Bigg Boss 9 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 95
The housemates wake up to the song Koyla Kala Hai. Rishab sits on Prince’s shoulder, they both dance, inmates enjoy song.

Priya comes to Rishab and says you have shaved moustache, i dont like it, i like men with facial hairs, Rishab says i knew you would not like it, Imam asks Priya if Rishab is your type? you can say anything but we can see chemistry there, you like him, Priya says what? i dont romantically like him, Rishab hugs her, Priya says i have dated different kind of guys, Rishab is cheeky but Bhushan is not, i have that motherly feeling for rishab, Rishab says what? Priya says yes, i feel protective about him, he is like kid to me.

Bigg Boss introduces a new task, Commander Imam’. Through this task Imam has to command the

house and get the housemates to follow discipline and order. All contestants have to abide by Imam’s instructions and follow his rules. The entire house is converted into a boot camp and inmates are enthusiastic cadets of commander Imam, all the contestants have to perform the physical activities and push their limits to give their best in the task. Inmates will eat and drink after Imam’s order, inmates to follow challenges given by Imam, Imam will give tasks and will make them workout as cadet.

Buzzer plays, task starts.Imam is wearing commander’s dress, he asks Rochelle who is most discipline? Rochelle says me, Imam says tell all inmates that if they dont come in 5minutes in garden then they will not get food or water for 48hours, Rochelle comes to inmates and says Imam is angry, come out fast.
Inmates come in garden and stand straight, Imam ask them to look at sun, they do, he asks do you like it? Rishab says all inmate look away while Rishab you keep looking at sun, think before you answer.

Imam says to Rishab that your hairs are not good as cadet, he asks Rishab if he ready? he says yes, Imam asks Mandana to cut his hairs, Rishab says cut them to 3 and 1/2 inches, Priya says he doesnt know how much it is, Imam asks mandana is she needs anything? she says no but just scissor, Imam says i was asking about that only, Mandana laughs, Imam says i made you laugh too in this task, Imam asks Mandana to just go and cut his hairs, they should not flirt or romance, Mandana says i dont like him, Rishab says even you dont hold my taste, you are not my type, inmates laugh, Imam ask them to stop it, Rochelle says Rishab doesnt know about size of hairs i mean he doesnt know how much 3inches mean, Imam asks if size matters? Priya says no its about size but angle, they giggle.

Imam asks Inmates to march and move like cock, Prince makes noise like cock and move ahead then Keith makes noise like cock and move ahead, Imam and Keith laughs. imam asks Mandana to do same, mandana says i will try, he asks Mandana to make noise like irani hen, Mandana moves like hen. Priya has make up like cat, Imam says i will show her how cat is, he asks Keith to make food, he leaves. Imam brings his cap which has “obey” written on it, Imam says i am challenger here not an inmate, how can you even ask me to obey you? do you think i can obey you? Priya says you were going against us, you are still obeying me, he asks Rishab to bring chili powder, Mandana says you cant talk to commander like this, Rochelle says can i say something? Imam says dont try to score brownie point, he aks Priya to put chili powder in mouth and wash when i order you, she does and licks her lips, he asks her to not do it, she says i am having chili powder in mouth.

Bigg boss calls Imam and says you will make this task enjoyable when you will make two inmates give this task, they should not say no to your challenge but should give up task, Imam agrees.

Rishab sits down, Mandana is ready to cut his hairs, Rishab says dont cut more than inch, Mandana says i have only 10minutes to behave, Rishab says you behave, i will not allow you to cut my hairs, he gets up and says to Imam that i am not going to cut my hairs, she is not behaving rightly, she is shouting on me, Imam asks Rishab to go, he asks Rochelle to cut his hairs.
Imam comes to Mandana and says i told you to not talk to him and just cut his hairs.
Rochelle asks Rishab how much she should cut his hairs? Imam comes and says this is not time to be friendly, he takes scissor and asks Rishab till what point i should cut your hairs? he shows the mark, Imam cuts his hairs holding them straight, he says your personality is looking nice in clean shaven, Rochelle sets his hairs, Imam says to Rishab that now your hairs are looking good, earlier you used to be like romeo. Rishab says commander i dont like my new hair cut, you in lure of task fooled me to get this hair cut, Imam says shut up, i am commander and i can order you anything.

there are ice bricks. Imam says to inmates that its most difficult to stand on them, you have to stand on it till the point you can, there are two bricks so two after two inmates will stand on it. he makes inmates stand on ice bricks and says Rishab your feet are moving from now only.

Rochelle and Priya are standing on ice bricks. Imam asks Rochelle and Priya to get down, Rochelle says we can do it, Priya says we will do it for more time, Imam says give others time too, i have to discard this task too so you get down and let others do the task. Rochelle says i wanna go down, Imam asks her to get down, she does and makes Keith stand on it, imam ask inmates to make Priya understand that she needs to come down and give chance to other team mates, Mandana says to Priya that this is not about you but about team, Priya doesnt get down and starts breathing heavily. she sits down, Imam asks to carry her, Prince an Rishab carries her and takes her in confession room. Imam asks Priya to not worry, doctor might be coming, i am with you, i care about you, he holds her hand.

Imam asks Rochelle what challenge he gave to her earlier? Rochelle says you asked Keith to propose me and i to accept it, Rochelle says i want to ask Keith what he has thought. imam asks inmates to sing for Rochelle and Keith. Inmates sing:
Ooh Keithwa, tujhko kia darr hai (Keith why you are afraid?)
Ye Rochelle teri hai or teri hi rehegi re (Rochelle is yours and will remain yours)

Imam says now we will give challenges to everyone and you have accept or reject it.

Imam asks Mandana to shave her hairs as challenge. he asks Prince can he sit in pool with ice brick? Prince says yes, Imam says i want you people to discuss things, he leaves with his food. Rochelle says to Rishab that dont cut your hairs more, Prince says dont look fool in finale, Keith says i dont want to accept his challenge just to move forward in game, i will move forward with audience’s support, Rochelle says i cant do this proposal thing for task, i have to ask parents, Rishab says when there is love, you should not worry, Keith says we will stick to decision.

Imam says we will start our challenges. he asks Keith if he is ready to propose Rochelle? Keith says we have decided to not propose each other, he says fine. Imam asks Mandana will she shave her hairs? she says no, Priya says alphabetically Prince is next not me, Imam says this is strategy, Prince says i will not go in pool for night as it will affect my health. Imam asks Priya if she will go blonde and have hair cut? she says no, Bhushan wont like it, Imam asks Rishab will he cut his hairs more short as challenge? Rishab says if this is personal or for team? Imam says this is personal, Rishab says i am ready to cut hairs more, Imam says good, he asks Bigg boss to announce decision, Bigg boss says commander task has ended, he calls Imam in confession room.

in confession room, Bigg boss says to Imam that you did mistake, Imam says you asked me to make two inmates give up task, i made four inmates give task, Bigg boss says you misunderstood things, we asked you to make inmates give whole commander task, imam says this was last leg of task so it means same, Bigg boss says no this challenging was just part of whole commander task and you had to make two inmates leave whole commander task not this challenge so mistake happened, imam says okay, bigg boss wishes him luck for next day, Imam says you are great bigg boss and leaves.

Mandana comes in washroom and says who used my towel? Prince is in washroom and asks Mandana to pass his towel, she asks who used my towel? Prince says i dont know, give me my towel, she does, Mandana says people are junglee here, inmates come there, Mandana says i washed my towel, some animal used my towel, Rishab says no one is animal, someone might have used it mistakenly, keith says this happens, dont be angry, Mandana says this is not the way to live, you cant use others things like this, Rishab brings his towel and says i havent used it, you use this, Mandana says i wanna use mine.
Rochelle asks Keith if he used her towel? Keith says i dont remember.
Priya asks Mandana if no one is accepting that he or she used your towel? Mandana says no, they are stupid and have no manners, Keith comes there and says i dont remember exactly if i used your towel, i found my towel in bedroom, i am sorry if used your towel by mistake, Mandana says but this is not right, you dont even know if someone has washed towel and you should not use it, Keith says how would i know that you washed it.
Rochelle says to imam that Keith isnt like this, he must have mistakenly used her towel as both have same color towels, she is making big issue out of nothing.
Prince says to Mandana that why you are making it issue when it is not? Mandana asks if he is keith? he says no, she says i am talking to Keith not you, get lost, Prince says dont tell me get lost, Mandana says you wanna make Keith brother now? Imam takes Prince from there. Keith says sorry to Madnana and says i will wash your towel.
imam asks Prince why he is coming inbetween their talk? let them solve their matter.
Mandana says to Priya why Prince was huffing anf puffing in my and Keith’s matter. Prince comes there and says i thought you were blaming me for using towel, Mandana says you wanna win browine points of Keith as you wanna make him brother, Prince says even you are fake and bootlick people, Mandana asys i am not like you, what you did with Kishwar? Prince says dare you talk about Kishwar again, you also use people and say it infront of them, you are bootlicking Imam and bac biting about him too, Mandana says you have used your sister Kishwar and threw her out.

Imam gives task to Mandana that go with Prince in sky lounge and talk with him for 10minutes without fighting, she says i cant do it, he says you have to. Imam asks Prince to talk with Mandana, its my order, Prince says she have taunted me personally, Imam says you dont have to answer, just let her talk, Mandana asks Imam to come with them, Imam says no this is between you and him, you both are strong people, go and talk with thim.
Mandana and Prince goes and sit in sky lounge, they are silent for sometime, Prince says why you feel bad when someone pass personal comment on you? when people call your robber, you say dont talk about past, Mandana says today i talked you today like that because i was real, i cant fake that oh my God Prince you are nice, if i fight with someone, i got to say the worst things that gonna burn your ass and your heart, today you were not present and i was accusing everyone for using my towel, you came in middle and started fighting, it was nonsense, Prince says you made it personal, i can be personal, i can taunt about your boyfriend but i can never stoop low like you, Mandana says i did get personal by commenting about Kishwar and your equation but your provoked me.

PRECAP- Bigg boss gives task to inmates, its “Imam’s court”, Imam will ask toughest questions to inmates and inmates to have answer while standing in witness box. Prince comes in witness box, Imam says you have done some vulgar things in show that is not acceptable. mandana stands in witness box, Imma says if she has done things for Trp in show? Mandana says we all are here to entertain people and to get Trps, we do everything to get audience’s attention. Priya comes in witness box, Imam says from s*xism to racism, you have used every card possible in this show, Priya says if someone tells me that i can compete with him just cause i am a women then i will not accept that, if you categorize this in some “ism” then fine i am “ismic”, she gets emotional. Bigg boss says tomorrow Imam will decide first finalist of BB9(Prince is not first finalist but has got ticket to Finale WEEK).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Prince welcome

    Prince get ticket to finale☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  2. I have read in the news that bigg boss 9 winner is already declared and it will be wild card entry
    Is it not unfair for other contestant specially 4 prince. If it would happen I will never seing the show again

    1. Nice joke. 😛 wild card entry??? Can’t be but will still be happy if Rish win as a wild card entry has never own but I will be happier if Prince, Keith or Mandy wins

      1. I don’t joke. I just tell what I have see in reality post news

  3. TheRealityPost on twitter confirms that Priya has been chosen as finalist.

  4. Yes I also read that Priya has won it

  5. Here are the things, acccording to me, about the contestants which has kept them in the house till now.

    1. Keith : He is very good person. He is the most mature person in the house.
    2. Prince : His passion towards the game(not just the tasks) and of course because of the previous shows he has won.
    3. Mandana : She is carefree. She does not care about wining nor loosing. As a result she does not have any reservations.
    4. Rishabh: Appears to be a genuine person, at least this is what his fans feel. After prince if anyone has a zeal for wining the show then it is Rishabh.
    5. Priya : She has the guts to speak. Has a stand on everything. If anything wrong is going on, you will probably see priya arguing around. After the number of contestants have reduced people are starting to like her.
    6. Rochelle : She shows a spark sometimes and makes some good points during that time. Rest of time she just keeps making efforts to make herself noticeable. She has managed to survive so far only by clinging to stronger contestants.

    Please feel to reply with your own points.

  6. Its not about this episode but actually I dont like imam how could he say that the other two shows that prince has won were low class that he cant even tell his name….and I am that surprised that mandana has came to this week even……at ghe starting of the show I thought that she wil be eliminated in three or four weeks…….she doesnot deserves to be in finale…

  7. Priya is in FINALS..
    Imam chose her amongst others.

  8. Keith , Rishabh & Rochelle …
    Among them 2 will be eliminated this week…

  9. I lyk mandaana very much
    Mandana e winner

  10. Finale keliye kitne log select honge and kese winner ko choose karenge i mean if there will be task on finale? Plzzzzz reply me this is my 1st season

    1. Yes mujhe bhi ye hi ouch na tha. Aur apne fan ke lie vote Kese karege. This is my first season

      1. simranjeet kaur

        princess you can vote on colors site and by SMS.

    2. simranjeet kaur

      finale mein 4 contestants select honge and winner will be declared according to votes

  11. Prince is already a finalist. Imam will choose Rishabh and Priya. And inmates will vote Priya to be the second finalist.

  12. Really? Great to know 🙂 i hope priya wins 🙂 i wl vote for her, she’s a normal person and the money wl b useful for her. Prince ko toh aur shows mil jayega 🙂 and mandana, i didnt like her this week :/ won’t vote for her. Also, i dnt mind if keith wins 🙂 but i know he won’t!

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