Bigg Boss 9 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 99
Main aisa kyun hoon plays, inmates wake up and dances.

Keith and Priya talks about tea, Priya says tea is must in morning, Keith says i drink coffee, he tells Rishab that extra protein will affect him negatively, you should take things which have natural protein, Rishab says i like protein, i like to take it, Keith agrees and leaves, Priya says e was just suggesting you to not take so much protein, you should have talked to him nicely, Rishab says i agreed to him, thats it.

Dancers come in house, Priya says to inmates that i told you someone is coming, Azim o Shan shehensha plays, dancers start dancing, inmates enjoy, Imam Siddiqui comes in house, inmates are excited to see him, he dances, he greets everyone after dance, Bigg boss welcomes

Imam as guest, he says Imam was most entertaining contestant in BB6, he got love of audience and was danger for inmates of season BB6, now he is danger for inmates of BB9, Imam says time out, Bigg boss says except Prince all inmates are nominated, the one who will fulfill Imam’s challenges will become 2nd finalist, Imam will challenge you different things and you have to fulfill them, audience will seeing if you can stand upto challenges or not, this is your last chance to leave mark on audience.
Imam says to inmates that you all are winners at this stage, but i am not here to human here, i am bizarre, Mandana says you can only talk in hindi, Imam says i know and i will keep breaking rule to see if you point it out or not.
Imam comes in bedroom and says you people have zero hygiene level, he asks who didnt like my entrance here? Priya says i am excited, you are here to bring energy, Rochelle says i am quite afraid because you have out of the box thinking, Mandana says i am excited, Imam says to Mandanaa that guests are most welcome here in India, if people are not nice to you here then its now whole India, Mandana says i made breakfast but Rishab said that it has hairs in it and all, Imam says i am not here to be mediator, i am here to increase your problems.

Imam gets his stuff in store room, Mandana asks if he is happy with sharing things? Imam says i ma cool with it but i am not here to share things, i am here as sher(lion). Priya says to Rishab that Imam was entertaining in his season of BB but there are some things in his nature that is not likable, he can be mean, i will get along with him but wont be following his orders blindly. Imam comes in lounge area, he shows place near door of garden to Prince and says if you have seen BB6 then you would know that i spent whole season sitting here, i will be putting my bed here, this is nice place, i can watch garden area and bedroom too.

Imam talks to Mandana, Mandana says my name is eternity. Priya says Mandana had same attitude when i entered house, she becomes sweet in start.
Imam asks Mandana whose exit she didnt like? Mandana says the way Kishwar left house wasnt good.
Priya says to Rochelle that every kid likes new toy for sometime, same goes for Mandana.
Imam says to Mandana that dont respect me, i dont like it, i am telling you this alone, dont feel bad, Mandana agrees.

Imam asks Prince whats his real name? Prince says its Braveen, Imam says use this name to win, Imam says why you use Prince? he asks Prince if he really thinks he is Prince? i dont see Prince in you, the two shows you won are so low class that i dont even want to take their name, i know how they make winners, you bootlick them and they make you winner but thats not the case here, you are braveen, you are brave, i am not liking Prince, you are faking it, it can seen, why you become road side goon, you keep saying that you do things in task, i just want to suggest you to be in control, you see your teachers must not happy with you the way you handle girls in house, Priya was one women army, Mandana says but Priya was attacking us, Imam says camera have different angle than your perception, it didnt like Rochelle hit Rishab in sand task, he says to Keith that you were worst supervisor in task, Keith says i try to be fair as possible, Imam says no you become partial towards your girlfriend, you are coming across as spineless.

Imam asks Rochelle if Keith proposed you in show? it will be like you can show your grand children that Keith proposed you, he says Keith have to praise you whole day, you should not like it in start, let him praise you, if he is not able to propose you then i will praise you, he sings song for Rochelle, he dances with Rochell.

Bigg boss gives task to inmates, “make Imam happy”, in this task, inmates have to make imam happy by doing things that he wants, he can ask anything he wants from you and you have to fulfill it, if you are not able to fulfill any task given by him then you can give genuine suggestion and leave task, if Imam is not happy then he can punish inmates too.

Imam gives task to Keith, he has to praise Rochelle, he has to wine her heart else he will lose task, he says to inmates that you must be wanting to discuss things which you couldnt till now, so i am leaving, Priya says dont worry, people have nature here to find way to discuss things in any way, Imam says this Bigg boss not back biting, Priya laughs, Imam leaves.

Keith says to Rochelle that you have make me better person, your beauty radiates from your soul and it is shown on your face too, the way you smile at me makes me melt too, the person who is stone hearted, Imam says you are stone hearted? Keith says as in i cant express, he says to Rochelle that you are most precious to me, Imam says i am so fool, they are in relationship, i shouldnt have chose Rochelle, he asks keith to do same thing with Priya, Priya says sorry Bhushan. Keith holds Priya’s hands and says you are very nice person, Priya says liar, he says look in my eyes, i am saying truth, you are most beautiful person, i want to be with you, Priya looks in his eyes, she says i cant, he says i like you, Imam says great performance, Keith says Priya’s eyes got red, Priya says my God.

Imam asks Priya and Rishab to get haircut from Mandana, Priya says i dont want to lose my hair extensions, Imam says i am not asking you to get total make over but trim your hairs, it will suite you better, Priya doesnt agree, Imam says try and understand, it will suit you better, this haircut doesnt suite you, Priya says Bhushan likes this, Imam says i am telling you as make-over artist, Rishab suggests Priya to go for hair cut, she says no, Imam says okay i will give you wig, he make Priya wear wig, inmates says this is suiting you alot, Imam says you have to keep wearing wig till you dont go for haircut, Priya agrees.

Imam says Kanwal told me about things here, Priya told me that Kanwal made Imam role model here, why you had so much venom for me when you didnt even know me? Priya says he told us that Imam is role model for him, inmate says he didnt, Imam says you tossed my name, even the people who didnt remember me, suddenly thought about me like oh there was a person Imam, you publicized me, good for me, Priya tries to explain but Imam says i dont wanna listen anything against my friend Kanwal, he walks off.

Keith says to Rochelle that we cant just talk about marriage now, we have to know each other well, Rochelle says my Bp is shooting, Keith laughs, Keith asks what you think? you want to give time to us? Rochelle lies in his lap and says even our parents didnt know about seriousness of our relationship, i know i want to be with you but we are on initial level.

Rochelle says its not problem but Keith hasnt talked to my father directly, our relationship is new, Imam says i am not asking you to do it as task, Rochelle says we cant take our relation forward before asking our parents, Imam says then ask Bigg boss team to send your message to parents if they are happy with this relation.

Imam comes in bedroom, Imam says i can throw personal stuff here and there for you people not doing tasks, he says to Rochelle that you have Keith will not sleep in one bed now, you both have to stay away from each other.

Rochelle shifts her bed, she says to Keith that this is so stupid for me, one side he is pushing me to get proposed and other side he is asking me to stay away from you, he is like that say in camera about our relation, he said that if we dont do task then one can get evicted, literally he is threatening us to get engaged else we will get evicted, Keith says this is way to play, he is trying to play with us, i will talk to your parents first, Rochelle says i am having panic attack, Keith says dont take any haste decision.
Rishab says to Imam that what has he done, Imam says it was important, one side they say they are in relationship, i am propelling to give natural progression to their relationship, if they want to act stubborn then i will too be stubborn.

Imam is washing dishes, he says why you people dont wash dishes after eating only? he says this is Suyyash’s plate, he says KPDLL is written, what it means? Prince says this is slang in Punjabi, it was joke between us, Imam says dont do these things at this stage, Prince says we dont discuss it, Imam says do these things in your house not here, Keep Punjab’s slang there only, Prince says dont take Punjab’s name in everything, dont say it again, i feel bad, Imam says you are destroying Punjab, i own Punjab too, Prince says i will not be silent if you talk about Punjab, Imam says i am not here to learn respect from you, Prince says i havent told anyone about that slang, Imam says this shows your level of thinking, at this stage you are making this standard of entertainment, this shows your level, i am being soft on you, i can be harsh too, Prince says if you respect me then you will get respect, Imam says i respected you, dont tell me to not take Punjab’s name, Prince says i will not listen it, Imam says then dont listen it, you cant stop me, i will do things and say things i want, time out.

Mandana says to Imam that if you are invited somewhere but you are not given respect there, i should have bigger person and you know there is no friend here, Imam says you knew this at time of signing contract, Mandana says they ganged up agaisnt me, Imam says this happens in this house, i wanna give you suggestion that Prince’s weakness is girls, why you didnt make him on your side? make angle with him, try to woo him, Mandana says i havent faked relationships in this house, Imam says you know you great fan following and they know you are actress, so act for sometime, they will understand it is for game, Mandana says i have boyfriend, Imam says he will understand, tell him that i gave you task to try chance on Prince, Mandana is skeptical, Imam says do the unexpected, they will not believe it.

Prince is sleeping in garden, Imam asks if he fine outside? Prince says i slept without jacket in task, he says i didnt want to hurt you, he says to Prince that you dont have people on your side now, there is no Suyyash and Kishwar anymore, you are alone, strategic things should happen, Prince says i will do any task you want, Imam says you have to win my heart but you have lost that task, you won other shows like this but this is bigger stage, dont do these cheap jokes.

Imam tells Prince that he has given secret task to Mandana to please him as Prince likes girls, she will now try to woo you, you also play along, dont block her else i will not be successful in task and then i will not let you succeed too, Prince says it will be fun.

Imam comes in washroom area, he hides Priya’s clothes and Rishab’s shoes.

PRECAP- Inmates are given task to ignore Imam fully. Imam says task has started, Imam takes Rochelle’s personal photos and tries to provoke her. imam imitates Prince, he is sitting on sofa, Prince tries to tilt sofa so he can fall off. Imam puts lot of stuff on bedroom’s door so that nobody can enter, Prince tries to come inside, Imam says now show violence, he pushes away Prince and says now get aggressive with me. He makes noise with pan and says wake up people else you will be destroyed, he pours cream and potatoes on Priya’s head, he breaks plate, he shouts on Rishab to not be physical with him, he laughs like crazy.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Heny

    I think immam is more irritating rather than entertaining. How can he disrespect other shows ? When he can’t respect others work he has no right to say anything regarding it.
    It was boring episode.
    Mandana felt bad for Kishwar ??

  2. Brooklyn

    Wonderful…Full entertaining episode. Imam have really added spice today. Appreciate Mandana when she said to Imam that she cant fake love when imam at once asked her. But just see this #fake Romantic cheap guy Prince…(Oops !! BRAVEEN NARULA )…he feels happy when Imam told him Mandana would try to woo him. How ridiculous.
    It is obvious that Braveen is Surely a “Female-mania”. So the reason why he used Kish .
    Serves him right the way Imam slapped him with his words by mentioning he has come from a show where bootlicking leads you to winner.
    Keith …is the real prince of Bb9.. , so generous while he propose the duo. Mandana, Priya…going good then #Braveen
    Hope to see more fun tommorow !!! .#Imamrulez πŸ˜€

  3. Now No One Stop Prince ….. He Will Win BB9.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Reason 1: Gives 100% in all tasks

    2: Everybody’s favorite

    3: Fun, Fair and Fearless

    4: Hot-headed

    5: A true gentleman

    6: Not a wild card entry

    7: Never broken a rule

  4. Priyanka

    I understand he is in the house to raise the TRPs and “torture” the contestants the last 2 weeks…but he is being disrespectful. He is making himself look bad by disrespecting others.

  5. Imagine Dragons

    Oh! So writing those slang Nick names on the plates is an uncultured act and is cheap but if someone asks him being a gay shows our culture and we must be proud of it..
    Imam won’t be able to do what he did in season 6,because if he speaks something against prince’s family or something personal he will pummel him.Also he is wise enough not to prick Mandana else he shall have some adult slangs that will cover his whole family and it’s legacy.
    But mark my words he will send Rishabh next as 2nd finalist.


    • Roman

      yes..i think so too….looks like makers are trying that a wild card entry should win the show……like showing their footage more….asking them for suggestion on every topic….and best of all to remove the confusion that a wild card entry cant win the show.

      If it is fan based then result may be different.

      • bebo

        @roman Unfortunately Result willb bazed by Biazed BB fav.Nonef the Fan votez are conzidered or Dezerving Conteztent will win.izz show k zcript Award show zcripted winnerz ze bhi zab ze aage hai.

    • Blue phoenix

      Good for you πŸ™‚ happie holidays bro…
      In case you are staying outside country, don’t worry bro you will get holidays πŸ™‚

  6. Roman

    suddenly bigg boss is like irritate housemates… strong characters somewhat negative…..and bring some strong side of weaker ones……trying to equal the game but still these entries hints… may be scripted a little bit….but its for entertainment….:D πŸ˜‰

  7. Aarav

    Mae prince ka anti nahi 1 thng i wanna ask..usna spitswila mae karishma ka dil tora,anukhi ka liya.(he even said i love to her).then achnak kya hua ki usna ya ha pae nora ko propose kar dia.does he thnk grls as toy ,that whenever he want he cn use them.

    • bebo

      @ Aarav o clear karne k liye imam ne mandy ko tazk dia now he will realize wazz toy n waz tai tai phiz.ab zutar jayega shayad.

    • Roman

      I haven’t watched splitsvilla….but i know one thing for sure….that show is highly scripted….they do things according to outside response. So it can be his strategy in game or makers asked him to do so….also u can search that no pair from that reality show remain together after the show except one or two.

      Roadies, i have watched, it is also scripted but at a lesser extent….[[they can have wild card entry in finale itself (LOL)]]….but tasks are real and Prince performed all of them.

      Now making relations can be his game strategy as he didnt do it in roadies but he did it in other shows…..but he should accept it.

      • bebo

        @ Roman All reality showz are highly zcripted by cunning and clever zcript writerz.Depending on the sense of each channel producer it zoundz biazed,funny az u told wild card at finale,wierd etc.

    • Imagine Dragons

      In splitsvilla karishma and prince’s love story was just in it’s begining when karishma badmouthed about prince and made fun of him among other boys ,so he broke up.
      Anuki and prince were together for winning as tag team and they even didn’t had a get together outside.
      Prince didn’t propose yuvika but said I like you,but yuvika was reluctant giving reply untill it was too late and she went without even greeting prince.
      Now someone like Nora was already purporting to give love to him,he tried taking with both hands

      You even know how badly prince was ditched by his first girlfriend cuz their status didn’t match that time according to her.He remained in depression.

  8. bebo

    Paizawazool performance from imam,Wt BB expected by tying two inmatez imam Had given it n zingle epizode and now BB9 zoundz more like Double Trouble.Imam had given ec tazk 4 priya itz her ztupidity c refuzed now c z gona get 3 chancez are more 4 keith,prince/mandy n rishab.Excited 4 2moro epizode.

  9. Anisha

    Jo log janana chahta kyn priya itni agresive it is.
    1.At age of 5 she was molested.
    2.her parents threw her out of her home,becz she was a grl.
    #thsz is the reasn guys why she becme so strng. U knw. Poori australia ki public ka samna usna saari pehen kar india ka naam roshan kiya.she even recieve death threats for being an indian. And here in india we respect such indians by sayng ‘GO BACK TO AUSTRALIA’ love u priya as a grl.and ya ek ladki agar lakshmi hoti hae toe vo kaali kyn nai ho sakti.#vote-for-priya

    • bebo

      @ anisha yup i hv read the article .even rosh ask her during zand tazk do u hv ny pbm from childhood zumthing priya gne more violent n kick rosh out lol.m not fan f priya but really appreciate her wen c z fair az sanchalak,irks wen c play game by eardrum breaker performanz but no issue itz a game all hv their own ztrategy.i thot priya may reach top 3 but after watching today epizode lezz chance.

      • Manvi

        Love you priya,the only genuine person in the house and not fake like mandana.prince and rishabh need to nt win bb9..becz they are too proud and over confidnt.and frm the day 1,priya is truly one woman army.priya u are nly made to win.and shw to the world women are no less than men.

      • Anil Kumar

        ur comments r really irritating… seriously! pls stop replacing s with z… u think its funny but its really irritating

  10. PRINCE#alias#Fake#Playboy#Bb9

    Prince is the most worst and disgusting fake player of Bb9.
    thanks bb for bringing imam, atleast towards the end of the show , prince is getting all those harsh insults through the voice of imam.
    Loving it. ..
    Winner of scripted shows and samsa of #ranvijay , thats the mantra of his winning.

  11. santu

    Few points …
    1. I liked priya attitude.. she dint do chaplusi like mandana.. brave and honest girl..
    2. Mandana again showed her weakness towards new people.. she will befriend them and then stab in their back
    3. Big boss is proved by imam attitude towards mandana.. so many suggestions and saying u r going to win.. to manipulate people mind.. wtf
    4. Wat a big game by bb and imam.. he told mandana to lure prince.. she said she can’t fake.. it increased her stature.. but don’t forget she ll do it.. then prince was informed about pvt task abd also told by imam that don’t avoid her.. so now prince will enjoy her deeds in few days and become a playboy image again thus decreasing his stature. . Wah bb play games but not so obvious that it bias shows..
    5. Last thing. . Who the f**k is he to advice keith and rochelle about their relationship.. so disgusting. . It’s left to them.. u see ur life.. Wer u stand abd wer u bend.. Keith is strong. . Rochelle needs to be strong now. . Manipulating personal relation is not excusable..

    • bebo

      @ Santu U r ri8.Mandy keepz joking yaar (oopz itz PJ)c will do it well.even prince alzo will giv tuf competition to her lol.4 ur 5th point imam z told to gv dat tazk by BB .coz now t vl b cleared whether they are faking the relation for the show or real couple.Imam z not the villian he hv BADBoy pzyco image zo BB z uzing him .Zo dat few audience keep zcolding imam not BB.Itz Gona b Badtameez dil Romance 4 mandy n Prince which will eand up n tauba tera jalwa tauba tera pyar tera Emotional Atyachar Eviction.

  12. Melissa

    Honestly, the new guest is a little over the top, and is behaving like a clean cut narcissist. I Hope And Pray That Nothing Happens To The Personal Relations Off Television. I Hope Keith’s Performance With Priya, Won’t Affect Her Married Life. Or Rather Any Haste Decision Won’t Be A Mess For Rochelle And Keith.

  13. immam tu sale khud ko dekh pehle dusro ki mehnat pe kichad uchal rha h………india ke best shows ko splitsvilla or roadies ko tucha bol rha h sale tune kya kr liya apni life me gay sale………or to state ke baare me bhi ulta seedha bol rha sorry bb9 agar tumare liye ye h trp to thooo h tum sb pe sala bb6 me bhi salman sir se batmeezi ki thi sale ne

  14. harshit

    @bebo tumne izzue ko issue likh dia….
    Tum s ko z kyu likhti ho hr bar..It sounds funny..not at all cool..

  15. harshit

    Whatever game is going gr8..
    I know prince is fully fake as I hv seen his both two shows..
    I know that he can cross any level to win show….
    I wanted kishwar to win ..but as now kishwar is out..
    I m supporting mandana…..

    • Blue phoenix

      If it is then cool change…if not, just ignore me, I am just missing old guys, phffan guys, Tracy, and all

    • Anjana

      I agree with your point, watched a video where Prince kind of proposed to a girl, telling her that he’d definitely like to meet her outside after the show is over. Pretty much similar to what he said to Nora and Yuvika.

    • Blue phoenix

      Tedd and tracy…happie to see you guys
      @tedd wish you a speed recovery and this is holiday season… Hope you make most of it.
      Happy pongal guy πŸ™‚

  16. Ritika

    Anisha oh my god! V.sad to know all this about Priya! πŸ™ No wonder, shez so strong! I even see traits of kishwar in her

    ok, precaps r so misleading. When imam said bad about his previous 2 shows, prince said no-no, nothing is scripted in them, they r fair and u can ask rishabh as woh bhi gya tha. Risabh also started defending when imam winked at him (aankh maarne pe) rishabh stopped and laughed too. It was a ‘joke” to pester prince so that’s fine. Nothing was said seriously

    ALSO, that joke-1 liner on the plate. In the written update, it’s written imam said he owns punjab. But that’s NOT what he said. Imam said even i am from punjab, u dnt know my legacy and ancestors so dnt teach me what i should say and what i should not say as u degrading punjab and its culture by ur jokes (slang on suyash’s plate)!

    Here neither imam nor prince are at fault. But i am loving the way imam is tking class of prince. Priya has cooled down and liked d way she calmly said im sry imamji but i cnt do d haircut, my husband bhushan likes my long hair. That’s d way to talk, dnt shout always

    Mandana is and cunning. And imam ko jis wajah se laya gya hai, ek epi mein usne apna kaam krdiya, entertaining episode it was! Waiting for tom! πŸ™‚

  17. Fatarajo

    It will be quite interesting to see who does the task well. Rochelle was funny today. Lol when she said her no is increasing and having panic attack I wonder how Keith tolerates her tactics lol πŸ˜› but I liked Rochelle today and Imam seems to be a weird person he looks like Jafar from Aladdin πŸ˜› ,poor Prince got bashed by Salman first and now getting bashed indirectly by Imam, your actions doesn’t match your name what an insult to Prince , felt bad for Prince a little . And looks like Priya is quite desperate to go to the finals no wider why she was a finalist in Big Brother in australia

  18. neha

    Great Episode Big Boss. It was great watching some thing thrilling with more of excitments….hope the contestant….win over Imaam………….It will be overcoming with a big hurdless…………..G8 job Imaam …keep it up…and keep us more entertaining…

    Love u BB

  19. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    I wonder what has happened here. This page is like Bigg Boss , interesting in the beginning, boring now. I used to love to comment in bigg boss page in this forum a lot but now it’s so boring only abuses yaar please chill I will only comment how I felt about the episode and nothing else only when people will stop fighting with each other for the time now bye

    • Bebo

      @ fatarajo AwwDont worry baba we will watch BB 4 imam n will not pay attention to unwanted fight in this forum where z ur phffank .mi8b bc.they will b back on finale so dont leave take care and regards to ur mom and uncle who used tolaught with u reading comments.c u

    • Blue phoenix

      Yup, before there were more reasonable fans giving reasonable points. I was always excited to read what other ppl thought about the episode n contestants. Now like u said this forum is equally boring as show.
      Happy pongal fatarajo πŸ™‚

      • Fatarajo

        For me he resembles to jafar the villain in Aladdin when he wore the white turban and now he’s resembling like the tiger in Aladdin. Looks like Imam is obsessed with Aladdin characters πŸ˜›

  20. Sonia

    BB should have sent rochelle home long back and kept gizelle instead…the show would’ve had some life. Rochelle is d spoilt sport in the show who is fake and judgemental about small least now take her out and show us some action from keith.

  21. raj

    Who says Kish left because she sacrificed for Prince? Sacrificing your luggage (knowing that it will come back sooner or later) is one thing and sacrificing your spot in the game is another. She would not even leave the game for Suyyash. She left because she somewhere felt she did not have a 100% chance to win. And if she didn’t win, she would get babaji ka thullu.She chose to leave with 15L OUT OF THE PRIZE MONEY !!
    Now this woman who spat in someone’s food to bully him, is suddenly being shown as sacrifice personified !!! Now she suddenly is saying negative things about that brother, for who she sacrificed her game? haha!!! Did she not know while quitting that he did not offer to leave???Β 
    He rintention was not to sacrifice for her brother as it is being projected now.
    This is a sister, who was seen making fun of her brother, behind his back saying things like he is unhygienic ! Β She even b*t*hed about Prince and Nora which was actually none of her business but denied and twisted it when confronted by Nora. Prince, on the other hand never b*t*hed about them.He did try to distance from them after advice from Karan Kundra and his sister but wouldnt that happen to any of us !!!???

    Prince is the only person who has shown his drive to win the show more than any one else ever ! So what if he chooses the game over a sister? If i have an exam on the day of my sister’s wedding and cannot make it to her wedding does it mean i do not love my sister? or does it mean all these years i was fooling her by calling her my sister???

    Salman Khan is trying to showKish is good light now because the channel wants it that way. Su-Kish have been signed for BCL by Colors and they wants them to have a good reputation now. Salman is trying to jeopardize Prince’s chances to win as he wants Priya to emerge as a winner. Isnt that very obvious? So many of us cannot stand that woman’s presence on screen and she is being shown is good light by Salman ???!! Why?? She is never questioned on anything! The channel seems to want a wildcard to win .

    I am not sure if Prince will win or not. But i hope the audiences see how the channel plays with the public’s mind.Β 
    Prince did not make a romantic angle with Nora to win. It was Nora who made it. The same Prince when he did not perform in the milk task to make Kish win, was bashed by the same host for not showing his best on the game and for putting personal relations first. He was never praised for sacrificing 2 weeks of immunity for Priya ! On the contrary Priya says she maneged to convince him so she won on her own merit. Unfair …but then who said the world is fair !

  22. Aneri

    Hello ppl I have noticed something here
    When kish n suyash n Nora were there there were lots of comments I have seen here then Nora n suyash evicted n when kish was there that time also there were lots of comments which cross 300 above n I got tiered reading it then when kish was evicted that tym ppl commented about her I have seen many comments of kish only n from 2-3 days m seeing there is less than 50-60 comments once I saw only 34 comments it seems after kishs evicted no one is interested in bb9
    Personally I was fan of kish only n m glad after her eviction ppl r not watching bb9

  23. Imam tum ne b mtv me kam kiya hai to tum b han ji han ji paye lago kiye the shayad…..mandana jhuti kishwar jab thi jhagdi kiye us k 7…..

  24. inaoton

    I don’t think Imam can entertain bb9..

    1.he is trying 2 irritating housemate but we already have Priya n Mandana in da house they irritating more then him

    2.he insult
    Roadies r low class show..
    I want 2 c reaction of really show maker including BB9

    3.he try to become BB again Prince
    but prince Hit Back..
    Imam know who is real prince in the house so he say sorry 2 prince n offer easy task!

    4.he is acting like Marriage planer for Rochell n Keith..
    This task of Imam going to flop!
    he have not right to playing some1 emotions in name of task

    5.imam 4get this is double trouble BB9
    his wild card validity is only 1week..
    if he trouble our fevourite contestants we can Double the Trouble 4 Him@

  25. See prince haters
    Prince ne sand task me 3 girls ki help ki
    Phir Bhai Mandy,rochell,aur geothermal. Use salman ke samne bura kente tahe. Kisi ne us ka saath nahi dia
    Lenin phir Bhai prince ne(ignore imam) wale task me Sab ki help ki.

    That is a real prince

  26. arya

    kishwar is nw making a scene tat she left fr its not..prince helped everyone as much as he could..i dnt undrstnd wat do people c great in mandana..wat did she do!nothing..prince never disrespected anyone..he s real prince and he ll b the winner

  27. harshit

    Guyz the power is in our hand ..To make winner..
    I m jz saying that..
    Check the videos of prince in his previous shows on utube..
    You’ll realize if he is fake or not..
    May the best win..

  28. arya

    @princess…i agree …prince helps stil atlast he s the one who s blamed by other housemates help others lik prince..

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.