Bigg Boss 8 7th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 7th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 77
Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman and Varun ae on stage, they are sleeping and wake up, Salman ask when did you people come? all laughs, Salman welcomes all in bigg boss Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman says try to get influence from bigg boss, he ask Varun do you dance when song plays in morning, Varun says yes in my room, Salman says Varun’s room from age of 13 is always lock, his father is in tension as to how to take him out, Varun laughs, Salman ask why don’t you let your father in your room? Varun says some people get conscious in my room, Salman ask who? Varun says women and remind you boy and girl cant be friends, Salman says why your father want to know that what his son is doing in room, you maybe playing carom, Varun says I do nothing in room, just talk, my father says that

do I lock my door? Salman says Varun went to house yesterday, lets see what happened there.

clip plays, Varun comes in house, all applauds for him, he hugs Praneet, Gautam and Upen, he gifts his glasses to Upen, Varun says you all have fans out of house, Ali you will get many marriage proposals, Gautam don’t know what girls will do when you will go out, Varun says that you people don’t laugh much, he ask all to laugh, all laughs, Varun says I have brought breakfast for you people but you all have to do the task, Varun says my new film is Badlapur so task is Revenge, he ask Sonali and diandra to come forward, he says you both are public demand, Varun ask Sonali do you want to take revenge from Daindra for anything, Sonali sys I am popular on Saturdays, I didn’t like it when she said to Salman that I am zero in house, Varun ask what revenge will you take? Sonali says I want Diandra to wash my clothes, Varun ask how many clothes? diandra says she doesn’t wash her clothes so it must be whole suitcase, Sonali brings her clothes and Diandra washes it, Varun sys now its diandra’s turn, Diandra says Sonali I want my choli back, VArun ask why revenge from her? Diandra says she said that its a family show, she taunted on me, what about her, Sonali says I said this to Upen, he said something so I commented on him not on Diandra, Upen says I asked kiss from KArishma and her so she that to me, she didn’t say for Diandra but for me, Diandra says anyway I am very insecure regarding Gautam so Sonali just give me my choli back, Sonali brings her choli and gives it to her and says you can take everything of mine, Varun says to finish this matter we will have arm wrestling match between them, Diandra and Sonali starts arm wrestling match, Sonali uses two hands and wins the match but Varun says diandra is winner, then all inmates do breakfast with Varun, Varun says all audience love you, Varun leaves the house.

Salman says to Varun that these guys need small thing to fight on, Varun says I think that there will be huge fight between Sonali and Diandra, they have grudge against each other, Salman says both loved Gautam, Varun says yes love triangle is still going on and I think Sonali is jealous of Diandra, Salman says we get to learn from these triangles, Salman ask Varun about his film, Varun says it will release in February, week after valentine, so all heart broken people can go to watch it, like on valentine someone’s girlfriend goes out with other boys, Salman says are to trying to taunt me?, all laughs, Salman greets Varun and he leaves.

Clip plays, Sonali ask Diandra when will she wash her clothes? Ali says I think they will have fight now, they will pull hairs, Pritham says diandra have advantage, Sonali cant pull her hairs as she is bald and also Diandra is powerful so Sonali is going to be beaten up. Diandra says to Sonali that I am not washing it, ask bigg boss, Sonali saus no problem, I will wash it, she leaves, Dimpy says to Diandra that sonali think we all are her servants, Sonali comes in washroom and says Diandra is a ****.

Salman comes on stage and dances on song hurr dabang dabang, Salman says Varun has reached his house and have locked his room, all laughs, Salman says this week inmates have to decide to who evict, they SAVED KARISHMA, DIANDRA and ALI, in DANGER are DIMPY, SONALI and PUNEET, now see the planning they are doing.

in clip, Pritham talks to Karishma about eviction, Karishma says who to target? dimpy and Puneet, Pritham says I will give vote to Pritham.
Puneet says Gautam that they are planning to make strong contender out of house that is me, Gautam that Diandra could have given you vote but she saved Ali, its all her drama.
Karishma says to Upen that I am confused between Dimpy and Puneet, Upen says give Dimpy vote, Karishma says it would look fake.
Puneet says to Gautam that I have voted for Karishma, Gautam says Diandra could have given you vote, I don’t expect anything from her but atleast she could have given vote but she chose ALi?
Ali ask Sonali that Puneet and Dimpy are your competitor, more challenging is Puneet.
Ali says to dimpy that I am sorry for everything, I want you to stay in house, Dimpy is crying and says I don’t want to be in house, Ali says don’t say like this, I want you to be here as we will rock from start again, we will keep you here, 110%. she leaves from there, Ali says to Karishma that I said to Dimpy that I will save you, Karishma says I wish I can throw both DImpy and Puneet out, Ali says we will evict dimpy next week but now we should evict the root that is Puneet, Pritham is going to save Puneet, Karishma says no, Ali says ok have bet, Ali says Sonali is safe, Diandra will also not vote for Puneet.

Call is connected to house, Salman says inmates will decide who to evict today, we will give you sometime, Salman says we will ask questions from inmates and nobody will interrupt, he ask Upen that is peacock male or female? Upen says female, Salman says very good, Salman ask then peahen is male or female? Upen get confused, all laughs, Salman ask shakuni is character of which story? Upen says mahabharat, all claps, Salman ask what was my first movie? Sonali prompts and answers, Salman says now she will get punishment, she has to laugh like witch (Dayan), Sonali makes weird face, Salman says lovely, Sonali laughs, Salman ask Sonali which month have 28 days, Sonali says feb, Salman says then you are saying that march doesn’t have 28 days, Sponali yes all months have 28 days, Salman ask how many brothers of duryodhan? Sonali ask inmates to tell her, she then guesses that was it 4 no 5 no 6, Salman says they are getting born one by one, Salman ask Karishma do you wanna help? Karishma laughs, Sonali ask inmates nobody answers her, Sonali says he was alone, all laughs, Salman ask Diandra how many bros of duryodhan? Diandra ask who is duryodhan, all laughs, Salman ask Gautam, Gautam says he had 100 brothers, Ali says it was 99, Salman ask Sonali who is president of india? Sonali says I knew it was coming, Sonali says I forgot, Salman ask Karishma, Karishma says narendra modi, all say no, he is prime minister, all laughs, Salman ask Pritham, Pritham says pranap mukherji, Salman ask Diandra if ek tha tiger then ek thi _____, Diandra is confused, Soanli says it is ek thi Dayan, all laughs, Salman says Diandra sonali is calling you Dayan, Diandra says I am, Salman ask what is capital of jharkand? Diandra says there is not capital of that, Salman says Ranchi is capital of it, Salman says Karishma your head is bleeding, Salman ask KArishma 5*5*0*5= what? Karishma says 25, Salman ask 25*0= what? Karishma says 25, Salman says its 0, anything multiplied with 0 becomes 0, Karishma says I get confused, Salman ask in which movie rajesh Khanna said Pushpa I hate tears? Karishma says Anand, Salman ask what was my and Amir’s name in andaaz apna apna, Karishma says amar and Prem, she then guesses it that movie name was amar prem too, Salman ask Gautam to bring thing from garden, he brings it and it is witness box, Salman says inamtes have alleged each other, so the one who was alleged will stand in box and the one who alleged will be prosecutor, Salman ask sonali to first stand in box, she stands, Salman says you were alleged that you are rude girl, lol girl and she can do unexpected to take out her work from others, Salman ask who alleged her should get up, Gautam gets up, Gautam says when I went in mall with her so… he looks at Diandra, he says ok I will say now, when we were back home, she came close to me and wanted to kiss me, I wanna ask why she wanted to do this? he ask Sonali? Salman ask Sonali what happened? she smiles, and says it was fun, Salman says fun was that you wanted to leave lipstick mark on Gautam so diandra see it and beat Gautam, and you will enjoy, Diandra laughs, Salman says this happened with me a lot, Soanli says yes it was that only, Salman says good job Sonali, Salman ask Dimpy to stand in box, Salman says you are alleged that nobody lifts you, you fight deliberately, he imitates Sonali hinting that it was said by Sonali, Sonali is laughing alot, Salman says I cant tell you name, all laughs more, Salman says sonali will fight this case, Sonali comes to Dimpy and says that you were fighting with Karishma on thing which she didn’t do it, she didn’t break vase and we were telling you this but you didn’t listen to us, Dimpy says diandra saw it on monitor and said that Karishma broke it, but when Upen said that he broke it so I agreed, Salman ask Gautam to stand in box, Salman says you always say you play with heart so does that mean you don’t have mind? he ask the one who said this stand up, Karishma stands, she says to Gautam that I said this in bottle task, you call me selfish but I think that you are most selfish, all share things in house but a small example, a nutella came in house, I was opening it but he took it from me saying that it was gift, but Sonali said that it was not a gift, Gautam says I wanted Renee to become captain as she was new in house, I thought you will get chance in future, Karisham says this is foolish reason, you don’t want to make person captain who is on house for many weeks but want to make a new person captain, Gautam says you think differently so I don’t know what to answer you, Salman says Gautam you try to imitate Shahrukh, Pritham gets as he said this, Pritham says Gautam is big fan of shahrukh and that character of raamjaane, Pritham says he acts like SRk and have body like you, Gautam says ask why are you jealous, Pritham says act like yourself, Gautam says I do fun, if someone irritate me then I irritate too by acting like this but its all fun but if someone doesn’t understand then what can I do, Pritham says you were giving me rod to hit and was charging on me, should I take that in fun, Gautam says you were using slang for old ma, Pritham says what about old man using slang, Puneet says I didn’t say slang, Salman says if you respecting someone just cause he came in this world before you? respect is given to get it back, if your senior is doing wrong then you have correct him, salman says you are alleged that you are doing fake time pass with Diandra which is unbelievable, it was said by Pritham and Sonali, Sonali stands there, Gautam says diandra will answer it, diandra comes and stand in box with Gautam, they stand in arms of each other, Pritham says now its not looking fake, all laughs, Pritham says now looking like they have love, Diandra says why you go to love? I don’t need to give explanation, Gautam says people should start thinking about ourselves before seeing others, Diandra says even if we are doing time pass then why you people are jealous, Pritham says Gautam said many things about you when there was P3G, Diandra says I said many things too about Gautam, Salman says it is called move on, lets forget about past, Diandra says exactly Pritham you are planning for eating buffet in our marriage, Diandra says if is for game then I am very good actress, Pritham says not sure about you but he is good actress, Sonali says Gautam said to me that Diandra is good friend and she is trying on him from day 1, Gautam says its not my language, Sonali says you said that.

Salman says on will go out today, but before then I will give you some more time. call ends.
Salman says lets welcome airport devil, he comes there, Salman opens the box and takes out bone from it, Salman says lets see who is calling themselves doggy.
Clip plays, Pritham and Ali are singing bann gaya Kutta.. bann gaya kutta,, bandh kar gale main captain ka patta, Ali does rapping on dog, Upen comes there and ask the meaning of their singing, he says are you people calling me dog, I know my hinid is weak, Pritham says spare us, I am calling myself dog as I have become captain, please trust me. clip ends, Salman laughs.

call is connected to house, Salman says to Puneet that you have fans outside, but in house voting you came in last three, I know you are not familiar with it and your face got pale, Puneet says no, we all know that fours weeks are remaining in game so it will be difficult and now it is planned thing to make strong contenders out and also when friends become enemy then dynamics changes, I am ok with it, Salman says you think you are strong contender? Puneet says yes, Salman says why inmates want to vote you out, Puneet says they think that I support Gautam and second reason is that I appear aggressive. Salman says now inmates will tell who should NOT stay in house, the one who should be evicted, Salman ask Praneet, he says Puneet, Puneet is emotional and snap at people in anger, Pritham says Puneet, Upen says Puneet as he has aggressive nature and is very strong, Ali says Puneet, he is partial for Gautam, Karishma says Puneet as we have to think to stand beside him in task as he get aggressive and also he doesn’t listen to people and make opinion about them, Dimpy says Sonali, Sonali says I cant take Puneet’s name so I nominate Dimpy, diandra says Sonali as she is very disinterested, Puneet says I nominate myself as 5 people are alleging me that I am aggressive then I should not stay here, Salman says claps, Gautam says I nominate Sonali, Salman says do you realize when 5 people are saying that a person loses his senses and get aggressive, what you have to say, Gautam says that its all fake reason, ali has said that he will make Puneet aggressive and will throw him out, Salman says its his game and Puneet should not get angry for that, Gautam cries and says I know Puneet will not hit anybody in house, Salman says PUNEET YOU ARE EVICTED, do you have to say anything? Puneet says no, I said what I had to to, Salman ask Puneet to come out, Gautam cries.
Puneet packs his bags, diandra helps him, he comes on gate to leave, Salman ask Puneet to use big bomb in house only, Puneet comes in lounge, Salman says big bomb is that there is NO EVICTION TODAY, all applauds, Puneet is stunned, he thanks Salman, Praneet says I was hugging Puneet when he was leaving but he stopped me, Puneet says have your grudge, Praneet says you can love anyone you want but you don’t have to become cold with others, I really felt bad for it, Salman says you people must be thinking why we did this? we wanted to tell what is ranking of inmates in inmates eyes only, we did this to make you realize your position in house, this was just mirror, enjoy the house Puneet, call ends.
Salman says that only audience have the right to evict inmates, lets do whatever we want to do man.

PRECAP- Diandra ask Gautam to come in, don’t be coward. she takes in washroom and locks it. dimpy tries to listen whats going in washroom. Later bigg boss that you all break rules a lot so as punishment all are nominated for eviction this week, Karishma gets angry and calls everyone in garden, she says you people like to irritate captain, now as punishment all will take round of garden with hands up, Diandra says my knees are paining, I wont run, Karishma says you had never pain in knees. all are running in gaden, later bigg boss says to dimpy in confession room that she makes 5 inmates agree that Karishma is not good captain then she will be made captain instead of Karishma, Dimpy laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. mayank

    pritam is far better then gautam and punnet.
    he came to win not making friends and he is doing that.
    he is entertaining

  2. keshew

    pritam is partial as to make himself correct and not to be influence by punnet
    but that idot dont know he is influenced and use by karishma

    but gautam is not like that he is with punnet but he play his own game not punnet . so he deserve to be winner.

    before i was thinking pritam but he really dont have his own mind but always go with others so there is no question of positive or negative.

  3. Juhi

    Gautam is atleast no fake.. he plays “himself” in house.. he dosen’t change his iews when confronted.. I love him 🙂

  4. mayank

    guys u don’t know preetam game.
    by staying against gautam mean he is out of nomination chances.
    upen sonali praneet karishma will not vote against him.
    he is smart.
    that’s why I like him.
    he is not influenced it’s just that p3g broken will help his chances of winning

  5. shipra

    Pritan is d best…
    Gautam’s fan following is bcoz of his nakhras n herogiri which he is showing since d 1rst episode…his fans cant see his real face which is hidden by jis herogiri face…he is so fake

  6. Jenny

    I think that Dimpy is very very manipulative and she has a really big game plan, no wonder why Rahul Mahajan left her because she always tried to break her own sasural.I think she is the reason for P3G’S break up.I hate her when she was shouting at pritham she was like annoying pritham and shouting at him then after pritham was fed up with her and shouted.dimpy chalak started talking about woman’s right I mean you provoke a man and then talk about women’s right How stupid is that.I am a woman too,In addition what was the need for puneet to interfere i think that baldy was extracting his revenge for being nominated by pritham.

    Secondly,Puneet is a double dholki and his truth came out in the museum task.he was the one who called Gautam selfish when he was talking to others and gautam wasn’t there and when gautam came he said that other people were saying that gautam is selfish. The way he shooed praneet was really bad he treated him like a dog.Puneet Flopped hero who tries to act like he is a superstar stupid Aggressive cow

    Karishma is also very manipulative,she is the most selfish women I’ve ever seen in Big Boss 8.Make up..Make up..Make up..Make up.

    I also think that gautam and diandra are faking thier relationship for the game,Because when they went to the bathroom before it was quite suspicious and I think they were planning.Diandra crocodile tears wali no wonder why she is already 35 and no one is marrying her .
    Gautam the shadow of puneet is also stupid to defend puneet every time I mean puneet is also playing his game and he is using gautam to make himself a finalist.I am not saying that Gauti can’t won but I am saying that if he keeps smelling puneet’s butt then he will lose and come out of the house.In addition,I think that Gauti is being a shadow of puneet so that he can sign into films with the help of puneet.
    Upen is really a UPAIN for the entertainment industry he does nothing in the house accept listening and gossiping about other people with karishma and diandra.
    Sonali kisses any one and she is so arrogant and keeps talking about class. Flopped Heroine of a stupid film.
    Diandra is a paedophile who is really secretive and biased and is trying to force gautam into a relationship.Chiiii.. No wonder why gauti’s mother said she doesn’t like Diandra the baldy who got fame by bald hair.
    Praneet can also sometimes be vey loud and I think he is really gulliable and I think his friendship with praneet is real
    Finally i THINK THAT Pritham should win the big boss 8 beacause now he is on his track and he is no more influenced by the baldy puneet by but gauti is still under the baldy’s shadow.Pritham is fair he is not partial and knows how to keep his friendship unlike gautam and puneet who count friendship with percentages.5% 50% AND 75%.whAT KIND OF FRIENDSHIP IS THIS PANDIT PUNEET AAND GAUTEMALA GAUTAM. I THINK THAT ALL OF YOU GAUTI’S FAN OUT THERE ARE SUPPORTING gauti because of his six pack and dumb **** face I am not being rude but he has unpropotionalised body with a big head

  7. priya

    @jenny whoever you are..we love gauti for his soft heart and emotions and yes also as you said six pack. i am not interrupting in your comment but i wanted to clear my you mentioned fans of gauti. you hate him?..ok keep hating.please dont provoke others to do the same…………………………….<3<3<3<3….lots of love to gauti :* :* 🙂

    • Jenny

      Gauti has a soft heart and emotion *sigh* Donot lie to yourself priya If he had a soft heart and emotion he would have not faked his relationship with diandra and would’ve felt guilty about playing with the girl’s feelings.Stupid sixpack guuy.In big boss House alll are fake they are different in the camera and diffrent behind it So don’t you dare extract your frustration.I know it because I am the daughter of the director.

      • dian…dra is playing with feelings of gauti not gauti
        do you remember when gauti became king he said “dosti ka haath badah raha tha yaar!” when dian was ditching at his back

      • Ghkl

        @ jenny gautam really has a good heart he respects diandra i think diandra misunderstand this but he never speaks anything abt anyone in jealousy for pritam he is an aunty a true kantabai

  8. Amandeep singh

    Once dimpy and puneet leave, Gautam will have nowhere to go in the house and that’s when his real self will be out. That’s when he will not understand what to do. Because till now the baby was guided by puneet and dimpy supported them.

    Pritam is the one who is on the right track and has brains of his own.
    Pritam is the one who deserves the title of bigg boss 8!!

  9. n

    jenny i am agree with and guys dont say wrong things about pritham .He iis the best .Aur gautam ke fans kya aap logo ko yeh nahi dehkta ki pg kitane negative hai aur har waqt dusero ki burai karte rehate hai jab ki baki contestants unke baare me itani burai nahi karte hai .All pg fans think about it.

    • everyone in house are playing games and hiding their reality
      but my gauti he opens up..this is the reason i like him..he has emotions filled in his eyes jo sacha hai kya aapko yeh nahi dikhta?

      • Jenny

        Gauti has a soft heart and emotion *sigh* Donot lie to yourself priya If he had a soft heart and emotion he would have not faked his relationship with diandra and would’ve felt guilty about playing with the girl’s feelings.Stupid sixpack guuy.In big boss House alll are fake they are different in the camera and diffrent behind it So don’t you dare extract your frustration.I know it because I am the daughter of the director.

  10. Pooja

    Pritam is the biggest and most negative person in Big Boss, gets influenced by nearly everyone, broke his own group – he really is the least deserving person to win and its sad that the audience can’t see that.

    And i am really sorry, but no one has the right to say, guys don’t say anything wrong about pritam. Ever heard of the phrase, freedom of speech?

  11. pritham is also the best but he is getting out of track..
    god!! i like it when i see gauti and pyaare together
    hoping them to patch up
    both are the best contenders of bb8

  12. Manav

    Puneet is a old, vile and disgusting b*t*h….just as not to sound disrespectful to his seniority everyone kept calling him SIR but instead of taking it as a responsibility to treat everyone like his children fairly ….he always took advantage of it to create maximum hatred among inmates.He never maintained any sort of dignity with regards to his age. Is he childless?How can he be so hateful towards people 25-30 years younger to him and trying to make a career and are therefore desperate and childish…..I for one would be really happy the day this old b*t*h is thrown outof the house…..
    Gautam has left his senses at his home….or is he really THIS dimwit deluded yo nit understand things…..PLEASE KICK THIS PUNEET OUT OF THE HOUSE RIGHTAWAY…..and as him to join some frustated b*t*hes club and have a blast there with the like-minded people….


    we luv we luv GAUTi,gautam is chamcha of punit den why did he empty karishma’s bottle wen punit asked him to do of SONALI

  14. Manav

    Please make Pritam win this show guys. …he is a real talent ….a radio jockey….and not just a pretty face and bulging muscles….this guy just knows what to talk and yet he is not all sweet talk. …others are almost daily soap actors and at some level know how to act and appear emotional and good……

    • i know whom you are taunting..he aint that
      sorry i dont want to argue over this matter. so lets end it here
      everyone has thier own point of view to which he/she only can understand and can never make others to understand…we int here to abuse one another nor to argue

  15. Manav

    Gauti does every damn thing for the camera….otherwise can you believe a young guy crying badly every time Puneet is nominated…..probably in his mind he thinks that audience liked P3G and Gautam more in it…..previously Puneet b*t*h would forcetalk everyone into what he wanted….so Gautam stuck with him….now that P3G has splut he gas to choose sides and can’t oppose Puneet and go with Pritam and Praneet….as even they are strong contestants and Gauram has big Ego

  16. n

    priya gautam is very good person but puneet and diandra are using gautam for their own profit .Gautam should understand that. If gautam came out from hands of puneet and diandra then he will also win this season and pritham may also win this season .Oh god in duno me se koi ek jeete.

  17. Gauti

    Love u gautam and puneet .pritam and karishma r big time selfish, praneet is lost,upen opportunist, Ali fattu big time, dimpy is ok. sonali is like mungerilal ke haseen sapne

  18. Aman deep singh

    If pritam didn’t have brains then he wouldn’t have started going against Gautam In a few matters even before he met his wife.
    He already knew Gautam is not always right. Infact in the beginning, pritam was the one who stood with Gautam when he didn’t even know him that well. Why? Because pritam knew Gautam is right.

    But later as he realised Gautam cannot always be right, he raised his voice against Gautam. And now he becomes Unfair?
    He is selfish because he is not under puneet and Gautam? I would say he is strong enough to stand on his own in the show, unlike Gautam who is nurtured by puneet!

  19. Meena

    I want Gautam to win. Everyone have their own choice. Please do not disrespect any contestants. They all are playing game. If you like somebody; like him on his merit. You don’t need to abuse others ! This is so uncool

  20. rocky

    Gautm puns r the most FAKE PEOPLE of BB8..nyways itz their game to stay fake..i hope gauti z fake with diandra too ..dnw wot bullshit they does in gauti compfrtbl wth her kiss : -p sonaali was bettr

  21. Rahl

    Karishma, Diandra, Sonali the most dumb ladies I’ve ever seen. Gautam and Puneet also have started looking fake. I hope none of them wins. But Gautam has very good chance.

  22. krizz

    Guys I think Pritam is lucky that he broke with Puneet…. its GAUTAM time…
    Both Pritam & GAUTAM deserves to win…. Because they r entertaining ppl from the very 1st day… Puneet is so negative person k j kisi ko b le dube…
    I wish that Puneet get evicted from the house soon… so GAUTAM play his own game by himself.
    I also love GAUTAM but I also agree that he is influenced by Puneet. Puneet is misusing him… GAUTAM give respect him as father but Puneet is not take him as son.. Puneet is just playing his selfish game.
    I wish top finalist should be /must be
    These 3 contestants responsible 4 whatever happened in the house till now…
    1 more thing everybody in this house whatever they did/doing only 4 cameras.

  23. krizz

    Whether GAUTAM – DIANDRA relationship true or fake… hme kya ?
    Mostly relationship of this house r fake…. Also outside the house all this happens in everybody life some time single or some time mingle…. then why all ppl pointing out their relationship ? Give some time sab clear hoga….

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