Bigg Boss 9 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 94
inmates wake up to song mera naam lakhan, Imam is sleeping in sky lounge in garden, inmates wake up and dance, Keith and Rochelle hugs. Mandana and Imam dances.
Mandana says to Imam that i cant accept your offer, i have reached till this stage alone so i dont wanna use and throw anyone for my benefit, Imam says great, i just wanted to see if you are real or can throw anyone under bus to win, you did good, he hugs her.
Priya says to Imam that you hided my clothes? Imam says maybe someone else have hidden your clothes, Priya says i just wanna tell you that i am fine without my that dress, Imam says dont tell me this, Priya says you can do anything to provoke us, Imam says there might be someone who wants to make controversies between us thats why he is doing it,

play wisely.

Imam gives Rishab task to find Priya’s clothes, Prince laughs and says Imam you have done it, Imam says i am laughing because he is fool who has done it, Rishab goes to find it, Imam says maybe i might have given someone hidden task to hide her clothes so you have to find out who did that.
Rishab comes in washroom area and finds Priya’s clothes.
Imam says to Priya that i wanna make people see new Priya, in new haricut and all, Rishab brings her clothes, Imam asks who could have done it? Rishab says maybe Prince, Imam says you can go, we are talking, Priya thanks him, Rishab leaves.
Rishab asks Mandana who hide Priya’s clothes? Mandana says i dont know, Rishab says maybe Prince.

Mandana says to Rishab that why would Prince hide it? he is not nominated, Rishab says he can do it for entertainment, Mandana says you are not understanding my point, you are answering something else, Rishab says ask me, i will tell you, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, go, Rishab says dont bootlick me, you can do it with other people but not me.

Mandana says to Prince that i was asking simple question to Rishab that you are already in finale and why would you do it? Rishab is like you can do it for entertainment, Rishab comes there, Mandana says Rishab is too much in game, Rishab eats food from kitchen, Mandana asks him to get lost, Rishab dances and says i am going, Mandana says get lost, Mandana leaves making food and says i will not make it, she leaves, Prince says it was her duty, she left.
Mandana comes Imam and says Prince and Rishab are so much curious about you that why you came here and all.
Rishab says Mandana is so much buttering Imam that she will fall flat.
Mandana says Rishab have abused my father, my family, my boufriend, Imam says i know how much Rishab can stoop low.

Task is given to people, task name is ‘ignore imam’, Imam will do things to irritate inmates and get reaction out of them, he can do anything to get their attention but if inmates give him reaction then they will be out of game, Imam tries to talk to inmates but they leave, Imam says game has started now.
Priya says to Keith and Rochelle that its really difficult to ignore Imam but we stay together then we will be able avoid him more.
Imam tries to tease Mandana who is washing dishes by lying on platform but she doesnt look at him.

Prince says to Priya that BB9 inmates are ahead of everyone, Imam says if you people were then we wouldnt have been brought in? Prince says to Priya that i was talking as we are latest contestants. Imam says girls play nice in this house but Prince is lazy, jerk and totally useless person, he is so cheap that he used his sister to get ahead in game, Kishwar did her duty as sister but i wish if she can forgive him but Prince even used his relations, Imam puts sofa near bedroom door, Rishab comes there and says i am not able to go inside, he asks Prince to help him, Prince slips sofa on which Imam was sitting, Imam stand up, Prince opens door, Imam says he is getting physical, it used to happen in BB6 too.

Prince says in camera that thanks for bringing entertainment in house, Imam sit near bedroom door and puts sofa, suitcase near it so that they cant come in, Prince tries to move him, Imam sings poems funnily, he says Prince is getting physical again, Prince makes him move and go inside bedroom, he starts taking Imam’s thing, Imam says if i am invisible then why is he taking my things? Imam sit inbetween bedroom door, Prince tries to move him, Imam says you wanna get physical? lets play now, he pushes Prince aside, Keith looks at him, Imam says i got reaction from Keith Bigg boss. Keith puts imam’s things in store room.
Mandana asks Keith to not take his things till Bigg boss’s orders, i dont like it.
Rishab is using Imam’s stuff, Imam comes there and says its not related to task but i personally dont like someone using my stuff, give it back to me else i will puke on you, i am saying true, i wont care, i will vomit on you, Rishab doesnt budge, Imam says fine, Imam comes in kitchen area, puts milk boxes in suitcase, he comes in garden and throws suitcase in pool.

imam puts chairs, table near living area door and doesnt allow Rishab to come in, Imam says if someone tries to mess with me then i will treat them like dogs, Prince and Rishab tries to move chairs, Imam says they are getting physical with me, they have been violent whole season, i am playing intelligently but they just cant intelligent, Rishab tries to come in living area but Imam stops him and shouts to not get physical with me, Rishab asks Priya to make tea for him, Priya says i will make it for you, Imam shouts on Rishab that i will beat shit out of you, Rishab ignores Imam and talks to Priya, Imam says nothing can be more dangerous than me, Priya brings food for Rishab, imam blocks her way, Priya pushes plate outside living area, Imam says they are disrespecting food, getting physical with me so i am not enjoying this task.

Imam throws potatoes on Priya who is working in kitchen, she doesnt react, Imam says i showed humanity, now i will show animal behavior, he pours cream on her hairs, Imam says they have done it all in tasks, now i am giving them back to what they did, he asks Bigg boss who blew chili in other eyes? he brings chili, and comes to Rochelle, Priya says to Rochelle that you know meditation? Rochelle says yes, Imam is about to blow chili in her eyes, Rochelle calls Keith but Rishab comes and takes Rochelle from Imam, Rishab starts putting potatoes back in basket, Imam says when i am not present here then why he is picking it up? they dont know how to play task.

Imam says to Keith and Rochelle that come inside lounge else i will be bad with you.
Imam imitates Prince that i can do anything for task, i am different in task, Prince claps, Imam says do clap, maybe you will find some work like this, this is only work you can get.

Prince is wearing shoes and sitting on sofa, imam says put shoes down, i am OCD, i will not let you put shoes on sofa, Prince says i will do it, what will you do? imam says dont give me reaction, imam acts like blowing chili in Priya’s face but doesnt, Priya blinks, Imam says i got her reaction. Imam says Bigg boss i will smack Prince’s face, tell him to behave.

Bigg boss says ‘ignore Imam’ task is finished, Imam has slipper in his hands and says they ended task as they knew i would throw slipper on your face. Prince says this is not BB6 that we are afraid of Imam, dont talk cheap about me, Imam claps and says you are eunuch, Prince says they are human too, Imam says i know, Prince says you maybe imam in your house, imam says dont mess with me, Prince sits on sofa with shoes, Imam says i will test him in tasks, Prince says you can as much as you want but you have my victory in your hands, Imam says even you have your victory in your hands., your victory is doomed, Prince raps song, Imam shouts you are doomed, doomed, Prince leaves, priya laugh, Imam says he lost chance to win show, Rishab says this is in God’s hands, Imam says i know you are talking as friend but i have a problem, a clinical problem but he is antagonizing me using shoes on sofa, as a friend i am telling you to not put shoes on sofa as i have problem, i could have done anything in task, i could have used chili, shoes but i didnt, i didnt do anything, Rochelle says Imam i wanna say that you didnt do anything bad, Imam hugs her, Priya tries to talk to Imam but Imam ignores her, Rochelle asks Imam to not exclude Prince, Imam says to Rochelle that this is my plan, let me play with Prince, let me make him learn how it feels to be cornered as he has always played in group, Priya says you were excluded in your season and now you are doing same with Prince? this is not good, you did good in task, Prince all are human here, Priya says you did task well but after that whatever you said, shame on you, Imam says shame on you, Priya says you did task well, Imam says i am challenging you all to bear me, Prince says game is one, Priya says obey, obey, obey, she tries to irritate Imam, Imam says she footage queen, what she thinks that i will give her footage.

Imam says to Mandana that task was well, i could have done anything but i didnt as professional.
Priya says to inmates that the one who is excluding is doind wrong and the one who is supporting is wrong too, Rochelle says i didnt support his exclusion thing, i told him he is wrong.
Mandana says to imam that they have put your things in store room and i asked Keith to not do it. Imam says inmates are thinking that i have thrown Rishab’s suitcase in pool but you know the suitcase i threw in pool is my suitcase, Priya is trying to take Prince on her side, she is a fool, they are item kids, if they had achieved anything then they would have been away me.
Inmates come in garden and brings out suitcase from pool, they open it to find milk boxes in it, Priya says its his goodness that he didnt put Rishab’s clothes in it, he is nice that he made our milk boxes chill. mandana says to Imam that you did great thing, Imam says i know my job and how to do things.
Rochelle says to Keith that Imam is right in a sense that time to time Prince have made people feel excluded in this house as he always had group and cornered others with them.

imam says to Priya that my image was damaged in BB6 but i know how to play game, i am not into politics of house, he asks Rochelle what i told you? Rochelle says you said Prince excluded many people in house so he wanna make him feel that, Priya says but this is not good, Rochelle says i took stand to not do it, i told Imam that, Imam takes Rochelle from there. Prince says that i felt bad when Rochelle said that i made people feel excluded, Keith says why would i say to her? you tell her.

Rishab comes to Imam, he says i wanna give messages to my friends through you, i wanna say sorry to Mandana, Imam asks Mandana to come and sit, she sits beside Rishab, Rishab says my method is what you sow shall you reap, i was hurt because of her behavior but i dont want you to go from show thinking that i am bad person, i am sorry for abusing you, it happened and we cant change it, sorry, Mandana says its okay.

Rishab asks Prince that after show if he invites Yuvika in party, will he have problem with that? Prince says no, Rishab teases him that oh you dont have problem? Prince says i was clear with Yuvika, she told me that she knows about my feelings but she cant move ahead with me because of her past and family so i am fine with it, she is my friend and will have fun, Rishab says i will call everyone whom i met in house, in party i will tease you and Yuvika, you might be coming with your girlfriend and Yuvika will be coming with her boyfriend, and i will tease you both, he says in bigg boss finale, i will dance with Yuvika, you would be dancing with Nora and will be seeing Yuvika and me from corner of your eyes, she used to smile so much that even my jawline would hurt, Prince says Yuvika is nice girl, Rishab says no she is not nice, she is very nice girl, i mean for you, Prince says sometimes i feel like breaking your head, they laugh.
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PRECAP- Bigg boss gives task to inmates, task name is ‘commander Imam’, Bigg boss house is turned into boot camp and inmates are cadets of commander Imam. Imam makes inmates to rigorous regime, Priya and Prince smiles, imam says you are making fun of me? you will be punished, he asks Priya to eat chili powder, she puts it in mouth and puffs it out. Imam makes Rochelle stand on ice brick, Priya breathes heavily due to excessive workout ordered by Imam, Mandana says i cant do all this, Rishab says i wont cut my hairs, Imam says you have to, Rishab says now you wont be able to even touch them at all, Imam shouts shut up.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Nadia

    Mandana is very smart and is already thinking about how to take advantage of imam…. Keep going and be the good one under imams eye then only you can reach the final

  2. [email protected](PHFFAN)

    Akshay kumar is a rockstar…he s my hero..:-D

  3. Imagine Dragons

    Mandana is an extremely despicable lady.Firstly she badmouthed about Rishabh to prince and next moment she badmouthed about both to imam,still people say she backbi*ches least but I’ll say she is the top backbiting housemate.
    She kept badmouthing every housemate and acted like a sycophant in front of imam.Latest added function to mandana’s software RE-BOOT LiCKING.Then she says she never uses anyone for winning,such a scoundrel !!
    Now coming to imam he will be pelted badly at the hands of prince & honestly saying he can’t stand prince.Only prince and priya are valiant enough to not give up there principles and self-respect when situations are catastrophic,rest must buy bangles including males.
    Prince was apt when he rebuked imam for devastating his image and self-respect.Imam must learn to be in his limits even in tasks,else he will be pummeled.
    As far as I know prince was ranting at imam cuz imam said I’ll fling the shoe onto prince,that was ludicrous.He is surreal and he talks absurdly..why bring such eccentric people in the house,he will definitely try to impede prince and will send Mandana or Rishabh to finals as Keith and priya will be out this week..


  4. santu

    The looser of today’s task is the biggest looser in life and that I’d Imam…. ha ha ha…
    Priya u rock…
    Prince I liked ur resistance..
    All others are afraid of imam and licking his foot…

  5. Blue phoenix

    Boring episode today too. Tomorrow’s precap looks promising. So does today’s precap, but epi fell short of expectations.
    I had only seen last few episodes of last season bb8, n never liked gautam gulati, full show off. Still wondering, how he won.
    Some ppl comparing him to prince, but, prince is lot better than him. Guys,please type your versions too,regarding this ๐Ÿ™‚ n happie holidays ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bebo

      @Blue Agree i too dont knowhow GG won in BB8.Prince is wild night and Gautham gulati z Ni8mare.I think rimisen wish should turn true that BB10 dont happen coz Show z boring till the core.

    • bebo

      @ Blue phoenix ..Reply 4 the previouz day comment
      Dude u can call me sis :-)…By Default if u call Bro alzo no issue lol…Kyunki my 4ndz keepz calling me bro coz of my tomboyish character.Take care have a great day .c u

  6. Ritika

    The show has again become interesting. Antics of imam and reactions of housemates. Insane but funny ๐Ÿ˜€

    i wl vote for Priya and keith. Mandana already has many followers

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ goodness what an epi ๐Ÿ˜ฎ insane but funny! Best was keith looking so lost ki ye kya ho rha hai, kaisa jungle hai yeh, kahan phas gya and staring at imam in disbelief ki ye kya hai ๐Ÿ˜€ aww the usual calm and silent keith ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice of Priya to suggest meditation to rochelle just in time lol (chilli powder threat) ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Shreya

    Thanks for such fast update… ๐Ÿ™‚
    But i wud like to make Some changes…

    1. Rishab goes into kitchen and asks who took priya’s clothes..
    Mandana says i dont know nd prince says its imam.. Me nd kieth wer in the bedroom but imam was not there..

    2. Prince looks into cam and says we are removing some things for fun..

    3. Rishab is lying on the couch with shoes on.. Iman asks him to put down his legs down nd says i hv a medical condition nd if you dont then i myt puke on you..

    4. Prince claps.. Imam says that is not the way to clap nd shows him (he claps the way HIJADAs/ HIJARAs do) nd says learn, maybe you can atleast earn some money that way, being a chakka..

    4. Imam asks prince to put down his legs but prince ignores nd reply priya.. He doesn’t give reaction to imam..

    5. Prince says to imam that you don’t hv my victory in your hands nd imam says evn you don’t hv your victory in your hands.. Prince raps something like,, “hum nahi darthe imam se,, ye nhi hai bigboss 6”..

    6. Imam says give me a grp hug,, but i don’t want this guy(pointing at prince).. To vch roch nd priya protest .. Abt excluding prince…

    • Shreya

      Rishab nd prince conversation…

      Rishab – vl you hv problm if i call yuvika to my party..
      Prince – no..
      Rishab – Everyone will make fun of you..
      Prince- (laughs) i vl run from there..
      Rishab – thats what i want to see..
      Prince – No,, Yuvika made it clear before she left.. so no problm..
      Rishab-what did she say.. ?
      Prince – She said she understands nd respects my feeling, but cant go fwd coz of her past nd family..
      Rishab – what past..
      Prince – dont know.. Din ask.. But said vl be frnds forever.. I vl definitely meet her outside..
      Rishsb – yeah you shud.. I vl call everyone I met here in my party.. nd be prepared to be teased.. Nd i vl make fool of you.. Be ready..
      Prince – smiles nd nodes..
      Rishab – well i hope it doesn’t happen that you come with your gf nd she with her bf nd i make a fool of myself…
      Prince – yeah.. You never know..
      Rishab – BBji if i come in finale plz give me a dance with yuvika.. nd prince will dance with nora..
      Prince – you are such a ***** (laughs)
      Rishab – yuvika will be there, nora will be there nd Me practising with yuvika nd prince with nora but prince will be looking in the other mirror nd saying move aside move aside..
      Prince – i vl say,, i m still your frnd so stay away from rishab, he is a rascal… (both laughs)
      Rishab – god she used to smile sooo much that my jawline used to pain..
      Prince – what did she say to you..
      Rishab – arre why ask something jab chidiyaa chug gayi khet..
      Prince – i m just asking..
      Rishab – normal things.. Abt life nd all..
      Prince – she is a good girl..
      Rishab – no she is not.. She is a veryy good girl.. (laughs)
      Prince – sometimes i feel like throwing you out… (Both laughs)

  8. harshit

    Wo hooo…One more grt episode..
    Imam is really..entertaining..
    I do not watch tv ..
    These updates are boon for me..
    As m bb
    Imam was totally right about prince..
    About that corner thing n all..
    Mandana..poor girl..she is behaving so nicely to imam….
    She is forgetting tht she’s going to b in trouble after she signed contract with ekta kapoor to promote kkh3 and not putting efforts to come out to promote her film..
    (As read in news)
    Roch ..trying hard to be second finalist..
    I think priya should b second finalist..
    Though there r fair chances of being mandana second finalist..(as imam`s rxn towards mandana)

    • Blue phoenix

      @harshit yaar I feel this ekta thing also kinda of promotion. Forced eviction might hav e been for mandana, but kishwer went out. That might have irritated ektha and going for “rumors” to promote her film.

  9. Great job Mandana for not accepting to use Prince. Your intelligence is on point.
    Its interesting the way housemates see things differently when done by two people. If Mandy hides anyone’s stuff to either irritate the person or just for fun. Its called theft. However, if others do it its called entertainment. Its very interesting analogies. I think the basis of Imam hiding it is to tell them only two things.
    1. That its possible others may hide stuff and still keep quiet for others to be blamed. It may Be a strategy to cause confusion between people.
    2. To let them know their double standards in looking at issues depending on who is involved.

    I hope they get Imam so that they can all play very well.

    If indeed dear Rishab did abuse Mandy’s family and boyfriend then its not good as families are not involved in the game. Abuses between contestants may happen but to involve families is not necessary.

    Priya is a strong woman why does she need to play in a group for the ignoring Imam task after constantly questioning the formation of groups. Hope she sticks to her individual playing. I funny the extent to which Imam will go just to get Priya to have a trim (by messing her hair). Priya’s strategy of turning everything into a social issue is failing.

    In spite of all provocations by Imam o Kishwer’s eviction, Prince did well not to respond in the bedroom. But reacting to him at the end of the task was not necessary. He should have simply ignored him. Prince should know that he is already the first finalist so he should just ignore him as that’s his aim.

    Rishab can be sweet sometimes but taking someones stuff to use without the person’s permission can also be termed as stealing (cos he is not hiding it). He did it with Aman’s towel as well. I understand that Imam has hidden his shoes but Rishab should be careful not to come out of the task looking bad.

    Looks like Mandy, Rishab and Rochelle are understanding the fact that Imam is not their contender but their task. Great!

    • Shreya

      Priya’s shwal nd that dress are two different things…
      Shwl had an emotional value to it nd she was searching it for two days..
      That dress doesn’t evn mattr . Also it was just the morning.. Morovr it was pretty obvious to priya that imam did it for irritating, vch is part of task..
      But mandy had no ryt to touch it nd thus it becomes “theft.. ”

      Prince reacted aftr the task.. Nd sorry to say prince was the only one who proved that he won’t take ny nonsense… Imam started saying things aftr the task vch was not needed.. Unlike mandy, prince nd priya aren’t buttring imam..

      P. S – prince is not the first finalist.. Prince qualified to the finale week… I thought its the same,,, but its not… Bb said so vn imam came nd was welcoming him..

      • @ Shreya points well noted.

        On your first issue, I humbly disagree because there is no law which says that a theft will become theft only when there is an emotional value attached to the stolen item. For example if you have two bags of golds with one having an emotional value don’t think that if one of them gets missing (the one without emotional value) gets stolen, it will fail to be termed as theft because there was no emotional value attached to it.

        on your second issue, indian culture demands that guests are treated with respect. Remember Imam is not a contestant and therefore not their competitor. In as much as i agree with you that some things were said by Imam in bad taste, Prince could have become the bigger person by totally ignoring him or he could have used another approach. In any case Priya never denied the fact that Mandy was always hospitable to all new entrants. This means she tries to make the person comfortable and then gradually draws aways and will even stay away from such a person if the person starts backbiting her. To me this is very normal. Never judge a book by its cover. Give everybody a chance to prove themselves before concluding on them whenever you meet people for the very first time. So in short she is not buttering Imam up but being hospitable and its a well-knob fact in the house that she is a great cook so definitely no one would want a guest to eat horrible food.

        A ticket to finale means a ticket to the final week and therefore all contestants in the house within that final week are called finalist no matter how BB decides to call it.

      • PS: Shreya kindly note that Mandy said she did not take Priya’s shawl but saw it and didn’t feel the need to tell Priya. That was the basis of their argument and Rochelle said she is not sure if she, Rochelle hid it and totally forgot about it.

      • Shreya

        @tracy…. LOL….You got me wrong… I din say it was theft coz it had emotional value.. I said it was theft coz mandy had no right to hide it just becoz she finds a person iritatting….
        The emotional factor i mentioned was the answer to ur point as to why HMs viewed the entire thing in a diffrnt light…

        Being a guest doesn’t give ny person the right to talk shit… Now i’ll quote an example as u did.. A foregner comes to india nd if he repeatedly abuses my country in frnt of me,, i wud nvr keep quiet just becoz he is a guest… Respect is earned baby…
        As for mandana her respect to guests was pretty evident wen SRK came.. ๐Ÿ˜€ lets not evn get into that…. LOL..
        I wud like to see how she responds to imam if imam starts irritating her the way he is doing with others…. All her so called hospitality will blow away nd what we’ll hear is lots of abuses.. (iman kind of knows that so he warned her beforehand – “dont abuse me”.. He said) ๐Ÿ˜€

        I agree to your last point.. well its just that bb said imam will decide the first finalist…. So got confused…. ?

        P. S – mandy nevr denied that fact.. Wen asked why din she return she said coz priya is so iritating..
        And as you urself said,, its theft evn if one takes the things nd not hide it…..

      • Its not my intention to prolong this discussion but I have to make some few points.

        Your example of insult is on point except that in this case you know the person is specially sent to irritate and get a reaction from you. so why give that reaction. not necessary.

        Glad that you agree with me such actions are theft and therefore almost all the contestants at one point or the other became thieves because they have all taken and used or eaten what does not belong to them.

        When Priya asked Mandy why she didnt tell her about the whereabouts of her shawl, that’s when she said because she was irritating which was very true and not because she admitted taking it.

        For the SRK I had already clarified that it was not disrespectful to genuinely tell someone you don’t know something to which Kishwer even confirmed that Mandy didn’t know. Its interesting that when a person is hated no matter what the person does it can never be appreciated. My reason for saying this is based on raising the SRK issue: contradictions. In one breath Mandy should be nice (that’s assuming she disrespected SRK which i disagree. see the clip of how excited she was when she discovered it was him behind the mask and has even worked with him before) and in another breath Mandy should not be nice to Imam.

        Some of the evicted housemates (Digi, Gizelle and Kish) have all confirmed that Mandy is very caring but assertive person.

  10. Guri

    Imam is very boring I don’t know how he comes again and prince didn’t cheat his sister (kish) because it was task till now everyone say she manipulate prince but now prince made decision because more chances to win for prince not kish and that was big boss decision not prince one of them has to leave house so kish gone for me prince is winner all time and he will win

  11. citu

    rocell double standerd…thali ka lota….i want this girl evicted in next week ..fake fake…
    keith nice person mat fas yar…priya i will vote 4 u in this week…i was so much irrited from u but today ur word won my hurt…

  12. riya

    Immam so stuppppiiid….
    What he is doing?????
    Ordering inmates..torturing them….testing them….is so bad….
    Bakwas hai immam pagal hai.
    And now If he says one word against PRINCE I will kill him seriously…..

  13. zac

    I liked mandana in between but now with imam’s entry… Urghh!!! Too much boot licking.. The way she’s acting all coy to him it’s so fake really couldn’t stand it..



    • aahana

      if bigg boss is a low class show plz stop watching it or reading the updates.
      PRINCE will not win the show.

      i don’t mind anyone else winning the show but
      prince should not win the show

      • I m from Pakistan and I m also watching show for prince. Please any one tell who is the captain of this house. I asked it very time but no one is replying me. I could not watch this show. Because there is no colour Chanel in our tv. So I can read only written update

  15. Sneha

    The true winner of BB9 is out so its no fun watching the show. We miss you Kishwar. You are one of a kind!
    I dont like Prince nymore after what he did to Kish.

  16. manvi

    Prince u r rockkkkkkk
    Aaj Ke episode me mujhe sabse jayda
    Rishab and prince Ki conversation lagi…wow

  17. Shreya

    Mandy,, its so obvious wat u r trying to do.. Buttring imam… ” I told kieth nt to take ur things.. ” gawd..
    Nd vn rishab tried to tell you something u walk off.. Prince din evn say nything.. But You go out nd say to imam that, “both those boys are so troubled abt why did u come.. ” really ? What a cheap play..

    Imam, vn rochs nd kieth disagree to ur task u say not fair nd make them sleep separatly.. Vn mandy says i cnt do it u say i was testing u.. Haha.. ๐Ÿ˜€ double standard..

    Priya nd prince.. i am not a prince nd priya fan but those two rocked today.. You guys stood upto imam vn he was wrong.. Knowing he has the power to make u finalist, you did, what was right.. Well done.. All others are eithr scared or boot licking.. You both wer the heros..

    Funny how the show which is supposed to be imam ruling ,, changed to prince ruling… day b4 Yestrdy imam has a argument with prince nd then comes nd say sorry.. Yestrdy imam fyt with priya nd prince nd later imam is clarifying to them…

    Rishab,, i love you… I loved your talk with prince.. like the bromance..
    BTW, the talk shows you are still very much into yuvika… You wer faking vn u said to salman that you are not available for her.. show off that was… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Shreya on the Rochelle and Keith’s issue. What Imam is trying to point out to them is that if they are not so sure about their relationship, then why share a bed and even so on national TV or should I say international TV? It gives the impression to viewers that probable they are not really a couple but just for the game. So its suppose to give them the much needed respect for each other.

      Shreya in fact, Kish and Suryash could do that because they have concrete plans to get married and both families know the couple while in the case of Keith, he said he is yet to meet Rochelle’s Dad and yet he is seen sharing a bed with his daughter on TV. They can even go as far as sharing a bath even on TV. As a parent how will you feel especially after saying they are not ready for the next step. I like both of them but I’m happy they are sleeping apart. And I hope Keith says sorry for the spitting incident as well. It can’t just be swept under the carpet.

  18. Fatarajo

    This imam looks like a joker lol, but all the housemates did the task very well, which shows that all 6 contenders deserves to be in the finale, I used to hate Priya to te core, but now I also like her, infact after Prince and Mandy my mom’s fav is Priya and Keith.
    Okay, so is it like whoever impresses imam goes to finale? strange Or does the task well?

  19. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Happy to see Neeru and freak back it’s like contestants returning from prev season lol ๐Ÿ˜›
    Freak lol,

    • Shreya

      I dont think thats the old neeru..
      Its not phffan… someone trying to be her..
      This forum is so boring nw.. I used to be a silnt readr here…
      I Miss neeru, harshal, jonwck nd others..

  20. BreakingBenjamin

    gandana the pure looser…tatte chatna and a**licking of imam her favourite things…chaploos chugalkhor jhooti fake and unreal….Iran ki hai na waise Hi character hai….impure heart… ???

  21. neha

    Rochelle your statement towards keith was right……..which was done with regards to Prince…I hope rochelle…knows and understand Prince by now…….{Hoping all colours comes out of Prince….with help of Imaam…….

    Imaam not a good show………hope to c much better……

  22. inaoton

    Imam 1st+ last target is always Prince
    Imam is runner up n Prince is Winner of BB.. so Joker Imam jealous!

    Imam target Priya bcz she insult Kamaljee..
    priya is nothing to loss fight baby fight!

    Imam 4give what mandana did last 13 week
    kick some1
    Stelling some1 personal items
    bad comments slang…
    etc etc
    bcz mandana become his servant!

    Imam target Rishabh
    Rishabh target mandana many times in BB9

    Imam respect Rochell
    bcz they r 4rom same “Crying Baby School”

    Imam can’t attack Keith
    Keith is real MR.INDIA of BB9 right now..

    • Oh. Siva have u read that news that mandana claim prince that he used kishwar and suyash for the sake of game and prince ignore it and do not react her but he still upset for whole day
      This effect his winning chance I m so sad
      R u think that prince will join khatron ke khilari if he will I shall see the whole show

  23. Anjchauhan

    I really liked priya.The way she supported price when there was no one to raise a voice.Also she thinks so much about her husband.First time when Imam said” cut ur hair short”she said that her will not coz her husband loves her hair.Now when Imam asked to temove all jewellery she refused to take out her wedding ring.Aww kinda sweet.

  24. Skillet

    Imam only bothered to bother PRInce & PRIya..Gandana will be sent to finale after so much bootlicking…

  25. arya

    i loved prince rishab converstn..tat was a cute talk..luvd u prince more..i thnk one who backbits the least in tis house s prince..not mandana devi..prince..u deserve to win man…

  26. @princess
    I read it. Don’t worry prince will rise up strongly.

    U are right. Iam watching all shows of prince . Very entertaining.

    Don’t worry he will be in BOX CRICKET LEAGUE(not khatron ke khiladi) and we will enjoy watching him.

    I feel bad for only one thing . Prince became second runner up of MR. PUNJAB because of votes and he lost hat trick.

    Will not let it happen in big boss

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.