Bigg Boss 9 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Episode
Salman comes on stage and dances on song tum ho hatke. Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. Salman says one will get evicted but someone will come here too, Nagin show’s music plays, Salman says she will come here soon but lets talk about this week, so much blasts happened in house. Priya got stuck in fights due to captaincy, then Kishwar-Mandana fights. Salman says one side Kishwar, Rochelle, Prince, Nora, Suyyash, Keith and otherside is Rishab and Priya, wild card entries created ripples too like Gizele’s fights and love story seems to be starting too, Prince-Nora’s scenes are shown, there is one more couple Rishab and Priya, they fight like husband and wife, i am not saying this but inmates saying this, lets see.
Clip plays,Priya says to rishab that

as genuine human being, i asm asking if i did something unintentionally that have hurt you then i am sorry, Rishab says what i have felt about, its my problem, i will forget it, you dont know about it, Priya ask can i guess what is it? Rishab says no guess yourself, i am done, she walks off, she says you are predictable, he ask why are you saying all this? Priya says i can say what i want.
Gizele says to Priya that Rishab feels bad about your words Priya.
Kishwar says to inmates that rishab and Priya fights are weird, these are kind of couple fights, clip ends.

Salman says this was couple fight when they are not couple. KANWAL, RISHAB, MANDANA and KEITH are nominated, one or two will get evicted.
Salman says someone is going to come here, the snake but first lets chat with inmates.
Salman connects call to house, Salman says things seems to have changed in house, he says there is no jail or witness box today, instead there is love seat placed beside sofa, seat is like Gizele’s lips, all laugh, Salman ask who should sit on Gizele’s lips, i mean on love seat, all laugh, they say Keith and Rochelle, Salman jokes that Keith and Rochelle are not on same page, Kanwal suggests that Nora and Prince should on love seat, Salman jokes to Prince that you dont leave any girl, Yuvika is giving statements that she is waiting for you, Prince says inmates pull my leg, nothing else. Nora and Prince sit on love seat, Salman says something is burning, i can smell it, he ask Rishab what he thinks? whoever you like, Prince takes that one away, Rishab says i have not come in house to find love, Salman jokes if Prince has come to find love? Rishab says maybe, when i do something then they say that i am casanova but what about Prince? i dont care what they say about me, i am good person, Prince says there is difference between being good or pretending to be good, Rishab says exactly, Salman says Prince i feel Yuvika have forgotten you, you are looking good with Nora, Salman says to Nora that before going in house, you said that you like Prince, Nora says as a friend i like him, Salman says didnt you listen girl and guy cant be friends, all laugh, Salman says to Nora that you did great belly dance, show it again, Rishab you follow her. Rishab and Nora dances on Mashallah, Salman says after dance that it was incredible, i felt from Kanwal’s expressions that you were doing great dance, everyone laughs, Kanwal was feeling something too, all laugh. Salman says everyone liked your dance in india, i will talk you guys later, call ends.

Clip plays, how Suyyash threatened Mandana for pushing Kishwar and said he can kill anyone who tries to touch Kishwar.
Salman says lets talk about it.

Call is connected to house, Salman says India wants answer of questions they have sent to us, i hope i will tackle this nicely. First question is that why suyyash shows his manliness to girls only? why he doesnt fight with boys? is he afraid of boys? Mandana claps seeing this. Suyaysh says i had argument with Mandana because she pushed Kishwar and hit her again, i warned her to not do it again, there are four guys in house and i have good relation with them, Salman says you dont go towards them to fight, you know Kishwar is strong, you think she needs your support in house? i dont think so, you look weak and disrespectful when you go in her matters, this is girls matters and they will solve it, if you are threatening, bullying girls then it doesnt look good, even if you are just saying all that and doesnt mean it even then its looking very bad, suyyas says i didnt say those words without any reason, Salman says you mean to say that you meant that words? Suyyash says i was feeling bad, last time she kicked Kishwar and wasnt punished, this time she did it again, Salman says Kishwar was playing with her hairs, Mandana jerked her away with her elbow right? Suyyash says yes, Salman says then Kishwar pushed her too, right? Suyyash says yes, Salman says thing was finished there, then you went to Mandana and said Gizele is saying ill words about you then you threatened Mandana, Suyyash says i was talking to her normally, i told her to not do this again, then she retaliated, i will feel bad if someone tries to hurt my girlfriend, i am in relationship for 5years, going to get married, Salman says it wasnt about Kishwar but about you, Mandana said what can YOU do? it was your anger that a girl challenged you what you can do, you didnt handle things, you went to different tangent, you were asking to touch Kishwar, what would you have done if she has touched Kishwar? tell me what would you have done with Mandana then? would you slap her, kick her, pinch her, dance infront of her, you would have thought something? Suyyash says i never raised on girls, it is not fair that she can hit Kishwar in tasks, Salman says this was girls fight, you went in that, she questioned your manliness then you ti took to ego and used your gf and asked Mandana to touch Kishwar then you will take action against her, i am asking what would you have done? Suyyash says i dont know what i would have done, at that moment i was angry, Salman ask Kishwar why she wants her boyfriend to look in bad light? why she isnt stopping him? you are taking back seat and enjoying what is happening to him, you are sensible, you are playing game, you know in heart that Suyyash went wrong, Kishwar says i stopped Suyyash, i told him that i dont want you to talk to Mandan about my matters, Salman says this has become habit, only Kishwar can stop suyyash, suyyash is getting off line, he has threatened Mandana on national Tv that he will physically assault her, Kishwar gets emotional seeing Suyyash’s tears, she says this is not fair too that Mandana can get away with everything, she can hit me and nobody will question her, i am aggressive too in tasks but i never raised on any girl in house, she does this everytime but get away with it, she says it that she did in task and she will do it, Salman says i am saying what Mandana did was wrong, you would have let it go, Kishwar says i cant let it go everytime, she hit me then lie about it, she pushed me and later she was saying that she just jumped away from me, she pushed me when moderator wasnt there so no action can be taken against her, i have not come here to bear tantrums, if she pushed me then i pushed her back and i was right, Salman says you are right, Mandana is wrong, Suyyash is justified, right? Kishwar says no Suyyash is wrong, Salman says Kishwar and Mandan both were wrong in pushing each other but that was done but what Suyyash did by threatening was beyond limits, Suyyash says i was forced to do that, i knew i was doing wrong but she has forced me to do this with her, Salman says you have done this so many times earlier too, in this week, you threatened her two times, when you threatened her first time, you didnt realize you were wrong? Suyyash says first time it was in heat of moment, but 2nd time i knew i was wrong, Salman says then you could have said sorry to her. Salman ask Prince what he thinks Suyyash did right? PRince says Kishwar should have handled the matter, she can be threat to boys too, Kishwar smiles, Salman says to Rishab that you do take side but heal heartedly, if Rochelle was given this threatening warning then what would she had done? Rishab says she would have started abusing, Kishwar Rishab is that person who said if i was Kishwar’s boyfriend then i wouldnt have stopped in first time after threatening Mandana, Suyyash says he is the person who abuse girls like Priya and Mandana, Rishab says its my and Priya’s matters,Salman says that is their jokes, Priya doesnt have objection on it, Rishab says i dont talk to Mandana but when i see a person threatening her and all others are sitting and enjoying it with popcorns then i have to take stand, i cant sit silently, Rochelle says we did stop Suyyash, Rishab says if someone attacks are girl then it shows a character, if i joke with Priya and she feels bad then i ssay sorry to her, its my matter, i said one line that i wouldnt have stopped and they have taken it as my rules, Salman ask Rochelle that you said to Mandana that Suyash was right in threatening her, Rochelle says Mandana’s habit is to get aggressive but nobody can even argue with her, and when Suyyash started arguing with Mandana, iw as silent but then i stopped him, rishab says they all were enjoying, Salman says it was clear that everyone was enjoying fight, Rochelle says when Suyyash got angry then we didnt enjoy it, Salman ask if line was not crossed? Rochelle asys line was crossed, Salman says then why did you say line wasnt crossed? Rochele says because it was bout Mandana, she have crossed all lines, Salman says think before you speak, too much attacking on Mandana, Rochelle says Mandana wants to become victim. Salman says if you think that Madana wants to become centre of attraction and she wants to create scene around her then why are you giving attention to her? why are you giving her reason to become victim? Kishwar says we have decided to ignore her, we are not talking to her, Rochelle says we are ignoring her, Salman says i can listen one person at a time, Rochelle says point is Mandana does something and w give reaction to her, but we will ignore her, Salman says India is not able to ignore her then how can you ignore her? you guys dont have patience to ignore her, Kishwar says we have, rishab says if Mandan was 20 now she is at 70. Salman says to Rochelle that point is Suyyash didnt do good with Mandana, it is not good for Suyyash and Kishwar, Kishwar you are seeing your would be husband going down this lane, it will happen in Suyyash’s house, people will question you for not stopping Suyyash, Suyyash says i am really sorry Mandana, i will not do this again, i am sorry.
Salman says to Keith that i didnt expect this from you, Keith says iif line was crossed then i would have stopped Suyyash, Salman says line was crossed but you didnt stop, its not good. Salman ask Mandana if she pushed Kishwar? Mandana says yes i did, Rochelle interrupts, Rishab says Manager let Mandana speak, Prince ask Rishab why he is getting in all this? why you are interrupting, Rishab says why you are asking me to not say anything? dont try to be hero, Rishab says i am hero, Prince says i am real hero, Salman says everyone is literate in house, i salute for this behavior, end this matter, Suyyash apologized, its Mandana/s choice if she accepts it or not, he says to Mandana that people really liked the way you handled things this week so MANDANA IS SAFE, Mandana says oh God, Salman says why? you dont want to be saved? then why didnt you go when gates were opened? Mandana says i will go when audience want me to go, Salman says that is difficult.
Salman ask Priya who is in cool group? Rishab says Priya is at top in that list now, Priya says cool group has Kishwar, Prince, Keith, Rochelle, suyyash and Nora and other group which is called BB group have rishab, Mandana, Gizele, Kanwal. it has Gizele thats why i dont sit in that group, i dont like her words, Salman says you are strong women why it is affecting you? Priya says i was happy to see new people but Gizele started talking about Mandana’s past, i didnt like it then she called Keith dyslexic, Gizele says i said sorry to Keith, its her nature to exaggerate things, Salman says to Priya that if Gizele is saying something about other person then why are you feeling bad? all laugh, Priya says its my nature, Gizele says on first day she said i am Virgo and she Capricorn so we will have good bond then she started fighting, Priya i didnt like your behavior with other people, you were good with me, Salman says move on guys, he says lets see 2nd question. Question is about Keith, he says that Keith doesnt take any action, he was called dyslexic on national Tv but he didnt react, he is like bell that everyone can ring him and he will not react, Salman says dylexic is reading difficulty, i have that too, Gizele says i used that word and it was wrong word, keith is bit slow, Keith says i cant see every minute details in task else task will not move on, Gizele says i said sorry to you, Keith says i accepted it, Salman says its not about only this thing but you have become doormat, inmates take you for granted, nice person is not the one who is silent but the one who stand up for himself, Keith says i take stand for others but i have become hard on myself, i talked to Gizele and said that she is not going right way, Priya says Gizele needs direction, she does react but on wrong things, Rochelle says the comments she passed was cheap and she would get cheaper, Salman says you have become kishwar, why are you answering for Keith? Rochelle says its my point, its not about Keith, what Gizele said to me was wrong, it was cheap.
Salman says Keith, rishab and Kanwal are nominated and we will tell tomorrow who is going to be eliminated, he ends call.

In Bigg boss house, Prince says to Suyyash that dont worry, Nora ask if he fine? dont feel bad, she kisses his cheek and hugs him, Suyyash is sad. Prince says to suyyash that dont worry, Nora says suyyash is our friend, if he gets angry then its our duty to stop him, block his way, slap him but do something to stop him, i know he will not do it but i am here to stop him.
Rochele says to Keith that we have play alone not with that group, we should have suyyash before Rishab, Keith says i understood your point.
Kishwar says to Prince that if i had come in hall then i would have stopped suyyash, Prince says Rishab stopped him when Suyyash went beyond line, Kishwar says we will not give attention to Mandana, Rishab was saying slangs for Mandana two days back, and now enjoying Suyyash’s scolding.

Salman says now i will call someone who will not come by calling her name only, i will have to play Nagin music, he plays it. A kid comes on stage and hugs Salman, he calls Salma father, Salman says what? kid says i have blue color bracelet and you have same one so you are my father, Salman ask what proof you have? kid says i wll show you, he danced on Dabangg song, Salman dances with him, after dance, he ask Salman if he trust him now? Salman says kind off, all laugh, kid says three things shouldnt be underestimated, me, you and Maa(mother), Salman says call my mother, play music, Salman plays it, Salman says Nagin do whatever you want to do but dont trouble your mother, he leaves stage with kid, Nagin(Mouni Roy aka Shivanya) comes on stage and dances on Nagin music.

PRECAP- Nagin”Mouni Roy” dances on dewani song. Salman ask Mouni if she has come alone? where is her husband and kids? Mouni says you mean our(Salman and her) proof of love? she calls same kid(name saapo) again, Saapo comes there, Salman jokes that i didnt know our proof of love is so this much year old and giant(as kid is chubby).

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. lovely

    Suyash was.wrong to behave such with mandana or any girl
    But kish was also absolutely correct dat everytime she can do this say dat due to task she.pushed kishwar.No one is here to bear tantrums of mandana.Salman shld hv been fair.He scolded suyash dat was correct but he shld hv also make.mandana understand.Salman is blindly supporting mandana.Now I am finding kish good

    • Bb

      Why mandana pushed kiswer not priya or others,kiswer was going to any extent to torture mandana.In the cage they tortured her with utensil sound,she was playing to extreme first stop her then mandana won’t react

    • Bb

      Why mandana pushed kiswer not priya or others,kiswer was going to any extent to torture mandana.In the cage they tortured her with utensil sound,she was playing to extreme first stop her then mandana won’t react .

  2. Annamma James

    Krishna was dere during d conversation b/w suyash and mandana…
    At dat time he didn’t take a stand and infront of Salman he is trying to b hero….
    Pity on u rishabh….
    Yes what suyash did was wrong..Salman did right but atleast he hav to tell mandana also dat he will not encourage dis type of pushing…
    I felt like dat….

    • harshal

      he clearly said mandy was wrong with that PUSH thing, even though, as per my personal opinion, that didn’t seem like a push and we witness far worse pushes in the task, just that no one makes an issue of it like kish did( i remind you of that dairy task when kanwal hit mandy on hands and pushed her off, also, gizelle-roch pushing, prince pushed kish while running with skeleton and many more)…….

      • Chanti

        Harshal sorry to say I personally feel that youlikes Mandana. I totally agree one point that suyyash behaviour is wrong. But what mandana did also wrong she her self agreed that she pushed kish. Befor weekend episode i also felt very bad but while in the episode by seeing the attitude of Mandana i am disappointed. Once again i wathched all the episodes happened in this week and the way she insisted suyyash was very cunning. These dumb fellows never understand her game. She knew that salman will take a class if she acts like a target. Now i feel like how she gets into physical i hope Kish also should start get into physical only with Mandana in the task only and shouls tell her this is task and we should leave all the matters once we finish the task. I hope no one shouls interfere (Prince and Suyyash). I want to see what Salman and BB will do. I really want to see it. May be nagin revange 😉

    • Life Rules

      Salman is not being partial nor he is biased. He had screwed mandana also after the secret room episode and gave her a good dose. So it’s just not that he is partial to mandana. Today he had to question SuKish bcoz suyyash did a very bad thing by threatening a girl not just once but twice this week. That’s not acceptable. And that too mandana just jerked away kish while kish pushed way too hard. It’s just so clear from the video. The way she pushed mandana could have have resulted in mandana falling over and hurting herself. So kish needed a good dose for that. She was obviously being kinda insecure since mandana was playing well during the task by ignoring others and not giving up.
      Suyyash fighting for kish is reasonable bcuz she’s his gf. But his attitude was wrong. He should have never shouted and threatened her.
      Salman did a good job today by bringing out Rochelle’s double side also. Keith needs to play alone. He is such a genuine guy.
      Rishabh is also a good person by heart. I hope he and mandana solve their fight soon. Though they are not on good terms these days rishabh was protecting her when prince came shouting. He’s a sweetheart.

      • Neeru

        @life rules – I agreee to all your points… Superb … 🙂
        I liked how salman questioned rochs nd kieth too… Ofcourse suyyash was wrong but rochs was seen supporting him.. Nd kieth being a gentleman shud hv stopped him…

    • Neeru

      I think you meant rishab.. 🙂 but he did stop suyyash during the fyt.. Din he ?
      Also I feel its good that salman din press the matter of mandy pushing kish,, becoz if he had then, kish pushing mandy wud also hv popped up nd since the latter thing was more fierce, again kish wud hv been the culprit.. They already had enuf bashing for a day.. 😐

      As for the episode,, my views..

      1. Suyyash misbehaved with mandy so salman bashed him.. As simple as that.. I remember an instance where prince shouted at mandy/rochs nd vikas was seen scolding him for that.. Latr that weekend salman supported prince nd told vikas nd the gals that shouting with anger is not misbehaving .. So can’t say salman is biased.. Here suyaash was threatening mandy, daring her to touch kish nd show etc.. That definitely needed a bashing…

      2. Salman was really good.. I mean he din shout at suyyash.. His dialogue – “agar aap beech me jaoge you look bad.. Aapke character par gandha lag rha hai.. Kish is a strong woman.. ” Etc etc.. even to kieth he said ki it wasn’t expected from you nd you hv to stand up for yourself… I agree with what few ppl here feel.. Salman was actually guiding them..

      3. I felt bad for suyyash coz it was clear he was guilty.. But kish.. Her hatred for mandy is soo big that she can’t differentiate btwn wrong nd ryt… I liked when salman told kish ki – you are looking bad coz you are letting your wub be to stoop so low..

      4. Rochs ,You were against boys shouting at girls, prince tickles you nd you blame him for touching your boobs, you called him goon for shouting… Why did it change all of a sudden.. ? Coz its mandana ?
      Stop your double standards nd bettr get your head straight coz,, the way you are going now, i can see your eviction soon..

      4. Rishab nd prince hv sweet soul.. I like them both.. Just that one is aggressive nd stupid nd the other is slow nd confused…

      5. Mandy was ryt this week.. But suyyash have apologised nd now she shud accept it.. If she doesn’t, then all the sympathy she gained wud go…

      • harshal

        neeru, you are finally here :D… btw, here’s what will happen even if mandy accepts the apology,
        mandy accepts apology today(maybe tomorrow) and will talk to suyyash calmly about it. all will look fine. after the scene, kishwer will make side comment saying, look, again she is faking being good. Any task will happen, kish will get over-aggressive as always towards mandy(and ofcourse, kish, mandy will be in opposite teams, because lets face it, when was the last time they were in same team 😛 ). She will be seen taunting mandy now and then. At some point, mandy may react and banggggggg!!! shouting begins and then again drama…. mandy will look alone again getting ganged up, some people will pity her and admire her strong individual character while others will say, naa, mandy is FAKE , she is acting like a victim. This has been the sad story of this season most of the times and will continue till the end i think…….

      • Neeru

        @harshal.. I was pretty busy today.. So cudnt comment..
        Well yea Maybe that will happen. .. But atleast if she accepts i’ll be happy… who cares what kish thinks of mandy.. :p

  3. mona

    Finally suyyash realised mistake….. poor mandy….. no one is her friend….. y she get targeted all the time? She is deserving candidate to win

    • Kiara

      No she is not she is fake and a b*tch who is trying to show she is being Targeted when infact she is the one creating problems and no one is her friend because she is such a ungrateful person

      First i use to hate kish but now i like her

    • Subhashitha K S

      Its not naagin promotion Its Bigg Boss Promotion using Naagin,the show with highest trp even though it is weekend show among all tv channels.(However I watch and like both)

  4. harshal

    Let the “Salman is biased” arguments begin :P………..
    Ok, am not a huge salman fan, but whatever salman said today, was exactly how much he should have said to all and in right amount. I genuinely felt bad for suyyash(as deep down, i know he is a good hearted guy who just got carried away).
    For Kish, not that much, as she again denied the claim that she was wrong. She also kind of said that she would have stopped suyyash o.O, really, coz i saw you coming and didn’t see you making that attempt, infact you started saying to mandy,”first of all, you are liar blah blah”…. when salman said she pushed, you pushed, matter was resolved, she said that yes, it was, whereas i saw her b**ching about it even afterwards, infact, during that cigarette scene, she tells incoming suyyash to not be so sweet to mandy. Still, i get it is your personality and hope you live upto your promise of ignoring mandy, i would also like to see that just like salman, coz from what i see, you are the one who fingers her always, she reacts, you exagerrate. Then you claim she wants to look like getting targetted.
    rochelle devi, rochelle devi :P… got absolutely roasted today ehh, salman even didn’t give proofs of your duality yet( prince-nora b*t*hing) and yet showed your true self 😉
    Keith, your part seemed somewhat bad, you deserve better. You are genuinely a good guy, love you brother, no need to change 🙂
    Rishabh, you joked of it, priya agreed to it and all and look, roch, kish tried to show you in bad light even then just to save their own a**es, well, don’t worry. We have seen your behavior with women in the house, except the occasional flirting which are fun, you are very respectful of them and you look good, keep going.
    Prince, stay away from nora, le dubegi woh tujhe, she looks really cunning, atleast gizelle is bad in obvious way(hate her absolutely), this girl is sweet outside, cunning inside, the most dangerous kind there is. Use and throw bottle matt bann, play alone, play well 🙂
    Lastly, to the cool group, learn from your past mistakes and improve and the whole world will appreciate you and love you 🙂 , repeat it, and you will just be looking fools again to be roasted like today…

  5. harshal

    here’s a showcase of rochelle’s ever changing statements on same issues….
    1) on mandy’s PUSH to kish:
    a) to prince just after the incident: “arey, bas jerk off kiya yaar, baal pakdi thi kish”.
    b) to suyyash on bench: “see, i didn’t see as i was not looking. but , i support kish.”(after rewatching the video, it looks like rochelle did actually watch the PUSH)
    c) today when kish was getting scolded: “But salman, mandana ne kish ko kohni aur dhakka maara aur phir ……………………………………”.
    2) on suyyash crossing the line:
    a) to mandy: “you are wrong, I am also a girl and i know where the line is and suyyash, didn’t cross that line……..”
    b) to salman when he asked whether suyyash did cross the line after berating him badly for it roch : “yes, he did cross the line”
    salman: ” than why did you say to mandana that he didn’t?”
    roch: ” because salman ahhh…. mandana ahhhh…. she is ahh…mai uski tarah nahi hai ahhh…….. and rest was blabber that i didn’t get 😛

    At the end, rochelle said to keith that we shouldn’t be seen with the group i think, so, there it is again, side change 🙂 ….. Rochelle devi Rochelle devi Rochelle devi **imaginary aarti puja**

    So, where will rochelle go now. Back to being manager of mandana now, I doubt mandy will hire her 😛 …… or will she join alliance with the ever so charming Priya 😛 and name their team “THE RIGHTEOUS B**CHES…ooopsss, i meant “THE RIGHTEOUS WOMEN” …..or will she go solo finally………… JAANANE KE LIYE DEKHTE RAHIYE, BIGG BOSS 9, double trouble, where now all the original doubles will give each other lots of trouble……

  6. Maxx

    Salman never created such big issue when kishwer was made wasn just verbal intimidation .she lost her self respect on tv that day n nothing was done.
    When kishwer was kicked still nothing was done.such big havoc must not been created by salman today . It was sukish’s fault but salman almost fought with 6 of them ,clearly he was partial with mandana…i mean nobody wud have let suyash to be physical.Here 6 people were targeted the wrong way.

    • harshal

      ohh, c’mon,dog thing, that’s such an old issue and it was part of the task where contestants had to obey rishabh and he went far evil in it,because, lets be honest, rishabh wanted to potray himself as devil then,but he has changed since. if you think that way then last week mandy was in cage and worse things were done to her on national television( bottox comments) , kish now and then comments on mandy’s beauty and age and stuff and so, doesn’t that make mandy lose self respect too? did salman bash them for that anytime. No!! it was part of task and some were just personal comments.
      Here it was matter of threatening someone on their life on national television. Do you know, if god forbid something happens to mandy, suyyash will be the first suspect always. Its sensitive matter bro and deserved some saying from salman, it is for suyyash own benefits as he has now confessed on national television that it was just a statement he made in a fit of anger.
      About your attacking 6 person thing, lets be honest here, salman was only berating suyyash, and then kish in proper manner, when roch suddenly decided to jump in(isn’t that becoming a habit of her now and we say priya enters every argument) and got her part of scolding, Prince and Nora got left out, except the 1 statement saying “they enjoyed the fight with popcorns”… with Keith, he just said that he expected atleast keith to stop that, because we all kinda look up to him as the matured sensible guy that he is 🙂
      Favoring mandy? she deserved it, atleast this week. Still, he did scold her saying her push was wrong, but was negated by the push kish did and the problem should have resolved instead of the mess that was created

    • Sahil

      Maxx dude, in kish dog case rishabh and even not anyone did anything physical with her no one threaten her, in mandy’s case a boy shouting harassing and theartening on national channel. Kish says mandy laier what about herself she also proved she lied about wrist problem when aman was going to be captain and after in dog task ?. she’s not less than mandana .

  7. Jonwick

    whatever mandy has spoken or done ill with others has apways been ignored.
    Now that she’s been done wrong a big issue has been created like never before…IT REALLY SEEMS MANDANA IS GONNA WIN the way salman supports her.

  8. lovely

    Just read.zarines.interview.abt hate stry 3 and.she said salman hates.strong women..dats y he hates kishwer and he has always been interested in angrez he liks mandy…blo*dy criminal salman khan

  9. Sachin

    i want Prince to win…if not at least keith toh jetna chahiye baaki sabb drama karne aaye hai.
    Girgit ki tarah rang badalte h.

  10. Vipin

    All member in the house looking to play their individual game except Kishwer suyyas and prince.These three are playing like a family game not as an individual.
    Worst people..
    Always shows power of three against a single person and mostly against a girl..
    After watching there fight sometime i feel why i watch bigg boss. 3 people hv very low level.

  11. Shwetha

    Mandana need not be given this much importance,I’m not anyone’s fan bt Mandana needs to be scolded wen she goes wrong.

  12. Subhashitha K S

    I completely agree that suyash had to be grilled today as he was at fault and had gone very far.But it was not correct to completely ignore the fact that mandana had pushed kish.Especially when Salman had to be the mediater between all and not lawyer of mandana.I completely agree that the push mandana gave to kish was not as big or serious as much Kish made it out of that, but it was wrong and the push kish gave back to mandana was also equally wrong.So basically Salman should hv made it clear to mandana that what she did was wrong and what kish did against her was also wrong.And then bashed suyash the way he bashed him.But here he says mandana is completely right in whatever she did.And mandana is cunningly enjoying it and laughing on that in a way she has achieved something what she wanted.And here he scolds kishwer and for what? not for pushing mandana but for not stoping suyash.Great.Yes kish should hv stopped him but the first time when it happend (threatning by suyash), kish was herself in anger.second time when it happened she was not there at all.And when she came there and could hv corrected it she went out of board becoz she always hates mandana and somewhere she didnt want to take stand in her favour.Its bb house,sometimes situtations need to be was not necessary to grill kish.
    However I am not a supporter of sukish and I rather hate suyash for backbitting prince.
    Prince you are going great be the way you are.Dont know whether it is good or not that you are trying to be with nora.Want some more days to understand her.
    All the best prince.

    • harshal

      Subhashitha, hey there. I think you just need to watch the episode(if you have, watch it again i guess), because what you said salman SHOULD HAVE done, is what he exactly did. He said the same thing, mandana’s push was wrong, so was kishwer’s push, and hence, the matter should have been over and resolved then and there itself and the evening comments and threatening by suyyash should not have taken place, that’s what he said. Infact, salman’s only point today was don’t make such threats to women on national television, it makes the person look bad and characterless, that’s it. He even told them to ignore mandy if they think she is behaving as a victim, ignore her thinking she is mad. He did not act like lawyer of mandy, nor did he defend her action….

    • I think you missed the point where Salman told both Mandana and Kish that what they did was wrong and the matter should have ended there.

      I have always said it and will say it again that the way one reacts to an action makes the person either good or bad

      a. Kishwer disrespecting BB after Mandana kick when she could have easily played victim and the whole nation would have rallied behind her.
      b. She again repeated her mistake by rushing out of anger to push Mandana (and I ask myself so what was the ned to shout to everyone that Mandana pushed her if she could also push her back?) She could have played victim and she would have been praised instead of being scolded.

      Subhashitha, I just wonder what would have happened if Mandana also had her boyfriend in the house? Do you think that they could have always targeted her like they do? They don’t mess up with Rochell or Kish cos they feel they have back ups. Its not looking good on them. It makes the ladies who pick on Mandana seem insecure even if they are not.

      I’m getting disappointed in Prince because he is allowing Nora to use him because he was playing well before Nora came unto the scene.

      • Subhashitha K S

        I heard he said that but I feel it was not sufficient.

        The whole week i wanted to see salman bashing suyash i was waiting for it.But when it happened i didnt feel good bcoz i felt disgusting by mandy’s behaviour.

        Instead of talking the matter seriously (as she was telling that she felt threatened to stay in the house bcoz of suyash) she was laughing and enjoying as though she had achieved something.

        And neither did salman notice it,neither did he ask her why she was laughing on the matter,neither did he scold her for enjoying it.

        it was not matter to laugh

  13. mr.x

    If Salman goes on supporting mandana in this way everytime!!!! Swear !!!! This would be my last season of me following boss….. & PRINCE mere bhai love u…. Tu jab jab nominate hoga ,hum tumhare sath hai bhaiii…..

    • Are yaar doesn’t matter whom Salman supports as the winner is based on audience’s vote not Salman’s verdict
      He has all the qualities of being a perfect Bb host but he is quite biased at times -_-

  14. Pri

    I felt bad for Suyyash when he was getting scolded at, but what he did was wrong too. No one talks to a girl in that manner, he was threatening her on national tv! I understand it was out of anger (and we all know he has temper issues) but he pushed it…so i see how that went to Mandana’s favor. Kishwar pushed Mandana back, matter ends there. Out of no where, Suyyash just goes crazy! I don’t remember if someone instigated him or not. Mandana does get away with a lot of things, but Kishwar has a habit of messing with her too much. Prince needs to back away from Nora, i feel that she is using him. Rochelle got a reality check today, she is all over the place! I agree, Keith needs to step up his game, he’s way too laid back. This season is just not going well.

  15. santu

    My conclusion on the basis of observations..
    At the end of this season, following are the impact on these people
    Rochelle- loose Keith
    Keith- realise rochelle true nature
    Kishwar – soften a little bit
    Suyyash – will think of overpowering kishwar
    Prince – will think thousand times before believing a girl
    Priya – hopefully will know wen to shut up
    Mandana – will know how to be on news and get offers
    Rishabh- true enlightened one
    Kanwal-continue his normal life
    Gisele and Nora – can’t comment so early

    • harshal

      hahaha!! nice, loved your conclusions. Especially, Prince, Rishabh and Kanwal’s one :P… also, priya’s conclusion had ‘hopefully’ in it, which adds a nice touch, as we all never know if she will learn 😛

    • Haha nice one santu, I also think that if they continue like this on BB Keith and Rochelle may split
      And as of Prince, iss ka to kuch nahin honga, uska character dheela tha, dheela hain aur dheela rehenga 😛

  16. Raman Thind

    I hate mandna the way she is. Salman is partial wid mandna. Alwys supports her. Kish nd prince r strng cntstnts. Hopefully one of kish nd prince will win

    • Salman doesn’t support Mandana but is helping Suyash because as someone has rightly said earlier should any harm happen outside the house to Mandana, the first person the police will look for will be Suyash so he needs to clear himself.

      I do agree that Kish and Prince are strong contestants but so is Mandana and this is not a boxing contest which requires mostly physical strength but the mind. So Kish and Prince have to use their minds more rather than throwing rubbish and being physical because it is not attractive.(Salman has hinted it to them several times but they are not getting it) And will definitely not motivate a viewer to vote for them.

      • harshal

        finally there’s someone who actually got why suyyash was scolded. Thank you tracy dear 🙂 , i was literally going crazy trying to explain this to most people who thought that salman was grilling suyyash and kish for mandana’s favor… I am so much missing neeru, tedd, freak, fatarajo here :/

      • Chanti

        What ever suyyash did is wrong i also agree. But all are ignoring one poing when the second time suyyash had scolded her, Mandana only raised a point like in task we can do any thing after the task we should leave this matter. Then suyyash got orritaed by saying how cn u push my gf. Mandana is playing very cunningly woo aag jalathi hai aur end pe victim ban jaati hai.
        Prince is not like starting blindly he is not supporting kish and Suyyash.
        When he shouted on Mandana also it was not his mistake, priya came out and she told she is using personal comment abd bla bla but she didn’t mentioned the lippy name.
        Due to this the issue happened.
        I feel Suytash should have control on his anger, and please don’t b*t*h about Prince it looks very bad.
        As salman’s scolding, i agree suyyash desers it but he could have told to mandana also not to repeat it again
        Before he says any thing our Rochell devi had starts a discussion.
        If every one ignores Manadana then also she will play as victim,by giving slang or …..
        Kieth u should stand for u r self.
        Lets see how u r captency goes.

      • tedd

        Absolutely bang on point …salmaan is trying to help suyash…even he said that mandana did wrong in pushing kish…but from the video it was clearly visible , mandana just jerked kish but kish pushed her way too hard..mandana could have fallen down…i dont like mandana a lot…but still in this case am in favour of her….miss u too harshal…missing all exams are finally over..10 days rest..thatz d reason i was late to comment…..

      • Hope u enjoy these 10 days these 10 days are like heaven if exams r hell @tedd
        I hope Keith can do a captain, the day he was elected a captain that day he didn’t do anything , he can be much better @Chanti

      • So good @Tedd I couldn’t go to country for holiday due to my passport renewal 🙁 , doing nothing at home since a month just did a part time job for a week
        But my aunt is coming on Tuesday and I m going Japan to my another aunt next Monday just can’t wait for that

      • I m really enjoying the day, by getting to communicate with u all. I love to make friends a lot. I m not like that person in ‘cool’ gang 😛 which is why I have selective friends . Thanks tellyupdates for giving me this opportunity. I won’t forget u [email protected], I will still be active most of the time this week, after that when I return to sg on jan I will continue be active
        And the time when I will be out of sg I will stay in touch but I
        Would be less active(only for 2 weeks)

      • tedd

        @Joyee…i dont have friends at all…and am happy to communicate with u all….am too less active since a week..due to exam stuffs…from tomorow..will try to be more active over here…..

  17. Pragya_

    Mandana is so clever I must say. I mean she has caught the right nerve of audience. N we ppl like…aww…bichari…targeted by everyone..all alone…she must win yrr.
    Guys wake up. This is not a saas bahu saga or any Bollywood masala movie….ki bichara hero akela hai gundo k beech usko hi jeetna hai… I agree she did something in previous few tasks n PRETENDED to be good too…bt we all know she’s not like that.

    • Most viewers do not expect a saint to win the show but all we ask for is for the person to be assertive, have a sharp mind, be entertaining and not scared to stand alone. Because as prospective personalities for brands(all contestants), no one needs someone who passes out as aggressive, crude or abusive.

      Kish and Prince can do better and the sky will be the limit for them so don’t feel bad when they are scolded. Its for their good.

  18. Pawandeep Singh

    Actually according to Me suyash and Prince from start of season always be on salman hit list due to this lady ki sheer when suyash did that with mandana , support which rishab gives comes from kishwer. At least she should show his strong behaviour to fight with mandana but she always use prince and suyash agrresive behaviour to threat mandana
    I don’t like mandana personally but due to her wrong doings some other are scolded which is most painful

    • As I have already said we should not feel bad when they are scolded because they will all come out much better than they entered the house.

  19. Shilo

    Thank u for putting the bullies in their place rochelle is a looser 8 hope prince wins n feel bad for keith

  20. Hafy

    nice epi i like the way how mandanas playing i even like prince and rishab but the rest blehhh thats just my opinion

  21. Maxx

    @harshal few days back there was hype that nothing was said to mandana by salman regarding the kick kishwer got and salman was bashed on social media.
    Now it’s a fact that sukish did mistake and were grilled too good! no problem !but why didn mandana get grilled for that kick .
    It’s a matter of salman being partial towards mandana I mean..u can feel him being partial to her on weekends and no one can deny that mandana speaks those harsh hurting words on face n this sudden change in attitude of mandana …i mean she is looking good right now but we cant forget her dramas .
    Mandana doesnt deserve to win,may be some one else not even sukish ,even they pick up fights but someone sensible like keith.

    • harshal

      maxx, same reason why kish didn’t get grilled for pushing mandana today(she got grilled for not stopping suyyash make such rash comments on tv), nor mandana get grilled for pushing kish(again just jerking off as per me), they were just told they did wrong.
      Now, read & understand my comment please, salman never grills people for getting physical and push-nudge stuffs in tasks, you can give me any instance where he actually grilled anyone for pushing or stuff. He only grills when something really nasty happens.See, when a task is done, sometimes it becomes physical(infact most tasks are physical this season). when that happens, pushing and all becomes common. Again telling you to look at the skeleton task where first roch-giz had pushing each other going on and later prince did push kishwer while running with skeleton. Dairy task, kanwal did push mandy and hit her hand. Those things will happen bro, you got to understand it. Kish just made it an issue as it was mandy who did it. Believe me, anyone else, and she wouldn’t have even uttered a word against them, but mandy, she definitely will. Do you think kish is that weak that she got hurt by mandy’s action?
      About the kick stuff, i have my opinion which i think you will disagree on and i can’t convince you on that, sorry. But i would like to say just this the actions that were done would have reactions and that’s all that was. Any person might have reacted that way from my point of view and its not hazardous in any way. Again, my opinion. Ofcourse, outside the task, you get physical, you owe an explaination, but in task, physicality will always happen.
      For me, mental stresses and mental assaults do pain more than the pain caused due to physical assaults and that’s the harsh truth. when you perform an action, there will be some reaction. That’s why even when kish pushed mandy(that was not related to task), it was seen by salman and all as a reaction to her getting pushed by mandy and no one raised that issue for grilling.

    • Neeru

      Just abt the kick nd push issue…

      1. We are doing a task nd Someone kicks me … i cry nd ask for justice.. Vn the judge(bb) takes time to give his verdict, i shout , insult him nd leave the court room… Nd then i expect the lawyer(salman) who works with the judge to support me without criticising what i did …

      Someone hits me nd i hit her back.. And again i expect justice..
      Why kish,, why?

      • Neeru

        The response you receive will definitely depend on how you tackle the situation..

        in Both the situations kish nd suyyash over-reacted where as mandy cleavrly maintained silence…
        Call it clever, cunning or whateva ,, mandy did well.. .
        Su-kish shud cool down nd wait for weekend epidodes to react rathr than shout nd threatn at the moment..

        if You take the law into your hands den dont expect the court to support you.. 😀

  22. Sachin

    ye sallu sabki galtiyan pakad leta h aur india ko show karr deta h..mandy ki pakadta hi nhi koi..
    That time when he was asked about his fav. Contestant 100% audience thought mandy n chupke se palat gaya parr mann me thi mandy. Ab use jitwa k hi manega.

  23. Jonwick

    suddenly after todays episode 80% people on this page have gone against mandy wt heck!
    Yesterday 80% were on her side.
    such fluctuating public opinion clears one thing…everyone forgets past and its the image of contenstants in final days that will help decide winner.

  24. Shruti

    Somehow, I believe makers should stop calling it a reality show for few reasons –
    1- people are told every weekend how are they being portrayed
    2- participants are confused, that they are participating in a game show where they need to play strategically or they should stay real and not fake as strategy might need you to be manipulative
    3- the content shown is entirely editor’s choice, so rather showing the housemates personalities it represents editor’s mindset
    4- host is actually ghost directing the show. I guess he has something against strong women who don’t cry
    5- people who are voted out early off say that audiences prefer loud and noisy inmates while those who win brag it like a star on their shoulders

  25. harshal

    bul**hit, reasons are…
    1)most of the people supporting mandana(me included) do that cause she has remained the same person throughout i.e. self-centered, straightforward and stubborn(somewhat selfish individual player) who is strong person, and not out of pity for her.
    2)she has never PRETENDED to be good, nor she is trying to look good. She has been honest in her approach to this game since beginning by not indulging in ganging up on someone, like the cool group does. She fights for herself and not for others, unlike others who pretend to be each other’s friends and all just to be safe from nominations. that’s what people like in her.
    3) some people also support her as she is hot and gorgeous 😛

    • Pragya_

      Third reason??Lol…
      As you are a true mandana fan…you’ll nvr be able to see the REAL her.
      Same person!!! Really? First who said- I’ll play alone..I’ll make no friends. Then becomes BEST FRIENDS with Roch… Then again split up…another time they were prince n rishabh…n ab jb sb ignore kr rhe hai…I’ll play alone. Coz she knows dt no one will be with her now.
      I agree suyyash did wrong n it was good dt he got scolded…he will rise better now.
      N this mandana is having no winner quality

      • harshal

        1) friendship with rochelle looked forceful from roch side mostly, besides, mandy’s statement was that she is not here to make lifelong friends and has come here to win the game for herself, she is selfish in that respect, she won’t play for others. And here’s where she has remained the same. the friendships with prince, rishabh, etc that you are talking about are just good equations between them, not friendship. You can call anyone friends in bigg boss, only if they discuss strategies for the game together, discuss nominations and stuff. Its different than friendship in real life.
        2) if suyyash rises to become even better person, i will be happy, believe me. and that is one of the main purpose of this game, to make people realise their shortcomings and improve on them 🙂
        3) ignoring her, please dooo!!! i want most of contestants to ignore her, leave her be for christ sake. because every week they make this resolve maybe, then there is task, kish gets overaggressive as always, taunts mandy again and again, mandy reacts at some point, kish overstretches the issue needlessly, needless fights and ganging up and then….
        mandy supporters like me will say that, look, all others are targetting mandy coz she is strong contestant to win. You and others will say, look, she is fake, acting like target and all to gain sympathy and the vicious cycle goes on and on………………… 😀

    • Pragya_

      N I am sorry to say this bt harshal ur comments always favour mandana…at least those comments which I have read. OK she’s your favourite…bt what’s wrong is wrong n being a honest viewer you must admit it. I too like sukish n prince bt jo unhone glt kiya vo glt hai n I criticise it…bt agr day1 se dekha jaaye toh they seem far better than others…esp kish n prince. N rimi too liked them?

      • harshal

        lol, 😛 no offence taken, none at all , cheers, and yes, i do favour her a lot cause i genuinely like her personality. About the supporting mandy blindly thing, ask neeru and others and you will know that i indeed criticized her after that skeleton task, its not that i think she is pure and doesn’t need improving, all people need improvement in this house to some extent and hopefully at the end, all will improve and become better person 🙂

    • prakash

      Ya she is strong because she tries to win comment by aruging and when that does not work she tell her point and walks away …and if that does not work she cries as she knows by seeing her tears her lawyer salaman khan will beat the hell out of any one who led these tears come out of princess mandana. As he has been in so many court hearing that he could easily get a LLB.

    • Wow Harshal I think u deserve to call a contestant like some people do every week , and at least tell this to one comtestant,
      Maybe by one phone call u may change the luck of one of the contestants 😛
      Salman would be proud of u 😛

      • harshal

        Joyee, hehe, if i get to do the phone call, i will just reveal the backb**ching of suyyash and roch to prince and change the whole dynamics of the game by breaking the cool gang and that will ofcourse be in mandy’s favor 😉

      • harshal

        mai aise karu toh kuch prince-sukish friendship ke lovers meri waat laga denge, aur ye kaam toh tum bhi kar sakte ho joyee, mujhe kyu bali kaa bakra bana rahe ho 😛

  26. sreevani

    First of all Mandhana is just a DRAMA QUEEN and a FAKE.. Yes Suyush was wrong but she is always targeting and speaking bad about them.. And HMs should stop giving her to create dramas.. And im like WTF when she speaks ill about Keith and Rochelle’s relationship, this shows how cheap she is.. Bigg boss didnt show that back b*t*hing to HM.And clearly knows that Ro knows about gizelle’s bad character in personal life, and that gizelle knows about Msndhana’s personal stuff like fake marriage boyfriend she started follow gizelle in the show and you will see how she prevents gizelle for the sake of the personal stuff.. I like Rochelle and keith, i really need them to stop support anyone in house and to play their game individual..

  27. I don’t think for now Keith and Rochelle are looking so good because they don’t even know which group to support (Piece of advice to them- THEY SHOULD JUST SUPPORT THEMSELVES AND STOP TRYING TO BE SAINTS). It won’t help because the time they spend to point out others faults or correct them can be used to plan out a strategy to win the game. At least Rochelle tries to be assertive sometimes which is good.

    For talking behind each other, they all do it and I agree to it as a strategy in the game.

  28. Jonwick

    mandana rochelle and priya are all wicked ladies self centered and unstable in their opinions.Neither of them deserves the title atleast kish has been same from begining and doesn budge from what she says..and also add rishabh among these ladies he’s of the same kind.

  29. 777A

    After kishwer and mandana leave this will be the best season . Tasks will be done properly .Some peace.Fat lips should be kicked out.Prince is the best he should win.

  30. So mandana new Gautam gulati of bb9 . Most of the indian people would have started liking her. A girl who never completes any task, cunningly fights with all housemates( after losing bhoot Bangla task she said it was princes mistake . Really she wants that everyone should hate and fight with her and Salman will save her in weekend). She knows that how to make stupid prince shout at her. She is not victim but a fake fake girl. Why always acting(victim) wins bb.

    • I also didn’t like Gautam that much. But I knew that he will win BB, I only liked him in the task where he sat for 2 days continually with Karishma, they both did really well in that task last year.

  31. After quiting every task she cunningly blames and fights with everyone and then cries so that it will be useful for Salman to save her. Hi Salman do you think you can even remain a three day friend for mandana . I don’t think so . Because even Keith cant do this . In the first week itself Keith lost . Ha ha. So indian people think she is a target. No one is a target. It is because of your character that how you behave to others you become a victim. You people keep supporting mandana.

    • Mahi

      Haha u r right siva.. Keith sambhal ni paya mandy ko tho Salman sir kese sambhal payega
      Bcoz keith se pehle hi roch k liye bura bola.. Salman sir se dosti karegi tho wo ash aur kareena k liye bura bolegi.. I think wo kisi k dost bane ki layak ni h koi target ni karta usko. Vese b karega kyu koi pasand b ni karta usko tho

  32. In today’s episode salman did the right thing by taking class of Suyyash, I agree with Salman on what he said but he scolded him a little too much. I felt bad for Suyyash at least he did understand and regretted. Salman was also disappointed with Keith I did feel bad for Keith too, but he really needed it.
    I was liking Mandana, till she said that she wanna go home. C’mon Mandy, don’t be like this. Am tired of listening of this line.

  33. Mahi

    Yes @sreevani u r right.. Mandana is such a drama queen.. Precap me dikhaya tha mandy is b*t*hing about roch and Keith.. But bigboss didn’t show that. Why??
    1 thing is that mandana kisiki dost banne ki layak hi ni h isliye abi uske saat koi ni. . Starting se roch mandy k saat deti thi uske bawajood mandy ne galat kaha roch ke baare me keith se.. Jab task ka tym aya tab roch ne task k lye mandy ke baare galat bola tho bichari mandy ko kitna bura laga.. Mandy ko sochna chahiye tha ki usne b tho galti ki kish ko kya sochke 3 hours doggy banaya.. Iss baar acha laga Salman sir k saamne b roch ne yhi kaha ki mandy galat h vo jo karti h footage k liye krti h.. I think roch ki koi galti ni h double faced b ni h.. Sabse jada double face tho mandy h.. Roch jo bolti h wo seedha kehti h
    Yes sabse badi nautanki mandana karimi..
    Bye-bye kanwal aap tho aaj ghar jaa rhe ho.. Ab drama ghar pe jaake dekhna popcorn ke saat especially tumhare dushman roch ka..
    ILOVE KEITH AND ROCHELLE.. Love you.. All the best

  34. siva i agree tht mandana is a selfish girl & may be she is irritating & cunning.but tht doesnt make suyash right, u r threatning a girl in highest pitch of ur voice & no1 there is sensitive enough to stop u.keith,like salman said this was nt expected.roch needs a reality check she thinks she is luking strong but she is luking like ‘thali ka baingan’.rishab love u my boy u r funny,straight forward & cool but u hav a soft heart too.

  35. Mahi

    All that Gizele and Priya want is audiences attention. Thats why they are fighting over small things. Both of them are very irritating. i thought that with new wild cards the show would be interesting but this season has proved to be a disaster as far as the interest factor is concerned

  36. II

    What all mandy deserved ystdy all that came to her from salman very beutifully. Hope she maintaince it. Dissappointed as salman didnt grill priya and prince. He too shouted at mandy. Only hard beating from slmn can bring out best from priya. Just one word saying that the whole world wants ur mouth to shut down from sallubai would have benefited her much. May be even bb doesnt want to change her bad image. Next week all will be busy in rectifying their images except priya i think so not sure. She has no idea that she has gained free and honourable entry into the hatelist of all ppl inside and out. But i love her because all hate her.. Simple.

  37. Namira

    @harshal u said exactly what I wanted to say
    @ maxx salman would scold mandy for her kick incident bt for dat kick kish also created so many issues she accused both bb n sallu for being biased so how can she accept salman would talk her behalf she own levelled things by saying so many things dat week….

  38. Khyati

    Mandana you are just a biggest b*t*h ever!!hate you and will alwasys hate you!!salman ji please understand,we guys hate mandana!!dont let her win.if she will il stop watching bigg boss for sure!!rochelle you go girl,i really want you to win

  39. Namira

    @harshal u said exactly what I wanted to say
    @ maxx salman would scold mandy for her kick incident bt for dat kick kish also created so many issues she accused both bb n sallu for being biased so how can she expects salman would talk her behalf she own levelled things by saying so many things dat week….

  40. Namira

    I wonder when salman teased Nora n prince they didn’t felt bad :p really it would b wow if salman scold prince for wasting his tym on Nora

  41. @anu r but no one can make friendship with mandana in bb house. No boy,girl or any wild card entry. Mandana even had a fight with yuvika. Oh my god ,can u believe this even yuvika. Mandana really wants to be a victim. After every luxury budget task without performing any task she blames the people who performed task for days(prince). But rishabh I a nice guy. Even he left mandana after knowing she is ungrateful. Even Puneet said to mandana that I came for u mandana but mandana eve faught with him. Oh god

  42. @anu r but no one can make friendship with mandana in bb house. No boy,girl or any wild card entry. Mandana even had a fight with yuvika. Oh my god ,can u believe this even yuvika. Mandana really wants to be a victim. After every luxury budget task without performing any task she blames the people who performed task for days(prince). But rishabh I a nice guy. Even he left mandana after knowing she is ungrateful. Even Puneet said to mandana that I came for u mandana but mandana eve faught with him. Oh believe she’s acting like a victim

  43. kriya

    There is limit to everything . mandana sabze zyada rules todti hai , mike vo utar deti hai task bhi incomplete chod deti hai , aur kick bhi maari usne matlab vo jo kare toh vo uska reaction aur suyyash ya kishwer kuch kare toh vo intentional . it’s suyyash and kishwer who has been targetted since first week not mandana .

  44. kriya

    Mandana always provoke other person to extent and so that person reacts . by crying she become victim . how can everytime in fight between suyyash kishwer and mandana is right ? Can she never be wrong

  45. Rahul

    That comment on gizele lips was not cool also!! Insulting!!
    There is a fine line B/w joke and insult!! Salman crossed!!

  46. Maxx

    @ harshal pushing is normal it can happen in tasks but kicking delibrately is something else if kish wud hv done that u wud hv known how salman wud hv reacted bcoz kicking n punching prohibited in bb house…my opinion! Every 1 has his own.

    • harshal

      Maxx…Kicking , Punching, pushing is prohibited i agree, but in most tasks now, it happens, and that’s why i think the rule might have changed that unintentional kick, push in tasks will not lead to elimination. During regular time, its a crime to do that.
      Again the kick issue, you have your opinion, i have mine. I genuinely felt it was more of a reaction to kish and group throwing water, potato and stuff and i might have reacted the same way if i would have been there. Also, i just hate how some people ignore the facts that led to the action, before accusing someone. How do people always ignore the clear aggressiveness that kish shows in the name of tasks, always.From throwing potatoes, urine, creating noise near ears(which is very risky for ears btw), personal life taunts, messing with hair to that extent. Let it be any tasks, her actions are way too extreme and inhuman to some extent.
      If kicking someone during heated task is a crime, I will say that even getting way too aggressive in a task, taking out your own personal grudges in the name of tasks, smearing filth on others, all qualifies as a crime. Its a form of mental as well as physical assault and way more painful than some kick(which will hurt only for few minutes).
      Salman dodges both these issues, doesn’t grill anyone for it and only grills when the actions by contestants make look the show look bad or has caused a national anger…

  47. prakash

    See who ever have watched that episode will know that salman basically acted as a lawyer for mandana. If someone kicks you and again pushes what will you do ?? You will also give some reaction. Salman basically encourages mandana to do such things by constantly saying that u r right and nations loves you and its hard to ignore you. Suyash started the conversation politely madana pushed it. Salman never said anything to mandana apart from saying only word that mandan did wrong and again he started scolding suyash ..he scolded them so badly that even kishwer and suyash started crying while talking to him then also he did not stop.

    • Latif

      Hi Prakash, You are missing the point here. Lets just forget Mandana’s past in the house here and look at the incident independently. It was Kishwar who kept going after Mandana by messing her hair. Now don’t say it was a task – i will point out about the task a little later. Kishwar choose her nemesis. If you go back to the recording it clearly shows Mandana jerking Kishwar’s hand away. It was not an assault. A voilent jerk – thats it. And then Kishwar had to blow it out of proportion and Suyesh who has no respect in the house, who is off late seen trying to show that he can Man up – unfortunately is seen trying to prove himself against girls.. He went too far with his threats. So much that he lost respect among viewers. And if you have observed closely he does harbour hate towards Prince. It is coming out slowly. And are we forgetting that Kishwar did mroe forcefully push Mandana after that incident. Mandana took that sportingly, and unfortunately none from her team stood up against Kishwars doing.

      About the task – Bigg Boss gave a fun concept of making a team ghosts and the other humans. The task was to win reaction of humans. Its a ghost house concept for god’s sake- you will win reaction by scarring people. Boo them. Not spray people, mess people’s hair or throw vessels. The entire house missed the beauty of the task. They just went ahead and did what they know best – throwing garbage, screaming, abusing etc. And on top of it Keith was the worst moderator of all. This task clearly gave us a picture of keith. That he can a good person, but he is a horrible leader or enforcer. He just cant control people or take a stand. He just lacks leadership skills. Ghost team decided to remove make-up, prop’s and wanted to deceive human team and get their reaction. Keith allowed that. It’s like the moderator himself is allowing one team to cheat against the other. Bigg boss provided ghost team those prop’s to put on and scare. not discard it. And not to forget, priya convinced him to their team 4 points. What? What kind of a moderator was keith?

      Look’s like we have a whole bunch of undeserving people in the house:
      Mandana: Cannot make friends. Go closer to her and get bitten.
      Rochelle: Can come to bite anytime in the house. Has no idea when to take a correct stand. In fact she cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Has just been creating scene’s for petty reasons.
      Prince: All task and no brains. He cannot win against mature people. Only ends up screaming. And it was shocking that he did not stand up against Suyesh when Mandana was being bullied for life.
      Kishwar: All focused at fighting with Mandana.
      Suyesh: No identity except for being Kishwar’s boyfriend.
      Kanwaljeet: Ready to get eliminated.
      Priya: Is only interested in lecturing, arguing, jumping in conversations where she is not invited. adding fire to coal uninvited.
      Gizele/Nora: too early to comment about them.
      Rishab: Never a leader, Lives in the shadow of some bully to avoid being nominated. At the moment he is in the shadow of Priya.
      keith: Just a regular guy with slightly better composure. One who will look the other way when anyone is harassed. Basically a coward.

      • waqar

        i agree with you latif.. Kishwer khud chahti ti k kisi tarhan mandy use push kare aur wo bt ka batangar bana de

      • prakash

        Madana took it sportingly because she hit her first . She targets mandana because she knew she could get a reaction from her that was the task . But reaction in form of beating and getting away from it or getting support for this behaviour is wrong. Mandana has already kicked her and then again she pushes what will kishwer do ????? She rightly said ,she is not here to get beated by mandana. She has to react . In last season ejaz khan was eliminated because he was physical to ali and what has happened to mandana this season apart from getting support from superstar like salman khan …

      • tamanna

        You are absolutely correct. Right now no one’s in the house whom I think should win. A bunch of stupid people in the house.

  48. Jonwick

    Describing mandana..
    1.selfish and rude
    2.Doesn’t care for any ones feelings team spirit (backs out of tasks)
    4.Expert in backbiting (so what says on face too ! many do including priya n prince)
    5.totally non supportive.
    6.brave in saying ‘no’ to many things(rimi was too and didn gave a damn)

    Some people think these drawbacks as virtues and saying she must win cuz she’s on the face.

    RIGHTEOUS ,HONEST,WISE and SMART people must win not people like mandana.

  49. Sachin

    Top five disgusting people in bb house!
    1.priya (9/10)
    3.Rochel (8/10)

    • prakash

      Even kieth did not interfere in the fight between suyash and mandana as i think he was also fed up with her ….then he was scolded by salman for not supporting mandana ….. Kieth was the one who supported mandana intially and backed off later because he knew her nature …. Face should not only be the reason to support anybody …in salman’s case though this is the only reason.

  50. @freak….U know i am also going to give medical entrance exam…thanks for giving new name banaras ki pari…Why u thought im from maharashtra

    • D freakk(rimi lover)

      @ cool yr..u studying from jrs?? U cn take my help wenever u need..:-D u cn text me on nine four five four five zero six nine six one

  51. Raz

    Kishwer is the most annoying person in da house .. She has a whole group of goondas to do her dirt work and sits back and acts like shes the best .. She is an old woman who needs to b eliminated

    Prince is not even worth talking about .. His whole love drama with Nora is soo fake its hilarious
    Mandana was tolerable this week and suyyash and kish dragged the drama too much and made me hate them more
    I think right now Rishabh seems to be the least irratating
    Lets see how next week goes

  52. prakash

    And to be in salman’s good book many of the house contestant will start supporting mandana and when they will treated badly by her then again they will turn against her and then again salman will scold them and this cycle will continue till mandana is declared winner ….

  53. Aneri

    I totally agree wid u prakash salman was biased towards mandana from d beingning n when prince was wid sukish that tym he was against wid prince also n one day after that week end epi he also said that we have to always heard of salman from d beginning salmam is supporting Mandy suyaash did wrong but he apologized also n he did in love which is I think fair cause he knew that if he didn’t say anything then Mandy will do again I have idiot salaman ? plz support sukish as kish is playing well using her mind n without anyones support mand is supported by salaman

    • prakash

      Ya if ur gf is beaten twice and nobody does anything then u will take some actions to prevent this act happen again. He started his conversation slowly. What if after biggboss kishwer says to suyash that i was beaten twice and u did nothing not even confronted her …atleast we can expect this kind of behaviour if someone is in relationship for five year. Infact in spitting task everyone except yuvuka spitted in food but footage was shown of kishwer only. Y not others?????

  54. Jonwick

    Rightly said @prakash mandana intentionally provoke people to shout at her like suyyash was caught in her snare…”task me m kuch bhi karungi” and he shouted n got grilled!
    Always she blames others when task is lost bcoz of her..

  55. Jonwick

    rightly said @prakash..
    Mandana provoked suyyash 2nd time by saying ‘my wish whatever i do in task’
    suyash was dumb enough to shout n get grilled.
    She knows accusing others of her own mistakes.

    • Sahil

      Everyone has to protect themselves as the situation comes and play the tasks.
      Kish was very loud from the start that became her weak point even though she is good r not in her actual life but she looks like she bullying everyone whome she doesn’t like and also used he bf and Prince for protection. But her strategy went wrong.
      In the tasks kish always went to mandana to pervok her to do something and result she got agressiv and got kicked and jerked.
      If you just leave kish and mandana on a side and imagin if u in the same tasks and u dont like opposite team member and they do the same to u. U must slap or kicked . Same happened with them both don’t like each other.
      In last 2 tasks kish went intentionally to provoke mandana to do same as kick but she only could jerk her and kish made a darama that mandana pushed her hardly . What was that ????
      Caz she wanted to get sympathy and showing that mandana always wrong.

      That means that was kish who portrait wrong. And pushed su in trouble.
      In the task purpose was to get attention kish was success but her main purpose was something else.

      Kish actual DARAMA QUEEN . She didn’t say any word to bf go and fight but performed like mandana pushed her as hard as she did afterwards.
      Kish played ” ek teer se do shakar”

      Go and watch again. Dumb ??

  56. @ prakash you are very very very right. Salman is going to make mandana win bb9. When ever someone tries to be friend with her(rishanh,Keith,rochell,Puneet,prince) she treats them badly and when they start telling the truth about her Salman saves the day for mandana. Salman is making people love mandana. People who perform tasks for days will never win bb . One who performs no task and cunningly blames other people after task ao that they take their frustations boh her ,then she cries and Salman just says mandana one word( you’re wrong mandana) and bangs others so that people like mandana very much. She kicked kish . What were u doing Salman .what did u say about that. If u love mandana so much then u u u u. Salman make her winner immediately . Why are you wasting everyone’s time

    • prakash

      If u will analyze salman has defended her every and any action done by her . Only once he just told her that u were punished mandana not rewarded during fake eviction of her. That too because she was too stubborn to understand that it was the task to do the back b*t*hing. ..

    • Chanti

      Guys i feel salman has to defend more and more then only people will get to know more. If i remember last week every body supported mandana and i made the comment also she started the conversation. Till now in the bb history i feel if salman supports some one blindly then they won’t win bb. Hope this time also the tradition repeats. 😉

  57. Are yaar, neye word shuru ‘manager’, mujhe toh Lagta hain ki Bb9 khatam hone ke baat, ek nayi dictionary publish honge sirf khash kar bb9 contestants ke liye
    Is mein limited words rahenge , Jese ki physical
    Bb9 ka contestants english mein baat karna nahi bhulte par nayi words use karne hamesha bhul jate hain

  58. kren

    Was a big fan of Rochelle but now I hate evrything about her. She nevr seem to keep her mouth shut and tend to interfare evry talk or fight. Pray she’l be eliminated soon..hearing her voice can just pissed me off. Watching the Show only for you MANDANA..You are doin great n you deserve to Win!!!!!!!

  59. raj

    Salman is partiall to suyash and kish and blind support to mandana while mandana is wrong every time but blindally support to mandana

  60. oni

    sabhi ne kaha mandy ko ignore karenge…dekhte he lya karte he…hahaahahha…unko hajam nahi hoga jab tak mandy ko tang nahi karenge…hahahahaaha

  61. oc

    I saw lots of comments saying prince is a fool and don’t use his brains, but I think he’s the most clever one amoung them all. if you notice he’s only been nominated two time in all this time, while he argues all the time, when the next time you see him he’s friends with that person. He’s flying under the radar and keeping himself safe from nominations and sometimes u have to stay in tmiddle idd the pack till the last minute to suvsurvive and win. He may act foolish, but I think he’s brain washing them all into thinking he’s there for everyone. By the way I am a Keith fan not prince fan. But I think he’s playing a clever game.

  62. Ritika

    I was liking mandana yest but d way salman scolded evry1 for not stopping suyash against mandana and mandana laughing spoilt it.

    Mandana is a b*t*h and kishwar is a b*t*h too but i appreciate d fact that how strongly kishwar puts across her point and stands by it come what may (unlike rochelle)!

    As for suyash shouting, he has d benefit of doubt as that was in d heat of moment, he was supporting his to-be-wife against the girl who kicked her; bas naive hai toh thoda zyada bol gya! Mandana b*t*hes abt her own frnds and acts lyk a victim always. Dats her strategy but its annoying with a biased host. Kishwar and priya r strong. Btw latif is right. No1 that deserving in bb9!

  63. harshal

    So, overall analysis….
    To some people, Suyyash’s actions are just reactions to mandana’s actions of pushing/kicking kishwer during tasks. ………….
    But on other hand, Mandana’s actions are not reactions to kishwer’s actions of taunting, over aggressive targetting during the task ……….

    • Sahil

      @Harshal I agree with u . Mandana told her strategy from the start I’m not anyone’s friend not any one mine. Caz she knew that the time would come when own friends will eliminate them. She doesn’t want to be answerable that that person was your friend and u gave his r her name .If she’s stubborn then everyone is stubborn in their point of view.
      If mandana don’t do that all then she was same as digi cooking cleaning and saving to others on the end her own cool group ???? when time came to save suyyesh.

  64. @freak @fatarajo and @ted guys which movie will u prefer dilwale or bajirao mastani…I will try to watch bajirao mastani as deepika is my fav.And ranveer is my bf’s fav.

    • I prefer dilwale, as I m an SRK fan since childhood. And I also love Kajol. Varun and Kriti both are very cute also 🙂
      And as for bajirao, my aunt is a great fan of Bollywood movies so she would watch both the movies whenever she comes Sinagpore (as they don’t show hindi movies in Bangladesh on theatres) in the theatres so I may have to watch with her. And moreover, I don’t like historical shows or movies 😛

    • tedd

      I will watch both but not now…i dont have frnds apart from u all…so no watching movies..untill i dwnload them…i will dwnload both

  65. @freak @fatarajo and @ted guys which movie will u prefer dilwale or bajirao mastani…I will try to watch bajirao mastani as deepika is my fav.

    • Sometimes, I hear one person is getting eliminated, sometimes I hear it’s double elimination. Now I m hearing no elimination. I think even makers are confused what to do.

  66. subham

    Are bigg boss keith or suyash ko nikako… rochel or kishwar ki aukat kya h n game me sbko smjh ayega???? sbse pkauuu show ho gya h

  67. subham

    Etna chutiyapa fela rakha h bigg boss pe isliye trp gir ra….bigg boss hi bnd ho jayega keith suyash ko nikal

  68. Guys…this giselle is a fake girl…@Tedd plz tell me when ur going to chop her lips..I [email protected] and @joyee will also like to do the honors with us…

  69. @Tedd plz inform me when ur going to chop gizels lips..I [email protected] and @joyee will also like to do the honors with us…

  70. Maxx

    @harshal kicking and punching is never unintentional..Don’t think i like sukish ,they aren’t on my list but what i said was salman didn react to kick..
    Partiality is wrong thats why im discussing.

  71. D freakk(rimi lover)

    Ye moderater h ya censor board…;-) beep beep beep..kuch to azadi do..**** ghusa dete ho har jagah…itne chote se text m bhi..

  72. Subhashitha K S

    Hey guys I want to mention one thing if u go and watch unsenored video.when prince goes and sits on that heart shape sofa salman asks him who he likes more yuvika or nora.So he replied yuvika and they have not telecasted it all.
    when i had watched the show i had not seen it so I came here to confirm myself.And I am confirmed now that they hv not telecasted it.
    So i am feeling as they are showing only one hour from 24 hours I really feel we are seeing what bigg boss wants us to see.
    This not only in this case suyyash and priya were back-biting price and were mocking on his stratergy on Dec 8th they didnt telecast that also.
    And on another day After that open nomination using bottle priya calls suyash and tells “Apne suna prince ne kya bole ye open nomination he isliya nahi toh”.Then suyash also agrees Ya even I heard and he is playing.Then priya says thank god even u heard i thought mere “Khan bajrahethe”.Then she calls kish.Then kish denies hearing it that way.and says I didnt understand that he meant that way.So here we can completely see that suyash is playing double game and kish is fair.Actually prince has only told ” ye open nomination hai isliye karna he padega” thats it he never meant that if it was closed he would have nominated someone else.And we have also seen that in closed nominations also he has always nominated mandana and one more with her.and on that day also he nominated mandana and rishab.
    So we should not judge them by just what bigg boss shows us.

  73. Jonwick

    @ sahil if i say mandana the drama queen that doesn’t mean others can’t be i already know all ladies in the house r drama queens.
    It was mandana that i was discussing at that moment but u hvnt got brains i think..dumberer one!

    • Sahil

      @ jonwick O hello go and read again what i said . My discussion was also mandana I tried to show u how that all was started the point was What mandana did was kish aggression which gave mandana reaction and suyyesh sand up for the justice .
      Still dumb… u

  74. suhani

    How can a man threaten a girl infront of whole India, he will kill her. And broke her hand if she touches his gal friend. In any worst situation it should not happen. It is crime. Is this the respect we have for woman in India???? And people here are supporting Suyash and Keahwar. Keshwar took her revenge prior by pushing mandana and making her fall. Who is suyash to give open threats to Mandana on national TV. Mandana can come out of the house and can charge attempted murder case on Suyash FYI. Forget who is favorate of whom , think as human. Suyash has openly said he will kill anybody who comes in his way.

  75. suhani

    @Rishabh ur the true gentleman of the house instead of your differences with Manadana u have supported her. Hats off, no one will do that. Really love for that.

  76. suhani

    @Mandana u have handled this situation very bravely, if u would have got anger or become aggresive, the whole situation would have been dirty.

  77. suhani

    Now the true color of roushel has come out , how can she say what ever Suyash has done there is nothing wrong in that??? A man came onface of a woman and threaten her to kill her on National television. Wha t u see correct in this roushel????Really roushel c her benefit and change her group. She dont have any stand as such as Mandana

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.