Bigg Boss 9 15th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 15th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Elimination Day
In bigg boss house, All inmates are frozen, Gautam comes in house and says welcome, he comes to Rochelle and says hi Cutie, he opens her hairs and say i liked you dance, lets have dance, song plays, Gautam dances around her, Rimi laughs, Gautam whispers in her ears that you are going great, be like this, he hugs her. Gautam comes to Mandana and says you look good when you smile, he says you are alone in this house, i used to be alone here too, i used to keep sitting in corner in this house but you have to live her for yourself, he wipes Mandana’s tears, he comes to Aman and ask him to play fairly more. Gautam comes to Kishwar and says keep playing like you are playing, be straight forward. He sings Aa pas aya song, he comes to Rimi and says this was

your movie song right? he whispers to her that people like you alot, Rimi is surprised. Gautam says to Prince that you keep saying Prince is one and will remain one, but till when you will keep repeating same line? he whispers to him that dont get influenced by others in house, he comes in kitchen, brings milk out of fridge and says who have stolen it in house like me? he drink milk and says i have to leave, he leaves.
Salman comes to stage and welcomes everyone in bigg boss, he says RIMI, DIGANGANA, KISHWAR, AMAN, ROCHELLE and PUNEET are nominated, KISHWAR and ROCHELLE are announced to be SAFE. he says lets welcome winner of BB8, Gautam Gulati.

Gautam comes on stage and dances on song Urvashi.. take it easy, he then dances on chutni song. After dance, Salman welcomes him and hugs him, Salman ask what he is doing after winning BB8? Gautam says Bigg boss can make or destroy your life, i am lucky to get work after show and getting love of people, Salman ask who is in touch with after show wrapped up? Gautam jokes that no one, they laugh, Gautam says i am in touch with Mahek and Puneet from my season, Salman ask what you feel about this season? Gautam says they seem afraid, Salman jokes that you used to frightened after saturday episode, Gautam says all get frightened by you, Salman laughs. Salman says we have panel today, along with Gautam Gulati, we have Kamya Punjabi from BB7, and analyst Karma, Karma says i am your fan Salman, Salman thanks him, Kamya says i feel like going in house, Salman says lets talk to inmates.

Call is connected to house, Salman ask did you like Gautam? they say yes, Salman says we have panel here, Gautam, Karma and Kamya are with us, they will talk to you. Karma ask Aman why house is divided in groups? Aman says Kishwar, Prince and Suyyash have bonding but rest of us are playing individually, Kamya says you are playing nicely but you seem silent most of the time, Aman says i know how to shut people up but i will speak to person if he has ability to listen, i tried to talk to Prince but he used to say that they are just giving back to Mandana, but they dont realize their aggression level is high, Kamya says you are very senior to these people, they havent worked as much as you but they dont respect you, Aman says they have to behave, Kamya says even Armaan was violent in our season, Puneet was aggressive in BB8b but i used to stand against Armaan, Krishma used to stand against Puneet, Mandana and Rochelle are looking upto you so you have to come out of shell, Gautam says its not bad that a group is formed in house, Kamya says its not group, its master Kishwar and Prince, suyyash following her, its like Mom gives order to Suyyash and Prince and they just follow her, Gautam ask Prince to give his point of view individually, Prince says i do, Salman says no you are not using your brain, Suyyash and Prince are most afraid people as he just cover himself with anger, he just pounce on everyone as per Kishwar’s orders, Kishwar says i dont think i am ruling them, Salman says its not your fault but prince and Suyyash should use their brain instead of following, Karma says hatts off Salman for handling these people, Salman jokes that we allow people to talk on this channel. Kamya says to Suyyash that you keep crying every week, you have to play your game instead of just following Kishwar, its not like Kishwar will win trophy and will give it to you, Suyyash nods. Gautam ask Prince to not make and follow relations in house, like you have made Kishwar your didi(sister), you are here to play game. Karma ask Rochelle that she had fights with Mandana, but now she is friends with Mandana, Rochelle says Mandana is straight forward and she gets rude sometimes but she is not violent and aggressive and also we do snap at each other still now. Karma ask Salman whom he think plays fair and for moment only? Salman says there is one person in house who in past got stuck in some filth and his image got destroyed, he is here to project himself for his family and want to change his image and want to prove everyone that i got stuck in trap in past but this real me and i am good person, Aman thanks Salman. Kamya says to Rishab that when you entered house, you looked like lion so i wanna ask him if he was just acting for two days? now he seem afraid of everyone, Gautam says you look frightened, Salman says Kishwar must be coming in his dreams and beating him, all laughs, Rishab says i am not afraid of getting beaten up as i will give it back too. Kamya ask Kishwar that you called someone(Rochelle) in house that she uncultured and uneducated, is this right way to talk someone? Kishwar says thats because people dont understand tasks, Salman says you can call her naive or innocent too, Kamya says the way you talked to bigg boss and took off your mic and used words like uneducated to others, you seemed most uncultured in all this and i am very sad to say this as i am your friend, Salman says that people see this show for entertainment, he warns Kishwar and Mandana to not throw off their mic again. Gautam ask Digi why she is silent? Digi says i dont want to get into unnecessary fights, i told Prince too that he get aggressive, Salman says you just keep imagining things in your head and dont react needed, he makes fun that how she keep thinking all the time, Salman thanks panel for joining, call ends. Salman ask Gautam who would go ahead in show? Gautam says i feel Aman, Mandana and Rochelle will go in finale, he greets and leave.

Salman says lets see whats happening in house. in house, Rimi says to Rochelle and Mandana that if some aggressive person is infront of me then i would not react infront of him because i know if i do something to miff him then he will react way more aggressively then my thinking, i dont pick fights.
In lounge, Prince says to Kishwar that Mandana took clothes first, Kishwar we would have not brought her clothes if she had not brought my clothes. In washroom area, Rochelle says to Rimi that we cant sit quietly against goons like you, you didnt go against them, you didnt say that they are goons, Rimi says you both instigate them, Rochelle says they become goons in task, Rimi says they are not goons but its their personality like this, you should think before doing anything to them, accept them like this, i would never instigate them, we are weak and we should not instigate them, i dont have guts to fight with them atleast.
Rimi talks to Suyyash and Prince, she says Mandana and Rochelle were telling me that i didnt call you goon, i told them they are like that only and you should accept them, you should behave like girls, you want to become equal to boys, one should not fight with strong person, Puneet says if man gives reaction then he taken wrongly only, Rimi says girls torture men mentally and frustrate them while man react by getting physical. In bedroom, Mandana says to Aman that just wait and watch what Rimi is going to become later, Aman says they are not understanding even after Salman’s warning that they are looking like bullies.

On Stage, Salman says welcome my co-stars Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah. Daisy comes on stage and dances with Salman on Tere naina. Zarine comes there and dances with them on song Main Karoon Toh sala character dheela hai. After dance, Salman welcomes them and says Zarine and Daisy have worked in movie Hate story 3, some kids come there and calls Salman Papa, Salman jokes if they are kids? the kids are dressed like Salman, Zarine says every mom wants their kids to be like Salman Khan, Salman jokes that whoever have put this scene in show, i will not leave him, he jokes with kids, kids leave.
Call is connected to house, everyone greets Zarine and Daisy, Mandana says you both are looking pretty, Salman jokes that she is saying to me, Mandana says Salman you look handsome, Salman thanks her, Salman says they are here to promote upcoming movie hate story 3, Salman says i worked with them in decent movies and now they have jumped to hate story, all laughs, Salman says i just hugged them in movie and now hug is just start of hate story. Salman ask inmates about their hate story in house, Rishabh says i extend my hand for friendship to Mandana but she says that i dont want to be friends, then i asked her to become enemy, she said i dont want to be enemy, all laughs, Rishab says i am her friend even if she wants or not. Salman ask Rochelle’s hate story, she says my story is with Mandana too, in first week, she was roaming with my boyfriend then i had fights with her but after Keith’s exit, she supported me and made me comfortable, Salman says we will talk again, call ends.

Karan Sing Grovar and Sharman joshi comes stage as they are heros hate story 3, Salman jokes with Sharman how much shame he had to loose for movie? Sharma says i was surprised with myself too that i could pull it, Salman jokes that Karan has experience in these kind of movies, all laughs, Salman wishes them luck for movie, they leave.

Salman says that we will do task with inmates, we will use fake lie detector and will tell them that it will detect their lie, we will ask questions to inmates. Call is connected to house, Salman says we will have task with you all, you will have to sit on lie detector chair in confession room and will have to answer questions, he ask Aman to go and sit chair, Aman sit on chair, he is seen by inmates on Tv, Salman ask Aman did you steal something in house? Aman says i stole sugar, red light plays which means he stole more, all are surprised. Salman ask Aman if he capable of becoming captain, he says yes, green light plays means he agrees. Salman ask Aman if he was not happy with Suyyash and Kishwar coming in house together? he says no, green light plays, Salman ask if you think Kishwar is man in their relationship, he says yes, green light plays.
Rochelle comes and sit on chair, Salman ask if she misses her friendship with Prince? she says yes but he doesn, green light plays, Salman ask if Prince is a fool? Rochelle says yes, all laughs, Salman ask did you find Prince’s dressing sense bad, she says yes, green light plays, Prince laughs, Salman ask if you feel unsafe in house because of Prince and Suyyash’s presence? she says yes sometimes, red light plays.
Rishab comes and sit on chair, Salman ask Rishab if most inmates are afraid of Mandana? he says yes, green light plays, all laughs, Rishab says i love you Mandana, Mandana says love you too stupid. Salman ask Rishab if he thinks Mandana is fake? he says not anymore, red light plays, all laughs, Salman ask Rishab if he likes Digi now? he says yes, Salman says i asked this question personally, all laughs, Rishab says i am happy that we have cleared things here, i wish her for good life ahead.
Call ends, Salman says let us show you something about Rishab and Digi. video clips play, in Kitchen, Rochelle says to Aman that last night i and Mandana were helping Rishab, Digi gave me so much bad looks. In washroom area, Rishab suggest digi to take blessing of parents but not their advise. Mandana says to Aman that Digi goes behind Rishab everywhere, video ends.
Calls is connected to house, Salman says RIMI, DIGI, AMAN and PUNEET are in danger. Salman says snapdeal caller will talk to you now, call is connected to snapdeal customer Priyal, she ask Digi that Prince nominated you this week, if someone had to save you then who would have done that? Digi says i think Aman and Rochelle would have saved me as i have good equation with them, Digi signs mug for Priyal, call ends. Salman ask Rishab what he was telling Puneet after nominations? Rishab says Puneet was nominated and still he gave his ribbon to Prince, its either he doesnt understand game or he wants to act great, Salman says it felt like you wanted Puneet to give vote to Aman, Rishab says yes and i would have voted for Aman too so he would have been safe from nominations, Salman says then why dont you say it openly? Rishab says i couldnt remember exactly. Salman ask Kishwar who think will go outside today? Kishwar says Puneet maybe, Salman ask Rochelle, she says i think Rimi will go as uninterested people are changing dynamics of show now, Salman says problem is that uninterested inmates are being liked more outside and interested inmates are not generating any interest in viewers, he says RIMI YOU ARE SAFE with one vote more, she gives mixed reaction, Prince hugs her, Salman says DIGANGANA IS SAFE, all congratulate her, Salman says Puneet and Aman are in danger now, Salman says PUNEET IS ELIMINATED, everyone meets him, he leaves house.

Puneet comes stage and hugs Salman, Salman ask how was your journey in house? he says it was good, it was difficult to be there, people change their colors in house so i couldnt understand much, Salman greets, Puneet leaves. Salman says keep seeing bigg boss, he signs off.

PRECAP- In confession room, Bigg boss says to Kishwar that we are giving you luxury budget task, nominations will happen on basis of this task. Kishwar comes in lounge and reads task, task name is “mischievous kids”. In task, Kishwar and Prince are crying likes babies, Digi and Aman are trying to pacify them, Aman picks Kishwar in arms, she is surprised. Prince and digi falls in pool, digi says this is not the way to play task, she says to Prince that you were getting physical with me, he says i was just tickling you. rochelle says i dont want anyone to pick me up, i dont want any guy to touch me here and there.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Lovey

    Firstly there is no boss who likes good bonding between employees…nd this is toh big boss…!!! Whatsoever be I like bonding…kish,shuyash,prince be gud frnds…BUT play individually.Secondly, Prince is not cheap so Mandana n Rochelle stop passing this cheap comment on him.If u can’t bare him than stop taking panga…Rishabh play yrr.Rimi salute u…u understand things so well…Digi luv u.

  2. farhan

    Yaar what is this dont touch any girl dont do the task rochelle is just dramebaaz aman was also lifting kishwar no one saud anything but if digi falls she has problem ,rochelle also has problem but kishwar doesnt and like gautam said mandana and he are alike she will win as salman is also seen doing partiallity with her

  3. swadhin

    Firstly I want to say that Gautam’s entry was superb.I liked the way salman, gautam and the reporters said Prince to take decesions of his own and to be influenced by Kishwar.
    Prince from now onwards you should play alone not in a group.We all know that you have much capabilities to win this show.

  4. oni

    suyyash ko sahi kaha kamya ne or prince ko v sahi kaha salman ne…indirectly salman support prince but woh gadha kuch nahi samajta

  5. Rakesh

    bigg boss now targeting prince and making him villain.As we all have watched roadies and splitsvilla in whic prince came out as a winner,his nature is very good but a bit aggressive.But he never disrespected girls.Please dont judge the promo of the coming episode,you shd watch the full episode before you comment. WE ALL LOVE YOU PRINCE

  6. yasii

    Its high time these girls should stop blaming boys for all the time… I mean we can see in evrytim wtver happens in task means thy strt boys and girls… If thy really hav any problem with playing with all then they must go to any other show rather than being in bb9..

  7. angle

    guys do u noticed dat all r pointing at prince as he is only bad in d house wat abt mandana who kicked kish and kish spitting n all… its rubbish all inmates are scared with prince dats y all r trying to make him lose by such foolish talks

  8. oni

    kyunki prince atcha player he lekin her bar kishwer k matter me nak ghuserta he…goutam ne bola ki bb me group bana atchi baat he lekin khelo individually….. kish k bina kahe nak bhuserta he isliye both kish or prince strong contesten hone k baojut maximum ko galat lag raha he…. kish k matter me nak na ghusare toh both kish and prince are strong …. i like both of them but isi adat se bura lagta he

  9. Amtul

    I love u digangana….she should start speaking atleast she shoud give her opinion plz salman sir support her instead of that crap mandana she needs your support

  10. Big Boss ki previous seasons me task ki team achhe se divide krte the.. Bt bb9 me to khud big Boss hi unfair he as in every task suyash, Prince, kishwar ko same team me rakhte he aur aman, mndana, Rochelle ko opposite team me. It seems like big Boss supports groupism

  11. Farhan nagori

    I think Rimi is now taking interest in show i m sure because of her right judgement in last episod.
    And why all inmates are pretending to hate prince. Specially reality it is mandana who always uses other to get attantion. Prince is very nice guy.all india is watching this show he didnt do anything wrong with girls then why all girls act like SATI-SAVITRI.if they dont like even one touch in task then they should leave house,My suggetion for him tht he should break his freindship with kish is he wants to win bb9

    • Sush

      Sati savitri..!! Lol..
      Hugging n kissing guys when mood z ok.. bt if in task dey r touching to win task, then its nt ok.. so cheap mentality of dose gals. Fr few girls lyk dem guys r nt respecting whole girls community.

  12. Adi

    Mandana is not equal to gautam …she z most “nakli” Person in house………nd prince plz ply game with ur own mind …..

  13. lisa

    prince frm now onwards don get influenced by kish aunty….u hav a strong potential to play individualy…aman mandz n rochelle gng well….i liked whn kamya pointed out tht ‘uncultrd incident ‘ in tht way atleast kish aunty lowers her head n realise tht she is a big Zero … a lady of attitude hate her!!!

  14. oni

    ladae,,dosti fir pyaar….wao diggy and rishab…. yeh footage k liye nahi dusro ki tara,,,pyaar ho raha he dhire dhire…luv it

  15. Appy

    prince has to play individually. . not to be influenced by kish nd becoming aggressive in each n every task. he should controll himself little bit. because its not roadies n splitvilla. you have to entertain to audience. he is a brilliant player and tallented boy but the way he is playing task in bb9 its look like he is bad and not respecting to the girls except kishwar. while he is the first person in is intro he told anyone will do “badtameez” with girls i cant tolarate. where is your comitment gone bro…now? i want keith to be back. . aman keep it up. rimi you are taking interest now. we are so happy. .

    • Afrin

      Yes Appy. You are right, He said so much in his intro, now it looks like he is most badtameez ladka in BB house. He should stick to his words. When Kishwer did dog task, Prince was also saying ladki hai blah blah.. and made fuss over it. tho mandana, Rochelle and Digi ladkiya nahi hai? I don’t know who is voting Rimi she is such an irritating person. Being a celebrity How can she talk like that Women irritate men that is why men get physical. Accept prince and suyyash like this only they won’t change. This doesn’t suit a celebrity. Why would anyone bear somebody’s gunda gardi. They all are equal and they should behave. They don’t do gunda gardi with kishwer in task why. When Kishwer was in opposite team they were not even ready to steal(Are they afraid of KISHWER?), When they were in kishwer’s team and they can stoop to any level and do ugly things with women. Prince be a MAN. Don’t be paltu of Kishwer.

  16. Common prince!!!! Show ur real personality!! play individually!!!! Suyaash toh fir bhi kish ka boyfriend hai isliye uss e support karta hai lekin tum bhaichara bandh karo aur apne liye khelo. Phir tum ye show bhi jeet jaoge

  17. Esh

    Prince has to play individually… thn oly he can win the show…. i expected lot from prince but he is going bad bcoz of kis and co..

  18. naina

    love kishwer and suyash.Hate MANDANA nad ROCHELLE.wANT TO BASH SALMAN khan for his biasedness towards mandana.

  19. naina

    I think those people should stop watching BB9 coz they never take da side of wrongdoings only they r against kishwer and suyash.HATE THIS PEOPLE

  20. bhumika

    it is clearly seen the issues where mandana is wrng are nvr raised.. it ws imp. to show sukish nd prince wat ppl r feeling frm dem. bt evn mandana is not being liked.. for her fakeness.. nd rochelle dal bdlu.. nd nw rimi ko sb bol rae k why she said that lrki ho lrki ki tara rho.. mandana ne girl card use kia den evry1 supporta her.. nd rimi givin a piece of advice to mandana.. den its not ok..

  21. PARI

    i am with u naina.What u r saying is absolutely right.I think this time BIGG BOSS is fixed and already has a winner.I am talking about MANDANA or ROCHELLE.

  22. diya

    Hate gauti . gauti sirf salman and bigg boss ka chamcha giri karne aaya tha.Love both kishwer and suyash.Plz jeet jao hum logo ke liye.

  23. YOH IT WASNT FOCUSED ON MANDANA ..!!! Hurray …!! Guys in comedy nights with kapil some girl told salmaan …” YOU LIKE FOREIGN GIRLS THAT A SLIM AND BLAH BLA BLAH …..!!! I hope Sallu doesn’t see KATRINA in MANDANA

  24. Life rules

    Aman, Rishabh, Mandana are playing really well. Either one of them needs to win. Though Mandana appears to be fake, I don’t think she is. Just like Rochelle told, she is straightforward and support people at bad times. But only thing is she is lil sensitive and short tempered. Other than that she is playing good.
    I hope at least now Suyyash and Prince start playing individually.

  25. Big9

    Housemates specially girls along with big boss is trying to make prince the villian which is clearly visible????
    And mandana is announced as the winner already….. and she has become the hero,,, rest of the housemates are bieng used as the side kicks to complete the show?
    We are being fooled

  26. Papri

    agar rochelle or mandana ko ladko ki touch se itna problem hoti hain to phir iss game mein ayi hi kyun…..kyun ki task karte waqt touch to hoga hi….and ladko k touch se mandana aur rochelle ko uncomfortable feel hoti hain per bikini pehen ne se nahi …wah! Kya mentality hain inn dono ki….ye dono iss game ko bohot hi cheap bana rahi hain yeh keh kar ki ”dont touch…i dont want anybody to touch my here or there..” i mean yuck…kaisi mentality hain yeh!phir phi pata nahi kaun sa janta o ko yeh do pasand aa rahe hain..

  27. cutebaby

    love kishwer and suyash.dont want prince to be da winner and he had already won 2 shows (splitsvilla and roadies)I think he is being a littile lier bcoz he said he ha dfallen in love with yuvika then whwt was he doing with anuki in splitsvilla.He was also playing with karishma though karishma was at fault.Also he tried with martina in roadies.There also he got no response forom martina like yuvika.I think only kishwer and suyash are very loyal and trustworhy and also honest.

    • Sam

      u cant tell about prince like that.Before entering bigg boss it was written in prince’s guidline that he is not in a relationship with anyone. May be Anuki and Prince had a breakup.kya kisi ko pyaar 1 se jyada baar nahi ho sakti.

  28. kuhu

    i am sorry TO all kishwer and suyash fans for mistreating them. .Now I have really understood mandana,rochelle and aman and have seen their true colors.From now on I will only support KISHWER AND SUYASH.aUr doya bhi KARUNGI un dono mein se hi koi winner bane.LOVE KISHWER AND SUYASH.

  29. Big9

    As per our comments most of them dont like mandana but she is being saved from nominations and also told that she gets max vote from viewers…… she is shown as viewers favourite,,,,,,,, even we are viewers i dont think our opinions are considered
    Our votes are going waste
    Voting format is for name sake……. the team of big boss evict contestents personally without considering our opinion……..

  30. jyoti

    i dont think that mandana is that much bad.. her approach is not as rude as kish. The thing i dont like kish n suyash z they try 2 rule the house which z not right… but mandy alone takes stand against them… watever… last tak pata chal jayega ki sab ki kya personality he… Aman is a wise man…

  31. What’s going on buddy??? Its not fair….every time prince is not wrong….if aman can pick kishwar in his arms then why prince can’t pull the digi in the pool????? Its looking double standard show….plz stop cheater girls to blame prince …..u r not doodh ki dhuli….in rickshaw wala task rishab also thrown smthing in the rimi’s shirt….then why this matter was not discussed???? And mandana kicks kishwar but instead of taking class of mandana salman favours mandana…
    As she is the salman’s and big boss favourite then she will win so why u r making fool the other contestants????? Then jxt give the trophy to fake mandana…..wasting our end other contestants time…..we love u prince….u have a big big big fan following

  32. What’s going on buddy??? Its not fair….every time prince is not wrong….if aman can pick kishwar in his arms then why prince can’t pull the digi in the pool????? Its looking double standard show….plz stop cheater girls to blame prince …..u r not doodh ki dhuli….in rickshaw wala task rishab also thrown smthing in the rimi’s shirt….then why this matter was not discussed???? And mandana kicks kishwar but instea
    d of taking class of mandana salman favours mandana…
    As she is the salman’s and big boss favourite then she will win so why u r making fool the other contestants????? Then jxt give the trophy to fake mandana…..wasting our end other contestants time…..we love u prince….u have a big big big fan following

  33. jyoti

    Rimi is juzt fake… She is absolutely boring and irritating. i dont know jab wo khud hi khelna nhi chahti den y ppl save her eleminating other willing contestents.. just hate rimi….

  34. bhumika

    mandana hospitalized.. audience sympthized.. bb9 🙂 =-O MA Dana is for sure to win bb9 no need to watch it nw 🙂 🙂 :-[

  35. Big9

    Mandana doesnt want to perform the task and like always being sympathised
    Yaaar phir se jagda in luxury budget……. prince is shown bad again……
    Kab hoga ye janjat heel….. no idea… no idea….

    • bb9

      HATE YOU MANDANA!!!!!!!!!! I can’t understand why salman khan is supporting her at every episode we all can see what is going on. I think that most of us hate her so why salman khan keep saying that mandana is most popular outside the bb house and guys just suppose if kish would have kicked mandana then she would have made it a every bigg issue and bigg boss for sure have taken a big action against kish.

    • bb9

      Guys just suppose if kish would have kicked mandana then she would have made it a big issue and for sure bigg boss and salman khan have supported mandana.

  36. oni

    WHO IS BB9 here…aaj k comment dekh bol rahe ho ki kish k support jada he…are yaar agar asa lagta he toh kal ka comment check karo….aaj mandy ko le kar koi nahi bol raha kyunki asavkuch hua hi nahi ki hum kuch bole….

  37. oni

    kya yaar laga rakha he..kya mentality he yaar…kuch v bolte ho ….. yaar support karte ho to karo lekin supporter jada h kya he yeh sab….ek din itna fudag gaye….

  38. pripod

    Hope Prince understands that he needs to stand on his own…Salman, Gautam, Rishabh, Kamya and his own sister has explained to him that he needs to get out of Kish and Suyyash’s influence. Kish is smart…she is using the two of them as a shield and in the process Mandana comes out looking good. At the end of the day, the biggest difference between Mandana and Kish is that the former is fighting her own battles and owning her attitude. Kish is sacrificing Suyyash and Prince, which is quite uncool.

  39. Ritika

    No thats true. Mandana is shrewd, rochelle is fake and an opportunist. Kishwar is ill-tempered but a v.strong woman! I dnt have favorites, but both mandana and kishwar needed for d show to go on. I find rishab cute ♡ even wen hez quiet.

    Aman is fine and is playing d silent game lyk d previous winner- rahul roy!

    And rimi is quiet but she is d most dangerous player if she starts playing- she has a sharp mind (evident from her comments, even today her statement that kuch ladkiyan ladko ko mentally torture krti h and guys react by being physical sums up d whole scenario)! ShezMore lethal becoz shez not hyper or ill-tempered lyk d rest, calm, intelligent and cunning! She should start playing, game would b v.interesting!

  40. Mandana just hate u ..dnt knw y she blaming prince unessarily …i wish kish suyash or prince any1win frm ths 3 ill be happpy …n rimi gng gud nw wth kish’s group .plssss evict tht blooody fake many n roch loossers hate thm

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