Bigg Boss 9 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 31 8:26am
Woh Sikandar hi song starts playing, inmates wake up and dance.
Mandana says to Aman that where she should keep her shawl and bottle, Aman ask her to keep it in her clothes.
Rimi says Kishwar and Suyyash that there is no point of doing meeting before task as game is simple, they have to be seated on Rickshaw and bare everything till task ends and we have first attack weak inmate so that he or she leaves Rickshaw. Kishwar says we are getting first chance to irritate Mandana.

Kishwar brings pan in bedroom and says some had put it in sink while food was still there in it, its wasted now, i remembered that food was not finished but i was thinking where it went, this is height, Suyyash ask to call Rishab, Kishwar says it was said to not waste food.

Kishwar comes to Rishab and shows him food wasted, he ask who put this pan in sink? she says dont know but this is limit, Rishab says yes why fight with food?

Bigg boss calls everyone in living area, everyone gathers in lounge, Mandana ask Prince to give her shawl and sipper back, Rochelle says i saw you taking it, Kishwar says give it back, we will snatch it back later, Prince says i didnt take it, Mandana you are taking my things even before game has started, she ask Kishwar to give it back, Mandana tries to check it in Kishwar’s back, Mandana takes Yuvika’s bottle but Kishwar says you cant take he bottle, Suyyash snatches it from Mandana and says you cant take it, Kishwar ask Mandana to find your sipper, Mandana tries to find it, she says i dont anyone’s sipper, Kishwar says she cant take anyone else’s sipper.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its team A’s turn to sit and run rickshaw today and if Team A has more than three members sitting on rickshaw till end of task then they will this task, all rules will remain same as yesterday, Mandana says i am not going to play, Rochelle says you are our team-mate, you have to play, Prince says then you will considered as excluded member, Kishwar says she is quitting so one player of team A is already down, buzzer plays, Rochelle ask Mandana to come. Mandana comes and sit on rickshaw, Team A sit down on rickshaw, Aman is running peddle of rickshaw, Prince, Suyyash starts throwing food on Mandana and Rochelle, Kishwar ask Mandana to not use slangs, i will not stoop to your level but i will irritate her so much that she will use more slangs.
Prince brings cold water, Kishwar says Mandana is feeling since morning, pour whole bucket on her, Prince and Kishwar throws water on Mandana, Mandana says dont put it on my mike, Kishwar comes closer to Mandana, Mandana kicks Kishwar to keep her away, Kishwar says how dare you kick me? Kishwar says i will not play game now, Prince says Mandana should be disqualified, Rochelle says she was protecting her mike, Kishwar says i came closer to her to protect her mike when Prince was putting water on her but Mandana kicked me away, Mandana says to Rochelle that Kishwar was strangling me by snatching my mike so mentally i will push her back, Kishwar says i didnt strangle you, Kishwar ask Rishab to not lie as you are captain and sitting beside her, Rishab says i am not captain rightnow, you were strangling her. Prince and Suyyash brings Mandana’s blanket in garden, they put all garbage on her blanket, Mandana says my mike is filled with water rightnow, Aman says to Mandana that if you kicked Kishwar then its wrong, Mandana says it was reaction to Kishwar’s actions, Kishwar says i took her mike away as Prince was putting water on her but she said dont touch me and kicked me in belly, Mandana says you were strangling me by puling my mike’s belt away, Aman says you all can throw anything what you want but dont pull mikes of us. Suyyash says to Bigg boss that take action against Mandana, Kishwar says Mandana kicked me, i will not play game, she throws her mike away.
Mandana says to camera that it was reaction to action, Kishwar was strangling me so i had to react, Rochelle says Suyyash is so aggressive, Mandana says Prince pulled my shirt, put his hand inside my shirt and put something in my shirt, he touched me at back, its bad.
Kishwar is crying, Suyyash hugs her and consoles her, he says you are strong, dont cry.
Kishwar and Puneet says to Rimi that we are thinking about using chili powder as they also used it, we just poured water on Mandana and she kicked.

Kishwar comes in confession room, bigg boss says hello Kishwar, Kishwar says i dont want to say any hi hello to you, she says if you dont action against Mandana then i dont want to live in this house, i will leave this weekend if you dont take action, Bigg boss ask if you have doubt on our justice? she is saying that you were pulling her mike so tightly that you it was strangling her neck, Kishwar says she kicked me, all know about Mandana and her words here, if you dont wanna take action her then just release me from this house, i dont want to be in show, she cries and says i cant live with Mandana here, when she is wrong even than she is appreciated, i dont want to be here when you dont follow your rules even, Bigg boss says it was in rules that you cant use any liquid in task, Kishwar says all kind of liquids were used yesterday but you didnt take any action as Mandana is your favorite and you dont want to evict he as she is giving masala(content) to you people, Mandana is everyone’s favorite, Kishwar says to bigg boss that i dont want to talk to you, she comes out of confession room and throws her mike away, Suyyash ask what happened? Kishwar says bigg boss says that we cant use liquid but i said that they used it yesterday, you are biased and i dont want to talk to you, Kishwar says to Suyyash and Prince that now you can play game any way you want, dont think about anything, just do what you want, Prince says just see what we will do now.
Rochelle and Digi are playing games with hands, Prince brings pesticide spray(i guess) and sprays it on Mandana, Rishab, Aman’s head, Mandana ask to not use it on Digi, Suyyash says spare Digi, Prince says that they tortured everyone yesterday, he sprays it on Digi’s face, she coughs and lowers her face, Rochelle hugs her and says to Prince that you know she is allergic but you sprayed on her, Prince says everything is fair now, Kishwar mixes chili powder in water, Rimi brings it and gives to Suyyash, Suyyash is about to use it but Bigg boss says that task should be stopped here rightnow, they all come down, Digi is coughing, Prince brings water, Mandana ask to not come near, Aman gives water to Digi and washes her face.

Digi says to Mandana and Rochelle that we didnt use any spray on their faces, no spray should be used on face, Digi says i will take medicine, she leaves, Rochelle says that these boys are so aggressive that its security problem here, Mandana says they are ill-mannered and dangerous, it so scary.

Digi says to Rishab that fight is between Prince and co and Mandana&co but why all are breaking rules and not doing any work, Rishab sees Rimi, Aman and Puneet sleeping and says the one who sleep loses everything.

Prince ask Rishab in which team you are in? you are in middle of everything, Rishab says i am not in anyone’s team, i dont do anything bad, Kishwar says when she kicked me, it was against house rules and you are captain but you didnt say anything, all you said that i strangled her but i didnt, you were sitting beside her and you knew everything, Prince says if Kish had kicked someone and i was captain then i would have gone against her.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its very bad to go against rules in tasks, the rule was to not use any liquid in task still Prince threw water on Mandana,Prince says i didnt throw it on her mike and Kishwar was protecting her mike, Bigg boss says mike protection was important but that doesnt mean you can strangle her mike, its wrong, but what Mandana did was also wrong, she was physical so as punishment, she is nominated for next week and also she will not vote in next nominations, Prince says we used only one bucket, it was cool water and we were to use that only near feet of Mandana.

Rochelle says Prince put his hand inside Mandana’s shirt, its so disgusting. Mandana says i am happy that i got punished, Kishwar tells about hand putting thing to Prince, Prince comes to Mandana and ask what are you saying? Mandana says you put your hand in my shirt to put something, Prince says dont lie, i didnt touch, dont talk cheap.
Prince comes to Rimi and puts a thing in her shirt, he ask did i touch you? she says no, it was happening yesterday too, Prince says they dont think before talking.
Aman says to Rochelle that why you didnt talk when he was touching you.

Rochelle comes to Prince and says the way you hit me today, its hurting me still now, dont touch me from now on, dont hug me or kiss me, its not good that you are crossing limits with girls, beware about that, Prince says tell this to your Keith too, Rochelle says i wanted to see what you would have done if Keith was here, she leaves, Prince says as if i am afraid of Keith, they dont want us to do anything, Kishwar says if i was outside then i would have pulled Mandana and slapped her tightly after she kicked.

Kishwar is in confession room, she says i am not satisfied with Mandana’s punishment, i will not wear my mike or will not do any task, i want to see footage as i dont think i strangled her so let me see footage, Bigg boss says we think that someone is biased but thats not case, we punished her what she deserved. Kishwar says Mandana throws her mike every now and then, she irritates everyone but i have thrown mike for first time, she kicked me but you are saying that i was strangling her, Bigg boss says we didnt say you were strangling her, we said that its Mandana who is saying that you strangled her, Kishwar says if there are no rules, then i could have slapped her too, i am more aggressive than her, Bigg boss says if you didnt slap her then its your greatness, you didnt take any action against her so it shows that you are good and generous and it is in your favor only, Kishwar says fine and leaves.
She comes in bedroom and says Bigg boss talked me in detail and he said that its my generosity that i didnt slap her back when she kicked me, he also said that we called you earlier but you left in middle of conversation, i was about to laugh but i controlled.
Rishab and Mandana are talking in garden, Rishab says to Mandana that a devil is hiding behind her innocent face, she smiles, he says these inmates dont know that a devil reside in me too.

Kihwar says we decided it yesterday only that we will throw everything on their faces, Prince jokes that i was thinking to make laddos of chili powder, when Rochelle would open her mouth to say something, i will put those in her mouth to shut her up, Kishwar laughs, Kishwar says we four should be a team in next task too, Prince says we did task for 3 hours only, think if they would have sat on Rickshaw for 12 hours like us then we would have made them mad. Kishwar says we got chance for first time to irritate Mandana, i had many ideas to pull it on her but task ended abruptly.
Mandana, Rochelle, Rishab and Aman lights candles and diyas in garden and wishes Diwali to everyone.

PRECAP- Diwali gifts are sent to inmates by their families but it is kept in glass box in lounge. Puneet, Digi and Mandana are in double trouble room and have to press buzzer, inmates will get gifts depending upon decision of these three. Prince, Aman, Rochelle cries to get gifts. Later in task, Kishwar and Aman have argument, Kishwar says he was listening to song only not dancing, Rochelle says if they keep doing all this then i will not dance, Kishwar says some ill-mannered people(pointing Rochelle) dont understand any task. Rochelle cries and says i dont want to live in this house. Rishab have argument with Suyyash, Suyyash pushes him away, Rishab ask him to not touch.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. neeru

    OMG.. What an episode… Too much violence. ..!! Throwing,, shouting, ,kicking nd finally bb stopping the task altogether. ..
    kish din regret after spitting and now mandana isn’t regretting after kicking..

    • May

      Agree wid you.. Mandana Lie about kishwar strangled her., if that was true big boss would have punished Mandana.. But that was lie.. Kishwar is clever Girl she asked bogg boss to show footage so she left no choice for big bos to Support Fake mandana..well done Kishwar..

      Mandana Speak ENGLISH and bigg boss translate for her… Not nice bigg biss taking side..

  2. Neha

    Kish tish fish bhad me jao. Bahar dil bharke hasti he or conf. rom. Me jate he roti he jalti he mandy se hate u kish nich. Ans prince and suy ek jese gande ladke. Kitna jalate he mandy se. Its not about only mandy but this three peoples are so mad and ….———— (no words to explain them)

    • xoxo

      Why do you hate them? Don’t ignore how everyone is attacking the three of them as they are strong contenders.

    • Axe

      Mandana is so fake . Think if prince touch her she will made a big drama but she quite so she lie. Please Mandy don’t do cheap things for sympathy. Kish i like ur talking with big boss. It is right bigg boss is bias about Mandana. N the punishment is so bigg wow . Mandy she didn’t say sorry to kish . N guys kish regret to Rishbh after spitting . And Mandana says people to say sorry but she didn’t. She is very fake n Rishbh Rochelle too.i lve kish n prince suyash in l want to see salman on this things…..

    • nidhi

      Mandana is super fake…don’t go by her words n tears….

      This time she crossed all the limits by blaming prince….heights of cheapness …she is such a DRAMA QUEEN… Trying to gain sympathy unnecessarily…

      Proud of kishwar…took a stand….finally bigg boss had no choice bt to punish mandana…now coming Saturday salman wil again come n do c*u****p***i…by taking that fake mandanas side….salman should take her away from bigg boss..

  3. AF

    Keep everything aside don’t u people think that Kishwer is Doing the same thing like Karishma Tanna did in previous season when Gautam said something to her.She came towards Camera and started to say that Take any serious decision as Gautam said something to me and evict him.Now Kishwer is repeating this she came towards camera and said Big boss take some decision and make her evict.And she said this too People are liking Mandana that’s y u people wont eliminate her as ur Masala will end.
    Missing Keith.

    • pripod

      Completely agree with you. I don’t like Kishwer or Mandana for that matter…the only thing is that Kishwer has these two loyal puppies by her side who follow her every order.
      As for those saying Mandana is being cheap because Prince did not touch her…well Prince put something in her shirt from the back..he pulled her shirt slightly and put something in….it is not for anyone to judge if Mandana felt violated. Everyone has their own boundaries. Mandana has kept an arm’s length from everyone ,except Keith, since the beginning of the season. She does not hug or hold hands or any such thing…so she felt violated and I think she has that right. That said, remember last year Salman pointed out that when Soni had put her hand in Gautam’s pocket it was all ok,but if guys touch then girls get all defensive…so either you play with the same rules or don’t play at all.
      Honestly I think the task was called off when Prince started spraying on Digi because she has allergies and the fool doesn’t realize that allergies can be fatal. dumb Prince.

    • May

      Kishwar is true person there is no fakeness in her.. Mandana hit someone in tv show it reflect where Mandana came from…

    • ellu

      Kishwer hahahahaha tu usi ki family se h sayad…. Battmeez h wo ghr me sabse jyada blo*dy b*t*h pani me thukti h toh kuch b kr sakti h

    • nidhi

      Agree with may

      All r being fake except kishwar…n bigg boss n salman r trying to show them in bad light….bt v r also not fools…

  4. Pri

    Mandana used to be my favorite, but now i cannot stand her. She is SO fake, she cries for everything. It is ok for her to do whatever she likes, but when someone does the same thing o her, its not fair? Like yesterday, she wore Rimi and Kishwar’s clothes so they can get ruined, but they didn’t which was her good luck because when Prince stole Mandana’s clothes… they ruined it and she used that against them. Big boss is SUPER biased as well as Salman Khan. Im glad Kishwar stood up for herself and told bigg boss off that they like mandana better and always ignore her actions (because they do). No liquid in the task? The other team was throwing liquid at Prince’s team, where was bigg boss then? Was he sleeping? Mandana is fake, but she adds the spice to the show. As of Kishwar, she get over hyped which is a big weakness…but she is straight up which i don’t understand why people don’t like. When she spat in the water(which i agree was gross), salman khan made her look very bad….but Rochelle used Rishabh’s toothbrush to clean the bathroom that everyone uses, why didn’t anyone give her a lesson? Why was Kishwar alone having fingers pointed at? Spitting in someones water is one thing, but using someones toothbrush to clean the bathroom that many people use is a whole different level. Rimi – i don’t know if she’s playing a mind game or she’s really that annoying. Digi – she gets influenced quick as she is young. Rochelle – always changes sides. Puneet – annoying with his “i did this many movies”. Rishabh – not sure what side he is on, but he is doing well. Suyyash – listen to his gf too much. To be honest, this season is just not good. Everyone is crying to go home, and bigg boss is being too biased.

    • SG

      You are absolutely right. I feel exactly same about this season and contestants. Each year it seems BB and Salman are biased towards one person and all that they do will be ignored. I won’t be surprised if Mandana ends up winning BB9.

    • May

      Tottaly agree.. Mandana Fake & lie too much.. Example mandana said Kishwar stragled her if that was true Big boss wouldhave punished Kishwar.. Means Mandana lied..

    • nidhi

      Ure so right. I think it’s high time that bigg boss and salman stop taking mandanas side in each n everything n favouring her so much…

      right from the time when kishwar pointed out mandana that she was acting sick n then jumping n running in selfie task…salman is favouring her in every episode…he gets annoyed with rimi saying I wanna go home bt when mandana has started saying it he’s telling her to b strong n stuff ….I mean do u really think we viewers r so dumb not to notice…

      Point is…the show should really stop being biased towards mandana who’s nothing bt a fake..

  5. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Its game…but pesticide…when u know sum1 can fall seriously ill..actions r just taken with in a feet of anger….wht if sumthing happens to digi…i too hate to c kish..her sad n puppet bf…n her so called brainless bro prince n not forgetting superstar puneet..self claimed hero…rest of them r ok.

  6. Lovey

    I agree with pri.
    My words are very same.
    Mandana is sooo dumb.Need gud values.Whatever she does is crct n what others do is wrong..!! Use ur mind.
    though I find kishwar aggressive bt at d same tym she is generous,smart,honest nd strong.Being straight forward is not wrong at all…atleast wo jo hai dikhta hai odrwse baakiyo k pata nahi.

  7. Life rules

    I am waiting for the day when kish,suyyash & prince’s unity breaks! Suyyash never will, coz his gf controls him?
    Want Keith to be back. And rimi, its high time she be evicted! I think she simply wants to win bb9 by getting so many votes. I wonder who votes for her!
    Rishabh is doing well and I hope he doesn’t be in any side and just do his part well.

  8. mona

    frm today I dnt lk dis rochelle,,she is telling dat prince is touching her!!!!ooo plss prince is nt at al intrstd in u!!!!2mins of silence for dose who felt dat-rishab il b gv strng competition to prince!!!including me!!!haha!!!! finaly v wnt our keith back in d show biggboss

  9. mona

    frm today I dnt lk dis rochelle,,she is telling dat prince is touching her!!!!ooo plss prince is nt at al intrstd in u!!!!2mins of silence for dose who felt dat-rishab il gv strng competition to prince!!!including me!!!haha!!!! finaly v wnt our keith back in d show biggboss

  10. poo

    i just hate kish suy n prince. soo agressive. ye prince to kish n suy ka faltu hai. mandy was wrong but the way kish suy n prince were behaved wit mandy before starting of task was very bad… team A was good… n pls dont blame bb or salman. they r nt biased. salman ‘s duty is to point out whats good n whts bad. he is doing his work very nicely. this kish is bahot jealousy hain isiliye utna drama karti hai.

    • Afrin

      Exactly. Team A did good job. But this kishwer suyyash and prince take tasks personally. I am very surprised how suyyash calls himself cricket player. Sache mey prince tho baby ban raha hai kishwer aur suyyash ka(mumma, papa aur prince). Prince got his sister’s message in 1st week still he is behaving such. I doubt he is like this only and not faking it. He can only play game with somebody’s guidence. He is inexperined. I think biggboss is too early for him. He can’t play alone

  11. rafs

    Mandana is not at all ashamed of having kicked Kishwer. Well, taking about the Kish Trio , they are extremely aggressive and totally brainless and like kids follow Kishwer maam. I ll seriously regret watching the show and spending time in this if Mandana wins, which I doubt becoz she is always the one to rcv highest votes, and then comes Rimi with second highest votes. So a min silence to those who waste 3 bucks on their votes when they get to see nothing of Rimi.
    Digi has proved to be very dumb, rochelle too. So what if digi is 18, its not the official age for being dumb. She should play wisely amd not just be a rat squeaking all the time. Puneet is okay and playing just fine, depends on his fan following if he stays till the end. Rishabh and Aman are seen playing smartly and not like hooligans prince and suyyash and kishwer. But rishabh needs to pull up his socks, specially coz he wants to be a competition for prince. Keith needs to be back but I hope that happens when Rochelle is out of the house. Becoz we have seen enough grp formations and need to see people playing alone.
    So this was my review on all contestants so far.

    • May

      Mandana Fake snd lie too much… She ssid kishwar stranhled her so why big boss didn’t punish Kishwar?
      Kishwar to clever she didn’t left any choce for big boss to hide support fake Mandana

  12. This kishwer is take revenge… only mandana is playing game correctly.. somebody says she kicked kishwer but she didn’t did it purposely… anyway she accept it and accept her punishment but what about kishwer when she Was spitting.

    • xoxo

      Move on from kishwer spitting in water…How long will you stretch on one point for…Mandana is dumb to the next level she kicked kishwer and kishwer was trying to protect her. Prince did not even touch mandana and she saying cheap things. These cheap actions of her’s will make her lose.

  13. Prince is fake and dumb… he always support that crap kishwer &her waste bf….. waiting for one of there elimination. ..suyesh or prince should eliminate then its nice to see that indecent girl kishwer… bigboss punished mandana but still she want to take revenge its not bigboss game it is a revenge game of kishwer &Co…just hate bogboss bcoz of these three…. want to slap kishwer tightly

    • xoxo

      In my opinion, you don’t understand the game. Prince, kish and suvyash are three sharp contenders the whole house is against them so they can get nominated every week and get disqualified. The housemates are all scared of these three because at the end one of these three will win. Prince is the only real person in the house he never changes his friends. After every task everyone changes groups but he stays with the people he is good with even if they did wrong or right. Prince is not showing that he is playing game at the end we will see.

      • Gud girl

        I agree kish nd co r sharp contenders. But dey r damn irritating!!! Jab dekho saare ke saare chillaathe rehthe hai.. I think vo log ek dusre ko behre samajhte hai. Aur vo princ jab dekho muh me ghus kar chillaatha hai.. Thoda door rehke baat nhi kar saktha kya!!!! Pagal log >:)>:)>:)

  14. Afrin

    In intro episode price was saying he has beaten a guy who disrected a girl in other show. Then what is he doing here. He is supporting Kishwer and insulting other females of house. Prince don’t do cheap things yar. I hated kishwer and suyyash but I neither liked nor hated you but after todays episode you left no option for me other than hating you. Kishwer, suyyash and prince don’t do cheap things in the name of task.

      • Afrin

        He is. It was Team A strategy to remove strong player(physically). So they did. Why was he cribbing about it. Prince and Kishwer made High way task ugly. Hotel task he played decently as his nominations involved. But in task he really became junglee.

    • May

      Women and Men are equal.. This show is not about shoeing weaknes of women.. Kishwar is woman who did 3 hour task and Salman Khan said Men can’t do that for 1:30
      Sometimes women can be stronger then men.

  15. Latif

    It surprises me when people blame kish. She spat in the glass after she was made a dog for 3 hours. If the same would have been done to your sister or girlfriend and she had spat – wouldn’t you justify it? She is quick to jump the gun, and that is where her flaw lies. Among the women it is Mandana who has a very dark heart. Every now and then she will say some very hurtful statements and then behave as if she has a clean heart. No wonder she has no friends in the house. She is a very wicked person who can make people around her feel bad about their existenance. If anyone it is her who deserves to be thrown out. But I guess Salman wants to launch her in the industry, and we know we’ll of Salmans infatuation with a new face every few years. So she is safe. As is we don’t get to know the vote count. Rochele is an argumentative person who can be handled, but not trusted upon. Prince had been waiting for too long to take Mandana to task, and he did that today. Glad he did. If anyone has a chance, it would be prince, rishab and Mandana (read Mandana with help of Salman and big boss). Aman will go some more distance and then loose. Rimi has to loose as well. Others don’t matter at least at the moment. Or maybe some new wildcard will change the balance.

    • May

      Mandana being bossy Bcoz Salman supports her.. Kishwar understand that and thats why she asked bigg bos to show footege which bigg boss don’t have.. Unfair game

  16. May

    Mandana lied anout Kishwar Strangled her if thay was true Big Boss would have punished Kishwar . And Kishwar is so clever she ASKED bigg boss to show clips and left no choice for bigg boss to support Fake Mandana…. Well done Kishwar..

  17. Afrin

    Kishwer is cheap and taking revenge and openly blaming Salman and Biggboss. She should get punished for spitting. She is liar. Shedid spit even before task started and lying that she did it after dog task. No guys watch episode clearly she did it much before dog task.

    • May

      Mandana said Kishwar strangled her.. If that was true then big boss would have punished Kishwar..
      Mandana hit someone in reality TV it shows where she came from reflecting her background

      • Afrin

        Kishwer didn’t get any punishment for spiting. It means biggboss is biased towards kishwer and co in Hotel task. Aman threw Bone and he didn’t get punished. Really Biggboss is biased.

    • May

      Mandana keep saying ” ye log kaha se aaye hai” but she frogotten that she hit someone…
      Mandana blame prince touching her that was So cheap try to gain sympathy

      • Afrin

        Mandana is not right so as Kishwer. What kishwer does, looks much uglier than anyone can think of. Kishwer suyyash and prince try to prove themselves right by saying mean things, screaming and yelling

  18. Olivia

    Those who r not liking kish prince suyash they dont understand what bigboss is all favourite is prince.and mandana is the worste.she doesnt know the power of indian girls.she is the only one who irritates evryone.if i would be in big boss’s house i would have irritated her so much that she would leave the house.she doesnt speak loving words.she talks for no reason.i hardly think anybody knows her from earlier.she is known after she came to big boss.she shouldnt forget this..and i adore like salman khan a lot.but i want him not to favour mandana.he always takes her side.if she wants to go let her there are many more artists in the industry.

  19. Neha

    Prince ne rochl ke mu pe sada hua aalo jorse mara tha us liye rochel boli ki aagese touch mat karo or mandna ke dress me usne pichesr kachra dala tha to o kya karti or kish suyi or princu ne to sirf ladkiyo ko target kiya or digi allergy he firbhi uske mu pe spray mara i hate them

  20. Tracy

    Great and timely update .

    What Mandana did was not right but Its good “she admitted that what she did was wrong and therefore she accepts her punishment”…. This was missing in the update (it happened before Prince came to ask her to repeat what she said and she repeated that “she admits that kicking was wrong and accepts her punishment”.
    Prince, Suyash and Kishwer got too emotional and acted irrationally after Mandana hit her. If Kishwer had thought through her actions well without Prince and Suyash acting irrationally by throwing garbage on Mandana’s cloths (which negates all their hard work so far), they would have gotten full public sympathy (and used this to their advantage) and this would have forced BB to give a harsher punishment. But they showed great disrespect to the same person they were seeking justice from.

    Prince touched Mandana’s back while trying to put food in her shirt.

    All the contestants are doing their very best even if those of us outside dont agree because we can see everything they can’t see. To err is human and Kishwer and Mandana (two strong ladies) have both erred. This shows that this is indeed a reality show. All the best to the contestants.

  21. saz

    Peheli baar kisine bigboss ko answer karne ki himmaat ki hai . I don;t like Kish but well done for answering BB.

  22. oh god so much of shouting,screaming ,fighting.these people think bigg boss is all about being loud.both mandy & kish r doing cheap things.cant tolerate this at the histroy of bigg boss sensible & strong people hav won, nt the ones who speak in high pitch only without a of now aman & rishab r going gud.nt sure abt diggi & rimi but others r just doing drama.prince wake up man this is nt spiltsvilla.

  23. pariayush

    Why shld mandana be sorry.Jab Team B was sitting on.rickshaw tab se she is being mentally tortured.Ad putting thimgs insidr clothes
    Okay isse touch ni ho raha toh yahan par saari ladkiyan favouring prince kish and suyyash plz allow boys to peep or put things inside ur shirt kyunki woh touch ni ho raha.Huh.Saare tumlog kish prince ke chamche hain…Jab tumkar koi kisi cheez se. Attack kare and toh sudden rraction.niklega hi…what do u want ki woh neck dab ka mar jaye mandana.Kish is a bastard and an illeterate

    • ellu

      You focused please. …kishwer ka tareeka dekha h phle m ese bhut achi manti thi but raat esne sab clear kr diya… Koi b kami nhe. Chohdi esne eska behaviour tareeka style sab bhut aggressive tha mandna ne janbujh kr kick nhe kiyw but kish ko bhana mil gya point mil gya…. I don’t likethat aggressive n ugly girl

  24. Heny

    How is kish cheap ?
    And as Mandana accepted punishment Kish also accepted that she spitted in Rishab’s sipper and she also apologized for the same.
    She didn’t got punshied as she didn’t broke any rule. Mandana broke the rule of the house as she got physical and when anybody touches your mike your first action would be to push but she kicked. And also she is very fake as she always cries that I want to go home and then she fights for immunity. Salman is as usual biased towards her. So after this episode I liked Kishwar as atleast she has guts to reply Bigg boss. And she is what she is she doesn’t try to fake.

  25. Dodd

    Hey see bb did not acted about spitting cause there was no such rule but in kicking it was and mandana team had also putted food inside rimi shirt

  26. Sanjenaa sharma

    Syash kish and prince are loud, violent and gets angry easily. That’s why can’t play the game right and also irritating for audience. The way they talk and do acts seems so cheap. They don’t seem celebrity, they seem like kam wali bai from chawl who is fighting over small thing getting aggressive and loud for no reason. Mandana is a greay and smart player. Everybody should be careful with her.

  27. skp

    Bigboss9 is worst ever in tv history, all we llke to see the episode not only just for entertainment but also for learn something about true, our culture etc etc. but i do not know what bb9 like to show or like to go in which direction, what it like to prove, what its conclusion- the power of wrong over true, to biased towards wrong, to cultivate this type of culture that now happen in bb9 house. i think bb9 will learn something and effort for better……..

  28. Tarannum

    Spitting in food/water n getting voilence in task is just two different thing then why u guys asking to give punishment to kishwar…..
    Voilence is not allowed in house is against the rule……

  29. Bhumika

    Rahi baat digi ki pareshani ki.. To jab dog task hua tb sbne kaha k kishwr ko wrist prblm h to she shud hv left d yaha b same chiz apply hoti h kif digi allergic then leave d task.. As prince pointed out.nd mandana when abuses any1 it is okk.. But wen som1 does d same she has a prblm..kishwer has d guts to accept say srry if shes wrng.mandana is a totally fake person..rishabh is cool .. He has a long way to go in bb9

  30. Bhumika

    Nd rochele i think ws 1 of d sweetest contestant. Bt she too has shown her colors.. Even nw fr the spittin thing kishwer is blamed wat abt keith.. He did that too.. Then too this is overlooked.. Nd kish is blamed.aman takes side of mandana cz salman supports her.. Digi has no brains.. Agree sySh is a puppet. Bt mndy is a total fake

  31. Aisha

    I totally agree wid sum of u Kish prince n suyaash though dey r loud but dey r real unlike Mandana who’s dark hearted dey atleast r bein frank n wen it cumz 2 Bigg Boss hats off Kish 2 ques Bigg Boss u stood up fo truth n against lier Mandana n i really think dat dis Mandana is really fake grow up Mandana stop playing cheap tricks

  32. aa

    I don’t understand how could anybody support Mandana for what she did.. kya aap ko koyi hit karega aap kush hokar nachenge kya.. or aap ki close members ko marthe aap chuprahte nahi na… same comes for Prince suyyush and kishwer kuch bhi bolne se pehle kuch sochna

  33. sub

    Mandana ……you are right. And I am sure you would win this show as you are going very very much well. Kishor stay away from mandana and don’t put your finger on others always. You know only for this no body likes you. And very basically you are so so so very loud and which is not allowed too. Rimi now its time to go home and sleep tight with big smile, we really don’t wanna see you. You are so so boring. And keep one thing in your mind its not a 3 hours film, we are waisting our time to you in each day.either go home or play . pince you are not for this show. As you are shot temper and childish nature. Then for now go home and come back next to next year. Rochelle you are doing good as a individual. But mandana you are the best and masala queen of big boss. Everyone loves you.

    • Bhumika

      If only mandana’s action wud be justified.. Nd its proved that she is real nd not fake.. She calls every 1 gunda gundi nd all. Nd then on saturday she ws teaching yuvika nd all to hav a class.. πŸ˜‰

    • Dude,.you honestly have a really dim see in judging who is fake and who is real. Lush might be loud and agrressive, but she is not fak like madanna.

  34. pariayush

    Kishwar ke saath tum saab 1 din ni bita paogr Nd suyash kaisa kutta dikhta hai
    ..karishma tanna ke.pass phir bhi dil tha yakkk…i agree they cm.from chawl..irritating and dominating…woh toh weekend.par pata chal jaega kaun wrong and kaun right…and salman ko judge karne wale tum uske.pair ki nakhun bhi ni ho…..tum saab apne lifr main looser ho aur.salman is a winner….even main kya kar rahi hoon.salman ko tum logon se compare ..yakkkk

  35. Bhumika

    Ab vo din dur nahi jab ghr k saare lig khrnge muje ghr jaana h.. Today evn rochelle will be seen ranting on the d same thing… Muje ghr jana h..i wish big boss sbko ghr bhej de.. Nd naye contestants laayr..;)

  36. vin

    mandna’s team was not aggressive they doing things peacefully but later was jungli very aggressive.prince thinks that being this he will become Gautam gulati but viewers r fed with this fakeness.m not supporting mandna but she is way better than that gunda gang.

  37. I thought prince is a nice guy and he will play his game sincerely but I did’nt expect this from him.. how can he torture someone who is innocent, pity on digi..kishwer is so cheap .. she dont deserve to stay in bb9 and suyyash is joru ka gulam… Aman is the most deserving person to win bb9 . As he understands everyone and tries to sort out the problems.. but this kishwer is always after him…..

  38. the worst season of bb and kishwar suyyash and prince worst contestants of bb9…. The only reason I m watching bb is salman…. kishwar is spoiling herself her image on national television. …..

  39. Achu

    Keith & Rochelle are superb players,who takes all the tasks in sportsman spirit from the beginning.Please evict this prince,kishwar & suyyash.They are behaving like criminals and can be a danger to others.Big boss even cant control them .They have no respect to anybody.Dramebaaaaaazz people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Prince pity on u for coming under this company.U are presently going in opposite direction from destination

  40. sub

    Yes I agree. Kis don’t try to be like karisma tanna and you bacchu prince don’t pretend like goutam because you aren’t and you don’t . look at masala queen mandana year she is totally playing on her own . and its doesn’t matter whether she is fake or not . after all she is giving masala to audience and as per the bb rule and purpose that’s the aim only. Entertain the people and stand on your own. Among all she is the one who is doing only. 2nd one is aman he is also doing very well. 3rd one is Rochelle because involvement in all topic is not a easy one dude and she has that guards to do the same. After these 3 rest are bullshit. And kis , she is always doing groupisim. Dude you are here to play not make friends and family.

  41. sub

    Yes I agree. Kis don’t try to be like karisma tanna and you bacchu prince don’t pretend like goutam because you aren’t and you don’t . look at masala queen mandana year she is totally playing on her own . and its doesn’t matter whether she is fake or not . after all she is giving masala to audience and as per the bb rule and purpose that’s the aim only. Entertain the people and stand on your own. Among all she is the one who is doing only. 2nd one is aman he is also doing very well. 3rd one is Rochelle because involvement in all topic is not an easy one dude and she has that guards to do the same. After these 3 rest are bullshit. And kis , she is always doing groupisim. Dude you are here to play not make friends and family.

  42. nafisa

    I want to say this to Prince and suyyas that play like a man don’t do that girls stuff please and stop following kishwar and I thought prince said he respects women and I saw todays episode he was abusing Mandana.

  43. Karan

    prince,kish and suyash want to play like previous season but they have failed.They are use less junks, they are big boss only for drama,fight and masala. Like old seasons they will not win either they shout or irritated others u guys will see.

  44. Karan

    Prince,kish,suyash know no one like them thats why they want to finger in every thing to get attention.Other wise they will not get vote.

  45. Karan

    Keith didnt spit,kishwer is involving keith to make her deed right.She wants to save herself from objection.Dirty minded person thinks all things are dirty around her.

  46. anaya

    Prince does at times do things that made me also think he is not good when it comes to being in a good friendship with girls. In one episode before he chose to act that he is having soft corner for yuvika, he went to madana’s bed and he lay beside her and then when he kept his arm around mandana’s waist, we suddenly pulled herself upper to be safely away and then placed her teddy between them to avoid his proximity and told he(teddy) is my bf. That day I had the biggest respect for manadana that she perfectly knows to set limits with guys and at the same time,she didn’t say a word. She just did with her action.
    And the trios, prince and the bf and gf they are just hopeless. They just waste too much energy shouting and its like they take it personal when it comes to tasks. Y u have to yell and do ugly things.
    I don’t justify the kick that Mandana gave, but I do think that when kish was on rickshaw she spoiled manadanas many dresses. It all piles up.
    Also prince just acted so much love to yuvika here when he already had so much live for anuki in splitsvilla. How convenient..

  47. Karan

    Mandna is not from india thats why she speaks english but atleast she tries to speak hindi but what about other contestents who speak english instead of being indians.

  48. rikki

    I think bigg boss was regreting that ki what type of inmates I choose this time… n may pray ti god that save me from this people…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  49. SK

    Is bar ke constentent show me q aaye hai jb unko ghr jana hai to…. uff just
    fed up of this line “I wanna go home”

  50. Bhumika

    All this apart.. Big boss cud save rishabh frm drinking the spitted wtr.. Nd at that vry moment he cud disqualify or evict kishwer..wat did he wait for? Salman to slam kish on saturday?bb9 cud hv told rishabh at tht vry momnt if we cnsidr yestredys epi when ny rule ws broken bb made sure. Thehousemates rectified thier mistakes..lyk nt harming the house proprty.. Utter nonsense.. Bb is -_-

  51. Bhumika

    May be he waitd that kish wud rectify herself nd stp rish frm drinking it.. Bt wen she didn’t wasn’t it the duty of all d housemates to stop him.. For d sake of humanity.. Evry1 is at fault for d spittin drama .nd rochelle hrslf said that keith told her that he had spitted in mndy or rish food

  52. Bhumika

    .. Bt wen she didn’t wasn’t it the duty of all d housemates to stop him.. For d sake of humanity.. Evry1 is at fault for d spittin drama .nd rochelle hrslf said that keith told her that he had spitted in mndy or rish food

  53. Yaar i genuinely think mandana is fake..she follows her own rule..she kicked kish and told kish strangled her!!rochelle why changing friends r u that much dumb without keith!rimi dnt knw what to say…after so much encouraging words from salman still same…Some1 talked about prince in splitsvilla yaar prince was a great competition in splitsvilla8 he stood with his word till the final he didnt hurt any bad cntestant!!sana-utkarsh connection was stronger than prince-anuki still after the show utkarsh told he wasnt in love wid sana and they are frnds…and i thnk suyash shd have his own focus on the game rather hearing kish’s words!!i startd to lyk rishabh..hate puneet he thnks himself as a star he is egoistic and have lot of attitude…i also thnk aman is fake he is lyk the two faces of coin

  54. Papri

    someone said that we won’t be able to live a day with kishwar…but i think he/she is wrong..kish is a fun loving girl though she is loud…bahar se jo log mandana ko pasand kar rahe ho woh andar jake nahi kar paoge ..aur iski praman hain rishab aur puneet..jab yeh log ghar mein aye thein tab they used to say mandana is playing well,she is the best etc…but now they even dont like her…cz mandana is very arrogant,she gives so much attitude…she is simply fakeeeee….uski chehra pe mat jao…dil se soucho…agar tum waha hoti to kya karti agar tumhari sath koyi aisi behave karti jaise tum uske gulam ho…

  55. Tracy

    It is important to note that children do not choose their parents and therefore the issue of who is an Indian or not should not even arise in this game especially where Mandana’s father is an Indian. The Indian culture does not discriminate people because of this.

    I think we should all support our favourite contestants objectively without looking at where they come from because this is not a show to indicate who is from which country but about the individual contestants and their ability to entertain, be dramatic, romantic and yet assertive where necessary.

  56. xxx

    mandana is faking prince didn’t touch her neither kish did anything with her Mike..but how this trio is behaving is not was atleast not expected that they will do this to digi,she is their frnd they should think about it…they really were disappointing..

  57. Sonya

    Big boss please mix the teams and then lets watch. Kish should never be in the same team as Suyash. I did not like when Suyash is getting stuff to throw on the girls during task but giving it to Prince to carry it out. Smart move but cunning. Prince you are back in the shadow of Kish and Suyash, just move on they are only using you. Remember what you sister said. Kish is very disrespectful – she walked away from the confession room when Big Boss was talking to her. Also the second time when she came out of the room she told her so called team that you brought out this subject that she walked out but she was wanting to laugh so now she is laughing – she is mocking you Big Boss. Prince should not be in her team. Next Suyash should never be with her. What Rishab said on the weekend its karma. Kish has a say in everything and wants to be heard and is loud gosh I hate to hear her voice. Tone down girl, shouting does not get you anywhere.

    I disagree with what Mandana did but I don’t agree what they were doing with her and Rochelle. Also they destroyed all her clothes.

    Mandana is tough competition for Kish so now she wants her out….Well in the recap Suyash does not have
    the right to push Rishab.

  58. Sonya

    I disagree. Kish has a mind of her own and what she did to Rishab is wrong. Don’t blame the team for not stopping her. She does what she wants and for that she should have been disqualified – spitting and giving it to someone to consume is a no …no….but she got away and now she wants Mandana out and questioning Big Bosses decision. I for one would never tell Kish what to do or not as she does not care and does what she wants and thinks she is great. Well you get back and yes big time.

    Aman is a strong so he is not liked by Kish and then ofcourse Suyash.

    Let the groups be mixed for the next task and see how tables change…..I am disappointed with Prince.
    Rishab has a heart – Puneet is full of him self but lets give him time.

  59. pripod

    The problem is that Kishwar gets really loud ,rude and obnoxious. To the point that if it happened in person I know I would get irritated enough to tell the person to shut their trap. As if her loudness is not enough, Suyyash and Prince join in like little puppies following their master. They make bad decisions and keep acting as a group. This is an individual game. They are losing their individuality. I don’t like Mandana anymore than I like Kishwer,BUT I do feel that the Kishwer group makes her look like a hero every week with their own stupidity. Mandana got Kishwer’s clothes but not one thing was ruined. Kishwer outright ruined her clothes. Again the visual of rubbing an eaten apple on someone’s clothes is kinda disgusting. Kishwer did (accidentally) pull on the mic. I was freezing frames and you can see that Mandana went back from the force so she kicked…does it make it right? not at all…but I think the mistake was on both their parts. Kishwer’s team did the task so well on Day 1 and by putting sprays on someone’s face and eyes, kickgate scam and just general demeanor they ended up making Mandana look good.
    Also, comments like 1) Foreigner ka khana 2) Hindi seekh lo 3) Non indian….these are .in my opinion, discriminatory . All it does is make Mandana look good even when she is back handed in her own way.
    In all of this, Aman, Rimi and Rochelle can just sit back and watch these idiots take each other down.

  60. Ritika

    Good job kishwar! I hated kishwar b4 this episode (as evident frm my comments in previous episodes) but the way she took a stand today and outrightly talked about how big boss is being biased towards Mandana (which is actually true and spoiling d charisma of both big boss and Salman Khan) was worth whistling at! You need guts to do that and speak what others only think. Bravo!!!

    I hv an intuition, we finally hv one sureshot finalist by d actions & reactions in today’s epi and that’s Kishwar! Well done girl! Staying quiet and not speaking up against injustice is sign of a weakling which shez not!

  61. Pam

    Actually all of them are jealous of one another there are no friends but lots of backstabbing which can be irritating. Agree its a game but the way they are attacking Mandana n Rochelle its ridiculous. Everyone of them are playing each one wants to win. Kishwer’s bf doesnt have a mind of his own he is like her puppet. How can she always be in the right? Actually she is the main player in the house can be very rude. Walking away when someone is talking really rude.And Prince too can be such an aggressive arrogant person. Yes he had won other reality shows but that doesnt mean he will n must win all shows.

  62. Bhumika

    Many does d same.. Pehle baat khud kholti h nd wen other tries to speak she leaves d convrsation.. So evn mandy is same as kish.. Both r strng.. Bt 1 looks gud nd d othr looks bad. Frst of all evn i didn’t like mandana.. Bt nw.. If ny 1 of dem kish or mandy is evicted.. There is no bb9 den. Show khtm

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.