Bigg Boss 8 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 62
Weekend Ka Vaar
Like in Gautam city, there was Gautam’s posters all around, now it shown that Salman’s pictures are all around house, Salman is in house, he says this is my city, they can have temporary dictator but their permanent dictator is me, yesterday was birthday of my mummy Helen so lets dance in her style, he leaves.
Salman comes to stage and dances on song Oo haseena zulfoon wali.. Salman welcomes all in bigg boss weekend Ka vaar, he says that this week was mixed, four ladies are nominated this week, they are SONALI, KARISHMA, NIGAAR, DIMPY, in this week friendships changed to enmity and enmity changed to friendship.
Video call is connected to house, all greets Salman, Salman tells them that his sister Arptia has got married to Ayyush, all say

him congrats, Salman says marriage finished and I am finished too, you have no idea with much difficulty I have come here, I hope that they remain happy, Salman says another news is that Salman and Shahrukh have become friends, Sonali is wearing gown (looking nice), Salman ask who is she? oh my God queen Victoria, all laughs, inmates shows her long gown, Salman says make her clean the house in this gown, with her gown she can sweep all the scrap, I wonder how they allowed such a big cloth in house, these days people are wearing short dresses and you wearing such long dress, you always walk opposite, Sonali says I like long long, Salman jokes don’t talk about double meaning things, all laughs, Salman says I thought to become dictator, Salman ask Ali to bring his chussu (teddy bear), he brings it, Salman ask to tell some things about inmates which others don’t know, first about Dimpy, Ali says she talks a lot, Salman says you are going good, your chances are bright, Ali says me got beaten up chances are bright too, Ali says dimpy stretch one thing and make it issue without any reason, Salman ask Nigaar to request Upen to sit in whole episode without shirt, all laugh, Nigaar says Upen you workout a lot so peope should see your body to see how much you work, Upen takes of his blazer and shirt and sit bare body, all applaud for him, Salman says one will sit on danger seat today, I wanna ask inmates who they want to eliminate this week, he ask diandra first and says color is coming back to your life(hinting Gautam), all laugh, Salman says you wasted so much time,
Diandra: says I want Sonali to be out
Pritham: he says I think Nigaar should be.
Praneet: I think Nigaar
Renee: I think Sonali should be out
Sonali: she says I want Karishma to be out.
Nigaar: she says I want Sonali to be out
Dimpy: she says sonali will be out
Karishma: she says sonali
Ali: he says sonali wshould be out
Upen: he says Dimpy
Gautam: he says Nigaar
Puneet: he says my favorite Karishma, all laugh

Salman says to Sonali that 6 people voted against you so they might think that you are irritating or doesn’twork or you are threat to them, he ask her to sit on danger seat, Pritham says her dress is of 80kilos,Gautam helps her in sitting because of her heavy dress, Sonali sit on danger seat, Salman ask her what she think will she be eliminated? she says no I wont be eliminated, he ask why they want you to be out of house? Sonali says I am little different, I don’t involve in gossip, I have my style, I don’t follow anyone, I don’t they are jealous, I cant react on these things, Salman says Sonali you are above all this, she says I am, Salman says Sonali made all below her, Salman ask inmates why they want Sonali to be out, Diandra says I am very jealous of her, I envy her, Renee says I have same reason, Salman says no give your reason, Renee says she doesn’t take part in talks, her style of attitude is not liked by many in house and also I am jealous with her, Nigaar says she doesn’t take part in work, Karishma says her involvement is not in things, she lives on different tangent, she talks what others don’t, and as she said I am insecure of her, all laughs, Sonali says I am different, Salman ask Renee why you are not nominated and other wildcards are nominated, Renee points to Salman and says is it compliment? Salman says yes, Renee says when I came here I thought to not involve in everything, I am fun loving and I keep that nature but if I am targeted then I have my guns with me, the reason is that I don’t involve in others matters, Nigaar says Renee said to me that I was nominated as I am emotional, Dimpy says she said to me that I talk in everything so I will be targeted but I am not afraid of nomination while she maybe, Renee says I am not afraid but I will take stand for myself, Nigaar says I just don’t take stand for myself only but will take stand for one who is be targeted, Salman says is ti over? Renee says no you have started it, I will kill you for this, Salman says how sweet, all laugh, Nigaar says forgive her she is younger, Salman says no its joke even I will kill her for this, all laugh, Salman ask Ali what he felt when Gautam saved him from nominations, Ali says I did my work in his captaincy so he did right decision and saved me, Salman says to Dimpy that doesn’t it hurt you that Gautam saved Ali instead of you, or was it to not be partial, Gautam says I took Ali’s name.. Salman ask is anyone talking to you now? all laugh, Salman says Dimpy seven people nominated you in 1st week, Salman ask with whose vote against you shocked you? dimpy says I was shocked when Karishma and Diandra voted against me, Salman says there is nothing shocking in it, all laughs, you should know it before, Salman says to Nigaar that you were nominated because you were said to be emotional, Nigaar says this was silly reason, Praneet says it was confusing to understand Nigaar as she was vibrant first day, 2nd day she ate with us, 3rd day she forgot us, 4th day she was crying, Salman says wildcard doesn’t have advantage but disadvantage unless you play smart as dimpy and in future Renee will play smart but after bigg boss ends, all laughs, Salman says to Sonali to tell Renee that think about what Salman as said and ponder over it, she doesn’t listen to me but will listen to you, Sonali is all blank, she says think and do what Salman said, all laughs, Salman says a trend has been setup after this week, a clip plays in which different people are singing Gautam city’s national anthem, “We love we love Gauti”, all laughs, Salman says to Gautam that you did task very well, your capacity was shown that you sing, you dance and you handle people, the best part was when diandra was making fun of yours and you were watching that on Tv and said that I was serious about friendship, Gautam looks down, Salman says Diandra do you understand? he meant it, Salman says Pritham is getting cold in house, Pritham says what to do to become hot, all laughs, Pritham says I had beard, now I am clean shaven, I am trying it all, Salman ask Sonali when Gautam was saying about your laziness why did you walk out? sonali says I didn’t walk out, I went from there as he was saying don’t work at all, Salman says no he said that you comparatively work less, sonali says the much I can, I do it, Salman ask Nigaar can captain not give punishment? isn’t it not in rule book, Salman ask from where did you buy that book, Salman ask Ali didn’t you give punishment in his captaincy, Ali says I did give many captaincy, Nigaar says captain can give punishment but its on inmate if she want to take it or not, Sonali says I didn’t take his punishment as Gautam was so rude, its irritating that he keeps saying I don’t I don’t work, Salman says but all inmates say that you don’t work, Sonali says I am not vocal, I don’t show to 50cameras that I do work, I finish work fastly and doesn’t show it off, diandra says nobody show it off, Sonali says there are some people, diandra says so point out them Sonali says I am pointing to Gautam that he show much when he works and he take off his shirt and all, Salman says he always remain without his shirt, Sonali says but he keep saying that I worked a lot, Gautam says I start working after waking up, Sonali says he keep saying that I work a lot and the one who don’t work, he will polish them soon, all laughs, Salman ends video call.

Salman says whatever Ali do goes wrong, he is always in problem. he shows clip in which Ali says to Dimpy that I am sorry, I swear to my mother that you are my best friend, I had no intention to hurt you, Dimpy says I don’t need your explanation, Ali says no I will give as chemical reactions are going inside me, Dimpy smiles, Ali says it hits me when you ignore me, Dimpy says I trusted you that you will raise hand for me, I don’t need captainship but I had faith on you, Ali says that’s why I didn’t vote for you, Dimpy says this is no reason, Gautam supported Puneet even Puneet didn’t wanted to be captain, Ali says I was thinking that Karishma is desperate for captaincy she told me this last night, dimpy says ok lets ask Karishma did she say this to you, they come to Karishma, Dimpy says Ali is saying that you said you are desperate for captaincy, Ali says Karishma said 4 5 times to be captain, he pleads Karishma to say for him that she told him that she wanted to be captain, Karishma says I would be involved unnecessarily, Dimpy ask her to not lie, Ali says you are my firend Karishma say for me, Dimpy ask Ali to not hold her hand, he leaves Karishma’s hand, Karishma says we had no talk last night, Dimpy starts to leave, Karishma calls her back, she ask Ali to accept his mistake, Ali says I am accepting my mistake, Dimpy says he told me that you should be captain, Karishma says Ali you came to me and said you or Upen should be captain, to Gautam you said Dimpy’s name, Dimpy says what happened in one day that you changed your point and voted for Karishma, Karishma ask Ali to accept his mistake and give time to dimpy, Ali says I told Dimpy that I will support her in future but future came so fast, dimpy says its all rubbish, Dimpy says that you do b*t*hing about Karishma and then voted for her, Karishma says I know he b*t*hes about me, Dimpy says that when you came in house as captain so why cant I be captain, Karishma says Ali you are of no one, I maintain distance from you as I gget hurt by people and you are not of anyone, dimpy says that you called Karishma selfish, Ali says yes I said that, Karishma says was I selfish with you? I had nothing with you then why you nominated me, if I am selfish then I would not give people my things, will not make hairs of all, I do all this for inmates, she says to Dimpy that he was signing me to lie infront of you, I said nothing to him ever, Ali says did you never said to me that you want to be captain? Karishma says I never said to you and I don’t lie. Dimpy says lets finish it.
Ali comes to Upen and says that Karishma keeps saying she want to be captain and now she is denying it, Karishma comes and says I never said to him that I want to be captain, he said story to Dimpy that I said to him that I want to be captain, I was not contender then why would I say him that, Ali says that you always say that you want to be captain, Karishma says all want to be captain but I never begged to you that make me captain, Karishma says he is such a liar, Dimpy says leave it, video ends.

Video call is connected to house again, Salman ask Ali that food is very less in house and on that you are starving, Ali says that Puneet is partial, I gave him by sherwani and jackets in weighing task but I saw Upen standing so I thought to help him too but Praneet and Pritham got angry and said that support one fully if you r supporting, Ali says Puneet said that you do work good but in end you do Susu, so it hurt me, Salman says its actually “end mein a kar hagg deta hai” (in end you destroy it), all laughs, Praneet says he said that I gave 80% to puneet and 20% to Upen but it all went against him, Salman says you friend is angry with me so is this reason for food strike? Ali says no this is not reason, I thought I will talk to her but she didnt give me chance, Salman says why you think that every contestant is your friend or sister, Ali says we have connections when we live in house, Salman says that all do backbiting but why your name in highlighted, Ali says I am easy target, Salman ask Pritham truth, Pritham says truth is that Ali came to me in bathroom and said that should I take things forward with Dimpy, I don’t know he was talking about romance or friendship then he said that handle someone when they got out of house, I don’t know he was talking about his parents or girlfriend, Salman ask Ali you have Girlfriend outside? Ali says yes, Ali says I have told everyone in house, Salman says even he has girlfriend, I don’t have, Salman says I am feeling alone but I want to like that, Ali says Dimpy is just my friend, Salman says then why did you say about taking things forward? Ali says my girlfriend watch show too, this Pritham is alleging, Salman says Pritham you started this fight, Pritham says if I had to do it then I would have filled Dimpy’s ears, Salman says whats problem in having more than one gf, Ali says I will be beaten up sir, all laughs, Dimpy says I asked him do he have gf? he said I have sister, Salman jokes that after sometime every gf becomes sister, Ali says I am easy target so everyone burst balloon at me, Salman says what was this take things forward? Ali says it was friendship, Ali says all are playing game and I am too, Salman says with whim, with your gf? all laughs, Ali says please change topic, Salman says everyone is seeing episodes (pointing his Gf), Dimpy says if ali was a Gay.. Ali says why you are calling me gay, all ask him to calm down, Salman says she is just giving possibility, Ali says why she is calling me Gay, Salman says why you are so touchy about this word Gay? Ali says because I am not, Salman says or is it that you have some feelings of it, all laughs, Salman says you must have dreams of gay, I will come after sometime. Ali throws pillow and starts leaving, diandra ask him to think before speaking, Ali comes in garden. Ali says to diandra that why she is calling me Gay, Diandra says you are taking me too seriously.
dimpy says that he use try to flirt with me, Ali comes and says that I can say many things about your personal life too which you have told me, they shout on each other, dimpy says you are cheap d**, Ali says you are double dholki, you don’t deserve to be friend, dimpy ask him to bark more.
Upen ask Ali to calm down, Ali goes in bedroom.
Dimpy says to Upen that he can threaten me and get over with it.

call is connected to house again, Salman says Ali you will get other gf if existing goes, if you have confidence that another will comes so chill, and what is this double dholki and Gay, from where it started? did I start it, Dimpy smirks, Salman says to Dimpy that I feel sad for you that all broke your trust in this house, you have so much strength to bear it so we want you to bear more, DIMPY YOU ARE SAFE, all claps for her.
Salman says now its time for snapdeal caller of week, call is connected to costumer, he has ordered hammer, costumer congratulate Salman for his sister’s wedding, Salman thanks him, Ali brings hammer, costumer says I have ordered this hammer for Renee, as when she came in house, she said that she will bring storm and all but she is nowhere to be seen in house, she is seen only making hairs, nothing else, I gave hammer to her to wake up and give some entertainment, like Dimpy do, Renee says I feel inmates are beautiful from heart here, not talking about body, Salman says Karishma she is calling you ugly, all laughs, Renee says I promise that I will give entertainment, Renee ask his address, to come to his house to give him hammer first, he says I will pick you up, Salman ask are you both collage friends, all laughs. Salman says Sonali any guesses who is safe? Sonali says Nigaar, Salman ask why you have problem with Karishma? sonali says no I love her, Karishma says I love her too, Salman says KARISHMA YOU ARE SAFE, Karishma says thanks for voting for me, Arpita and Ayyush comes there on stage, all congratulates him, Salman hugs Arpita. Call ends. Salman says lets see who will go out tomorrow.

PRECAP- Gautam is singing, all dances to it. there will surprise nomination tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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