Bigg Boss 9 13th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 13th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eviction special
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone in bigg boss. He says we met inmates yesterday, Suyyash said sorry to Mandana but after

Clip plays, Mandana says i know Kishwar doesnt like me, Suyyash says you were wrong too, i dont like her too, but i am sorry for whatever i have done in past, talk to your partner to not bug me much, we will forget past, in future you dont nag me and i will not nag you, he says i will not, Mandana says your gf said that we made Mandana famous in that kick and push scenario, you think i enjoy all this? Suyyash says its not enjoying but somewhere you want this, Mandana i feel sad that you are saying this, she leaves.
Mandana says to Kishwar that you accept your fault in this situation, i said sorry to your boyfriend, dont you think

you should say sorry to me, Kishwar ask why? you pushed me so why should i say sorry? Mandana says your Bf attacked, dont you think you should say sorry, Kishwar i told him that he was wrong but fight was between you and him, whats my fault? why should i say sorry? Mandana says fine, clip ends.

Salman KEITH, KANWAL and RISHAB are nominated, MANDANA is SAFE, we will evict one but first welcome Nagin of Indian Tv, Mouni Roy.

Mouni comes on stage and dances on Nagin music. She then dances on Dewaani Mastani. After dance, Salman welcomes her and says you were too good in dance, Mouni says i liked to be here as i am your big fan, Salman says how sweet, he ask your husband and kid didnt come? Mouni says you mean our kid? she calls “saapo”, her and Salman’s kid, Saapo comes there, Mouni says this is our proof of love, Salman says i didnt know our proof of love is very big. Mouni says you remember you sung for me under tree, this kid is fruit of that tree, all laugh, Salman says i need proof, he says to Saapo that if you dance with me and reach that tree again then i will believe you are my son, Saapo starts dancing and leaves, Salman says finally he is gone. Salman says Mouni’s show Nagin is breaking all records in TRP chart, he ask Mouni if she sees Nagin? Mouni says i do catch it then i watch Bigg boss, then watch repeat telecast, Salman says you have that much free time? Mouni laughs, Mouni says we will enact scene from Bigg boss house, lets mute that scene and we will say dialogues, Prince-Nora conversation plays where Prince was consoling Nora as she was upset over Mandana calling her Prince’s gf. Salman and Mouni dubs their dialogues:
Salman(as Prince): I am official lover of this house.
Mouni(as Nora): my hairs are not setting up, they get spiked as i am afraid here.
Salman(as Prince): i will give you love and your hair will be set. No one is seeing come hug me. I wont let you fear. I am a pro at promising I promises Yuvika as well.

Mouni(as nora) says I feel scared. I feel like I will grow a beard too in this house. Salman(as prince) says this house is safe for girls. Sayyush has taken responsibility you can ask Mandana if you want. Every man here is an as*****. I am the only lion here. i will be with suyyash as long as I can.
Mouni says to Salman that what if there are Nagin or naags in your movies, Salman says then Dabang movie dialogues will be like, Salman says to Mouni that take my love else i can bite you like snake, Mouni says i am not afraid of bite but love. They enact Salman’s movie scenes like snakes.

Salman says lets talk to inmates, call is connected to house, Salman says someone has come to meet you all but beware she is Nagin(female snake), Mouni comes infront of screen, everyone greets her, Mouni says you all are looking nice and Mandana you are beautiful, Salman says compliment Kishwar too, she says Kishwar is doing very nice, Salman says Mouni is doing very nice show, her show’s TRP are much more than our show thanks to you people, you have done work to show, changed TRP so much, all laugh.
Salman says i will ask meaning some dialogues from inmates, they have to translate it. he ask Mandana meaning of “Aasteen ka Snaap”(snake in sleeve), Mandana says it means you are friend with person whose sleeve contains snake, Salman says partly correct. Mouni ask nora meaning of “Snaap ke bil mein haath dalna”(putting hand in snake’s den), Nora doesnt understand it and ask what is bil(den)? Salman says it means snake is giving bill and you took it in your hand then what would be snake’s reaction? Nora says what bil means? Salman says bil means snake’s house of three bedroom and you are putting hand in his house, then what would he do? Mandana says it means fingering snake’s bil, Salman says you are correct but then its not bil but *****, all laugh and it happens too much in this house, Salman ask Rochelle “do munh snaap”(two headed snake), Rochelle says it means person is double faced, in house it is Priya, Rishab and Mandana, Salman says you mean all are double faced expect you.
Salman ask who is male snake(Naag), female snake(nagin) and their kid saapola.
Prince- he says no one is naag, Priya is Nagin, Rishab is saapola.
Priya- she says i am nagin, Rishab is Naag and we dont have saapola.
Gizele- she says Kishwar is Nagin, Suyyash is Naag and Prince is Saapola. Salman jokes that saapola can become very big but will remain under nagin, all laugh, Prince says i do what i want.
Rishab- he says i am Naag, Priya is Naagin, we dont need saapola.
Kanwal- he says Priya is Nagin and Naag both, Priya says whoever is on my target, i dont spare them, Mouni says i will use these dialogues in my serial.
Keith- he says Mandana is Nagin, Priya is saapola.
Rochelle- she says Rishab and Kanwal are saapolas, Mandana is Nagin.
Suyyash- he says Mandana is Nagin. Salman jokes that there is no naag in house, we have to bring one else how will family grow, all laugh.
Kishwar- she says Gizele is Nagin, Rishab is Naag and Mandana is saapola.
Mandana- Kishwar nagin, suyyash nagin, Prince is saapola. Salman ask what is saapola? she says its small cute little snake, Prince says thats why she comes to me to solve her problems, atleast i dont change every week, Mandana ask Prince to not get personal, its just a game.
Nora says to Mouni that your Lehenga is beautiful, she thanks her. Salman says Naag of house is Rishab, he is given crown. there is tie between Mandana and Priya for Nagin title, so they will dance to get the title. Mandana and Priya dance funnily, Salman ask Keith who smell their underarms and see who smell more like snake? Keith gives crown of Nagin to Mandana.
Mouni says to inmates that i am taking revenge in serial so whom you want to take revenge in house? Priya says i am waiting for Prince to become captain, i will take my revenge. Gizele says i have come here to give love, Salman ask whom? she says you, Mouni says to Salman that everyone come here to love you Salman. Suyyash says i wanna take revenge from Rishab. Kishwar says i will take revenge from Rishab by not making parathas for him, Rishab oh no,Salman says you are are screwed, he ask if he can says screwed on tv Kishwar says we use more worse words than this, Salman says that is not telecasted but when someone else will do this show and not me then they will use these lines of mine, all laugh. Salman says greet Mouni, she is leaving, Mouni says to inmates that fight but not beyond limit, have fun in house, she says bye to everyone.
Mouni says to Salman that i wanna dance with you before leaving, Mouni and Salman dances on Mere sawalon ka jawab do, he greets Mouni and she leaves.
Salman says lets see what happened after Mouni left from her in house.

In house, Prince says to Mandana that i am nice with you thats why you are calling me sapola, Mandana says i am living in this house for 9weeks i know everyone, Mandana says what i felt right, i said it, Prince says i save you from others thats why you are calling me that? now dont expect me to be nice with you, Mandana says i know you are not nice to me, i knew you were faking your niceness as if you are really nice to me then you will remain nice throughout, Prince says even you change your behavior every week, you behavior with him(Rishab i guess) changes too, Mandana says its nothing to do with you, Mandana says i dont wanna talk.

Call is connected to house, Salman says to them that i will ask few questions to you, you will have to act like internet search engine and have to give me correct and quick answer, he chooses Mandana, Rishab, Gizele Prince as search engine, they go in activity area, inmates see them on Tv. Salman ask Gizele who she thinks have divide and Rule policy? Gizele says Priya and Rochelle. Salman ask Rishab who have phobia of touching in house? he says Mandana. Salman ask Prince who is doormat of house? Prince says Rishab. Salman ask Gizele who makes issue out of mole in house? Gizele says Rochelle and Priya. Salman ask Prince who is real in house”? he says me, Gizele says its Rochelle. Salman ask Mandana who is good for nothing and doesnt use his mind? she says suyyash. Salman ask Rishab who he think is selfish? he asys Rochelle, Rochelle says he is lying. Salman ask Mandana who passes personal comments in task? she says Kishwar. Salman ask Princew who will be finalists according to him? Prince says me, Kishwar, Mandana, Rochelle or Priya. Salman ask Rishab who he thinks is fool in house? Prince points at him, all laugh, Salman ask Rishab who make friends for game? he says Rochelle and Mandana. Salman ask Mandana who she thinks will not survive together after show? she says Keith and Rochelle, their relationship is new unlike Suyyash-Kishwar. Salman ask who you will not meet after show? Gizele says i will not meet Rochelle, Mandana Kishwar and Rochelle, Rishab says i will meet everyone(and says wrong answer himself(, Prince says i will meet everyone even Mandana too, Salman says you both will party alot after show, they laugh, Salman says you can go back to lounge.

Salman says snapdeal caller will ask question now. Caller says to Rishab that no one come to take your suggestion why? if they think you are not of any use? Salman says he means to say if inmates think you are fool, incompetent that no takes your suggestion? all laugh, Rishab says its their call if they dont take my suggestion, maybe i dont give suggestion which they like, Caller says we should see devil in house if you think you are devil. he says there is one good news Yuvika said she would want to you date you after show, Rishab says i am single but not available, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that you all will have to tell who is “target, danger and zero”, for you on rating board.
for Mandana- No target, Kishwer(danger), Rochelle(zero)
for Rochelle- Gizele(target), Kishwer(danger), Kanwal(zero)
for Keith- Gizele(target), Prince(danger), Nora(zero)
For Rishab- Prince(target), Priya(danger), Kishwar(zero)
for Gizele- Rochelle(target), Priya(danger), Nora(zero)
for Priya- Mandana(target, she places her picture on card in tilted form and says Mandana is not weird so putting her picture in weird manner), Rishab(danger), Gizele(zero)
for Prince- Priya(target), Keith(danger), Rishab(zero)
for Kawakjit- Rochelle(target), Priya(danger), Nora(zero)
For Kishwer- Rishab(target), Rochelle(danger), Mandana(zero)
For Suyyash- Rishab(target), Prince(danger), Mandana(zero)

Salman says most clear is Mandana, all laugh, Salman says why you called Kishwar competition? she says i accept it openly unlike her, Kishwar says you are zero for me.
Salman says its time for elimination, he says there was one contestant Aman who i thought was strong contender but viewers have other perspective, today also a strong contender will leave, fact is all depends on voting, rimi didnt want to go but she was getting votes, Salman says KANWAL IS ELIMINATED, Salman says Keith got afraid that he is leaving by my speech, Keith says i really got afraid, Salman laughs. Kanwal meets everyone and leaves house.

kanwal comes on stage and meets Salman, he hugs him. Salman says you wanted to come in this house for much time, Kanwal says Rakhi, kashmira wanted to me to go as i am fun, i did fun in house, Salman ask what you wanna advise to inmates, Kanwal says i saw once Suyyash asking Kishwar can he go to susu, Salman says we should learn it too, they laugh, Kanwal says i wanna advice Rochelle to learn some humanity from Keith. Salman says i will convey message, he greets Kanwal, Kanwal leaves.

Call is connected to house again, he says after elimination we dont connect call in house but if we do then it means there is double eviction, all are shocked, Salman says it will not happen today but you all have to do one task, you all have to mutually decide who is the person in house who is most insecure about his or her position, this is your homework, he ends call.

Salman says Kanwal is being evicted, we will meet you next week, he leaves.

PRECAP- Prince says to Priya that if you become friend of someone then its friendship and if someone else become friend of someone then its grouping for you, Priya says its not a group but lie for me, Prince says Rishab is your manager and you are his manager, Kishwar says to Rishab that what you used to say? that you dont backbite about anyone? we all have seen your reality, Rishab says i didnt say any word for you, Kishwar gets emotional and says Rishab i thought we had good equation, he says we have, she says no its not there now, she says to Priya that we are group of 6people, do what you can about us.
In nominations, inmates will nominate in confession room one by one. suyyash nominates Priya calling her competition. Rishab says Suyyash doesnt have any issue to make, he uses Kishwar to make issues, he acts like girls. Priya says Rochelle was going good but her ego brought her downfall and she lost heself after Keith’s return, Gizele says one person from couples should go home now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Thank god rishab is heart skip a beat when salman said there is double u rishab.i hav a huge crush on nw roch & keith r included in kish & co.finally roch jo koshish kar rhi thi unke grpme ghusne ki vo kamyab ho gyi.its gud tht kanwal is evicted.hope ye jo do nyi bekar ki wildcards ayi hai vo bhi jaye.

  2. Kiara

    God mandana why are you so fake and plz try to gulp down the reapect you are being given by others
    Mandana is confused in her own head or maybe she is just too dumb
    For example:- if prince is being rude then he is a gunda
    And when he is nice he is being fake

    Mandana is a crazy b*tch who bites the hand that feeds her she is a very ungrateful person who just thinks about herself even though others are suffering because of her

    And i dont know why people say that she is strong
    Fighting ,b*t*hing ,blaming others and being rude to others doesn’t making you strong

    Task vo nahi karti
    Rules vo break karti hai
    Kick vo karti hai
    Push vo karti hai
    Abuse vo karti hai
    Faltu ka vo roti hai

    Still salman takes her side i just dont get it
    Anyone in their right state of mind won’t deny the fact that salman is biased and is literally mandana,s personal lawyer

    • Totally agree with you, you just have said what I wanted to say.and how mandana can expect kish to say sorry to her while suyash had done a mistake

    • kriya

      Funny thing is still she is shown victim it’s not mandana wbo is targetted . it’s suyyash and kishwer who r targetted . their small mistake is made big issue

    • Seriously what was the need for Prince to comment on the naagin game after its done after all even Gizelle said the same thing Mandana said and Prince even called Rishab saapola. So much for all their tall promises of ignoring Mandana.

      • Kiara

        Ohhh common it was action ka reaction…..when mandana can kick and get away with this excuse then even prince has a right to use it here and there ??

    • aashi

      wel i dnt thnk suyash ws at ak crct ,whatevr mandana did ws 2 prvnt hersld frm kish…kish mad a move of mountain nd suyash al he thought dat i shud shout at least i shal hav sme limel8,do u realy taj lyk dat 2 a d real fce of evry1 cm b seen

  3. harshal

    Absolutely loved the episode. Salman Khan was hilarious in the first half. That TRP comment and then thanking the contestants sarcastically for the trp of bigg boss, too good :D. Mouni looked really awesome and her dances was very nice.
    The tasks given were also good. Loved that search engine thing. For the first time, I liked priya today….. Overall, great episode.
    Keith, bro, hats off. You put nora in “ZERO” thing, even though she is kinda in your group. Love you brother. was honestly scared when salman started that act of elimination and started saying 1 of the strongest contestants and stuff. Breathed a huge sigh of relief when you were declared safe…

    • Neeru

      @harshal… Was busy yestrdy.. Cudnt comment…
      I see that you are getting popular here.. Thanx to mandy… :p
      Salman of tellyupdates. ? Haha.. I cudnt stop laughing…
      I was late in seeing your comment or i wud hv posted this yestrdy..
      I agree with you..
      You do love her but i know you dont blindly support her for everything … hv seen it.. πŸ™‚ (y) That skeleton wala task as you mentioned..

      As for today,, cudnt see the episode.. Read it here..
      i too loved the TRP comment. .:D
      It seems, Prince cudnt digest that mandy called him sapola.. Did mandy really say that prince is not nice to her nd that he is faking it ?
      Ohh i Really wanted them to be frnds.. (sob) πŸ™

      • Neeru

        Nd ya i just saw the uncut version of kieths re-entry into the house.. How he discloses the bad news to rochs nd others, how every inmates welcome him…
        @tedd.. @freak.. @joyee..@harshal.. If you guys havnt seen it, do watch… One of the best scenes ever nd bb decides not to telecast it.. Arghhh.. :@

      • harshal

        Neeru, I actually took that salman comment in different way for my own benefit πŸ˜› . I took it like I am as handsome & dashing as salman khan B| πŸ˜›
        She didn’t call him fake from what i heard. She just said that she is considering all 9 weeks for observation, and in that, first 7 weeks, prince looked like sapola, last 2 weeks, prince acted independently. She said that you weren’t my friend consistently and were inconsistent in your friendship, that’s it. She could have said rochelle as sapola(i wanted her to), but she went wrong there. She is bit weak in playing game with brain(as that would have been great strategy for building even closer bond with prince) Later though, in search engine task, they were enjoying each other’s company. You can feel the growing chemistry between them , and somewhere, even i want them to be in good terms(but play individually and no groupism)

      • tedd

        I will watch every uncut scenes today…….thanks for giving this info…busy na…to unable to comment…this stupid net on phone…giving me headache

      • Neeru

        Yeah.. I just checked out every uncut versions available nd was surprised how much they edit.. That too the important ones… I mean they show fyts but not the portion where thy sort it out… Dissapointed…
        I guess we’ll hv to watch the uncut version nd update it here so that everyone gets the full idea..

      • tedd

        Yeah neeru…nefore commenting atlst….lemme chck all those tonight itself…will b getting free tonite only

      • harshal

        Joyee, try this link…..
        Neeru, yeah you are right, this clip was very emotional, could have put there in the episode, don’t know why they didn’t :/. Also, am getting the feeling that they are just trying to show fights and controversies, thinking that will increase their trp as Indians do have habit to watch others fight, don’t they πŸ˜›

  4. Jonwick

    The question about nag nagin sapola was quite intentional they knew someone will definately call sukish n prince’s name….i mean its long time now prince takes his decisions independently he has even fought with them and doesnt follow kish now..
    Channel is trying to slander them…so that mandana wins (as prince n mandana r most popular)

  5. Annamma James

    Sorry Anu…
    I just hate rishabh…
    He is always trying to b n d good book of salman Khan after dat dog task…
    I felt like he is a joker in d house…
    Different perspectives…sorry..

  6. Namira

    hey is it true dat double elimination??? today’s episode was mmuch better bt y prince took mandy s comment so personally

    • harshal

      naah, it was just an act by salman at the end to trouble the housemates :p
      Prince and Mandy have these small fights, misunderstandings going on always, but they always do end up understanding each other in the end i feel, in recent 2 weeks especially. You could actually see them enjoying with each other during the search engine task. mandy could have said rochelle being sapola i feel( i wanted her to), instead of prince. But then again, mandy being mandy, said it straight to face of prince that it was based on 9 weeks observation(7 weeks, prince was sapola, last 2 weeks, prince has changed) and not just last 2 weeks(which prince wanted her to consider). She also said to him to not take it personally, as it was just fun task, which felt nice …
      Also, @atiba, you made some errors in your written update:
      1) prince says he will meet all outside, even rishabh ullu(not mandy)
      2) rishabh said roch and prince(not mandy) make friends to survive in the game.

  7. I don’t think prince is fake. Really a good boy and mandana drama queen. Both have huge fan followings, it will be nice to watch who wins final. But I think victim(mandana) will win the show.

  8. Prince is Really a good boy and mandana drama queen. Both have huge fan followings, it will be nice to watch who wins final. But I think victim(mandana) will win the show.

  9. Excited for today’s episode. Waiting for tomorrow to show the episode. Wow, Shivanya at BB, I wish Rithik also came wid her he is so cute
    And as for the Naagin task according to me Naagin is Kish and Mandy,naag is Prince and Saapola is Rishabh πŸ˜›
    And for other task , target is Mandy, danger is Priya and zero is Nora(Kanwal already evicted)
    These are my points of view in terms of the housemates
    Luckily, Keith bhaia is safe, hope the housemates don’t vote him out.

  10. Synyster

    Rishabh stands nowhere.
    Next week he’ll be gone.
    #Infidel(Not Trustworthy)
    #Accuses others
    #Doesn take stand
    A Perfect looser 4 the show.

  11. Aneri

    I think kanwal has mistakenly took their name I think it can rishab who was asking to Priya but anyways may be its to make kish n suyash bad in anothers eyes

  12. Subhashitha K S

    Hey guys I want to mention one thing if u go and watch unsencored video.when
    prince goes and sits on that heart shape sofa salman asks him who he likes more
    yuvika or nora.So he replied yuvika and they have not telecasted it at all.
    when i had watched the show i had not seen it so I went for yesterday’s written
    update to confirm myself.And I am confirmed now that they hv not telecasted it.
    So i am feeling as they are showing only one hour from 24 houes I really feel we
    are seeing what bigg boss wants us to see.
    This is not only in this case.suyash and priya were back-biting prince and were
    mocking on his stratergy on dec 8th they didnt telecast that also
    And another day after that open nominations using bottle priya calls suyash and tells
    “Apne suna prince ne kya bola ye open nomination he isliye nahi toh”,Then suyash also
    agrees ya even I heard and he is playing.Then she calls kish.Then kish deneies hearing
    it that way.ansd says I didnt understand that he meant that way.So here we can completely
    see that suyash is playing double game and kish is fair.Actually prince had only told “ye
    open nominations he isliye karna he padega” thats it.He never meant that if it was closed
    he would have nominated someone else.And we hv also seen that in closed nominations also
    he has always nominated mandana and one more with her.and on that day also he nominated
    mandana and rishab.So we should not judge them by just what bigg boss show us as there are
    many incidents where they hv telecasted only one side of story.I agree they hv shortage of
    time in 1hr they hv to complete whole day.But they are showing only one side of it.As they
    want majority of people to think like what they want

  13. oni

    hahahahaahah…rochhele fool….”do murhi saap”….pucha tha usse meaning lekin rishab mandy aur priya ka naam liya…hahahahaha kuch jada bolti he …pure house me woh hi he do murhi saap dusro ka naam leti he…hahahahah khud ka majak banati he jada bol kae

  14. pavani

    I want rishab to bee lion nd rulee all of them I hate u prince u r behaving like a chaild vo kab aggresive hoo jata us ko bhi pata nai pagal

  15. Namira

    hi to everyone! I’ve never seen bb’s earlier season cz every time I was eengulfed wid xm
    earlier I’ve been told dat d show is abt fighting bt as I’m seeing dis ssn I think d show maybe somehow fake… how can ppl fights over silly matters …. from day 1 I lyk mandy don’t know y? bt roschele was my fvrt bt not anymore
    prince kish r so loud dat if I want to support them I can’t do so bt I lyk kieth bt I know he’ll b soon oout as aman…

  16. oni

    mein prince ko dislike ya like nahi karti…lekin mujhr samaj m nahi ata ki woh bb me yesa karta kya he jiske wae se prince winner hona chahiye…. na toh task atch sr karta he,har task me ladae,,na toh entertain karta he…..

  17. pavani

    there will be no friend in the house every one were playing game soo to bee pretending that u r,my,friend nd iwill take care of u its betyer to bee alonee thats what rishab doing

  18. A7X

    Really? @subhashitha KS if prince did say he prefers yuvika over nora then why the hell they didnt telecast it.Theys r showing bits n pieces so that mandana wins.Must be hiding her negative acts too.
    Unfair game!

  19. A7X

    @ siva i completely agree with u Prince deseves winning but bb wont let it happen the way they r showing his negative side and vice versa for mandana.

  20. sofy

    Jithna age difference he Kisha nd suyyash beech vo dhik reha he..i think 7 or 8yrs difference he.. Vo Maturity kish ko he aur tho aur vo Bacha jesa he(suyyash).

  21. Aneri

    I don’t know y ppl r forgetting that mandana has always left her tasks n she behave like she is queen n when someone try to make her Frend then also she behave very rudly n kish never give up tasks never try to push anyone or kick anyone she always play wid her mind n also from heart she was never unfair with anyone she respect everyone n try to be calm wid everyone never hurt anyone no will say from d house that she is unfair or she is like drama queen like many cause kish has always corporate l love u kish win this show to show that Sallu also that he was partial n biased ?

  22. surya

    Thank god….Rishab is safe! Ticket to final: Kish,keith,prince,mandana,rishab or priya……Rochelle irritating!

  23. Maxx

    Mandana and Rochel are bloodsuckers!
    They will even kill each other for their own sake if there were no law.
    Rochel has been defamed and mandana seems at top spot right now.

  24. Ruhi

    Hi guys, I have been following bigg boss and I know that most of you don’t like mandana but I really like her on the show as without her there would be no spice in the show. That’s all

    • harshal

      hey ruhi, i won’t say most hate her, some people do hate her,some people like her( me included). Infact, currently, Prince and Mandana are the contestants that have most supporters, followed by kish and keith. Rest of the people are bit behind i think as of now…

      • harshal

        joyee, keith has huge fan following too(he is 4th maybe), Rishabh will kinda remain safe as of now, gizelle, nora and suyyash will be weak one’s, in the following order of their elimination
        1) Gizelle
        2) Suyyash
        3) Nora
        I doubt nora will be nominated for eviction though, she will probably go unnoticed this week. This week i feel the one’s getting nominated will be
        1) roch
        2) mandy
        3) rishabh
        4) gizelle
        5) priya
        6) suyyash

      • I say like this because many people r saying that Keith won’t be able to stay in the house long as he is influenced by Rochelle. I don’t think so, but I don’t know why most r thinking like that so based on this, I think in that way.
        But if he do well this week , and he continues like that, he can secure a spot in the finals n I think the wildcards will be evicted before him

  25. surya

    Prince need anger management! Kish should stop taunting mandana…..Rochelle irritating…..suyyash always behind kish…..Keith play ur own game man …..Rishab fake nahi hai …..make a stand against sukish be strong man…..purra time energy drink peethe rahongi toh game kab kheloga tum?….priya mother India part 2

  26. Vipin

    I like mandana.
    Mandana plays her game and take stand individually inspite of many people against her.
    She is very strong comparetivly other girls in the house.
    She is the only person who take stand against 3 person kish princ suyash who are plying in group from begining.
    I think No one individually can stand in front of mandana.
    Mandana is superb.

  27. @ruhi don’t worry mandana will win this show. When she said that I will leave the show when people want but Salman said it is very difficult. What does he mean there. Salman has been successful in making mandana win everyone’s heart.

  28. Oh please Farah come back. Salman fired prince for not helping mandana in captaincy task, who is he to ask prince to help her in task. Salman always tries to negate prince. But never tries to negate mandana(please don’t count Salman’s one or two negative words on mandana ,which is very very much less than other inmates).

    • navya

      i agree with you… from the day one salman is biased towords mandana.. always supporting her asking question in favour of mandana.. donno why… thank god from next seasn salman wont b there πŸ™‚

  29. nela

    I totally agree with you ruhi…… people hate mandana but its A FACT that she will win the show because she has all the qualities… spices everything up…. is the right material….. and is deserving…… MANDY ROCKS FOR EVERYTHING SHE DOES

  30. Mandana asked kish to say sorry just because she thought that kish would get angry and shout at her. But I liked the way kish dealed with Mandy. Poor mandys ugly trick flopped. But I am sure that before weekend she will make all inmates shout at her.

  31. Lila

    prince and yuvika rock. i hate nora. really good for nothing. i about they are just friend because i want prince to be with yuvika. nora is childish

  32. Sameer

    I really like mandana she is real fighter.she alone have patience she in all 24 hours everyday how she is targeted and 40 minute show we see it.priya is talented.priya and mandana are strongest contestant in big boss.all couples must be gone out or thrown out.

  33. santu

    Not much comments as nothing new happening since a week.. same sukish again st mandana.. prince shouting..
    Just wanted to express that I like when Nora starts arguing with someone with closed eyes.. sometimes stuttering also… I find it both funny and cute πŸ™‚

  34. [email protected] why iam thinking that u r a girl

  35. aashi

    u all knw what it ws rishabh who brought these dead inmates into actn..i thnk his acts r justified totaly he doesnt stoop to low level lyk suyash or prince in a task…evn d housemates makes so much fun of him he takes it sportingly unlike prince who argue 4 evrythng i hate prince playng love games to b in limel8..he is totaly a dumb…i lyk kishwar…bt 4 me rishab is d mst deservng 1 to win

  36. aashi

    besides this season of bb shows d powr of a woman to dominate her seriously hav u evr seen suyash takng stnd 4 himself nd nw evn keith …he is hidng himslf in bck of rochelle..goshh..girl power..

  37. aashi

    the fact is dat rishabh is tryng to befrnd evry housemate nd meanwhil smartly nomintn smwher he is failng..he is jst 23…he shud learm frm d gunda prince how to b aggresive nd shout al tym…nd frm d rhondu baby boy suyyash to threatn a gal in nationl tv..i jst cant digest dat suYYash said mai tera hatt thod doga.

  38. aashi

    rochele is dumb…what d hel is keith doing wth her..keith is lyk so gud nd c…c is lyk blah..b jst wnd to b in strng syd..nd wnt al d limelght always changng syd…i like d new entry

  39. @aashi do u think if a male wild card entry comes prince will be afraid. Ha ha he has beaten and won against boys who all taller and have more muscles than prince.

  40. aashi

    seriously agree wth u…evry1 else tuk it sportngly bt prince being prince hd 2 react in evrythng..dumbass….trully he is a sapola…naag prince..he tries to b gud nd maintan a fake public image…he says he is fair nd take stnd whenevr anythng wrng happns,a true man always tak stnd for d r8 1..den y d he didnd evn tried to stop hir belovd..suyash when he was abusng threatng mandana…#Hypocrate prince

  41. Hey guys .@Tedd [email protected].Where r u both..

  42. aashi

    rishabh is d 1 who brng bck sme life in the bb house ,evn yuvika chose hr ovr prince…u hate hm jst bcuz he cn shout lyk prince,slang nd threatn a gal lyk suyash,poke al tym lyk rochele ,stoop to low levl in a task lyk kish..he is a gud nd genuine man….evn digangana who was nd in gd terms wth rishabh..chngd her perspective..twrd him nd strtd 2 lyk him…he is awesome…also wen he wast nt in gd terms wth mandana he tok stnd 4 her..when suyash crosd al d boundaries whyl d othr where jst enjoyn it.,moreovr d self proclaimed prince who keep a fake gd image chose to b at his belovd frnd suyash side nd prefr being mum…rishabh is aafat..he is.
    1.Good person
    2.respect a girl
    3.plays individualy
    4.nevr evr thrw tantrm
    5. HE IS BEST

  43. @aashi why you expect prince prince to take stand for a girl(mandana) who has said that prince touched my_ _ _ in national TV and calls him goonda for gaining sympathy. Ok tell me one inmates name(except kanwal) who came for friendship with mandana and ran from her in just one day. She ignores all . She blames the one who performs tasks for days(prince). In bhoot Bangla task after loosing because of her mistake she said it was princes and rishabhs mistake . So that they may get angry and shout at her. And poor prince shouted too but rishabh kept his calm.

  44. A7X

    For all those favouring mandana, go spend 2 days with her and rue forever.The girl who couldn’t make even one friend is carrying on with her boyfriend obviously for money,success and fame .Such a self centered woman !

  45. A7X

    @Siva ur right! she makes prince shout at her and herself she portrays “ABLA NAARI’ and prince becomes notorious in eyes of audience!She’s shrewd !

    • syed

      Exactly u r right the big boss shows always negative abt prince I dont no y mandana always irritate ppl to target her I think its her game plan to become famous and tooo stay house @@@@neeru u r right they dont show that clip when prince told he likes more yuvika than nora FRNDS dont trust blindly mandana she is not worst contestant she strong she make mistake but bb always show she is right always and bb show prince negative I like prince but aggressive its weak point anyway lol prince

  46. II

    In yysrdys precap prince said very well to priya if u do its frienship if i do then u call it as group. Then priya said its not group its a lie. I think priya is absolutely wrong though i like her. Because kish prince siysh maintain genuine friendship with each other especially kish. Thats why i think she told priya do whatever u want to do. We are a gang of 6 in the precap to priya. Priya digging her own grave. It would be very unwise to fight with already strong and popular ppl and get back a hard beating from them. I feel next week kish group will ignore mandy and start attacking priya as it is very easy to her in a bad light. Just start the fight and watch. She will run the show ending up as a dirty game player. I dont think she can handle attackers as mandy beutifully handled last week.wating for a new priya to come out of the older fighter pilot image. But no hope. One thing i dont like in rishab is he sits with the person who is going to get full support from salman in the weekend. And unecessarily goes against priya without any strong reason inspite of priya asking him an apology in a beutiful manner. Thatswhy she said predictable. Ok. Whatever may be the fights atlast winner will be kish followed by mandy or prince no doubt in it. Even i like kish to win the most deserving looking from all aspects.

  47. Maxx

    I heard kishwer saying ‘we 6’ .It’s she who seems interested in using this ‘cool group’ against mandana and if this keeps happening each of the 6 will suffer….Kishwer seems rather interested in ganging up! And for prince …bro if u wanna win don’t ignore mandana(the way kishwer wants) but maintain a poise in this situation and also take Nora as a friend and nothing more.

  48. Maxx

    Priya is using Rishabh and Rishabh will have to pay the price…It’s becoz of her that ppl are disliking rishabh even more.

    • II

      Max priya may be using rshb but not in a terribly worst way. Everybody wants an emotional support yar. Ppl disliking rshb because of priya l am not that convinced ya. It may be also due to their individual reasons like ystrdys precap in which kish had tears in her eyes while saying rshb that i had gud equation with u but not now. Because he was fully supporting mandy before slmn and enjoying salmn tkng class to suysh. It hurt her a lot thats why she dont want to talk with him not because of priya ppl stop liking him. He has his own plus and minuses. Hope i didnt get u headache just as priya..priyas personality is such that in every angle she looks dirty gamer which she is actually not i mean atleast at few points. I always give benefit of doubt to her. I am sounding stupid na. But no problem.

  49. Synyster

    This is where BB house stands.
    Keith and Prince
    Mandana,Rochelle,kishwer,suyyash and Rishabh
    Priya and Gisselle

    • variin

      I dont think so……kish is also good…. she never take stand for wrong… how she can be bad……

  50. I liked the part where salman said Kishwer and Mandana ki evergreen dushmani , yaar Kish aur Mandy ki Jodi bilukul batman-joker aur mugambo-mr india jaisan hain πŸ˜›

  51. Jonwick

    Agree with u @Maxx and @A7X .Kishwer is ganging up not to talk with Mandana and the Gangsters shall suffer heavily cuz ignoring her shall give her more sympathy of audience.Instead they must remain normal with her and handle her without shouting.She is someone to be dealt diplomatically .

  52. aashi

    @siva…at d tym suyash ws shoutng her..prince nd mandana hd g gd relatn…he shud hav std 4 her,least tried 2 stp suyash..bas strngth hi h ooske pas…a is a nutcase..nd he prefr 2 b in shade of a grp…

  53. aashi

    @siva mandana nevr cried 4 a frnd..c plays individualy…c doesnt need any1 to rely on nd also d reasn 2 wth bb9 is jst her…nd my fav rishabh..jst cut out al der scene or dialogues invlvng dem…u gt nthng..lyk nothng..wth out mandy nd ris…its lyk a freak boring daily soap…bhaiya behen kis nd prince…d love bud..who r nt gng 2 last mch days…0 trp..nd i realy thnk dat a new musculr wild crd entrnt shd b intrducd…prince ki faat jayegi…

    • variin

      O really aashi I dont think so…..yeah but we will get them always fighting. … mandana a witch. ….she always cry which make us hate her more…..if she is strong then she should not cry… always do this to gain sympathy. ….go to hell mandy. … girl….

    • Oh really u think mandana is playing individually….usse salman aur BB support hai unke sahare par hai woh …blo*dy nakli mandana….always cry aur aansu se sabko behla phusla thi hai…#we support sukish

  54. Hey guys I found out why Salman hates prince. Remember the day when mandana said prince is taller and iam looking for a taller one. Prince said height doesn’t matter ,if it matters then how Salman rocks bollywoos. That’s why he hates prince and likes mandana

  55. bbdt

    Hw can mandy ask kish to say sorry. Mandy ko log blindly follow karthe he…vo akele ladthe he…kya koi usse ladne ko kahaa… vo doosro par comment maartha he..koi objection kiya tho target. .wat nonsense. Or suyyansh kish ka side liya to problem hei..prince nora keliye lada tho kisiko koi problem nahi…mandy-kish ladai me mandy suyansh ko beech me laya to kisiko problem nahi…suyansh bola tho problem….i think suyansh is nice..thodaa possessive hai kish keliye…. jab gizelle or priya ke beech ladayi hui thab suyansh samjaya thaa gizelle ko..or priya se kaha keith se kahkar acha nahi kiya…roch ke liye bhi vo khada raha…ye sab koi nahi dikhthaa…sirf kish keliye lada tho problem…kish kya ladki nahi hai….

    • variin

      U r totally right….I too like suyyash and kish…..they r my fav…..kishwer is very strong player…..never pick a topic to create big mess… lv kish and suyyash….both r going well..

  56. @aashi please I can agree that rishabh is good but you’re supporting mandana. Why? . Most fake girl. I don’t think any girl has a character like her(like a 4 year old girl). Acts like she doesn’t understand anyone’s speech(even keiths ) and everyone should understand her cause. Is there any girl in your class who behaves like mandana and is anybody friend of her . I don’t think so. Mandana is fake fake fake fake.

  57. Salman hates princes comment on his height and he took it personally. Salman doesn’t shows it openly. Now I understand why bb is not showing clips in which prince looks good.

  58. variin

    Salman’s behaviour with kish is making me trust her more…..she is the only deserving candidate in the house….. she is d real winner…..salman always support mandana….thats really not acceptable. …. mandana always accept her mistake infront of sallu….and she become great infront of everyone….salman then forgets what she has done…..salman is really biased this time…..we as audience cant tolerate both mandana and salman…. for me kish u a winner……u rock…..always supporting u……kish lv u… strong girl….

  59. Ahmed

    Kishwer is insecure from mandana strong she iz actng like Dolly Bandra who alwayz targeted Shaweta . Mandana iz playing maturely and from last few week she completely ignores Dolly which iz offends her, so drags mandana in every conversation to let her down

  60. Ahmed

    Dolly (kishwer) with all bhott group targeted only mandana bt she handled them calmly. From very beginning of season she has appeared as very strong contender who didnt have any emotional support like Dolly and rochelle .

  61. guys actually i miss rimi in these messy episodes of bigg boss.Though she was careless but she was far better than these contestants except keith and rishabh…Hope one frm them win…What say guys??

    • True Pari. I also like Keith. But I don’t like Rishabh that much but he is much better than some of the contestants.
      I also like Mandy, Prince and Kish but they are too loud at times and sometimes they r good maybe they have split personality disorder πŸ˜›

  62. Ahmed

    Prince pretended as if he iz supportng mandana bt in his group he openly said that he iz just actng to b nice with her. Now he iz blaming mandana bt hatts off to her she understood his strategy and told him on his face

  63. Shruti

    I don’t understand why is there so much fuss about kishwar-prince relationship. Is only desperate romance allowed on BB? I think its absolutely fine if they relate to a relationship.
    Secondly, people can play individualy or in a group if it is a game show and there are people in real life who get influenced readily, but then it is who they are. But here again there is so much fuss about it. We know it’s just a show where people have come with their agendas, but then they try to portray that they are just, truthful, unbiased, blah blah. It is just a gameshow play and win. Simple.
    Lastly, its good that Mandana is playing alone, but we can’t ignore that someone or the other always supports her when she is being attacked, but then she is never acknowledging it. Playing alone is different from disregarding that someone supported her.

    • I thought BB9 will be the first season of BB where there won’t be fake Romance . Even though BB tried to show a love triangle between Prince, Yuvika and Rishabh, Yuvika was never interested in any of them. But Nora ne akke Sab Bigar diya. Uff I just can’t tolerate these kind of plastic romance.

  64. i like rishab.i miss diggi rochelle is irritating. Guys when sallu take class of suyash mandana is laughing.i start watch this show first time so anyone can tell me that if no one cannot play without fighting and bad words .plzzzzzzzz tell reply me . iam from tamilnadu .

  65. i like rishab.i miss diggi rochelle is irritating. Guys when sallu take class of suyash mandana is laughing.i start watch this show first time so anyone can tell me that if no one cannot play without fighting and bad words .plzzzzzzzz tell reply me . iam fromtamilnadu . i feel bad for sukish .

  66. i like rishab.i miss diggi rochelle is irritating. Guys when sallu take class of suyash mandana is laughing.i start watch this show first time so anyone can tell me that if no one cannot play without fighting and bad words .plzzzzzzzz tell reply me . iam fromtamilnadu . i feel bad for sukish . nora also does nothing so diggi is better than nora and gizzele and however gizzele is bad but i felt bad for her when sallu said comment on her lips

    • Ya, I also found it mean when Mandy was laughing when Salman took class of Suyyash. I think Keith is the only one who can play without fighting and bad words because as far as I remember I have never seen him fight or saying bad words. As far as I remember, he lost his cool when Rochelle and Priya were fighting unnecessarily, and were not listening to Keith at all which was irritating.

      • subham

        Tera kieth ki sbse bda gadha h game me jb jodi tutegi n tb pta chlega kahe ka kieth or rochel sbse bdi bevkufff

      • Haha. Nice one shubham. Par itna gusa acha nahin hain. Vo bhi to contestant hain na yaar.
        We have different opinions so we should respect each other opinions , but thanks for making me laugh πŸ˜›
        No offense, can I ask u whose ur favourite
        Yes, I agree vo thora down hain aaj lap vo sirf 3 weeks ka gap ki waja se hain

  67. I just read somewhere that salman said that BB9 is the worst season ever :O
    He is also somewhat responsible, he should have motivated the contestants instead of firing them
    I agree that many people watch BB9 just because of him
    But he should also do his job as an anchor not to host the show but also
    Motivate the contestants like he did in the first 2-3 weeks.

  68. subham

    Are…..sbki target mandana h or danger b mandana h ???rochel or kish prince keith suyash all r gadhe bolne tym usko target bnate ho sale sach to bolo… ksm se bahr niklo jute pdenge pura bigg boss ki ma behen kr di h

  69. Totally biased show Mandy ne do baar kish ko physically harm kiya uske against koi action nahi Liya…suyyash ne threaten kiya toh poori duniya hi ujad gayi…Mandy ke paas koi aata hai toh who physical, physical chillati hai…who kisi ke saath kuch bhi kar sakthi hai wow brilliant….salman in case aapke GF hoti usse koi badtameezi kartha toh kya aap chup rahthe suyyash ne bhi wahi kiya…suyyash ke against bol sakte hai toh Mandy ke against bhi boliye…unfair matt huiye…fake Mandy ….biased show…TRP toy down hoga hi jab host unfair honge tho

  70. Ritika

    It has ALWAYS been a trend that 2 people who had a problem with each other and r equally strong r d LAST 2 PEOPLE STANDING ON THE STAGE B4 D WINNER IS DECLARED…eg Gautam-karishma, Gauhar- Tanisha, etc.

    THIS YEAR THOSE 2 ARE: KISHWAR AND MANDANA! and i m v.sure they wl b d last 2 standing on stage. Prince, priya and rochelle wl go til d final week but dnt have much chance.

    However, whatever d result, hv to admit that mandana and kishwar bothkept this show alive or it was finished long bk!

  71. @joyee thanks for giving me new name..Hey [email protected] [email protected] howz my new name???

  72. Hey aashi just loved ur comments abt rishab.i also like him a lot.he doesnt need to shout or create unnecessary fights Or fake a love story he is too cool for this kind of nonsense.vo ladkiyo pe chillake Strongness dikhane ki koshish nhi karta.He is funny & cute.i would never watch bb if rishab is eliminated.

  73. I think that nora os fake……That she already saw prince liked Yuvika but she starts making intrest in him…..what kind of a girl would do it,,,obviously she is doing that for game…… EVEN PRINCE……i mean a person who just have an intrest in some girl(YUVIKA)…… could he make an intrest in some other girl(NORA)…..even yuvika is saying that i genvinuly like prince…. What will be she thinking…..i think prince is also fake with nora if not then what will be the character of s person who changes his girlfriend in absense of old one ……

  74. Why why why …… Can some one ans the following questions::::
    1)why does bigg boss favour mandana every time( when she kicked kish she should be out of the house till now . In the last season AJAZ just pushed ALI so bigg boss send him out if the show ….. Why not mandana )?

    2) why salaman always favour wrong persons ?

    3) why does bigg boss made a contract of 2 core with rimi sen only ?

    NOTE :;
    The four finalist should be

    Mandana will win show …. It will be proved that bigg boss is not reality its fake !!!!!

  75. Actually i agree with the first comment
    Β« those who favour MANDANA … They cant even live with her for 1 week Β»
    Β« A person who cantake one friend in 15-18 people how could his bf sufvive with her Β»

    HATE. YOU.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.