Bigg Boss 9 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

day 63(continued)
Bigg boss says to inmates that mutually decide who is most insecure inmate about his/her position in house, Giselle and Nora are not included in it, Giselle says i dont know who is insecure, Priya says you both can tell more clearly, Giselle says i feel Rochelle, she tries to fight everytime,
Rishab: he says its Suyyash.
Suyyash: he says its Priya, she was dying to get immunity in car task, Priya says because it was my first week in house.
Priya: She says suyyash is insecure but it thrives him to do better.
Rochelle: she says its Priya, Priya says i like to insecure than rude and arrogant(taunting Rochelle).
Keith: he says for me its Priya or Rochelle because whoever is here they have fanbase from before but Priya doesnt have it,

she is insecure about it, Priya says i know i dont have fanbase in India, wise reason.
Kishwar: she says Priya is insecure, she agree with Keith.
Mandana: she says insecure is Priya because she talked about fan following she doesnt have thats why you tried everything with passion, Priya says i do everything with passion.
Nora: she says it maybe Priya for same reasons, as she doesnt have fan following like me and i can relate to it.
Prince: he says it is Priya, she said its first week so give her immunity so i left car task but then she was afraid of getting nominated.
Keith says to Bigg boss that most insecure person is Priya, Bigg boss says to Priya that there is one board in store room you have to wear it, Priya brings it,
“caution! insecure person” is written on board, Priya wears it, all tease her, Keith says she will bite like snake now, Priya says atleast its not written that i am arrogant or rude person.

Rishab says to Mandana that i called Kishwar zero as i want to tell people who is good in game, she nominated me earlier too but i will nominate her the time when she will expect least from me, i will fire at her then, Giselle says i understand, Mandana says Rochelle was flying high when Salman said she was going good in game, she is double faced person, she used to believe that she is not safe because Prince and Suyyash lives in house but then when Suyyash was fighting with me then she said Suyyash is right, what was that? Rishab says exactly Salman pointed out that too, he says we three are playing alone but when time comes then i will take stand for you Mandana, i wont let bad happen to you, they are in majority so we are easy target for them.

Priya ask Rishab re talking about nominations, Nora is passing by, Rishab ask if its nora without seeing her, Nora stops and says wow what connection we have that you can sense me by my fragrance, Rishab ask Nora to go away, he laughs, she starts leaving, he passes flying kiss, she smiles, Rishab says to Priya that they are 6people in a group, they will nominate us, its so obvious, you, me, Mandana and Giselle will be nominated, let their group become less in number then it wil be fun, Priya says put this thing in others mind, Rishab says i dont wanna change anyone’s instinct.

Nomination Special
Day 64
Gandi baat plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Mandana and Giselle are talking about Keith being a nominal captain because, Mandana says in reality, the power lies in the hands of Rochelle and Prince. Giselle acts like Rochelle controlling Keith, Speaking about Kishwer, Giselle says that she believes that Kishwer influences Suyyash and Prince too much and she holds grudges and very typical vamp style. When Rishabh joins the conversation, Mandana asks him who he thinks is getting nominated and he names all four of them – Rishabh, Mandana, Giselle and Priya, Mandana says suyyash will definitely get nominated, we will see how Kishwar plays after suyyash is gone Rishab says Kishwar has got one more support that is Prince, Rishab says Kishwar is acting like Nora is already Prince’s gf, Mandana says Nora is not that innocent, she is taking advantage of Kishwar and Prince both.

Giselle teases Priya who is brooming, Giselle ask Priya to use broom nicely, i will show you, Giselle bends and shows her how to use broom in s*xy way, Priya is amused and thanks her.

Bigg boss says inmates have decided that Priya is most insecure person in house. Priya have to come in booth and will be given two options, she will have to accept one.
Priya comes in booth, Bigg boss says there are two videos, one is in which you back bited about others behind their back and other video is in which they back bited about you, the video which you choose to see will be shown to you while other video will be shown to inmates, Priya says show me what they said about me and show them what i said about them. Video plays, Rochelle says Priya is wildcard entry, we should unite against her. Then Kishwar once said that Priya has seen everything before entering show, how Giselle said to Mandana that Priya thought that i am wildcard entry so she can make group by using me, Priya thanks Bigg boss.
Priya comes in lounge, she says now you all will be shown what i have said behind your backs, video plays, Priya said to Rishab that Kishwar playing smart and saves herself, Suyyash and Prince from nominations. Then how she said that Rochelle is attracted to cool group, she said to Rishab that she wants us to go in finale. Then Priya how she said Prince and Nora are different and playing smart, then how she said to Nora that she cant take stand for herself, video ends. Mandana says Priya’s problem is that she has point of view for everyone, Prince says if she makes friend then its friendship and if someone else make it then its is groupism, there is no group, Kishwar says no we are a group now, its of 6 people, Rochelle says its my decision whom i want to be friend with, its not my plan, Priya says you were going good, then you fought with Mandana and got attracted towards Kishwar’s group, Giselle says thing is she changes friends every now and then, Prince says to Priya that you should stop talking about groupism so we will stop it too, Kishwar says to Rishab that you say you dont b*t*h about anyone then what was that? you were b*t*hing most with Priya. Priya says the video which i saw, Prince said that both wild card entries Rishab and Priya should go back, Prince says yes i said it, Rishab says i told clearly that Kishwar is my target, Kishwar says thing is you are taking on my back, Rishab says what i did? this is dynamics, Kishwar says i said sorry when i did wrong with you but you shouldnt be b*t*hing about me, you should have said things on my face, dont back bite, then you lie that you dont back bite, Rishab says i dont, Kishwar says i thought there was equation between you and me, Rishab says we have, Kishwar says we had its not now. Priya says to Mandana that you dont talk about loyalty, if Rochelle and i become friend then you cant point fingers at me, Mandana says good for you, Prince says to Priya that you wanna target whole house, you talk about loyalty with Rishab but wanted him to go out, Prince says i made equation with him, equations is not formed easily,we have to make it. Rochelle, Kishwar, Keith, Prince, Suyyash, Nora stand together and says we are cool group.

Rishab says to Priya that dynamics have changed, they are trying to be cool group but cant they see what Salman say to them every week, Priya says i dont believe Giselle, Rishab says i dont see what anyone is saying about me behind my back, i stand for topics in house, they all are plotting.

Nominations Time
Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations will start now, Keith is captain so he is safe, he is given special authority, he will have to nominate two inmates and they will get nominated directly.
KEITH: he nominates Giselle as she doesnt have any topic to fight. He nominates Mandana and says i dont understand if she is real or fake, also she is difficult in household chores.
Bigg boss calls Suyyash in confession room.
SUYYASH: Bigg boss ask Suyyash to nominates two inmates. Suyyash nominates Rishab and says he is not contributing enough, he doesnt do task nicely. he nominates Priya and says she is strong, she is double faced.
MANDANA: she nomiantes Suyyash and says she is insecure and he entered in my and Kishwar’s fight. she nominates Rochelle saying that she says she is sweet and does things from heart but she is fake, Rochelle is managing Keith’s captaincy too.
RISHAB: he nominates suyyash and says he thinks he is leader but a follower in real, he has no reasons to fight, he use Kishwar to fight, he acts like girl. He nominates Rochelle and says Rochelle doesnt make issues when it is related to her and doesnt allow others to talk about it like when she is cleaning washroom nobody can point her to clean nicely but if by mistake some flower petals falls from my pocket in washroom area then she will make such a hue and cry about it.
NORA: she nominates Rishab and says he is not interested in task, he has not stand. she nominates Priya and says she plans alot, she doesnt have stance.
PRINCE: he nominates Rishab and says he is not interested in tasks. He nominates Priya saying she plans alot and have divide and rule policy.
ROCHELLE: she nominates Rishab and says he doesnt have stand, he just want to irritate others. she nominates Priya saying she has good heart but thinks over the top.
GISELLE: she nominates Rochelle as she thinks she is fake, she nominates Suyyash saying one person should go form couples so we will see how strong they are without each other.
PRIYA: she nominates Suyyash as he is not strong and should go. she nominates Rochelle saying she is losing her individuality, her ego has brought downfall for her, after Keith’s return she has completely lost her path.
KISHWAR: she nominates Rishab and says the video which we saw, after that i want to nominate him. she nominates Priya and says i am not able to understand her.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. Nominated inmates are GISELLE, MANDANA, SUYYASH, RISHAB, ROCHELLE and PRIYA.

Rochelle says to Suyyash that one of us will be going.
Rishab says to Mandana that Rochelle is more insecure, Giselle says she wants to act like target.
Rochelle says to her group that i might be going, Nora says maybe Mandana is going, Rochelle says i dont think so, Kishwar says dont give any chance to Mandana to become victim then great.
Rishab and Mandana sings we are double trouble.

Kishwar says to Rochelle that i wanna say something to Prince, Rochelle says i wanna say same thing to him too, Kishwar says if Nora has come here then you cant touch her all suddenly, Prince says i am not interested in making any love angle, she is jsut friend, Rochelle says you should not be so much frank with Nora, be careful, Prince says she is nice but i understand what you are saying.

Keith and Rochelle are playing free fall, Rochelle has her back towards Keith, she will free fall backward and Keith have to hold her, she has to trust Keith that he will not let her fall, Rochelle is reluctant and doesnt falls freely fearing that keith will not hold her in time, Mandana says to Rochelle that you should play this game with Suyyash, Rochelle says i didnt ask you, Mandana leaves, keith ask Rochelle to fall back, he will hold her, she says no, Suyyash comes there, Rochelle falls freely trusting Suyyash and he holds her in time, Nora comes to Keith and says i trust you completely, i will back and i know you will catch me, she stands infront of Keith and falls back freely, Keith holds her in time, all clap.

Keith says to Rochelle that it was such a small thing, i told you three times that i wont let you fall, Rochelle says you didnt tell me to trust you, you were looking here and there but not giving me faith that you wont let me fall, Keith is tensed.
Giselle says to Mandana that Rochelle is too much fake.
Keith says i was miffed that you dont trust me, Rochelle says Mandana said that i am not good for you and you agreed to it, Keith says you are talking about very small things, it doesnt matter, Rochelle says you didnt take my side, Keith says this is not right, i am with you, he is sad and says i am sorry.

PRECAP- Rj Malishkha says to inmates through tv that there is one serial killer in house and he is very clever and dangerous, nobody is able to catch him/her beware. Its new task “killer Killer”, Rishab and Priya are detective while they have to guess who is killer among other inmates, they keep eye on everyone to find find killer, Rishab teases Mandana calling her killer..killer. Later bigg boss calls inmates in confession room one by one and says we are giving you important task, you will have to vote one person, and the person who will get most votes will get nominated for whole season.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru

    I just don’t want to talk abt the episode cozz i am tooo much excited abt the precap…

    A murder investigation.. Wow.. Looks cool.. I just hope these ppl don’t mess up this task too… I mean, i don’t remember the last time they did a task without fyting…

    The power to nominate a person for the whole season? Really ? Or is it a trick.. ? Can’t wait…

    Today’s epidode..
    I liked the options given to priya nd i appreciate her choice.. But poor rishab.. πŸ˜€
    Woh phass gaya coz of priya… LOL..

    The cool grp song.. Haha.. I feel the others are forcing these ppl to be together..

    Rochs nd kish doubt nora.. Wow.. Nd that stupid, innocent, fool prince is seen supporting her.. I soo wish that nora isnt playing game.. Prince trusts her..

    Rochs din seem to trust kieth with that game.. Ouch… But she did it with suyyash.. :O
    Nd then says ki – “tum ne mandy ki baath ko support kiya,, 3 hafthon me tum muje bhool gaye.. ”
    Ehh.. ?? Really. ??

    • harshal

      neeru, they didn’t show the complete scene again, the fight was actually bad between the two…
      Nora is nora. she said before entering the house itself about her strategy. She is using prince,and unfortunately prince might get used. i even predict a huge fight due to nora happening soon, prince support her and prince might look bad in that :/
      Side note, i hate to admit it but i kinda liked gizelle(and her a**) when she was teaching priya how to broom, shame on me πŸ˜›

      • Neeru

        @harshal.. Really ? Will check out the link..
        Yeah i know.. Nora.. πŸ™
        Whattt. ?? ohhhh Nooooo.. No no no.. Harshal plzzz,, not gizelle.. !!!
        I will understand if you say you like her in parts(or rather like her parts :p) .. But Nthng else.. Not evn the way she was dusting… πŸ˜€

      • harshal

        Tedd, just completed my B-Tech from VNIT, nagpur. Preparing for civil services as of now. will look for comfy temporary job to pass leisurely time once i complete preparation and start giving those tough exams. Btw, i had heard the other day itself that you are also a girl. So, now only me and freak are boys in this group. Girl power even here :D….
        Neeru, yeah, don’t worry. I just like her parts(except her face). I hate her personality wise. πŸ˜›

      • tedd

        Same also…m prep for compttv… f luck fr ftr…yep am a gal too @harshu…..haan. …amongst us frnds u and freak are d only boyzzzzz…..

    • Is there any sanchalak in the task? I think the sanchalak itself is the killer. Joking joking . Definitely it’s not Gizelle or Prince or Mandy. Maybe it’s Nora or Suyyash or Keith πŸ˜›
      I have played this game with my cousins before , Killer killer
      And it’s somewhat similar to Chor Police, I remember in some other show UPen said he used to play cops n robbers it sounded so funny πŸ˜›

  2. Namira

    what d heck! for whole ssn nominated??? interesting…. I just hate ggize….roschele is too much she even can’t trust kieth bt ssuyash??? ajeeb…. she is d most fake person in d house right now….

  3. harshal

    After all Keith’s done for roch in this house, roch still doesn’t trust him completely.Infact she trusts suyyash more from the looks of it. Hope they patch up, but roch should trust keith more. He deserves lots of trust as he is genuinely great person in the house.
    I hated her when she said that you never told me to trust you, keith rightly replied “liar, i said that 3-4 times”. I mean we could clearly see keith telling her to trust him and she is now saying that, double faced girl. Also, she did that attempt with suyyash in the first try itself. wtf.
    She is so insecure too. I mean, priya is hands down most insecure person, but roch is not that less insecure(she is 2nd for sure). And what’s with you agreed with mandana stuff, isn’t he supposed to have some own opinions and stuff? or Is she trying to replicate kishwer here ? o.O … maybe salman is right, roch is turning into kishwer slowly :/

  4. harshal

    Joyee, i got the nominations predictions accurate, didn’t i? All 6 nominated contestants are just as i predicted πŸ˜‰

  5. harshal

    Priya, u fool. You anyways could have looked at both the videos. You could have seen your own b**ching yourself and let others look at each other’s backb**ching and saved yourself from people’s retaliations. *Facepalm* Use your brain more and less mouth girl….

    • santu

      I think Wat priya did was right.. she wanted to give them nicely. This is a way of telling them things indirectly. . And if she chose the other way.. then all audience would have said she was afraid of the group knowing her comments on them.. she was brave ..abd genuinely after saying so much against the group and groupism, it will not look nice if she avoids argument with that group to be good terms which indirectly means she wants to be a part of that group Wat rochelle did.. so priya brave girl. .nice going. .

      • harshal

        hmm, yeah, valid points, got to agree with her decision then, if she meant it in that way as you say.Nicely explained btw πŸ™‚

  6. Kiara

    Todays episode was boring
    And Rochelle stop dragging such small small issues
    And stop blaming others for the things you do
    I found everything that she said to keith stupid i mean now its also his fault that you dont trust him
    Arghh why are you such a drama queen

    Sab galat hai but rochelle sahi
    Salman ne ek baar rochelle devi kya bol diya yeh sahi me apne aap ko devi samjhne lagi

    She was not mad at keith because he didn’t gain her trust in that free fall thing shr was mad because others could do it and she couldn’t

    • Sweetie

      There are ups and downs in every relationship… Its normal.. especially wen u r in a place like bb .. nevrr judge a couple jst coz dey fought

  7. Priya chose tht video coz she wanted all of them to fight with tht she stays in focus.this is her game.poor rishab.suyash is saying abt backbiting,lol tune to apne dost ko bhi nhi choda.rishabne sahi kha suyash acts like a girl.most insecure person ka award to rochelle devi ko milna chahiye tha.prince knws nora is playing game but he didnt said anything bcoz he is also doing the same thing.aaj ke nominations ko dekh aisa lag rha tha ki they hav discussed nominations may be indirectly but it was clear bcoz every1 in kish grp took name of rishab & priya & every1 in rishab grp took the name of roch & suyash.i am really happy tht roch & suyash r nominated.but i think gizelle wil be eliminated.does any1 here likes rishab?

    • harshal

      Anu , I like him, but he is 3rd favourite for me as of now. Mandy and Prince have secured 1st and 2nd place respectively. 4th is keith.

  8. A7x

    Bigboss is very cunning,he knows that cool group will nominate mandana for whole season which will clearly reveal to audience that how insecure is cool group of her.Also it will mean 6 against 1 ,this is where mandana will gain public sympathy what ever she does in house won’t matter.Also public will get used to to vote mandana & save her which ultimately will let mandana win im the end & big boss tries to ensure it.#SOCLEVER#

    • harshal

      I doubt mandana will be selected.
      PRINCE: is in good terms with mandy as of now, won’t nominate her. vote: rishabh/priya

      SUKISH: haven’t they said that mandy is “ZERO” to them and rishabh is “target” , so now if they vote mandy, doesn’t that make them look fake? Interesting πŸ˜€ . vote: let’s see πŸ˜‰

      ROCH: Gizelle all over her mind. if she votes mandy, again double face exposed. vote: gizelle

      KEITH: want him to take individual decision and not roch based. but he will vote for gizelle

      NORA: no idea, don’t care πŸ˜›

  9. nilu

    mandy is a ungrateful person..she always wanted to be target..gizele ko mandy ki personal lyf patha hai,isliye uski saath fight nahi karthi..

  10. tedd

    After seeing keith and roch’s equation..i don’t feel their reltn is going to last long…trust doesn’t come by asking to trust me….u see a person and instantly u can know if u can trust him or not….dumbo roch making keith say sorry….without any mistake …
    Cool grp song was funny…yeah agreed @neeru..others are forcing them to be together….
    @harshal…i feel as if roch is more insecure than priya…i felt it since day 1…from dat keith mandana jodi …..

    • harshal

      tedd, earlier? jealousy that was, which was kinda expected and was valid thing too as it is normal reaction(mandy being more beautiful and all πŸ˜› ). But now, situation is different, she does look very insecure and is desperately clinging on to sukish and prince to continue in this show. Priya pointed out real good points to her on her dipping popularity recently. i am also getting a feeling that this week, we will see roch picking up small-small issues again to make them big
      Cool group song, hahaha, the dance moves was nice too :p….

      • tedd

        Yaah..datz ryt…..jealousy was expected seeing features of mandana…but i think it was overpossesiveness….now its had hai..she is desperately clinging on to sukish….

    • Rochelle at week 1,
      Uff I hate his Kishwer, I
      Rochelle at week 2
      Are yaar Kish or Mandy dost hain mera kya hoga
      Rochelle at week 3
      Mandy u r back
      Rochelle at week 6
      Yeh Mandy eliminated
      Next day
      Aap ye toofan(Mandy) wapas ah Gaya
      Rochelle now,
      Baapre, izz Gizelle, Priya aur Mandy ki bak bak se acha main Kishwer ka dost ban jati hoon

  11. Jonwick

    Prince must come out of this shadow of six.Each week salman will taunt him for this .Its time that he must play alone.

  12. santu

    I just want to correct one thing in this update . Coz this is my favourite line so far in this season.. it’s by mandana wen rochelle was hesitating to fall back on Keith. .. she said “I can play this game with suyyash” ( not you can play)..
    I loved that comment. So straight.. so instantaneously. . and apt to the situation..

  13. Maxx

    Rochel,priya,gisselle and rishabh are 100% fake and irritating ,worth being thrown in dustbin.Prince,keith,mandana are 100% genuine people although mandana’s is complete villian but genuine villian.
    All others lie in between both these categories.

    • harshal

      Maxx, my addition will be rishabh & kish in that genuine people list. She maybe wrong mostly(as per my view), aggressive and all, but she is genuine, i will give her that. For me,

      Genuine: Mandy, Kish, Keith, Rishabh, Prince

      Between: Suyyash, Gizelle(I know almost all hate her,i do too, but she is not acting fake)

      Fake: Roch, Nora, Priya(moving slowly towards between).

  14. Jonwick

    4 vs 6
    but 4 r @ risk
    3 couples 3 chicks
    4th chick kicks
    & doesnt often mix.
    Winner mandy fix!
    Plays her tricks.
    *By jonwickz*

  15. Synyster

    mounni and salman acted to clip of nora & prince trying to show their love angle in enhanced manner and tauting prince about yuvika but didnt show the part where prince says he likes yuvika more .It isn’t fair

  16. Aneri

    I like kish n the fact is no one is nominating her as all like her she behaved in that manner only that no one nominates her so smart even Priya told that when she entered but still she couldn’t nominate kish as somewhere she likes her its kish impression only towards all she is so smart n playing from mind n heart both love u kish

  17. Aneri

    Kish is not like Mandy like doesn’t care for anyone or drama queen or never hit anyone in task n she not like party change karde l like her n she deserve to win support her ppl

  18. Annamma James

    Keith and Rochelle cooking something in their mind…I think they purposefully played dat falling game…to be in limelight, I don’t know whats there strategy…

  19. Annamma James

    And that back ground score for Keith and Rochelle conversation in d precap….quite dramatic and funny music…

  20. Aneri

    Priya even said that to gizele also when she entered in d house that kish nice in short everyone likes n that’s y only no one nominating her kish u r so smart playing well go my girl n win this show

  21. benny Nigerian

    Rochelle is a dumb.she doesn’t know what she wants. I love Keith, prince and kish they are real in the house Giselle came to the show bcos of Rochelle too bad for her .if she think she will fight her am afraid she will lose she better concentrate for her win not to target her . mandana is proud and selfish I don’t like her attitude.

  22. benny Nigerian

    need good friends not like mandana priya Roch but kind heart like Keith am from Nigeria. I can keep Indian friend we can talk on phone if u want. interested persons should send m email on olypurpose27 @gmail . com and send urs Nd fine number here indicate my name Benny Nigeria

  23. Pri

    Mandana used to act the same way as Rochelle is when Salman used to say that she is going in the right direction lol that’s funny.
    Rochelle disgusts me, that is a slap across Keith’s face that she doesn’t trust him. I don’t think they will last long together….UNLESS they are doing it to gain sympathy votes, or more attention, you never know! The show biz life is nothing but dirty games!
    I feel that Gizelle is not fake….well she may be but not a lot. Nora is definitely using Prince for her own good.
    Kishwar has been the same throughout, people call her shameless/moral less…but she’s not that bad. She’s just very straight forward which people think is offensive, but she can get a bit obnoxious. Kishwar is the kind of person I would take advice from, at least I know she will tell me like it is and not beat around the bush!
    I don’t know what to say about Priya to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship towards her. At times, she can be very smart…and at times she can be annoying.
    The mystery episode seems very interesting, super excited to watch it! Hopefully it won’t be full of drama!

  24. Vipasha

    Aneri, your comments are very subjective. How can you proclaim kishwer to be the honest and most- subtle one? She’s a strong woman, still she deliberately created a huge issue to bring mandana in bad light. She strangled her first time and got a mild jerk the second time. But being a nasty b*t*h – that she really is- she chose to follow a Haphazard plan of action. I really like rishabh and mandana – they may be selfish but they never try to coax or sugar coat everyone. I was enthralled by earlier Keith but he seems to be doing everything for the sake of cameras now.#prince is naive.

  25. Are yaar why every one in the house using gauhar kushals strategy to win..First there were only two couples,but now there are two more couples living two girls..kish-suyash,keith-roch,prince-nora,rishabh-priya,and two girls left are the girl with heavy lips gizelle and beauty with alot of brain mandy…Iska naam bigg boss double trouble nahi bigg boss couple trouble hona chahiye…Lol..

    • Hhahah. Bikul sahi Benaras ki Pari. Mujhe yeh plastic romance bardah nahi Hota Jo ki Prince-Nora ki beech me hain. Ya aha to Saab Ladka joru ka ghulam hain,Suyaash to mahan joru ka ghulam hain. Prince me bhi join kiya but Lagta hain Keith resign karna wala hain.

    • harshal

      Pari, that would make this game even more cool, i mean, the detective itself being killer. Imagine 1 of the detectives being the killer and just manipulating the other detective into thinking others are killers, while being safe him/herself….genius…. Now, even i want your prediction to be true and 1 of the detectives to be that killer πŸ˜€

  26. Nora sounds too dumb.may be she is pri said abt priya i hav love hate relationship towards kish.smtimes i like her bcoz she is right with her points,she is straight forward & emotional also.but wht makes me dislike her is her agressiveness &she always targets mandy too much,tht mean smile she has whenever she proves sm1 wrong,i hate the way she was targetting aman.

  27. The BB9 poem
    Chalo Chalo ab hum jaate hain BB ke ghar,
    Yaahaan, jagra Pyaar sab hain yaar.
    Yahan Dosti ki chance hain zero,
    Yaahan koi nahi hain hero.
    Ek ladki Ko chaaye tha ek aadrash Pati, aur wo hain Kishwer,
    Usko Suyaash ke roop mein Beja diya ishwer.
    Aur ek hain Prince himaatwaala
    Jo Nora ke Pyaar main hogaya pyaarwaala.
    Aur ek hain ghar ki purani dushman Mandy
    Jo audience ke Liye as sweet as candy
    Rochelle Devi Rochelle Devi
    Please maat nana Keith ki Biwi
    Keith hain thaanda thaanda cool cool
    Pyaar mein bangaye fool fool
    O Priya, o Priya
    Please aur maat karo roona dhoona
    Aur Rishabh Jo aapne apke Samajta hain don
    Uska track hain wrong
    Gizelle hain ek number ki nautanki
    Baad Baajda diya usne apne lips ki
    Aur hain humara host salman khan
    Jo hain show ki shaan
    Bas main yeh kehna chati hoon, yaar
    Double trouble mein hain kuch zyaada hi Pyaar
    Ab aap Ko kaisan laga Bb ka ghar
    Are bhai, Bb ghar nahi ye to nikal chidiya ghar

    No offense. Just for fun πŸ˜›

  28. I hope kisi Ko gussa nahi aaya is poem ki waja sain. Main to bus Saab ka man Halka, aur hasana chati hoon. Maine koshish kiya, offensive na hone ka. Agar Maine aap logo ka dil dukhaya, please mujhe Maaf kardo

  29. Ha ha ha…Well done joyee..Kya watt lagai hai sabki…Perfectly described bb ka ghar..Kya baat hai aaj sab poet ban rahe hai..Hats off @joyee ..

  30. A7x

    @johnwickz i’ve got a better one.

    Fake love rules.
    For nora prince drools.
    Nora hot like wool
    But prince still cool.
    They play in pool.
    Nora clever prince fool.
    Uses prince as tool.
    Prince horse nora his mule.
    To trps they add some fuel.

    Isnt it awesome?hw did u like it?

  31. II

    Killer mystery seems damn superb. Insecure tag suits rochs 100 prcnt. Because she is the part of 6g no one among them could take her name daringly. Even kish and prince know this better. But they couldnt. Reason 6g will become 4g . Imean both keith and rochs may part ways from 6g. I think so. So its better to put the board on priya as no one likes her. Its easy. Priya well done babe for wearing it so cooly. No much fuss. And regarding clippings hats off to u priya first for taking all the comments filled with everyones dislike and hatred sportingly and still went inside with unshattered confidence. Had there been anyother prsn in her place he or she could have broken up emotionally. I am not saying she is an angel. But still she is a humanbeing like all of us may be more irritating which i fully agree. And taking a daring step to show her clipings is indeed commendable may be for some it may be also a part of her dirty and nasty game play. May be by showing her clpngs she wanted to prove that i am not dirty gamer as u all assume. Hers was just full of an

  32. Synyster

    Hey A7x u just killed it man.
    AWESOME ! SPLENDID! The best one out here.
    Hope i cud also compose it the way u do!

  33. II

    Sorry my comment went half way disconnected. Her ie priyas clippngs was just like an analysis about what i s what and who is who. Little bit brainy facts which she is really good at. It was not that hurting comparitively. And our rochs couldnt bear even that. Reacted saying how could u thnk i got isecure and joined 6g. Its my wish. Cmmon yaar prince u too. Its just one word group which is a fact and u got angry on priya and started fighting. Then imagine how bad priy could have felt by ur hate comments. Nafrath ko jelne ke liye aur uske beech rahne ke liye dham chahiye yaar. Woh priya ke pass jaroorath se jyada he hey. For yestdys episode i want to salute her though i may get 1000slaps from all. Side note. I know her minuses as well as u all know.

  34. Khyati

    Guys!!rochelle is a cute lovely girl..and every relation so have ups and down ,and it doest mean if it is telecasted on a national tv ,they will be a student of human psychology,i can judge and feel that shes the most innocent one(rochelle)she do what her heart tell her to say.shes like a little baby who desnt know how to be manipulative.and besides she doesnt change sides,she just support ,wts right!!so guys vote her and save little roch,atleast an innocent human being should win bigg boss(though it seems salman wants mandana to win,as shes beautiful(just according to him) save rochelle by sms ROC to 56882!!rochellians!!!all the best

    • Mahi

      Absolutely right I always love Keith n roch they made for each other.. There are ups and downs in every relationship… when u r in a place like bb house .. never judge a couple just coz dey fought.. I already vote rochelle
      Please vote for Roch

  35. bbdt

    Yesterday its clearly shown that mandy is targeting kish….partnr gaya to vo kya karegi….ye mandy kah rahi thi….kish ne mandy ko irritate kiya task me thaa….vahi task thaa…mandy ne push kiyaa.or vo boli thi ki keith yahaan nahi henaa….kish ne isliye dhakka diyaa….mandy salman se kah rahi hei ki i am not targeting anyone…kish loud hei magar sab se miljulkar rahthi hei….apna kaam karthi hei…mandy isi bath par jalthi hei…har ek captain se vo jagadthi hei…or kahthi hei me hi sara kaam karthi hoon….how….rona dhonaa….

  36. Jonwick

    A7x better one.Really! take this rap.

    since rishabh pins
    Task prince wins
    helped by keith n kins.
    But slangs mandy brings
    And bigboss sits n grins
    at rival cocks n hens.
    Who seem friends
    But bring offence.
    BB house looks tense.
    2 mamas boyz 2 mens.
    Before it gets nonsense
    *poem ENDS*

    @A7x your was nice 2
    let it be”prince donkey,nora his mule”

    • harshal

      jonwick, awesome again, now my turn πŸ˜›

      Kishwer is a bully, Suyyash is her boyfriend-cum-coolie
      she acts nice to everyone, but only targets Mandana fully
      Prince is a good hearted guy, but is somewhat dumb
      Nora’s gonna just use him, then break up showing her thumb
      Rochelle is fake double faced, but her bf Keith is so nice
      overall rochelle is a wild cat, while keith is her mice
      Priya is a mystery, no one can say if she is good or bad
      overreacts at everything, and then blabbers continuously like mad
      Rishabh is a good fun guy, who all tease and call zero
      he tries to act like villain mostly, but is indeed a hero
      Gizelle is the bad girl, as gross as her lips,
      But still i can’t just take my eyes off her hips
      Lastly my fav Mandy is a darling to me, she will always be,
      she deserves to win the show, let’s just wait and see… πŸ˜‰

  37. Synyster

    Okay @fatarajo i’ll try.
    In big boss house,people fight like cat and mouse,kya banegi nora prince ki spouce In the bb house.
    Aww..i know its bad but you told me write a poem.

  38. dia mariam

    Prince will be the unidentified murderer and he shud b able to kill 5 contestants.1st target is gizelle whom he shud kiss to declare her dead.

  39. hey @joyee ya i read ur reply…you are really talented..i know hindi bihari and marathi…my bf knows bengali very well…thumbs up

    • Actually my 2nd language was mandarin initially and I used to be very good at it , as Bengali was not available there, later when Bengali came mandarin became my 3rd language, And I failed miserably for both the languages, later I had to drop mandarin as Bengali was my mother tongue, and then I became good at Bengali.
      And I know Arabic as I do prayers and used to read religious book at Arabic and Hindi u know why.

  40. Jonwick

    BB queens and kings
    Up in arms on petty things.
    Two foreign skins
    Both look twins.
    Angel Nora got wings
    mandy got stings
    With BB shes got links.
    Priya got blings n rings
    With racism she clings.
    Kish belongs to skinks
    looks ugly perhaps stinks.
    Prince got protein drinks
    For nora he sings.
    Gisselle is a jinx
    This week she sinks.
    rochel on elimination brink
    Still her scowls never shrink
    Rishabh never prinks
    & Deals in eye winks
    Suyyash got mood swings
    mood changes in eye blink.
    Smiles keith brings
    Somehow manages things.

    • harshal

      great poem again :D, now one poem on relationships of the 4 couples of the house…..

      Roch looks good sometimes, but mostly seems bad,
      Either way she is going to one day even make keith go mad,
      Winning this show looks like her only aim in life,
      For that she may even wed bigg boss and become his wife

      To protect kishwer, suyyash may even hold out a knife,
      and still kish will be the husband and suyyash will be the wife
      Their chemistry is good, but kishwer just looks dominant
      even in house suyyash is useless, while kish is prominent

      Prince seems sweet and simple, nora just looks stunning,
      she may look beauty from outside, but from inside she is cunning
      She will use him, exploit him and then throw him like a blank file,
      And all prince’s awesomeness and popularity shall be vile

      Rishabh and Priya fight and fight just like a couple,
      One’s an innocent guy while other just invites trouble
      Let’s see what these 2 people now bring into the show,
      will they just drift apart or will their relationship grow.

  41. Rishab zero kish nahi tum ho… least ladki hokar woh paise waale task aakhir tak khadi hui thi…tum toh yeh chodo jab woh ladki dance kar rahi thi apne heart beat ko thoda bhi control nahi kar paaye….kish ko zero bolta hai actually tum ho…splitsvilla mein bhi ghade the yahaan bhi ghade ho…kish kitni strong hai woh hum jaante hai..aaj tak ek task nahi chodi…she z strong #we support kishwer…go girl rock it

  42. Maxx

    John Wick Dude u Rock! You r out of the world.
    I’ve witnessed some outstanding poetic skills today.whats your age?

  43. AN7

    Missing rimi’s I dont care wala face.
    Basically mandana and rimi are same just because mandana creayes drama and is the favouriate contestent of salman she is still on the show

  44. hey @harshal..i think all the nagpurians are very talented..actually im also from nagpur but living in banaras since 1 year…back to the city for some days…btw nagpur is really great..i luv it..what about u??

    • harshal

      Pari, Nagpur is awesome, so much developments have been happening recently, roads are getting awesome, KFC launched here and so much more. Only bad thing is lack of tourist places and places where we can have fun with friends. Also, the idiotic people here who don’t abide by traffic rules are bad, but hey, that’s the scenario everywhere. Else , everything is good here. Been to many places, bangalore will always be my 1st choice, followed by pune and then nagpur for sure. Hated Delhi to be honest, climate there is ridiculous …

  45. Hey shama i dnt knw abt kish but rishab is nt zero at all.bigg boss is nt just abt tasks its abt personality,behaviour & hw u deal with situations & hw much u entertain people.rishab handles every situation very well.even if sm1 speaks bad abt him he takes it sportingly.vo bina bat ke issues nhi bnata hai nahi attention ke liye drama create karta hai.he gives some fun element to the shw.& abt task i knw vo best nhi hai but he is nt worst like rimi & mandy.& he wil get better.aur rhi heart beat ki bat to suyash ki bhi to heart beat cobtrol nhi hui thi.

  46. Hi everyone. I m back @Tedd @Harshal @Freak @Pari and more. I was late as I went to the airport to pick up my aunt and then I was watching BPL final. My fav team Comilla Victorians won and that too in the last ball, I was so worried that time πŸ˜›

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.