Bigg Boss 8 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 44
Song ghumiyo re plays, all inmates dances.

Upen talks to inmates, Upen says people say I am partial but as captain I am not, I had to give five names so I had to choose people who are not doing work nicely, I also say English sometime, I am sorry for that, Ali says nomination is already done so why to talk about it now, Upen says I am just saying to not break the rules as it will affect our luxury budget task too, Pritham says we just have to not say English so If someone is talking in English then stop him, Upen says yes and aslo if you find someone sleeping in day time then wake him or her up, we should not go negative. all agrees.

Ali says to Sushant that what Upen was doing in meeting, nobody is listening to him, we are following

rules till now but till when? till
when we will clean the house, we can also break the rule, Sushant says that they keep saying that I don’t work so a time will come when I will not do any work in real, I will leave everything, Ali says yes you have done almost every work so now don’t do any work when they don’t appreciate you.

Diandra says to karishma that you didn’t save Sushant so what is the difference between you and Gautam, why gautam is not liked by all of us as he doesn’t understand others point of view and you were you doing same last day when all were talking to you, I will say Gautam thanks for what he did last day, karishma says I could have lifted yes card for Sushant but I did mistake.

Karishma is in confession room, bigg boss ask how are you? she says I am upset, I am guilty for what I did, my decision was wrong regarding sushant, in that moment I thought that Sushant was liable for punishment but it was between him and minissha so I should have raised yes card for him that is guilt I have but I am positive that everything will be fine, I am made to feel very bad, they are calling me vamp, selfish, I am feeling very bad on not these words but I am feeling bad that Sushant never did anything bad to me so I could have raised yes card for him, I did fault there, I couldn’t sleep at night, sushant have forgiven me but I cant face Sushant, she cries, bigg boss ask him to control herself.

Karishma reads new task orders. the new task is “high is building”, in this task there will be two teams.
Sonali, Gautam, Sushant, Pritham and Puneet.
Arya, Praneet, Diandra, Karishma and ALi.

in this task, team A have to build a tall building with blocks placed in garden and team B have to stop them from making the building have to reduce its height. Karishma says you can make building only when one team member of yours is rotating the wheel, if wheel stops then you have to stop making building, upen will only see height of wheel in end, he will not participate in task, this task is important for next captain and nominations.

all make strategy in garden area, wheel is heavy to rotate, Gautam says sonali cant do it, he ask puneet to rotate the wheel and don’t stop even if other team tries to. Prnaeet says to Diandra that we can stop other team from making building by just stopping the wheel or destroying the raw material.
Siren plays, all starts the task, Puneet starts rotating wheel , Arya holds wheel to stop it but Puneet lifts him and pushes him away, Arya is shocked and says that he has physically hurt me, this is wrong, Arya goes in lounge and ask bigg boss to open the confession room, when door doesn’t get opened, he breaks it and goes In to tell about puneet’s act.
outside in garden, Upen says to Puneet that you should not be physical with anyone, Puneet says I am just doing my task.
Arya comes in confession room, Bigg boss ask him to calm down, Arya says he strangled me by my neck, I am suffocated, he showed his energy and this is not right.
Praneet stops the wheel, Puneet ask him to leave it otherwise he will push him too, Upen comes there, Puneet says how can I run wheel when he has stopped it, Praneet ask him to show his energy on wheel not on inmates, Puneet gets angry and pushes Praneet by holding his leg and throws him away. Praneet says this is not right, he is physical, we will push them too.
Diandra says Pritham is pushing her, Upen ask him to not do it.
Arya says to bigg boss that I didn’t abuse puneet, I didn’t use slang against him and I called him puneet ji even when he was pushing me, Arya says what should I do now, my team must be looking for me, that I have come to talk to you, you show me way, big boss says yur team is still doing task, Arya says ok then I will also go and join them and will do the task.
outside, Sushant pushes Praneet from taking raw material and gives it to his inmates, All are pushing each other. Ali comes to stop wheel but Puneet ask him to not come in his way, ali goes away. all inmates are pushing each other, bigg boss ask inmates to stop the task right away, all stops. Diandra shouts on Pritham and ask him to not push the girl, Pritham says I was doing my task, don’t shout.

Diandra says we will take stand, I was taking blocks when Pritham came and pushed me by holding my hand. Pritham says I was hurt too by your nails.
Gautam says to Upen that task was started wrongly, the other stopped wheel, it should not be like this, they had to distract Puneet but not put break in wheel. Diandra says to Arya that I am strong as women so Pritham couldn’t psuh me much he used his full energy against me, they were saying in case of Sonali to take stand, now take stand for women those Gautam and Pritham.
Ali says to Puneet that you are very stonr how can we stop you when you were physical.

Diandra says to Sushant that women are strong too, I could have pushed Pritham too but I didn’t, Pritham pushed me and now why Gautam, Puneet and Pritham are not taking stand for me like they did for Sonali.
Pritham says to Puneet that when al men were there, what was the need for diandra to come there, we don’t go when there are women anywhere, Puneet says they could have called men of their team, why did she came.
Sonali says to diandra that you should have not gone there, all men were there, diandra says I was doing my task, they men are stupid, he used his energy against me and now crying that I scratched him by nails.

Puneet and Arya talk. Arya says that you were not physical but It was physical violence, Puneet says it was reaction of action, you were stopping swing so I had to push you away, Arya says you pushed me so hardly, I am angry, you get physical in every task, Puneet says if this is case then I wont participate in any task.
Gautam says to Puneet that they were physical with me in earlier task too but I didn’t say anything.

Ali jokes with Praneet that who can stand against with puneet, he was pushing everyone away, Arya was innocent, Puneet’s eyes comes 2km forward in task so I ran away.
Diandra says to Puneet that I am strong too and I threw whole sonali away in earlier task and I was punished too, Pritham says If I was wrong then I will be punished.
Sonali comes to Ali and says what this diandra is saying, she is saying that she threw me away.
sonali says to Gautam and Puneet that diandra is saying, you people didn’t take stand for her. she is saying all this to Pritham so why she took my name, I don’t know why people give themselves so much importance.

Arya and Puneet are called in confession room. bigg boss ask them to say one by one. Arya says puneet pushed me away with full force and I was hurt, I didn’t use any slang even, what punishment should I give him, you give him. Puneet says that they stopped the task by stopping wheel and were using energy so I had to react, I held Arya by neck and threw him away to start the task, even I lost my balance. Arya says I am not making it issue but right decision should be taken.

Arya says to his group that I said to bigg boss what happened but I didn’t ask for any punishment, bigg boss know what is right and wrong and he is not fool to not see anything, I don’t have to scream for justice, Ali says you bigg boss in not fool but you have ask for you justice, in this house you have to raise your voice against unjust happened to you, Arya says so you are saying I am wrong, Ali says we are not saying that, Upen says we don’t mean that we are just saying that you should speak up against wrong.

Arya talks to ali and is emotional. Arya says I will not create issue out of it, all know that wrong happened to me and bigg boss can see the clip again so I don’t have to shout at top of my voice for justice, what you want, should I ask for Puneet’s head? should I say to behead him or kill him, I cant do that, bigg boss can see and decide for punishment.

Bigg boss says to inmates that like earlier, this time too you all got physical in task, this is so wrong and you were prohibited to do it but always you all use your physical strength instead of mental strength, what happened today between Arya and Puneet was so wrong and Puneet did physical violence which is wrong so as punishment, PUNEET IS ELIMINATED from house. all are shocked. bigg boss ask Puneet to pack his bags and come out of house, Karishma says he is out, all are in shocke, Puneet goes to pack his bags. all are silent. Arya says to bigg boss that It was right decision, you proved that just by shouting one will not get justice, this is rules of your house and you know what is right.
Pritham says to Puneet that bigg boss could have nominated you.
Karishma says how mature people do mistakes like this, I did mistake last day and now Puneet. Diandra says that’s why Salman was saying to not make anyone your relative in house, Karishma says I used to call puneet dad initially as he was elder but then I realized that this is not right in this house.
Puneet packs his bags, Gautam is crying incoherently, Puneet hugs everyone in house, he hugs Gautam and ask him to play well and not cry, Praneet says this should have not happened, Puneet says it had to happen, Puneet meets Diandra and Karishma, all inamtes see him off to gate, Sonali says it was right decision, Puneet agrees, all say that we will miss Puneet, Praneet ask puneet to not think about it after going from here. Puneet leaves.
Gautam hugs Upen and cries. he then hugs Praneet, Praneet ask him to not cry, Pritham says we are with you, Gautam says I know he got physical but I think it was Arya who asked bigg boss to throw him out, Praneet says no he just said that Puneet was wrong, puneet was with him in confession room. I always say to Puneet to not get emotional or not lose hi control but he doesn’t listen, Gautam says he is a controlled man, he is not like that, don’t say like that.
Diandra says to sushant that I don’t know why all are shocked, Sushant says this had to happen.

PRECAP- The task starts again. this time Sushant is stopping the wheel and Arya is moving it, Arya uses his full force and mves the wheel. Sushant comes to Pritham and says now Arya is not hurt, now he is using his full power. Pritham says because of him one inmates was eliminated and now he is using energy too. Later video of Puneet plays on Tv, Puneet says to inmates that what I did was wrong, I did marital arts with Arya and I am very sorry for it, he folds his hands and says I am embarrassed at what I did, please forgive me. All gets emotional seeing his plea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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