Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 33
Inmates wake up to song Rang de basanti, they dance and enjoy.

Rishab says to Rimi that will you help in cleaning bedroom? Rimi says i have kitchen work too, Rishab ask Suyyash if he will clean it? Suyyash says i wont do mopping, Rishab says then Mandana will clean carpet, Kishwar says just ask her then you will see, Rochelle comes and says all should keep shoes in place, Rishab says you and Mandana will clean bedroom.
Rochelle and Mandana are cleaning washroom, Rochelle says we have to clean bedroom too, Mandana ask why? Kishwar just cook and do nothing, Rochelle says no she cleans counter and all too. Rishab comes there, Madana says i cant clean carpet as have back ache, Rishab says i have given work to everyone, Mandana says i cant clean bedroom

and bathroom both, Rishab says i just want you guys to clean it little, Rochelle says their personal things are spread on beds, we dont want to create fight by touching their personal stuff, Rishab says there will be no fight, Mandana says we dont want to touch personal stuff while cleaning beds.
Rimi ask Kishwar what they are talking about? Kishwar says Rishab is trying to pacify them to clean bedroom too. Kishwar says i dont know why she is making so much fuss for mopping.

bigg boss says to inmates that those three who will enter confession room and elect themselves as the next captain of the house, they will become contender for captaincy, Prince, Rochelle, Rishab, and Aman comes to confession room.
Pricne comes in confession room, bigg boss announce him as first contender for captaincy. Aman ask Rochelle to go as he got chance earlier too, Rochelle says i really wanna go. Suyyash enters confession room and says i want to become captain to set things right which Rishab couldnt, Bigg boss says you are second contender. Rochelle enters confession room, she becomes 3rd contender, Rochelle ask if Rishab can become captain again? can he enter again? Bigg boss says yes he could have become captain again but only three contenders were needed for captaincy which are entered.

Rochelle says Rimi will support Prince and Suyyash, problem is Prince and suyyash are separate now, Rishab says lets see.

Rishab says to Prince that Mandana thinks its degrading for her to mop or clean carpet, even i dont do any work in my house but here i got to know that i am best in these work, Rimi smiles, Prince says she acts like princess, let be become captain then i will see her, he says to Kishwar that i am not b*t*hing but Mandana doesnt do any household chores, Kishwar says i havent seen her working, even today she just helped Rochelle in kitchen.

Rishab ask Mandana why she can clean carpet? Mandana says i have back pain, and this is not girls work, Rishab says its nothing like that, you can clean it, Mandana says talk to me later, i have back pain rightnow, Rishab says fine and leaves, Rochelle comes there, Mandana says Rishab was saying that i dont clean carpet, do you remember i used to do it with Keith, they just want to fight, Mandana takes off her mic and says to bigg boss that it seems like this is only way to talk to you, so let it be, she throws her mic away.

Rochelle says to Aman that Mandana is revolting again, she has taken off her mic, Rishab says to Mandana that she doesnt clean any carpet, tell me which girl in this house cleans carpet? Mandana says i have cleaned it 3times and Digi never do any household work, digi just do their personal work like making tea etc for them, Mandana says i have cleaned boys toilet too, i do alot of work but they just want to go against me, Aman says dont clean boys washroom.

Rochelle ask Aman about his life, Aman says i touched fame earlier, i was high that time and it got into my head but i didnt have anyone who could control me or handle me at that time, i am now composed man, i wish i was married at my peak so things would have been changed now for me.

Kishwar ask Prince that why chocolates are missing (Aman or Mandana hided chocolates yesterday), Prince says Rishab must have eaten it, Rishab says no, i follow house rules, i didnt take any, Kishwar ask Puneet, Puneet says i swear i didnt eat it, Kishwar says we should distribute to everyone, Mandana says to Kishwar that count all and distribute it to everyone, they can keep it in their luggage then, Kishwar, Prince starts distributing chocolates. Aman ask Rimi if she wanna take her piece of chocolates? Rimi says if all are eating it then give to me too.

Prince, Suyyash and Rochelle will have competition to become captaincy, Rishab’s captaincy is over now. In order to win the task, the contenders Prince, Rochelle and Suyyash are required to protect themselves from getting painted by the other housemates with the help of a shield, they have to remain in circle while protecting themselves While the other housemates paint their t-shirts with a sponge placed on a stick, they have to stay inside a circle. As a rule, crossing the line would lead to disqualification, Rimi will be judge of task and will decide who is painted least, he will win.

Buzzer plays, all inmates take their position. Suyyash puts his foot outside circle while protecting himself, inmates who are attacking them with sponge stick to paint them cant swing the stick, they have hit it straight, Rochelle starts moving round and round fastly so no one can paint her T-shirt, buzzer plays, game ends, Rimi sees Suyyash, Rochelle and Prince and have hard time to decide who is painted least, Rimi says Suyyash has won the task as he protected himself most and had his shirt least painted, Bigg boss says Suyyash is new captain now, all clap for him.

suyyash ask Mandana apart from mopping, what you can do easily? Mandana says i can clean slabs of kitchen or can wash utensils with Rimi, i can clean platform and floor of kitchen, suyyash says ok then clean platform and floor of kitchen.
Kishwar ask Suyyash why did you take platform cleaning from me and gave it to Mandana? suyyash says i wanted to take cooking work from her, i dont want her to cook and you can do any work for me, Kishwar gets miffed and says i wont, Suyyash i expect you will people cooperate with me not them thats why i gave her that work, he jokes that i have become better captain than you, you were best, Kishwar stares him.

Rochelle says to Aman that i know you stole chocolates, Aman laughs, Mandana says i wanna confess that i and Aman planned all this, Aman says to Rochelle that i have abundance of sugar hidden too, Mandana says i told him to not do it but he gave me devilish smile, aman says my devil is always active.

Bigg boss calls Suyyash in confession room and says in double trouble room, it was decided to take mattress from all inmates, all are sleeping without mattress, now we are giving you 5 mattress, you have to decide who breaks rules most, you will choose two people who break rules most, they will not sleep on mattress while all other housemates will sleep on mattress, also if you feel that someone is breaking rules then you have authority to take his or her mattress and put it in store room as part of punishment, Suyyash nods and leaves.
Suyyash comes in lounge and tells everyone that he has to give two names who break the rules most, we have 3mattress in house and 5 will be give by bigg boss now so 8inmates will sleep on mattress while the two whom i will choose will sleep without mattress, rimi says Rochelle is already called rule breaker, Rochelle says i didnt break any rule this week, Suyyash says but i have to decide who breaks rules most, i am given one more authority that if i find anyone breaking rules then i can take his mattress and put it in store room, Mandana says Prince is always find sleeping, Suyyash says i dont have to explain to anyone rightnow as captain, i know Prince was seen sleeping, Mandana says announcements are made for captain to take action against one who is sleeping, Rochelle says if you punish me then my mattress will be taken and i dont know when it will be returned, Suyyash says i will bring your mattress back in 2 3 days, Suyyash says Prince and Rochelle breaks rules most. Rishab and Puneet comes in store room to take mattresses, Rishab says i was lenient with them and they are blaming me only.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that rishab was breaking rules too, suyyash says he was captain, i cant take action against him.

Rishab says to Rochelle that i was lenient and was nice to everyone but you people are taunting me that i was not good captain, Rochelle says taunt was not for you but all have to work in this house, i dont like to fight all the time, i take Mandana’s side as people try to single her out, Rishab says i always support her but she is never nice, i dont want to be friends now.

Aman reads task, Its fairness challenge. there will be two teams in it.
Black team- Kishwar, Suyyash, Prince, Rimi, Digi.
White team- Puneet, Rishab, Mandana, Rochelle.
In task, one team member will stand and two inmates from other will put powder on his face to make it dirty while the inmate from his or her team will open boxes placed in garden one by one, there will be face wash in one of the box, he or she will have to wash face of inmates whose face has got smeared with powder, the inmate whose face is smeared cannot wash his face by himself nor can help other inmate who will fash his face.
Buzzer plays, task starts, Rochelle and Mandana are putting black powder on Suyyash’s face to make his face dirty while Prince opens lock of boxes one by one and finds face wash in last box, he comes and washes Suyyash’s face, all laugh, Prince cleans his face with towel, task is done. Now Rishab stands, Kishwr and Digi puts black powder on his face, Puneet opens boxes and finds face wash, he splashes water on Rishab’s face, takes off his shirt and cleans his face with it, he makes Rishab lie on floor and throws water on his face, all are laughing seeing Puneet’s antics, Rishab gets miffed with Puneet and ask if he is mad to behave like that, Rishab gets angry and throws water on Puneet’s face too, Puneet says i liked it. Aman says both teams have done task. Bigg boss says that black team has done task in 5:58minutes while white team have done task in 4:37minutes so white team is winner, they scream in happiness, bigg boss ask Aman to bring gift hamper from store room and give to winners, aman does so. Rishab gets angry on Puneet for treating him in that way while washing his face, he says to Puneet that are you crazy, Puneet ask him to not be angry, Rishab ask him to not eye him, he is not afraid of him, Mandana ask Rishab to relax, Aman gives them gift hamper, Mandana thanks bigg boss.

Suyyash says to Puneet that Rishab was not ready that you will splash water so hardly on him, Puneet says it was him only who asked me to splash water with force.
Rishab is washing his face, he says that powder is in my hairs too, Rochelle ask Rishab to take shower, Puneet comes there, Rishab says i was telling you to pour water calmly but you threw it on my face, Puneet says i am sorry, Rishab doesnt budge and says all powder got spread on my body, Puneet says i was doing task with passion, i am sorry, Rishab says then play alone from next time, Rishab says you can put soap on my face too, Rishab says you think your face is black, this is in your head, Puneet says this is rule of my life, i dont wash my face so i dont know how to wash it, i am sorry brother.

In bedroom, Kishwar jokes that it was water slap by Puneet to Rishab, Puneet says you can joke about it, it was task and i said sorry to him.
In washroom, Rishab says to Rochelle that Puneet’s hands are very heavy, Rochelle ask him to lie down and rest while she puts icepack on his face to give him relief.
Puneet says to Prince that i was feeling guilty, Prince jokes that Rishab is kid and he got shivered by water slap, Puneet says now all will put masala(content) in this matter and will start playing their game. Rochele says to Rishab says Puneet got mad in task.

PRECAP- On weekend special,Salman will entertain alongwith Gautam Gulati(winner of BB8). Also one contestant will be eliminated.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rishab nd puneet part ws sooooo funny nd excited fr tmrw gauti s cmng wow

  2. It seems rochelle is trying to confide into mandana aman nd trying to bring rish on her side..mandana seems tired.. Hope suyash is a grt captain

  3. wow…funny episode… this season me first time mene bahoth hassaa r enjoy kiyaa..puneeth and rishab s scene was awsm.
    And tmrw Salaman ke sath ??..waiting for that.
    plzz kishwar ko eliminate karo…i can’t see her irritating face..plzzzzzzzz

  4. Kishwer will not get eliminated..they are being paid for that…. She irritates sometimes…but thatz best for her…she will stay for long

  5. I am confused as to how Suyash became captain when it was clear from the task that he stepped out of the circle and therefore should have been disqualified automatically. If he did really step out of the circle and yet became captain, it will become topic for discussion on live show and again Suyash will look bad since Aunty Rimi failed to make the correct decision.

  6. Mandana always insults prince…… she treats prince very badly……. he should speak for himself….. she only gestures “che che che” for prince…. feeling bad for prince

  7. Rochelle ko ghar se nikhalo….. bahut dramebaaz he ladki….. girgit ki tarah rang badalthi hai…… kieth nahi hai toh, mandana, aman aur rishab ke peeche baagthi hai aur jab mandana rang badalthi hai toh vo prince ke peeche baagthi hai

  8. Hope people try to see the best in prince coz he is trying his best in all the task……..rochelle and mandana insult prince coz he isn’t an actor….. it ain’t good….. it shows how ill mannered they are……

    1. I think Rishabh is the best person to win this show only He should start speaking specially against prince. After Rishabh Aman is the second person should get Bigg boss 9 trophy.

  9. I like da way prince is play
    Am big fan of Salam khan

  10. Why do the contestants glaringly use different strokes for different people inside the house? it was ok when Suyash refused to clean carpet when asked by Rishab but it was not ok for Mandana to refuse it as well. The contestants through their own actions make themselves look so bad.

    The issue between Prince and Mandana is very simple. Prince initially tried to be sweet to Mandana when he realised she was getting public support but from Mandana’s statement during the swing task, its clear that she was not in the mode to play the romance game with Prince (ego totally bruised) and resorted to argument even on the smallest of topics because note that they never argued when Prince was tied to Rochelle or within the first week. Later Prince turned his attention to Yuvika who was not interested in him and yet could not be frank enough to let him know so he doesn’t make a fool of himself. So happy Yuvika left so that it didn’t get to that level.

    If Prince plays his game as an individual it will definitely help him. He should stop trying to look for support be it romantically or sisterly or brotherly.

  11. Rimi was not fair in choosing Suyash for captainsy. He stepped out and hence should have been disqualified. Kish did not interfere had it been someone else she would have been the first person to dispute it. Well hope Salman takes this up on the weekend as he is very fair and firm.

  12. pls eliminate tht ugly kish BB…hate her alot..

  13. Waiting for gauti! <3

  14. i also think rishab & aman r the deserving contestants to win this show.aman is always fair unlike kish & co. who r biased in every task.rishab seems nice.wish to knw more abt keith hope he returns soon.

  15. Good comedy EPISODE ……….
    Mandaaana we luv u….
    Keith plz come back………
    Keith koo wapas lao
    Weekend pay mazaa aaye gaa
    Hamaara teddy bear joo aaraha( Gauti)

  16. Plz eliminate kish n mandana..they both r iritating..n love you salman ,u look so cute in prem ratan dhan payo :-*

  17. Waiting for Gautam.. we love we love Gauti……

  18. rishabh is nice but he needs to open up more

  19. I don’t like prince at all

  20. Prince was my favourite…but now he acts like a mad man….hate him to the power infinity…..nd kishwer nd suyyash luks lyk two aunties always b*t*hing abt others and always thinkng of having a fight wid others..this trio is very bakwaas…

  21. Yaa guys aman is deserving contestant… Bt he should take stand….. In every opinion..

  22. Those of u who say that salman is always supporting mandana think again. Salman supports what is right. Mandana is always a target of everyone. Salman even supports rimi that does mean that he is wrong. Think again guys.
    Kishwar did not regret after spitting in water but atleast mandana had that much courtesy to accept her mistake. Mandana was wrong but then what is Kishwar. Those who hate mandana and Salman should STOP watching BB9. Please eliminate Kishwar.
    2day Gautam should teach Prince, Kishwar and Suyyash how to play. these 3 are bl***y cheap people and how did Suyyash become captain. Please remove these 3 people

  23. this season is very boring..dkhkr lgta h k sirf mandana ko famous krne k liye ye season h..or jisne iske khilaf first time bola usey he face krna pdga elimination ka ..or i think abi lgta h mandana is winner for this season..

    1. Bilkul sahi iss season ka focus sirf aur sirf mandana Hi hai this season is quite boring salman bhi itna interest nahi dikha raha

  24. Can anybody please tell me, aaj kaun eliminate hua??

  25. maninder bains

    Mandana is very beautiful I like her beauty but she is bad person she is problem creater she is always against poor prince without proper reason rishab is very dull personality nothing compared to gautam he.was remind us gautam when he was enter as wild.card he.done some things just like gautam last season but he is not like gautam he is now not have proper game planning have gut he is going here and there not have his own opinion look booking now same.with rimi she is beautiful but sorry to say what is doing in show she look tired and booring she is not deserve as contest of big boss I.don’t why is in.big boss so sorry for yuvika she is beautiful and awesome and more deserve contestant then rimi and Rochelle she is also so.booring I don’t like these time big boss girls.they.all are not have standard like gauhar khan like Krishma Tanna like sonali raut Sana khan Tanisha mukheji I think last season 8 and 7 big boss is best this big boss.9 not have class like big boss 8 and some guy like.aman and ugly but few guy likes Keith and sureesh and Prince and kishwer is entertaining and save this show kishwer is big entertaining actress she is loud and she is also soft and she is angry women and she is also good she is also mix with bad and good some.time she is play.villain role and.sometimes play.good she show us everything and some.people.thinks she is need to be out of show if she is out what left in show she is utleast entertaining us what Mandana doing what Rochelle doing they are beautiful ladies but not good entertainers and I.don’t know what is.doing digangana and rimi in this show they both out this show both doing nothing this show so booring please bring back.Keith and yuvika they both more deserve then rimi and digangana

  26. Salman is biggboss, so Mandana(having some superficial similarity with Katrina) is winner

  27. Rimi , as we didnt notice before, is beautiful teeth, is beautiful smile!

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