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Bigg Boss 9 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bigg boss Premiere night continues
Arvind and Ankit talks about bag, Ankit says i will fit in your clothes so we will take your luggage, Kishwar says to Aman that i have track pants so i will take your T-shirts, we will take your luggage, all pairs decide about luggage.

At 3:30am
all pairs are gathered in activity area, Bigg boss ask Roopal-Digangana whose bag they wanna get? Roopal says mine, digangana’s luggage is been put in machine and it is crushed into trash, Roopal cries and says sorry to Digangana, Digangana consoles her and says its ok, bigg boss ask Aman and Kishwar, Aman says we have decided that Kishwar can wear my clothes but i cant wear her clothes so we will take my bags, Kishwar’s bag is crushed into pieces too, Bigg boss ask Rimi

and Suyyash, Rimi says we are not able to take decision, Suyyash says i will give you my clothes, Rimi says i cant stay without undergarments, Suyyash says i cant wear your clothes, Rimi says i am girl, i have problem, i need undergarments, Kishwar ask Suyyash to leave it, Suyyash says she should think practically, Rimi is not convinced, suyyash says ok we will take Rimi’s bag, Suyyash’s bag is crushed, Kishwar feels bad, bigg boss ask Yuvika and Vikas, Vikas says i will sacrifice my bag, they take Yuvika’s bag, Vikas’s bag is crushed, bigg boss ask Rochelle and Prince, Prince says i will sacrifice my bag, Prince’s bag is crushes, Rochelle takes her bag and is sad, bigg boss ask Keith and Mandana, Keith says Mandana will take her bag, Keith’s bag is crushed, bigg boss ask Ankit and Arvind, Ankit says he will not fit in my clothes so crush my clothes, his bag is crushed.

Mandana checks her luggage, she takes some T-shirts and shows it to Keith, he laughs seeing girly shirts. Vikas jokes with Yuvika that after wearing your clothes, they will get lose to you, Keith ask rochelle if she has his shirts, she says yes but i cant give you, suyyash says this is so bad.
Prince says to Rochelle that we four(i think talking about Keith-Mandana) will be together, we will not nominate each other, i have been in four reality shows, trust me all these people will start fighting, they will show their real faces.

voice over says Arvind’s snores have not let anyone sleep. Arvind is taking deep snores, all are laughing, nobody is able to sleep while Arvind is sleeping soundly. Arvind wakes up and says i will leave and sleep in lounge, Ankit says i am tied to you, what will i do then, how will i survive 3 months like this, he jokes with Arvind to take some medicines, or you should put oil, Arvind ask where should i put oil? Arvind says i will sleep outside bedroom, Ankit says no worries, you sleep.

Day 1
All are sleeping peacefully, lights are switched on, Yeh dosti song plays, Keith gives rochelle morning hug, all tie their belts again. kishwar is wearing Aman’s upper.
In washroom area, Ankit says to Arvind and vikas that you both snore very loudly.
in bedroom, Suyyash says i may snore if i am very tired, Suyyash says someone was awake till late. Mandana says Ankit goes in sleep very suddenly.

Rochelle says i was thinking before coming in show what if i have to swap clothes with Keith, same is happening now, Keith says but now Prince have to wear clothes.
Kishwar says to Aman that Prince is stuck in people, he cant leave Rochelle and Rochelle will not leave Keith.
Rochelle is showing her girly T-shirts to Prince, Keith says after show Prince will get boys not girls.
Rimi ask Roopal about her affair with Ankit, Roopal says we broke up 2 years back, i have no grudges, Suyyash says he is a changed man here, he is acting here, he is not like this outside, Roopal says yes, he has come with plan, he is taunting me, he is trying to create hype by bringing our relation which has ended two years back, why he is bringing negativity, he has not said anything directly to me till now, Suyyash says fake people cant survive much days, Roopal says people are not mad that they cant recognize who is fake.

Keith is in washroom while Mandana is waiting outside, he comes outside wearing Mandana’s flower printed shirt, she laughs and ask if he is comfortable? he says yes, Suyyash says you are very sporting Keith, Mandana gives him mike and says you look handsome, they come in lounge, all laugh at Keith, Keith sit in Rochelle’s lap, she laughs, he ask what? she laughs again, Mandana ask Keith to wear shoes, Vikas and Yuvika brings tea for everyone, all thank them, Keith is walking like girls, Mandana and Rochelle laughs at him, Rochelle seems little uncomfortable with Keith hugging Mandana.

5:45pm (Nomination time)
Bigg boss says today is nomination special, pairs have to mutually decide which pair they want to nominate so that they will be eliminated, he calls Kishwar and Aman in confession room.

Aman and Kishwar comes in confession room, Kishwar says Prince is good but Rochelle, Yuvika works alot, Arvind-Ankit do not do any work, they nominate Ankit-Arvind.

they come in confession room, Vikas says they snore alot and it will be problem for everyone, they nominate Ankit-Arvind.

Prince says kishwar is clever, she is playing game, Rochelle says but Aman is nice. they nominate Suyyash-Rimi as they barely talk.

they nominate digangana and Roopal as they dont get involved with others.

Roopal says Ankit is taunting me alot which i dont like, maybe Digangana and Ankit will get along in coming weeks then i will have to part of their conversation, digagana says Arvind is not getting along too, they nominate Ankit-Arvind.

Suyyash says Ankit have fake personality which cant work, Rimi says Arvind is reserved, we cant talk to him, they nominate Ankit-Arvind.

Ankit says i cant take snores, i cant sleep so they nominate Vikas-Yuvika.


Ankit says to arvind that we will get votes, Arvind says this game is like this, we are popular, Ankit says all will become enemies of each other in this house soon.
Kishwar says to Aman that Rochelle doesnt work, Prince is with her thats why she is safe.
Ankit ask what should we do? Arvind says they are nominating us because of snores, i and Vikas should sleep outside bedroom so all will be comfortable.
Yuvika says to Vikas that this person(seems like talking about Arvind) is new here, he is trying his best to get along. Yuvika says to roopal that i am surprised someone has nominated you both.

Keith and Mandana are enjoying, Keith is fighting with Mandana in kitchen, Mandana laughs on his antics.

Rochelle says to Keith that i wanna say many things to you but i cant as Mandan is with you, this is frustrating, you should be little careful, she holds his hand and says i know there is nothing wrong with you getting close to Mandana but it can be taken wrong on tv, Keith nods.

lights go off. all go to sleep.

Suyyash ask rimi what level her patience has reached? she says i dont lose patience easily but its difficult here, we dont have fridge, washing machine etc, Kishwar says many people told me to not do bigg boss but still i am doing it, Rimi says i listened that half food comes from canteen and half we have to cook but its nothing like here, Suyyash laughs.

All are sleeping, someone(probably Arvind) starts snoring, contestants starts getting disturbed, Vikas wakes up and goes to sleep on couch, Suyyash wakes Arvind up and ask can you do anything about your snores? as people have started waking up, Arvind says i will go outside bedroom, Suyyash says if rule is broken then all will be punished, Ankit says we will do something, Suyyash says do try, Arvind is in sleep, all start getting up, Mandana says i am not able to sleep, Ankit says its not his fault but.. Vikas has gone on couch because of snores and its breaking of rules, we all will be punished for that.

All are sleeping, Arvind starts snoring again,contestants starts getting disturbed again, Yuvika says to Arvind that you sleep peacefully, Vikas is snoring too, bigg boss says all are being patient till now but now their patience level is decreasing, we will see when volcano will erupt.

PRECAP- Aman read instructions, it says that first luxury budget is given, luxury budget name is “Phobia”, first task of Phobia is ‘fellow Phobia”, Roopal and digangana are sent in activity area, they sit on seats, seats move towards wall and their faces are pressed against hard foam placed on wall, all are appalled to see that on Tv screen. next is Vikas and Yuvika, they have to eat food, Yuvika eats it and pukes, Vikas consoles her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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