Bigg Boss 9 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
Muqabala song plays, inmates wake up and dance to song. Keith hugs Rishab.

Mandana says to Priya that i went in kitchen and saw dishes unwashed, i asked Priya whose work it was? she said Rishab, all know Priya starts shouting if anyone doesnt do his or her work, Priya says i am not in talking terms with Rishab, Mandana says you said that i should ask rishab to wash dishes, you wanted me to go and order so that we will have fight, as he would ask me who i am to order him? Priya says the thing was that i am not talking to him, i order everyone to do work, Mandana says your intention was not right with me. Prince says what about personal belonging that you have sent in store room? Priya says i have asked for it to give it back, Suyyash says to Priya that

you shouldnt have taken Prince’s things for m=one mistake as you didnt do it with others, Priya says when i asked Prince to come down and not sleep, it wasnt out of ego but i was fulfilling my duty, Mandana says when i was lying in net, you came and said that i am sleeping but i wasnt, Priya says i just came to check, they argue in high pitch, Keith jokes that my ears will blast, Kishwar laughs, Mandana starts leaving, Keith ask her if she has ear drops? his ears are aching.

Prince has lifted Nora on his back in pool, they both are enjoying in pool. Rochelle and Nora sit Prince’s both shoulders. Mandana and Rishab sees them, Mandana says to Rishab that Prince was saying Mandna and Rishab’s current status is something else, Rishab says what cant we even talk? he ask Prince whats the problem? Prince says i was just asking current status, Mandana says yes it is, and congrats for your new girlfriend(Nora), Nora laughs.

Bigg boss says to inmates that tho Ghost team won the task but since the margin was very less so Bigg boss is giving chance to both teams to choose their captain, both team should give one name as contender for captaincy. Priya says i think suyyash did nice in task, Kishwar and Kanwal agree, ghost team decide Suyyash’s name, Rochelle says Keith was very calm and played really well, Mandana says in last task, we didnt do household work but Keith handled this task really well alongwith house so i wanna give his name, Prince says Keith played so fair, i dont think he has any got any reason to be nominated by me, i wanna give his name too, Priya says Rochelle played well too, she plays well, Gizele says everyone plays well.

In garden, Nora tells Kishwar, Suyyash and Prince that she didnt like Mandana’s comment about me being Prince’s gf.
In lounge, Gizele says to Mandana that look at Nora, she ask if Nora did task nicely? Rishab says everyone did nicely, we will not talk about it, Priya says she was nice, Gizele says you want to be politically correct in everything, Priya says if i wanted to politically correct then i would have agreed with you, Gizele says you just wanna lick their(Rochelle and co) ass, Priya says you are not allowed to say this, for me i think i played very nicely, Gizele says i broke my leg in task, Priya says you got reason to show yourself great, Gizele says i dont wanna talk to you, you are fake, Priya says you are fake, Gizele says you just like to lick asses, Priya says i just said that Nora was nice in task doesnt mean i am licking her ass, Gizele says you lick Rochele’s ass too.
Prince says to Rochelle that these topics are going off track, why did Mandana taunt Nora? Rochelle says you commented on Mandana but why did she give it back to Nora? why she taunted her, Suyyash says Mandana doesnt think before saying, Kishwar says if anyone had teased her with someone else’s name then she would have made it a issue.
Priya says this is not ass licking, i am taking their side even when they are not here, Rochelle calls Priya, Priya goes. Gizele says finally she is called out.
Priya comes in garden and says Gizele is saying that i am ass licking and all.
Prince comes to Mandana and says dont bring me in anything, Rishab says she didnt do anything, Prince says when i was swimming with Nora, she called me his girlfriend, who are you to say this to me? who called you that she is my gf? she is my friend, Keith ask Prince to not shout, Mandana ask him to talk calmly, Rishab hugs Prince and ask him end this, Nora says who said that i am ass licking? Mandana takes Prince aside and says if you felt bad then i am sorry, if Nora had felt bad then she would have said it to me then and there only, but she was enjoying my comments then, i didnt say Nora is ass licking and all, it is Gizele who said it, Prince says i am miffed about comment you said in morning, Mandana hugs him to end matter.
Priya says to Gizele that you said people are ass licking, Rochelle says you are trying to say good people are one side and bad on other side, Gizele ask her to go and lick ass, she says to Priya that she is mad girl.

Mandana says to Nora that if you have any problem with me? if you are miffed with me then come to me directly, say it on my face, we will clear it but dont discuss it with others as they take it to their favor, what was Kishwar, Suyyash or Priya’s business in all this? Nora says i didnt like it when you called me Prince’s gf but i tried to take is sportingly but Priya came and put salt in all that, Mandana says you could have called me out for calling you gf of Prince right there and then, Nora says i was just being a sport but i didnt like it, Mandana says lets end matter, she hugs Nora and says sorry.

Nora says to Prince that why they say filthy words, Nora cries, Prince hugs her and says dont think about these inmates, whole india is watching you, inmates dont know our friendship, people will see our friendship, i will slap you if you cry now, you are going to be most liked inmate, i will save you in house even if i have to leave this house to keep you in house, now dont cry else i will slap, Nora hugs him and says i am not afraid of slap but love, Prince laughs.

Bigg boss ask inmates who are the contenders for captaincy they have chosen, Priya says its Suyyash and Keith. Kishwar reads task for captaincy. Keith and Suyyash will be tied by elastic rope and they have to run in opposite stretching rope, at other end there is buzzer placed, both have to touch the buzzer by running in opposite direction of rope tied to their bellies, there will be 3rounds in it, the one who will press buzzer for two times be winner and will become captain.

Keith and Suyyash are tied by ropes, they run in opposite directions to press buzzer, Keith wins two rounds consecutively, Kanwal says he has won, Bigg boss says Keith is new captain, all congratulate him.

Suyyash tells Mandana that Gizele said you are a divorcee, Mandana says i am not married so how come divorced? Suyyash says she told that there is marriage certificate of yours on internet, Mandana says its fake, Suyyash says she said that you married him to get visa of India and you make rich boyfriends to get work in industry, you give favors to get work, you are a characterless women and you lied about age too, Mandana says fine.

Mandana says to Gizele that its foolishness to talk about personal life in this house, my rumors on internet is different story, we have some past things between us and you dont need to tell this to people here, Gizele says i was not talking about divorce but inmates were asking about you so i told them, Mandana says you said about vanity issue i created on film set, i didnt make any issue, Gizele says you have ego issue, you didnt get vanity same as Aftab and you vanity was small so you stopped shooting, Mandana says its all wrong, i am very happy in small things of life.
Priya says Giselle is talking with Mandana, Rishab says its Gizele.

Priya ask Rishab if he wants to be in talking terms with her? Rishab says yes i love your ugly face, Priya says i didnt like jokes you were cracking on me, Rishab says if you felt bad then i am sorry but if you are trying to hurt me then it wont happen.

Task is given to inmates, task name is “policyBazaar”, Keith and Rishab will have to sell policy of other inmates, inmates will come to them one by one as customer and have to buy either policy of inmate offered by Keith or by Rishab.
Rishab says to Mandana that i wanna give you policy of Rishab, his policy is that he cares for everyone and shows it too. Keith says to Mandana that your quality is that you hide behind anyone and say things in face of a person without hesitation but this quality also lands you in problems so i wanna sell Priya’s policy to Mandana, her policy is to smile infront of inmates and play game behind their back, Mandana says i dont like Priya’s policy, i dont want it in life of in house, she takes Rishab’s policy. now its Priya’s turn, Rishab offers her Mandana’s policy, and says her policy is to play individually, you will smile and make others cry, Keith offers her Rochelle’s policy and says she add spunk to her talks which comes across as vibrant thing, Priya says Mandana’s policy is worst, she is selfish, ungrateful and hypocrite, she takes Rochelle’s policy. Now Rochelle’s turn, Keith offers her suyyash policy which is to play maturely, Rishab offers Keith’s policy who is like reality check for her that she is going off track, Rochelle’s chooses Suyyash’s policy and says Keith’s policy is for life but not for this house. Now Prince’s turn, Keith offers him Nora’s policy, he says Nora is gentle and plays task very gently, you will get softness in task as you are alleged for aggressive nature, Rishab offers Keith’s policy to Prince and says he is grounded, calm, this policy will be best for you. Prince says i am aggressive so Nora’s gentleness will be good. Keith has sell more policies so he has won. now Keith will have to do another task for inmates who have bought his policies, he has to walk on burning coals and will win 2lacs for inmates who bought his policy, Keith walks on it and wins 2lacs for inmates, all clap.

Suyyash says to Mandana that you are saying what happens in task is gone after task ends but there is line drawn in this house, if you think that you will hit Kishwar in task and then end it after task is not right, i might take action against you, Mandana says even Kishwar pushed me, what was that? Suyyash says you think you will get away with everything, she was reacting, Suyyash says to Mandana that if anyone tries to touch Kishwar then i can even kill him or her, Mandana says what are you saying? Are you threatening me? you can do nothing, Suyyash says to Mandana that just try to touch Kishwar, touch her now and then you will see what i do, i am threatening you openly, yes threatening you, Rishab ask Suyyash to move back, he stands inbetween Mandana and Suyyash, Kishwar comes and ask what happened? Mandana says he is getting angry on me, Kishwar says you hit me in task, Mandana i didnt, i just wanted to come out of situation as you were messing with my hairs, suyyash says how dare you hit her, suyyash ask Mandana to touch Kishwar, i will not do anything, Rochelle ask suyyash to calm doen, he sits, Rochelle says to Mandana that you are wrong, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, its not your matter, Rochelle says you are behaving like a guy is attacking and you are helpless, i am a girl too and i can stop suyyash if he crosses line, you try to make it look like Suyyash is abusing or threatening you, suyyash isnt wrong, Mandana says my problem is with Kishwar and Suyyash, you dont come inbetween it, Kishwar says Mandana you are a liar, Mandana says i dont wanna talk, she starts to leave, Rochelle says yes now you will walk away as you dont want to talk, you gave your point but will not listen to other, walk away, Suyyash tells her to get lost, Rochelle says bye, Kishwar dances and sings bye, bye i dont wanna listen to you too, you want everyone to listen to you but you will not listen to anyone, go from here, Suyyash says you should wear bullet proof jacket as we may start firing which you are trying to portray.

Mandana says to Prince that to save their own ass, they are getting angry on me. Gizele says toh Prince that you are aggressive with girls, Rishab says to Prince that we can talk in aggressive tone but not with girls, you have to understand this.
Kishwar says to Nora that Gizele and Mandana both are lying about each other.
Mandana says to Prince that i know Suyyash cant do anything, cant hurt me but if a guy attacks me like then what a single girl can do, she cries, i am not with any man here, Prince says you think we threaten you, Mandana says i said your heart is good but you act like goon, today too you attacked me, Prince says you were wrong, Mandana says i hugged you, but suyyash is very aggressive, he attacked Gizele too, he is threatening girls.

Prince says to inmates that Mandana was saying that she will get afraid sleeping in same room where Suyyash sleeps, i said that you said same thing for me, she then said that i didnt hit Kishwar, i didnt push her in task, even if Salman ask me on weekend, i wont say sorry to her as i didnt do any mistake, i told her that lets not agree to you or Kishwar, we will ask Salman sir to decide if you pushed Kishwar or not, Keith says she is very smart, she is playing game, inmates decide to not give attention to Mandana.
(P.S-I really miss Rimi in all these shouting matches, she was my personal favorite, I would be exhausted writing about fights done in so high tones and then camera would pan to her smiling face in all that mess which would make me smile too πŸ™‚ )

PRECAP- Salman will take class of inmates. Nagin(Mouni roy aka Shivanya from Nagin show) will enter house on weekend. Later Mandana says to Kanwal and Gizele that i feel Rochelle wants Keith to leave house, Gizele says she can go to any length to win this game, Kanwal says i feel like she will ditch Keith after winning show, Mandana says boy(Keith) is nice but with wrong girl(Rochelle).

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. kajal

    Through suyash out of d house… such a coward …!!! How d hell was he talking to mandhana lyk dat… y he is speaking between two ladies…!!! Nd i was really disaapointed with prince , for a small lytl commnt how big issue he had made it… in first weeks dat vomit walla commnt b toh kitna serious tha bt mandhana didnt made it a issue … i really lyk prince bt nw a days his behviour is jst ahhh.. omg

  2. neha

    kish and suyash…. disgusting couple… very very irritating couple… suyash kish k aage to bhigi billi bana ghumta hai aur mandana pe fijul me gussa kar rha hai… kish ne jo mandy ko dhakka diya uska kya…

  3. Neeru

    A different Promo… Srk nd salman.. Muuaah.. (y)

    Now when mandana commented abt nora nd prince,, they took it pretty sportingly.. Nd i was like thats it. ?
    But that was not it…

    So things i felt…
    Mandana joked nd nora laughed.. But later suyyash, rochs nd kish brainwash her.. Nora feels bad nd prince gets angry..
    So wait,, suyyash nd rochs,, what wer you doing the othr day then ? Atleast mandy had the guts to comment on his face.. But You looked a “craven”..

    Prince,, i understand you were angry,, but there is a way to talk.. Cool down a lil more.. But i am glad mandy understood the issue, took him aside, held his hand nd explained… I loved mandy then.. She said sorry for morng,, hugged nd told him the matter at hand was priya’s creation. I liked that moment btwn mandy nd prince.. Also how she solved it with nora was also commendable… I hv started liking mandy it seems..

    Nora nd prince conversation was cute too.. “Thapad se dar nhi lagtha.. ” πŸ˜€

    Now suyyash.. What is wrong with you. ? What has happened to you…? Prince is aggressive nd he does shout but what suyyaash is doing is somthng else..
    “Haath thod dunga, jaan se maar dalunga, muh pe thuk dunga.. ”
    I feel pity for you… This weekend,, you are gone buddy..

    Prince is trying to get into everyones good book it seems.. Mandy, gizele nd rishab ke saath bhi bait ke baath kiya.. Nd kieth, rochs, kish, suyyash nd nora ke saath bhi… He said i wont take kish side, let salmanji decide.. Finally..

    • harshal

      I just hope that salman shows that roch-suyyash clip about them talking about prince-nora-yuvika to prince and then ask prince, if this is bad or what mandy did is bad, I mean i even saw suyyash &roch lecturing mandy in that prince-mandy fight, they have the nerves to do that after backb*t*hing the same ….. suyyash is now getting on my nerves, he used to be sweet and nice even though a joru ka ghulam, lately, he is having this fits and maybe his thinking has become that shouting and threatening at girls will make him look like a strong person, wrong brother, it only makes you look bad and cowardly

      • Neeru

        Yeah.. Thats what.. How can they point a finger at mandy vn they hv actually done a higher level of gossip abt prince nd nora..

        Now i also feel that ,if suyyash had taken this stand vn mandy kicked kish, it wudnt hv looked this bad.. Coz there was a reason to shout.. (Threatening to kill wud nt hv been excused evn then)
        But now nothing happened.. Nd the best part is kish pushed back.. So Matter over..
        Salman shud also show the clip wer mandana is “pushing” kish to suyyash nd ask him if that is the hurting part you were talking abt.. Nd then the clip wer kish push mandy.. I wud love to see su-kish then..

    • tedd

      giselle says she broke her leg during task…it was ur fault..u were being so pushing pushing everyone…instead of leg, u actly should have broken ur filthy tongue….

    • D freakk

      Suyaash yr…agr koi kish ko touch krega to m uske hath tod dunga..bhai sbse zada touch to use tum he krte ho..:-) pehle apne tod ho to prince ko bol dena..prince ye task h..tujhe mera hhath todna h..he ll do it me..:-D

    • Big9

      Kishwer and suyyash should stop it now…. they are very cunning and their behaviour towards mandana is uncool…
      I felt mandanas tears,, she approached prince,, I want prince to understand her and help her out in this matter..
      I find priyas and rishab friendship cute

    • lovely

      Okay Neeru can tell me wen.rochelle said suyash to back off while he was shouting at mandy in that case she asked.rochelle to back off nd was okay with suyash on u really think mandy is so innocent.wen no one was asking him to back off and roc did den also mandys behaviour was suspecting

      • Neeru

        @lovely,, i never said mandy is innocent…. mandy is selfish ,, selfcentered and stubborn… But yestrdy nd day befre yestrday what suyyash did was way tooo disgusting… shouting is ok,, but the language he used was unacceptable…

        now the scene you are talking abt… mandy asked rochs to shut up when rochs said- ” it was your fault…” not when rochs asked suyyash to bck off…
        mandy asked her not to interfere in the matter…

      • harshal

        Just to be clear though, Roch didn’t tell suyyash to back off, I think you got confused. It was Rishabh and Mandy who were telling him to back off. Roch just said “Calm Down” to suyyash, turned to Mandy and said , “Mandana, you are wrong” needlessly. Mandy countered saying this does not concern you and then the rest is history πŸ™‚

  4. Prince keith rochele n nora r nice n good ….priya is really doing good in task n she has good personality supports rght person n explained in nice way….suyaash is so so n did wrong by b*t*hing his frnds who supports him all the time ….kishwer straight forward n real person ….mandana n gizzle really disgusting n selfish ..both should b punished for what dey said abt kieth n rochele

    • lovely

      Very true….Mandana is insane and she is not strong.The way she talks tu tu and everytime with the excuse of task she hita kishwer.Very smart.Strong people are those if that they hv guts speak to den dey should hv d guts to listen as well….she is coward dats g she runs from.the situation.aur ladki ke naam par koi kitna bardasht karega yaar usko.Usko jo bhi maan ata hai bol deti and she is herself bin pendi ka lota just like rishab.Now I want people shld bully her

  5. D freakk

    Suyassh needs to noe the line…he s going way beyond that…that was nt mandys fault at all…besides the way.. kish came back to push mandana was much worse..suyassh..better tht

    • tedd

      This tym jabardast bashing for sukish….Now itz notq sympathy votes for Mandana…itz standing for the right thing…and Mandana is right at this point of time…..

    • Ya nowadays this Suyyash is very annoying. I can’t imagine I liked him when he first went into the show
      Maybe because of his show. I like him in his last serial but not in Bb9. Uff he shouts for no reason

  6. Mukesh

    f**k u gizele….whats wrong with u….. Kyo lada rhi h chudail sabko aapas m…… Or mandana prince k close???????

  7. harshal

    Ok, watching today’s episode made atleast 1 of my resolve clear, I want Mandy to win this show, no other person deserves it in current state. Earlier, I did feel that Kish is strong and Prince is kinda cool, so their winning won’t make much difference, but now…NO.
    Kishwar and suyyash, I hoped until the end that there is some humanity inside you somewhere, but thats just not there. What you did today, was utterly disgusting and that kind of attitude to others will only bring your downfall(atleast in real life if not in bigg boss house)…
    Prince, you are a good soul with less brains(thats your description unfortunately), you are going to get betrayed pretty bad very soon i think :/, Nora is 100% using you, its obvious with her reaction after your promise of going out yourself to save her….
    Roch, you are the biggest surprise gal, you have even overtaken priya in my hated list(and thats a huge achievement, congrats). You have literally proved what you can do to just win this show and boy, you are a fake, there’s absolutely no doubt in that now. Unfortunately, what kanwal said in precap might be true that you might leave keith after the show…
    Rishab, kudos bro, you are truly a nice person in heart :)… stay like that always
    Lastly, Mandy, I am in love with you girl, you are the strongest, best, awesome and most sensible person i have seen this season. You have the best understanding of all now, go and win this show, you deserve it πŸ™‚

    • ShΓ‘ΕΌΓ±Γ 

      agree wd u..mandy z real bold straightfrwrd grl..d way she handlin things were so gud..juz luv herβ™₯β™₯fr me shez d reason watching bb9 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ mandy z d oly contestant who deservs bb9 titleβ™₯β™₯β™₯

    • lovely

      Mandy will never win as she is a drama queen.if she is dat innocent den wen suyash was asked to back off by rochelle den she stopped rochelle Nd wanted to look like victim.

      • Neeru

        @lovely ,, you hv got it wrong dear…. mandy nvr stopped rochs from asking suyyash to bck off… she asked her to shut up when rochs said mandy was wrong…

      • harshal

        Again, roch didn’t tell suyyash to back off and rest is as neeru said. Infact, roch defended suyyash’s actions by saying that i am a girl too and i know that when suyyash came to your face shouting, he was still in his limits and didn’t cross line. This is the same roch who tickles prince and when prince tickles her back genuinely, she shouts and says” Prince is getting physical and touching my b**bs”. I think it was enough proof, atleast for me to know how fake she actually is.
        I just get the feeling that she goes wherever majority is and tries to remain in their group for then, when that group is blamed, she switches sides and goes to other set of people and remains in their good book. Maybe some may feel its a strategy and all, but for me, it will always be lack of self-confidence and living fake identity and to some extent, signs of cowardice she will never be an individual player. And believe me, I liked her in the beginning and she was my 2nd fav contestant, but her changing is what i hated. You don’t get the nickname “Dal-Badlu” just for the namesake of it, infact even salman khan joked about her last week when he said to her”Phirse side change kar li?”

  8. D freakk

    Suyassh needs to noe the line…he s going way beyond that…that was nt mandys fault at all…besides the way.. kish came back to push mandana was much worse..suyassh..stay away…

  9. Kamil

    What’s wrong with suyash . How can he talk like that with a girl . Mandy is correctly said with task what ever finish there. But suyas saying I even kill you…what’s this . Also what dirty words inmates using on a country’s national tv… I was hating mandala but after today she should go to finale in my view. Also prince should reduce his sound if he is going to reach finale..kick out priya who makes story’s on every ones conversation. Hope salman will give nicely to sukish foe there behavior

  10. faith

    Gizelle is so irritating nd nw she turnd out to be a liar. Yestrday she came in btwn rochelle nd mandana’s cnvrsation nd startd sayng that rochelle is shouting whn she is lyng injured, she is torturing me BB. So suyyash stud up for roch sayng that until lights on any1 can cum inside bedrum and shout stop me if u can frm shoutng so she had nothng to say so she jus jumbld up the topic nd today she is makng new story out of it sayng evn she war scard!! Ewwww….i jus hate her.

  11. II

    Today i didnt understand why norah dragged priyas name that she added salt in their fight with mandy. I just saw priya leaving the room after having an aurgument with gisell and went out to say about it to the kish group when they asked about it. Isme namak dalneke kya bath hai. Ok she is over reactive but it doesnt mean we can drag her name each and every time. The actual fight is between prince norah and mandy .what priya has to dowith this. Fight yaar. But atleast fight it clearly. By the way gisel called priya an ass something like that. But itseemed norah misinterpreted it
    .ithink so. Nothing clear.

  12. tedd

    Bb9 summary—-
    1) suyash, what do you think of urself, u are stretching the matter too much, just because mandana is not reacting much everyone is pouncing upon her..being a bf u are right to be angry but in this way, itz not right…Well it was Kish’s fault, when mandana brushed her aside along with her hair, she came out and said, MANDANA NE MUJHE BAHUT BURI TARAH SE DHAKKA MARA…and as suyash has not properly this incident, might have have thought it to be similar to kicking incident…but dude u r at fault to scream ur lungs out and threaten Mandana…
    2) Risabh saying priya that he loves her ugly face was hilarious….we are just seeing 45 mins of 24 hour…equation change ho gaya mujhe pata v nh chala…anyways..i felt that Priya yesterday was feeling jealous when Risabh was watching belly dance…
    3) i loved the fact that Keith became captain…walked on coal for the inmates ..(haven’t watched the epi..sob sob)…
    4) Giselle, whats wrong with her…going around and talking all personal things about Mandana (I HAVE ALSO READ ALL THE STUFFS ABOUT MANDANA WHEN BB STARTED)….licking others ass, where does this come from???… Oh might be she had enrolled herself in this program and enjoyed much, so she is asking others to do this
    5) Nora is definitely playing bad emotional game…she enjoyed when mandana passed the comment, and instead of telling her at that moment, went and discussed with others..what was the need even???…and all those tears infront of prince was all fake..was too filmy nora
    6) mandana is bold and blunt and may be having controversies in the past but thanks god shez not filthy like giselle…So most filthiest award of bb9 goes to Giselle the Goosilng…

    • harshal

      tedd, hehe, that rishabh-priya scene was too good and funny, infact i was almost on the floor laughing when Priya turned and was like, ok rishabh, lets start this from beginning, 1…2…(Rishabh moves away and says bye)..3, priya turns, and there’s no one in front of her, rishabh laughs and goes away… I loved rishabh in today’s episode, he needs to continue being seen more, he has good heart.

      • tedd

        Actlly….it was hilarious..2 more exams to go so couldn’t watch…after sun i’ll dwnload and watch this scene…..risabh agar chahe to saare moments ko funny banake bahut entertain kar sakta hai…i wud luv to see more such hilarious punches……

    • Neeru

      I agree tedd… The way kish potrayed the push is the issue.. Suyyash din see it nd vn kish came out nd exaggerated it,, he must hv felt it to be like the kick..
      But whatever it may be,, the language he used was unacceptable…

      • tedd

        I agree neeru…it was not necessary on Suyash’s part to stretch the issue…if mandana wanted, then she could have asked bb to evict or give punishment to kish for this pushing act…but she didn’t…..coz the way kish pushed her, she cud have fell down and hurted herself badly….
        And the way suyash dealt with it (becoz kish exaggerated the issue) was not axeptable…i liked the couple as in real life…but if they are like this in real life, then I dont axept this…i just hate this domestic violence stuff typ cases…I Simply hate them…..threatening and all is not so cool….

      • tedd

        I luved mandana for solving issues with prince so nicely…agar sukish ka itna bada enemity nh hoti uske saath, then these small fights could also have been sorted out…. But this is turning foul

      • tedd

        But all the points goes to mandy this tym…she knows ki agar avi react nh kiya sahi hoga…bura to uske saath hua hai..coz from few days shez way more targeted which is not fair….
        But she also knows this strategy, not to shout at this peak time…strike your hatoda when iron is hot…??

    • Ritika

      U r right about Nora- the observation! Shez very shrewd,,,hmm I don’t like her anymore. And yes, today Mandana definitely earned brownie points from the audience side….she has a past, is a divorcee too who married for indian visa and whatever Gizele said was true BUT the way she went and calmly told Gizele to not discuss past was great! Even her calm convo with Prince..Hmm i hv started liking her! Though yes, shez selfish and stubborn sometimes

    • Wow nice analysis
      I m just waiting for this episode
      Luckily at singapore they show episodes earlier on weekends at 430 just 4 more hrs to go πŸ™‚

    • bbdt

      I don’t think suyansh ne galath kiya..vo bathaa raha thaa ki don’t cross the line..pahle socha karo..mandy ne bola kya kar lega tu…isme suyansh utkar threaten kiyaa…prince se mandy sorry bol raha thaa…magar kish ko kick kiya push kiya usne kabhi sorry bola even feel bhi nahi kiyaa

  13. Mandanas behaviour is improving but not as well as it should
    Suyyash should stop being a coward by showing his “manliness” by threatening the girls (or wateva he was doin) gizelle and priya are trouble makers. rishabh keith and kanwal r fine. rochelle and nora are acting like spoilt brats and did prince replace yuvika?

  14. Jonwick

    sukish r dragging their animosty with mandana to the next level and suyyash is such a mannerless guy who doesnt respect women.

    Prince and nora equation seems like friends but that wasnt mandana’s fault to call her gf as she is quite outspoken..prince must not hv spoken like this to her but it seemed prince realized that .
    Mandana now seems will befriend rishabh and priya .

  15. santu

    Congrats Keith fir captaincy… let’s see how you handle this without losing cool..
    I pity on mandana.. whether she is acting or not in bathroom with prince.. it doesn’t matter.. she says Watever directly on face.. she is brave. .really… I ve started to like her not out of pity but for her brave thing.. Wat she told yo prince is a natural thing that anyone can comment.. even Keith sold Nora policy to prince that he ll definitely take it.. only problem with mandana is she is straight in everything.. she even argues with people who come to help them..
    Prince don’t act so innocent. . U know u want that love angle to come out so that u can be in the house.. Pl do tasks and strategy..but not behind a girl. ..
    Nora is very very clever and cunning.. she knows Wen to flirt. . Wen to cry..Wen to bite.. I doubt if anybody in house knows she is karate expert. .she is not that innocent or delicate.. prince tujhe leke dubegi ye..
    And finally suyyash… Wat a cheap fellow.. cheap strategy to stay in house.. how can u threaten a girl like that.. u wanna wrestle with mandana? I doubt even if u can lift kishwar.. it looked like suyyash is Gf of kish.. mandana told something about kish. .and suyyash is angry on mandana.. hope salman will take a nice class to suyyash on this behaviour. .
    Gisele don’t create unnecessary fights.. if u do like this ur fights will loose worth… nobody will care..
    Prince stop shouting man.. play the game..
    I really hate this uncool group now… kish suyyash rochelle Keith Nora abd prince.. none of them r trustworthy..
    Priya knows very well Wat audience likes.. so she is trying to be good judge of everything .. but u take stand wen needed.. every time it’s not required.. sometimes keeping shut is good

  16. mandy

    Mandana is so smart and sly but she is right sometimes too you know…. shes my favourite. To be fair this year bb9 contestants are all rubbish.. last year was bit better….. this year is just too much guts….. turns out girl has more guts than boys in this season…. what can all thoses girls do when they get together

  17. mandy

    And rishabh has creating bb9 to flirting9…. he changes his gf every week….. hes even fighting over norah with prince

  18. mandy

    How can giselle mke such rude cmmnts on mandana and her personal life and relationships….. giselle is a very disgusting contestant

  19. mandy

    Giselle: have u seen her face…… is it a face lift…. botox….plastic surgery? What has she done to her face she looks so ewww…….. comment if u agree and want an answer about what she has done to her face

  20. bigg b 9 winner announcement

    Bb9 has just let out the rumours about the winner…. Now they say the winner was to be announced 2 weeks earlier than the finale. They gave clues about the winner and as boys are falling short they hinted at a girl. Stay tuned to find out more information bout who might be the winner…. one mor thing, bb has let out a tiny bit of info…… mandana and prince are recieving most votes in bb house…

  21. Any housemate says anything to prince and he believes it. Suyaash such a weak fellow .showing strength to girl . Not able to beat Keith in captaincy task. Salman please teach inmates what push means.

  22. harshal

    @Atiba, ok, i just read your post-script :P, well done. I think Freak(gaurav) and fatarajo(joyee) are also Rimi fans, maybe you can actually come to this comments section and chat with us here, it would be great to talk to you and know your personal opinions regarding the show πŸ™‚

  23. Nia

    Well….I hate suyash don’t be over possessive..Rochelle is nice but Mandy and kanwal can not make comments on rochelles personal life….or her bf….becoz if Mandy felt bad bwt her personal life talks then she must not interfere in others olso

  24. raz

    I think suyyash ws bein a as a man if some ones hittng ur gf…nd u say nothng abt it.thn u a a**hole..suyyash ws a littl bit aggressive bt his point of view ws ri8 ..i agree wid him..he is bcming a strng player nd he is protecting his gf also..whn he ws only nyc n swwt..nobdy liked he didnt take a stand.if tdays he is taking a stand.whts wrng wid dat?? we all knw dat he wont do anythng to her..mandan such a disgstng charactrless also knew she evn likd him.she is jst making dramTic issues.nthng else!! Kishwar n suyyash r my favrt..thy proved is should b da frst priority wheathr its task or anytng..hats off u man suyyash…

    • harshal

      so, as per you, keith is an a**hole, who is not a man? Look at yesterday’s episode, roch-gizele had some pushing each other going on in front of keith(and that’s how pushing looks -_-, mandy didn’t push, it was mere jerk off by her), and how he handled it? He told gizele not to get physical, that’s it. He didn’t exaggerate that issue there.That’s how a gentleman should behave, screaming your lungs off and threatening girls don’t make you a “MAN” buddy.
      Also, no need to make it a big issue always, when tasks happen, physical honge sab, pushing, pulling hogi. you got to accept it. Only thing is, when its friends pushing, you don’t complain, but when your enemy pushes, you make it a huge issue. Look at prince pushing kish in that final skeleton run, did you see her complaining then? only bcoz prince is her friend and i am very certain that kish ko “Prince ka dhakka, mandy ke dhakke se kamjor laga hoga” , afterall mandy ne kish ko “buri tarah se dhakka maara” LOL …

      • tedd

        Ha ha ..funny harshal…Buri tarah se dhakka mara…jab ki woh mere brush off tha….uske upar many kam kari rahi thi…to usko dikhayi nh de raha tha..jab baal uske aankhon pe gir rahe the….but kish exaggerated the issue…… Suyash agar “kicking” wale din stand woh axepted tha…but unnecessary taking stands…jabki usne dekha v nh kitna push hua tha……

  25. Annamma James

    Yes guys…
    Am also afraid abt nora’s strategy….
    I hope Prince will play on d safe side…
    Anyway I also liked d way mandana solve d issue with Prince….Cute….

  26. Sachin

    Mandana didn used to be like this so calm..woh mauka ka fayda utha rhe h by being victim.
    TRUST me pretend karr rhi h.I know uske saath galat hua but she prefers now not replying brick by stone to gain votes otherwise she wud hv shown them their place.
    suyyash kishwer hv turned inhuman for sure but not prince he just gets irritated by mandy’s behaviour..& not assaulting her like suyyash n kishwar and also mandana has been backb***hing too much about rochel…her outside image clears one thing that she uses people so here too PLAYING SMARTLY.

  27. asap

    mandy i loveee you..m ur big fan..suyash n kishwer yu two are goons…leave mandana alone pls….let her concentrate on her game….mandy will win de show…prince n nora yu two r jes using urselvs for ur own benefit..but i feel nora is usin prince de more..prince has no sense..roch is such an idiot..shi knows mandanna is a strong contender dhts why shi wanna pull her down..but sorry you cant…keith playing cooolll….mandy n keith are mai favourite in the house but love mandy more…no words 4 priya n gizzele stupid girlzz…mandy desrvs to win bb9…

  28. Pri

    I did not watch the episode, but why is suyyash so hyper all of a sudden? Again, no matter how wrong a girl is…that is not the way to talk. mandana does not deserve to win bb9, but she doesnt deserve threats. mandana is playing the fake card (now trying to be friends with Prince)…and prince is making himself seem desperate for girls. Gizelle, yeh chalaak hain. If you think about it, she is adding ALOT of spice to the show which was needed. This season of Bigg Boss is a fail. All contestants suck. I have no favorites anymore.

  29. oni

    is week end par plz salman ji mandy or kish ka dhakka drne wala clip contestants ko dikhaye…. usse bad suyyash ne joh joh comment diya mandy par woh dikhaye….. toh pata chalega kon kitne pani me he

  30. Amina arshad

    I like mandana from the first day ,she is most real person in this house and I want that she wins,and I hate syush attitude today’s episode too bad ugly and no one stand for mandana .slman shroud definitely ask from prince and syush about behaving so badly with mandala.

  31. mandana is getting large number of votes. why?. Everyone likes her because she is acting like a 4 year old girl. Every time before weekend episode she says something to loosing team and they without thinking take their anger on her. She cries in front of camera and her friend salman saves her in weekend. Even she cant live with keith in the first week of the show. Even keith was not able to tolerate her. She irritates all and when they give it back she cries and salman saves her

    • She may be noisy and irritating . But at least she understands the game and speaks whatever she wants . But she is too lazy at times to do task

  32. Ritika

    Atiba…great to know your opinion…and thanks a lot dear for updating the show here for all of us:) Even I miss Rimi a lot, inn jaanwaron ke beech toh lag rha ki woh hi na na ghar jaana hai karte karte jeet jaati toh sahi tha πŸ™‚ But ya that’s fine, miss her in bb9 πŸ™

  33. Ritika

    Suyash actually thought Mandana did something like kicking with Kish again and came all out to rotect his gf…he is short-tempered ut v.emotional about kishwar and is a kid in front of kishwar (age-wise and otherwise in playing games)…usne socha hoga stand bhi le lunga aur chillake wl get footage too toh chillata hoon…but anyway leave it as Kishwar is the shrewd 1 who making it look like Mandana did bad to her always (to Suyash)! NORA IS V.DANGEROUS AND A cunning woman! Item-girl south ki! Acting sweet but is a b*t*h! Usse achi toh Gizele hai- who is a b*t*h and shows herself as a b*t*h too— in turn adds masalato the show too!

    Also, if Mandana continues to play, be sensible like she was today she will win this season and I would be glad; anyway the girl is leaving 10 years away from her family, may need the money!

  34. Chanti

    I liked the prince statement, he didn’t took kishwar side and he told salman will tell what happened exactly. Thats right no had really seen the issue what happened. I liked how mandy had sorted out the issue with price. I love of salman shows the clip how suyyesh is back bi*****g about prince.
    Love angle i don’t mind to see some romance, definitly nora will try to dump prince in future episodes.
    I don’t understand why everybody pointing fingers on prince only, i think rishab tried to become close with girls more than Prince.

  35. august

    What a game player Roch,,jb peechle week highway task prince aur suyash me dhamki di toh bolti h ki aap goon ho,, aap aise ladki se baat ni kar sakte ho ,, and this week when coward suyyas threatened mandana then she was saying it is mandana fault ,,, wash Roch devi jb apko victim bna jaye toh think h agr aur kisi ko bna jaye toh woh aapse sehan ni hoti h

  36. Wow, finally Keith is the captain of the house it was so sweet of the human team to give Keith’s name in the captaincy.
    I also miss Rimi very badly, even my family loves Rimi, I saw Rimi in Dhoom movie 2 days ago which made me remember her even more.
    She actually even gain more fans than lose fans while staying in the house she was so calm.

  37. Rishabh

    Mandana u r going right?? chahe koi wild card entry aati rahe she don’t care and uske upper kisi ke shouting ka koi effect nahi that’ s really good .

  38. Mandana ko her time sab target karte hai
    Aur woh joo b bolti hai face pay bolti hai
    Mandana is very nice n sweet girl
    Roch fake girl

  39. guys…im just waiting for todays epi when salman will scold sukish for their unhuman behaviour…and i too join hands with you guys in mandys support…

  40. usha

    i just love u mandy…salman weekend me agr footage dikha dia to sbki lag jaegi…aur prince…apko koi v manipulate kr skta h….

    • I don’t really watch game of thrones, but I love to watch masterchef Australia/US
      But I love to watch cricket the most.
      Among hindi weekend shows, besides bigg boss I love to watch comedy nights Bachan
      Do u like to watch cricket?

      • It would be quite interesting. I heard that initially instead of new contestants they were suppose to make this show with winners of season 1 to 8. That would have been short but better.

      • I got a lot . But I like The most
        Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza, Mustafizur Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim
        India: Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni
        West Indies: Chris Gayle
        South Africa: AB De Villers
        Australia: Brett Lee
        Pakistan: Mohammed Irfan
        Ya these r my special fav
        How bout u freak

      • D freakk(rimi lover)

        Joyee..yar u nailed it for ne too..ABD is my hero..n i like brett lee shane watson virat kohli and brendon macollum
        And the flash..m a harrison wells fan…he s soch a cool actor;-)

      • D freakk(rimi lover)

        @neeru..thats awsome..buks are even more fun..series m to facts alter kr dete h…though i am suspicious at this speed will rr martin complete this story;-)

      • Neeru

        Truee…. Thats the case with every movie based on a novel.. They altr things.. Nd Its obvious ki every single detail can’t be adapted into the tv.. So books areee better.. πŸ™‚

    • harshal

      Freak( gaurav) ,me :)… am a huge fan of GoT, I read the 5 books, eagerly waiting for the 6th book. I even like the way the tv series is going on, and yeah, a huge “Jamie Lannister” fan, i want either him or tyrion on the throne(won’t happen though as they are good guys :P)

      • Neeru

        Tyrion.. Forever.. πŸ™‚
        Intelligent, totally cunning, and a pretty decent person (you know by Westeros standards) …
        and of course not to forget,, he is hilarious… πŸ˜€

      • D freakk (rimi lover)

        @harshal…finally we hav ppl here that are into GOT…U NEERU ME…:P i am also a lannister fan..cersei,jamie tyrion..:P i have a lot of spoilers if u wanna noe πŸ˜›

      • harshal

        I have read the books and hence spoilers don’t affect me :P,infact my favourite game is to give spoilers to my friends(who are GoT series fans) and see their reactions. Priceless!!! πŸ˜€ :D, although they beat me bad after that πŸ˜›

      • D freakk (rimi lover)

        hey do u noe..john snow khaleesi and tyrion ar relatives..:) john snow is son of lynna star stark.eddards sis..he told the world that he was his bastard son to protect him from robert…
        besides tyrion was not twyin son ..he was born of the bedding ritual between his mom and the targareyn king..:P khaleesi s dad..:P
        i found them pretty intersting..:)

      • D freakk (rimi lover)

        @neeru…tyrion is an amazing character…i also loved oberyn …:) though his death at the hands of mountain waas cruel..

      • harshal

        gaurav, yeah, that’s the ongoing rumor, saying jon is lyanna and rhaegar’s son, which might be true mostly, afterall all remember that line, Promise me, Ned and that lyanna-rhaegar history ;)….
        about Tyrion’s one, i doubt that one, as tyrion exhibits many qualities like his father Tywin( he is smart, good at strategies, and deep down, cares for family very much, like every lannister)
        But the best rumor of all for me is the one involving daenarys 3 dragons. We see that daenarys has some trouble controlling dragons, only drogon seems to be close to her. Well, we also know the legend saying every targaryen has his own dragon on the back of which he/she rides in battle. So, rumor has it, daenarys behind drogon, and rest 2 dragons will be controlled by Jon and aegon. Now i just imagine that scene happening on the show, daenarys, jon, aegon riding on their respective dragons for a final fight against white walkers… cool!!! gives me goosebumps always πŸ˜€

  41. guys imagine if the villains of bigg boss are put together in one season than what will happen…Imam,dolly bindra,raja chaudhry,kushal and armaan,gizelle etc….it will be fun watching them fight..And now think who will be the winner among them….

  42. Love mandy for her bravery.maybe she is selfish but she is the only 1 who stands against sukish & prince.unlike rochelle who changes her sides & statements according to situations.Kish jis tarike se mandy ko irritate kar rhi thi uspe to koi bhi normal insan dhakka marta.if u irritate sm1 to tht extent then definately koi na koi reaction ayenga.badme itna victim Mat bno.suyash ye jo gameme rehne ki koshish kar rhe ho vo bhot ganda tarika aman said earlier these boys hav no manners to talk to girls whether it is prince or suyash.shouting on woman is the sign of weakness.& abt flirting,rishab flirt jrur karta hai par vo ye bat manta bhi hai.unlike prince jo ladki ke sath love angle bnana to chahta hai par kisi ne use is bat pe kuch bolna nhi hai.Prince i dnt belive ki tum vo prince ho jo ladkiyo ke respect ke bareme bat karke andar aye the.kyuki kar tum bilkul ulta rhe ho.gizelle i hate u frm the bottom of my heart.smwhere i also feel ki roch doesnt want keith to stay bcoz ab vo ye sochti hai ki agar keith rha to vo weak rishab,mandy & keith.

  43. I only love to watch splits villa . Prince please leave big boss and return to splits villa . Boring boring in the house , boring boring big boss.

  44. II

    May be the new comers are using priyas already tarnished image for their convenience by saying priya created this fight that fight etc. She just appreciated rochs and norah saying they did well in the tasks. Gisel started the fight actually saying priya ur licking their ass. Priya is like a horse. If kicked at wrong point she wil ride uncontrollably.when priya said to gsle not to talk personel things to mandy then both gsle and mandy were against priya saying that she is playing a nasty game. If at all it is nasty then there is no need for mandy to go and ask gisle about it. I think priya is in a dire situation where even her blink of eher eye would be taken as dirty game. Even in morning mandy said to priya ur asking me to go and ask rishab to wash vessels so that we will get into fight. My god i pity priyas situation. Anyway mandy improved enormously.

    • II

      Ena dear i too support mandy this week. Even a 3 year old child will stand up for mandy as she was targeted unreasonably. I even want salman to stand up for her and bash all seriosly. I just wanted to say that priyas name was picked up here and there when the actual fight was btwn others.thats it. Had a hearty laugh when u said hum andhe hai kya. May be i became little blind due to little liking for priya. But swear i too criticise priya when she is damn wrong. This is time to support mandy. I very well know. May be my timing went wrong this time. Sorry yar. Cool down.

    • harshal

      Ena, II is right, he was not bashing mandy, he is just supporting priya.You just misunderstood his comment πŸ™‚
      To be honest, II, yesterday was the first time i did pity priya (i hate her for her nosy personality). She has become alone now and no one seems to trust her anymore. But this can be a blessing in disguise for her as she can now play solo game nicely and prove she is a strong player, just like mandy has. She just needs to tone down with the teaching and picking up social issues thing. But, if at this point she decides to join the so called COOL GROUP, it will be her worst decision in this game. Individual play is the way to go ….

      • II

        Thanku harshal for showing so much concern to my view point. Didnt expect this at all. Had a great sigh of relief.

  45. Tedd..Why me and freak will be the hosts..Can i and you or fatarajo be hosts..Freak will be fine too…What say..Btw who u will be the winner then

  46. Pragya

    @fatarajo I liked rimi though I felt she didn’t deserve to be on show coz she wasn’t like one. bt her presence had something magical sorta.

  47. Tedd..Why me and freak will be the hosts..Can i and you or fatarajo be hosts..Freak will be fine too…What say..Btw who u think will be the winner then

    • tedd

      Oki oki…we both along with fatarajo will be hosts…but i want to go inside and bash each and everyone…so i said that u all b hosts….?????

    • If I was the host I would always criticize Dolly Bindra, uff she is so loud, she came to Bachao once, her loud laughter forced me to change the channel.

  48. waqar

    kish bilkul akal se pedal he bhoot vale task meh dara k reaction lene k bajae mandy ko irritate kr rai he js se normle reaction hi aega..and mandy is playing very well πŸ™‚

    • Bigg boss Kush hai isliye luxury budget ki douran, hum Tedd aur freak Ko vijeta hote huwe, hum Tedd aur freak Ko captaincy ki Chunname khare ker rehe hai. Is task ke sanchalak honge Pari.

      • tedd

        God itne saare replies likhe…iss comment k liye..ek v axept nh hua..fir likhti hun…
        Bigg boss tedd is busy sleeping…she will not go unless u send her a basket full of dark chocolates……
        And captaincy k task main to main hi jitungi…freak ko woh swimming pool main dhakka de dungi

  49. If at all it is nasty then there is no need for mandy to go and ask gisle about it. I think priya is in a dire situation where even her blink of eher eye would be taken as dirty game. Even in morning mandy said to priya ur asking me to go and ask rishab to wash vessels so that we will get into fight. My god i pity priyas situation. Anyway mandy improved enormously.

  50. farhan

    Yaar kisi aur ne galti kari usko salman kahenge par mandana ko kuch nahi kaha, mandana jeetegi bigg boss scripted hain show pakka (salman does partiallity)

  51. Namira

    no salman is not partial…. it’s bcz u don’t lyk mandy u called sallu is being partial to her…. he is just a host not bb …if he had taken prince roschele or kishwar’s side thn also ppl said him biased…. so it’s doesn’t matter

  52. Khyati

    Salman is extramly partial,towards mandana.i dont know why i hate her and find her too cunning!i used to like salman but now the way he behaved with kish suyash keith and roch just because of that manipulative girl is forcing me to hate him.if mandana will win this show,i am sorry to say i will never see bigg boss again beside salman will atleast loose 1 of his fans..thats me for sure

  53. Namira

    I agree she is cunning bt see she is all alone fights wid everyone… I too agree dat she is rude n stubborn n maybe sometimes wrong bt she is playing without any strategy

  54. Life Rules

    Salman is not partial to mandana. He’s doing it fairly. earlier when mandana was sent to secret room and in that weekend episode ,salman blasted out at Mandy for her wrong doings. So just coz if u don’t like a person and sees salman fairly dealing with them, doesn’t mean he is biased.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.