Bigg Boss 9 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Bigg boss gives task to inmates, task name is “Fake-O-meter”, inmates will come one by one and have to put two photos of inmates who they think are fake and two photo who they think are real on wall. Kishwar comes forward and put Mandana and Rochelle’s photos on wall and says they are fake, Mandana lied that i strangled but i didnt, Rochelle didnt see that kick incident but said that i strangled her. Rishab comes forward and says Mandana and Prince are fake, Prince shows that he is rowdy, Prince comes forward and says when Rishab came, i thought now it will be fun to play game but he got flattened after two days, he puts Rishab’s photo as fake and calls Mandana fake too, Aman says Rimi is playing when she keep saying that she wants to go home, she is

fake. Rimi comes forward and says Mandana and Rochelle are fake, their emotions becomes high suddenly. Mandana says Kishwar is fake, she says Digi is fake. Suyyash says Rochelle is fake and i dont understand her, he calls Mandana fake too. Rochelle says Mandana have guts to speak up, Prince thinks that what he is doing right only. Puneet comes forward and says i was good friend with Mandana but then she started finding problems in me and i dont understand why she is against me.
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. He says according to inmates most fake are Mandana and Rochelle and most real are Rimi and Digi. Nominated inmates this week are KISHWAR, RIMI, ROCHELLE, AMAN, DIGI and PUNEET. Salman wishes Children’s day, he thanks audience for success of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie.

Call is connected to house, all cheer for Salman. Salman wishes them children’s day, they laugh, Salman says alot happened in this house this week and we have to see your case now, if i am not able to take your class with dignity and love then i would look same as you people which i dont want, Salman ask Mandana to come in witness box, he ask Kishwar to come in other witness box, they come, Salman says to Mandana that allegation on you is that you kicked Kishwar and lied that Kishwar was strangling you, this is Kishwar’s allegations, Mandana says when task started, Prince and Kishwar attacked me, Prince put his hand inside my T-shirt, they came with chilled water, Kishwar tried to hold my mic while Prince was attacking me, Kishwar was pulling it with force so i had to react, kick was out of reaction, Prince is verbally and physically very aggressive, Kishwar says i dont understand how could i strangle her with mic belt, she kicked me deliberately, Prince says they think that if she does something then its fine but if someone else does same then its wrong, she abuses people in task, everyone saw her kicking deliberately, Suyyash says they threw chili powder on us, Mandana kicked with such force that Kishwar was pushed back, Rishab says first point is that Kishwar should not touch Mandana’s mic, Kishwar says no you are wrong, Salman ask Kishwar to let him talk, its his time, Kishwar says i am sorry, Rishab says Mandana kicked her and it was wrong but she was being forced to react like that, Salman says this happens when two people dont like each other, Prince threw potato on Rochelle’s face too, its wrong, Mandana says Prince was trying to spray in my eyes, Salman says you think Mandana decided to kick you from before, Kishwar says no but she was prepared that we will attack her first in task so out of frustration, she kicked me, Salman ask why did you attack her first? it was personal or weak? Kishwar says because she is weak, Rochelle says even Digi was in our rickshaw but they thought that Mandana is weakest, its amusing, Prince says Mandana cant sit under sunlight for much time we attacked her first, Salman says you were putting water on her when she was sitting under sunlight? Rochelle says when task started, all they said was to attack Mandana, then they brought spray and attacked me and Mandana first, Salman ask why Mandana is centre of attention for them? Rochelle says Mandana is so straight forward and so strong that Prince and Suyyash cant digest the fact that a girl is more strong than them, Kishwar even said to bigg boss that Mandana is your favorite so i dont want to talk to you, they are afraid of a girl, Salman says i just want to see one boy against Prince and Suyyash, right now Prince and Suyyash are acting like spoilt bullies, you guys are abusing girls, Salman says to Prince that you talked about women respect and then you surfing through a girl’s bag, what if some guy surf through your sister’s bag? this is against manners that a boy checking girls bag and then you destroyed her clothes and torn them too, Prince says i am sorry for that, we do things in passion in task, Salman says Mandana just wore Kishwar’s clothes to tease her then she put it back in its place but you brought her clothes, torn them, some sentiments must be attached with those clothes if some family had gifted her that, Prince says she hided her clothes then i didnt touch her bags, Mandana says i have no problem if they take my things but they should not cross the red line, i took Prince’s hands in my hand and asked him to calm down, its just a game. Salman says to Mandana that you are alleged that you brought Kishwar’s clothes but when they took your clothes so it was wrong? Mandana says i decided to tease Kishwar by showing her that i am wearing her clothes then i would put it back, i did that but they took my clothes, cleaned faces with my clothes, Prince says when we do task, we get passionate, Salman says you Prince that do task passionately but beware that you are competing against girls and should behave with them, you are not understanding anything, you said that you will win everyone’s heart when you entered the house but it seems like you are winning heart of only two people(pointing at Kishwar and Suyyash), Salman ask Kishwar why you think that when Mandana does something then its right while if other do it then they are blamed, you also hinted at me that i am biased, Kishwar says i said it because all were saying to me that Mandana kicked me because i was strangling her, nobody was talking about her kick, i clearly told her before task to not touch my clothes but still she brought my clothes, Rochelle says Kishwar said that if Mandana was outside house then she would have slapped her and strangled her, what kind of behavior is this? Mandana says i accept that my kick was wrong. Salman says to Kishwar that what you did with bigg boss was not cool at all, you were blaming bigg boss, why? Kishwar says i wasnt called immediately after the kick so i was angry on Bigg boss, Salman says walking out of confession room when Bigg boss was talking and then making fun of it is not cool at all, you are not looking cool at all.
Salman ask Rimi whats her opinion about kick, Rimi says Rochelle and Mandana doesnt mingle with our group, i am not saying this as contestant but as an individual, Mandana’s problem is that she becomes rude in task, Mandana was afraid and tensed when she sat on Rickshaw as she knew that Prince and Suyyash would attack her so she went defensive, about Prince and Suyyash, they are passionate and do everything from heart if its showing anger or showing love, Mandana says Suyyash and Kishwar was saying that they would strangle me, slap me if violence is allowed, Rimi says i didnt listen that comment, i even didnt see scene of kicking as i was in bedroom, Mandana says you accused me that i am Salman and bigg boss’s favorite, Salman says you did hint at me being biased, she is entertaining and her language is cute so we appreciate her, last season it was Elli, then it was Sangram, Veena etc last seasons but its not like Mandana is my favorite, Rochelle ask who is your favorite? Salman says you are my favorite, Rochelle says awww, she ask about Keith, Salman says Keith will comeback, Rochelle gets happy, Salman jokes that he will comeback with another girl, Rochelle laugh, Salman says you are people’s favorite too as ROCHELLE YOU ARE SAFE.
Salman ask Rimi if she was excluded from task instead of Prince then would she have brought Mandana’s clothes to Kishwar? Rimi says Mandana brought clothes of Kishwar first in task so it was started from their side, Salman says but Prince took it to another level, Rimi says Prince looks aggressive in tasks, Salman ask if Mandana had not brought Kishwar’s clothes then woudnt Prince have brought Mandana’s clothes? Rimi says no he wouldnt have done that at all, Kishwar says they used spray first too, Kishwar says they say that we are reason for their every reaction, just evict me and free me, Prince says i do everything from heart, i just give back what they did but we move ahead of them then its our strategy, if its wrong then evict us from show, i did what Mandana did first, i am sorry for bringing her clothes and blanket but they tortured us whole day, Salman ask Rimi if Prince’s reaction was right? Rimi says situation went so wrong that Prince is looking bad in it, Prince did waht Mandana did first but he went to extreme level and he did it against a girl ;so its looking more wrong, if he had done with boy then it would have looked so wrong, Rochelle says if they are attacking girl then they should bring girl infront of us, why they are making more strong boys than us attacking me, Prince says i didnt hit Rochelle, if i did, i woulld leave rightow. Salman says Prince that you could have brought stove and burn them on rickshaw, Richab says we sprayed on their legs only, Kishwar says you all are right, we are wrong, fine. Aman says i said it before too that you should maintain limits when you are competing against girls, Prince get aggressive against girls, Prince says i never abused or hit a girl, Aman says you hit Rochelle with potato, if Rishab can get hit by water which Puneet threw on him then potato would hit too, all potato was smeared on Rochelle’s face so this shows with how much he had hit her, Salman says to Prince that you put something in Mandana’s shirt, think from where it will come out of shirt, Kishwar says even Rochelle put things in Rimi’s shirt, Rochelle it was girl to girl but Prince shoudl behave with girls, Salman says i will come back.
Salman says lets see footage. Video plays, Rochelle shows wounds on her hands to Aman and says Suyyash hit me in task, Aman says they are rowdies, we learn in house that we should be soft, mannered and polite with girls but these people(Prince and Suyyas) doesnt know it.

Call is connected again, Salman says to Kishwar that you are alleged to be goon of house alongwith Prince and Suyyash, Kishwar says yes, i was angry at that time, Rochelle says Kishwar is so strong but still she make her boys stand infront of her and also fight with girls, Salman ask Rimi what she thinks? Rimi says they are not goons but they have loud personality, Salman says what if loud personalities like Armaan or Kushal comes in house, will they be loud as now they are? Rimi says they are waiting for that only, Salman says someone will come, Rishab says they threaten me everytime that we will see you outside house, i told them my house address and asked to come over after show, if they wanna fight then fight, i am ready, Puneet says so much happened in house in that task, girls was disrespected, Mandana says you were involved with them too, you people are wasting roties and food for task in country where people cant have food for one time, Salman says to Puneet that you said Mandana will make food without Haldi(turmeric), but we Indians will stay without food, this is most disgusting comment, what were you trying to say that Rochelle and Mandana are not indians? Puneet says i was just joking, Rochelle says their knowledge is very less, i wanna tell them that Iran has same culture, its not much different from India even religion wise too.
Salman ask Aman why he doesnt speak up being senior? Aman says i dont want to get physically violent or shout like them, i have worked alot in industry and i cant start shouting in one show, i do take stand where needed, Salman says but it seems like you people are being afraid of Suyyash and Prince’s aggression, Rishab says no we are not afraid, Aman says we just dont want to stoop so much low, Salman says you people think that they are so aggressive that if you try to talk to them then they will push you, Aman says right, Salman says suyyash pushed Rishab away when he tried to talk to him, Aman says i always try to make Prince understand that he is looking too aggressive and its not good for them, Salman ask Pricne if want to do something good after coming out of house or he want to continue violent reality shows? you have to change behavior, Salman ask Digi if they are bullies? Digi says they have aggressive demeanor, what we did in task with them was calculative and we didnt go overboard but when their turn came, they didnt play task but it was like that they said Mandana tortured them in task so they will torture and attack her, their aggression was coming, by second day it was not task, Salman says their aggression level was something else than yours, Digi says they reacted to Mandana more because they thought Mandana was more involved in attacking them, Rochelle says they were blaming Mandana for everything, like Aman was breaking peddle but Kishwar said that it must be Mandana’s idea, if i was throwing chili then they said it is Mandana’s mind, they were saying that Digi and Rochelle doesnt have brain and just follow Mandana, Kishwar says you are exaggerating, i didnt say that, Mandana says we all were team but Kishwar kept saying to Digi that Mandana is behind every strategy, Digi says yes she said that, Mandana says Kishwar meant Digi is 18 year fool who just follow others, Rochelle says Kishwar also said that Rochelle and Digi doesnt have opinion, she thinks that because i am taking Mandana’s side, she is wrong, Kishwar says not only me but all think that, Digi says when Kishwar said that it was all Mandana’s game and we dont have brain then we thought that it was their game to irritate us, Prince says i hided Mandana’s sipper so when task started, i thought that she is easy target, Mandana says you are a goon, Prince says i get aggressive in tasks only, Salman says thats why we are saying that your strategy was aggression, Prince says i am sorry for that, Rochelle says if he wants to play all tasks by anger then why would i sit in next task so that he can slap me again. Salman says to Rochelle that you team didnt have any strategy, they were playing as team but you all were playing individually, Salman ask Rishab why was he afraid in task? Rishab says i am not afraid, we cant just use anger or violence in task, i am using my mind, i crossed line in first task so i was conscious to not cross line in this task, if they think that i am afraid then let them but i will burst one day and there will be blast in house, i want to be good with everyone, Salman says but have your opinion and say it when needed, Rishab nods, Prince says i wanna say sorry if i have hurt anyone in task, Salman says thing is that your anger come out as rudeness, Prince says i get passionate in tasks but i am sorry to everyone and sorry sir, Salman says dont say sorry to me, i just wanted to tell you that if you wanna do some work after show then you have to control yourself and not come out as aggressive person, Prince agrees.
Salman says now we will talk about nominations, Salman says KISHWAR IS SAFE, all clap, Salman ask Suyyash why are you depressed that Kishwar is safe? all laughs, Suyyash says she is she missing her mom so she has started saying that she wanna go home thats why i am not reacting, Kishwar gets emotional, Salman says we will tell tomorrow who will be evicted, Salman says to Rimi that you have to wait one more day, Kishwar request Salman to not evict Rimi, Rimi jokes if you are my enemy? Salman ends call and says one unwanted guest will enter house now, he signs off.

In bigg boss house, Gautam Gulati (BB8 winner) starts singing his song “Mera naam hai Gauti” in confession room, All inmates are excited, Bigg boss ask inmates to freeze, Gautam comes in house, he screams Welcome Bigg boss.

PRECAP- Gautam comes near Rochelle who is frozen, he acts like kissing he cheek and laughs, Rochelle smiles. He says i will say few words to you inmates, he comes to Prince and says that you say Prince is one and will remain one but how many time you gonna repeat same old line buddy? he comes to Kishwar and suggest to her to be straight forward. He comes to Mandana and says dont be afraid of being alone here, i dont fear anyone, Mandana starts crying, Gautam wipes her tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mandana kicked Kishwar but Salman Didn’t say anything to her.. Maybe kishwar no right but Mandana also Can’t be right all the time… Slaman khan seems losen Bcoz Kishwar took class about taking Mandana side…
    Kishwar Is strong…
    Rochelle just puppet..
    Mandana Arrogant…
    Amaan FAKE…
    Rishabh Digi.. Cute 🙂
    Prince.. Confuse..
    Rimi Clever..
    Puneet.. None…
    Shayush.. Seems good person..

    1. Digi Rishabh like teach other :))

    2. kishwer is not strong but weakest…kishwer is the most rowdy person in house…..rochelle has a good heart

      1. Previously Rochelle was Stopping kaith from talking to Mandana.. And now she said Mandana pisitive.. How can you trust person like that? She should talk about herself instead of becoming unwanted puppet of Mandana…

  2. As I previously said kishwer will not eleminated becoz bad people or dirty game players remain for long time.It happened,kishwer is safe and puneet is eleminated.

  3. A pole was conducted for elemination and kishwer got higher votes to be evicted but she is safe.How can u say that salman is baised. Most hated contestent(kishwer) is safe.

  4. Didnt u see Gautam said to mandna that i was also alone in house dont fear mean he was supporting mandna.Even gautam likes mandna and thinks she is playing very well.Think guys. In last season people went against gautam but he managed pretty well and won the heart of audiance by his game and obliged people in the house to say ‘we love gauti’.:-)

    1. Yes Because goutm is salman khans puppet

  5. rishab ne kish se doggy task karwaya toh prince ne women respect ki baat ki or kaha ki kish ko chhor kar ladke the task me …rishab se explenation manga….lekis is task me kiya prince ne task start hone se pehle mandy,,task me mandy ke top under hath dala or rochelle k face par potato…..yak

  6. very expected from salman.Tuesday se hi pata tha ki kya hone wala h.he saw mandana’s clothes but not her kick.he is defiantly taking her side.I personally is not a big fan of prince but one can clearly see that he is biased.not expected after seeing the last season…

  7. I hate Mandana. She is too bad. Whatever she has done is right and other are totally wrong. She is manupulative nd even she can manupulate salman. Prince u r Awesome, But careful from mandana nd Rocell they are bad. Prince should be little bit careful from kishwor also

  8. Gautam to gaya, prince se panga le liya. Prince jo ki ROADIES,MR PUNJAB &SPLITSVILLA WINNER hai.Prince to ab use chodega nahi. I love you Prince. You may be aggressive but your intention is not to hurt others.I dont know why some people hate you.U hav got a golden heart dear.

  9. Its good Salman Khan take the topic
    The truth is if a person will be alone in bb house then any one will behave in that way only
    So mandan is wrong by bb rules
    But if she try to protect herself then is as a person correct
    But prince I don’t know after out of the game what he is trying to do.

  10. Mandhana you are awesome !!! All are afraid of you so they are targeting u.. Never mind of it…. Kish ufff u are the headache according to me… Prince I really like u but plz stop being kish’s chamcha !! Show your uniqueness plz

  11. Salman and the house mates are hypoç vale task me kish ko give up krna chaiye tha.. To mandana kya hur pari h k she shud kick whoevr teases her grt salman..salman asks aman ti guide the people in their actions for right nd wrng.. Kya spitin vali task pe ye chiz apply nai hoti.. Rochelle argues lrki ne lrki ko kia .. To dear rochelle.. U wer d one to ask keith not to evr talk to mandana.. Rochelle supports mandana to b real bcz she knws in ouyside wrld mandana is been hinted by salman .. Nd rahi baat sukish nd prince ki agree k unhe guide krna chakiye to show less of their aggression.. To directly bolona yrr.. Hr bar har sat ko unki bajate kyun ho.. Nd if most of the hindustan hates kish.. Den she wud not b safe.. This shows that evn a channel needs some1 yahan pr har bar kish ko vilainnd mandana ko hero dikhaya ja ra h..nd nw even so called gauti support her.. Kick agr action ka reaction h to spit krna b action ka reaction hi h… Salman asks prince k tumhari behen k sath koiaisa kre ro tume kaisa lagega.. Ask salman.. What did he do with aish nd kat.. Abusing nd beating dem.. So plzz salman. Stop behavin as if u r a god.. Nd aman sachai ka taraazu lekr gumta h wow… Let us seee aji to 60 days aur baaki h

  12. Wtf is gender equality , if a girl does something it’s fine if a boy does it is not

  13. mujhe bohot bura laga ki salman ne manadana ko kuch nahi kaha prince k upar ghatiya injam lagane ke liye…yeh ek bohot hi cheap harkat thi from mandana’s side…and salman supported her and scold prince.prince ne mandana ki shirt mein hat nahi diya tha…matlab not that way that mandana said…mandana got scared for kicking kish and tried to deframe prince….yeh ek bohot hi ghatiya harkat thi but still salman didn’t say anything ulta mandana ko hi support kiya

  14. Nd to the audience out der.. Jb aman ws trying to stop prince frm paddling(action) tb prince ka aggression iyna h jitna dikhaya ja rha h he wuf hav kicked aman on his chest.. As a reaction..Bt he didn’t..dis shows dat he respects the individuals whm he feels is nicer… Nd regrding he sparyin on digi.. Den its upto digi ti get dwn of d rickshaw or not.. Yes evn before d task dey strtd to yell nd shiut sukish nd prince.. Bt evrytym mandana too targets kish.. Nd as a REACTION kish also does d same.. Nd d other thing is pure din ghr me bahut kuch hota h.. Pr hme sirf vahi dikhaya jata h 1 hr me.. Jitna channel vale dikhana chahte h.. Ystrdy dat humdard vala thng dikhaya gaya nd all.. To portray dat rochelle mandana nd aman are d goodies.. Nd baki trio villain h.. Nd baaki k bevkuf.. Agr unhe game khelna nahi aa rha h.. Den tell dem directly.. Ase wise word ne faltu ka drama kyu?agr vo khud samaj nahi paa rhe h.. Den tell dem dirctly. Nd agar salman nd gauti mandana rochelle ko support kr rhe h den audience will also think haa vo to jyada jaante h.. To dat will b blindfolding nd automatically log sochenge haa chalo mandana sahi h let us save her.. Usko sb alag kr rhe nd all.. Kl mandana said to digi that is she an 18 yr stupid grl k jo mandy bolegi vahi kregi? To task vale din wshrum me kya bola tha i thnk she frgot.. K sari planning mandana nd rochele ne ki .. Baki log to team k kuh kr hinhi rhe the.. Nd rochelle jb mirchi uske face pe lgai hoti to dekhte kitna good heart uska dusro ko forgive krta h..

  15. salman is not all biased.if biased and targets kish & co team also there will be no problem u have example of gauhar and tanisha where gauhar is the stop blaming salman and show ur love towards your kish& co team by not simply shouting like ur team did and vote for them to see as winners.Rishabh needs to be open up more he is nice guy

  16. All are disgussting those who r supporting mandana,rochelle, aman and digi including salman khan.

  17. yes prince thoda aggressive hai. but WO Jo bhi karta hai dil se karta hai.he is not fake. he is strong and real. agar WO thoda sa gusse par control karle to he will be the best contestant

  18. yes prince thoda aggressive ho jata hai task mein . but WO Jo bhi karta hai dil se karta hai.he is not fake. he is strong and real. agar WO thoda sa gusse par control karle to he will be the best contestant

  19. One thing I want to say is everyone who looks like Katrina is salman’s favourite becoz he just start taking her side no matter she is wrong or right….firstly Elie and now this fake girl mandana….What’s going on man???? We r not stupid yaar….we have our own eyes….recently Rochelle was against mandana becoZ Keith was getting close to mandana….and now suddenly she favours mandana… disgusting?? Mandana start crying if she is targeted by someone…..and she is then right but when somebody else shouted that she kicked me then she is wrong….every weekend salman takes side of mandana and always target prince suyyesh and kish….every time kish prince and suyyesh r not wrong…..mandana is fake…she has always a problem for doing safai……every body has its own personality and yaar…..its he is ing fake…..salman and mandana now its looking too much….jxt stop it guys….prince u r going sooooo well….jxt keep it up…..rishab u r looking like u r afraid of prince’s group….and actually it is fact that u r….and aman jxt stop taking side of mandana… seems like u r enjoying the scenes of larai and this kind of stuffs and then u start giving lecture….plz play ur own game maan….

  20. Diggi u r a younger girl….u r not understanding the game….u r looking fake

  21. Possibly Salman imports Katrina-alike foreign beauties, convince ex-filmstars to enter the BB house to grace the show. Thus naturally he becomes the protector of these extrasensitive contestants as much as possible. We misunderstand him.

    1. Salman can’t getover Ketrina Kaif.. Since she left him for Ranbir Kapoor..

  22. mandy or kish ..kon sahi he kon galat….mandy dusro k samne nahi bolti ki woh sahi he or kish galat he…lekin kish sab k dimag me yeh darne ki kosis karti rehti he ki mandy galat he,game khel rahi he…….. agar mein sahi hu toh mujhe kisi k samne girgirana nahi he… kishwer darti he kahi bb mandy na jeet jaye… so jaha par usse chance nahi mila mandy ki burai or mandy ko tang karna suru kar deti he….. kish strong he , woh sahi he lekin kisi k pas jaa kar burai karna so wrong,,, kish ko lagta he mandy galat he toh sab k najar me galat hona chahiye…. are yaar ek banda sab k sath sahi ho ya galat ho sakti he lekin lekin apna openion kissi k par thopna bilkul galat he… mandy is much much much steonger than kish…woh akeli kish par bhari he lekin kish khud ko strong bolti he lekin apne sath supporter le kar chalti he,,,,

    or guys plz salman k bare kya bol rahe ho… sab apna point of view bata rahe he… joh kish and co. ko support k rahe ho unhe v kahi lagta he woh galat he isliye apne point ko sahi karne k liye SOFT CORNER FOR MANDY,,AUR KATRINA ka topic unneccesary nikal rahe ho…bb se releted topic use karo….

    mujhe sirf kehna he SAHI HO TOH AKELE REHNE ME DARNA NAHI,,,,

  23. kishwar is already famous face..or rahi mandana k jitne ka darr to ye to clear h salman ji ka vote or support jahan hoga jitega wahi..

    1. So wrong. Then eli shud have won as he used to support her earlier

  24. Guys salman sir is best… . Im not salman sir fan… but as a host he is correct and doing a great job. kis and co are rowdies.. prince doesn’t use his brain at all… they dont no how to play the game…

    1. Exactly. They definitely get hyper and personal when task comes



    1. Sach me yaar. Y r they saying that whoever salman support wins bb. What a joke

  26. yes, u r right Oni. kiss is afraid of mandy. Even after the task was banned kiss was telling prince n suyash that SHIT YARR, WE MISSED A CHANCE TO TORTURE MANDANA. IT seems that wo log apni personal dusmani nikalne k liye task ko jariya bana rahe hain… I wish mandy gets enough strength to fight for her rights…… Thanks Rochelle for being a true person even when the whole house is against her…..

    1. Rochelle banned Kaith from talking to mandana Now she’s becoming Unwanted puppet of Mandana… Rochelle need someone to follow coz she don’t have her own stand…
      I don’t like ppl who cry all the time like Mandana…. Cry for reason but without reason??? Don’t like to waych crying drama..
      Kishwar atleast look stronger and make sense.. If prince and Suyyash follow kish it’s not kishwarss fault..

      1. When suyyash took own decision as a captain, y kis was getting angry then. She always goes personal with Mandy. Its not right.

  27. rahi baat famous face ki,,,,bb7 se pehle kamya bohut famous thi as compare to gouhar khan ,,or bb8 karishma v famous thi as compare to goutam….. socho ek bar dhiyan se… mein yeh nahi kehti ki mandy sahi he ya kish galat he,,, singe ho kar sab pe bhari parna or group me ho kar ek par tut parna….azib lagta he…….
    salman ko agar baised mante ho toh unke bare me bol sakte ho lekin unnecessary KETRINA ka topic la kar galat karte ho

    1. So why Salman didn’t say anything to Mandana about kick??? Because she looks like Ketrina!!!!

      1. He asked her to confine if she agree what she did was wrong to Mandy. She confirmed that she definitely agree. When Mandy 100% agreed what she did was wrong, then y push the topic further. That’s it.

      2. Confirm

  28. It seems Salman do not remember his own past what he had done to girls in his personal life and he is talking of so called limits and everything. He is supporting mandana Rochelle that is waht it seems like… But its an individuals way to go and do the task.. Where was mandana when kish was made doggy being a girl she would have asked kish to quit.. And now it is obvious she will face kish ange. Whenever she get chance.. Salman is getting in the whole episode hedidnt said mandan kicking was wrong and suyyash pushed rishab was wrong… A girl can do anything to a boy and when its a boy there you have to behave so called feminist…. A##holes…

  29. plz yaar kish or mandy k bich boys ko mat lao…salman ne saf kaha he ki mandy ne start kiya so kish ya rimi kar sakti thi revenges k tor par…lekin prince aa gaya ladkio k bich…… prince ka toh laga rehta he ladkio k bich aana… uski didi kamjor he na isliye hahahaha…

  30. Prince never gives respect to women… i didn’t expect dis from prince… i taught Prince wil rock the show whn he enter.. but nw i feel y he is in show nuuu…

    1. Did Salman khan gave Readoect to woman???
      Did Aman Varma Gave readoect to woman????
      Look who’s talking

  31. Salman sir did a great job! Kish suyyesh and prince deserve this they really need to wake up wo show mae kr kia re hain backbiting k ilawa ? Girls ki tarha gossip krte hain bs Aur yahn k baat wahn… I like prince per wo entertain nai kra hai and bigg boss is all abt entertainment !!! Which mandana rochelle and rishab are doing..
    And stop feeling bad for kish she is the worst contestant in bigg boss history ever !!

  32. hahahaha kuch na ho bolne ko toh katrina ko bich me laa dete ho…. what a joke yaar….. hahahahaha…. bb ka topic nikalo yaar…. kamjor log hamesa kamjori nikalte he… present dekho yaar

  33. Rimi definitely has a mind (just look at her comments…put in such a subtle way but contradictory and firm) 😮 i wonder why she chose nt to play d game with that mind, she would hv been killer. And yes, mandana mandana bahut zyada ho rha h. Yawn!!! Shez nt that interesting too, salman ko gift kr do, he finds her v.cute 😮 shez v.shrewd, wl use him too!

  34. Salman is always rite
    Kish prince n suyash yeh log sach mai gunda gardi karte hai,prince ka khudka dimaag he nai hai wo sirf kish aur suyash k liye aaya hai lagta hai.wo do k alawa kisi se baat nai karta na kisi se uski acho bonding hai
    I think prince ko game he pta nai chal raha hai.

  35. Once again salman at his best….biased as always….everyone listen up…bb9 winner is mandana…drama nice she becomes in salman’s episodes …fake

  36. nidhi salman ne kya kiya ajke epi me…..hahahaha..pata nahi kon se angle se dekh rahe ho bb,,,,,

  37. Salmaan is not right , always baised. I also don’t like kishwer and her some acts but she is very strong like Gouhar and take her stand . but salmaan is insulting all three more that they deserve and appreciating Mandana more then she deserves.

  38. Lovely episode. Hats off to Salman for nailing them if they are wrong and praising them if they do good. We love you Salman. This show is what it is because of Salman. He is amazing.

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