasks individually. He doesn’t cares about his sister in task , so what , task is task. Anu u said about kisses. When prince made love ❤. Angle with girls no girl replied(except Karishma in splits villa , but prince doesn’t liked her backbiting so they break). For the first time a girl is asking prince for a date. Moreover even prince and nora know that it is fake love. It is just for our entertainment. Please he has a very very very good good character than matter mandana.

  41. hey @freakk but i never text u…even i dont have ur number…btw galti se sahi guess to kiya…hmm i am not maharashtrian actually im from bihar born in nagpur but living in banaras for studies…

  42. nancy

    Ya right…
    Prince is playing mind games with everyone even kishwer, he has now became the most strongest contestant just becoz all others are fools and are not getting him..
    Prince is playing individually and is showing himself as a part of cool group so that he saves himself from nominations……
    If he continues in the same way than Definately he is gonna win this season of bigg boss….

  43. Big9

    Even though I like Mandy,, 1thing is very clear that she will not make friends for more than 1week.. okay!!If she is doing this for game then it’s her call but taunting others for making friends & sharing a good bond is lil annoying..
    Priya before entering into d house has told in d interview dt prince, Rochelle nd rishab can become her sidekick in an interview… but she failed miserably??
    I thought she’s strong but now she looks like a joker and her acts are really funny??
    Prince has improved a lot & going great( cheersrs to that)??
    want to see Rochelle play more (very disappointing).??
    Mandy is still strong & trying to pickup fights …hasn’t accomplished it till yesterday??
    Kishwer and suyyash good couples??
    Gizzell next person to get evicted??

  44. @ Nancy . No mandana is the winner. Even Salman says that mandana gets huge public support directly and indirectly. And it is also given in khabri that mandana gets huge support.

  45. Annamma James

    @harshal am sorry yaar..,am n saudi…colours channel is not accessible from watching bb in as part by parts… Some times conversations r not clear…may b dats I am misunderstanding d episodes sometimes…
    Thank u for clearing it..
    But I don’t like ur mandy…Drama Queen

    @ asap it was very rude comment of regarding Prince….
    Let me tell u v all r madly in love with ur village boy….Character influences d fans heart not d fame….

    • harshal

      annamma, no need to say sorry yaar 🙂 .. i guessed that at beginning itself and that’s why at start only i said that ‘i think you misunderstood and hence explaining..’ anyways, good to know that bb has viewers all over the world, enjoy the show 🙂
      my mandy :O … you are giving me false hopes of having her as my gf 😛

      p.s. loved that line ” Character influences fan’s heart, not the fame ” (y)

  46. nancy

    Poor mandana
    Not only in the bigg boss house but she is also the target here in the discussions…
    Stop comparing her and yuvika, if you hate mandana than why are you making her the center of your discussions…
    Leave her and let her play in the way she wants….
    Everyone in the house has got their own way of playing games but the dfference in mandana and all others is that she does not uses her mind and speaks bad for others infront of camera but all others keep the hate and bad comments shut otherwise no one is a friend of anyone…

  47. Annamma James

    @anu r
    Let me tell u I cannot support some one who will changing his colours every week….
    Don…lover boy…normal….frndship..
    Its crystal clear dat rishabh is jelous abt prince….he also tried to b a part of cool group.. When he understood trio will try to support each other rest is waste he backed out….

    Prince…he is 100% loyal in his relations…possessiveness stands up in true relations only…he felt bad when he found kish n sayush supporting each other and avoiding him…But he never ditched them…Even he knows sayush was bad to mandana he just supported them…He will do each and every task even his friends r aganist him…He didnt ditch his friends to b
    n salmans good book….

    • Maxx

      Agree with all your points…Rishabh is frustrated young man that tries hard to go past prince but always fails and envies him and also jumps from one group to other and every one in house knows he is unreliable.

  48. Ahmed

    Im feeling really bad for Rishab .according to my point of view he iz the only nice and loyal person in house. Dolly ( kishwer) ko ballon nae chorna chahia tha. It shows that no one can trust her.
    sometymes I think that dolly r suyash under24\7 supervision main itna gir sakta hain like harassement spitting and plotting tu rea lyf main tu pta nae kia kia krta hun g

  49. @priya nice comedy- Mandy doesn’t use her brain ,oh really , after losing every task(Mandy) firstly cunning Mandy blames the performers. So poor performers get angry ?. And give her nice dose. And the audience” why are all against mandana,why are all targeting mandana”.oh please stop this . Iam saying this again nobody is targeted, it is because of your character everyone starts hating you or liking you. Don’t always say that I saw things on face(Mandy). Then why don’t you listen to others when they say things on your face. That makes them angry and they shout and you cry and become good dgirl in the eyes of audience. How man how.

    • Maxx

      @Siva you are right!If someone says it on the face itz not a good quality.Those who are supporting this quality won’t bear this thing if any of their friend say their Negative qualities on face and forgetting his/her own.These ppl will then turn in to their enemies in no time .Such ppl are treated with “Chappals” on their bu*t in this world.

    • U r right, that is exactly her strategy.I think since all the housemates have started ignoring her she will fight with Gisele and also the other hms who talk to her to become the target .

  50. nancy

    I don’t hate kishwer but i also don’t like her…..
    Prince: going good this week….
    Rishab: feeling sad for you…Better luck next time..
    Keith: somehow confusing…
    Mandana: no use of brain….
    Nora: why are you here in the bigg boss house plz go soon…
    Rochelle: getting weak day by day….
    Gizelle: it is the right time for you to get eliminated this weekend..
    Suyyash: no comment..?

  51. nancy

    mandana is hated by everyone in the BB house just becoz she says everything on face….
    If a person gets anger and hate from everyone so he or she is the target thats a totally different thing that he or she wants it by herself/himself..
    I just wanted to say that she is always a part of discussion in the BB house and here too ….
    If you hate her than don’t give her importance..!

    • payal

      Nancy mandana always speak on face but sometime she try to create a seen as we saw prince just told her to give him 2 min she can go frm there but she created a seen tht I dnt like

      • Tracy

        Payal I don’t think Mandana created a drama. Just imagine you are talking to your friend and someone comes and said give us two minutes. What will be the natural expectation? Answer: your friend either says ok please give us some few minutes or says no. If your friend does not react (either orally or through gestures) you will be in limbo (confused). So its natural you clear it with your friend that could she/he be clearer next time as to what she/he wants?

        So no drama created rather I would say Mandana did well by leaving even if Gizzelle didn’t say anything. (It shows courtesy)

  52. Annamma James

    U r right Siva….I cant even imagine a day with her her under one roof..poor housemates….
    Evnthough She is not performing any tasks she is very hard working to create fights…
    She knows Salman will support her..what to do….
    Afterall it’s our Salman khan for whom v started watching dis show..

  53. K jo bhi maine prince ke bareme kha thts my point of view.any1 can hav different opinion.but i dnt like him at all.being a girl i can never support a guy who shouts on a girl .so a big no to prince & suyash.unke hisab se ladkiyo ki respect karna matlab “kishwar” ki respect karna.rishab agar change bhi hota hai to whts the harm in being don being lover boy or being normal or being friend?atleast he is entertaining.colurs change kiye matlab usne kisi ko backstab kiya?kisi ke bareme b*t*hing ki?kisi ke bareme statement badle?kisi ke bareme opinion badle?grp badla?game ke liye kisi ko dhoka diya?ya phir ek hi shw pe do ladkiyo ko pyar jataya?

    • Neeru

      @anu dear Ok.. Answer to your questions..
      Did he talk behind the back ? – yes he did.. The clips shown during cp plus task are a proof.. Also abt nora nd prince..
      Did he change opinion abt nyone ? – yes he did.. About mandy.. He was her frnd,, then one weekend told ki he isn’t coz she is selfish, nd now again he is with her..
      Did he change grp ? – yes he did.. When he came he always said that he has no grp nd will play alone.. But then he played with mndy.. Then he was in “marr” grp.. Nd Vn priya came he was with her nd kept saying ki its 6 vs 2..
      Nd task me dhoka dena kya hota hai. ? Din get that..

      As for shouting at a girl, i think you forgot how rishab shouted at rochs at the peak of his voice during his captaincy…

      Rishab is a sweet person… I agree.. But i am just pointing out that things for vch you seem to hate prince, are also done by rishab.. You just hate prince coz you love rishab… 🙂

      • Jonwick

        @Neeru there are least things that can be said unfair about prince’s said that prince talked behind back of sukish.Yes he did & so did sukish cuz there were certain misunderstandings that prevailed a week or so.Whats the big deal? 2.It’s said he did unfair with priya yess! up to some extent cuz to destroy the evil u have to dirty ur hands,she had made prince’s chivalry her victory so prince successfully exposed her. 3.Prince betrayed yuvika really?Did yuvika reply to prince’s proposal No!,not even at time of exit where as Nora wooed prince from first day.Now its clear both are using each other & prince has no feelings for her just enjoying company 4.On the other hand he always wins all the tasks and defeats every one. Everyone can write 1000 pages against mandana and 500 pages against Rishabh. Prince stands nothing compared to them as far as evil mentality and acts are concerned! Thats what I feel!

      • harshal

        Neeru, pointed out all mistakes of rishabh correctly 😛 … well done… btw, what’s “marr” group? didn’t get that part.
        I am going to start using that awesome line of your’s now in my own way 😛 … saying, “you just hate mandy coz you love prince” , to whoever criticizes mandy 😀 😀 … thanks for helping me there 😛

      • Neeru

        @jonwick… Buddy,, Hi-Fi…you kinda read my mind… Thats exactly what i feel..
        Ppl keep saying abt prince backstabbing su-kish… They just had a fyt nd sorted it out..
        As for yuvika, you correctly pointed it out.. She nevr accepted his proposal nd Now ppl expect him to walk as a devdas nd rejct all girls who comes his way.. Moreover they cleared it ki they are together for the game.. why is it so difficult to understand… ?

        Loved your points.. 🙂

      • Neeru

        @harshal.. You forgot “marr” grp. ? No wayy.. 😀
        Remember when mandy was evicted (sent to secret room) , 4 frnds went up the first floor, huged each other nd cheered saying – hurray maar grp..
        They were the first to give name to a grp.. Even salman mentioned it during that weekend.. 🙂
        It stands for – mandy, aman, rochs nd rishab..
        That grp got spoiled vn she came bck nd snapped at aman nd rochs..

        😀 That line… Yeah,, give it bck to whoever troubles you with mandy.. Thats the least i can do for you.. Afterall ,, what are frnds for.. 😉

  54. Hey please understand nobody is a target. It is because of your CHARACTER CHARACTER CHARACTER you become target . Mandy is using this trick to gain sympathy. If Mandy says everything on face then why don’t she listens to everyone when everyone tells on her face. She doesn’t listens to it. Why , is she a queen ?,everyone should agree to her cause but she will not agree to anyone’s cause. Then she cries.

    • Jonwick

      Bro, what matters is that did yuvika reply clearly in Yess to prince.I don’t think so….So whats wrong in going for Nora?

    • Avani

      Naylakhan he is just being a man. Shaadi thodi ki thi yuvika se ki koi aur se flirt nai kae sakta. Aur ye to fake hai ye baat dono hi clear kar chuke hai

  55. bb ke ghar ki jodiya jo ghar me jine marne k kasme khate hai par ghar se bahar nikalte hi tu mar mai apna dekhlunga…sana-vishal,sana-ali,rahul-dimpy,upen-karishma,gautam-sonali,gautam-diandra,kushal-gauhar,armaan-tanisha…..and are many more…God knows ab prince-nora,roch-keith and kish-suyash ka kya hoga….Guys @tedd,@joyee @harshal @freakk @neeru…If i left some couple then please let us know..!!:-D

      • Hey @tedd do u really think that their relationship will last longer..Karishma is the girl who had a bf when she came to bb but after coming here she started loving upen..She has a ever changing mind attitude..What say!

      • tedd(akku)

        Yep i know…wat she did in bb was not ryt….but i think their reltn wud last long…coz upen is faithful…..and his feelings are genuine…karishma’s feeling was not wrong..if u stay in a house with no contact with outer world(even her bf didn’t send any gifts)…and they both were going through rough stage…itz normal for her to fall for uPen…but yeah she could have broke up with her bf after going out and then cud have entered into a reltn…THIS WUD HAVE BEEN RYT..rather she choose to i hate her…other than that i think they might go long

    • Neeru

      @pari,,, pooja – akashdeep, ashmit – veena, payal – rahul, again rahul – monica… 😀
      As for upen nd karishma i agree with tedd.. They seem to be in love.. “Love school” me ache lag rhe hai dono..

      • tedd(akku)

        Han neeru…but @joyee i lov uPen than Krshma coz his feelings were genuine..unlike karishma…but happy that atleast they are together

  56. May be i hate prince coz i love rishab thts totally right.& i agree with all ur points.may be mai sirf rishab ke perspecteive se dekh rhi hu.but i really like rishab.ab kya karu?haan rishabme kuch minus points hai but he is a sweet guy.plz keep voting for him.

    • Maxx

      @anu r….. there’s nothing wrong if you have a favorite but I or anyone else can point out many things about him that would be enough to change your opinions about him…But yes no one can change the fact that rishabh will be your favorite howsoever he is.

    • Neeru

      @anu,,, i am glad you agree with my points.. And i agree with yours… HE IS A SWEET GUY…

      And ya i am definitely voting for him this weeek.. so are my frnds.. Don’t worry, the way he is going he’ll make it to top 5… 🙂

  57. Rishabne mandy se dosti nhi todi mandyne rishab se dosti todi.phir bhi rishab jyada kuch bhi nhi bola tha mandy ke bareme as far i remember.aur jab vo secret room wala task he choose nt to speak bad abt mandy.aur suyash mandy se zagda kar rha tha to usne mandy ko protect kiya & this is the reason they r back toghether.rishab aur roch ke zagdeme dono hi chilla rhe the par jis tarah se suyash mandy pe chilla tha tha tht was nt done.

  58. I dnt think rishabne kabhi grp change kiya.still neeru i agree with ur points.ya harshal “i hate prince coz i love rishab” & i proudly agree with it.

    • Neeru

      Itne saare alag alag comments… ? :O
      Sabka reply ek saath deti hun..

      Cp plus clip me kuch serious nhi bola tha, par bola zarur tha.. aur in your comment you asked ki have he evr done b*t*hing.. Thats why i pointed it out..

      I agree, dosthi mandy ne thodi thi.. Par rishab ne apna opinion tho change kiya tha is wajah se.. Nd that was your question. .

      What suyyash did was definitely wrong.. I agree.. No justification.. Rishab ke case me Sahi kaha tumne ki roch bhi chila rhi thi.. Par priya aur prince ke case me bhi tho wohi scene tha.. Priya bhi shout kar rhi thi..

      Yeah.. Rochs is the biggest “grp” changer.. 🙂 i agreee..

      Aree harshal , tho sirf mandy ke liye mera wo statmnt use karne ki baath kar rha tha.. He loves mandy… 😉
      Waise Tumhari harshu se khub jamegi .. Coz mandy nd rishab aree frnds.. . 😀

      Anu you really are a sporting gal.. And i’ll do an extra vote for rishab ,,, just for you.. Muuaahh.. :*

  59. asap

    mandana would win bb9..#fact hatin on her wont change anything..prince is jus a stupid fellow…i know how stupid he is

  60. Ritika

    Goms and anu r: good points against prince. People say hez real, hez v.immature. pehle was following kishwar like a shadow and now accepting it himself that hez just faking a love angle with nora for entertainment when she said “i wl stay 2-3 weeks, good for u na”! Please! This is not entertainment! Blind fans can continue being so but his stupidity with girls (and then accepting it too) disgusts me!

    Isse acha toh mandana hai, mental hai par chalaak hai and knows how to play d game and has improved now, doesnt react much! Kishwar was any way always strong! Priya and gizele r funny! Rishabh is kinda cute but v.confused and is a kid ‘don’! 😀 but prince- mad but if he had maintained his dignity by not being fake with every girl and used his own mind maybe he could have won!

    • Manuel

      For all those hating prince and loving mandana..shut the f**k up!Do ya eat s*its with such stupid mentalities.

  61. Goms

    about prince…yuvika-nora or any other girl, that’s all his personal choice…!!
    Yeah i agree with u..

    He is in bb house just to play game yaar..not to do any love angle..i know its his personal..when he say “i will nominate myself to save you(nora)” makes us sad..doesnt he think about his fan…??? Why his fans are voting for him..!!? To save him from nomination and want him to win

    We love prince a lot..We want him to play the game and win BigBoss9..

    • Neeru

      Don’t worry goms.. Prince just said that statement to stop her from crying… Nd got a hug in bonus.. :p
      Din you see,, that wen the time for task came, he killed nora.. 😀 nd he cleared it with nora ki we are doing this for game,, so it can’t be called as breaking a promise.. So chill..
      He is trying to be everyones frnd.. Mandy, gizele, nora .. In vchevr way he can.. ryt now prince fans shud be really happy,, coz he is doing great.. 🙂

  62. Just heard this…
    Bajirao ne mastani se mohobbat ki hai ayyashi nhi..
    Princene nora se ayyashi ki hai mohabbat nhi..
    Sry if i hurt any1.

    • Avani

      No Keith was fair you can clearly see gizelle hand was not straight. Keith pointed it out before also. Last mein jab usne point kiya tab gizelle looked towards her hand show that it was not straight and straighten it. Everything was clearly shown on TV. Even gizelle should be aware that she was wrong as she straighten her hand but instead of accepting her mistake she started shouting and created a scene. Whoever might not keenly observed her hand may actually start doubting Keith. But he was as fair as he ever is.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.