Bigg Boss 8 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 54
Song avaniyi avaniyi olays, all inmates dances on song.

diandra is called in confession room, she comes, bigg boss that today your captaincy is finished, its time for new captain selection, you gave dimpy’s and Rritham’s name to be captain, now you have to give two more names, one name will be of your selection and other name will be given by discussing with all inmates.

diandra comes and tells all inmates that they have to give one more name for captaincy, Renee, Puneet says Gautam. diandra ask for Gautam, majority votes for him so gautam’s name is selected. Gautam says to Puneet that now I have got my chance, I acted as a kid and said give my name like a kid.

Upen ask Puneet why didn’t

he give his name for captaincy? Puneet says I have come out of house now only, many people still thinks that I was wrong, Upen says you got punishment so it was finished, you thought wrongly.
Karishma says to Pritham that sonali’s name, my name should be given too, Sonali says girls should stand for captaincy too, Pritham says I gave Gautam’s name as he is asking for it, if I take others name then what difference it makes by just one my vote, he says to diandra that you should have taken names of others for captaincy, Diandra says you all said majority wins so I didn’t take anyone else’s name aftwr Gautam, if you all want then we can again do this voting process, we can solve this problem, Sonali says why people don’t say first time only, I will not change my decision (she voted for Gautam), Pritham goes to talk to Gautam.
he comes to Puneet and others and says they are saying to do voting fro name again, they asked me why igave Gautam’s name when I said earlier that he doesn’t deserve to be captain, they are saying that others names didn’t come in voting, Puneet says this is wrong, will it be done again and again, this is very stupid.
sonali and Renee says that we will not do re-election. Puneet says this stupidity, why they didn’t do it in first place.

Bigg boss ask diandra name which she wants to give as contender to be captain, Diandra says I want to give Praneet’s name with my will, bigg boss ask the name of person who is chosen by housemates to be captain, diandra says its Gautam. Bigg boss says that next captain will be from Gautam, Pritham, Praneet and Dimpy. Bigg boss ask Praneet to read the letter related to captaincy. Praneet says there will be competition between Gautam, Pritham, Praneet and dimpy. task name is “captaincy in my hands”, in this task all four have to keep holding a ring on which C is written, the much they leave the grip from ring, they will be away from captaincy, the one who keep holding ring till end of task will be captain of house.
Siren plays, four holds the ring tightly.

four are sitting with ring, Dimpy says I have come n house after seeing perspective of house outside, Praneet says there can be no perspective of house as all is not shown on tv and is edited too, you see a zoo from outside and finds one animal (pointing Gautam) irritating everyone, you find it funny from outside, but when you come in zoo then you know, Gautam says that keep your mouth shut, be in limit, whom you are saying animal, Pritham says he is just giving example, Gautam ask Praneet to not be personal, Praneet ask to not take on yourself, you irritate others, Gautam ask that I respect you so you should do same, Praneet sys to dimpy that all like to see chaos from far, dimpy says you wanna say that audience are fool, they don’t have any perspective, if you think that, then audience are fool to save you every week, Dimpy says I was watching you as eagle eye, as a captain, I will remain fair, Praneet says we all will be fair as captain, Dimpy ask why you want to be captain, Praneet says to be honest I don’t want to be captain, I want peace here dimpy says you don’t want peace of house.

Karishma ask Upen that am I not fit be captain? Upen ask why are you saying that? she says diandra took Praneet’s name, Upen says that you didn’t raise your hand when voting was on, Karishma says I was waiting for my turn but they selected Gautam’s name, Arya says that all agreed on Gautam’s name that time.
the contenders are still holding ring, Dimpy puts water on Pritham, she is about to put Praneet when he says that its against rules, gautam laughs, Pritham says she is disqualified, dimpy says no way.
Diandra comes, Pritham and Praneet says she had put water on us, she has gone against rules, Diandra ask are you joking?
Nigaar says to Upen and Arya that Dimpy’s voice is irritating boys so they want her to leave the ring, also if she leaves the ring then they will decide to give ring to one person with mutual consent.
Dimpy says to Pritham that you are trying to throw me out of competition, Pritham says what are you putting water on us.

Praneet says I want to do voting for captaincy, lets end this task, Pritham agrees too, Dimpy says I don’t want that, Praneet ask Gautam if he agrees to lets call inmates and do voting, Gautam says all go in trash, I don’t want them, nobody is with me, Pritham says 7 people voted for you, how you can say that go all in trash, Gautam says thanks to them but nobody supported, not you or Puneet sir, I have got a chance to do the task so why should I leave it, he ask Pritham to not become voice of others, Praneet ask Gautam to not be selfish, Gautam says I have seen your friendhip, Pritham says ok now lets play the task, we are sitting here too holding ring, lets see till when all sit here, Gautam says I can leave ring but I see captaincy skills in dimpy more than you two, Pritham says yes because she is supporting you, we are with you for more than two months and now you are saying we didn’t support you, Gautam says that Praneet is at 0 as winning chance and Pritham is ta 40, Praneet ask who are you to say this? Praneet shouts that we were the one who told you how to change undergarments, Gautam ask when? Praneet says that we were your friends but you are selfish, you do everything fro selfishness, Gautam ask am I selfish? dimpy says no, I think that if your friends say that we cant make you captain then this wrong, Pritham says then those are real friends, we are your friends but you are not, you are very selfish, Praneet ask him who is you to mark us, Dimpy says I wanna say.. Praneet ask to not involve in this matter, you don’t have to say anything, Dimpy says I will, Gautam ask Praneet to keep his mouth shut, Praneet says why always we have to prove that we are his friends, what he did for friendship, Gautam says shut up, shaguni is dead, Gautam ask him to come out of character, I can put mamaji in place, Praneet you are the most selfish person, Praneet leaves the ring and says take it, he pushes Gautam by his shoulder alittle, Gautam why did you hit me, Gautam throws chair and says bigg boss throw him out, Pritham says that he didn’t hit, Gautam shouts, Pritham says my point is to make Gautam captain, we don’t want captaincy now, let him rule, he leave the ring, dimpy leave too, Gautam shows the ring and ask to thro Praneet out house.

Pritham says to Dimpy that congrats you separated P3G, you are amazing, , you played well, dimpy says did I ask you hit your friend, if you had brain then you wouldn’t have done that, Pritham says that women always break houses, now gautam is captain of house, congrats, is this captain chair or some presidency chair that they are fighting like that.
Dimpy says that how would I break the house to Renee, she says their friendship was weak so it broke.
Pritham says we have done a lot for friendship, why he always ask us to prove to be captain and do everything fro himself. Praneet ask Arya what I did was physical violence? arya says no you just pat him on shoulder little forcefully.
Dimpy cries and says to Gautam that Pritham is blaming me for breaking friendship, gautam says don’t cry, I have seen myself in you, all went against you like they do with me, you have shown guts to fight against them so be strong, I am with you, my friends left me, they are beating me.
Arya says to Pritham that you left the rings and Gautam asked Dimpy to leave the ring once and she left the ring.
dimpy says to Gautam that Praneet lies in everything that’s why he was asking to do voting and he will become captain but we are not fool.

Pritham says to diandra that now let see how good captain he becomes, he was challenging me but I wanted captaincy to prove myself, he said that he was alone but I was with him on every point, I felt bad for him, I had soft corner for him, I used to see myself in hm.
Praneet says to Arya that what Gautam did in friendship, if he comes back to me then I will not talk to him, Arya says keep it in your mind what you are saying, Praneet says no I cant becomes friends with Gautam now.
Puneet hugs Gautam to be new captain, Puneet ask Gautam to not ask for Praneet’s disqualification, Gautam says I am not asking it, it was anger for that time only and it vanished, Puneet says when you become captain then give speech that P3G is in your heart and will remain, Gautam says no, they had so much wrong to me, they think bad about me, Puneet says just say that we have differences but we have P3G in heart.

Bigg boss says that according to task, Gautam has won the task and he is new captain of house now, from now he will be captain, Renee comes and hugs Gautam, Dimoy hugs him too. Pritham says I will not do any work.
Praneet says we all should sit in bathroom now, Pritham says I will not follow one rule, Karishma says stick by it, Pritham says 100%.

Pritham says to Praneet that now it is my personal fight, Praneet says that Gautam is out of my heart now.
Gautam says to Puneet that I have no grudge against Praneet now.
Praneet says I don’t want friends like him, Gautam comes there, Praneet says don’t talk about friendship from now on, Gautam washes his face and sings, he leaves from there. Pritham says he is hero.

Pritham says that I will not work this time and no one can convince me, Ali says stand by it.
Praneet jokes to Sonali that new captain is very strict, come in meeting. Gautam comes there and ask them to come in meeting, he leaves, Praneet says atleast one should go on time in meeting, diandra says I wanna go to loo, she goes in washroom.

all are in lounge, Gautam ask Pritham to come in meeting, Pritham says no I cant do that, Gautam ask the reason, Pritham says my heart is agreeing to come that’s the reason, Gautam says ok pritham is out. Gautam starts the meeting and says Karishma, Sonali and Praneet will do garden area, Karishma says I will not do garden, my back aches, sonali says same, Karishma says I am not comfortable, Gautam says I don’t wanna listen no in my captaincy, Karishma says but I will no, gautam says Karishma is out, she will not do work, Karishma leaves, Gautam ask Puneet, Puneet says I will do work whatever you say, Ali, Arya Upen agrees to do work too, Gautam says that’s what I wanna listen.
Pritham says to Karishma that its not about captaincy but the way he was misbehaving for just captaincy, he said to Salman that he ash no friends, it hurt us.
Gautam says to Diandra that you will wash utensils, Diandra says I don’t want to, Gautam says we are not on islend that you will not do anything, do work in cool mannar, diandra says I don’t work in cool manner like you, Gautam says I believe that you can do, diandra says so nice but I cant do that, Gautam says Praneet will wash utensils, Praneet says I have fever for 15 days, I am not allowed to touch water, I cant do that, I will clean garden only, all laughs, Gautam says ok do that, he ask diandra to wash washroom then, she agrees.

Luxury budget shopping will be done in car, task name is “Maruti Suzuki excitement newborn”, in garden area two people will sit in swift car placed in activity area, there are dangler hanging on roof, one inmate will run car and other will grab danglers. there are some personal stuff danglers too like KArishma’s make up etc.
Arya and Pritham sits in car, Arya drives the car, Pritham grabs the danglers, all are shouting for Pritham Pritham in end grabs Karishma’s make up, task ends, Karishma is beyond happy and hugs Pritham, Gautam reads its apple juice, corns, frozen chicken, biscuits, Rajma, kheer for Diandra, fresh cream, Pasta, Karishma’s make up.

Gautam ask Pritham and Praneet to end the matter, Praneet ask him to go from here, Puneet ask them to finish it, Pritham says no it cant be fine again, Praneet ask Puneet that this is personal, they leaves, Gautam says to Puneet that I talked to them for you but don’t force me now.

PRECAP- its Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman. alongwith Salma comes Arjun Kapoor

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks Atiba

  2. why dont people f**king listen to gautam! he is much better then anyone else and curse friends like pritham and praneet, so fake!

  3. Thanks atiba. Waiting for more 🙂
    Gautam needs a reality check. I used to suport him but he is getting on my nerves

  4. pritham nd praneet…just go to hell

  5. bb contestants suppoting gautam.. luv dem.. rest of them.. go to hell.. f**k ur mother.. blo*dy cheapooo.. good fr nuthn.. praneet n pritham talking abt frndship.. dey r d one who shud be tot abt frndship.. n hw to make n keep it.. dey r dogs of bb..

    1. The people r not supporting gautam love u all .. N the rest f*** ur mother n gautam u also …

  6. Actually now the reality of all contestants coming out ….Cowards…I just hate Praneet…His show Mahabhart gone off air but he still in his character. ..keep it up….The audience watching u outside. …

    1. Do u even know mahabharat s trp ?? Blood dumbo !

      1. Aisha I am not interested in knowing TRPs of mahabharat but u must to learn lesson from mahabharat that’s why show get TRPs…..

  7. Special mention: Big cowards pritam n Praneet….bldyy cheapooo friendship ki baat krte ho…kam se kam big boss ki respect Kr ghar ka kaam krlo….yha khathea ho vhi gandh fla rhe ho….

    1. Yaahan kya koyi rule hai ki friendship nahi tod sakte ?? Dumb

  8. Itni insecurity not good pp
    Be fair & follow bb house rules u will definitely win….
    Praneet chaos kudh Kr rhe hai aur blame kisi aur ko…

  9. GAUTAM ko mental, psyco khte ho aab tum sab Kyo pagal ho rhe ho!!!!.

  10. All the best & love you GAUTAM. God bless you……

  11. preetham and praneet jealous persons.

  12. Gautam really rocks plz support him n vote for him……praneet and prpri than are cowards…dey should n thrown in trash…..puneet should support gautam but hez being a double dholki. ….dimpy rocks. …nigaar is doing nothing. ..shez good for nothing

  13. Prpri nhi pritham

  14. gautam proved again that he is an idiot…he is a monkey…

  15. love u pritham…best of luck…

  16. Gautm u win big boss 8 definitely, nobody stops u. Bst of luck boy

  17. Hate u pretam and praneet, plz support for gautm

    1. Its pritham not pretam ! N gautam not gautm !! U even don’t know spelling of gautam n wanna support him ?? Wow bravo

      1. English teacher ki jay ho

      2. Kisiko support karne ke liye uski spelling anni compulsary hai kya???

  18. oh god gautam nt again u r too much such a a*sh*le u r…day by day u r getting on my nerves..hate u

    1. I don’t know people do begging to every1 to support gautam … Yuck u suck gautam

  19. bt gautam kuch bhi kare bura ya bahut bura bt salman khan ko akar ussi ko support karna by day hating dis show..already quit watching bt now onwards going to quit reading also

  20. Being friends doesn’t mean u have to support ur frnds when dey are wrong Gautam wil be the worst captain he cannot control his anger and hates everyone …..loved pritham nd paraneet they are best

  21. I hate gautam

  22. More power to you Gautam!!

  23. I just read this ,not watched the episode but still I feel pritham is the best . I was with Gautham ,I might be with him afterwards but pritham is the HERO and is gonna WIN this season.

  24. Dewan Zakaria Islam

    I don’t know why people support Pritham n Praneet. They are very jealous when Gautam becomes captin. I know Gautam is angry person. But he does anything whatever his heart feels. That’s why he does right thing. Salman Khan Supports him from week 1 to now. Pritham n Praneet are fake person. they plays the game from their brain. They know Gautam is hard contestant for them. Gautam is the hero of this house. For that they leaves Gautam’s side…

  25. Pritham u rock man!

  26. Huh gautam only knows to do side roles only * like in the serial diya aur baati ham* he can never be a hero … Go to hell with ur coward puneet

  27. I don’t know people do begging to every1 to support gautam … Yuck u suck gautam

  28. Gautam u r the best, just b who u r. f**k Praneet and Priam

  29. You know very well Ppl this show will end & who deserves will win…..but why ppl abusing each other out side the home……ppl respect ladies & specially give respect
    child -mother relationship…….I don’t like any contestant from now…..what they msg spreading outside k abuse each other…….may best win

  30. Aisha ji bb house k ghar mein entry lene se phle sabi rules and regulations contestants ko pta hote hai……Ghar ka kaam krna ek rule hai. ..Yeh rule sabi k liye hai…..I didn’t say friendship nibaaoo…I wrote k jo log ghar ka kaam se inkaar Kr rhe hai that is wrong. ….kam na krna rule todna hai……

  31. So comment ache c read kro then dumb word ko use kre & respect others mother pleaseeeeee

  32. U r such a child aisha or whatever u r…u understand my view plz dont teach me……I m more educated from u …..

  33. Hey how do u know i m a child ?? Interesting i m only 12 now …

    1. Omg she is jst 12 fir b kitni galiya deti hai

  34. Galiya ?? Whats that !!!

  35. And by the way do u have any problem madam jee ?? And if yes then go to hell ….

    1. 12 yrs ki ladki u go hell…. Galiya means (badwords or the abusing words dat u have used in ur comments). Itni English ati hai toh jara google use kar leti meaning pata chal jata sirf English hi ati hai kya google use karne nai ata

  36. Thanks tinu *lol*

  37. 12 years ki ladki u go hell !!!! Mera to pata nahin tina jee par aapki english zaroor kharaab hai !

  38. Ohhh god it was jst a typing mistake ur acting lyk English teacher and muje toh tum Gautam se b jada irritating lag RI ho

  39. U do so many mistakes girl ! Grow up

  40. OMG Guyzzzz
    why r u ppl constantly bashing each other up? and using so many bad words!
    Aisha, mujhe ni laga tha ki tum bhi itne bad words use karogi……..
    sadda haq ke w/u pe toh ITNE achche se sabke saath ghul mil jaati ho aur sabko di ya Bhai bulaati bhi ho n di ya Bhai jaise treat bhi karti ho-with respect. Is it just u ya shq ko chodke baaki saare w/u aise hi hain? coz shq w/u mein toh itne achche se dosti aur siblings ban jaatey hain…..
    Aisha, I came here coz….oh just see @sc’s comment. on the last page, u will get 2 knw. and I wanted 2 know what comment u did abt mother child that he got so pissed off @ u…………
    thik hain chodo. But one thing is for certain- I am NEVER gonna come back here again this is such a bad plc…yuck!
    sorry if my comment hurts any1 but I only go 2 shq w/u no where else so I m not used to such bad behavior and words frm forum waasis

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