Bigg Boss 9 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 96
Inmates wake up song Oh Boy from Mandana’s upcoming movie. they dance to tunes, Mandana is excited and brings Prince, keith to centre to dance, Rishab dances with her, Rochelle dances with Keith, Keith hugs her, Mandana thanks Bigg boss.

Keith hugs Rochelle and leaves, Rochelle says when i will go out of house, people will ask me what i did in bigg boss, i would say i kissed my boyfriend, i got kiss from him, i curled with him, i drank tea with him and did tasks in middle too, Mandana says for time pass right? Rochalle laughs.

Bigg Boss introduces a task, Imam Ki AdalatI(imam’s court), this task is the last chance for the housemates to prove their point as to why he or she deserves to become the first finalist. Imam Siddique

is the judge and one by one the contestants have to face reality as Imam cross questions them and the other contestants toss allegations over them, Imam will decide in end who deserves to be finalist, the one who is nominated this week and becomes finalist, will still be nominated. Keith is nominated for the rest of the season and hence he won’t be a part of this task.

Mandana comes first in witness box, Mandana is the first one to undergo the trial, imam asks why you think you deserve to go in finale? Mandana says i am strong as individual, smart and i have tried to stay real, i felt love, i got miffed, i abused people, i fought, from beginning i decided to not make friends here because i know myself and i know how sensitive and how much i can get hurt, even in real life also i have created high walls because if i dont do it then i wouldnt be so well alone here, Imam says if she has done things for Trp in show? Mandana says a guest has come in our house that is Imam, he has also lived in this house so he knows whatever we do here, we do for audience, Mandana says we all are here to entertain people and to get Trps, we do everything to get audience’s attention, but i am sorry if audience think that i fight to get TRP then its not right, like today i talked to Rochelle, if i feel anything is wrong then i will answer back, i will fight if i feel something is wrong like it happened last night with Prince, i am always real because when i dont like things, i will voice my opinion about it, Rochelle says you started this ‘physical’ word in this house, Mandana says i dont think so, Rochelle says i mean physical thing started with your actions, Imam says that action-reaction thing when you kicked Kishwar hard, Rochelle says this topic started of being physical started from there, maybe this is last chance to explain ourselves, i want to ask what you learned from it and if you are sorry for it? Mandana says ofcourse i am sorry for that and ashamed, even Kishwar said that i did last task well, in all these weeks, we have learned how much physical we can get, i have learnt from it, imam says you answered well.

imam says to inmates that dont take this task casually, i have given responsibility, if you people feel that i am unjust then tell me rightnow, Mandana says i wanna ask why you didnt wait for buzzer before asking me to get down from witness box? imam says this show is not about you, you are not bigg boss, i know what i have to do, if you are doing this for TRP then dont do it, sit quietly and dont teach me, Mandana says fine.

Priya says to Imam that mandana thought that buzzer will play then she will go down from witness box, Imam says okay read instructions now, Priya says she was confused, Mandana says it was unfair that you pointed out TRP point, Imam says i am not unfair and if you think that i am unfair then you can, Prince was right that you dont listen to others so i will not listen to you now, i asked inmates to tell me if they think that i am unfair, if they feel that i dont deserve this duty, Mandana says i was saying that you are unfair about task, Imam says conversation is over.

Rochelle says Imam wants to prove himself right, its his second chance in show, this is my chance to talk to fans, dont think about Imam’s decision, he wants keep up this image and Imam wants to show that we are fools here.

Prince is in witness box, Imam says there is allegation on you that you take advantage of people and then say that it was task, Prince says if i wanted to take advantage then when we were alleged for being goons then i would have left Suyyash and Kishwar but i didnt, Priya says when Salman asked you if you will leave now for Kishwar, you said you would as your parents would be more proud of you leaving show for sister, Prince says so much was going on in mind, i thought i could leave show for Kishwar but then i am selfish for my parents, i want them to see me winning, imam says you answered very well.

Rochelle says to Mandana that Prince came with strategy and he kept on clinging on it, i did everything from heart in task but i am not sure about Prince, kishwar’s relation, i will talk to Kishwar after show.

Priya comes in witness box, Imam says you were against groupism but you are playing in group, Priya says i play individually, i never played with Rishab, we did discuss game but we never became team, Prince says you helped Rishab in sand task so you cant say that you were not playing him, Rochelle was crying but you didnt stop, it was not humanity, Priya says you should be last person to talk about humanity, when you, Mandana and Kishwar attacked me, Rishab protected my sand so i returned his favor, if i had been crying like Rochelle then you wouldnt have left my hand, now i will start crying before you hold my hand tightly, you think when person starts crying then you will think about humanity only. Rishab asks her to give ranking to inmates now, she does as:
Imam says from s*xism to racism, you have used every card possible in this show, Priya says if i am asked to go back to Australia and i dont answer it then i feel it is wrong, Priya says if someone tells me that i can compete with him just cause i am a women then i will not accept that, if you categorize this in some “ism” then fine i am “ismic”, she gets emotional, imam says you faced questions well.

Priya asks Mandana if its your strategy to get nominated every week and see if people are saving you or not, you also told me that BB8’s winner was nominated for 10times and you broke that, you were happy about that, Mandana says it wasnt strategy, Priya says you kept attitude from start so people hate you in house then nominate you then people will vote for you, Mandana says i knew from start that people will use each other so i wasnt in any group, then Gizele needed help, it wasnt friendship, Priya says then why you blamed her for attacking you? if you dont call her friendship then why you expect from her? Mandana says i helped her, Priya says i am friends with Rishab and i tell them when i go wrong, you have made friends in house and used them too, it was your strategy to get nominated every week, Mandana says you are insecure and want to attack me only, when you came in house, you said i am no. 1, Priya says i called Rishab no. 1.

Rishab comes in witness box, he says i am known as Rishab and Devil, i see myself as winner because my thumb rule was entertainment, i made fool of myself to give entertainment, i am game player, you have to be good person to win game, Imam says time out, Imam says how can you say that you have qualities to win show? Rishab says i am honest, i use my mind and heart both. Mandana says i have played tasks with you, you come across irritated and stupid that we lose tak because of you, rishab says i played many task in which you walked out so before pointing fingers at me, see yourself, thank you, Mandana says why you see people low infront of you specially Mandana? all deserve to be in finale, how can you say someone doesnt deserve, Rishab says it was you who made group to make me stand on 6th position, its not me but you are overconfident, you dont talk about it atleast, Imam says good answers and entertaining too, Rishab says can i say something? Imam says no.

Prince says to keith and Rochelle that Imam literally counts seconds and doesnt allow person to clear doubt, he is like time out time out, all laugh, Prince says imam questioned Priya about s*xism card and she started crying, it backfired on imam and i could see his terrified face, he is like no no i am not saying anything, Keith laughs.

Rochelle is in witness box, Imam says you made friend for convenience as you wanted to skip nominations? Rochelle says i play from heart, i get along well with people and i make friends easily, there was no intention of getting into group to save myself, if it looked like that then i am sorry. Imam says when wild cards start entering show, it was you who suggested to conspire against wild cards and throw them out of house by nominating the, i wanna ask who was with you in this conspiracy? Rochelle says Prince and Keith was present but not agreed to it. Imam asks Keith who agreed to do it? Keith says i dont remember much, Imam says you dont remember things, Keith says Prince and i was present there, Prince says Mandana was there too, Rochelle says i dont remember, Imam says if you make conspiracies then you cant win show, Rochelle says that is rude, you are telling me bluntly that i cant win, i tried to mend relation with Rishab and Priya, you cant say that i cant win, Imam says i never said that you cant win, i dont underestimate anyone and if it felt like that then i am sorry.

Imam asks Priya how was the task? Priya says it was nice, last punch was nice about wilds. Keith and Rochelle uses emotional side to play, Keith uses strategy. Not Mandana, Prince, Rochelle and Keith accept that they make strategies, i and Rishab say openly that we make strategies, atleast have guts to speak up, Mandana says i said on stage that i am not here to make friends.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Imam came as guest, he became your friend and gave you tasks and today asked you about yourself, now we want Imam to choose two contestants from five inmates who he sees as finalist, Keith is not included in it. Imam says i found honesty and truth in two people and they are PRIYA and RISHAB, Rishab says is surprised, Bigg boss says we want inmates to decide mutually who they want to make finalist from Priya and Rishab, Imam will not be part of it, imam says to Priya that you deserve it, Priya, Imam and Rishab leaves. Mandana says to inmates that Priya deserves it, she makes strategies and also she gives 100% in task, she fought, made friends, is strong and smart, Keith says she has X factor, Prince says for me its Priya but Rishab is nice person, Rochelle is tensed.

Bigg boss asks inmates who they want to make first finalist, Keith says we thought alot about who is more deserving, she has proved herself and she is deserving, its PRIYA, sorry Rishab, imam congratulate Priya, Bigg boss says Priya is chosen as first finalist so now if Priya is not eliminated this weekend then PRIYA WILL BE FIRST FINALIST of this season.

Bigg boss gives task to inmates, task name is “excitement reborn”. There is one car parked in garden. There will be two teams in task.
Team A-Rishab, Priya, Mandana
Team B-Keith, Rochelle and Prince
one team member will be be blindfolded and have to cross obstacles then second team member will do it then 3rd team member will go in pool after taking off mike and give key to Imam then go in car and play horn, the team which will do it fast will become winner.

task starts, Mandana guides Rishab who is blindfolded, he passes obstacles then she guides Priya then she goes in pool and brings out key, she gives it to imam and goes in car, she plays horn, task ends for team A. Team B starts task, Prince is blindfolded, Keith guides him through obstacles then he guides Rochelle then goes in pool to get key , Priya says he has taken off his mike, this is against rules, Keith doesnt listen, gives key to Imam and plays horn of car, Imam says to Keith that you broke the rule so your team is disqualified, Priya asked you too, Keith says sorry, Prince says ask Bigg boss, Imam says i am supervisor, Rochelle says we completed task before them, Imam says i dont know that, you broke rule. Rishab, Priya and Mandana are winner of task. he gives trophy to them, they hoot and sit in car, Prince jokes that Bigg boss open house door, they wanna go out, Rishab asks other team to come and sit in car too.

PRECAP- Tomorrow will be Semifinale with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar will evict one inmate from top 6 and top 5 of BB9 will be announced.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. vinita

    Am I the only one who feels imam was partial towards priya n unnecessarily blamed Rochelle for things everyone has done. Priya n mandana are the most strategic players. Why always blame Rochelle. He intenionally tried to ruin her image proving its already decided who would go to finale

    • ashi

      yes imam was partial .. towards rochelle.. she deserves to be in finale.. we love kero. always watching bb9 for them.

  2. Sam Barua

    The designation achieved by Priya and rishab was really deserved for them only.
    Priya presented her points well and showed prince his real position with her confidence and bravery.
    Rishab was also really good at answering the doubts of the inmates, and represented himself well.
    He is really a good entertainer and human being.
    Imam was a good judge to make the right justice,liked imam throughout the week ,making the house full of fun.

    • Bebo

      @ sam Agree.LOL mandy try really hard to be in imam ‘z gudbooks but her bootlicking effort go in vain.Fair decision by imam & entertaining .Now wana see Bizarre BB give priya the privilege to be first finalist or send her out like how he kick kish out of game.Imam should stay at home till finale he is very entertaining .

  3. simranjeet kaur

    if priya is a first finalist then plz guys we should vote for prince as much we can do. he is the real winner of bb9. prince ‘s fan we have to help him to mark the hat trick . it is the third show which he gonna win.plz plz plz gyz vote for our real ?prince

  4. Nadia

    Sorry rochelle but I think ur ticket will be burned on Sunday….. You or Keith will go…….. Then top five will be chosen ROCHELLE/KEITH MANDANA PRINCE RISHAB PRIYA

  5. santu

    Wats the use of imam announcing finalist.. if that person is not immune for this weekend eviction..
    If priya is evicted this weekend she is gone.. then all r contenders for final.. so no use of imams decision…
    If priya is not evicted today then anyway she ll be there next week and enter top 5.. and will be there till next Saturday that’s final day, so no use of imams decision..
    It’s all bulls*hit. . It was simply a gimmick so that they obey imam and audience watch carefully to see Wat decision imam takes and if that’s fair…
    BB director and team are themselves confused this whole season and either out of new ideas or bored themselves..

    • Ritika

      Hey hi santu 🙂 That’s becoz there wl b another mid-week eviction b4 saturday (finale)! This decision made Priya safe frm that eviction

      i hv a strong doubt that rochelle wl geteEvicted this sunday and next wl b keith or rishabh 🙁 Priya’s fan-following has increased in the real world after kishwar left. Met many bb viewers who r liking Priya nowadays.

  6. santu

    And if that finalist is not immune from eviction if nominated then why keith was excluded in the imam decision..
    Seriously guys telling bb guys.. take a break and think over everything before implementing in the game..

  7. aum namo shivay

    salman made it very clear last time no one in the bb9 house has the authority to declare who the finalist or going out of the house only audience has the right …this is just a gimmick to make people react to the whole situation so they keep watching the BB9 ….and the audience do not like priya at all how hard she may try you feel like puking sometimes at her behaviour and dressing sense….had a hair in the paratha and the other paratha got burnt??my god who
    will vote for her ???

  8. Ritika

    Great decision. Even i hv started voting for Priya after kishwar left.

    And rochelle lol 😀 imam said any1 who does conspiracies can’t win and she is like u mean i can’t win. So she agreed shez part of conspiracies and using people. 😀

    Mandana wl any way go to finale day so gud she wasnt chosen. Didn’t like her this week! Prince and keith both were fine. Priya was a surprise. And imam an atom bomb 😀 loved it! 🙂

  9. Abhi

    Prince is a dirty player. He always backbite n make fun of Gizelle, Mandana, digangna in groups n to show them that he is not part of any group do buttering so they save him n think he is good.
    2 In his first week he make strategy with keith n rochelle to play in group n to save each other from nominations.
    3 In second week he lures yuvika to become girlfriend so look strong n go ahead in game

    • simranjeet kaur

      aggar prince nominations mein bhi hota to WO safe ho jaata or WO bhi har baar .because he has huge fan following and he knows that. so prince ko ye dirty game play karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.

  10. Fatarajo

    If Priya is the finalist(she did tasks well so she deserved it) so according to me I think 5 finalists would be :
    Prince, Priya, Mandana, Rishabh, Keith
    I have a strong feeling that Rochelle maybe evicted this weekend, but she can still be the 5th one instead of Keith, so I think Kechelle Jodi will be seperated this weekend for sure

  11. neha

    I like when priya and rishabh respond to the ? raised by Imaam and the contestant in Imaam Adalat…Good back fired to Mandana…she deserve it..well she was quiet by herself as she fell down on Rishabh point of view…Well Said Rishabh..u are really observing things and playing brain game….

    I was nice to see that Priya is chossen as Finalist….even though I favour Rishabh…

    Priya you deserve this place….smart and toughest women….you really gave tough competition to the house…Thanks BB for bringing Priya…she was the gem of the sand task…as she kept the tast live…

    • neha

      Even Prince cannot compete with Priya….she have make her image so strong…She can tackle Prince in any task…Prince being only physical in task as he forget its mind game too..

      Prince is in the house with the current position ….it is only becoz of Kishwer blessing and scarifies…rather then he is nothing…

      Kishwer…u made really good bro relationship and it really mean for you…

      • neha

        Prince has the pride saying he has lot of fan following from his previous platforms and so he will win….this BB9 show…but prince apart from you there are other contestants in the house who too have lot of fan followings….and who will make there best to win their own respective contestants…

        Instead thinking on this part..I think prince should use him brain and mind on game…as Salman said at last moment anything can happen……….the game can change in any mode…

        Good Luck

    • Zac

      I agree rishab was really gud in Imam ki adaalat… And the way he gave it back to mandana… Amazing.. Esp jab mandana tasks ke bare mein baath kar rahi thi… Overall episode was gud.. Although I don’t really like priya much she is a very strong person both physically and mentally and deserves to be in the finalle..

  12. vinita

    This is nonsense. Priya was complaining about Keith n Rochelle playing emotional game. Can that wicked lady accept the non sensical emotional game she is playing by always crying in the name of groupism n racism? I can understand the disappointment of Keith n roc who are maybe intentionally being shown in bad light . Unfair for the couple. Keith should have been included in imam’s task

  13. arya

    priya s a gud never better than prince..he s the best in all tasks..and at the same tym he helps everyone also..nw he s nt in any gp..still he s going very well..he deserves winning more than priya..priya got silent only aftr imam came..till that she was tat much irritating..prince also shouts bt donot irritates as much as priya does..we luv u prince..nw no gp remains ..prince s playing alone and going great

  14. inaoton

    salman khan n bb maker want 2 rewrite bb history with da help of Joker Imam by choosing wild card entry Rishabh n Priya for first finalise of bb9..They succeed!
    I hate both of them n there behaviour in the House..

    Prince is Heart of BB9
    prince is sweet heart of viewer
    Prince the Winner of BB9
    hard work always pay…

  15. Imam did unfair with prince team. Don’t u think guys. Is there any one who can vote from me for prince. I don’t know why I can’t voting in colour site. Siva I think u will vote from my site to prince

  16. Stupid episode …. I want MANDANA to be in finale .. Imam is really partial towards priya .. Imam is thinking that he can do or talk anything as he is a challenger.. But biggboss and audience decide everything..

  17. Ritika

    If Priya goes then prince or mandana might win! Both r strong. But if priya stays even she can win! But the point is bb wants mandana to win :/ kishwar left, if priya too goes toh bacha kaun. Votes won’t be counted. Unko jisko jitana hai, usi ko jitayenge.

  18. @princess. You can download (colors app) from play store for android or windows store for windows mobiles and vote. Or you can go to official (colors website) and go to big boss menu and go to voting submenu and vote by entering email anda password. Or you can vote by sms – sms PRI TO 56882 AND MAKE PRINCE WIN OKAY.

  19. oni

    partial ,,partial…partial…..yeh word sun sun kar kaan pakne laga he…
    sab dekh rahe he kya ho raha he bb me….

  20. Ben

    For sure Priya is gonna get evicted,datss why she got a moments happiness. Moreover Prince will be d winner of Bigg Boss 9

  21. Ritika

    Poor Priya. I wish mandana leaves too. Then keith wl hv some chance to win 🙁
    Aww keith is so cute♡ rochelle is so lucky 🙁

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