Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 35 (continued)
Suyyash says Kishwar and Prince that our problem is that we all are hyper and doesnt understand that we are going beyond line, like if Rimi takes part in all this then it can be controlled too, Prince says i do take stand for Rochelle when something is wrong, Kishwar says i have stopped giving explanation for every single thing, trust me we will have fights with them but the day when Rochelle and Mandana will have fight, it will so ugly that it wont be funny, Prince says Rochelle is just hiding behind Mandana, he says that we will not say ill words for each other to others.

Rimi says to Rishab and Digi that i will not do any task now, Digi says you are swaying this from day one, Rishab gets angry and says why did you sit in highway task

then? why you suck at bigg boss then when you dont want to be in bigg boss? Rimi says it was easy and if i dont do any task then i will be punished, Rishab says if you dont want then you can say clearly that i will not do it, nobody will be able to do anything about it but its clearly your game, Rimi says but i cant go against tasks, Rishab says why not? i told you to not take money for the stay till now in bigg boss and just leave but you didnt take it seriously too, Rishab says if you dont want then dont do tasks too.

Day 36
Bum Bum bole song plays, inmates wake up and dances.

Rochelle says to Aman that Prince and Suyyash tried to talk to me after weekend episode but Kishwar, i think it was reality check for Kishwar and Suyyash of how they are influencing others and also crossing lines, they can follow each other after marrying but should not do that in house, they didnt know their relationship equation before coming in house that Suyyash just follow Kishwar.
In bedroom, Prince and Suyyash are managing ration for week, Rochelle manages with them.
Bigg boss gives them luxury budget task, task name is “naughty kids”,
Team A- Rishab, Kishwar, Prince and Rochelle will be mischievous kids,
Team B- Mandana, Aman, Digi, and suyyash will act as staff of day care centre.
Staff will have to handle and teach mischievous kids how to behave while kids will try to irritate staff by doing antics, Rimi will be supervisor of task and have to see who from staff lost their cool while handling kids, this task will affect nominations. Staff will have to make kids eat food, will have to take care of them and can also punish them if they donkt listen, Rimi says i dont want to be supervisor of task, Rochelle says then how task will go on? Kishwar says you dont have option, Mandana says my health is not fine, i cant do this, Kishwar says Mandana has reason to not do it but Rimi doesnt have, Aman says you both do start in start then leave it, Digi says she is supervisor so how can i leave? Rimi says Bigg boss i have request, i am giving up this task before starting, Aman ask Suyyash to not get angry at any cost, we will teach them lessons etc.
Prince and Rochelle says to Rishab that we will not eat food and will act snappy. Aman says to suyyash that we will make them eat medicines etc, Kishwar says we are kids so we cant be wild, Suyyash says Prince and rishab can easily get angry, Kishwar acts like kid. Rochelle thanks bigg boss for oppurtunity, Prince says we can do anything in task, its written. Rimi says to Kshwar, Suyyash that i wil sit in bedroom and dont ask me to come and play, complain about me to bigg boss.

Buzzer plays, inmates get ready to play task, kids team wear diapers on their pants and have feeders in mouth, they come in garden srea which is made day care centre, Digi ask them to not be naughty, Rochelle throws soft toy, Rochelle acts like spoilt child, Prince and Rochelle act like having kids fight, Aman and Digi tries to stop them, Prince cries like baby. Mandana is not taking part in task and working in kitchen while Rimi is sitting in corner and seeing all this. suyyash says to Mandana that they are irritating kids.
Digi and Aman are trying to control kids in day care centre, Rochelle comes to Rimi and says principal they are not giving me water, Rishab comes and hugs Mandana as kid, Rochelle says i want teacher Mandana, Rishab says i want this teacher too, Mandana says if you both misbeave then i wont teach you.
suyyash makes Prince drink water through feeder, Suyyash ask if he can hit himself being frustrated? he slaps himself, all laugh.

Digi ask Kishwar to come, its time for diaper change, Kishwar i wont go, Aman lifts her in arms and says you have change diaper, Prince takes her down and says you cant take her, Suyyash holds Prince while Digi and Aman takes Kishwar for diaper change, they take off her diaper to change it.

Kishwar says i am hungry, Suyyash sys i am going to talk to Rimi, Rochelle says we dont have supervisor so how can we play task, she is not playing because she thinks it will directly afffect nominations.
Prince comes in washroom and says to Rimi that she has to join game, Rimi says you all keep doing your work, leave supervisor if she is not doing her work.
Rochelle says our game is getting spoiled by all this, we have got such a fun task and its all spoiling it, Rimi comes there, Rochelle says Rimi you cant do this, Prince says you cant give up like this, he tells her everything what happened till now, Rochelle says that you have to see teams and then mark, Rimi nods.

Rishab is in swimming pool, Digi is trying to bring him out, Rishab ask Prince to take off her mic, she says no, Prince tries to take Digi’s mic, Suyyash says to Rimi that kids cant have this much power to behave like this with kids, Rimi laughs at it, Prince takes her mic, Rishab drags her swimming pool, she says no, Prince tickles her to take mic from her, Prince and Rishab throws her in swimming pool and puts water on her, all kids irritate Rimi, digi comes out Swimming pool, Prince tries to again drown her, they both fall in pool together, Digi is lost with all this happening with her.

in confession room, Bigg boss ask suyyash and Kishwar what is task of their respective teams? Kishwar says we are kids and we have to irritate them so they lose their minds, Suyyash says we have to teach them discipline but Rimi is our teacher and is not taking part in task as she thinks it will affect her nominations and she wanna get nominated, Bigg boss says if someone is not talking part in task then you all will bear consequences of all this so you have to make sure how she get involved in task, also Mandana’s health is not fine but this is no physical task like highway task so ask her to play, Kishwar and Suyyash nods and leaves.
Kishwar and Suyyash says to Mandana and Rimi that you both have to pay else whole house will bear consequences, bigg boss said it clearly, Kishwar ask Rimi to be supervisor.

Digi says to Aman that what is this? they are dragging me in pool, they trapped me, Prince says we were very calm with you, Digi says you cant get physical for such stupid things, in Mandana’s case, they were pulling her mic so she kicked, here my mic was snatched and also pushed me in pool, what was that, Prince says i just tickled you, didnt get physical, Rochelle says even picked Kishwar up for diaper change, aman says teacher will have to do it, Rochelle says but i dont want someone to pick me up and dont want man to pick me up, Aman says if someone thinks that we should move back then she can say it and i will move back.

Rishab says to Mandana that i dont wanna eat this, Mandana says you have to this only, dont be spoilt kid, Rishab says i want kissy before eating, my mother would kiss before making me eat, Mandana ask if you want kissy or food? he says both, Mandana says you will not get food or kissy, Rishab says no i just want kissy, he gets stubborn like kids, Mandana hugs him and says now eat it, he says no i want Kissy, Aman and Suyyash comes to make Rishab eat, Suyyash kisses Rishab and ask if he wants more? Aman and Suyyash both kisses his cheek and ask if he wants more? Mandana laughs.

Rishab is not chaning his diaper, Mandana kisses his cheek, Rishab says i wont change diaper, give me one more, Aman cahnges diaper, Mandana hugs him and says your hairs are nice, he kisses her, Aman jokes to hide your toto(boy’s body part) from Mandana, Mandana laughs, Rishab says i have hidden it, Mandana ask Rishab to eat now, Mandana hits him little, Rochelle says she cant hit him, Suyyash says you are kid, you cant note all this, Mandana says to Suyyash that i tried to play task but i dont think i cant even help, Suyyash ask why? Mandana says they are dragging me here and there and i cant play liks this, Rishab says sorry.

Mandana says to inmates that i am ill and i wanted you people to be little polite with me so i can play as i dont want you people to suffer because me but if you people wanna be like this then i cant play, i dont have energy, sorry i cant play, Rochelle says we will not be physical with you, you have to play as bigg boss has ordered it, your team will suffer, Mandana says its whole house, Aman says yes whole house will suffer, Prince says she hasnt performed anything, Suyyash says what can we do, Prince says we were not physical with her, Suyyash says we can try best in task but if one person is not playing then whole lot will suffer, Prince says she gave lagaan task, wnet inside in highway task so she is not performing in tasks well, Kishwar says i told you that Mandana is weakest in task.
Rochelle comes to Mandana in bedroom and says people are saying you give up in task, Kishwar is ill too but she is playing, Mandana says they target me.
Kishwar in lounge says to Rimi that i am so glad Mandana and Kishwar are in separate teams so Rochelle will see how much stubborn Mandana is in tasks.
Rochelle ask Mandana to just sit in task like Rimi, Mandana says i am not Rimi and i am not part of task now, i came there to play for you people only, i dont care about them.

Rimi says to Suyyash that i am not participating in task, Mandana gave up so i gave up too. Suyyash comes in garden and tells everyone that Rimi has gave up, Prince says i will keep doing task, we tried to make her understand but she doesnt so its bigg boss problem now, if she wanna leave then bigg boss should let her go, deserving people left this house but she is still here, its always problem in tasks that in which team she is in, they have to suffer as she doesnt play, in highway task, we made her understand so played it, Suyyash says except Puneet, all eliminated inmates wanted to remain in house, Rochelle says she just have to supervise and she cant even do that, Prince says to Suyyash that you tried to pacify Mandana and Rimi both but if they are not listening then you dont have to do anything, jus play your game.

kids class is going on, Aman says now we will take your exam, Prince says jokes that fail me, she ask A for.. Prince aa.. ajaa.. aa aja.. B for bajaaa, Rimi is supervising it, Prince jokes that j for jaaa..jaaa(means go out and points to Rimi), they make fun of Rimi that F for finally send her out of house, Rimi smiles.

Bigg boss says to inmates that today’s task time is finished, Rimi says tomorrow it will opposite team, Rochelle says thank God task happened without fights. Mandana gives kaba to Rishab and says i saved this for you, he eats it.

Sauyyash talks to Rimi, he says what you are doing is your choice and no one forced you, i as captain wanna say that you broke rule of house by not taking part in task, as captain, people will questions me that you broke rule and what action did i take against you? Rimi ask what action you wanna take against me? he says i have to take your mattress and put it in store room, she says i am cool with it, Suyyash says this is wrong, you dont want to get prominant, Rimi says i dont want to do long tasks, i am not good at decision making, Kishwar comes there, Rimi says if someone complains to me that he or she is getting physical so i wont be able to decide if its physical or not, i would say do what you want, Suyyash says but your part was important in task and you missed it, Rimi innocently says that take my mattress then, Suyyash is sppechless.

Rimi is busing doing make up on her bed, Suyyash takes her mattress from bed and says i am sorry but.. Rimi says its not uncomfortable without mattress.
Suyyash brings mattress in store room and says Rimi didnt take part in task and she broke rule of house so as a right, i took her mattress, he puts her mattress there and leaves.

PRECAP- Team A will be day care staff and team B will kids tomorrow. Kids are irritating staff. Prince pushes Aman againt door, Aman says you are physical, Prince says kids dont play like this, this is wrong. Rochelle tries to change Mandana’s diaper but she doesnt allow her to touch, Mandana says two people cant attack on one, Kishwar says when it was our part to attack you like kids then you chose to not play and when its your time to attack then you are fine. Mandana says Prince you moron.. Prince gets angry and says dont abuse me like this, if i start abusing your parents then limits will be crossed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awsmmm….loved the trio..prince,suyyash n kish

  2. when rishab was asking mandy for a kiss.diggi was standing there & watching them silently.i think she started liking rishab.

  3. By this task people wil get to knw how fake mandana is…! Whn she got a chabce to supervise kids, she ws ill and whn its Tim to irritate others tho she s fin and all nakras…
    U going well prince.. ?

  4. Gud going Prince, suyyash and kish

  5. nice episode….i want fight between rochelle and mandy

  6. It was a funny episode… Well done team 1.. It was really entertaining… I actually laughed…
    Rochelle supporting prince nd saying against aman was nice… Also the way she tried to talk to mandy was cool… Shows she can talk sensible…
    Kish for a change din shout in a task… LOL..
    Suyyash was awesome… Calm ,,quite nd responsible captain…
    Mandana shud chill… She makes it a point to say that everyone targets her… But when did nyone target her today. ? Nly rishab was going near her… Nd that too was for fun… It wud hv been really good if she too participated nicely.. Bb said ryt,, it wasn’t a physical task..
    Digi,, even though later on she said three attacked her nd was upset,, but at first when rishab pulled she was actually enjoying.. Something is definitely cooking up there… 🙂
    Rimi has started getting on my nerves.. This was such a simple task… I hate it when others suffer coz of her..
    Prince was funny… He enjoyed the task… Well done..
    Again the precap doesn’t look good… Fyts… But you never know until you actually see the episode,, so waiting…

  7. It was a funny episode… Well done team 1.. It was really entertaining… I actually laughed…
    Rochelle supporting prince nd saying against aman was nice… Also the way she tried to talk to mandy was cool… Shows she can talk sensible…
    kish for a change din shout in a task… LOL..
    Suyyash was awesome… Calm ,,quite nd responsible captain…
    Mandana shud chill… She makes it a point to say that everyone targets her… But when did nyone target her today. ? Nly rishab was going near her… Nd that too was for fun… It wud hv been really good if she too participated nicely.. Bb said ryt,, it wasn’t a physical task..
    Digi,, even though later on she said three attacked her nd was upset,, but at first when rishab pulled she was actually enjoying.. Something is definitely cooking up there… 🙂
    rimi has started to get on my nerves… it was such a simple task… i hate when others suffer coz of her…
    prince was funny… he enjoyed the task .. well done…
    Again the precap doesn’t look good… Fyts… But you never know until you actually see the episode,, so waiting…

  8. Great epi so far……
    Love digi n rish they were looking cute specially rishab……..

  9. bigg boss plz replace rimi with dimpy…….then it will be more interesting to watch
    this rimi just making the show awful

  10. Go to hell Mandana,you arr a real b*t*h. Prince you are awesome keep it up. Wish this mandana is out of show I wish nobody will vote for mandana

  11. well done, all do fine, sallu bhai do fine as prem dilwale to unite the groups in room, bb9 do fine as mobilize the room participants to do their task best……..its double trouble….


  13. Good episode so far…….
    Whats wrong with mandana?????
    She must have seen big boss8 and she is trying to be like gautum gulati….
    She wants the housemates to turn against her….. to win the show
    But its vety irritating…. if she wants to win it then try to be herself…….. totally isolating herself purposly every possible tine?

  14. Guys todays epi gonna b fun….. mandana magically recovers and plays the role of kid well…. oh god!!!! Caretaker nahi bani par kid pure shiddath se bangayi…

  15. Loved suyyash..d way he handeled captaincy..salute to him

  16. I really dont like mandana at all……now bigg boss its time to take RImi out of the house because if she is not taking interest and is not active then there is no purpose of her being in the house……prince u rocked!!!!
    going good………

    1. fmFinalky,i can see that peopke r gettng to know bout Mandana.. Gosh..shes so annoying man. n yes,big boss wont let d dark side of Mandana affect her eviction.

  17. Guyss…Just check out my next comment.. Its an interview given by puneet after being evicted… Its shocking.. He revels how its all planned and mandana is going to be the winner… Even though i think puneet is a lil arrogant and bossy abt how big heros are his followers,, this news myt be true.. I just hope not… Also i heard that now when mandana was going to get eliminated they are making her emergency exit, so that she can come back later and win..!!

  18. Recently evicted contestant Puneet Vashishta in an interview with Bollywoodmasti elaborates how Bigg Boss 9 is no longer a reality show! He says, “Everything is finalised according to Salman. I am not saying the show is scripted but you really need to be in the good books of Salman to last on this show! Last year Gautam Gulati won the show because he is so much like a version of Salman. This year I know Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win.Although I am no one to judge but according to my reading, she is the biggest two faced woman I have ever seen in my life! She was good friends with me initially but gradually changed sides as per her wish. But Bigg Boss will never focus on that. They’ll only show her side where she is complaining about Kishwer, acting cute or showing her dresses to people around. Nobody is seeing the inner side and everybody is seeing just the outer manipulative side! Ethics wise this is a total SHIT show!…”

    Puneet also added how he believes his eviction too might have been plotted by Salman. “I dunno why Salman doesn’t like me but it was evident! Maybe he couldn’t see my talent selling on the show. I was shocked when I found out that the whole segment where Aman and I performed a talent house task was deleted from the weekend episode…”

    In fact, Bollywoodmasti even got in touch with the evicted contestant Arvind Vegda and he too confirmed this process saying, “Channel knows what works on the show and what doesn’t! The show’s format has always been more about controversies than anything else. So maybe I was being a misfit and wasn’t giving the expected content or as you say, controversies! Salman Khan, the channel, everyone has a say in it ..”

    1. totally agree with neeru.everything is planned according to salmaan

  19. nice epi..suyyash as a captain bohut atcha laga……all played well today…mandy se lthora disappointed ….

  20. I hate mandana.kishwar is better than her

  21. These contestants are just irritating they have done too much every one has one thing that irritates us. Kishwer: hr aek ki maa bni phirti h aur task k duran bohat serious hojati h
    Suyyash: aqal se kam lena nh aata
    Prince: flirt and fight
    Rishab: a greater tharki chokro
    Mandana: annoys every one through her acts either house mate or fans
    Rochelle: ulta seedha bolti h aur bhatangar bnana baton ka koi iss se seekh le
    Aman: na teen main na tera main bara bnna chahta hu
    The most irritating is rimi
    Why did u come in bb house if u dont want to live
    Diggi is the best……. <3

  22. But suyyash rimi ko punish ye do k wo bahar soye garden area ma

  23. luv diggi,rishabh nd prince….

  24. luv diggi, rishabh nd prince. ..

  25. I hate u kish……

  26. let mandana win. if she wins. salman will almost lose .. fair enough..ytthhf

  27. i dont know why salman is against prince and support very fake and irritating mandana.

  28. Mandana is getting eliminated on wednesdy.. Don’t know if she will come back or not…

  29. the vry frst thing dat the audience dnt undrstand dat we r not being shown whole of the thing wat exactly who does wat nd says wat… specially mandana k sirf cute momnts dikhaye jaate h.. nd ppl feel shez cute nd right.. nd salman thinks shez entertaining.. nd we lyk idiots vote nd fight… to support those fake personalities..

  30. Yeah!!!! Mandana is elimated and shifted to the shandaar secret room…. ROFL

  31. What the hell mahn!!!!! big boss trapped the contestents again…. wt else could we expect frm d show…

  32. diggi & rishab r so cute.

  33. Sabirashaheer

    Why that salman demotivate prince every week. Itna bhi aggrassive nahi hai woh. I hate mandana. Woh kuch bhi karo woh sabh sahi. Viewers ko bevakoof samachtha hai yeh log.

  34. Y do salman support mandana….I hate her prince ….suyyash …….n kishwar r d best…..plz don’t demotivate them…….

  35. Prince, digi,suyyashnd kish are best. Mandana is fake……….

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