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Bigg Boss 9 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 65
Song Khalnayak plays, inmates wake up and dances together.

Mandana says to Rishab that Prince is getting morning and goodnight kisses from Nora, Priya says at night, i dont understand who is it but i keep listening the sounds, Rishab says he gets kisses on cheeks, i love this loving duo, Mandana says fake love? he says real love, Priya says there cant be love so soon, Mandana says people do fall in love quickly but Prince ran behind Yuvika so much and now saying Nora and Nora, Priya says she tried on Rishab too, Rishab says i told her clearly that i am not interested in love angle so she shifted to Prince, Priya says she is nice girl, Mandana says she is sweet, Rishab says but she is using her beauty to play game which is not nice, he sings Khalnayak.

and Nora have pillow fight, Nora says this kid(Prince) is very excited. Mandana sees this and says to Rishab that everyone wants to become couple in this, Priya and you are couple, i and Gizele should become couple, Gizele says we will start lesbian couple, Rishab says to Mandana that do one thing, why should not cut your boyfriend from your life and we will be all set, let him get married, Mandana says no i prefer lesbian relationship, Gizele says her bf will understand too, Rishab says then i will go single, culture doesnt allow to have relationship with Bhabhi(Priya) Gizele says there is serial coming on Tv where Bhabhi and brother in law have affair, we can have show on you too. Prince and Nora have pillow fight, they get tired, Prince sit on her.

inmates are sitting in lounge, Tv is switched on, Rj Malishka says to inmates that a serial killer has entered the Bigg boss house, he is very clever and cant be recognized easily, lets see if he is able to kill everyone or will be caught. Bigg boss says to inmates that next task is “murder mystery”, there will be detectives, killer and common people, the detective in task, if killer or detective are successful then there will be effect on captaincy while the people who will get killed will have effect on their nominations, you will decided as killer, detective or common man in confession, we will call you there, and you will have to open one box from many boxes and if you get:
white pearl then common man
blue pearl then detective
red pearl then killer.

Keith is in confession room, Bigg boss ask Keith to open one box and see what he has got, Keith opens one box, he gets white Box, Bigg boss says you are common man and you have to be alert, you should not be killed by killer, if you have doubt on someone then tell detective of your choice, he gives him a instruction paper and says you will open it when we will tell you as you are captain.
Nora and Suyyash are common man too.
Rishab gets blue pearl, he is detective, Bigg boss you will be against other detective, you will be given camera, Rishab takes it, Bigg boss says if you are successful in task then you will become contender for next captaincy, if a person is killed then he will send to garden area and there is specific place(coffin area) made for them there, detectives have to make sure that they dont come out that area. there will court room scene after task where you will have to present your witnesses and proofs against the person you doubt to be killer.
Rishab comes out and tells that he is detective, Kishwar says Jai ho Bigg boss, he used to call himself Khalnayak and devil and got to become detective, Prince, Kishwar makes fun of him, Kishwar says killer will never be caught.

Rochelle comes in confession room, she gets white pearl, Kishwar gets white pearl too, they are common man.
Prince comes in confession room, he gets red pearl. Bigg boss says you are killer, Bigg boss gives him instruction, Bigg boss says you are killer. Prince is given a mobile phone, Prince is given 5 ways to kill anyone:
1. To put 3 T-shirts of a inmate in complaint box.
2. To instigate a inmates by putting toothpaste and garbage on his/her bed.
3. To make one inmate kiss his cheek.
4. To destroy food of someone and irritate him/her
5. To make someone angry so much that he gives up and volunteers to get killed.
Bigg boss says you will be given instructions through phone to kill 5 inmates, you will use one way from 5given ways to kill one inmate, you cant use it again, Bigg boss says if you are able to kill 5inmates then you will win task and will become captain, and you will be given special authority, you will be able to nominate one person from the killed people for whole season, if you kill 4inmates then you will become contender to become next captain.

Keith says to Suyyash and Prince that Mandana might become detective too, Prince says she can become killer too, keith says if both are detective then it will be foolish, one detective should be clever, Prince says i thought they will make me detective, Suyyash says if Mandana and Rishab becomes detectives then they might kill each other, Prince says this game cant be played with team, its not a team task, Keith agrees, he says whats common man’s fault that he will be get killed, like Nora who cant play much what will they do against killer? like you, me, suyyash are clever to be protected from killer but Nora kind of girls cant do much, this is weird game, Suyyash jokes that feel like there is killer in reality in house.

Gizele gets white pearl, she is common man.
Priya gets blue pearl, she is detective, she is given camera, Bigg boss says you will be able to click 5pictures only which you will use as proofs against killer.
Mandana gets white pearl, she is common person, she says i will help detectives, i will try to behave as killer to distract others.

Suyyash says to Priya that i have doubt on three people as killer, first is Nora, she is behaving weirdly, 2nd is Keith, he is noticing too much, 3rd is Mandana as i can see tensed look on her face, she is flirting with Rishab, Priya sees Mandana close to Rishab. Priya says if you help me then i will protect your from killer and if you get killed then i will give you food and water if you get killed and sent to coffin area.
Prince says to inmates that we should give some clues as common man have nothing to do in task, Priya says if you are common man then your work is to protect yourself from killer and to tell information to detective of your choice, i am not playing against common people, i am playing against detective and killer, she leaves. Kishwar says to cool group that common people should walk in group to be saved from killer.

Prince is going in washroom area, he says to Rochelle that this game should not be played in group. he goes in washroom as his phone rings, Prince takes call, caller says to him that its time for first murder, you will have to tell who you will kill and how.

Prince is in bedroom, he tries to steal Mandana’s clothes to kill her, he looks here and there and moves her luggage, he brings out her shirts, hides it under his upper.

Mandana is eating bedroom, Priya ask Keith if she is allowed to go inside and eat there? Keith says no, Priya says to Gizele that she cant eat in bedroom, she ask Keith to punish her after task, Prince says to Keith that you can bring her out of bedroom, Priya says she want reaction from us, she made such a big issue when Kanwal was eating in bedroom and now eating there herself, she knows its against house rules, she wants reaction, Nora says she is very ignorant, Rishab goes to talk to Mandana, Prince ask Nora to go and listen.
Rishab comes in bedroom to talk to Mandana, Nora comes there too and acts like checking her stuff. Mandana says to Rishab that i made parathas for you too, why they want to fight with me over food? i made food for everyone when it was not my work, why they are pointing at my food? Rishab says you should not eat in bedroom, you made issue when Kanwal did same, Mandana says this is my turn, i want to see who gonna stop me, where it is written that i cant in bedroom? Rishab says you made this rule, when i was eating in bedroom, all made it a issue.
Nora comes to Priya and says she has to create problem in every task.
Mandana says to Rishab that i dont wanna see their faces, i am comfortable here, why i am wrong? Prince comes there, Mandana says i will explain Prince why i am here? why they are pointing at my food? Prince says come out for us, go and eat in garden, Mandana says i will go but why they point at food everytime? food is very important for me, they are *****, Priya says Mandana is saying slangs i am shocked as she doesnt give slangs, (taunting her), Mandana comes in garden, Priya says i will follow you like shadow, all go in garden, Prince stealthily puts Mandana’s 1st shirt in complaint box.

Kishwar comes to Prince and says Nora is combing her hairs continuously, Suyyash says she went outside so nobody doubts her, Kishwar says even Gizele said that we should do some fun in task.
Nora in garden is singing if i am killer, Gizele says i am afraid of Nira.
Keith says to Prince that we should stick together, Suyyash says Nora will try to win task, she might be killer and would want to become captain.
Rishab says to Nora that why you think that you are not murderer? Nora says i didnt say that, i maybe murderer or common man, Rishab says your eyes speak alot, like they are saying rightnow that you are lying, i can see many things happening in house.

Mandana says to prince that my clothes are lost, my things are messed up, Prince acts shocked, Mandana ask who did this? Prince says i dont know, Mandana says this is not done guys, she says to Prince that you were here, did you do something? he says no, i swear.

Prince says to Bigg boss that my next target is Gizele, i will get kiss from her.
Gizele is sitting in lounge, she touches Rochelle and says you are murdered, Mandana says Rochelle is murdered, Rochelle says i dont know anything, she just touched me and said that she murdered me, Prince kisses Gizele’s cheeks, she kisses on his cheek back.

bigg boss says first murder has happened in house, its Gizele who has been killed, all are confused, bigg boss says detectives have to make sure that she stays in coffin are till end of task, Kishwar ask Rochelle did she kill her? she says no. Priya says someone from you have killed her, else Mandana have killed her, Prince is there too and acts like confused, Gizele comes in garden, Priya ask her if Mandana killed her? she says no, you didnt understand the game.
Keith says to inmates that its either Mandana or Rishab the killer, Rochelle says Gizele announced that she is murderer. Gizele lies in coffin box, she says to bigg boss that you wanted me to make game entertaining so i joked with Rochelle that i killed her but you played game with me and announced me dead only, Rishab ask what you did with Rochelle was serious or joke? Gizele says i was joking, do one thing, dont tell anything to Priya, dont react.
Priya says to inmates that Rishab is murderer and he is acting like detective.
gizele says to Rishab that i feel its Prince who is killer.
Kishwar says Rishab was interrogating inmates and those who didnt talk nicely to him, he is killing them.
Gizele says Prince kissed me and maybe it was his task, Rishab says exactly, he kissed you, he is murderer.
Rishab comes to Prince and ask him to come in interrogation room, Prince is reluctant, Rishab says to inmates that even if i am killer, i wont kill infront of Priya who is detective then why are you all running, nora ask him to not waste time, Rishab ask her to mind her tongue.
Rishab comes to Prince in interrogation area, he ask who you think is killer? someone killed infront of my eyes, Prince says to Rishab that Rochelle or Keith is killer as they were present when Gizele was killed, Rishab ask Nora to come, he has to interrogate, she says i dont wanna come, Rishab says i am detective, you have to come on my order, Nora says there is no rule like that, i am not coming for interrogation, Rishab says this is insane.

Suyyash says Rochelle that Prince is helper, he said to all of us that we have to runaway from rishab so he shouldnt touch us but when Rishab called him in interrogation room, he went with him, he have taken step back from his point for first time, whatever i do in task, Prince does same but he is not doing same now, Prince comes to them and ask them to come out, Suyyash says to Rochelle that i have doubt on rishab, protect yourself from him, maybe Rishab is helper and Prince is killer as it was Prince who touched Gizele, Rishab says i am 100% sure that Mandana is civilian and not murderer, Nora ask if he has any proof? he says no but i am sure, Nora says you are liar. Suyyash says to Kishwar that i have doubt on Prince, just see his face, he seem tensed.

Priya says in camera that i feel Rishab is murderer, i have taken his picture when he was planning with Mandana, i have witnesses too.

Rishab says to Prince that i know who is killer, i am not fool, Priya has come in India for now but i live here, i know what happens here, Prince says but i dont understand that it was Gizele who touched Rochelle and said she killed her but Bigg boss announced her murdered, Rishab says i know everything.

PRECAP- Mandana is working in kitchen, Prince comes there and messes things on kitchen platform, he throws things on Mandana’s face to irritate her, she is confused and ask why he is doing all this? Prince says because i am getting angry on people in this house, Rishab comes and ask Prince if he has gone mad? they both push each other and get into fight physically. Later Mandana cries and says to Keith that Prince has gone mad, he threw garbage on me, Bigg boss announces that one more murder has happened in house, inmates are totally confused, they run in washroom so killer shouldnt touch them. Later there will be judgement day, where bigg boss house will become court and case will opened, a renowned journalist will come to investigate matter. Journalist ask suyyash if there was fear in house that time? he says yes, he ask who was most afraid? Later Prince is in witness box, Rishab ask Prince what was that incident, you kissed Gizele on cheek and asked her to kiss him back, Prince says my naughtiness was it, Gizele says you kill someone by taking reaction from them, Prince ask her to prove, journalist says you have to tell who is killer?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @an7 me toooo. The day prince evicted I will also stop watching show because it will be boring

  2. Bigg boss Ko Aur koyi nahi mila Prince ke alava usi Ko hi killer bana liya.
    Killer Narula to serial killer nikla 😛
    Ladki o ki piche bhi rehte hain, khoon bhi karta hai rakshas Prince 😛

    1. Aashiq hoon main kaatil bhi hoon
      Sabke dilon mein shaamil bhi hoon

      – Prince

  3. Annamma James

    I agree with u Siva andAN7…..
    I will also quit watching bb…
    I like Prince….his passion n each and every tasks…his loyality towards commitments….
    Hard working…
    Even his flirting…..yes am accepting he is aggressive n tasks but it shows his competitive spirit…
    Keeping going Prince… May God bless him….

  4. prince apne so call group sr kisi ko v murder nahi karega kyunki bb ne usse kaha he…murdered inmate se hi woh kisi ek ko nominate kar payega so woh ase inmate ko target karega jisko nominate kar paye….. or rochhele kisi v fight me involve nahi hogi kyunki usse dar he bb ke ghar se bahar jane ka bar dekhna atchi ban kar dikhayegi votes milne k liye…mujhe asa lagta he pata nahi aap log kya sochte ho

    1. oni in today episode prince is going to kill kishwar so dnt say tht prince is going to save his group

  5. first tym mujhe prince kuch karta hua laga…atcha laga first tym vote for prince…rochelle ko out hona chahiye

  6. Rochelle is the prettiest girl inside,outside,,so want that hottie to win!!in love with her!!my angel??

  7. Mandana advices prince to be careful of nora. I think prince will use this to destroy the food and murder her.

  8. Very very funny ?. When nora and rishabh were talking ” Jo diktha hai Vo hota nahi”.

  9. prince ki to nikal padi…is portal ki 80%ladkiya use like karti hai…btw @joyee you also like prince or you also dont die for prince like me…

    1. I m not a Prince Narula fan, I just have neutral opinion about him. Benaras ki Pari r u a Prince Narula fan?
      Kya prem kahani hain Prince ka nam bhi P se aur Pari ka nam bhi P se

      1. Ha ha ha….P for prince..P for pari

      2. Maine apne English essay main kuch Aisa hi likha tha 😛

      3. I hope tumne english essay main bigg boss k baare main to nahin likha??

  10. Hey guys, spoiler alert
    This Thursday , there is going to be BB fancy dress competition where inmates are dressing up as different characters, who dress up as what is revealed
    Priya- mother india
    Prince- Popeye
    Mandana- mummy of Egypt
    Kishwer- mugambo
    Suyyash- Robot
    Gizelle- joker
    Nora- Naagin
    Keith- Spider-Man
    Rochelle- Shizuka
    Rishabh- Don’s sidekick

    Ps: just for fun. Enjoy 😛

    1. Shizuka.. so sweet…

      1. Rochelle reminds me of Shizuka because of the way she talks.

  11. prince kill 4 peoples gizzel , mandana, kishwer , and Nora . Jo bhi keh rahe the ki prince ke paas dimaag nahi hai or WO kishwer or suyash ko kill nahi karega unko pata chal hi gaya hoga ki WO asssa nahi hai . prince is the best keep it up prince . he done the task very well .prince you will win

  12. how can a dead people can talk to detective . asse to duniya mein koi bhi court ki zarurt hi nahi hogi because aggar a dead man can talk towo khud hi killer ka naam bata sakta hai its unfair

  13. Meko smjh nhi ata bigg boss me couple ko kyu late h pura trp khtm ho gee h bkwasss show

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