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Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 30
Song plays, inmates wake up and dance together.

Rishab says to Aman and Digi that equations are changing in house day by day, non one is yours here, you should not be too nice to people, you should speak for yourself, for Prince you are not competition, it is Suyyash but he nominated you, you shouldnt have smiled at him, why nominated you? Digi says i knew he wont nominate Suyyash as he is his friend, Rishab says but dont become part of group, show your individuality.

Bigg boss gives luxury task to inmates, task name is “highway”, there are two teams in task.
TEAM A- Rishab, Rochelle, Mandana, Aman and Digi.
TEAM B- Suyyash, Kishwar, Prince, Puneet and Rimi.

Team B will sit on rickshaw and will have

to move peddle/wheel all the time while Team A will try to put them down from rickshaw without using violence, Rickshaw will go in 4 different cities, there will sub-tasks inbetween main highway task, these will be in activity area and will happen time to time. Both teams will fight in sub-tasks, if Team A wins then they can choose one person from team B and he will have to leave rickshaw and task, he will be excluded from task, if team B wins then they can bring their excluded person again on rickshaw. This task will have affect on captaincy and nominations, the one who is excluded from task, his pciture should be put on photoboard placed in garden area.
Kishwar and her team sit on rickshaw. digi is taking powder from kitchen to throw at opposite team. Team A starts throwing different powders, tea etc on Team B.
Kishwar says we wont leave rickshaw soon, Prince says you people try to throw us down, lets see if you can, Prince ask Rochelle to not touch, Rochelle says i didnt do anything, Prince says if you cheat with me then i will teach to you, if i do cheating then i am bad but if you do it then its fine.

Mandana says to Kishwar’s team that shame on you people, you are afraid of only one person. Rishab says to Mandana that they are trying to irritate us with their shouting but dont gt irritated. Puneet says that these girls have made Aman Varma a villain, all laughs. Mandana brings oil to throw at Kishwar, Kishwar says please oil my hairs, thank you for bringing it, Mandana has brought Kishwar’s cloth. Kishwar says when someone touch your blanket then you dont like it right? now we will destroy her blanket, Mandana says that is not part of task, Prince says that will be our group task, if you can do anything then we can too.

Mandana says to her inmates that we have to stop their rickshaw, they should not move peddle, Digi ask Aman to stop wheel movement.
Aman comes to Rickshaw and try to put umbrella in wheel, Prince starts moving peddle with speed so Aman is not able to put umbrella in wheel, Kishwar says they are destroying umbrella which is property of house, Prince says they dont know that peddle should keep moving even if wheel is stopped, Aman says wheel is stopped, Prince and Suyyash shout and says tell bigg boss that you did something. Rochelle says dont shout, Puneet says first set your hindi straight.

Bigg boss calls Rishab in confession room, Kishwar says love you bigg boss.
In confession room, Bigg boss says to Rishab that you should not destroy house’s property, Rishab nods.
Rishab comes and tell this to his team.

Rochelle brings other things in bucket to throw at Suyyash but Suyyash snatches it from her, Kishwar ask Rochelle to complain to bigg boss in her broken english, Rochelle says to Suyyash that i didnt touch you, Kishwar says if i do it then its fine, Suyyash throws food on Rochelle’s face, he says you are doing it so i can do it too.

Rishab says Kishwar Marchantt should be in navy, Kishwar says i will tell you later where i should be. Aman is trying to stop peddle, he is hitting peddle with iron rod while Prince is moving peddle, Kishwar and Suyyash says if Aman hits Prince’s feet then i will beat him too, Rishab says he is not hitting him, Aman ask Prince to hit him, Prince says you have so much heat in you, bring it on, Prince says to Rishab that if Aman hits me then i will not leave him, Aman says i am not hitting you, i am breaking peddle, Kishwar says you are breaking bigg boss’s property, we will not leave task.
Digi ask Mandana to mix salt in Haldi, Mandana says Haldi alone will work, i will put it on their face.
Kishwar says they are wasting Haldi, Puneet says lets see what she can do with Haldi, Mandana says you said some dialogues like hero when you came in house but even Salman said that you are a wanna be only and you call yourself famous person? Puneet says i was doing rehearsal for 18years, after big boss i will start my career. Puneet says to Rishab that Haldi is not used in foreign food so Mandana is wasting it but we Indians use it in our food, Rochelle says dont bring language, region or countries in this house, Puneet says i talked about food not nationality of anyone.

Buzzer plays, all come in activity area. Bigg boss gives them sub-task, in this task, both teams have to pass dead fishes from one bucket to another bucket which are placed at distance from each other. Team-members will stand in line and will pass fishes by holding them in mouth and not using hands, one inmate will take fish from other inmate’s mouth and will pass to other, Digi will be supervisor of team A while Rimi will be supervisor of team B. both teams start moving fishes from one’s mouth to another mouth. Mandana’s team wins as they pass all the fishes. Bigg boss says as team A won so they have right to throw one inmate out of this task, he will not be part of task anymore, Aman says we want Prince to retire from task, Bigg boss says Prince will not take part in task anymore, Prince says i will take parr more now.

Prince steals some fruits and Mandana’s clothes, he gives her clothes to Kishwar, Aman says you cant do anything, Kishwar says this is task and we can do anything, Prince says i will do what i want, i cant be part of game but i can support my team, Rishab says you cant bring things of inmates, Kishwar says she also used my things in task, she brought my clothes, Rochelle and Mandana tries to take clothes from Kishwar, Kishwar says i will tore it, ask her to stay away, Kishwar says Mandana is touching me, tell her to not do that else it will be against rules. Aman ask Prince to not involve in task, Prince says they will disqualify me or my team so what? i will keep helping them, Prince ask his team mates that if you want to eat something then tell me, i will bring it, Kishwar reads in rule book that excluded player can support team. Prince brings Mandana’s more clothes and gives it to Kishwar.

Mandana says Prince has given my all things to Kishwar, i cant play task like this.
Rishab says to Team A dont throw food in garden area, Kishwar tries to answer but Suyyash shouts at her that let me talk, Suyyash says your team also throwing garbage here.
Prince lies on Mandana’s bed, Mandana comes and ask him to play like Man, Mandana closes her bag and takes it with her to garden area so Prince cant take more things, Kishwar wipes her hands with Mandana’s clothes and says i will clean my face and hairs with it too, Mandana says keep doing it, Puneet says as you sow shall you reap in bigg boss house Mandana.

Buzzer plays, all inmates rush towards activity area but Kishwar goes towards as she wanna use it, Mandana and Rochelle stand on washroom’s door to not allow team B to use it, Kishwar says let me go in else i will do susu in my pants only, i am very shameless, you people dont know me, Mandana says do what you want, Kishwar says i dont need your permission, Suyyash says you promised to let us go in washroom, Mandana and Rochelle leaves washroom, Kishwar goes to use it.
Buzzer plays, All come in activity area. the sub-task is that both teams have to eat dhoklas(sweets). Mandana and Suyyash starts eating it, the one who will eat more will win, Prince hoot for Suyyash. Mandana and Suyyash are eating slowly, Mandana pukes, Rochelle cheer for Mandana, Mandana give up task in end, Suyyash wins task. Bigg boss says team B won so now all their team-mates will remain in task except Prince, he will remain excluded.
All inmates come garden area to sit on Rickshaw, Rochelle tries to stop Puneet from sitting on rickshaw, Puneet runs and sit on rickshaw. she says he is out as he couldnt sit when buzzer was playing.

Bigg boss ask Kishwar who sat on rickshaw while buzzer was playing? Kishwar says all sat on rickshaw but Puneet was stopped by other inmates, Bigg boss says when buzzer plays, all inmates of team B have to sit on rickshaw and starts moving peddle as Puneet couldnt sit on rickshaw when buzzer played so he is excluded from task too.

Rishab says to Digi and Mandana that Rimi is playing very clever game, she is sitting on Rickshaw calmly, Mandana says Rimi is playing hiding behind others, she is very strong even stronger than Kishwar, Prince is dumb not strong.

Rishab says to Rimi that you passed 4weeks sitting calmly, Rimi laughs and says i am paid audience here, i keep giving advises to everyone, Rishab says but your impression is not good outside, you are not showing your opinion, your expression, anything, Rimi says i am like this only in real life, Rishab says liar, she says no, i am expressionless in real life, you did so much with me in this task yet i didnt react, you threw tea on me etc but i am like this, i dont have expression except laughing and silent expression, i give expression when i am acting only.

buzzer plays. All come in activity area for sub-task. There will Kabaddi competition between two teams, two players from both teams will take part in it, there will be three rounds of Kabaddi. from Team A, Rishab and Aman are chosen, from team B, Prince and Suyyash are chosen. Kabaddi starts, Suyyash chants Kabaddi.. Kabaddi while Rishab and Aman have to catch him when he enters their boundary but Rishab holds him in Suyyash’s territory only so Team B wins first round. Second round starts, Suyyash catches Aman in his own territory so he wins round 2 too, so Team B wins the task.

Mandana says i want to wash my clothes, Suyyash says i am telling you seriously, we will help you to wash it, Mandana shows her T-shirt and says its destroyed completely, Kishwwar says you started this, you brought my clothes here, Mandana says but i didnt destroy your clothes.
Mandana says to Rochelle that it seems like Rishab is not with us, Rochelle says he is not giving any idea, also he is not doing things against them, Mandana says even Aman has not given any idea, we both planned all the things today, Rochelle atleast he did umbrella thing, Mandana says they are not giving ideas.
Digi says to Rishab that i wish i had played that Kabaddi task, i could have done it, Rishab says it was my fault, it was small task, i could have won, Digi says no you did well.

Bigg boss says that Team B has three players on rickshaw and have crossed all cities so now they can leave Rickshaw and should not hamper with it, Suyyash says no we wont even sit in rickshaw in life now, all laughs, Kishwar says to Rimi that lets leave this rickshaw, you are my friend, lets have coffee.

Mandana says to Digi that you have young mind and can be controlled easily, you were not doing task, you were taking their side, i dont know if its your game or not, maybe you behave this way to keep peace in house or you like to be controlled by elders, Digi ask when did you feel i was biased towards them? Mandana says all you did was to bring food for us and did nothing, Aman says to Digi that you become soft on others, you need to be careful.

PRECAP- Tomorrow Team A will sit and move Rickshaw, Team B starts throwing powders on them, Digi coughs, Aman supports her. Prince tries to throw something at Mandana, Mandana says dont touch and kicks him back, Prince and Kishwar shouts that Mandana has kicked which is not allowed. Kishwar comes in confession room and says if still no action is taken against Mandana then i dont want to live in this house, she gets emotional and cries, she comes out and throws her mike away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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