Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 66
inmates wake up to the song aa gum hojaen, they dance to the tunes.
Rishab comes to Gizele and says i asked them(Kishwar’s group) to eat but they were so afraid that they didnt eat even, they are just hiding in washroom area, not coming out of there, Gizele says they all are fearful, bigg boss will teach them lesson for being moving in groups. Rishab says Priya thinks that i am murderer, Gizele laughs and she is psycho, she thinks detective is killer.

Prince talks to Gizele and says i like Nora as she and i have same personality, i was angry when i was rejected by most of the girls in start of show but when Nora, she said that she liked me in show, even if she is using me for game then it will come out soon, but she is very nice to me, Gizele says Nora

said on stage before entering house that she will give love to Rishab and Prince means it was her plan before entering, she came inside house and praised Priya so much but then she saw that Priya has authority in house, then she saw its Kishwar who runs whole house so she is in her good books by using you, Mandana says she tried to create angle with rishab too but he said he is not available so she went to Prince.
Prince tells Gizele and Mandana that i am killer, i was given ways to kill inmates, i tried to kill Mandana but she got saved then i killed Gizele, i thought i will kill Kishwar and Suyyash but they are moving in group, they dont understand that its individual task not to play in group.

Bigg boss calls Prince, he comes in washroom, Bigg boss says your performance is upsetting, you killed only one person, you will not get the chance to nominate one inmates for whole season, you have to kill 3 inmates atleast to become contender for captaincy. Prince says i will try to irritate Mandana.
Prince comes to Mandana and says you dont trust me, i will not allow you to make food, i will be old prince now, he throws things in kitchen, Mandana is stunned, Prince says to Mandana that you and Rishab are one team, i will take case of everyone, i will not leave anyone, he throws food at Mandana in kitchen, she is shocked and starts crying, she ask Prince why he is doing all this? she leaves, Rishab comes and ask Prince why he is throwing things? you are wasting food, Mandana he is wasting it, Rishab says Prince you have gone mad, you have become psycho, they both get physical, Rishab ask Prince if he has become psycho? Mandana goes to washroom, Prince ask Rishab to go to Mandana, Prince comes in bedroom and steals Kishwar’s clothes.
Mandana comes in washroom and says to Kishwar and Suyyash that Prince has gone mad, he is fighting with me for no reason, she cries and says go and talk to him, Priyas ask what he did? Mandana says he threw food of everyone, he has gone mad, Priya says tell me something new.
Rishab says to Prince that you have done bad by throwing food.
Mandana leaves washroom area, Kishwar says her plan failed again, Priya says she wanted to get reaction from us, she thinks she will say Prince is throwing food so we will fight with him.
Bigg boss announces that one more murder has happened in house, its Mandana who is killed and she will be in coffin now till end of task.
Kishwar says to her group that Mandana didnt touch anyone, how she got killed? Priya says its either Rishab, or Prince.
Prince says i am sorry Mandana, they all are sitting in group so i had to do this with you, i am really sorry.

Prince says to bigg boss that my next target is Kishwar and her three clothes. he comes to complaint box and puts three shirts of Kishwar in it.
Mandana comes to Priya and ask her to come to put her in coffin box, all run in washroom seeing her, Priya says i dont wanna come, Mandana says to Priya that i have doubt on Prince, he kissed Gizele on cheek and killed her, then he threw things at me and killed me, its Prince who is killer and you have to get proofs against him.
Prince says to Bigg boss that i have put three clothes of Kishwar in complaint box. Bigg boss announces that one more murder has happened in house, its is Kishwar who died, Kishwar says i was with Nora in washroom, she is killer. Prince says to bigg boss that i will get reaction from suyyash now, Prince comes to suyyash and says i was telling from last night that i am not killer but you didnt trust me, you were trusting those who are not yours, now you know killer is someone else, he says you are *****, ***, Suyyash says i dont understand anything, let me see things, i am afraid myself, Nora says i was with Kishwar in washroom but i didnt do anything.
Kishwar says Nora touched me in washroom, she is killer, Rishab says i have doubt on her too.

Prince comes in bedroom and pours toothpaste on Rochelle’s bed, he says Rochelle is my new target, he puts omelet on her bed.

Prince says i will miff Rochelle to get reaction out of her, they are not coming out of washroom area so Rochelle will not come in bedroom and Suyyash will not shout at me so i am trying Rochelle for reaction.
Prince comes in washroom and says to Rochelle that you are breaking rules, you are hiding in washroom, this is against rules and you are destroying game for everyone, you are just listening to Keith, not thinking yourself, we have lost game 70% already, Keith says we are still safe, Prince dont try to trick us.

Kishwar ask Prince if they(Suyyash, Nora, Rochelle and Keith) are still in washroom? he says yes, they are not coming out of that area being afraid that they will be killed, Kishwar laughs.
Rishab comes in washroom and kicks door, it gets opened, Keith and Rochell are inside, Keith says you broke it.
Prince says i will try Nora now.
Keith comes out of washroom, he runs inside again seeing Rishab there.
Prince comes to Nora in washroom and ask her to come out, you dont need to follow others, Nora says no i will not come out as all think that i am killer, also i have to protect myself. Rishab is kicking door of washroom, Priya says you are breaking property of Bigg boss, you have no sense. Prince ask Nora why she is hiding inside washroom? Nora says you are not afraid and roaming freely, you are killer, Pricne says Suyyash and others are also sitting outside so you all are killer then? Rishab is kicking door of washroom, Rochelle shouts at him from inside and says that why are you doing this? Nora says to Prince that if i wanna stay inside then why you are shouting at me? Prince says because you are not listening to me.

Bigg boss says to inmates that one more murder has happened in house, person died is Nora, Nora is stunned and comes out of washroom. bigg boss says first part of task that is killer murdering inmates is finished, now detective will have to tell who is killer.
Keith comes out of washroom and says to Rishab that what is this way to play task? you broke door of washroom, Rishab says complain to Bigg boss.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that if Nora is not killer then who is it? i didnt meet Prince since morning, other than nora, it was you who touched me, if you were killer then i am happy for you, Suyyash says i am not killer, Kishwar says then it must be Rishab.

Rochele comes in bedroom, she is shocked to see toothpaste and omelet spread on her bed, she ask who did it? Suyyash says killer must have done it to get reaction out of you, Mandana says it was done for task so leave it, Nora says i am sure its either Rishab or Prince as they were roaming in house.

Bigg boss says now court case will be opened, detectives will have to give proofs and witnesses to prove who is killer, famous criminal case anchor Tirvedi will run this court case. Trivedi comes there and says killer is very clever, he killed 4 beautiful ladies, he should be caught, he ask Priya to come forward and start interrogation, Priya calls Rishab in witness box and ask why was he breaking door of washroom? and wanted Keith and Rochelle to come out? Rishab says hiding in washroom in task is cowardliness, Priya says kicking and breaking doors is not ethical behavior. Priya says my last quote is that either Prince, Rishab or Kishwar is killer and rishab was helping killer, she gives 9 photos as proof against killers.
Rishab starts his interrogation, he calls Gizele in witness box, she says i dont have much interaction with Prince but he suddenly kissed me last night, also he threw things at Mandana, he respects girls alot so he was trying to get reaction from her, he is killer. Rishab calls Prince in witness box, Rishab ask Prince what was that incident, you kissed Gizele on cheek and asked her to kiss him back, Prince says my naughtiness was it, Rishab says this is not answer, Prince says it was just kiss and kiss back, if you think that i am killer then prove it. Rishab calls Mandana in witness box, Mandana Prince got angry on me for no reason, i started crying which he wanted, Trivedi says as if you cried first time in house, all laugh, Mandana says as soon as i started crying Bigg boss announced that i am dead, also Prince told me in morning that he is killer and he is irritated as his targets were Kishwar, suyyash, Rochelle and me but he couldnt kill them, Gizele says yes he agreed infront of me, Rishab says its very clear that Prince is killer, he killed Gizele by kissing her, killed Mandana by bringing out reaction, he killed Nora by making her angry, so its Prince who killed inmates. Trivedi take instruction paper from Keith given by bigg boss, its is written in paper that one person from killed people will get nominated for whole season, he ask Kishwar who she thinks is killer? Kishwar says when i died, Rishab was near me so its Rishab the killer, Mandana says when i got killed Rishab was there so i think its Rishab who is killer. He opens Prince’s box and says Prince is killer, Bigg boss says Prince didnt kill 5inmates so he will not get opportunity to nominate one inmate for whole season, you killed 4inmates and also Rishab caught him as killer so he and Rishab will compete to become captain, he thanks Trivedi for coming and says Murder mystery task has ended.

Gizele ask Rishab if Prince called me loud mouth? Rishab says he was telling me that Gizele talk in loud tone, Gizele says they cant bear person who say everything on face, Rishab says Kishwar use mind while Prince use his muscles, Gizele says Prince is small town boy, he hasnt seen any girl so close to him, he admitted that he didnt like when girls rejected him in start so he is pouncing on Nora to create love angle with her, Mandana says he tried on every girl house, Rishab says Nora tried at me but i didnt give her attention, Gizele says Prince is just enjoying and doing time pass with Nora too so Kishwar will gt one more person in her group.
Prince says to Nora that Gizele and Mandana were telling me that i am strong player so you are trying to create angle with me, i told them that even if she has come with that plan then whats their problem? i would have done same to be in show, we dont know whats in Nora’s heart, they said that Nora tried on Rishab too, Nora says even if i have come in this house to create love angle then whats wrong in it? this is good for you only? i will be here for 3,4 weeks, it will be good for you only, they all are fools, she lies down near Prince, Prince kisses her hand.

PRECAP- Priya will play from Prince’s side for captaincy, Rishab says to Priya that you were against Prince and now playing for him? Priya says i am waiting for him to become captain so i can take revenge from him, Rishab ask if her ego is so big that she is choosing her revenge over their friendship, i salute you for making him winner. Gizele cries in camera and says this is not fair, everyone is so partial in this house, how can they form group, she has argument with Keith, she says nobody is perfect, what you will sow shall your reap, remember Keith, Keith ask her to not argue with him, Mandana says to Gizele that now you understood they are not fair, Keith didnt use his mind, he is servant of cool group. Kater there is Shahrukh and Salman’s statue in garden, inmates are excited to see it, Suyyash this is first time SRK and Salman will come together on Bigg boss, this weekend will be amazing.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru

    I don’t hv ny comments..
    Coz normally i point out things that i enjoyed really or i totally hated…

    And if i start writing things that i enjoyed today, i will end up writing the entire episode… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Awesome… Well done guys.. Everyone out there..

  2. Prince is played the task very well and cleverly ( wonder why he neva do that for other tasks ) and keith and rochelle and whoeva was locked in bathroom shouldnt act like cowards cuz its just a task for captaincy and a game

    • Jonwick

      @Siva there r websites that reveal task result prior to its telecast.Yesterday some one wrote the whole story of todays episode!I thought that guy is such a freak! But today everything happened as he wrote.

  3. Annamma James

    Poor mandy…first time I felt she likes Prince and she felt bad ….
    Prince…he was really stressed…all pressure was over him…
    But he done it….
    Nora’s expression after murder…lol…
    Rishabh…commentable observations…Gr8…
    Actually d only prince and rishabh given 100% in d task..

    • harshal

      the real reason prince was stressed was because all others were hiding together in bathroom like cowards and only mandana was out there in open playing the task. so, prince had no other option but to kill mandy. Despite all that she endured in the kitchen(food throwing and all), she went to request kish and suyyash to go and just talk to prince(as they are his close friends) as he was going berserk. Shows that you are concerned for a person as part of humanity, even though that person did bad to you. Digangana, aman, kanwal, all have commented after coming out that she is very misunderstood in the house and is actually a very nice and sweet person……..

      • Sorry but mandana and humanity cannot really be used together . what suits her is fake,LIAR,selfish and nobody except kawal said anything nice about her.iss ladkhe ko friendship ka meaning nahi jhante

      • harshal

        sassy, go and read their statements first and then come and say here that only kanwal said good about her….
        Jonwick, yeah, you could easily tell his heart was not into it and he felt really bad for her and he apologized on camera and am sure he apologized her in person later too. even mandy took it very sportingly, that looked nice too. there is genuine caring nature towards each other that i am seeing since recent 3 weeks between these two. there are minor spats still, but overall, both are understanding each other very well slowly ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Neeru

        @jonwick.. Yeah.. Prince seemed genuinely sad for hurting her.. I loved it too..

        @harshal.. I agree.. They hv a special bonding.. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Well sassy, see the examples .. The way mandy solved the nora issue with prince,, how she stoped eating on bed vn prince asked her to, how she kept her cool vn prince shouts nd throws the food she was making… Somewhere doesn’t these things point at a more sensible mandy. ? As in if you campare her with the girl who threw her mike, breaked rules, nd always backed off frm tasks.. She has changed her attitude for good vch i feel shud be appreciated… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jonwick

        @Neeru @Harshal it’s not that mandana has changed she still speaks on the face as she is going to say for keith today butI don’t know why but she seems way to lenient with prince now.She might have developed a soft corner for him and same thing for prince.Don’t you remember when mandana complained to prince about suyyash that how he was rude to her,you could see mercy for mandana in eyes of prince and yesterday when gisselle and rishbh backbi***** about prince mandana didn’t.They both share a bond not clearly conspicious yet ,but it’s been transpired that there is something.Although actual feeling will be manifested in the upcoming episodes.lets see!

  4. Sweetie

    I am sorry but m very disappointed about what mandana said about keith in the precap.. its just so disgusting and demeaning.. just becoz u r somebodys friend that does not mean you are their “naukar”…. I guess she has no idea wat it means to be FRIENDS…

    • Calling someone like Keith naukar shows what kind of person she is. hope she gets eliminated.rochelle and Keith did the task smartly and that is not cowardice . If hiding in toilet was wrong bb would have pointed it which means it was fair . where as mandana does not want to do tasks she is only interested in creating stupid fake drama

      • santu

        Hiding in bathroom was not only cowardice but also stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in this house.. hiding means they think killer is actually going to kill them by contact… they should ve thought there may be other ways of killing.. by hiding they gave open ground for prince to kill everyone. . I bet if they all stayed in bedroom or hall prince would not have been able to kill more than 2

    • Sweetie

      Only because prince should be able to kill more people keith and rochelle should risk losing the task..??? Cmon… Man… Even wen they were hiding in the bathroom.. prince was trying to irritate them.. but they were smart enough to understand wat he was trying to do… So i guess people should use their own judgement and not follow some random statement made on the show just becoz other ppl are saving themselves from elimination..!!

      • Neeru

        Since they were hiding in the bathroom, prince could hv easily taken kieth’s tshirt nd he wud hv been killed.. The point is,, hiding in the toilet wudnt save them nd they shud hv realized It vn kish died, coz she was simply sitting there… Rather than hiding nd not involving in the game, it wud hv been entertaining nd fun to watch if they tried to run nd peek out in between nd play…
        getting not killed wont save them frm nominations …
        Ab finally hua ye ki, they were not killed but can be nominated next week nd all the credit for making the game fun also went to others .. What did kieth nd Rochelle earn. ?

    • You really the salman khan of telly offense.from what i read only kawal said anything nice about her,its my opinion.i have the write to express my opinion.peace

      • harshal

        sassy, haha, again i got that salman comment ๐Ÿ˜› , again no offence taken. btw, can i in return call you kishwar of telly updates then for always saying bad about mandy even when she looks nice ? ๐Ÿ˜› just kidding, no offence….
        sorry if you thought i offended you by countering your argument,it was never the intention. my intention was never to sound rude. Infact, i just genuinely wanted you to read their comments , here is what they said actually…
        Digangana: “Mandana is doubled-faced in a positive way. She pretends to be arrogant sometimes but she is not so bad again. She was very sweet to me”. she had also added that she took her care the most when she was ill in a live chat…
        Aman: โ€œI see Kishwer, Mandana and Rochelle going till the finals. Mandana is mentally strong, though she is ill at the moment. Kishwer is also very strong but her only minus is that she does not check what she says. She does some negative things that get against her. Rochelle is doing really good. I donโ€™t think there is any guy there, who is strong enough (to win),โ€
        Kanwal: “Mandana is another nice person. She is misunderstood in the house and even to the viewers because a lot of people gang up on her. She is intelligent, sweet and mentally strong,”
        I normally read the opinions of ousted inmates about people cause they are fun to read and give you more outlook on the contestants. I also remember roopal tyagi commenting after getting evicted that she saw mandy as most self-centered , selfish person in the house ๐Ÿ˜€

    • @neeru u r rght.she is much better than before.ur reveiws are really good and mostly right.but i dont think mandana has qualities of winner as she keeps on changing.i think prince or keith should win.

      • Neeru

        @sassy,, thanx dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚
        And You are ryt… Prince nd kieth definitely deserve to win.. Cheers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah I agree…usse friendship ki value nahi hai agar hoti toh jab Keith aur Roch last week usse advice de rahe the toh wo unko irritating nahi bolti… Rochelle humesha uska saath diya koi usse kuch kehthe toh sabse ladthi thi…lek in jabse mandana uske advice ko irritating bola…Rochelle badal gayi hai…she z hurt from inside

  5. Gizele u are a _ _ _ . Why are u talking about everybody’s personal life (prince is a small town boy). Really but he is a good one than u all inmates.

    • vin

      of course Chandigarh is no way a small town or Dehat as she said.only Delhi n Mumbai is not cities in india.I hate this comment.Gissele is too frustrate to comment anything sensible.

    • big9

      @siva I was waiting smbdy to point out wt gizzele tld..
      It went way too personal.. prince is genuine.. really genuine. .
      Priya 3sec wala statement hilarious. ..

  6. harshal

    Another good episode. Loved the confusion at the end from contestant’s end. they still thought rishabh was killer,hahaha………
    Prince, very well played bro. you got noticed in the 2nd killing(mandana), but the 3rd kill(kishwer) kinda took weight off your shoulders. you became less of a suspect there as you never interacted or touch her. no one thought of any other way of killing than producing reactions. you also kinda admitted that your group plays like “bujdil” ehh, hope you understand few more things soon about them soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mandy, you took it very sportingly and didn’t fight. well done my gal. you went to the group to tell them to talk with prince as he was going berserk.shows that you genuinely was concerned for prince’s well being ๐Ÿ™‚ … also, you laid out to priya exactly how 2 murders happened with proofs and the awesome priya ignored them claiming rishabh is murderer **BIG GIANT FACEPALM**
    Rishabh, kudos, well done buddy….
    Keith, for the first time you looked pathetic, sorry to say that. that was no way of performing rishabh said, it was pure cowardice from you. roch was expected to do that.also, roch coming to keith later and saying bas itna hi bola rishabh ko? so, you want your to-be-husband (with great calm image) to have an ugly spat on national television o.O
    Kishwer, no offence, but you are 1 of the strongest player of the task when its physical, but mental task, you are way down the line, even suyyash is kinda better than you in them. You changed your opinion on killer so many times and were always like, “I knew it, i knew it since beginning that **** is the killer”. first, mandy, then prince, then nora and lastly even suyyash ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Priya, the smirk on her face when she said 3 second mein pata kar liya ki rishabh was the killer with so much confidence and then prince was declared killer, hahaha. But, to be honest, your stupidity was what made this task even more awesome. would love to see even more “priya is stupid” funny moments. A compilation of such videos made by bigg boss team maybe a good idea to make profit. you will definitely get many viewers to watch them bb team ๐Ÿ˜€
    I know precaps now-a-days are not trustworthy, but did you just join the cool group? o.O…. interesting…..

    • Sweetie

      I feel what keith did was exactly wat tanisha and andy had done in one of the tasks… N they won it..i guess that was point of the task

      • harshal

        Then just imagine every common person hiding inside the bathroom and not doing anything. This awesome task that has happened(one of the best tasks i have seen in bb) would never have been interesting.
        And for christ’s sake, task was not about just surviving. It was about catching the killer. So, what if you went out and got killed. atleast it would have helped you get more clues about who the killer is and catch him then. The only thing that keith, nora and roch did today(suyyash went out of bathroom later to play the task) was to make an awesomely entertaining task look boring for some time. I like keith very much and his calm nature, but today, NO…..

      • tedd

        The most funniest part i read is…risabh kicking the bathroom doors….and out come keith and roch…(ahem ahem..andar kya chal raha tha, kushal-gau wala scene ya gauti-diandra wala scene)..???????

      • harshal

        teddddyyyy, kaha thi itne time? itne rarely aa rahi ho aajkal ๐Ÿ™ … holidays enjoy karo, but hum logon ko bhi yaad kar liya karo kabhi kabhi ๐Ÿ˜‰
        bathroom mein aisi cheezein karna atchaa nahi lagtaa ๐Ÿ˜›

      • tedd

        But bb house main thatz to popular place na…..kya karun harshal…i miss u all so much….avi se regular aya karungi….exams main prelims cleared avi main part baaki hai to stressing out….but yeah i miss u all?????

      • tedd(akku)

        Ha ha ha @joyee…u kicked the bathroom???….yestrday i tumbled upon mom and hit my hand and shoulders on the wall..though it was painfull, it was hilarious..again got a scolding

      • Neeru

        @sweetie,,, they won. ? Ehh. ?
        only ppl who won the task is prince nd rishab.. ๐Ÿ˜€
        If you are talking abt not getting killed, then evn suyyash accomplished that, without hiding in the bathroom. .. :p

      • fatarajo(joyee)

        My mom will say I m not in my sense if I was in our place
        Lol akku,it was around 2 years ago when I was in my hometown and then something was wrong with bathroom door I got locked, so I used my strength with both hand and leg and then almost broke the door, damaging some parts and the lock entirely, my cousin was there lying who is always lazy, bursted out laughing and fall down from the bed that was even more hilarious (he looks like the current takla prince that time) ๐Ÿ˜›

      • tedd(akku)

        ha ha ha @joyee….yup, mom said the same thing to me, but i instead accused her of seating in the middle of the room at midnyt and arranging for puja…for today

      • harshal

        heyy, tedd, good luck with the mains, 18th se hai right? achhe se likhna, try to attempt 22 odd questions out of 25 and in a good way explaining the points completely. keep it short, yet cover all points.

    • Jonwick

      Today prince played well! He proved today he has got some brains.But he did mistake in telling ‘Killer truth’ to mandy cuz she in the end clearly told what prince said to her and All that was left for Rishabh was to find Murder reasons & he found 3/5 and made himself captaincy contender.
      Task Evaluation :
      Prince 7/10
      Rishabh 5/10
      Suyyash 4/10
      kish 3/10
      Nora,keith,Rochelle,priya 0/10

      • Synyster

        Yess bro but i don’t think prince did anything in the task.No photograph evidence he had, even of a single kill and yess mandana and gissele stood evidence that is prince’s mistake.
        but i dont think rishabh did anything in the task.He just knows badmouthing and stuff and never performs in task.
        I hate him.

    • Neeru

      Prince, even though is in the cool grp, i feel has actually started playing alone.. As in, doesn’t fyt for kish nd suyyash nymore.. :p He seems to be trying to get into everyone’s good books… Atleast the majority of them.. Its like keeping the old frnds with you, but making room for new ones…

      As of now he is in good terms with Mandy, gizele nd ofcourse the othr 5 frm the cool grp..

      And frankly evn though rishab nd prince stand against one anothr i don’t feel ki they hate each other like mandy-kish..
      Rishab nvr speaks ill of prince behind him.. Rathr is seen supporting him vn others gossip..
      So its just priya now..
      Seems like salman’s guidance nd bb clips hv paid off to an extent…

      What say harshal. ?

      • harshal

        Neeru, I always said that prince should work alone and he is doing just that now. he and nora also clarified that they are using each other too, so I guess that means there’s no sign of prince getting betrayed and all. If he continues this way, he will surely win this season and trust me, i will be happy too ๐Ÿ™‚
        about his building friendship and being in everyone’s good book ,play alone, but have friends strategy, i will say a great strategy, if used wisely.
        Advantage: safe from evictions mostly. Less controversies and hence low chance of him saying bad statement on national tv that can hamper his fan base.(eg. suyyash)
        Disadvantage: if he is friends with all, the one’s he nominate will feel betrayed and may create fear among other friends of his that he will betray them too(though he is not betraying).
        Let’s see how he goes. aise hi thodi woh mera 2nd favourite contestant bana neeru ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Neeru

        @lovely.. You hv tooo much anger for such a sweet name.. :p (or username )

        Harshal’s manager ? Hahaha.. OMG.. ROFL… That was funny…

        Now be calm nd read my comment again..
        I nevr said you cant bash..
        I never said you cant comment..
        I asked to do so politely.. But i guess you don’t know that..

        As for me , i do point out things i don’t like but Go check every comment of mine nd tell me a instance wer i hv used language like yours..
        I nevr do that coz it reflects your innerself.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ok now,, if you think , you nd i, can share points nd views with each other, without you being offensive , then its cool.. Else i am taking the same step, (“my boss” :p ) harshal has taken.. ignore you here after..

        LOVELY dear,, lastly if i am not wrong rochs is your fav ryt… She is so lucky to hv a blind fan like you, who is reafy to fyt nyone who speaks ill of her.. ๐Ÿ™‚
        God bless..

    • lovely

      So harshal ur mandy didnot react..seriously..she cried and was trying to take action from people…and caling keith naukar.

      seriously mandy is a jerk..hw.can she say this…woh khud salman ki naukrani hai..

      • harshal

        ok lovely, I can’t say this more clearly. your comment and opinions and deduction of a scene disgusts me and i don’t even want to honour it by countering it.
        Let’s make a deal once and for all. You will ignore my comments and opinions from now on, thinking am a mad person or a dead person(whichever suits for you). I will do the same. Have a happy life…………..

      • tedd

        Harshal…don’t care for these disgusting hatred commebts…we also do have our favourites sometimes…but we nvr react this way…let them do

      • Neeru

        Gawd…Some ppl.. :/
        Ok here is the thing..
        -If you want to give your “expert” opinion, give it as an individual comment..
        -If you don’t agree with a person’s view nd his comments, then do counter it.. But in a polite way..
        -If you can’t tolerate your favorite contest being bashed stop coming here. Period.

      • tedd(akku)

        yeah @neeru, i don’t undersatnd y ppl do this…such behaviour on a social platform, were things are to be taken lightly, they are taking it heartly…we never have shown so much hatred to anyone…HATERS LIVE IN PEACE….

    • Avani

      Harshal the task for common people was to survive as that could affect the nominations while it was important for detectives to catch killer as it will make them contender for captiancy task. If Rochelle would have been out then she would have given reaction after finding omelette over her bed and got killed and may be nominated. So how much coward she seemed she was doing her task as she was supposed to do.

      P.S. Not a fan of Rochelle

      • harshal

        ok, avani, sweetie, both of you have made somewhat similar points, hence going to give common reply to you both…
        1) common people’s task was to survive. agreed. but they were not restricted to help out detectives in any way. Infact, if anything, the earlier they catch the killer, earlier would the risk of getting killed end. hence, best strategy would have been to help detectives catch the killer
        2) you say if rochelle, keith and others would have come out, they would have reacted and got killed. actually, i have contrastic view here. Thing is, task would have got tough for prince if people were flooded in house. when he was alone in house, he could put kish’s clothes in complaint box easily as well as pour that omelette and paste on roch’s bed (though that didn’t help prince). even reaction from mandy might have been avoided, not sure of that though. Imagine all people in the house like normal routine. It becomes even harder for prince to do the killings, as if he tries to fight with others to produce reaction, he would have looked the obviously suspicious then. 4 killings would have been nearly impossible for prince, let alone 5. so, if the group would have stayed in the house since beginning, maybe the killings could have been stopped too and prince exposed even earlier.
        3) It was not a strategy, but just an easy way out. remember that human-ghost task? part 1 was about avoiding giving reaction to the ghost. So now imagine all humans doing the same and hiding themselves inside the bathroom and not giving reaction. Even that would have been survival, right? But no. As they are there to entertain us, they need to do something. Most of the tasks have these easy get-aways, doesn’t mean you need to take them. That do make you look bad and lazy as you are avoiding hard work.
        working in groups would have looked ok too, but hiding in bathroom, that was really pathetic. this is just my personal point of view though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sweetie

      And yeah harshal.. bb had clearly said if u die in the task… It will affect nomination.. and prince could kill them even wen they were inside the bathroom.. like he did with kishwar… So u cant blame people if they r trying to protect themselves from nomination…

      N yeah getting hold of killer was detectives task not common ppl because they had notjing to win if they catch the killer…

      • Neeru

        There is nothing wrong in trying to get saved from nominations.. But what if prince had put kieth’s tshirt instead of kish’s.. ?
        I think if kieth was killed in that way,, no one wud hav said that hidding in bathroom was a good approach.. I wonder what rochs wud hv done then.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oho, this groupism, fake friendships and relationships just spoil the show. If there is one thing I don’t like about Bb is these. One should not play with feelings or relationss

    • lovely

      Wooooo harshal cool down…seriously u r behaving like mandana now…chill dude
      ……mandana is nt giviNg u a penny if she wins…common dude if u r accepting the qualities of d person dare d negatives as well…no one is perfect so is mandana

    • Avani

      Nice analysis harshal. Still I stick to my opinions and so do you. I actually dont for any of them and will have hard time remembering them but I enjoyed yesterday’s episode specially when priya said 3 seconds mein Pata chal gaya tha and her face when price was declared killer the very next moment ?? Also the first task which I enjoyed and felt that everybody played fairly and also found out who is intelligent and who is stupid ?Previous tasks was strength based so one while this was tested their thinking ability and man priya failed highly ??

      • harshal

        avani, priya failed highly in such a humorous way haha, ๐Ÿ˜›
        yeah, and every time people remind me of that incident (priya 3 second) , i go and watch those videos again and again and waste my data pack :3 ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Really eager to watch this episode tomorrow, missed the previous episode
    This Priya, uff no comments
    Ab to Prince Ko phaasi milenge ๐Ÿ˜›
    Agent Rishabh Ko to maan a parerga darende Prince Ko pakra
    Now the clash of titans between Khooni and agent begins

  8. Vijay

    Prince & Vrishab are the best performers of the murder mystery task. While the so called cool group are dumb people’s group.

  9. Rahul

    I think this is a very interesting and harmless task, best I have seen so far,quite an innovative one too, I would request Bigg Boss to give more such entertaining tasks which entertain us rather than giving physical tasks which ultimately end up with the housemates tearing each other apart.

    • This task proves that bigg boss doesn’t need fights to attract viewers. Credit goes to creatives for bringing this task. And finally did not get to hear physical phew . Not only contestants, even makers contribution decides the fate of the show

      • hi @joyee…u are correct this proves that bigg boss sirf fight karke nh entertain kar sakte but comedy kar k zaada trp aa sakti hai…btw you asked me about my lovestory with prince na…Actually i and prince cant have love story because im already married or mere husband ko accha nh lagega…U know whos my husband??

    • harshal

      cheers rahul, even i would love to see these types of tasks more than those stupid physical tasks where all just shout like, ” you are getting physical, you can’t get physical” and stuff,
      This weeks tasks gave us entertainment in form of suspense, humour as well as some minor arguments(and not some major fights with gaalis and threats). Let such kind of tasks be played every time and am sure trp’s will grow with these. I mean even my mother, who hates bigg boss due to those fights and stuff enjoyed and laughed watching this task and episode….

      • tedd

        I also thought….ye saare ache ache tsks..pehele se nhi rakhe???…it wud have been so interesting to watch…and itne saare uncut videos..atlst wohi dikha dete??

      • Sadly, my mom is a big fan of bigg boss but she couldn’t watch bigg boss’s last two episodes, she watches her fav 2-3 hindi shows first then bigg boss which is why she couldn’t see it this week

      • Whoever says that people watch bigg boss only because of fights , should see the last 2 episodes . Even one of my aunt watches bigg boss when they don’t fight and likes it a lot that time

      • tedd(akku)

        Yep…i wud love if they show other uncut scenes than most of its ugly fights…fights are required to show , but iske chakkar main ache scenes cut kar dete hain…stupid bigg boss…Whoz this CUTTER…?? BRING HIM TO ME, LEMME GIVE HIM A GOOD KICK ON HIS ASS…

      • fatarajo(joyee)

        I just saw the previous episode and I would say that for the first time I liked rishabh the most.And Giselle is better than moral at least she uses her brain and is much smarter than her and some of the so called smart people. Mandy do have brains but she never uses it at the right time. And for the first time suyyash did better than Kish keep it up but u still have a long way to go suyyash

  10. II

    For us it is full of fun and laughter but for the inmates each second was literally confusing. One sec prince one sec rishab my god they genuinely looked so confused. The minute kshwr said its prince rishb diverted their attention by banging on the door so that ppl can doubt him. He just wanted to reveal prince name all by himself. Thats wy created so much scene. Priya wants to take rvnge on prince which she alredy told before slmn thats why supporing prince for captncy. She may be right but onscreen it looks like she is backstabbing rshb as he is her friend. Would hve looked nice if she supprted rshb. There may be a brreakup btw them. So bad. Rshb yaar pls take it easy as she really wanted to do that. We knew the kllrs name before itself thats why we enjoyed much. Had we been in the house bynow we wld have broken our heads to find out the kller.

    • harshal

      3rd kill(kishwer) was the real deal. else, every other murder would have pointed out to prince in the most obvious way. especially the first 2 murders. nora’s one was also kinda simple to deduce the killer. and god, how could people be dumb enough to suspect a detective :v … i mean, bigg boss clearly said that 2 detectives, 1 killer, 7 common people, that obviously means that 2 detectives won’t be killers, how hard is that to get?
      I wonder if prince could have killed rishabh/priya, the detectives too. cause is so, he should have definitely tried to kill rishabh first, priya was going no where close to suspecting prince as killer. No offence, i know you like her ๐Ÿ˜› , but she said that there are 3 killers and rishabh is helping them, lol :D… she should get the honour of being worst detective according to me, again, no offence meant, just fun

  11. pavani

    its soo sad . I hate u prince u behaves like a girl idar ka baathe vahaa aur vaha ke baatee yahaaaa . mujee ye prince ali ka yaad dilata heii

  12. yasii

    finally thrilling task came to an end… prince done a great job… bt if rochelle seen messed luggage means it would hv been full success to prince… Bt no worries he did well…. ? ?

  13. When priya said i found murderer in 3 sec tht was the funniest moment of the episode.the way rishab solved mystry really cool.his observations were really awesome.priya’s confusion abt rishab made the task really really funny.kish ke murderne jo confusion create kiya vo bhi too gud tha.roch nomination se bachne ke liye kisi din keith ko chod bhi sakti hai no wonder if it happens.aur ye priya ko insecure bolti hai lol. isse jyada confident to suyash hai.keith is going bhi mandy ne kha precap me shayad use aisa nhi bolna chahiye par aajkal keith sirf dusro ki bate sun rha hai.aur roch se influence hokar vo bhot badi galti kar rha hai.Agar priya sachme cool grp me ghusne ki koshish kar rhi hai to lanat hai uspar. agar rishab captain nhi bna to na sahi.kya fark padta hai usse.bas aise acha khelta u rishab.

    • harshal

      anu, tumhaara rishabh chaa gaya iss task mein, prince was 2nd best for me in this. mandy/gizelle/suyyash also deduced killers, but got confused at the end i felt, but they did well too. Kishwer’s confusion over ‘who the killer is’ was fun to watch. Priya was awesome at being stupid ๐Ÿ˜› .roch/nora/keith took the task’s fun quotient down by looking coward.

  14. Amar

    Yaa #payal

    One more thing about the episode….Prince ne toh lagbhag paanchon ko maar hee daala tha..agr rochelle darr k bathroom m behti nhi hoti toh…bcoz task complete k baad usne v reaction diya tha bed ko dekh k….

  15. Jonwick

    One thing got clear today!

    Prince wants company,Nora survival.
    In BB house where friends turn rival,
    Affair airs blew since Nora’s arrival.
    Let them write tje fake love bible!
    When Noras gone u’ll c quick revival.
    cuz prince wont die with love deprival.

    • payal

      amar I read some other website that big bos ask other contenstant to choose some one they support after that big boss ask rish n prince to choose 1 from team they want to participate prince choose priya n rish choose gizzale task is to hold gas ballon so when gizzele bend likethat keith thought she left n annonucePRRINCE AS NEW CAPTAIN.Finally prince is captain

  16. Amar

    Mandana ghar se kab niklegi ..uski baatein bohat confusing hai samajh he nhi aata…

    Anyone can guess kon jayega/jayegi iss weekend …
    Waiting for the weekend episode
    Mere karan arjun aayenge:):):)

  17. Prince & nora…too much of fakeness in the air.I hate to admit thisbut prince ne task sach me acha kiya specially after bigg boss warned him.aaj pehli bar prince ko dekh ke acha laga.the way rishab handled prince when he was throwing food was awesome.rishab dikhata hai ki vo cool hai careless hai par jab kuch galat ho rha hota hai vo use rokne ke liye chala jata hai aur keith jise sab gentleman bolte hai vo to sahi galat ka difference bhi bhul gya hai.

  18. @ Anu r I really laughed at your comment . Nice one . ” rochell nominations se bachne ke liye Keith ko c_ _ _ bhi sakthi hai”

  19. Annamma James

    @Pavani…By d way what was rishabh doing with Gizelle…..that was also back b*t*hing yaar…bb is all abt backb*t*hing….each and everyone doing it…Atleast Prince confronted it with nora…both of them cleared dat dey r just trying to add some love masala for entertainment….
    Dats all…Prince confronted as a Man…
    I think he proved he is a man in each and every task…

  20. santu

    Priya is thinking too much.. too much confidence can bring u down. .
    Funniest moment wen priya said 3 seconds dialogue. .but her face was in utter shame Wen murderer was announced..
    I just want to know why u r supporting prince tom.. is it the embarrassment of suspecting Rishab or to get into group or get closer to prince only or she thinks prince is going to win anyway and wen he becomes captain he should not nominate you next week? I would love to know the answer..
    I liked it wen prince was shouting at last he is murderer.. getting off his secrecy load..
    I liked it wen prince went and told Nora about his conversation with mandana and Gizelle.. Nora said exactly same as prince.. she is very clever.. she said exactly Wat he would ve thought like using him to stay for few weeks which will benefit him only.. but she has not cone here to stay for few weeks.. everyone comes here to win.. of course except rimi
    One more thing.. I read somewhere that rimi after few days holiday is planning to direct a movie and she said staying at house with strangers with limited supply of food doesn’t relate how u work in real life.. it’s partly correct.. but I would love to know how she handles wen actor is forgetting lines or it has to pack due to bad weather.. etc etc.. everything is task baby outside also both physical and mental..

  21. Neha

    Guys! Stop blaming Rochelle for whatever she is is just a task and you have to get saved from the murderer. She is playing a very good game.I feel at this point her friendship is genuine with suyyash.she has already mentioned that she has a soft corner for him,May be that is the reason she started liking kishwar.I am really liking the way she is bonding with her.please don’t call her coward coz she is playing her game .and yeah I’m not her fan but genuinely feel she is one of the finest contestants of bigg boss.

  22. Synyster

    I find Rishabh cheap at times.
    He keeps blabbering he rejected Nora but fact is that Nora accepted prince right from day one.He brags too much man ,he says prince is nothing with out kish.
    Come on man 3-4 weeks have passed he has taken everyone by storm .He single handedly wins all task unlike you& you brag about castles in cloud#9 .Instead priya uses Rishabh as toy.

  23. Ritika

    It was EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTING when prince in his excitement told mandana that he is the killer WTH is he mad! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    But after BB warned, he charged up and did d killing 1 by 1 at a rapid pace without thinking much. If it wasnt for the t-shirts/kishwar killing, it would hv been crystal clear…lack of strategy and d way he declared hez d killer after killing just 1 person was used against him as a strong proof and clear all doubt that he is the one! …

    And what’s wrong with keith, hez become a coward. Loved rishabh today d way he came fwd to save mandana and later made a strategy to kick doors so that people keep suspecting him and he is d 1 later who announces d killer! Mandana was kinda cute too!

  24. Gaurav

    People think it was rishabh’s intelligence of catching prince but….
    If he is so clever then i would like all of you to remember how he quit the car and rope [money in bag] task…..
    It was the dead who told detectives
    which is also not rocket science as you know what you did that you got murdered .. Kish being exception… Complete out of her cowerdness..

    • Synyster

      Bro,he did nothing on his own he didnt have any evidence too,not even a single photograph.Mandana and Gisselle stood evidence that too becoz of prince’s mistake.What did rishabh do ?firstly he suspected nora and when gisselle told her then his suspiction went on with prince.
      He was just wasting time kicking the doors.

      • gaurav

        absolutely correct….
        if he had some brains he would also have used it when he was in splitsvilla 2 times…..

      • fatarajo(joyee)

        This was a minus point for rishabh, but at least he was better than others who basically did nothing, maybe because they r AAM aatmi but they could have helped the detective just like gizelle, she is the only AAM atmi who did the task well according to yesterday’s episode

      • Synyster

        yes! joyee better than many others cuz at least he tried hard didn’t just sit but what i am saying is that he got clear help from mandana and gisselle but he himself didnt click even a single pic as evidence.

  25. II

    Harshal what u said isdamn right. May be like priya i also became stupid to understand the task improperly. Not hurt. U are damn right.

    • harshal

      :O , hey II, are you angry with my comment? brother/sister, i didn’t mean to offend you. also, i was talking about people from the house(priya,mandy, kish, nora, gizelle) being stupid for suspecting on detective at the end of the task, not general people. Sorry if you are hurt ๐Ÿ™

      • tedd(akku)

        Harshal…i don’t think u need to say sorry just for some ppl who are incapable of understanding the comments and ur intention while writing the comments…
        If they can’t take it sportingly and have to make it an issue, then it’s their prob….gawd…
        I feel they don’t have brain to know watz ryt or wrong and are blindly supporting their favourites

      • fatarajo(joyee)

        Also can as I m happy with this week episode I may vote for 2 person, maybe risabh n suyyash. I will vote for suyyash because he has at least started doing something besides being kishwer’s sidekick. And I have voted for Mandy before.

  26. Jis way se rishab ne murder kaise hue vo points rakhe aur jis tarike se usne priya ko distract kiya use ‘intelligence’ hi kehte hai & nthing else.he was clear abt the case frm the 1st murder unlike priya jise mandy aake bta rhi hai ki prince killer hai phir bhi vo apne hi assumptions kiye ja rhi hai.aur rhi bat backbiting ki to gizele was asking rishab abt the loudmouth thing but he was still unwilling to answer.aur jo nora ke bare me kha ‘white is right’ & etc,i mean come on u r a human being aap aise nhi reh sakte ki aap kisi ke bareme kuch bhi nhi bologe aur kya bki log rishab aur priya ke bareme bat nhi karte aur bki gharwalo se to kam hi bolta hai rishab.he avoids backbiting most of the time.aur prince ko to chance chahiye rishab ki burai karne ka,rishab ne uske bareme kuch kha to kya galat kiya.aur agar rishab intelligent nhi hai to kya prince intelligent hai jisne mandy aur gizele ko bta diya ki vo murderer hai aur all of a sudden aake food throw karne laga,too intelligent u

  27. Maxx

    I don’t get time to watch bigboss but yestetday’s episode was stunning ,the best of bigboss 9.Although didn’t like the way keith performed the task and rochel remained hidden in bathroom so she couldn’t react to garbage spread over her bed so 1 kill gone.
    Didn’t like how Gisselle backbi***** prince and how mandana said keith is servant of coolgroup.This was the best task for Rishabh.loved it!

    • A7x

      The way prince was back into the task,Hats off! man.The way cool group remained hidden F—off ! man.Also my honours for detective Rishabh and also Gisselle for helping him.
      And mandana was dumb enough to never sense that throwing food was part of the task.she went on to describe what happened to her. wt heck! She is an evergreen bimbette.

  28. nancy

    This season of bigg boss is turning to be quite exciting as many contestants are capable of winning..
    I wish prince wins this season…

    • fatarajo(joyee)

      So true Nancy, last season was so predictable even though it was entertaining. And this season still no one is guaranteed to win Bb it can be anyone, which is what I liked a lot about this season

  29. Neeru u started liking rishab.i am happy seeing tht.harshal tumhare comments ki mai jitni tarif karu kam hai.u hav great observation skills & u r really gud with ur words.i always wait for ur comments.bigg boss is the only shw i watch & i really like the way u analyse the things.

    • Neeru

      @anu,, I have always liked him.. He is a sweet heart with a good soul..
      But i never thought him as a finalist… I nevr thought he had that thing in him to win the show.. But now slowly he is changing my perspective … ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Shaลผรฑรค

    Rish n mandy goin gud…ths ws 1 f bst task bb9 till nw…priya z so stupid thot rish z d killer..mandy tld her abt prince n she dint bother abt her words..haha..n kishz reaction ws so silly lol..fst mandy, thn prince,nora,rishab,included suyyash
    N i thnk nxt priya lso goin to involve in cool grp to get savd frm she suuports prince in captainshp task :p ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. hey @fatarajo my husband is siddharth malhotra…I will like to have a 2nd marriage…But not at all with prince bcoz of his hairstyle

  32. bbdt

    Everyone played nicely..and no jagdaa in a task..cos they dont know with whom they argue….hahaha..priya was really funny (who thoughts she is smart)..rishab is smart. (Who always a joker)…everyone thought there may be a rishab pe shak kiyaa..simple…kish and nora..funny on murdered news..nora really scared..prince did a good job…keith was little disappointing but he is also a common man..overall good episode

  33. Sabirashaheer

    Wowwww! Aaj tho prince kamaal kar diya. Agar rochelle bathroom main chup nahi hothi tho prince 5 ko kill karchuke hota. Woh try bhi kiya tha.well done prince love uuu good going

  34. Shaลผรฑรค

    Ye prince kitn baar captain banega…i wanna mandy as captain..juz luv u grl..n rishab lso..gud by heart n mind lso..

  35. bb ke contestants pe suit hote bollywood k gane—suyash-mai to joru ka ghulam ban k rahunga , prince-jab bhi koi ladki dekhu mera dil diwana bole ole ole ole , keith-mai aisa q hu , rishabh-yeh mera dil pyar ka diwaana , mandana-dil ye ziddi hai , kishwar-dil to baccha hai ji , rochelle-mai chahe ye karu mai chahe wo karu meri marzi , priya-o priya o priya priya tumsa nh koi priya , nora-pehli nazar me kaisa jadu kar diya , gizelle-hoto pe kaisi baat mai daba k chali aai….LOL guys…only for fun…

    • tedd(akku)

      ha ha @pari….purrrrfect songs.,….but yahan pe to kuch log har baat ko ssly leke dusron ko bash kar rahe hain…..

      • [email protected] enjoying with family is great fun…though i came to my nagpur for somedays but still lost in my heavy books…you njoy darling…

    • harshal

      haha, pari, excellent (y) … btw can mandy’s song be changed to “TV pe breaking news hai re mera ghaagra”? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • yep…it suits more on mandy @harshal…btw dont care about the stupid comments of some serious ppl here…we know what we r doing so no need of there advice…take a chill

  36. Ghufran Ali

    Hi, guys this is my first comment . I m big fan of BB , I m from Pakistan , my favorite is Suyyash ,and his friendship with prince is amazing , please guys let me know ur Opinions about suyyash and keith also.

  37. freakk

    Kya kool h hum 3..:-D starring mandana karimi(lead role female).and gieselle.she s playing a pornstar..:D along with ekta kapoor ka bhai and aftab;-) launched

  38. freakk

    The episode was great fun..:D
    Bt the spoilsports were keith n rochelle.
    I guess they thought it was an awsome moment..they cn hide from d killer..n have sm romance widout the headache of that rotating camera…:D almost everyone made out that it was prince..then the way he killed kish saved him again and confused everyone else..
    Kish k liye to koi bacha ni..:D she doubted everyone..even suyyash..;)
    Prince female version 2.0-priya.. She d dumbest ass to move around in bb9.:D

  39. freakk

    @neeru @harshal @ tedd @ pari @lovely..
    Nam LOVELY or kam sare UGLY…:D calm down a lil…this is just a portal…<3 u cn have ur views its nt nrcessary everyone feels d same…
    Its nt like k if mandy will win v ll get a share in her prize money…
    Wen india plays we just wanna win…do u care if u ll get a share from the match fee..;-) everyone s winner…:D even giezelle s going strong…:-)

  40. parus

    Mandana didnt fight with prince.i like i want prince mandy rishab keshwar to finale and mandana wins.this week i hope suyyash will evicted

    • freakk

      @pari…ha yr..:D busy wid work ๐Ÿ˜‰ aap kaise ho..apne husband se milvao kbhi..siddartha se:D mrs pari malhotra

      • Hai na freak, I m jealous of mrs malhotra, but main achi Insan hoon ๐Ÿ˜›
        But Benares ki Pari oh sorry mrs malhotra, ne hum logo Ko invite nahi kiya ,
        Agar kiya Hota, to main bhi uska Pati Ko Thora Pyaar dita Prince ki jaise ๐Ÿ˜›

  41. Ghufran Ali


  42. I like only MANDANA …….OUR ,.,,,IRONLADY,,,
    Prince koo sirf girls koo harana aata hai…

    Kisi b ladke koo kill nahi kar saka.

    Four finalists….

  43. I think… Mandana, prince, kish, rishabh..Or kith/priya……
    ……Bt today episode is awesome… I sireously lol?????watching priya…N rochell…
    Finally show begins….

  44. Too sad I missed today’s episode going home and then watch the recorded episode
    Went for pre-trip and Christmas shopping
    Main mcdonalds main bathe bathe ice-cream kha rahi hu

  45. han zarur @freakk…sid bol raha hai k apne sare friends ko dinner pe bulana….feeling tired nagpur me bada maza aa raha hai but…btw whos ur fav. actress???

    • freakk

      @pari..mujhe lga he tha u were from maharashtra..:D see nagpur…ahmmm…tough qs …luks m katrina..vaise pc n dipika
      Actor to apna ek he h…akshay ..:D m a die hard fan

    • freakk

      @ritika…u cn bet on them…:D they are d strongest..take along prince…:D like 40-40-20 chances…:D that either of these three will come out a winner

  46. nancy

    According to me gizelle and suyyash are gonna get evited this weekend..
    And surely i want either Mandana or prince to win this season becoz mandana is my favourite and prince much deserving contestant….
    And according to me the finalists are;
    Rochelle or keith(they both need to decide in themselves):p

  47. nancy

    If there is double eviction then they both are gonna say good bye to bigg boss house this weekend and if it is single then surely gizelle…

  48. subham

    Kutte to jhund me rhte hai…like kieth rochel suyash kish siyash price. Sher to mandna h sala bigg bossk bap se b nhidrti akele khel ri usko kisi ki jarurtnhi h

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.