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Bigg Boss 9 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
Muqabala song plays, inmates wake up and dance to song. Keith hugs Rishab.

Mandana says to Priya that i went in kitchen and saw dishes unwashed, i asked Priya whose work it was? she said Rishab, all know Priya starts shouting if anyone doesnt do his or her work, Priya says i am not in talking terms with Rishab, Mandana says you said that i should ask rishab to wash dishes, you wanted me to go and order so that we will have fight, as he would ask me who i am to order him? Priya says the thing was that i am not talking to him, i order everyone to do work, Mandana says your intention was not right with me. Prince says what about personal belonging that you have sent in store room? Priya says i have asked for it to give it back, Suyyash says to Priya that

you shouldnt have taken Prince’s things for m=one mistake as you didnt do it with others, Priya says when i asked Prince to come down and not sleep, it wasnt out of ego but i was fulfilling my duty, Mandana says when i was lying in net, you came and said that i am sleeping but i wasnt, Priya says i just came to check, they argue in high pitch, Keith jokes that my ears will blast, Kishwar laughs, Mandana starts leaving, Keith ask her if she has ear drops? his ears are aching.

Prince has lifted Nora on his back in pool, they both are enjoying in pool. Rochelle and Nora sit Prince’s both shoulders. Mandana and Rishab sees them, Mandana says to Rishab that Prince was saying Mandna and Rishab’s current status is something else, Rishab says what cant we even talk? he ask Prince whats the problem? Prince says i was just asking current status, Mandana says yes it is, and congrats for your new girlfriend(Nora), Nora laughs.

Bigg boss says to inmates that tho Ghost team won the task but since the margin was very less so Bigg boss is giving chance to both teams to choose their captain, both team should give one name as contender for captaincy. Priya says i think suyyash did nice in task, Kishwar and Kanwal agree, ghost team decide Suyyash’s name, Rochelle says Keith was very calm and played really well, Mandana says in last task, we didnt do household work but Keith handled this task really well alongwith house so i wanna give his name, Prince says Keith played so fair, i dont think he has any got any reason to be nominated by me, i wanna give his name too, Priya says Rochelle played well too, she plays well, Gizele says everyone plays well.

In garden, Nora tells Kishwar, Suyyash and Prince that she didnt like Mandana’s comment about me being Prince’s gf.
In lounge, Gizele says to Mandana that look at Nora, she ask if Nora did task nicely? Rishab says everyone did nicely, we will not talk about it, Priya says she was nice, Gizele says you want to be politically correct in everything, Priya says if i wanted to politically correct then i would have agreed with you, Gizele says you just wanna lick their(Rochelle and co) ass, Priya says you are not allowed to say this, for me i think i played very nicely, Gizele says i broke my leg in task, Priya says you got reason to show yourself great, Gizele says i dont wanna talk to you, you are fake, Priya says you are fake, Gizele says you just like to lick asses, Priya says i just said that Nora was nice in task doesnt mean i am licking her ass, Gizele says you lick Rochele’s ass too.
Prince says to Rochelle that these topics are going off track, why did Mandana taunt Nora? Rochelle says you commented on Mandana but why did she give it back to Nora? why she taunted her, Suyyash says Mandana doesnt think before saying, Kishwar says if anyone had teased her with someone else’s name then she would have made it a issue.
Priya says this is not ass licking, i am taking their side even when they are not here, Rochelle calls Priya, Priya goes. Gizele says finally she is called out.
Priya comes in garden and says Gizele is saying that i am ass licking and all.
Prince comes to Mandana and says dont bring me in anything, Rishab says she didnt do anything, Prince says when i was swimming with Nora, she called me his girlfriend, who are you to say this to me? who called you that she is my gf? she is my friend, Keith ask Prince to not shout, Mandana ask him to talk calmly, Rishab hugs Prince and ask him end this, Nora says who said that i am ass licking? Mandana takes Prince aside and says if you felt bad then i am sorry, if Nora had felt bad then she would have said it to me then and there only, but she was enjoying my comments then, i didnt say Nora is ass licking and all, it is Gizele who said it, Prince says i am miffed about comment you said in morning, Mandana hugs him to end matter.
Priya says to Gizele that you said people are ass licking, Rochelle says you are trying to say good people are one side and bad on other side, Gizele ask her to go and lick ass, she says to Priya that she is mad girl.

Mandana says to Nora that if you have any problem with me? if you are miffed with me then come to me directly, say it on my face, we will clear it but dont discuss it with others as they take it to their favor, what was Kishwar, Suyyash or Priya’s business in all this? Nora says i didnt like it when you called me Prince’s gf but i tried to take is sportingly but Priya came and put salt in all that, Mandana says you could have called me out for calling you gf of Prince right there and then, Nora says i was just being a sport but i didnt like it, Mandana says lets end matter, she hugs Nora and says sorry.

Nora says to Prince that why they say filthy words, Nora cries, Prince hugs her and says dont think about these inmates, whole india is watching you, inmates dont know our friendship, people will see our friendship, i will slap you if you cry now, you are going to be most liked inmate, i will save you in house even if i have to leave this house to keep you in house, now dont cry else i will slap, Nora hugs him and says i am not afraid of slap but love, Prince laughs.

Bigg boss ask inmates who are the contenders for captaincy they have chosen, Priya says its Suyyash and Keith. Kishwar reads task for captaincy. Keith and Suyyash will be tied by elastic rope and they have to run in opposite stretching rope, at other end there is buzzer placed, both have to touch the buzzer by running in opposite direction of rope tied to their bellies, there will be 3rounds in it, the one who will press buzzer for two times be winner and will become captain.

Keith and Suyyash are tied by ropes, they run in opposite directions to press buzzer, Keith wins two rounds consecutively, Kanwal says he has won, Bigg boss says Keith is new captain, all congratulate him.

Suyyash tells Mandana that Gizele said you are a divorcee, Mandana says i am not married so how come divorced? Suyyash says she told that there is marriage certificate of yours on internet, Mandana says its fake, Suyyash says she said that you married him to get visa of India and you make rich boyfriends to get work in industry, you give favors to get work, you are a characterless women and you lied about age too, Mandana says fine.

Mandana says to Gizele that its foolishness to talk about personal life in this house, my rumors on internet is different story, we have some past things between us and you dont need to tell this to people here, Gizele says i was not talking about divorce but inmates were asking about you so i told them, Mandana says you said about vanity issue i created on film set, i didnt make any issue, Gizele says you have ego issue, you didnt get vanity same as Aftab and you vanity was small so you stopped shooting, Mandana says its all wrong, i am very happy in small things of life.
Priya says Giselle is talking with Mandana, Rishab says its Gizele.

Priya ask Rishab if he wants to be in talking terms with her? Rishab says yes i love your ugly face, Priya says i didnt like jokes you were cracking on me, Rishab says if you felt bad then i am sorry but if you are trying to hurt me then it wont happen.

Task is given to inmates, task name is “policyBazaar”, Keith and Rishab will have to sell policy of other inmates, inmates will come to them one by one as customer and have to buy either policy of inmate offered by Keith or by Rishab.
Rishab says to Mandana that i wanna give you policy of Rishab, his policy is that he cares for everyone and shows it too. Keith says to Mandana that your quality is that you hide behind anyone and say things in face of a person without hesitation but this quality also lands you in problems so i wanna sell Priya’s policy to Mandana, her policy is to smile infront of inmates and play game behind their back, Mandana says i dont like Priya’s policy, i dont want it in life of in house, she takes Rishab’s policy. now its Priya’s turn, Rishab offers her Mandana’s policy, and says her policy is to play individually, you will smile and make others cry, Keith offers her Rochelle’s policy and says she add spunk to her talks which comes across as vibrant thing, Priya says Mandana’s policy is worst, she is selfish, ungrateful and hypocrite, she takes Rochelle’s policy. Now Rochelle’s turn, Keith offers her suyyash policy which is to play maturely, Rishab offers Keith’s policy who is like reality check for her that she is going off track, Rochelle’s chooses Suyyash’s policy and says Keith’s policy is for life but not for this house. Now Prince’s turn, Keith offers him Nora’s policy, he says Nora is gentle and plays task very gently, you will get softness in task as you are alleged for aggressive nature, Rishab offers Keith’s policy to Prince and says he is grounded, calm, this policy will be best for you. Prince says i am aggressive so Nora’s gentleness will be good. Keith has sell more policies so he has won. now Keith will have to do another task for inmates who have bought his policies, he has to walk on burning coals and will win 2lacs for inmates who bought his policy, Keith walks on it and wins 2lacs for inmates, all clap.

Suyyash says to Mandana that you are saying what happens in task is gone after task ends but there is line drawn in this house, if you think that you will hit Kishwar in task and then end it after task is not right, i might take action against you, Mandana says even Kishwar pushed me, what was that? Suyyash says you think you will get away with everything, she was reacting, Suyyash says to Mandana that if anyone tries to touch Kishwar then i can even kill him or her, Mandana says what are you saying? Are you threatening me? you can do nothing, Suyyash says to Mandana that just try to touch Kishwar, touch her now and then you will see what i do, i am threatening you openly, yes threatening you, Rishab ask Suyyash to move back, he stands inbetween Mandana and Suyyash, Kishwar comes and ask what happened? Mandana says he is getting angry on me, Kishwar says you hit me in task, Mandana i didnt, i just wanted to come out of situation as you were messing with my hairs, suyyash says how dare you hit her, suyyash ask Mandana to touch Kishwar, i will not do anything, Rochelle ask suyyash to calm doen, he sits, Rochelle says to Mandana that you are wrong, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, its not your matter, Rochelle says you are behaving like a guy is attacking and you are helpless, i am a girl too and i can stop suyyash if he crosses line, you try to make it look like Suyyash is abusing or threatening you, suyyash isnt wrong, Mandana says my problem is with Kishwar and Suyyash, you dont come inbetween it, Kishwar says Mandana you are a liar, Mandana says i dont wanna talk, she starts to leave, Rochelle says yes now you will walk away as you dont want to talk, you gave your point but will not listen to other, walk away, Suyyash tells her to get lost, Rochelle says bye, Kishwar dances and sings bye, bye i dont wanna listen to you too, you want everyone to listen to you but you will not listen to anyone, go from here, Suyyash says you should wear bullet proof jacket as we may start firing which you are trying to portray.

Mandana says to Prince that to save their own ass, they are getting angry on me. Gizele says toh Prince that you are aggressive with girls, Rishab says to Prince that we can talk in aggressive tone but not with girls, you have to understand this.
Kishwar says to Nora that Gizele and Mandana both are lying about each other.
Mandana says to Prince that i know Suyyash cant do anything, cant hurt me but if a guy attacks me like then what a single girl can do, she cries, i am not with any man here, Prince says you think we threaten you, Mandana says i said your heart is good but you act like goon, today too you attacked me, Prince says you were wrong, Mandana says i hugged you, but suyyash is very aggressive, he attacked Gizele too, he is threatening girls.

Prince says to inmates that Mandana was saying that she will get afraid sleeping in same room where Suyyash sleeps, i said that you said same thing for me, she then said that i didnt hit Kishwar, i didnt push her in task, even if Salman ask me on weekend, i wont say sorry to her as i didnt do any mistake, i told her that lets not agree to you or Kishwar, we will ask Salman sir to decide if you pushed Kishwar or not, Keith says she is very smart, she is playing game, inmates decide to not give attention to Mandana.
(P.S-I really miss Rimi in all these shouting matches, she was my personal favorite, I would be exhausted writing about fights done in so high tones and then camera would pan to her smiling face in all that mess which would make me smile too 🙂 )

PRECAP- Salman will take class of inmates. Nagin(Mouni roy aka Shivanya from Nagin show) will enter house on weekend. Later Mandana says to Kanwal and Gizele that i feel Rochelle wants Keith to leave house, Gizele says she can go to any length to win this game, Kanwal says i feel like she will ditch Keith after winning show, Mandana says boy(Keith) is nice but with wrong girl(Rochelle).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hahahaha…agar ek fan lose hogatoh 10 fans banenge…jese ki mein….

  2. I agree she is cunning bt see she is all alone fights wid everyone… I too agree dat she is rude n stubborn n maybe sometimes wrong bt she is playing without any strategy

  3. Salman is not partial to mandana. He’s doing it fairly. earlier when mandana was sent to secret room and in that weekend episode ,salman blasted out at Mandy for her wrong doings. So just coz if u don’t like a person and sees salman fairly dealing with them, doesn’t mean he is biased.

  4. Diwale or bajirao mastani?

    1. Dilwale , for one and only SRK. I also like SRK-Kajol jodi

  5. Anyone watched Quantico??

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      @pragya..i watched it..its a cool tv series..i liked it

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