Bigg Boss 9 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 60
Inmates wake up to song and dance.

suyyash says to Rochelle that i saw Prince saying to Nora that you are very beautiful and it feels like a moon has come down in Bigg boss house, they are trying to show love angle, Prince did same with Yuvika and it proves that he is doing romance for game only, Rochelle says I feel Nora likes Prince in real.
Mandana says to Prince that whatever happens in task remains in task only, no one needs to drag that fight after task, Giselle says Priya called out to me that I am getting personal when I remarked on your career but she doesn’t know that we know each other from much time, it wasn’t personal, Priya comes and says when I feel something is wrong then I will say it on face, I thought you are

getting personal, Giselle says it was between me and Mandana, Priya says you said that Mandana got work in Bollywood due to her boyfriend, I thought it was wrong and I took stand, Giselle says it was personal talk between me and Mandana, Mandans doesn’t have problem with that comment but Priya, this is Priya is mad women.
Giselle says to Mandana that we should not give chance to Priya, she is playing very nastily, Mandana says Rishab and me are example, Rishab forwarded his hand for friendship and I like him too that he is good guy but when Priya, Priya tried to manipulate Rishab, she would eat, work and do everything with Rishab, Giselle says her strategy is like this, to manipulate others, she has become heroine outside house.
The next part of “ghost house task” is about skeletons, human team have to grabs skeletons hanging in garden area and have to throw it in pool while ghost team without touching skeletons have to protect skeletons, Keith will give points to team from 3 to 5 points.
Bigg boss ask Keith how many points he wants to give from 3 to 5 to ghost team seeing their performance yesterday? Keith says I will give them 4points, if they had put more efforts then I would have given them 5points, Bigg boss says as Keith have given them 4points then human team will have to destroy 4skeletons to win this task.
Buzzer plays, ghosts protect skeletons while human team make strategy to grab skeletons from them.
Prince says to Suyyash that you cant touch skeletons, Suyyash says I was just setting skeleton, Keith sets skeleton right, human team get one skeleton, they run and throw it in pool. Mandana takes one skeleton and run to throw it in pool but ghost team stops her, skeleton breaks, Keith says to ghost team that you cant touch skeletons while they are hanging, Prince shouts and says ****, ****. He says we have taken 3skeletons, Kishwar says third skeleton’s half bones are with me, you didn’t take whole skeleton.
Mandana says to Prince that listen to me, he doesn’t and says this is all happening because of you, Mandana leaves being angry.

Keith says to ghost team that they have taken 2 skeletons from you, 3rd is not confirmed, Kishwar says they have put half skeleton in pool, while we have some bones of it with us, Prince says we accepted decision of yesterday in your favor too. Keith says two bones of skeleton are remaining, if they throw it in pool then I will count it.

Priya says to his team that handle Prince. Prince tries to grab skeleton but breaks bone. He argues with Suyyash. Giselle says don’t push each other, Suyyash have one bone of broken skeleton, Prince ask him to join skeleton bones and hang it again, Suyyash says I wont these parts are with me, I will not give it. Prince says to Keith that I was pushed and skeleton got broken, he was pushing Nora too. Keith says if the are hiding bones of skeleton then grab it from them.
Nora says three four people were pushing me, they attacked me, I don’t know who were them, Giselle tells her to not lie, I was with Rochelle, Nora says Kanwal pushed me, Giselle says Kanwal doesn’t even know what are you saying, Priya says if Nora thinks Suyyash pushed her then she should have taken stand then only, Kishwar says first she was saying Suyyash pushed her then saying Kanwal pushed her and now saying she didn’t see faces. Giselle says you Nora that 2 3 peope pushed but you didn’t see face of anyone? Giselle says Nora you are too sweet to argue with you, Nora tries to argue but Giselle says you are looking funny, sit down.
Rochelle says ghost team have hidden bones, we cant see it so how will we snatch it? Rochelle says to Keith that if they are not listening to you then we will not listen to you too, Kishwar then win by cheating, she says to Keith that you gave benefit of doubt to them earlier too, you are biased, Keith says I am trying to be fair as much as I can, Suyyash says we tried hard to protect skeleton, Kishwar says they can take parts but not whole skeleton in one go, Keith says but guys are hiding parts in your shirt, Giselle says this is your strategy, Kishwar says this is wrong, Prince says we didn’t do anything wrong, he says to Keith that you can announce that no one should be physical. Keith says to Priya that I am trying to be fair, they are saying that they will give up task.
Rochelle says to Keith that game stopped because three people were physical, Keith says game stopped due to skeleton breaking, Prince says to Keith that they are not listening to your announcement, ask Bigg boss what you can do.

Rishab takes one skeleton and is about to throw it in swimming pool, Keith and Rochelle comes and says game is stopped, Rochelle says this will be called cheating, Prince ask him to understand this will give them negative point.

Bigg boss says to inmates that there is less time oleft in ghost house task. Keith says to inmates that we have to do tasks, human team have to put all 4 skeletons in pool in any form, if they do it then they will win otherwise ghost team will win, all agree, he ask them to go and continue plays.
Inmates come in garden area, Rishab takes skeleton and runs to throw it in pool, suyyash tries to stop them, human team fights with him, Suyyash says to keith that they are getting physical, I am trying to save bone but Rishab and Prince cant attack me like this.
Prince stand near skeletons, Kishwar ask Giselle to keep an eye on Rishab. Prince and Rishab grabs one skeleton and runs from Kishwar, Kishwar runs behind them, Rochelle gets skeleton, Giselle gets physical with Rochelle, Keith ask Giselle to not get physical, Giselle get pain in body, she cries, Keith calls for medical help, Bigg boss says except Mandana and Kishwar, all should come in lounge.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that Giselle jumped at me, why she is doing all this? Suyyash says she did right if you see from her point of view.
Kanwal says Giselle’s leg got twisted, it isn’t anyone’s mistake, she turned around and her leg got twisted. Giselle’s leg is bandaged, Prince lifts her and takes her to bedroom.
Bigg boss says “ghost house task” is completed, he ask Keith to announce his judgement, Keith goes to check number of skeletons in pool, Rochelle says why he is couting bones in pool, he can simply see how many are still remaining and hanging. Prince says you all shouted about physical physical so I was cautious, Kishwar says you were still physical.
Keith comes in lounge and says the difference of bones is just 1bone between both teams, he announce that Ghost team has won due to one bone less than Human team, Bigg boss says okay. Mandana says to her team that I had one bone extra but I was eating when I got that bone so I didn’t throw it in pool, I asked if I should throw it? He says I can throw it later in pool, I still have that bone with me, Keith says game was stopped that time but then later you should have thrown in pool, Prince says we lost due that bone only.
Kishwar ask Giselle about that bone, Giselle says I had that bone, when my leg twisted, I gave that bone to Mandana and ask her to no cheat, Kishwar says now she is blaming her team that they didn’t allow her to throw in pool.
Mandana tries to explain things to Rochelle, she says Prine.. Prince comes there and says don’t take my name in all this, don’t drag him, Mandana ask him to not shout, he says you cant play fairly.

Rochelle says to Mandana that when we are together in team then I will play alone, Mandana says I cant play like Rochelle and you cant play like Mandana, Mandana leaves. Giselle says to Rochelle that if Mandana had put that bone in pool then it would have been cheating as I gave that bone to her, why are you blaming her? Rochelle says why are you coming in all this? Keith comes there and says why are you fighting with her, Giselle says don’t take your boufriend’s side, she is torturing me by shouting, Keith says till lights are not switched off, anyone can talk or shout in room, Giselle says I am ill and her shouting is making me mad, Suyyash says its her call if she wanna shout or not. Kishwar says to Giselle that you were wrong too, you were going behind everyone and pushing everyone in task so you can get bone back, it was not right and one bone got broken too due to this, Giselle says to the fact is that you people won because of me only, I worked most hard in task and my leg got twisted too, when my leg got twisted, I was giving bone to you but you didn’t take it so I had to give it to Mandana, Kishwar says I knew you would try to take credit, Suyyash says she just want footage, Giselle says you are taking footage too, Suyyash says I am taking from day one. Priya says I took care of Giselle after her leg twisted, Giselle says thanks for that, Priya says your thanks is fake too.

PRECAP- Mandana taunts Prince that I am happy you have got new girlfriend(Nora), Prince gets angry on Mandana and shouts that who gave you right to talk about my gf? Who are you to say all this, who the hell are you? Later Prince wipes Nora’s tears and says I will protect you in this house from all and I can even nominate myself to protect you, Nora hugs him and thanks him. Later there will be task between Keith and Suyyash for captaincy.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru

    To start with ,, I just saw the promo where srk nd salman are coming together.. Bb weekend,, 19th nd 20th..
    ” Mere karan -arjun aayenge”
    Waah… Loved it…

    Now the episode…
    What a mess it was…

    – why wud mandy go alone and start pulling the skeleton, vn the whole team is just discussing the strategy. ? Gal its a team task.. You need to learn team spirit… Suyyash nd kish took that as a cue nd placed all other bones inside their dress.. The game was spoiled ryt from there..

    – kieth is trying to be fair nd asking suyyash to gv back the bones but he says no.. Kieth is the sanchalak for godsake… You hv to listen to him.. Game goes worse..

    – Prince you shud try to keep your points without shouting.. But i don’t know how you’ll make others listen to you without shouting coz everyone else is shouting too 😀 But for once try.. Myt work.. BTW you were really fair.. Gave bck the bones to the othr team vn you felt its wrong nd stood for your team vn you felt others wer wrong.. Cool..

    – Mandy says she had the bone with her… And said she din throw it coz prince wasn’t listening to her.. Like really. ? How dumb can you get. ? You din throw it into pool bcoz rishab din come bck to take it frm you ? God save her… Now Later gizele reveals that she gave mandy that bone to keep vn the game was called off.. Mandy ,, if gizele gv the bone to you vn docs vr checking her out, then that doesn’t mean you had it for yourself.. It wasn’t meant to be thrown to pool coz that wud hv been unfair..
    So firstly you din hv the bone so stop blaming rishab nd prince.. nd now in a different scenario evn if you had it, as rochs correctly pointed out , you shud hv thrown it yourself.. Period..

    – Gizele.. Her leg got dislocated.. My sympathies.. But She is so irritating.. She says the team won coz of her.. Lol.. She says roch is torturing her with loud voice.. Lol again.. Suyyash stands up for roch, then she says i dont wanna fyt nymore i got the footage.. 😀 dumb..

    • harshal

      actually neeru, she said she asked prince, rishab and keith if she can throw it and they said the game was paused due to injury, later she went to have dinner and i guess all forgot 😛 … anyways, it would have looked bad as fat lips trusted mandy with that bone(when kish refused her). Misunderstandings were high and communications were confusing today i guess
      Also. i think you also got confused in this episode like me, fat lips didn’t say she got footage, suyyash said she was just taking footage

      • harshal

        Also, I warned you, didn’t I? Prince is doing the foolish thing of trusting that nora girl(who is clearly just using him) way too much, I mean c’mon, he agreed to even nominate himself to save her -_- …. Play alone(yeah, tp romance is fine) and he has potential to win, if he does that, he will get in trouble soon(just when i started to like him :/ )

      • Neeru

        But harshal ,, Thatss what i don’t understand… Why raise an issue abt the bone nd bring prince, rishab nd kieth into the scenario if the bone was not meant to be thrown ?
        Mistake 1 – Kieth declares the ghost team as winners nd says only a thigh bone was left.. Suddenly mandy comes in an says – “oh i had it.. ” totally unwanted coz she nd gizele knew how she came hold of it..
        Mistake 2 – Everyone ask why din you throw it .. She gives reasons- “rishab, prince nd kieth or whatevr..” Whyy.. ?She shud hv just said ki gizele gave it to me.. Matter over.. no one wud hv questioned her further…
        Why even create that issue?? Nd din clear it until kish went nd checked with gizele…

        Well As for gizele you are ryt.. she said everything is recorded by bb,,, suyyash says You got footage,, she says even you got footage.. nd so on.. My mistake.. 🙂

        Prince.. I dont know.. i hv stopped jumping into conclusions by seeing only the precap.. These bb ppl sometimes make a fool of us.. -_-
        But i agree with you.. He shud play carefully… Well actually i doubt he really meant that statement… I wud like to see him nominating himself for nora.. Just dialogues i guess ,, for a lil romance nd some cozzy intimate moments.. :p
        If not ,, then he is the most stupid person nd shud better go out nd watch how nora plays nd learn something .. 😀

      • harshal

        Neeru, agreed, and hence, unlike others, I never said anything harsh about prince being loud today against mandy, which i feel was quite a justified reaction from prince(in both cases, earlier in task and after the task). I do infact blame mandy somewhat for today, but most of the blame i give to just misunderstanding some parts of the game.
        Although, I strongly felt that humans never had a chance to win this task as even their first part(ignoring ghost) was tough as well as the second part(as sukish decided to hide some parts of bones in their clothes, hence, even if they tried to retrieve it, it would have looked physical and ghosts would definitely have cried foul). It wasn’t until the very end that we saw the ghosts actually giving out the lost bones, but it was way too late by then. Infact, Rishab,Roch, Mandy,Nora & Prince had given up the task midway, knowing full well that if sukish kept those bones hidden in clothes, they had no chance.
        Side note, fun thing was watching Priya judging and deciding the score of bhoots in first task herself and telling keith to give them that much :p , I mean Keith is a great guy and very nice person, but he does need to decide things himself and not get influenced by others. He is going to be the new captain for sure, and i just hope he doesn’t become puppet of roch and priya in that.

      • Neeru

        😀 funny..
        Yeah.. Priya to kieth – 3 dhoge tho hume unfair lagega.. 5 dhoge to unhe unfair lagega.. So muje lagtha hai ki 4 wud be fyn..
        Like seriously ? Who is she ?? Why does she hv to hv a say in everything…

    • tedd

      Bigg boss 9 is a chaos….
      I don’t understand why Priya has to become mother India in every situation…can’t anyone have their personal talks…??
      Mandana saying prince about his Gf…(kudos to u gal)…itz ok for prince having a soft corner for Nora, coz Yuvika didn’t give him a chance…BUT ITZ CLEAR THAT THERE IS A LOVE ANGLE GOING TRYING TO BE CREATED….
      Giselle is so irritating…kish said the ryt thing about her, going around and pushing everyone, aise karne main khud ka hi ankle twist ho gaya….
      Prinve needn’t shout at everyone in task…due to this no one will be able to hear him..hez all about TASK TASK TASK ….he actly is fit for physical tasks, not these mind game ones..and sometimes I feel he doesn’t have brain…..

    • tedd

      Nora ko aye do din v nhi hua…prince is all after him, it clearly luks as an effort to create a luv angle by Nora, and she is clearing playing with Prince’s heart and mind…(don’t know if prince’s feeling is genuine or not) …. Prince has always remain confused ( this is what I find from his facial expressions, even in splitsvilla..NO OFFENSE TO PRINCE’S FANS) manipulating him is easy, and this is what Nora is doing

    • Sahil

      The problem was with mandy she couldn’t explain anyone that she couldn’t throw that bone herself caz she was in promise.

      • tedd

        Mandy tried to touch her nose bringing her hand from back…samne se v to chun sakti thi….like cud have directly said about gooose….yes neeru..tasks either are quitted or get dirty…
        And if Prince really nominates himself for Nora, then he will be an Emotional fool…

    • D freakk

      Smone in bb9 house.- “prince”
      Prince- kya prince prince prince lga rakha tumhari prblm kya h..m prince hu prince..or mujhe koi kuch ni keh skta me…mujhe koi rok ni payega…ab dikhat hu m prince kaun h….ab tum rok k dikhao mujhe…
      Smone àgain- bhai khane khane k liye bula rha tha m toh

    • I completely agree with u Neeru. Even I m excited for the weekend episodes. Who is ur fav contestant currently? In terms of this week and today’s episode for me it is Keith.

      • Neeru

        @fatarajo – Dear Theres no one ultimate fav for me this season…
        my list of finalists “as of now” wud be kieth,, prince,, mandy and kish…

        I liked Kieth nd his return was much awaited.. But aftr returning i felt he is overshadowed by rochs.. But he was good this week .. Calm nd gentle nd i hope he comes bck strong..

        Prince is loud nd weak in mind games but somewhere is genuine… pretty strong personality nd one of the few who make thier presence felt every single day..

        Mandy is self centered,,selfish nd stubborn. . But she is really strong.. The only person who hv played al alone frm the very first.. Doesn’t need a frnd and isn’t afraid of Speaking her mind..

        Kish,, myt be loud nd a lil disgusting but is the strongest among the lot.. Mentally nd physically strong,, hv this don’t gv a damn attitude…

        Priya or rochs may take the 5th spot..
        Tell me your opinion… Your top 5 list ?

      • Big9

        I liked prince and mandana frm beginning… but now am not sure abt prince winning coz he is not understanding d scenario of the game I feel… and gets manipulated easily…
        & abt his love life… it’s his personal choice….no comments on dt…
        Mandana like u said is very strong, if not physically but mentally she is…
        So no idea abt d winner..

      • Neeru

        @big9 yea.. Itss so much confusing ryt… No sure shot winner till now…. Well lets hope someone myt come up as the best in the coming days… 🙂

      • Neeru

        @big9… Thanx dear.. .that was sweet of you to say that… 🙂 lemme know your opinions too.. Abt the episodes. .. Wud love to know it.. 🙂

      • harshal

        Thanks 🙂 ….Most people here are sensible, and think before writing comments and hence don’t just blabber nonsense. You all keep arguments very clean, and there’s no dirty arguing here. That’s why i like coming here and commenting.
        Also, let me know if you have any favourite contestant as of now 🙂

      • tedd

        Yeah hatshal…kuch hi log hain jo sensible hain and they think before writng…but yaad nh aa raha hai…ek din ka episode tha (probably day before ystrday) comments crossed 182 and people at the end started abusing each other…that was bad…after all itz a show, dont need to b hyper…khud ka hi bp badhta hai

      • tedd

        Yeah harshal…kuch hi log hain jo sensible hain and they think before writng…but yaad nh aa raha hai…ek din ka episode tha (probably day before ystrday) comments crossed 182 and people at the end started abusing each other…that was bad…after all itz a show, dont need to b hyper…khud ka hi bp badhta hai

      • @neeru at least one thing in BB9 is better than Bb8 that the winner is unpredictable wheras at BB8, it was quite predictable
        @ Tedd the only reason why I used to be a silent reader is because when one disagree with one another and start to abuse which is why I don’t used to comment. Even in some pages in fb I want to comment but I can’t as people abuse one another

      • Neeru

        @fatarajo aka joyeee… 🙂 well yea,,, thats another way of looking at it…. Nd btw ,, frm now on i am calling you joyee.. !! 😉

    • Sahil

      ??? na na …. joru ka gulam nai . Joru k lye bukha . Lol
      First yuvika 2nd nora . Even sallu guessed if rosh came alone he won’t let her stay alone ..

    • Ritika

      That’s what…Agreed….Always influenced by someone or the other and khud hi jata hai influence hone, aisa bhi nahi koi aake use influence krta ho!

    • harshal

      her knee joint was dislocated i think as per the conversation i heard among inmates, so that part was not acting. Other parts…well, we all know that she is irritating

    • I read somewhere that Gizelle had to go out of the Bb house to get her x-ray done don’t know if it’s true. Bechari it’s barely been a week and she’s already like that. But I still don’t like Gizelle at all

  2. The flash

    Common prince..chill dude..i mean wtf happens wen u r in a task…just dont tear apart ur vocal cords shouting…:-D u cn smtimes calmly talk ur way out…..gieselle..shitt..dont noe if i shud say this..she appears to me a brazzzers indian version 2.0..:-D

      • harshal

        Freakk, haha, she does gives those feels 😛 …but leaving her fat lips aside, if we keep a napkin on her face and just look at her body…damn, she is hot. Just for fun, look at her b**ty in the scene where priya is explaining keith to give them 4 marks and she comes inside 😛

  3. D freakk

    Priya…smthings wrong wid mother india..she has a issue wid everything and everyone…example if risabh mocks kanwal and say u luking fat..priya- yr aise mt bolo..bahut mote log ye show dekhte h..they will get hurt…unhe bura lgega ..seriously..??? Mtlb seriously…common yr

      • tedd

        Study time for THE GREAT FREAK…….neeru…..he is upset coz rimi is out, the great freak wanted to marry her na… hez feling lonely..????

      • D freakk

        @neeru…was a lil busy wid xams..:) yr u were right abt prince…he has two tones …wen he is in a task he ll shout so much that u cant make out vo kya bol rha h..n the other when he s nt in a task..he ll speak so softly even then u cant make out..kya bola isne…:-D
        @ teddy…haan yr..rimi kitni cute thi…socho if she has been in the bhoot bangla task..:-D m aise he hu..m ni lad skti bhooto se..

      • Neeru

        Yeah examzz.. How was it.. ?
        Even tedd was busyy with examz for few days….
        I Am glad you guys are back.. missed you both…. 🙂

        Yeah tedd , i shud hv noticed that freak went missing just after rimi got evicted.. :p poor freeak…

      • tedd

        Missed u too neeru….exams are like bhoot bangla in my life..scariest…..m happy to come back and interact with u guys….and read all these hilarious comments……???
        POOR FREAK…….

    • Ritika

      HAHAHAHA BEST COMMENT TILL DATE…HILLARIOUS 😀 Priya, Kishwar and Mandana- all are annoying but yes, without them there is nothing in BB9 🙂 Prince, hez very confused and has no brain of his own….Abhi tak toh yehi laga…could have emerged as a strong contestant if he had a mind/brain to play mind-games…bas knbhi kishwar, toh kbhi yuvika, ab nora…kisi na kisi ke influence mein rehta hai! :/

    • Ritika

      Even I mss rimi and her nautanki….all the girls in the house are now b*t*hes and d guys r morons! kanwal ji toh hai hi kyun pata nhi, :/

      • Among all the evicted contestants, I m missing Rimi the most. I don’t want her to come back to the house as she wanted to go back to her house.
        I miss her one liners. And the guts she had to scold/insult BB.
        She was even funnier than Kish.

      • tedd

        Ha ha rimi lovers……in sab k bich main atlst rimi ka naam to nikla…nahin to kuch dino se, inhi ko leke jhagda tha

      • tedd

        O priya o priya priya…tumsa nahin koi priya…….till date she is the most jumpiest inmate of bb9…. Jaise sara kuch social service to inhiko karna hai…

      • D freakk

        Yeaahh..she was soo cool…:-D no dumb arguments…aneways i was wondering frm a long time..what does fatarjo means??

      • tedd

        Thanks @fatarajo…yeah I also want to know the secret behind this name…tell us…..

        These are all frustrations..and i love being sarcastic sometimes…

  4. harshal

    Is it just me or was tonight’s episode way too confusing to get? Reading this update made me understand this episode finally……..

  5. somi

    Gizele or gissele whosoevr she is!!! Extremely annoying..get lost lady..ur lips r!!! Yucky!!! Prince tu to tharki nikla…yuvika ke baad ab nora..mandana u wer ryt to say it on his face rather dan gossiping behind lyk evry1!!!

    • Sahil

      Yep right .. . How can she say him bf as everyone can c he got a new gf ?.
      I don’t know y priya and suyesh get tapku in every chat r argument. Even in the morning he was gossiping about prince with rosh ..?

    • Sahil

      Yep right .. . How can she say him bf as everyone can c he got a new gf ?.
      I don’t know y priya and suyesh get tapku in every chat r argument. Even in the morning suyesh was gossiping about prince with rosh ..?

    • I coming across this word tharki in the comments for the past two days. Can someone tell me what does tharki means in English? And I m seeing comments Prince is tharki, so I m not understanding what it means I jusst know the comment is meant for prince. Very anxious to know

  6. bloodsucker

    Everyone is seeing all this dont make any love angle prince even when nora love you but you dnt all will blame you..

  7. harshal

    I was so bored and confused at the end that i switched off the tv without finishing the episode and came here to read the update. Did Mandana actually say that gf thing to Prince in the face? Thats my girl, atleast you don’t talk in his back and say that upfront :D… also do let me know if we really saw prince saying that to mandy personally(in the precap), because now-a-days, bigg boss tends to mix one scene with other and show complete different conversation(that suyyash nominating prince thing -_-)

  8. Dais

    O noo I don’t want to see prince Nora story yr prince is good when he is alone and I really don’t like this Nora
    Lastly yeah it really was a confusing episode ??

  9. Pawandeep Singh

    Prince bro now u are luking off track , no doubt u played well and when nora enters house she makes it clear that she will share love moments with prince and rishab. But bro I think u don’t make commitment with nora for making u quit instead of her place when situation come.
    As I know u will did this rubbish act when time comes . And u also look insecure as yuvika had soft corner for
    rishabh and u don’t want to loose her so u purposed him as to show rishabh but bhai ab kya karoge
    Uu look wrong abhi to mandana ne pucha weekend mai salman puchega phir kya jwaab do ge Mr cool

  10. Sahil

    I don’t know how prince controlled in lust check . He is like jab b main koi larki dekhon , mera dil dewana bole , pakad le pakad le ??

  11. Sanaya

    Prince is FAKE. 3 months back he was with anukhi. Few days back he liked Yuvika , now he loves Nora. OF COURSE Nora had told before entering that she is going to make a love angle. CRAP

  12. Life Rules

    Like seriously??? Why the hell prince needs to shout at mandana in the precap. Guys, watch the precap & u can clearly see how badly prince is shouting at her & look at her facial expressions too. She is shocked at his behaviour & looks like she’s going to break down. I hope Salman shows them what suyyash & Rochelle spoke about him. Glad that mandana told it in his face & moreover she wasn’t even taunting him. She is just saying new girlfriend ke liye mubarak. And then later he comes and starts screaming at her. I hope rishabh protects her.
    And prince-nora ain’t good. Prince is just brainless. He expressed in national TV his love for Yuvika & told that he will seek an answer outside the house. And now someone pretty came over & he forgot about Yuvika. Wtf!

    • D freakk

      Suyyaash was very rude with her…thats no way to talk to a girl…prince bb9 ko bhi roadies samajh rha h:-D chillane k “trust me” samajh aata h uska

      • tedd

        Actly prince has very high iq…so gets manipulated easily….paras splitsvilla main itna manipulate kiya prince ko, woh karishma ko chod diya…ab ye sab

  13. Sweetie

    Who wins captaincy task… I hope keith is playing for himeself not on someone elses behalf… I really want to see him become the captain of the house..

    • I am also tired of listening to these word. This season I think more than the contestants , BB is speaking, these contestants think by only fighting u can get entertainment -_-

  14. Jonwick

    mandy is a girl with no strategies…speaks what she feels on the face even not afraid of bad image.

    Prince is diverting from game..

    Gissele and priya are drama queens and every thing is FAKE in them unlile mandy she has nothing FAKE.

    Suyyash is pathetic looser in every way..backbiting brainless one!

    Even keith was partial towards ghosts ,if any one was putting bones in clothes NO WAY TO GET IT OUT there itself the humans team looses..why didn keith react to it..yesterday too prince was disturbed due to utensil sound not ghosts still give them 4/5
    kEITH WAS UNFAIR yesterday..

  15. Ritika

    Aww mandana- i am feeling bad for her…. Thoda zyada ho rha hai ab uske saath! Anyway, I hope Mandana, kishwar and Priya reach the finals- teeno ne hi is BB9 ko sambhale rakha hai, otherwise such a bland season!

  16. hey freak missed you sooo much….i am just supporting rochelle and keith in the show…waiting for salman and srk to come together…how was your exams freak???

  17. Rishabh

    Prince says i wanna become friendhai of mandy but kishwer ki mandy ke sath dushmani kahi na kahi prince ke behaviour me saaf najar aati

  18. mandana is beutiful.rishab is funny.keith is calm.suyash is joru ka gulam.prince is stupid.kish is strong.gizelle is irritating.rochelle is a drama queen.priya is a teacher.nora is either too dumb or too clever.

  19. Today’s episode was kinda messy. I need to see the actual episode to understand what actually happened.
    It is good to see Keith calm in today’s task which is the reason why i like him a lot. The biggest weakness of Prince is he is to attracted to love girls(real or fake). He is actually losing than gaining fans for this reason.

  20. Main toh sirf itna kaho gee kii

  21. II

    When mandy itself is not bothered about what gissel said ie mandy got chance in bllywd due to her bf why the hell our shri shri priya mataji is taking stand sayi ng not to be personel.mands even said that because of priy rshb went far away from her. For me it seemed like giving a helping hand unasked and getting a tight slap in return. A foolish person getting insulted is somewhat ok. But a brainy one getting a nasty gamer tag from gssle is not all ok. By taking unwanted stands like this she may be stranded somewhere at top 6 or 5. Feeling literally bad.

  22. tin tin tumo

    prince is tharki……is famous by his tharki behavior…..grls making him famous….nt deservng 4 bb 9 finale…..

  23. ssss

    whatever act done by prince….he like to make bb show as full entrtainment show unlike shouting….he do a good job with playing. Khalte raho prince aur maza karo. we really felt boring before thats why its the reason for entering wildcards by bb.

  24. ssss

    i think to do a task of ghost is very hard….bcse the human team are not kid to got reacted by ghost….there is no strategy to move their attention…..again it should be happened before keith so how it possible…for that kish pointed before if we do in bath room and keith is absent there then it had no value…….so what ever done by kish team is good startegy n they deserve to win as it decided by keith.e

  25. Maxx

    Keith is the only real person left in house …rest of them are all animals n big boss is a zoo.
    & don’t know what prince is doing he’s killing his image day by day.

  26. asap

    you see why i say mandy is de faking of any kind…prince is such a physo..nora play ur game n leave prince..he doesnt love yu..dts his game..fool be wise

  27. these are my point of view on the pros and cons of the contestants in bb9
    Suyyash +determined -coward
    Kishwer +straightforward -mean
    Prince +timing -influenced
    Mandana +expressive-anger
    Keith +calm -silent
    Rochelle +independent -confused
    Rishabh +understanding -foolish
    Priya +mental strength -emotional
    Kamli +carefree -not active
    Gizelle +confident -no feelings
    Nora +sweet -lost in love

  28. Jonwick

    Prince is overreacting with mandy the same way kishwer did the previous day….Everybody is making mandy a prey but mandy also invites them for party somewhere.

  29. Oh mandana is good girl. Can any liker of mandana or any wild card entry be friends with mandana for 3 days . Its a challenge. Every time after losing task instead of keeping quite she tells that I could have done, so that angry house mates take their frustations on her. Then she cries and says she is a victim then Salman saves her in weekend . Ha ha?

  30. All have sympathy for mandana. What a acting by her. She is acting like a 5 year old girl,nice girl,cute girl. Do you think if anyone goes to bb house and can make friendship with her and save her. She will ignore you and she will behave like a child ? to gain sympathy

  31. kamil

    as im from sri lanka following BB from season 4, this is the worst season ever. contestant don’t know to finish a single task, all fighting and some one go away from task. as I don’t know Hindi I used to refer this update to see what they have talked. even biggboss don’t give the clear instruction on the task. yesterday task they would have clearly instructed you cant hide bone parts and obey to the instruction of referee Keith. making noise with utensil to get the attension total wrong and would have announced it to contestant. this is season no hidden indidual task at all. I can remember Asmit was given a task to hide Veena maliks high heel shoes which he won smartly…..

  32. bbdt

    I think through wild cards priya and gizelle…bb ne dikhaaya ki mandy kish roch are too good…they argue but not irritating..priya and gizelle..too irritating

  33. 777A

    Gizelle should be kicked out
    I think only when kishwer leaves there will be peace .Prince should walk alone.

  34. Jonwick

    There seems a cold war between sukish and prince…although not explicit! But at the end of the day each one is wild along with wildcards priya n giselle!
    Rochelle has gone cold after one day fight with priya but these five are real real loud.

  35. New don

    You are right.i am also fed up with big boss.there is nothing in the show but bakwas.i wonder how they will complete the 90 days.
    Prince is an emotional fool,how can he be a winner?

  36. Chanti

    Prince is never back b*****d about kish or suyyash infact he told to nora that they will say any thing on face. Now it seems suyyash ha jeloous about prince. Regarding the love angle Pyar tho hote jate yaar he is young, i don’t mind if he had a romantic angle with the last season also Gautam tries with sonam and dandra also. It happens some times. I thinlk prince and mandana’s relation looks like karishma and gautam’s relation ;). I don’t know who is upen here ;). Kish,kieth and prince are genuine feom my view.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.