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Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 66
inmates wake up to the song aa gum hojaen, they dance to the tunes.
Rishab comes to Gizele and says i asked them(Kishwar’s group) to eat but they were so afraid that they didnt eat even, they are just hiding in washroom area, not coming out of there, Gizele says they all are fearful, bigg boss will teach them lesson for being moving in groups. Rishab says Priya thinks that i am murderer, Gizele laughs and she is psycho, she thinks detective is killer.

Prince talks to Gizele and says i like Nora as she and i have same personality, i was angry when i was rejected by most of the girls in start of show but when Nora, she said that she liked me in show, even if she is using me for game then it will come out soon, but she is very nice to me, Gizele says Nora

said on stage before entering house that she will give love to Rishab and Prince means it was her plan before entering, she came inside house and praised Priya so much but then she saw that Priya has authority in house, then she saw its Kishwar who runs whole house so she is in her good books by using you, Mandana says she tried to create angle with rishab too but he said he is not available so she went to Prince.
Prince tells Gizele and Mandana that i am killer, i was given ways to kill inmates, i tried to kill Mandana but she got saved then i killed Gizele, i thought i will kill Kishwar and Suyyash but they are moving in group, they dont understand that its individual task not to play in group.

Bigg boss calls Prince, he comes in washroom, Bigg boss says your performance is upsetting, you killed only one person, you will not get the chance to nominate one inmates for whole season, you have to kill 3 inmates atleast to become contender for captaincy. Prince says i will try to irritate Mandana.
Prince comes to Mandana and says you dont trust me, i will not allow you to make food, i will be old prince now, he throws things in kitchen, Mandana is stunned, Prince says to Mandana that you and Rishab are one team, i will take case of everyone, i will not leave anyone, he throws food at Mandana in kitchen, she is shocked and starts crying, she ask Prince why he is doing all this? she leaves, Rishab comes and ask Prince why he is throwing things? you are wasting food, Mandana he is wasting it, Rishab says Prince you have gone mad, you have become psycho, they both get physical, Rishab ask Prince if he has become psycho? Mandana goes to washroom, Prince ask Rishab to go to Mandana, Prince comes in bedroom and steals Kishwar’s clothes.
Mandana comes in washroom and says to Kishwar and Suyyash that Prince has gone mad, he is fighting with me for no reason, she cries and says go and talk to him, Priyas ask what he did? Mandana says he threw food of everyone, he has gone mad, Priya says tell me something new.
Rishab says to Prince that you have done bad by throwing food.
Mandana leaves washroom area, Kishwar says her plan failed again, Priya says she wanted to get reaction from us, she thinks she will say Prince is throwing food so we will fight with him.
Bigg boss announces that one more murder has happened in house, its Mandana who is killed and she will be in coffin now till end of task.
Kishwar says to her group that Mandana didnt touch anyone, how she got killed? Priya says its either Rishab, or Prince.
Prince says i am sorry Mandana, they all are sitting in group so i had to do this with you, i am really sorry.

Prince says to bigg boss that my next target is Kishwar and her three clothes. he comes to complaint box and puts three shirts of Kishwar in it.
Mandana comes to Priya and ask her to come to put her in coffin box, all run in washroom seeing her, Priya says i dont wanna come, Mandana says to Priya that i have doubt on Prince, he kissed Gizele on cheek and killed her, then he threw things at me and killed me, its Prince who is killer and you have to get proofs against him.
Prince says to Bigg boss that i have put three clothes of Kishwar in complaint box. Bigg boss announces that one more murder has happened in house, its is Kishwar who died, Kishwar says i was with Nora in washroom, she is killer. Prince says to bigg boss that i will get reaction from suyyash now, Prince comes to suyyash and says i was telling from last night that i am not killer but you didnt trust me, you were trusting those who are not yours, now you know killer is someone else, he says you are *****, ***, Suyyash says i dont understand anything, let me see things, i am afraid myself, Nora says i was with Kishwar in washroom but i didnt do anything.
Kishwar says Nora touched me in washroom, she is killer, Rishab says i have doubt on her too.

Prince comes in bedroom and pours toothpaste on Rochelle’s bed, he says Rochelle is my new target, he puts omelet on her bed.

Prince says i will miff Rochelle to get reaction out of her, they are not coming out of washroom area so Rochelle will not come in bedroom and Suyyash will not shout at me so i am trying Rochelle for reaction.
Prince comes in washroom and says to Rochelle that you are breaking rules, you are hiding in washroom, this is against rules and you are destroying game for everyone, you are just listening to Keith, not thinking yourself, we have lost game 70% already, Keith says we are still safe, Prince dont try to trick us.

Kishwar ask Prince if they(Suyyash, Nora, Rochelle and Keith) are still in washroom? he says yes, they are not coming out of that area being afraid that they will be killed, Kishwar laughs.
Rishab comes in washroom and kicks door, it gets opened, Keith and Rochell are inside, Keith says you broke it.
Prince says i will try Nora now.
Keith comes out of washroom, he runs inside again seeing Rishab there.
Prince comes to Nora in washroom and ask her to come out, you dont need to follow others, Nora says no i will not come out as all think that i am killer, also i have to protect myself. Rishab is kicking door of washroom, Priya says you are breaking property of Bigg boss, you have no sense. Prince ask Nora why she is hiding inside washroom? Nora says you are not afraid and roaming freely, you are killer, Pricne says Suyyash and others are also sitting outside so you all are killer then? Rishab is kicking door of washroom, Rochelle shouts at him from inside and says that why are you doing this? Nora says to Prince that if i wanna stay inside then why you are shouting at me? Prince says because you are not listening to me.

Bigg boss says to inmates that one more murder has happened in house, person died is Nora, Nora is stunned and comes out of washroom. bigg boss says first part of task that is killer murdering inmates is finished, now detective will have to tell who is killer.
Keith comes out of washroom and says to Rishab that what is this way to play task? you broke door of washroom, Rishab says complain to Bigg boss.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that if Nora is not killer then who is it? i didnt meet Prince since morning, other than nora, it was you who touched me, if you were killer then i am happy for you, Suyyash says i am not killer, Kishwar says then it must be Rishab.

Rochele comes in bedroom, she is shocked to see toothpaste and omelet spread on her bed, she ask who did it? Suyyash says killer must have done it to get reaction out of you, Mandana says it was done for task so leave it, Nora says i am sure its either Rishab or Prince as they were roaming in house.

Bigg boss says now court case will be opened, detectives will have to give proofs and witnesses to prove who is killer, famous criminal case anchor Tirvedi will run this court case. Trivedi comes there and says killer is very clever, he killed 4 beautiful ladies, he should be caught, he ask Priya to come forward and start interrogation, Priya calls Rishab in witness box and ask why was he breaking door of washroom? and wanted Keith and Rochelle to come out? Rishab says hiding in washroom in task is cowardliness, Priya says kicking and breaking doors is not ethical behavior. Priya says my last quote is that either Prince, Rishab or Kishwar is killer and rishab was helping killer, she gives 9 photos as proof against killers.
Rishab starts his interrogation, he calls Gizele in witness box, she says i dont have much interaction with Prince but he suddenly kissed me last night, also he threw things at Mandana, he respects girls alot so he was trying to get reaction from her, he is killer. Rishab calls Prince in witness box, Rishab ask Prince what was that incident, you kissed Gizele on cheek and asked her to kiss him back, Prince says my naughtiness was it, Rishab says this is not answer, Prince says it was just kiss and kiss back, if you think that i am killer then prove it. Rishab calls Mandana in witness box, Mandana Prince got angry on me for no reason, i started crying which he wanted, Trivedi says as if you cried first time in house, all laugh, Mandana says as soon as i started crying Bigg boss announced that i am dead, also Prince told me in morning that he is killer and he is irritated as his targets were Kishwar, suyyash, Rochelle and me but he couldnt kill them, Gizele says yes he agreed infront of me, Rishab says its very clear that Prince is killer, he killed Gizele by kissing her, killed Mandana by bringing out reaction, he killed Nora by making her angry, so its Prince who killed inmates. Trivedi take instruction paper from Keith given by bigg boss, its is written in paper that one person from killed people will get nominated for whole season, he ask Kishwar who she thinks is killer? Kishwar says when i died, Rishab was near me so its Rishab the killer, Mandana says when i got killed Rishab was there so i think its Rishab who is killer. He opens Prince’s box and says Prince is killer, Bigg boss says Prince didnt kill 5inmates so he will not get opportunity to nominate one inmate for whole season, you killed 4inmates and also Rishab caught him as killer so he and Rishab will compete to become captain, he thanks Trivedi for coming and says Murder mystery task has ended.

Gizele ask Rishab if Prince called me loud mouth? Rishab says he was telling me that Gizele talk in loud tone, Gizele says they cant bear person who say everything on face, Rishab says Kishwar use mind while Prince use his muscles, Gizele says Prince is small town boy, he hasnt seen any girl so close to him, he admitted that he didnt like when girls rejected him in start so he is pouncing on Nora to create love angle with her, Mandana says he tried on every girl house, Rishab says Nora tried at me but i didnt give her attention, Gizele says Prince is just enjoying and doing time pass with Nora too so Kishwar will gt one more person in her group.
Prince says to Nora that Gizele and Mandana were telling me that i am strong player so you are trying to create angle with me, i told them that even if she has come with that plan then whats their problem? i would have done same to be in show, we dont know whats in Nora’s heart, they said that Nora tried on Rishab too, Nora says even if i have come in this house to create love angle then whats wrong in it? this is good for you only? i will be here for 3,4 weeks, it will be good for you only, they all are fools, she lies down near Prince, Prince kisses her hand.

PRECAP- Priya will play from Prince’s side for captaincy, Rishab says to Priya that you were against Prince and now playing for him? Priya says i am waiting for him to become captain so i can take revenge from him, Rishab ask if her ego is so big that she is choosing her revenge over their friendship, i salute you for making him winner. Gizele cries in camera and says this is not fair, everyone is so partial in this house, how can they form group, she has argument with Keith, she says nobody is perfect, what you will sow shall your reap, remember Keith, Keith ask her to not argue with him, Mandana says to Gizele that now you understood they are not fair, Keith didnt use his mind, he is servant of cool group. Kater there is Shahrukh and Salman’s statue in garden, inmates are excited to see it, Suyyash this is first time SRK and Salman will come together on Bigg boss, this weekend will be amazing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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